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microphone (1)Carla St Laurent – “Reiki Doc”  and Alexandra Meadors for December 17, 2013
Alexandra: Good morning everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is December 17, 2013. Today I have a very special guest and for all of you Cobrasss out there you probably know of her, and she goes by the name of “Reiki Doc.” Carla St Laurent is a physician at a community hospital, for five years I might add. And she if very, very successful in her career in incorporating Reiki with that. It’s just really cool to hear her stories. She’s got such an extensive background – we will go ahead and put all the types of experiences that she has had in her medical physician life. But outside of that, we really want to hear about her metaphysical stance on how she kind of brings people from across the veil when they go under anesthesia for a medical procedure. How she brings them back to the 3D reality is very interesting. She was born in Long Beach, California. She was a straight A student and believe it or not her background was in chemical engineering. And she really did research in enhanced oil recovery. That’s going to be interesting to ask her a little about that.
But the most important thing about Carla that I find so appealing is being able to take the 3D mainstream medical system and incorporating the 5D and beyond alternative healing methods such as Reiki. And she is a Reiki Master. So with that said we are going to start.
Hi Carla, are you there? Thank you so much for coming on to my show.
Carla: You’re welcome, Alexandra, it’s my pleasure.
Alexandra: Before we get started I just want everyone to go ahead and check out Carla’s Facebook page. It is Doctors With Reiki https://www.facebook.com/DoctorsWithReiki. Carla, I would like to start out with just trying to figure out why you shifted from chemical engineering to becoming a physician. How did that happen?
Carla: It was actually the other way around. I always wanted to become a physician. But my father was a school teacher and they had three girls and my mom stayed at home. So I was given the choice of being any kind of engineer that I wanted to be and chemical engineering was the one that made the requirements for entering medical school. It actually exceeded the pre-med reqs. So I went back to school and got my biology degree after I had worked for awhile and I put myself through medical school. That’s how I fulfilled my dream which I had since I had been a little girl.
Alexandra: That is so impressive! You actually paid for your own education through medical school.
Carla: Yes.
Alexandra: Wow! That’s quite a feat right there. Congratulations! And it says here that you are certified in transesophageal echocardiography. Tell me a little about that.
Carla: Yes. That was not easy to do. When we do cardiac anesthesia we need to have a good look at how the heart is functioning and how the flows are going through the heart. And this is traditionally a part of the field of cardiology but since I did my cardiac fellowship, all fellows are encouraged to pursue further training with this ability. So I took the test, and I passed it and I achieved certification in that. It’s really an honor. When I got the letter that said I had passed I actually jumped up and down out on the street.
Alexandra: (laughter) Which anyone who knows you, isn’t that surprised. Because you’re just like a ball of joy and a huge beam of light. You’re such a blessing to the community. So tell us a little bit about the Reiki. Did you enter jumping into the Reiki after becoming a physician?
Carla: Yes, I did.  I actually had a spiritual crisis of sorts because I knew I had psychic ability, it runs in the family. And I felt that I had this gift that God had given me and I didn’t know what to do with it. I had been getting messages from my patients which had crossed over for several years – throughout medical school. And I had been channeling messages from Our Lady – I call her The Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary – ever since 1992. And I didn’t know what to do or where to go. So I went to see a medium in the area for a reading, his name is Tim Braun, and while we were doing the reading, he would start telling me things that he was getting from the other side. And I’d say, well you know, actually, this is what I’m getting and as we compared notes through that hour he realized – he said, you know you’re getting was the same thing I’m getting. He said, you are one of these people that has this gift and you need to know how to use it so he recommended that I go to see Anne Reith for four sessions, for some basic classes, to learn the nuts and bolts of being psychic. And when I got into Anne’s class, it was just wonderful, and she’s the one who got me into Reiki.
Alexandra: Wow! That’s awesome! I know that you are a phenomenal psychic and I’ve spent enough time with you to exchange fun messages that we’ve both received from our Sirian lineage – I might add. (laughter) Tell me the difference between just going with the Reiki Master versus the Karuna Reiki.                        
Carla: OK. What happens is Reiki is a form of energy healing – it’s a certain vibration – and it works on the physical, the 3D body. Karuna Reiki is actually a more powerful form of energy and it’s a little bit slightly different . . flavor, if you will. And Karuna Reiki medicine is directed more on the soul level. So I actually work with people’s souls when I heal with Karuna Reiki. It’s a prerequisite to have Reiki Three to start Karuna Reiki One. But if you go want to go beyond that you need to become a Karuna Master.
Alexandra: Oh that’s interesting. I didn’t know that.
Carla: Yeah, it was founded by Bill Rand.
