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microphone (1)Niara Isley and Alexandra Meadors, July 8, 2014

Alexandra: Hello, Hello everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of the Galactic Connection.com. And if you have been listening to this Radio Program you will be reaching me at BBS Radio Station 2 which airs every Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:55 p.m. PST. Now as many of you know, I experience a tremendous amount of interference and that goes on not only with the interviews but also with emailing and correspondence. So please, please, please I ask you once again, continue to extend your patience with us because it is no way a reflection of us not wanting to respond to you or talk to you. Also, I wanted to remind everybody that the implant removal process is definitely moving along. If you have any questions you can reach either one of us at Healing@GalacticConnection.com. And for those that have already had your implant removal process we have now just added the Soul Alignment and the DNA Activation which is just incredible. You can also ask us questions about that and you can also find that information up on Galactic Connection.com.

And I have an incredibly, synchronistic guest today and that is Niara Isley. For those of you who are not familiar with her, she has been on a spiritual journey for some time, literally from the time of the cradle she says. And it was shortly after she enlisted in the United States Air Force back in 1979 that her life would eerily become altered forever. And I mean literally for ever. After her enlistment as a surface to air missle anti-aircraft artillery radar specialist at various locations and bases around the United States, Niara actually discovered she had a disturbing three-month block of time completely missing. She had only just general memories of what had happened to her. And she ended up going through hypnosis to recover some of the missing time to investigate her earlier memories and the strange dreams that she kept continually happening throughout her childhood. What Niara discovered later was that for her launching into the studies and the research that’s she’s into now is all thanks to this experience.

And she is very deeply into healing and, in fact, we’re going to be talking a little bit more today about where she has taken this experience, what has it done for her, and how she has been able to assist the planet with it was well. As an experiencer of extraterrestrial abduction and contact and the strange Milab experiences that she encountered at the Air Force, Niara has gained deep insight into the workings of our world and the roles that the different groups of extraterrestrials that they may be playing in it today. She works to raise public awareness about the reality of the ETs, to shed light on the machinations of the Shadow Government and to re-frame it all in a life-affirming, and hope-filled vision of where we may be headed as a species, from her own lifelong spiritual experience. She fills a very deep, personal sense of mission to present all of the solid testimony and evidence possible to help people understand that ETs are truly real, they are visiting our Earth, and that contact with spiritually advanced and benevolent extraterrestrials can re-shape our planet and are re-shaping our planet and society in many ways. So there’s a lot more to read up on with regard to Niara. If you want to read up more on her biography, it’s at Encounters With Healing.com. Again, that’s Encounters With Healing.com. So with no further ado, as my mother used to say, hello Niara. How are you?

Niara: I’m good. Thank you so much Alexandra, for having me on.

Alexandra: Oh, thank you. And I want everyone to know that this was an incredibly synchronistic moment when I decided to contact Niara. Many of you know that I really interview a lot based on guidance. It’s not as much that it’s coming from my brain, as it is – I literally go to bed at night, I get a dream or I get some kind of message and I’m told you need to literally contact this person next. Whether I’m even in alignment with that individual or not, I’m specifically directed to people for various specific reasons. And in the case of Niara, I was fascinated with an interview she had a long time ago with Kerry Cassidy and I was crying. My heart just blew open, listening to her story. And one of the things that I wanted to start out with, Niara, is if you could give everyone just some basic background. I know you really don’t want to focus so much on the atrocities of what happened but if you could give people a little background as to how you even got into the Air Force in the first place.

Niara: Well, it’s kind of an odd place for a spiritual person, I suppose, because it’s a military organization, but my father raised me to be a patriot and neither one of his sons seemed interested in continuing the family tradition of some military service. So, I don’t know, I just kind of thought this was an idea that I wanted to do, I wanted to serve the country – Dad brought me up to think that this country was really a wonderful place and I believed in that. So I went into the military, in part, to serve my country and in another part, to learn a trade – which I didn’t really get to learn, because of all of the things that happened. But I’m not sorry for my military service, but it was very different than I thought it was going to be.

A: Why the Air Force? I’m just curious.

N: The Air Force had a program – the Air Force was actually my first choice and then I tried to go into the military right after high school and I didn’t pass the test for some reason. But then I passed the test with flying colors years later. And the Air Force – when I decided to go in later I was a single mom and the Air Force had a special program – it only lasted about nine months – but in that nine month window, I was able to get into the Air Force.

A: That’s outstanding. And you have to be a pretty smart cookie to be able to get accepted in the Air Force. I don’t know if you are familiar with this, but I’m an Air Force brat. My father was a fighter pilot and at the age of 17, I flew out to San Antonio, Texas, where my grandfather had been a Commanding Officer. And I literally considered joining the Air Force at that time. So when I was reading your story I was, oh my god. And something convinced me not to. So I was very intrigued with your whole way of growing up and there was a lot of discordance and abuse in your family. Can you tell me a little bit about how did that pre-set the stage for where you ended up once you were in the Air Force?

N: Well, I mean, having a dysfunctional childhood is never ideal especially for a sensitive child, like I was, but it did toughen me up. If you want to step back and look at the whole lifetime in the context of everything that has happened and that there’s a spiritual purpose behind things, I think that I really had those experiences in that family to kind of toughen me up as sensitive soul for what was coming later.

A: Good point. Good point. And you had one brother, correct?

N: Actually, I had two brothers. One died in my – I think he was in his early thirties.

A: Oh wow. So you’ve had quite a lot of trauma. And I understand that your father was very abusive to your mother.

N: Yes, he was.

A: And another thing is, you said that the way that you would cope with the abuse in the family was – you would go out to nature and you would bond with the trees and the insects and you became quite the tomboy. That’s exactly how I was. I mean, I would literally write poetry for hours sitting on a limb of a tree, just so I could get away from the dysfunctionality of my family.

N: I understand. I did something similar. I wrote stories. I wrote all kinds of historical novel-type stories in Junior High School – pages and pages and pages, hand written. So we both were writing one way or another.

A: Yeah. You know. It really hits my heart that a lot of the youth today are not experiencing that, because being out with nature is so healing. And if I didn’t have that I don’t know where I’d be today.

N: Likewise.

A: That really resonated with you. So tell us a little bit – I thought it was absolutely fascinating – so walk us through – you enlisted in 1979 – walk us through that whole experience of being a female in the Air Force at that time and where you went from there.

N: Well, being a woman in the military isn’t an easy thing a lot of the time. There’s probably some women that would argue with that. But you feel a little bit like a target being a woman in the military, just because it’s the men’s attitudes about women and what they think they can get away with and things. And it goes all the way up to the officers and the enlisted – it’s not just something that happens at the lowest ranks.

A: Yeah, I’ll bet.

N: That was difficult. So I went in Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, (oh my god) for six weeks of boot camp. Then I went to Biloxi, Mississippi to Keesler Air Force Base to do technical training school for electronics for radar training. And then I went home for a while, for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I just took my leave. And then I was stationed at Nellis Air Force in Nevada, in (?), Las Vegas, actually. And I was assigned to Tonopah Electronic Warfare Range, which is a radar range where we teach pilots to fly against surface to air missle/anti-aircraft artillary radar to increase their survivability in a wartime situation.

A: So that was in 1979.

N: Yeah, well, actually it was 1980. It was pretty much the end of the year in 1979 when I was home in Christmas and then I left to go to Nellis.

A: So where did the going down the rabbit hole all begin?

N: I was actually telling a friend about this – so a friend of mine noticed something odd, that I was talkative about so many things about spirituality and about my life, we were sharing about all kinds of things and he knew that I was in the military, but he noticed that whenever the military came up I would kind of change the subject. And so one afternoon he sat me down and said, tell me about your military time from the beginning to the end. And I said ‘sure’. And I said, well I went in at Lackland Air Force Base in 1979, I went to technical training school in Keesler Air Force Base and then I went home for a while and then I was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base and I worked a Tonopah Electronic Warfare Test Range. And when I finished saying ‘electronic warfare range’ I realized that I couldn’t really remember anything about working at Tonopah. So my general memories – I could tell you that I worked there. I could tell you that I went up there and worked every other week. So it was a week at Range and then a week in Vegas and that’s about all that I can tell you. I couldn’t tell you who I worked with. I couldn’t tell you any details about working there at all.

A: Good God.

N: I had to work very, very hard to get back anything. I had to work very hard. What I had to do was, I had to build a bridge back into those memories by thinking of people that I knew before I went to Tonopah and people I knew after I left Tonopah and then I would use my memory with those people that I knew also worked at Tonopah to kind of try to build some kind of pathway back into that big black hole of three plus months of missing time. And I was not very successful. I did get a little bit more back, but not very much. I had to have hypnosis to really get to it.

A: Well, thank God for hypnosis. And I was so impressed, Niara, with the number of people that you contacted and sought out for guidance and assistance. I mean, the list is incredible. I have James Bartley, Miesha Johnston, Budd Hopkins, John Rhodes, George Knapp, John Lear, Jr., Glenn Campbell, Bruce Burgess, Sergeant Carwall(?), Jose Escamilla, Dan Sherman, and Will Uhouse, to name a few.

N: Right:

A: So just for everybody listening here, this is exactly, very similar to what I went through when I was in bed with that car accident for three years. I was in bed, I virtually could not move and did everything within my power to find an answer. You and I really resonate with this place, (Yeah) this perspective. So at that point, when you found that that time was missing and you sought out for hypnosis, what was the first thing that came forth for you?

N: Well, Budd [Hopkins] was the one that did the first hypnosis in 1994. And when we went under hypnosis he said, ‘I want you to go to a significant event that happened in January 1980,’ and I started talking. And I said, ‘Well, I’m standing on the deck of the radar van and it’s night time and I’m looking up at the sky and I’m seeing saucers up there. I’m seeing extraterrestrial craft.’ And the wonder of it was, unfortunately, completely eclipsed by the fear, because I’m only at a Secret security clearance and what I’m seeing I was sure was classified way Above Secret and that scared the daylight hell out of me because in the military, when you’re familiar with the hierarchy and the levels of classification and the way that they threaten you if you reveal anything, I was really scared about what I was seeing because I don’t have the clearance to see this and what the heck is going to happen to me. I was really scared about what was going to happen to me. And I had the reason to be scared.