Alexandra: That’s interesting. I’ve done Reiki, but I didn’t go all the way up. So tell us a little bit about how you are actually in a procedure, a surgical procedure and you are doing your job of bringing them under – which is so funny – where at that point are you actually speaking with their higher self? Are you doing before the surgery? Or are actually – tell us a little about how that experience unfolds.
Carla: Well, one of the benefits of being trained in Reiki is your intuition skills goes way up. And it helps me in the pre-op holding area in the beginning, because then I can adjust my energy to meet the patients’ needs. A lot of times it is – you know, you are pretty good at working with people, and reading body language, because you’ve been in medicine and you’ve worked with thousands and thousands of people, you’ve done anesthesia so many times, at all times of the day or night. But with the Reiki I was really able to find the compassion from a deep source within me that was able to connect with a nice way and establish truth. So the first thing that an anesthesiologist needs to do above everything else, is to establish trust. And Reiki just helped me to go way over the top in that part.
Then, as I go through Reiki and the anesthesia with my patients, they really don’t know what it is about me that I do. A few of them – I ask them their permission, but usually, when I give Reiki at the OR it’s under the philosophy that they want to have some procedure so that they can get better. And I have a cart of drugs and to me Reiki is another way to help heal my patients. I always ask their permission from their guardian angel that I’m talking to and I know if the Reiki is going into the patient or not. So in a short case the Reiki my patient receives is just being from around me as a continuance of Reiki. But in a longer case, and I’ve had several where the patient is stable and the anesthesia is pretty much under wraps – I’ve even had a case where they’re reading a newpaper or reading a journal, I’m able to ahead and actually link into my patient’s aura and I can give Reiki to them.
If there is some certain kinds of monitoring or other kinds of things being done with the patient at that time, I can actually feel the electric pulses from the neural monitors or some other things. It’s an incredible experience to be connected to a patient in that way. Sometimes the patient comes out of their body and I talk with them. Many people have a reason to have disease and I’ll just talk with them in a simple way and ask ‘well, how is that working out for you?’ or ‘you know, you can do it,’  that sort of thing.
Some of the most common ones I get are people who have a horrible disease and they really want to check out but their family members are kind of holding them back and I always say, ‘well you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.’  And that’s just from my heart to their’s at a soul level in this multi-dimensional space that I seem to get in and out rather easily. And I want to make it clear that my Reiki is much, much faster than people would have at a traditional Reiki setting. I can go through a whole Reiki treatment on a patient in less time than this taking me to answer this question.
Everything is at a much different speed and I am always watching the monitors, ever vigilant, always taking part in the surgery the whole time. If the surgeon says ’tilt the table’ I just pause on the Reiki, I do what the surgeon asks me to do, so I’m consciously participating in this process. So at no time is patient safety ever, ever in any danger at all. For me, I can do it.
Alexandra: Interesting.
Carla: If look at an anesthesiologist, we can have a conversation about the Lakers games and we’re still watching all the monitors on the patient for the blood pressure, their heart beat, how the ventilators are going, we’re keeping an eye on the surgery, we’re watching the foley [catheter] to see how much pee is coming out, we’re watching the IV bags to make sure that it’s not empty. So we’re the kind of people who are able to process and comparmentalize and multi-task. It’s our gift. For me it’s just one more task that I add in there for my patient’s benefit.
Alexandra: Very good Carla. That’s fascinating. In fact I was going to ask you if the other surgeons that you typically work alongside with – are they aware of your gift?
Carla: Actually, they are becoming increasingly aware of it. They’re OK with it. And I have one, and his wife, who want to learn Reiki from me. I also have a Director of Breast Center who gives the book Buddhist Boot Camp to all of her new incoming patients. So we’re becoming more and more aware in the OR. The other people around the OR that are present are the nurses. Several of them have taken Reiki classes from me, that is my passion, is to put Reiki and energy healing into the hands of conventional providers. There are surgical technicians as well. And then reputation has it that if I am all alone and setting up and then someone else is with me in the OR they’ll either share that they have this type of same experiences as well and that they have been more psychically opening or they’ll say, you know, what ghosts have you been seeing lately? It just makes for a much more interesting day for everyone all around.
Alexandra: Yeah, I’ll bet, I’ll bet. In fact I was wondering if that is what is motivating you to step forward. I know this is a bit of a precarious predicament for you, because you are so in the system, so to speak. And the fact that you’re coming out here today, I’m really honored that you’re doing that, because I know you’re sticking your neck out of the 3D world and trying to bridge those two, with the alternative way of healing vs. the traditional surgical – slice and dice – as they say.
Now with regard to the types of surgeries you’re involved with, are these cosmetic or are these trauma-based – what kind of surgeries are you usually involved in?
Carla: I’ve done them all. Lately I’m doing bread and butter. There are some easier cases and some sicker cases. The sickest case I would do would probably be someone that had a really bad bowel obstruction, or some ischemic bowel on the inside, perhaps a ruptured AAA, I do neuronsurgery, I do spine surgery, I do gyne surgery, I do urology, (A: Wow) head and neck, plastics, breasts, orthopedics, (A: My god)
Alexandra: So we’re talking about emergency surgeries.
Carla: Oh yeah. That’s happening all the time. There’s some cases where we save a person’s life – if we hadn’t done surgery they wouldn’t be alive the next day if we hadn’t done their procedure.
Alexandra: Would you say that the majority of the cases that you are working on are a bit of a life-death scenario?
Carla: Well, I would say a lot of them are life and death, but not in the shorter time frame. We see a lot of cancer coming through the OR and my heart just goes out to these people. And how I kind of stumbled into this was, when I was learning Reiki we had to practice, practice, practice and so your hands can feel what disease feels like. And I thought, well, here I’m in the OR and it’s going on and on and on because some surgeons are slow or the procedure is delicate, and I said, here I know the diagnosis so why don’t I just reverse-engineer it, so see what this diagosis feels like to my Reiki hands. And that’s when I started to realize that there’s a whole element of compassion and healing that you can offer to these people. You can tell that they are devastated by the diagnosis of cancer. Some of them – they request me again and again because it gives them a lot of comfort to know that I’ll be there for any of the other procedures that they have to have. They know cancer can be controlling their lives but . . . 
Oh my god, one just flashed into me right now. On my gosh, this woman – I was finishing I think, a cardioversion, and I went into the waiting room to talk to the wife and this other lady who I barely recognized, she had almost no hair, her head was in one of those wrapped things. She comes running across the room and she smacks into me, and she says, ‘Oh my gosh Dr. St Laurent, I love you so much! I’m so happy, I just knew I would see you today,’ and I’m trying to figure out who she is and I realized she was one of the extra super-nervous patients I had had who had a cancer and they had done the procedure for her and I didn’t know how it went. And I asked her how she was doing and she said well actually, it had spread, but she just knew she was going to be OK because she had had that contact with me.
Alexandra: That’s fantastic! It’s almost like you’re taking medicine to a whole newer level. Actually, to an whole old ancient level of having that bedside manner and treating them as if they’re an individual, not just a number, that you’re processing through on a daily basis.
Carla: Yes.
Alexandra: That’s awesome. Now going back to one of the comments you made, that you were seeing a bit of pattern of some of the people that really want to check out and move on to their next phase of their life in other realms, or maybe in a different form, but what has been holding them back is their family members. So do you actually – are you capable of calling in the Higher Selves of the family members at this point, is it a more receptive time to assist them with their transitional experience?
Carla: Well, I do that indirectly. There’s something that’s available in my lineage of Reiki that’s called the transition symbol. And if there is ever a change that my patient is going to die when I talk with their Higher Self or not, I get the transition symbol. And this helps make the passage from one reality to the next smoother, not just for the person whose doing the transition but for all the people who love and support that individual. And it makes it better for everyone all around.
Alexandra: Very cool. Now another question I have for you is, what kinds of patterns are you seeing of the patients when they do, you know, become anesthestisized, are you finding them to be affected by this time period that we’re transitioning into in the Golden Age?
Carla: That’s an excellent question.
Alexandra: Because you, of all people, see them in that predicament where . . .
Carla: Actually, what I see is – and this is something that is very highly controversial in the Reiki community – but if you’re a Karuna Reiki-trained person you are working with Higher Guides hand and hand every day – it’s part of a team – they cross the bridge really. And there are some instances where Spirit says ‘attune this person,’ and I do. And I do it with the guidance of the person’s Guardian Angel. And what happens is, I open them up so that they are able to either have more access to this healing energy so they leave my OR with Level One Reiki capable, but they won’t know it.
Alexandra: That’s fantastic!
Carla: The reason I’m doing it is because Spirit says it is important. And another area that is very active in my practice is the Obstetric Anesthesia and I give the transition  symbol as these new children are coming out both to ease their transition to their family life and their parents and the new one, but also because it’s a big fat welcome for all these beautiful crystal children and higher, that are coming in. The children that are coming to surface Gaia for the last five years and longer, are actually very gifted, higher-quality souls who have not been seen for ages and ages here with us. They are the ones who are going to be ushering in the Golden Age.
Alexandra: Yeah, I agree with that. Now if someone had asked you what would be the difference with a patient after they received your assistance through anesthesia and just a regular patient that has undergone anesthesia, what would they say?
Carla: Actually, the person who you want to be asking is the operating nurses. And they actually really enjoy my patients because they have less pain. They need less medication and they very rarely have nausea. Now then again, I am treating all these conditions with conventional medicine but with that extra layer provided by the Reiki, which is very helpful.