A: Yeah, and it felt like such a set-up, you know. Like it was very deliberate that you had a lower security clearance and yet they put you in a place where they clearly knew that you were going to encounter UFOs or ETs.

N: Yeah, and I have to wonder if didn’t they pick me, in part, because of the fact that I’m a childhood experiencer. Throughout my life, I’ve been a ET experiencer, as well, with the Greys.

A: Right. So you’re already on their radar screen.

N: Yes. Hmhmm.

A: That always makes life a little bit more interesting, doesn’t it?

N: It sure does.

A: So after that, I mean, I think the most fascinating was when you – well, just finish your story because you are talking about being in a motel and that’s sort of when it started, right?

N: Yeah, well, there was a motel – I did finally remember, after about a week of discovering this missing time, I did remember the name of the motel that I stayed at. It was the L&L Motel, which I think is now closed down and probably is just sitting there like a bare building. But that’s where we stayed, where I stayed every other week. So, I’m out there and I’m seeing these craft. I’m really looking at the closest one because I’m thinking, well, the ones farther away I can’t really see the detail. I really want to see what I’m seeing here so I focused on the one that was the closest. And it was almost seamless, from what I could see, it had this really smooth skin – metal skin on it – I would say. It looked very light. It was glowing orange on the bottom and it was this little circular feature in the bottom in the center. And it was making a sound like the sound that comes from the speakers in rock concert that when they are first turned on with no music is coming through.

A: Yeah, I’m very familiar to that. And in fact, I was just going to throw this out to you. When I was reading your book and it said L&L Hotel, and I thought that would just be like Niara, because it would be Love and Light. (laughter)

A: Of course, after the fact, right?

N: So, anyway, when they were done discussing the results of the test – which basically, these ET craft or back-engineered craft could not be tracked by the radar at all – they would put us back on a bus with painted-up windows and I was taken to where I believe was Area 51 – or it could have been an underground facility in Tonopah, which was mentioned by William Pawelec in his interview with Steven Greer which was aired after he passed away. So I was taken to this facility. We got off the bus and we were ushered to the medical – like a medical dispensary, not quite a hospital, but something where they could do certain things in a similar way like a hospital. And we were sent down into a waiting room with the lights off. There was light coming in from a hallway door but there was no light on in the room and I think that there were a lot of things that they did to assist with people not remembering things. Like we were given fatigues to wear with no rank or insignia, no name cards, no identifying marks. So we were wearing fatigues that didn’t have any on them, just plain fatigues.

A: Well, were you also concerned that the windows were blackened over or was that just normal?

N: I don’t think that’s normal. I think that that is something where if they put you on and take you some place and if they don’t want you to see where you are going. That’s what they do.

A: Okay.

N: And it was a bus that was kind of painted this old Navy or Air Force blue and –

A: Incredible. So you ended up in this medical so-called clinic type of environment.

N: Yeah. So we’re sitting in the waiting room and I was sitting in these chairs – I have a picture of one of the chairs in my book which I guess you probably saw.

A: Yes, I did.

N: And one by one they called us off into this little room to the side. Finally, it was my turn and I went in there and, believe me, I think I must have been shaking, I was just so scared. There was an armed guard in the room with his side arm and standing at parade rest. And they told me to lie down, fully clothed in this stainless steel examining table. I waited there what seemed like a long time, then finally some guy came in who wore a white lab coat, walked pastthesecurity guard at the foot of table around the side of my head and he said, ‘stay calm, stay calm, stay calm,’ in this really deadpan voice. And when he got to the side of my head he brought his hand up and with one smooth move he injected me in the side of the neck with a hyperdermic needle and whatever the chemical was it went straight to the brain and it put me immediately into shock. That’s when I came out of the hypnosis, pretty much, with Budd, but then that picks up later in my hypnosis with Gloria Hawker.

A: You know, as I was reading this I was thinking to myself how clever they were to lure you out to this location. And obviously, they had already tagged you as an individual that they wanted to bring into the facility and do what they ended up doing with you. But weren’t there a whole bunch of other people on the bus?

N: There were several. I don’t think the bus was full. But the other radar crews that were out there that night, testing their radar on those crafts – I mean the whole group of us were taken to that facility. And I don’t think that it was very many people. I think maybe twenty.

A: Wow. Because you also mentioned later that you recognized that – it wasn’t just the females. There were obviously males that were being targeted too.

N: Yeah.

A: And you can’t imagine what was being done. So at this point you are waiting for them to call your name and what happened after that?

N: Well, they did call me into that little room with the security guard and then the guy injected me on the side of my neck. And after I went into shock – this is where the memories pick up with the Gloria Hawker hypnosis session. Two security guards just kind of appeared on both sides of me. I don’t think they beamed them in. I think I was just in such shock that I really didn’t realize that they were there until they were pulling me off of the table with both of my arms. And they took me down a very long staircase and I was shoved in this little room and the door was closed and locked, I guess. Meanwhile, I’m in like shock from this injection. Because the injection made me feel like I was coming apart at the molecular level. (God!) And I felt like my body was turning into soda pop fizz, it was all tingly and feeling like I wasn’t cohesive anymore. And I remember of just kind of curling up on the floor of that room and just screaming and just curling up in a ball with my arms around my knees trying to hold myself together.

A: I was going to ask you, Niara, you mentioned later in your book that one of the reasons that they were intrigued with you probably, was because you were able to withstand this injection. Have you since found out what exactly that was that they injected you with?

N: I have not found out, but I have an intuitive hit, for it’s worth, and I’m still waiting for any confimation to come with this. My intuitive hit is because I’ve been a spiritual person, I mean, if they had any work-up on me at all, they would have know that. They might have thought, well, if this ascension thing is really real and people are going to ascend then we want to figure out how to get in on that and how we can go there. And since spiritual development is kind of the prerequisite for ascension and these people are not spiritually developed, they are trying to see if maybe if there was a chemical way that they could create a dimensional shift. And I think that’s what the point of that injection was. And the reason that I think that is because why lock me in a little room and watch me in a one-way mirror?

A: Yes. Yes.

N: They thought something was going to occur that might spill over onto the other people in the room. So they put me in that room by myself.

A: I also thought it was interesting that you mentioned it was flourscent green which is used in a lot of the sci-fi shows and movies.

N: Yes. Umhmm.

A: That was no accident there.

N: No accident. But I’ve have several psychics confirm that for me. Independent of knowing what I saw.

A: Hey, I don’t question for a minute what you have determined to be that missing period of time. We talk about this all of the time. What is the definition of truth? What’s the definition of reality? And each of us has a different truth. You have the universal truth, but each of us has our own truth. Because we make up this mosiac. And I think one of the most outstanding things that you’ve done with this very horrific experience as it went on and on and on, was you were able to turn that into a mechanism to – number one – helping all the others that are going through this. Because clearly, you are showing that this is just standard operation within the military.

N: Yeah, umhmm.

A: You know. And also the fact that you are offering your own way of dealing with the trauma cases – we’ll get to that in a minute. So after they saw that you made it through the shock period, what happened after that?

N: Well, they drug me out of that room and I was sexually assaulted by the two security guards. And one of them was really pretty monstrous. He was one that I would see repeatedly in my experiences over that three month time period and I would call him a handler. And he had to have been a psychopath, you know, or a sociopath.

A: I’ll bet.

N: -who just enjoyed creating misery.

A: Now you mentioned that you saw, let’s me see, you mention that you saw a Reptilian, you saw Greys, you saw Zetas. Correct?

N: Yes. Not a lot that I’ve remember so far, in the little bit that I’ve seen, yes.

A: You mentioned that there was one gentleman – I shouldn’t call him a gentleman – but there was one man that you said had very piercing blue eyes and he was the nicer of the bunch, right?

N: No, he wasn’t the nicer one. The guy with the blue eyes was that blond security guard that I call the handler. (Okay) And he was pretty monstrous. There wasn’t really anybody in that experience that I would say was nice. But I did get the sense that – I didn’t really put this in my book because this is kind of stuff that’s come to me since I’ve written the book, but I sensed that some of the people that were watching me getting raped, because there were like eight people – one of which was a Grey – watching the rapes as they occurred. And some of those people watching the rapes I think were there to be punished by watching what was happening. And this was kind of to impress upon them that, you know, we are having you watch this because you need to understand that if you ever leak any of the information of the stuff that you are working on, this could happen to your wife and daughters as well.

A: You know, I wanted to tell you this, because just so the audience understands. As I was reading through your book I was having one synchronicity after another. Niara and I have crossed paths even in locations where she has lived, the fact that she was out of Texas – my grandfather was a Commanding Officer out of Texas. I come from a very long history of military and Air Force, by the way. My mom was heavily into it and she was brought up on the base. Well, when I was growing up I used to say, hey daddy, why can’t we live on the base. And he would just give me the canned answer. He’d say, ‘Uh, I really don’t want you associating with the people there.’ And that was pretty much it. He just shut down the conversation. Well, I came to find out later through several readings and messages that came through my life that not only did my father have an extremely high clearance but he was down in the underground. He was very aware of the whole ET situation. And in fact, I know that he had many UFO experiences when he was up in the skies flying. And I came to realize later that that was the reason that he refused for his three daughters to live on the base because he was very determined to keep us from being abducted. Because apparently a lot of the children of the family members of the actual service men and women, they’re game for this. Do you agree with that?

N: I do agree with that. I think that some of them are left untouched but others are not. And they get pulled into all kinds of things. I think even families with children that live near the military bases – those children are at risk.

A: Yeah, that’s true. He insisted on living hours away. I always wondered and when I was reading your book I started to have all of these realizations, as well. So okay. Continue on with your story. I think it’s fascinating.