Alexandra: Wow, that’s fantastic! God, what a gift Carla, that you are bringing this to the mainstream medical community. Now you said one of your desires is to be able to bring this out to the entire medical community, just as a standard operating procedure, correct?
Carla: Yes, I see it like a ??? it’s one of these things that’s out there that’s really helping the patients so much so if people who feel inclined to learn it they should have the opportunity to learn it and be current. I don’t want to force anybody to anything they’re not ready to do. And for some people, you know, the Catholic Church says that Reiki is not good. There are some other places where it’s said that it’s of the devil and I own that, because the higher vibration of Reiki might make some people uncomfortable to the point that they want to push it away and not accept it. But I find that for the patients that are seeking healing it’s a godsend and I really think it should be made available for all the people who are in need of it.
Now we have to compare this to where Reiki is in the hospital these days. Typically, in a large institution such as MD Anderson or Sloan-Kettering or some other places like that, they’ll have a complementary medicine unit that takes care of patients that are really sick. And they’ll have a team of Reiki Masters – volunteers – who work for free who come into the hospital as teams and do Reiki treatments to the patients. Now the studies that have been done with this healing and has shown that it causes increased relaxation in patients with cancer. It is a subtle energy – it’s very difficult to measure – Reiki. If you want to feel my hand in the Reiki, you probably feel some warmth or something coming out of it. But in the hospital I don’t think it is right that these Reiki Masters are not being paid for their work because they are looking after the care and the well-being of the patients. So in my perfect world we would have Reiki people coming in, covered by their insurance, plus people who are also doing the traditional medical care who are Reiki clued-in.
Alexandra: So how are you going about this so far as spreading the word amongst fellow physicians? How are you able to go about spreading the word without flustering too many of the mainstreamers?
Carla: Well, you know, it’s really tough because I have my haters. I have people who say I should have my medical license yanked. It’s not like you can go publish it in one of the journals because it really is a leading edge of medicine. So what I find is that the local acceptance and by word of mouth, I think that’s how it’s going to happen to the physicians directly. We can extend that into the internet area and I have many nurses who follow my blog and my facebook page and twitter. I have a lot of alternative healers, such as respiratory techs, or other things, and these people just – I have a beautiful hospice nurse who I’m thinking about who used to teach nursing and she loved to help hospice, I have another one who does hospice, so we’re all communicating together and forming a community. So whoever is interested is always welcome to join this community. And wherever their gifts are to try to combine their energy medicine and their traditional healing that they do.   
Alexandra: You know what, it is time. We are so done with the old way of approaching the body as this mechanical thing, that they’re not incorporating all of the different – emotional, mental, spiritual bodies.
Carla: Yes.
Alexandra: Which is a much more effective way of healing. I know that and I can completely concur with you with the work that I do with the essences, I am working with an entire table of healers and scientists, etc. that are assisting me in coming up with the perfect formula for that individual. It’s very imperative that we look at ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. And even if that is beside the mainstream medical perspective – it’s almost as though we have a responsibility at this juncture in the state of affairs with the world to somehow bridge that – so that’s why I’m so happy to have you on today because this is an area that’s greatly needed. I mean greatly needed.
Carla: You know Alexandra, I have to ask you a question.
Alexandra: Sure.
Carla: Can you see the aura and the chakras and the energy or perceive it or pick it up on someone when you do your work?
Alexandra: Yes.
Carla: See, I can see it clearly too.
Alexandra: I’m probably not as clairvoyant and you are but I definitely can sense it and perceive it. And they work with me in a completely different way though Carla. It’s a very unique way, than a typical Reiki Master or something like that.
Carla: Well, that’s where the whole perception of the body is going to have to change because I think we are learning more about what the body is, and what the energetic system is. There is the work of Masaru Emoto, and there’s a lot of quantum energy healing out there, there’s a whole new area of discovery just waiting to happen.
Alexandra: Yes, I agree. And you know what’s great? You’re right on the forefront of this, dahling. (laughter)
Carla: Yes. (words unclear)
Alexandra: I just want everyone to know that this is huge step for Carla today. And when you have a chance drop her an email and congratulate her because it always takes a lot when you first come out – like when I did my first interview with Cobra. I was like aaannk!
But anyway, getting back to you, you mentioned all the different types of cultural and belief systems that you might run into with the patients that are under and they may perceive of Reiki as some sort of Satanic ritual, or whatever. Are you really running into that with their Higher Selves?
Carla: No.
Alexandra: OK, that’s what I thought. But you have to honor what their 3D belief constructs are, that’s what you’re saying.
Carla: I always do. The secret that should put everybody’s mind at ease, is that if somebody is really closed off to Reiki for whatever reason, it doesn’t go in.    