N: So I had the injection. I was also subjected to a interrogation-type de-briefings, I will call it, brutal, very brutal de-briefings, where I was put under the light and I couldn’t really see the people that were hammering at me with questions and abusive remarks. And I know that I was threatened. They said we can come and get you any time we want and we can also come and get your daughter and the things that have happened to you could happen to your daughter. If you ever even remember this or if you ever think of it, if you ever squeak a word about it, that’s pretty much it. And after my experiences were over I lived with the fear for about a year or two, and then I kind of realized, you know what? I think they conditioned me to be afraid. Kind of like planting an armed guard in my own head. (Sure)

Finally then, I wasn’t quite so afraid anymore after that. But it really was a process, just unwinding the trauma and looking at the pieces of it and then kind of making up my mind intuitively that, okay, this is okay. And it’s really important for people to realize that the human mind actually takes trauma and it buries it in the sub-consciousness as a personality defense mechanism. It does that to protect us from something that is so traumatic that we can’t bear to think about it or remember it. And I would tell you without any hesitation here, if I had had to live with the memories and the experiences at the time they happened I would not be here talking to you today. I would have taken myself out. And I don’t think that I could have lived with it. It’s hard enough to live with it when I did get my memories back. And believe me I spent fourteen years between the time I had with the hypnosis with Budd Hopkins and the time I went public. And that was a lot of years that I walked the planet alone, scared, afraid,

A: I bet.

N: trying to live a normal life and not really doing too well at it.

A: You know, Niara, I think the other part to this whole thing is that many of us, when we figure out that something has been done without our awareness, we then wonder to ourselves – like what can we do to stop this from happening in the future and how can we get more details as to what’s occurred. And this is really a good example as to why people need to really take baby steps when we are getting into these answers, seeking out these answers. Because the body is brilliant. It is absolutely brilliant in the way that it protects you.

N: Yes. Umhmm. But the mind controllers, they know that, so they use that personality, the defense mechanism, against us. So I’m lucky in that I wasn’t taken in childhood and programmed into all of these alter personalities. So I don’t have that to cope with. I mean some of my friends that I know and they do have to cope with that. (I’ll bet) So I didn’t have to cope with that but that’s kind of what the mind does. So they use that faculty of the mind against us to program us, to subject us to trauma, to get us to forget. And it kind of plays into their hands. But the thing that does not play into their hands is this drive within every human heart to be whole and healed and be functioning in an optimal manner. (Yes) There is something inside of us that – if something’s wrong it will be trying to correct our course until we heal.

A: It’s our natural state of being.

N: Yeah. Umhmm.

A: What I want to remind people of is, who better to do this sort of warped stuff than the military? You go into the military, my god, they have every detail known to mankind on you, including the entire biological panel, right? (Yes) And they shoot you up with every drug known to mankind, because you’re basically something to experiment with in the first place. So it seems to me, Niara, that you’re kind of made of the right stuff. What I mean by that is, because of the fact that you were very patriotic, as I am, I just so relate to your past – your childhood experience. That gave you the propensity to get you through one of the most brutal situations. And here you are today, as I say, taking lemons and making lemonade out of them. It’s really important for anybody out there -we all have our trials and tribuations – we can turn this into a gift. Not only for ourselves but for humanity. Everything that we’ve done for ourselves, we are healing the planet when we heal ourselves. What do you think about that?

N: Well, I think that is very true. And I know that I had that one pivotal thought one day, you know, after dealing with these experiences for years. And I just thought, you know something Niara, by staying silent and letting them scare you into silence you are indirectly allowing this abuse to go on. And when I had that thought, there was nothing turning back – that book had to be written. And the book got written because, here again, I had fourteen years of processing these experiences and lots of research, trying to understand the political and social context in which the experiences could even happen in the good old USA. So after all of those years of collecting all of this information when I went public, people got so hung up on the horror story – and it’s important and it really does need to be told – but there is so much more. Because when you go through something like that you have to heal. Or you’re going to die. So I really applied myself to healing and I would make all of these – I would make progress – then I’d think, okay, I’m just going to get on with my life. But the real healing came – the really healing is coming – from writing the book. And having that catharsis.

A: Yes.

N: And sharing it with the world and putting it out there for others. It’s kind of like when you’re in Twelve Steps and you’re sharing your experience of strength and hope with other people to help them to heal. It’s that kind of thing. So it’s a book for other people like myself. It’s for my own healing. It’s for researchers who want another piece of the puzzle. And it’s also written in such a way that the general population who might not have a lot of experience with these kinds of things will get a really good education in what’s going on. So people that are confused or are wondering what the heck is happening in our country, why is our government going completely insane, and why are they doing so many things that are destructive to the population and to the planet, if they read my book they are going to get some good answers and some well-researched answers. I give them lots of good notes. People that read the book and they check all of the footnotes and the things that I’ve put in there, they’re going to see that it’s not just me saying it, it’s for real.

A: The other thing, Niara, that I feel about your book – and by the way, everybody – her book is titled Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light: A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening and you can get this book at Amazon.com, right, Niara?

N: Yeah, you can get it at Amazon.com and if you want me – like me enough and want me to get a little extra royalty, you can go to my website Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light.com and there’s a page there that will tell you how you get the book there as well, and get it directly from me, a signed copy.

A: Well, let’s do it that way, everybody. So let’s go to Facing the Shadow and Embracing the Light.com, please, and support Niara, because it takes a lot of courage and a lot of stamina to do what she has done and the amount of research that’s she’s put into this. The other thing I can honestly say after reading this book – it’s so incredibly authentic. It’s incredibly honest. There’s isn’t anything that she is holding back on. You’re not going to walk away and say, hmm, I still feel that she hasn’t really covered that area. You’re not going to feel that. Especially of those of you who are trying to figure out whatever the trauma is that you’re possibly experiencing now, surfacing, and we can not escape this, folks. The light is so intense now that we cannot escape our trauma. Right, Niara?

N: Right. It’s all over the place.

A: Exactly. We just can’t.

N: I’m actually in a wonderful, wonderful support group for MK Ultra survivors through Facebook. And it’s just wonderful to be a part of that group and these incredible women that I’ve met.

A: Well, do you want to share that with the audience too?

N: I would just say if somebody is a Mind Control survivor and you’re really interested in that, go ahead and contact me either on Facebook or by email and we’ll see if you can get connected with the group.

A: Perfect, perfect. Great. Well, so let’s start from where we left off. When did you start realizing that this was not just one occasion, that this was occuring?

N: Well, mostly when I realized that I had 3 months of missing time, I thought there was a reason why they wiped out over three months of my life. I think it might have been a little more than three months. So I kind of realized that something went on more and just realizing that the three months of missing time was gone. So I’m sure that the things that happened to me happened multiple times. I need to have more hypnosis to dig up more of it, but I’m kind of hestitant to do it because – because hypnosis is a little bit of a ‘you’re there’ experience (Yes) and when you’re there and you’re kind of experiencing this kind of abuse it’s really, really awful and it’s really, really ugly and I’m not really too anxious to bring up more.

A: Well, there are other therapies you can do to be an observer. And I was going to ask you about that but, we can talk about that later. But now tell us a little bit about the experience where you end up being on the Moon.

N: The Moon, yes. Well, that’s something that a lot of people have a hard time believing that I went to the Moon.

A: I don’t.

N: I had trouble with it too. I had a hard time with all of these experiences. But I just want to say this very quickly, before we go to the Moon experiences. When you get information from hypnosis it’s again, it’s a ‘you’re there’ experience. You’re going to have all of these experiences and you’re going to have all of these feelings and so and so forth. But it’s a block of data that you get. Then it’s really your responsibility and your quest to go and find out if there is any supporting data to what you’ve experienced under hypnosis.

And in my case, when I went for looking for supporting data, it was there in spades. It was all over the place. Miesha Johnston was extremely helpful for me; it helped me to understand that there is something that does go on. Because I had never even heard of Milab experiences when I had this hypnosis. Like I said in the book, the little Grey guys with big eyes I was prepared for; I had no clue about military abduction experiences, covert-op experiences or MK Ultra Mind Control.

A: And that pretty much covers what Milabs means if you can clarify that with the audience, right?

N: Yeah. Military abductions. M-i-l is for military and the A-b is for abductions. So that’s what Milabs are. Milab is a term that is for the people that have been picked up by the military, they’re put under some kind experience and then they have mind control, either to wipe their memory or have mind control to try to program them to be like a Manchurian Candidate. When they get you in childhood – and sometimes they will try to get you in infancy and start doing this horrific stuff just to little babies to create, to split the personality many times over and create alternative personalities that are programmed for this, for this purpose, or another purpose, all kinds of different things. So it makes me think of the movie The Matrix. And just about any person around Neo could actually be turned into an agent.

A: Hmmm.

N: You know, when he was trying to get away and this skidrow bum – he kind of flipped out and he turned into one of the agents. (Right) We have these sleeper people walking through our society all the time and I think they are the ones that are gunning people down and things like Sandy Hook, you know, they can activate these people at any given time and then they do something that traumatizes our whole society and then they point the finger at it – at that person – and they say, oh, we have to take everybody’s guns away, you know. So it really works in their favor, you know, having these people.

A: Well, and if you go into Sandy Hook you’ll find that there’s a lot of evidence to show that there were actors involved in that. It was a stage performance kind of thing. But that does not deny the fact that this kind of stuff goes on all the time where it isn’t really getting press, it isn’t getting the chaos and the confusion of the actor and the presentation stuff that we tend to find in the false flag types of events. And it’s happening on a constant basis. I was going to ask you, for the Milab – I hate to say victims because I really don’t like to use that word – but are the majority of the people that experience this – did they actually serve in the military?

N: Some of them served in the military, some of them don’t.

A: Okay.

N: I think a large number of them do not.

A: And is there a statistical data based on how many there are walking around out there? Is there any kind of information on it?

N: No, not that I’ve seen. But I would guess that the number is quite large.

A: My god. When did this actually start coming out, you know, about the Milab?

N: Oh wow. Miesha is a better person to ask about that. I think probably it started coming out probably in the 70s and the 80s. (Okay) It probably coincided at the same time that the CIA invented the False Memories Syndrome Foundation.

A: Interesting.

N: Yeah.

A: Tell us a little bit about that. I never even heard about that.

N: Well, the False Memories Syndrome Foundation is something that was created to discredit people who are getting their memories back from hypnosis, memories of maybe abuse, sexual abuse by their parents is one of it. And the really sad thing and the bad thing about it is, it really was set up by the CIA as a front organization. And CIA operatives actually sat on the board. And I’m just thinking that this is a huge conflict of interest because the CIA is an organization that is hiding all kinds of stuff, all kinds of horrific stuff. And then they come up with an organization called the False Memories Syndrome Foundation to discredit people that are getting memories back from hypnosis and once upon a time hypnosis was accepted in a court of law as valid testimony.

A: And when did that change?

N: Yeah, that changed with these False Memories Syndrome Foundation business.

A: Well, how convenient is that?

N: Very convenient.

A: That should be a petition that we should start.

N: Yeah, I think a big petition that we need to get rid of, we need a petition and a course of action to get rid of the National Security Act of 1947 because that’s what created the alphabet agencies, that’s what created this whole situation where people could be abused and then they have no recourse. They can’t take it into the courts – it gets thrown out of the courts because of national security. We’ve got to get rid of the National Security Act of 1947 and we need to take back our country and reaffirm the Constitution of the United States of America. Which as a patriot, I took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and its people against all enemies foreign and domestic. (Wow) So by writing this book I feel I am fulfilling that oath.

A: Yes. Yes. And we can commend you for that Niara and it hasn’t been an easy road for you. Now do you feel that 1947 was a very pivotal year in the change of the direction of this country?

N: Absolutely. This National Security Act of 1947 was signed into law by Truman about two months after the Roswell crash. So the Roswell crash happened and then there was a press release and all of this information goes around the world. The UFO crash in Roswell and suddenly two days later it gets all hushed up. It’s a weather balloon. Then two months later we have the National Security Act of 1947 that creates the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, other agencies in the government based in secrecy. It was the beginning of the end of our Constitution and Constitutional rights in this country in 1947.

A: I think it is also indicative of the fact that they made a secret oath with the ETs, that they could experiment on us if they disallowed hypnosis in a court of law.

N: Yeah. Umhmm, that could be. I hadn’t thought about that but I wouldn’t discount that at all.

A: Yeah. I mean, it’s too coincidental. And the information that came out of the interview with Airl, A-i-r-l, that was just absolutely fascinating. That was probably one of the first things that I’ve ever heard where it just hit me to the core when I was   listening to it.

N: I know. I’ve been reading that book and I am still trying to get through it with my busy schedule and Airl actually confirms something for me about how the craft fly, and how they interact, and how a person sitting in the craft flies the craft.

A: Yeah. Yeah, that confirms what you said.

N: It was the same as I recalled from a similar experience, in flying a craft for myself.

A: Well, I wanted to ask you – you made a very cool statement about facing our shadows. And you were talking about the denial of the shadow of the masses has become our job. What would it take to get people to really pull back the layers to see their shadows.

N: Well, I would say that the first thing that people need to realize is that the New Age has brought a lot of wonderful components to it but it actually is a religion that was invented by the Shadow Government, again, to manipulate people in a new way. Because old religion is kind of the old thing and it’s kind of falling out of favor. So we have the New Age now, and the New Age with the Law of Attraction which I definitely believe in, the new thing is to shun all of the dark, don’t look at any of the dark or it will lower your vibration, yada, yada, yada. So we have all of these people that are pushing away looking at anything that is of the shadow and anything that is of the dark and way back when I got on the spiritual path, Alexandra, it was very clear to me that you had to face all of the shadow material in yourself to become enlightened.

A: Yes.

N: It wasn’t meant to be shunned, it was meant to be looked at, have the light shine upon it and be transformed so we can become enlightened.

A: Yes.

N: This whole thing of saying, oh god, don’t tell me anything dark, la-la-la-la, I’m going to stick my fingers in my ear here, you know, because I’m trying to keep my vibration high. But me, I didn’t have the luxury of doing that and I had these horrible experiences and I had to look straight into them and I had to find a way to move beyond that to get back into my light. And I think I’ve done a pretty good job.

A: I think so true.

N: It’s made me incredibly strong and it’s given me so much. I mean, this is a gift – this experience. To live through it, to process it, to look at it in new ways, to try to understand it in the larger context. It is that that I really want people to have – not just the experiences themselves but to have what it means to heal and what it means to move through that. It’s really important.

A: You made a comment that you didn’t have the luxury of just being able to just put your fingers in your ears and say, oh god, I don’t want to hear any of that negative stuff. But the thing of that is, those of you who are listening to this radio show – if you truly feel that you don’t need to go through that, ultimately, to peel away the layers, it will catch up with you. I mean, in some way, shape and form, if people say ‘I’ve done my work,’ what they are referring to is really facing those sides of yourself that you have carried into this lifetime from other timelines, whether it’s contracts or oaths, or whether it is vibrational fields that you are putting out and attracting specific types of people into your life without knowing it. Without knowing it. Because we were programmed through the dysfunction or the functionality of our family unit. So we are just – we basically are a product of our environment.

N: Yeah, and if we take a step back and back and back and look at the larger and larger picture and we look at the whole context – a lot of us are thinking, oh, we found the Law of Attraction and there’s this shiny new toy that we are playing with. Well, the powers that be in this world understood the Law of Attraction really well for a very, very long time. Thousands of years.

A: Yes.

N: And they have been indoctrining our consciousness according to what they want us to believe, and think and feel for thousands of years.

A: Thank you for that. I came across one of the most intense articles back in the 90s. The Rand Corporation. Are you familiar with them?

N: Yeah. I have a passing familiarity with them.

A: Oh god, it’s like one of the nastiest corporations . And we think Monsanto is bad – go do some research on Rand, okay. This is the organization that’s behind a lot of the research and development about how the human psyche works. And the experimentation behind it. And let me tell you, if you don’t figure out how you tick and how you work, they certainly know.

N: Oh yeah.

A: And if you want to take your power back it’s time for you to do that. And it’s okay to look in the mirror and say, wow, you know, that wasn’t very nice what I said, or that wasn’t very nice what I did to such and such. Wow, I really was immature, or gosh, I shouldn’t have to – it’s okay. It’s basically – let’s take off the clothing and start anew because you know what, in a minute it’s another life. And we beat up ourselves so hard, so intensely, and that’s part of the program too, Niara, isn’t it?

N: Yeah, it is part of their program. So the way that I dealt with my fear was, I went right to the basic thing – what am I really afraid of. I’m afraid of dying so I took care of that because I had that out-of-body experience and I knew that I wasn’t my body. So I really worked with that and I just thought, if you’re not your body, you’re body can be killed and you’re going to continue. So I kind of dealt with my fear of death in that way. And then there are other fears, you know, about being a political prisoner in an insane asylum perhaps, or other things and I just thought to myself, there are all kinds of people – like Nelson Mandela – like the Tibetan monks that have been thrown into the Chinese prisons – so people that are coming out and telling how they got through them through terrible situations and you just get through them one day at a time. So I finally thought, you know, I really need to write this book. Yes, it’s scary to do it but now that I am on the other side of it, I’m much more at peace.

And the thing about indoctrination of our consciousness, our collective human consciousness over the thousands of years – I mean people are having difficulty of their manifestation efforts, they need to really consider that indoctrination of consciousness and we are all inter-connected. So what affects one of us affects all of us. So you can stick your fingers into your ears and go la-la-la-la, I don’t want to hear anything dark, but you are a part of the human collective and what happens to one is part of all of us at some level. And if you’re not willing to look at those dark things and move beyond your fear – I’m just concerned that people are going to be – they’re not going to be aware of something that could come down the pike at them.

A: And not only that, but it’s just like when we talk about people that are just really dark – if you’re just focusing only on the light and the love and that kind of thing and you’re not acknowledging that other part – we live in a negative space continuum here. This is a matrix and it is a polarization matrix so we need to acknowledge that with all of the light, there’s also the dark. And if we acknowledge it, that’s powerful.

N: That is powerful. (Yeah) And it is empowering us with choice about how we are going to live and where we are going to put our consciousness and where we want to put our energy and our attention. It’s like these chapters in my book that I’m sure are disturbing and scary to read but that information is meant to be presented to you to empower you with choice. Choice is about choosing healthy food over stuff that’s loaded with high fructose corn syrup.

A: Right.

N: Choices about growing your own garden instead of buying GMO foods that you get from the grocery store. It’s meant to empower you with choice for your health and well being. And there’s was a tool that was recently given to me by my spirit guides about quantum super positioning in the quantum field. So they said, ‘When somebody is coming at you talking about something that you really don’t want to be part of your reality you can listen to it, but in your mind, after you’re done, just close your eyes and visualize all of these bubbles flowing in front of you and each bubble is a super-position within the quantum field. And what you need to do is look at the bubbles and then merge yourself with the reality that you most want to come to pass.

A: Excellent. Nice.

N: It’s a very wonderful visualization.

A: That’s a nice little tool. (Yes) And I love the fact that you are bringing back these choices. I think one of the biggest issues with the spiritual community right now is that we are really being nudged by Spirit and the energies just pummeling the planet. We are being nudged that we must make choices. This is why people are experiencing a lot of upheaval with fiancees, and family members and friendships. But they don’t have to be upheavals. What they really can show you is that you’ve outgrown that situation or that circumstance or that event or that friendship. But in order for us to enter the Galactic Society that we all so much yearn for, we must grow up and make a choice. Instead of having our choices made for us, you know.

N: Yes. These people are dumbing down the population of this planet to the point that they can justify stepping in and taking care of us because we are too stupid to do it ourselves.

A: Right.

N: The choice that we need to make is to educate ourselves really well to learn to handle our emotions in a productive and positive manner. We need to make these choices because if we don’t our choices are going to be taken away from us and being made by people who just as soon see most of us dead.