Alexandra: I agree.
Carla: It just does not go. I feel like it is bouncing back towards me and that’s when I direct it to the patient’s Guardian Angel. I’ve only had it happen twice.
Alexandra: That’s interesting. I agree with any form of healing, by the way, that if you are sending healing to someone – number 1: without their permission and number 2: if their belief system is just not in accordance with that type of healing – then it’s basically just a moot point. (C: Yes) It just doesn’t happen.
Carla: You know, that is where I have to add a little bit. That is, the biggest block I have with Reiki is not actually from the patient or their Higher Selves, but it is mostly from some of the Reiki community that is traditionally trained. Because in this standard protocol, consent is very important. And some people who are leaders in their field won’t even publish my information that I’ve written when I’ve submitted things to people. Because they’re so ingrained into this ‘you must consciously ask a patient’s permission first.’ And I believe that might have been useful at the time of Usui, but once you get to the Karuna Reiki level, that and combined with the Soul level permission, which is always obtained, (A: Yes) and that Reiki will just not go in if it’s not welcome. It really kind of solves itself.
Alexandra: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And you know what, that whole system has been set up deliberately by Source. Because we are in a – well we, we should be – in a free will environment but we’re in this crazy matrix. (C: Umhum) Everything is based on free will and we have to honor that and we need to stay in our truth with regard to that. But when it comes to the highest good of the individual involved it’s very, very important to – here’s the thing – if people are on that table and you end up being the anesthesiologist, that right there shows me that some dominoes have been set up.
Carla: Yes. And you’d be amazed at the case cancellations and the switches that end up with me someplace else that I had no clue I would be, but when all is said and done and it’s completely clear why I needed to be there.
Alexandra: I bet! There’s a greater force than the two of us that’s behind this whole thing and the time is now. Now that leads me to my next topic with you, Carla. You’ve probably already read that the myriad of articles and postings that are out there right now about the potentiality of the Event occurring sooner rather than later. So what is your position on that at this time?
Carla: Sooner. (Alexandra laughs)
Alexandra: How do you feel that you are really working heavily within the mainstream part of society, how do you feel they going to react with that?
Carla: You know, I think that when everything comes down that everybody is just going to be Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that this has happened but let’s roll up our sleeves and we get together and help.
Alexandra: Yeah. You are also very involved with that as well. Do you want to tell people a little bit about that?
Carla: Sure. As far as the work with the Cobrasss?
Alexandra: Yes.
Carla: OK, yes. What has happened with the Prepare for Change group within the Cobra organization, we have gotten together a healer’s group and I’m a co-chair, I’m with you in that Alexandra, and we have organized people to volunteer to help us assist with what the needs are in a geographical area, and also to help assign healing to there. I had a dry run with my facebook page. I have an amazing group of healers that I’m working with who are solid, solid people. We have several areas covered – we have young people, old people, hospice people, animals covered – as far as people who are in the lookout for where the needs are going to be and where the healing is going to go. We have a incredible team in the distance healing and they’ve already sent healing – I think it was in somewhere Ohio recently and some other hot spots across the globe. We’re on it, so we already somewhat functioning in some capacity. And people are just gradually getting used to the idea of reaching out to others and bringing in more and more in their area, so that when the time of the Event comes we should be ready.
Alexandra: This is so great. I really do feel that that’s another reason you are coming out today of your so-called 3-D closet (laughter) because we will need people like you at the time of the Event to kind of streamline and maybe smooth things out, so to speak. So how are you going about communicating with people around the world.
Carla: Well, you know, I just have a special team of people I brought together, and I hand picked them and we are just one component of many of the Prepare for Change healers group, all the volunteers who signed up through that site. So mine just happened to be, you know, from where they are from. I have people from Portugal, from Japan, many in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, all across the States, the UK, just amazing healers that feel the need to bond with other Reiki people.
Alexandra: Well you know, the other thing I wanted to ask you is, going back the to environnment where your work, believe me or not I thought I wanted to be a surgeon, pretty much all of my life. And I started out as a Bio major. But before that I was working as a little nursing assistant, and I was very surprised how that for me, walking around on a hospital, was a very depressing experience. Of course, I was very young at the time. But I was curious, how did you cope with the entities because you are so clairvoyant that are walking all over the place in these hospitals?
Carla: The living ones or the other ones?
Alexandra: I’m talking about the ones who have passed and kind of hang out. (Carla laughs) You know, like that’s the RIP place, you know. (laughter)
Carla: We used to have a six story hospital and when their patients passed we used to say we discharged them to the seventh floor. (more laughter)
Alexandra: But seriously, doesn’t that get to you?
Carla: I really don’t get very many of them at all. But I have to say, if you look at my blog . . .
Alexandra: Tell us where your blog is –
Carla: Reikidoc.blogspot.com. If you look under the chapters ‘messages from my patients,’ you know, the patients that had passed that were with me at a that time, many of them came back to me at my home with a message because they wanted me to write it down. I have over eighty of these messages and I published them one chapter at a time on my blog and you really can get a feel for what the entities that around have to say. Most people want to have some kind of a summary of their life. The most striking of this was a gentleman who was washing his floor, he had one of those beautiful stone alabaster floors and he slipped and he hit his head and had a closed head injury and although we did surgery he died. But he came back and he said, you know, he said something about how he shined his floor so clean that it was the end of him.
Alexandra: Wow!
Carla: And you know, there’s a lot of philosophy to that. It’s like, if you focus on one thing so much you lose track of everything else, you know. The people who have had their organs procured because of the donors – they are always grateful that there’s another chance that these organs can live on. And I always encourage those spirits who come to visit me, I say, ‘you know, you can do a better chance next time.’
Alexandra: That is so cool! Well, give us an example of a pearl of wisdom which you’ve gained from one of these messages.
Carla: Ummm, you know, the most beautiful thing is the love that that person has for their family members is so strong that they come back and they want to express that love and yet they’re – once they’ve left behind they aren’t quite in the same spiritual vibrations that they are in now. It’s really a big gap and they get frustrated but they are trying to talk to their loved ones and then they come to me because I guess I stick out like a sore thumb. And I feel their compassion and their love and they just have that sense of wanting to make things OK and let their loved ones know that they are OK, they just want that last connection. So I understand that through all my other training, that if you get that feeling that your loved one is trying to reach you through some special song or a dream or maybe just a picture that turns around, you know on it’s own, it’s really them.
Alexandra: I so relate with this so much too because my father passed away in 2005, and I think one of the greatest things that I did to get over that, you know, that huge void in my life was, I had a reading with someone who was able to pull him back. So I waited thirty days and when I arrived at her home to receive my reading to be able to connect with him, I had a million questions which – I’m sure everyone is saying ‘you’re not surprised that I asked so many questions’ – (laughter) but when I got there she said ‘Wow, your father has been waiting for you.’ And I thought Oh my gosh, I could just feel in my heart how excited I was to have this so-called reunion.  And even though of course, I was in grief, at the same time it was without a doubt the biggest turning point in my life. He spent two and a half hours Carla, (C: Wow) and he answered every question I had because, of course, when you go through a period of losing a very major significant person in your life, whether it’s your mother, your father, a brother, a sister, a husband, a wife, whatever, it greatly causes you to assimilate memories in your life but looking at them from a very different perspective.
 Carla: Yeah.
Alexandra: And then you see things you didn’t see before, and when you do see them, you see them in a different light and so it creates a lot of questions and a lot of gaps in your memories. So of course, I was just bombarding him for questions and it was the most – just the magical time of my life. And with that said, this is an area that we need in this society. Because we are carrying around all this grief with a passed-on loved one and we are actually kind of mourning for them when they are just pretty happy and they are hanging out on the other side.
C: Yes.
Alexandra: So you are doing a great service there and I really commend you for that.
Carla: Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, so the loved ones, they really cared, they do whatever they can to let you know that they are thinking about you. And if you do get the opportunity to go through a mediumship then – you see when they’ve passed, they have this different viewpoint, they see all these solutions from a really great perspective. So they can give you extra guidance and wisdom from that regard too.
Alexandra: That’s awesome. Do you think that you’re just kind of alone in the position that you’re in, with regard to other physicians being very clairvoyant, and also being major healers. Where do you think our 3D mainstream medical systems sits in that relationship?
Carla: Well, we have different areas. We have people like – there’s Judith Orloff, there’s Caroline Myss, they’re medical people who are leaning more toward to the New Age type. We have some people like Dr Mona Lisa Shultz whose written a fantastic book with Louise Hay called All is Well. She’s a psychiatrist who is just as wide open as I am and she is doing active psychiatry research and other stuff by day and then doing medical intuition at night. There’s some doctors in Chicago who I have heard of who are Reiki Masters and I’m sure that they have all the intuition and the other things but they’re just not really talking. They’re teaching Reiki to people. And so I think, I tend to be one of the more outspoken ones.
Alexandra: Naw! Surprise, surprise.
Carla: Another one is . . . (laughter) Well, that’s why I’m talking to you, huh? (more laughter) Anyhow, Dr Lissa Rankin, an Ob-Gyn, she’s a huge inspiration to me. She actually decided to follow her heart and leave medicine and she’s a good person to follow online too. So there are several of us out there and together we’re just going to keep doing our own thing until it catches on.