A: Yes. And that is documentable, folks. All you have to do is to get the document that shows that they wanted 85% of the population gone.

N: Yes.

A: We need to make a choice of, do we want to be in our power. Okay, if you want to be in your power then you also have to take the accountability. That’s another choice. To take accountability for whatever rotten choices you have already made before you made this choice.

N: Umhmm.

A: And not to beat yourself up and not say, ‘Oh, I’m such a schmuck because I ended up with this guy and he beats the crap out of me,’ and whatever. With staying in the story, what are you going to do about it. This is a time of taking action. And I keep reminding everybody, you are not alone in this. Because every single time you do something that accelerates your development and increases your vibrational level – if you study vibration you will understand it affects every single person on the planet or anybody that is in that band of vibration with you.

N: Right.

A: It’s very empowering to think of it in that way. (Yes) And we have to know that we are not alone. I’m constantly saying that. I was in bed, Niara, for three years. Let me tell you, I related to some of the things that you wrote in your book about – I had no identity. I literally had no identity. Everything that I could consider myself to be, any value or productivity that I felt I brought to the table – it was gone, in the blink of an eye. And I literally had to rewrite and re-format my way of being with me. (Yeah) Well, hey, you guys don’t have to go through that. You don’t have three years of that. Or to go through a whole three months of Niara’s horrific experiences with the MIlab situation, you know. You’ve got the energies right now supporting you like there’s no tomorrow.

N: Umhmm. There’s one thing I would say, that one of the important messages to get out there, folks, is the fact that there are so many powers that be in this world that are trying to stir us up against each other – they are trying to create war, they are trying to create strife, they’re trying to create all this ‘us versus them’ mentality, and it’s all about divide and conquer. So many things that I’ve observed in the world – they’re trying very hard to put food and water additives that are attacking the brain and the pineal gland. They are doing so many things that are a tax on human consciousness.

As Gregg Braden has said that our DNA actually unwinds in the presence of loving vibrations and then it winds up tightly in the presence of fear so less of it can turn on when we are in fear, but when we are in love and the DNA in our bodies unwind then more of it can turn on in the presence of loving vibrations. There are expanded abilities who we truly are, and who we are meant to become, happens in that energy of love and ease and peace. (Yes) So why on earth are they trying to shut down our brain with food and water additives, with chemtrails, with fear porn, with everything else, why, why, why, that’s the question that we need to answer. And what I think is that they don’t want our consciousness to awaken, especially the seven billion people on the planet. If the whole human collective awakened all at one time and experience unity consciousness, it would be absolutely game over for the Illuminati and the power people on this planet.

A: Yes.

N: That’s what they are trying to avoid at all costs. And they are throwing everything at the book at us to try to make sure that we don’t come together and awaken.

A: And you know what Niara, we don’t need seven plus billion people to get this job done. We don’t.

N: We need a tipping point.

A: That’s exactly it. And those of us that have really stepped up, we’ve really done our work, we’ve looked at the mirror, we’ve faced our skeletons in the closet and we’re able to look at things from the perspective of neutrality. Now what people get confused with – I’m curious how you want to maybe talk about this a little bit – because I know that you had to deal with this topic. And that is, it’s not the fact that we’re not saying they are not people out there that are plants in the communities, in the ufology community, in the spiritual community, in the conspiracy community, they’re all over the place. There are plants everywhere that are spinning that information that, you know, there’s just enough of it to be truthful so we’re interested, right? Because we are always looking for truth. (Yeah) So it’s not that we should hate them. It’s not that we should say, ‘ooh, us versus them.’ It’s more about discernment, just being vigilant. Being aware. And not getting your energies intertwined with theirs. What do you think about that? Especially because of what happened to you with the brutal rapes that you went through and that kind of thing.

N: Well, there’s that saying ‘the truth will set you free but first it will really piss you off.’

A: Yeah. Yeah. (laughter)

N: I like that. I think it really is true. But I encourage people in my book not to get stuck in being pissed off. I think it is a necessary phase to go through and it should be honored. But if you carry around a bunch of anger and hatred and bitterness, it’s going to make you sick over time. Because the body isn’t made to carry that kind of energy over a long period of time that doesn’t make you sick. So you kind of need to – okay – this really pisses me off the way this is going, but how can I take this energy of my feelings and turn it to something good. How can I take the energy of what I am feeling and make a difference in the world. And I go back to that Serenity Prayer, you know, ‘Great Spirit, grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’ And that’s the thing, you have to think about what can I do. There’s all kinds of things that I can’t make a difference about because that control belongs in somebody else’s hands. But there are things we can do. So what I am doing is, I wrote my book and I’m talking in interviews, like our great interview that we’re having today. I’m doing what I can do to make a difference. And everybody out there can find something that they can do to make a difference, even if it is a tiny, little thing in your community, like being kind to someone in the grocery line.

A: I agree. I am also reminding people all the time – if you have an exceptionally trying, traumatic experience, I can guarantee you that if you step out of the victimhood of that experience and you step up and you share how you healed yourself, you would have a dezillion people wanting help. And if you really have your heart in it, you are going to gain the wisdom as to why you went through it in the first place.

N: Yes.

A: You mentioned before, when you are emotionally off-balanced, it leaves you open to manipulation. Talk to me a little bit about that.

N: Yeah. Let’s see, there was an example from my past and it’s kind of in my book. There was an individual in my life when my daughter was small and he would do things to really get me angry and then when I was off balance and angry, then he would start talking to me about certain things that he wanted me to do with him. And because I was kind of off-balance, emotionally, I was susceptible to his suggestions. And I find that is the case with television today. Television is really about – how do I want to put it – inflaming people with their divide and conquer philosophies. With ‘us versus them’ kinds of thinking. There’s Democrats and Republicans. And then there’s Moslems and Christians. And there’s always this ‘us versus them,’ thing.

So if you can get people really angry then the people in power take that anger – it’s kind of like what David Icke talks about ‘problem-reaction-solution.’ First you create a problem, you get people really fired up about it emotionally and off-balance and angry or grief-stricken or both and then you present them with the solution that you want to implement. (Yes) And they demand that you implement it and if you’re the powerful person in the shadow government or the Illuminati, then you get what you want and the people have actually asked you to do it because you got them emotionally off-balance to get them to do it in the first place.

A: Exactly. And so once again, we need to wake up and recognize that this particular network, whatever you want to call it, the Powers That Were, the New World Order That Was, they are very, very aware of how we operate emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. So it’s time, it’s time for us, to take our power back and recognize how we perceive, how we feel, how we think, how we feel with our connection. (Umhmm) You know, it’s very important. Now I think I would be doing a disservice if you didn’t tell them about your story about being on the Moon.

N: Oh yeah, the Moon.

A: Tell us about the Moon, lil babah.

N: Yeah, I will start out with saying this. I wanted to go to another planet ever since I was a little girl and of course, I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a little girl. But the Moon experience was another really horrific experience. I was taken there like a piece of cargo. Just a little bit about the trip – the blond security guard was the one who took me to the hangar where the craft was and I was given a suit of clothes to put on that was very shapeless, silver clothing but when I put it on, it vacuum-packed itself onto my body. It because very form-fitting, like it formed itself onto me. And I had boots and gloves. So I put all of that on and then I was told to get on the ship, climb this little ladder underneath the saucer. So I climbed up the ladder and was told to lie down on the floor in a particular section, like cargo, it was like I was cargo. And there were two other guys, not women, men, that lay there on the floor as well. I was lying between them. And it was on the ship that I saw there was a Grey that I think was piling on the ship, and I did see a Reptilian briefly on the ship, but only briefly. So we were taken to the Moon. The flight was very disorienting, probably because the type of drive involved, you know, faster than light, or folding space. And it seemed like the trip to the Moon was not very long at all – maybe twenty or thirty minutes. But I can’t be sure about the time because there was this distorted feeling.

And we got off the ship and we were told to walk to a building and we were just told straight ahead and not look to the right or the left or anything. So I’m walking off of the ship and walking towards the building and I’m thinking – I mean all kinds of thoughts are firing through my head. And the biggest one of them was, okay, so I’m on the Moon and I can breathe and I wasn’t looking to the left or the right or even up or down but my eyeballs are like looking up as much as I could trying to discern if there was a dome up there or what was really going on. Because it was very confusing to me because I always believed that the Moon didn’t have an atmosphere. So I’m still kind of wondering about that – I’ve got a little of an answer that came from hypnosis about that but I’m waiting for other data to confirm it.

And basically, the week that I was there, because of my schedule, at the Nevada Test Site, you know, the Electronic Warfare Range was to be at work there for a week and then be back at Nellis for a week, back and forth. The people that I would have normally worked with at the Test Site were told I had been sent back to Las Vegas because I was sick and then the other people at Las Vegas thought, well she’s just up at the Range doing her week of duty up there. So I wasn’t missed the entire week. It was very easy to accomplish. So I was there for a week. And I was used as slave labor and I was used for – this is gross and I don’t like to say this anymore – I was used to be the sexual entertainment for a lot of the men up there.

A: It is so sick. Oh Niara, I’m so sorry. And the wonderful thing is that you are bringing this out. I guess the coolest thing about you is you’re taking such a dark situation, you’re not sugar-coating it, you’re not hiding anything and you’re saying, you know what, this is what happened to me, and this is what I’m going to do with it. (Yeah) And now look at you now, and I’m just blown away at how successful you’ve become, with your own healing and at assisting others in doing the same.

N: Well, I just want to say here, that I’m a child of the mainstream culture as everybody and I know how hard it is to believe that somebody was actually taken to the Moon. But there are people out there writing now about the Breakaway Civilization. There are whistleblowers coming out about the Moon, about Mars, about bases on the Moon that have been photographed and pictures where things were airbrushed out. And in the larger context of that information if we indeed do have bases on the Moon and if indeed we do have back-engineered extraterrestrial craft, is it really, really such a stretch to think that someone might be taken there by Shadow Government covert-operative people and be put through what I was put through? It’s not that big a stretch.