Alexandra: That’s outstanding. So, going back to your patients. Can you share with us  one of the most intense experiences you’ve had with a patient, as far as you know, maybe it was a Code Blue – code blue, is that what they call it? –
Carla: Oh, well, yeah. Anesthesia is one of those specialities where there are long stretches of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror. And when I get one of those sheer terror moments usually my patient is turning blue, the air isn’t going in for some reason or other, my knees are shaking, I am doing everything I can to get the air in and I’m calling my collegues in for help, and they come around. Everybody has always come around for me, I’ve been very, very blessed in that regard. But you know, it comes close and people don’t realize what it’s like in our day to day world. But I will tell you that after one of those moments of sheer terror every drop in the norepinephrine in my whole nervous system is spent.
Alexandra: I bet.
Carla: And I just come home and I just – I usually fall apart when I’m home and I cry. I need to take a bath, you know. Sometimes I call my mom. It’s just one of those things.
Alexandra: Would you say that you’re also falling into the category of a medical intuitive?
Carla: Oh easily, yeah.
Alexandra: OK. And do you do the sorts of – I can’t say – operations, procedures, privately?
Carla: As far as the healing goes?
Alexandra: As far as the healing goes.
Carla: Yes, even today I had somebody online who requested a healing from me. Horrible abdominable pain and I went into the aura by distance and there were – surprise, surprise – negative entities attached. And I’ve been trained in this recently by my Spirit Team and I had them right there with me and I went in and I removed these negative entities from this person and I let that person know.
Alexandra: Speaking of negative entities, is that something that is fairly common when you are in a person’s aura field if they’ve been in severe pain or discomfort from the surgical process?
Carla: There have been a few. People don’t realize that a negative entity can suck the life out of you, it’s a parasite. And there’s a whole speciality there. But let’s you say have an entity that is taking the energy out of your energy body in your ovary and you have surgery on that ovary and it is removed, that ovary is gone but the entity is still there.
Alexandra: Good point.
Carla: And so that’s an area of healing that really needs to be taken care of. But there is a certain type of negative entity that is called a dark entity that usually travels with a major and a minor together, in pairs, and they seek pain and suffering in the host. And I had a conversation with that entity today and it was like, ‘Well, it’s so much fun’ and I’m talking and ‘well, what kind of game is that?’ you know, and it’s ‘I guess you’re right, it’s kind of stupid’ and I’m ‘it’s just one kind of game but if you leave and you go up to heaven there are a zillion different kinds of games you can play up there,’ and that’s the kind of conversation that you have with these entities. They have a consciousness to them and you just do whatever it takes to get them safely out.
Alexandra: So you’re basically kind of coaxing them and sending them back to the light?
Carla: Yeah.
Alexandra: Are they usually receptive or responsive to that?
Carla: Some are, some aren’t. And I work with my team on a case by case basis. I’d say 95% are receptive to going to the light.
Alexandra: That’s good. That’s really good. Do you feel that one of the main  reasons for disease and illness is because of these negative entities or negative vibrations that are attaching themselves to our bodies?
Carla: Ummm, it is a part, it’s a part. Some of the research that I’m doing is actually that our emotions and other things can lead to alterations in our vibrations on a sub-atomic level. And as those that aren’t corrected can progress to regular disease, but then on the other part, is the attachments and things. We have an aura around us and it should be bright and strong like an eggshell. But when we have a really strong emotion or some accident, or even just going under general anesthesia, your aura weakens to the point that there’s enough of a hole that one of these sneaky negative entities that is actively seeking to join an energy system can get in and hooks on to yours. It takes just fractions of a second for that to happen.
Alexandra: Wow. Now do say that when you have gone under the knife so to speak, and you’ve gone through a surgical procedure, you’re that much more open to these sort of entities to attaching themselves. Do you agree with that?
Carla: Absolutely. Absolutely.That’s why I stand as a protective spiritual presence for all of my patients so that they aren’t open and vulnerable – I have them under my wings, so to speak.
Alexandra: You’ve even mentioned before that people are requesting you, if it’s an elective procedure, they will actually request Dr Carla St Laurent.
Carla: Yes.
Alexandra: Does that happen a great deal?
Carla: It happens pretty often. Usually it’s colleagues in the hospital who for whatever reason feel comfortable with me. Then there’s some patients who have heard of me and they want me. I’ve had some who have requested me because of Reiki but others request me because they really like my anesthesia care.
Alexandra: You know it actually shows, Carla, that they really are getting it on the higher level. They just might not consciously be aware of why they are getting it.
Carla: Yeah. 
Alexandra: But if you’re going to make a choice between – if I have to go under and I had a choice to have you versus some of the other docs that I’ve had, there’s no comparison.