A: Frankly, I’m surprised that anybody questions it. And if you watch the video ‘The Lie NASA Told,’ it really blows open a lot of things about the fact that the Moon and the Sun and the Earth are all within the same dome. (Yeah) And somebody like Fred Bell, my god, he was talking about we were doing launches to the Moon a couple times a day. (Yeah) You know, it’s very normal standard operation – I can’t understand how anybody would question this when the technology that they have right now would blow our minds as to what has been tabled or hidden underground. Nothing that we see is true. That’s the short order of it.

N: Yeah. As to to whether there is water on the Moon or not, that question, I did look at that because that’s really bothered me about whether there was atmosphere or not. So I did look at that under a recent hypnosis session because I have people that I trade hypnosis with now, and what I was shown in that hypnosis session was a piece of earth or ground on the Moon and there was algae growing on the surface of the Moon and where the Sun hits it directly it doesn’t grow so well, because I guess the Sun’s direct rays are too intense. But in every little shadow place, every little crack, every little crevice, there’s a lot of this algae growing there and I’m wondering – maybe this algae was specially developed for the surface of the Moon to grow there and create oxygen. And I think where it grows more thickly there may be there are deeper pockets of oxygen there but it does make some kind of an atmosphere because it supports the human beings out in the open, at least, for a short time, if not for a long time.

A: Well, for those of you that follow Andrew Basiago, I believe he talks about landing on Mars and he got out and he could breathe.

N: Yeah.

A: You know, here we are all blazing a trail of truth – why are not open? Why would anybody just grill you for a possibility?

N: Well, it is okay. I understand. If they don’t have the background to understand all that, I can understand that they might react in disbelief, and that’s okay. I say that right in my book. Don’t believe everything that I’m telling you. Check out the links, check out the footnotes, give yourselves the larger context of information in which to understand this.

A: Good point. Good point. So Niara, tell me if you believe that there is an actual profile of these abductees that are subjected to the kind of torture and abuse that you were subjected to.

N: I do feel there is a profile. And I think that a lot of the profile is – I think they really go after starseeds. Because one of the objects of mind control is to create these super-soldiers who will follow orders without question, who had special expanded abilities. So starseeds – we actually come in with these expanded abilities. We come in with a more expanded consciousness. And because we are kind of in the system – of system-busters, so to speak, they really target people who have the starseed quality because they want to harness that energy for themselves and they also don’t want that being used as the system buster. We don’t want that person to be out there working against them. So they try to commandeer these people, and I think that a lot of the children that have autism from the back scenes are probably starseed children who have now been inhibited is some way from really being able to step forward in their mission.

A: I agree and I must have had chills up and down my spine when I read about the connection between the Chero [cut off]

A: Wow! Are we being [cut off] This must really be true!

N: Umhmm. Okay.

A: Okay. So we just lost communication when I said to Niara if there was truly a Cherokee bloodline connection amongst those that are abducted. And I had chills up and down my spine and I wanted to ask you Niara, a little bit about that.

N: Yeah. I think that a lot of the people that have been abducted have an ancient indigenous bloodline because that bloodline has genetics that are more usable for the ETs that trying to do their hybrid program. So I think that that’s part of it. And it might not just be Cherokee, but I have discovered a lot of people that are experiencers who also have Cherokee background.

A: Very interesting. I got chills because that was one of my questions all along when i was reading about other people who have been abducted. What is it that they are after when they do all of these experiments and extracting our eggs and that kind of thing. In fact, I was going to ask you, it seems to me that the DNA of these ancient Native American lineages is probably less messed with.

N: Yeah. I think that is it. I think that’s really it.

A: Yeah. I think it’s less mutated. And it’s more pure.

N: Yeah. If you look at all of the blood types. We have the most ancient blood type which is the hunter-gather type, the O blood type, whether it is positive or negative. Then you have A and B and AB negative and the different blood types. Each one is different and each one, I think, actually probably represents the different type of extraterrestrial DNA that was put into humanity. We are quite a blend of different extraterrestrial species. And that comes from two very divergent sources. One was Barbara Marciniak in the Bringers of the Dawn, she said there are 22 different species of ET DNA in our DNA. And then Alex Collier, a contactee, also said that.

A: I just spoke with a fellow practitioner last night and he is blowing some things wide open right now where he is saying that the DNA and the chakras above your head are coming online. It’s all interrelated to the true DNA that we carry, that has been shut down for so long.

A: Yeah. And I thought it was really fascinating because everything is starting to meld with everything else. Now tell us – I would really like for everybody to hear about your pregnancy experience and the fact that you would go in – I know that you have two children – tell people how you kept hearing when you went to the doctors. For various reasons.

N: Oh god. It seems like I must have started being messed with sexually – I was messed by the ETs very young. Not because they were they were trying to molest a little girl but they were just trying to create someone who would be a good study subject for human sexuality. So that was part of it. But the pregnancies – it seemed like throughout my fertile adult childbearing years every time I would go to a doctor for an Ob-Gyn check-up, they would do the check-up and they would ask ‘are you pregnant?’ And many times it wasn’t just a standard, ‘oh, you could be pregnant’ kind of thing – they would do a pelvic exam and they would look me in the eye and say, ‘are you pregnant.’ And I would say, ‘no, I’m not pregnant, I’m on the pill,’ or ‘no, I’m not pregnant, I haven’t been with anybody for six months or a year’ or whatever. And I would just get confused and kind of frustrated by this and finally one doctor asked me this one time and I said, ‘what makes you think that I might be pregnant?’ And he said, ‘well your uterus is enlarged.’ So I thought, okay, that’s really interesting.

Then at age 35 – I had my two children that I have here on Planet Earth, a son and a daughter – I had a tubal ligation. I went to a doctor, he did it on local anesthesia in his office so I was awake for the procedure. So he goes in to tie my tubes and he said, ‘my god, your whole cavity is full of adhesions. Have you had any other procedures?’ And I said, ‘no, I haven’t.’ And I tend to stay away from doctors as much as I can because I don’t like to be poked and prodded and stuck with things. (Right) And he said, ‘well, your whole abdominal cavity is full of adhesions and it’s unusual.’

So I carried that away from that, that tubal ligation and I thought, man, what the heck was that? And later on, when I had hypnosis with Gloria Hawker we looked at my ET experiences and I found out that I had probably as many as seventeen hybrid offspring. (Oh my god) I do not believe that they all lived to adulthood. Some of them didn’t live very long at all. But some of them did. So they were going in with a needle through the belly button probing around in the womb and harvesting the fetuses that way. They would just take them out at the first tri-mester.

A: I thought it was fascinating that you actually remembered them extracting – you said the two or three inch thing – that’s what you called it and put it in some sort of pod.

N: Hmhmm. Yeah. They did that and then the doctor that did my hysterectomy in 2008, she mentioned it again. She made a point of mentioning all of the adhesions in my abdominal cavity.

A: Wow. Now, you know what? We got distracted because we were disconnected. But we were talking about profiles, I just wanted to throw this out to you. Have you ever read the article about the Birth Bump by Cameron Day?

N: No, I haven’t.

A: Well, basically, what it states is that there are definitely particular people that after you die, you go into the reincarnation process and you visit, supposedly, the table of Elders, or Council members and they go over what you want to accomplish in your next lifetime and you choose your parents and everything else and you’re good to go. And right at the time of popping into the so-called egg or the mother’s womb they bump you to a much more dysfunctional unit – parents – for your parents. (Yeah) And I really feel that that is another part of the profile. I just wondered if you had heard about that.

N: I haven’t heard about that. But I did hear from Andrew Bartzis that when we are born, that’s when we get the archontic implants.

A: Yes.

N: Everybody gets them and so, when we are born, we are stuck with these things and they hook us into the matrix and they start manipulating and controlling us. For me, since I have the matrix implant removal, my emotions have just balanced out so beautifully. It’s just such a gift to have that implant removal.

A: I am so grateful for you. For number one, for stepping up. Because what I say to people that go through this, it’s a journey. Because when it is pulled out of your body, your body kind of goes through a void stage.

N: Yes, absolutely.

A: You go through a void stage, like woh, I have had this for like 400,000 years and it has to really assimilate the changes. In your case, you’re talking about the balancing of the emotions. Definitely that is one of the benefits of having it removed. Have you noticed anything else?

N: I’m just calmer. I was feeling almost clinically overwhelmed with so much to do with so much that is coming at me. And ever since the book came out, and I don’t say this lightly, but I’ve had so many things happen to me in my life, that it’s kind of like the cartoon where you see somebody standing in the middle of the road and the car comes and whacks him down and then they get up and they’re kind of dazed and confused, and while you’re dazed and confused another car comes and whacks him down again. (Yup) It happens multiple times – that’s how it’s felt for me since I published the book. (Wow) It’s kind of like people(?) thought, We had no idea that she had this kind of a book inside of her. I don’t know what they thought. And now that the book is out there, it’s just been really, really kind of a rough road. But now that I really think now it’s going to start leveling out for me and I’m starting to feel better. And the sense of overwhelm that I had about trying to deal with all the stuff that’s coming at me and my life has gone away since the implant removal. And now I’m getting things done and it feels so good.

A: I’m so genuinely happy for you. Seriously. And that is true. Because it’s a reset button. It’s a second chance for you to really develop your life. But you have to take some accountability for your patterns and the way that you think and the way that you move forward. And if you don’t feel anything at all, guess what, then there’s some layers that need to be removed, you know. That doesn’t mean that the implants aren’t removed. And for those of you that have wondered these implant removal processes that are done with Pam and through my assistance with her, we go all the way out to infinity. This is a gift that has been given to her. It’s truly a gift. And it was given to her, as they say, very, very carefully, number one, and number two, with great thought. It was with a lot of planning and a lot of thought so it’s not by accident that you would come into my life, Niara, and we would meet through this process, is just so ironic. But anyway, back to what we were talking about. I really resonated with some of your messages that you received about Lyra. And it was to the point where it was so uncanny that I just thought, I must have known her there. Can you talk to me a little bit about how has your – obviously, you feel that you are a Lyran, right?