Carla: I know, I know. You know what? I’ve had some people who – I won’t mention names – but they’re really big in the Reiki community and I did their anesthesia and it was hard, not just from the spiritual level but from a physical 3D level. It was not easy to do anesthesia on that case. But it was a special request but then when I wasn’t under their policy and whatever, and they got the bill they never came back. (laughter) I had actually decreased their fee by $300 and it isn’t as though it comes to me, it goes to the group, you know.
Alexandra: Oh, that’s so funny.
Carla: So Reiki can only get you so far! (more laughter)
Alexandra: Yeah, you’re not kidding. Well, isn’t that true of everything?
Carla: Yeah.
Alexandra: So how is this leading into this New Age of Aquarius? Where do you feel that you are fitting into all of that?
Carla: Well, I’ve got one foot in both dimensions.
Alexandra: So you are basically playing the bridge.
Carla: And I am comfortable in both. And I can talk shop with the medical, and I can take the ??? and I package it in such a way that people in the medical are like ‘that’s cool.’ And then on the other hand I can go out and hang out with raw vegans who think that doctors are the antichrist, and then after they are around me long enough – I’m not telling them what I am – and you go to these talks by some of these lecturers and they listen to the first half-hour bashing doctors. And then after a while they realize that I don’t bite, and I actually care, and they’re  ‘Well, maybe not all doctors are so bad!’ So I kind of get it from both ends but I roll with it and it’s really a lot of fun. (laughter)
Alexandra: Well, as always, Carla, you are a delight to talk to. And I really honor you and you have become such a good friend of mine. So I’m honored that I get to interview today. And I wish you all the best because I know you really are going to make a difference in this very sterile 3D medical system that we have – you already are making a difference, I should say. And we all owe you a huge round of thanks.
Carla: Mmmm, oh Alexandra. Thank you for having me on my show today. It’s been a delight to be with you, my friend, and I look forward to all the future has and I want everybody to know that we’re going to do everything we can to help bring an end to this suffering that’s going on right now. It’s just gotten way out of hand and if you have disease just hang in there and have hope, and whatever technology that comes I’m going to do my very best to figure out what it is, and I’m going to help you so that you don’t have to suffer anymore.
Alexandra: I agree. And we are doing our share as far as gathering together the 144,000 and through the implant removal process it’s been absolutely, phenomenally successful.
Carla: Hooray!
Alexandra: Yes. And I know you have experienced that – do you want to share with them what your experience was before I let you go?
Carla: You know, I’m just such a super busy person all that I noticed is that things just got easier.
Alexandra: Yes, they do.
Carla: I didn’t really notice anything releasing, I didn’t have any being stoned or anything, I just kept on going, but I find that I can go better, and things just make a lot more sense.
Alexandra: Yeah, I feel like even though there’s been a dramatically amount of psychic attack right now on the Light community – I don’t know if you’ve been hearing that – there’s been a tremendous amount of it right now, but they can’t get to us. They might get around us but they can’t get to us.
Carla: Yeah. I see them – I can see them getting other people around me . . .
Alexandra: Yes, me too.
Carla: . . . and then I can see them acting out and I’m like ‘whoa.’ Because, as you see in anesthesia, when I give that sedation, before you go to the OR people start saying all kinds of wack, you know what I mean? And I just tell myself that’s just the Versed [midazolam] talking. (laughter) Lately, with this New Age, I’ve seen people doing wack, you know, and that’s the negative entities talking. That’s the archons talking, it’s not them, and I just deal.
Alexandra: Yeah I know, we’ve just kind of taken the archon thing a little bit too far because everybody blames the archons on everything. (a lot of laughter)
Carla: But if it’s somebody else and it’s out of character and it’s really pushing your buttons big time (A: Yes) then I think it’s the (unclear) .  .  .  (laughter)
Alexandra: Especially right now. It’s an all-time high. So I send you all my love out there and absolutely my support to stand strong in your authority, to demand your authority and not to allow these people – these beings, I should say – to push us around any further because we are all getting dismantled one person at a time right now.
So until we meet again, Carla, I thank you so much for coming on our show at Galactic Connection.com. And if any of you have any questions they can go and visit Carla’s blogspot. Go ahead, Carla, and tell us your blog info.
Carla’s blog: ReikiDoc.blogspot.com  http://www.Reikidoc.blogspot.com/
Facebook page: Doctors With Reiki https://www.facebook.com/DoctorsWithReiki
Twitter: @usui2012
Alexandra: OK, that’s cool. Now you have heard it from the Master (a lot of laughter).
Anyway, I love you guys. You are an awesome audience and Carla and I just are so grateful to – so honored to be here to serve and support all of you. So we love you, have a good rest of the week and we will talk with you soon.
Carla: Namaste.
Alexandra: Namaste everybody. You take care.
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