N: Yes. Yes very much.

A: And the Lyrans are the Lions, right?

N: Yeah, a lot of people say that. I don’t really see them or experience them in quite that way. It’s pretty interesting to note that – I think it was James Cameron who produced Avatar, he said that twenty years ago he had a dream about this place and this planet. So I’m wondering if he is one of us.

A: Interesting.

N: Because they have blue skin and my people definitely have blue skin. And his people in the film are cat-like and while I don’t really remember looking at them and seeing their cat-like-ness but it could have been because I’m one of them that I just didn’t see the difference. But the memories of Lyra have not come from hypnosis, except one recent one. And the memories started to emerge when I was about eighteen years old. And the first memory that came was of going down to the beach to meet the tidal wave that was going to take Atlantis under the ocean. That was the first spontaneous memory to emerge. And that probably emerged because it was the most powerful and emotional memory and then I had other memories come and I kind of sprinkled the little vignettes of these memories throughout my book to try to give people a different perspective.

A: Oh, it’s beautiful. I absolutely love the way that you wrote your book. (Thank you) Because you’re intertwining the physicality – the brutality of what you went through and then you’ve got this awesome Galactic sprinkling of perspective of how you ended up here and how you chose to go through this. It’s just incredible. I do want to add, that the Lyrans, the Lions, of course, there’s the Lion Race which many, many of us that are Guardians are from the Lion Race. And we are, from what I hear from a quite a lot of healers, including myself, the Lions are truly some of the only beings that are successful in taking out very heavy duty psychic attacks. So I just want to pass that on to everybody. If you feel that you are in intense psychic attack you can call in the Guardian Alliance or the Lion Beings and they will assist. I trust you on that. So the other thing was when you got to the tidal wave – this happened to me through the entire book, I had one synchronicity after another. I’m sitting here saying wow, oh my god, I had this recurring dream over and over and over again until I was about seven or eight, that I was running from a tidal wave.

N: Wow.

A: And I was trying to get to the high ground. And you were describing it in a very similar way than my dream. I had it over and over again. So I think that it is interesting that all of us that are uniting now in one way, shape or form to build this new Atlantis/Lemurian/New Golden Age, whatever you want to call it and we have that history of knowing what happened when we depended on the protection from technology. I kind of wanted you to go over that. The protection part, I think that is fascinating.

N: Umhmm. Can you say the question again so I understand it a little more fully?

A: Well, you were referring to how we are really being challenged right now about building a new society but maintaining our protection because of what happened to Lyra and when the Reptilians showed up. So talk a little bit about that. That was very interesting.

N: Yeah, well, the first thing that I will say here is that a lot of people are having spontaneous memories of Lemuria and Atlantis and they merge because the situation on Earth is so similar now to what it was back then. But I think that it is activating people’s memories.

A: Mmmm. Interesting. So do you feel that this is deliberate? Is this something where there’s a purpose to all of this? Where all of us all having some of these same memories? What do you think the reason for it?

N: Well, I definitely think that it’s on purpose in that it’s a synchronicity for many people. And it could be planned, but then again, it’s like we are having a conversation and something that I say will spark something that you remember, and something that you say will spark something that I remember. Memory is very much related to context. So if we are in a particular context in our daily life it’s going to bring up memories that are associated with that context. So contextually we are in a world right now that there’s a lot of destructive things going on, there’s a lot of destructive technology, there are negative elements trying to manipulate and control things, just like it was in Atlantis. And so, I think that’s why so many people are just having their memories come up because we are all connected again through the collective human consciousness. So I think it’s just – you’ve heard that term microcosm and macrocosm?

A: Yes.

N: So an individual human would be the microcosm in this scenario and then the human collective would be the macrocosm. So what’s true for one individual is actually true also for the whole human collective. (Wow) So there is a lot of neurological connections in our brains in the individual level, and then there’s the energetic field connecting us – that interconnects all of us and that connectedness becomes the neurological connections between the human collective through the quantum field.

A: Beautiful. I couldn’t have said that any better. It’s like we are being constantly reminded right now because there is a lot of fascinating technology coming out. And I do believe that we are being observed and kind of nudged and guided because we are a baby race. We are sort of getting our wheels on our bicycles kind of thing and I do believe that we are being guided to go in a direction that we won’t repeat what we’ve gone through before. However, I think these dreams are like a constant reinforcement of really making us sure that we be responsible and take accountability.

N: Yeah. So the technology thing was, from what I am remembering what I wrote in the book about the technology, was when a group of us split off from Lemuria and went to Atlantis, the Atlanteans were thinking, wow, what happened on Lyra could happen here. We had an invasion and our world could be laid waste. So what happened on Lyra was, we were invaded and we weren’t warriors and we had no technology. So we just had to flee our planet and the planet was ultimately destroyed. But in Atlantis, they were thinking, wow, what happened was they got so scared that we couldn’t function and we had no technology to fight these beings off, so what we need is technology that function for us when we are scared. So they started creating war machines and technology for defense. But the problem with that is, through the Law of Attraction, if you’re afraid you’re going to get attacked and you create war machines out of that fear you may actually be setting up the need for them to be used.

A: Correct.

N: You may be actually attracting the need for that to be used. And so it happened and there were invasions of Atlantis and the last final fall of Atlantis was when it was swept into the ocean.

A: I noticed that you mentioned you were involved with one of the major crystals in Atlantis. (Yeah) Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

N: The temple as I remember it – it was a huge circular temple and there were twelve pillars that held the roof and inside this temple there was this huge, huge quartz crystal. And we would work with the energies of this crystal to try to balance what was going on in Atlantis because the earth under our feet was tremoring, and it was doing things, it really wasn’t happy with some of the things that were going on in Atlantis and some of the abuses of power, the Service to Self individuals there that were kind of manipulating things. Even myself in Atlantis – my father actually tried to keep me out of the temple, tried to keep from being an initiate in the temple because he knew I had gifts of telepathy and clairvoyance but they found me anyway so I was put into the temple.

A: Interesting.

N: Once I was in the temple I wasn’t allowed to marry or have a relationship. I just had to use my spiritual energies to work with the crystal.

A: What color was the crystal?

N: It was clear.

A: Interesting.

N: As I remember.

A: Because my husband has an almost identical memory, except he was working, I believe, it was a blue crystal.

N: Oh, okay.

A: That was part of the reason that we were sent on the mission last summer, was to work with some of the etheric crystals at that time. (Yeah) So we are really making some progress. Again another synchronicity, Niara, between you and my husband and me. So tell us a little bit about Vipassana Meditation?

N: It’s called Vipassana meditation and it means Insight Meditation. And it’s kind of a Buddhist form of meditation that we just sit and follow the inflow and the outflow of the breath. And it’s not the easiest meditation technique but I’ve found it to be powerful, because it really – it’s a way for me to really confront myself. So when I’m sitting and trying to be quiet and all of these thoughts come up, it’s a way for me to encounter myself. It’s a way for me to encounter what’s really going on inside of me. Because during my work day I keep myself busy and I don’t think about all kinds of things. But when I get quiet for meditation, oftentimes a lot of thoughts will come up that kind of give me a clue to what’s really going on inside and also gives me clues to things that I need to pay a little more attention to in my life that I’m not giving any attention to. And if you really are able to drop the thoughts altogether and just follow the inflow and the outflow of the breath I have experiences when my breath just slowed down and slowed down and slowed down till I almost got to what I would call a breathless state, when my breath was moving so slowly and I was in such an expanded state of consciousness that one time it felt like my body actually dissolved into the Universe.

A: Woh. Nice.

N: A really, really powerful experience.

A: You probably didn’t want to come back.

N: Then the bell rang and it was time to – (laughter)

A: Oh God, the bell rang. So getting back to your story as far as the experience on the Moon and then coming back and to your daily life and routine and trying to acclimate yourself in this in what you probably felt like, ‘is this even real.’ (Yeah) What do you feel that was one of the number one things that got you through this?

N: Well, all that time that I spent out in nature as a child, there was like a Presence out there that really loved me and wanted me to be here. That was very powerful and tangible for me and it really carried me through a lot of the difficulty that I felt. Because when you go through those experiences where other people abuse you so badly, it breaks your heart into a million pieces.

A: Yeah.

N: It just breaks your heart because you can’t just believe that others of your own kind could be so inhumane. So it was my spirituality and that, you know, realizing that I could go to nature and get that love and get that nurture that I wasn’t getting elsewhere. That really helped me a lot. And I’m very determined. I have a intense amount of determination and a lot of tenacity and again, if I remembered it at the time that it happened I don’t think I would be here. But because I remembered it so many years later, at least I knew that all of these years I had been carrying these experiences around in my sub-conscious, I was living, I was surviving, yes, I was having post traumatic stress that I didn’t really understand where it was coming from, but I thought, okay, I’ve lived all of these years so I can probably keep on living. And that’s when I tried to set myself to the quest, I guess, to find healing and find wholeness. And when you make a commitment like that the Universe kind of winds up the synchronicities that’s going to help you with your goal.

A: I totally agree. And that’s another confirmation for everyone listening that if you feel that you have not found your life purpose, look deeply within your own troubles, seriously. Your own troubles, your own challenges, your own traumas, and how did you get through it. Because we really are facing now the advent of how great is the Spirit, the Will to become. How great are we to become the Masters that we already are. Everybody is just kind of, oh yeah, they tell you like, you just don’t remember, you just don’t remember. But as you start walking your path you start recognizing some of the Mastery skills that you have. And as in my case, it’s because I totally dedicate myself to the service of Humankind and my connection to Source and the Legions of Light as I call it And I think that is very imperative for all of us that are questioning where are we going with our lives. There are so many people listening to you right now that are going to work, they’re in a kind of what they would classify a dead-end job. They don’t really feel that that gap between their spiritual part of them and the daily part of going to the job that they really don’t believe in and isn’t supporting this evolutionary shift. So what would you say to them?

N: Well, again, you can make a difference even in small ways. And if you really want to find your life purpose, a key for that is in what you feel passionate about or conversely, your life mission could have something to do with something you’ve been avoiding your whole life.

A: Good point. Oh, I like that.

N: Yeah. Because in my case, I avoided telling my story for fourteen years. And I did everything to try not to do it. And finally, I just hit a wall and I just went quiet with my guides and I said, okay, what is my thing to do on this planet. And I didn’t even get a sentence finished before they were coming in and saying, ‘You need to tell your story.’ And I knew exactly what story they meant. So that’s when things really turned for me and that’s when I started going public and then again when people got so hung up about the horror story about going no, no, no, no, you have to tell that story and we have to tell all the good that has come out of it.

A: Correct. Correct. That is really why I contacted you to do this because you have such a phenomenal presentation of taking probably one of the most incredibly difficult scenarios and look at her now, folks! I mean she is completely invested with herself in educating herself, and healing herself, and assisting and healing others. And you know what? And you don’t have to be healer to step into what you are here to do. Okay. That’s not the point. The point is that we heal ourselves in totally different ways but at least we take the step forward to do it.

N: Absolutely. And people hearing me today, you are hearing a woman that has a great deal of healing behind her, you know, who’s really got her feet on the path. I am really here standing up to the people of this planet and their well-being and their highest good. But years ago, when I first got my memories back I was a basket case. I was terrified. I was looking over my shoulder all the time. I didn’t know where I was going and what was going to happen. I just wanted – all I really wanted in life was a good marriage, a couple of nice kids, and live in a beautiful place in nature. Way back when that’s all that I asked out of life. And life handed me something very different. And I have done the best that I can and I just want a better world for everybody. I want a world that people can be free and happy.

A: You and me both. It motivates me every day of my life. So I think another thing I want to commend you on is you really got into the conspiratorial side of things, obviously, because you uncovered this whole underground network of abductions through the military and flying you back and forth to the Moon and that kind of thing. And I thought it was really interesting that you were able to go down into that rabbit hole, so to speak, and really call out the conspiracy theory community. (Umhmm) And what I mean by that is, it doesn’t have to be deep, dark and nasty where we stay there and linger in order to be conspiratorial. I kind of wanted to hear your take on that.

N: Well, there’s a lot of truth out there, in little bits and pieces scattered around. And some of it is in the consipiracy theory community, and some of it is in the love and light community. But the problem is that the love and light people are saying to the conspiracy people they’re saying, ‘Don’t tell me negative stuff, it will lower my vibration. You know, fingers in the ears la-la-la-la.

A: Right.

N: And on the conspiratorial side, those people are saying, ‘Look at those woo-woo folks over there in the love and light community. They don’t have a clue what’s really going on on this planet. They don’t realize just how bad it really is and they’re just shutting their minds to it.’ And what I wanted to do in my book is to try to build a bridge into these two poles that seem diametrically opposed and help both of them to realize that the love and light community is like, if you really want to see ascension, if you really want enlightenment, then you face your shadow and move beyond it. Because until you face it it going to be sitting in your sub-conscious pulling strings on you that you don’t even realize with your conscious mind. And to the conspiracy theory people I would say, you need to educate yourself on quantum science and the scientific models that are now proving that some of the things that we have known spiritually for hundreds of years is really true. They need to understand that. When you are going to look at what is going on in the world the broader context of knowledge that you have to look at the situation from, the better off you’re really going to understand it. Because if you’re only looking at a military piece, or if you’re only looking at a spiritual piece, or one of the many other pieces out there and you collapse yourself into only looking at that, and not looking at the broader context, I don’t think you have a prayer of understanding what is going on.

A: Gosh, again, here’s another synchronicity, Niara. When I started the website, I was fully in the intention that I would create a bridge between ufology, the spiritual community, and the conspiracy theorists. And the thing that I wanted – I’m not saying that they have to be exactly on the same page, but what I defined of each of these three communities was the fact that they are trail blazers. They are all searching and seeking out whatever truth they can. And what I think you have done so elegantly is to point out the fact in each one of these communities there is a wall that they are hitting. So in the love and light community, for example, they are saying, oh gosh, I don’t want to look at that because it will lower my vibration. Well, my god, I hope you have more power than that.

N: Yeah. For sure.

A: My God, step into your power, for God’s sake.

N: For every person that I’ve tried to talk to about some of the more challenging things that’s going on and I get this, ‘oh don’t tell me that, it’s going to lower my vibration,’ their very reaction tells me that somewhere down inside of them they know that other things are happening on this planet that are not good. (Right) And it scares the hell out of them. (Yeah) and they don’t even want to look at it. And that’s an animal reaction. That is the action of an animal that freezes in their tracks and doesn’t look to the right and to the left because it is thinking, if I don’t look at this evil thing it won’t get me.

A: Correct. And it’s not in balance. (You’re right) If you are all of the love and light and let’s dance and do the oomp-rah-rah, and you’re not looking at the reality around you, you are not in balance. Then you’ve got, as you’ve said, the perspective of the conspiracy theory community which, they’re going out and looking at all of these anomalies. But then, the wall that they’re hitting is, well, is it either this way or it’s this way? And what I challenge anybody who is doing that is to be open to the fact – if you’re open to seeking out the truth, then be open to any truth, even if it’s going to shake your foundation. Listen, one of biggest things about Niara, myself, and anybody else out there, including – my audience is awesome, is we all are accustomed to having our foundations shattered on a fairly regular basis. N: Yes.

A: Okay. Wouldn’t you agree on that? That’s like the core part of our life, because we are all searching and when a new piece of information comes in, we’re not going, oh no, I’m sorry, I can’t look at that. Because I’ve got this belief system over here and there’s no way I’m going to look at that because this works for me. Well, are you being true to yourself. You know. So I just want to commend you on that, because you’ve done a really good job with your book on presenting that.

N: I just want people to come together. We’ve got to stop the divide and conquer. We’ve got to awaken our consciousness, if only because they don’t want us to, you know. We really have to do this because then it’s in our own hands, we can change this planet. We can heal it. We can do whatever we need to do through our own consciousness, but we can only do it if we come together. And the reason that I make that statement is Dean Radin – he has research with the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the psy phenomenon in the quantum field that shows that when a group of people comes together with a particular intention, it is exponentially more powerful than one individual doing it by themselves. That’s what points to me that if we can get the whole collective on board, or at least a significant portion, like the 144,000, if we can get all of them on board and they’re not fighting amongst themselves anymore and they’re putting out one pure and powerful intention then that intention is going to happen.

A: I agree and that’s what I work on every day. And I want to remind everyone if you pass this on to anyone else is we are being pushed, nudged, nicely nudged, to understand that not everybody is going to see the same situation as you. Not everybody is going to have the same truth when you get up in the morning as you. And that is okay, you know. Not everybody is going to believe, which we don’t necessarily like to use that word, but they’re going believe necessarily what you believe. Does that make them any less legitimate to come to the table and share their perspective? NO. And if we don’t learn to agree to disagree, or to come to the table and share our views and work along side one another. This whole ‘us versus them’ thing that Niara is talking about – it’s another part of the Program. (Umhmm, absolutely) And how do we stop that? In order to get to where we want to go, we have to drop that program.

N: Yes. It’s critical. And you know, I can’t tell people enough just how critical it is to stop fighting. You have to look at the common ground, you’ve got to look for ways to get along. You’ve got to agree to disagree in a friendly manner, because the fighting is just tearing us apart and what we should be doing is to support each other and create the New World.

A: Yeah. Because we are not the enemy.

N: No. A: We are not the enemy of one another. N: Umhmm.

A: We are all in this together. Everyone of us is in this together. We all want to move to a position ultimately, even your angriest person out there, they just want to be loved and acknowledged and live in peace and harmony ultimately.

N: Yeah.

A: So, I just want to remind everybody of that. Niara, your book is outstanding and once again, please tell everybody where to go to check out your book.

N: Okay. My book is called Facing the Shadow and Embracing the Light: A Journey of Soul Retrieval and Awakening. And you can get it at my website called Facing the Shadow and Embracing the Light.com. And there’s a page there that will tell you how to order the book, how to order it through me, if you want a signed copy or how to order it through my CreateSpace page. And please, please, please if you really need the discount to get the book then please go to Amazon because it is discounted a few dollars there. But the most important thing is the book is out there and that it be read by as many people as possible. Not to make me a rich woman, because that’s not my main concern here. My main concern is that the people on this planet that we live, that we thrive, that we are happy, that we are free, and I wrote this book from my heart to all of your hearts to try to help accomplish that on this planet. And I am just one of the many, many lightworkers out there, like Alexandra is one, there are so many lightworkers out there. I’m just one of many. But I’ve offered this book from my heart to your hearts.

A: And I also wanted to say, that it’s not just about her story, she’s really expounding upon where to go after she went through all the healing and all the realizations and the journey, the shamanic journey of recognizing who she is and why she’s here and why she went through it and Now What, right? Where do we go from here? And that is the greatest part of this book. It’s not just the story that, ‘Oh wow, gosh, I feel so sorry for her,’ you know. I mean, there’s a parts of the story and you feel that, my god, you’re so depressed after you read it.

N: Yeah.

A: And I really commend you, Niara, so please everybody and do me a favor and support her. She is doing a lot of good work for all of us out there. And as usual I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you being willing to come forth and share your heart with everyone here today, Niara.

N: Oh thank you so much for having me on. I really appreciate it, Alexandra.

A: Well, you are very welcome. And you deserve it, babah.

N: Thank you, thank you.

A: You deserve it after all that you have been through. So I want to give you a big hug, love, peace, all that grooviness. Thank you for listening and we’ll see you next week, same time, 3:00 pm Pacific, and we are going to be reviewing The Hidden Hand. Have you seen that movie?

N: Yes, I have. I’m actually in it.

A: Aaah. That’s right. That’s another synchronicity, I had forgotten about that. We will be reviewing that next week. So anyway, everybody take care. Have a great weekend and we will talk to you all later. Love to you.


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