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microphone (1)Ron Garner and Alexandra Meadors Interview, May 20, 2014

Hello, hello everybody. Today is May 20, 2014 and you are listening to the Galactic Connection Radio Show on the BBS Radio Station 2. This is Alexandra Meadors and I’m going to be bringing on a very interesting guest today. This is Ron Garner and for any of you that haven’t heard of Ron, he is one of the primary organizers of the Citizen Hearings on Disclosure in Washington DC last year. Which received a ton of press so it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of updates he has on that. He’s also the Executive Co-producer of the forthcoming film based on the book ‘Alien Interview.’ I can’t wait to talk about that too, Ron. He’s also the producer and writer of Stargate Productions since 1994 and he’s got a very interesting background in film and investigative journalism. He is a documentary film maker for ‘What Really Happened on 9/11,’ and has completed over a hundred various video productions. He’s very heavily involved in the UFO and paranormal research so he has so many cool things to share with us today in particular the whole experience with Dan Burisch and J-Rod, if any of you have read up on that as of late, that’s a very interesting story. And I think rather than take much more time on your biography, Ron, we’ll put this up on the internet and everyone can read up on you later.

R: That would be great.

A: Thank you for coming on to my show. Welcome.

R: I’m very pleased to be with you and your audience. We have a lot of things that are really important. I think it is an important year, 2014. I think this could be the year of disclosure.

A: I agree. I agree, tell me –

R: I don’t know why that is. My favorite number is 7 and this is double 7. And I think that I know the buttons to push and the levels to pull to make that happen and we can talk about all of that.

A: Well good. We like people that can shake, rattle and roll things.

R: Well that’s in the game for me because I’ve been studying this subject for over 30 years. It’s really interesting with me being a videographer, I have made videotapes of all of these other people, you know, Linda Howe, Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Michael Salla, and when you are editing their work you learn more by editing it because you repeat it, I can almost give whole talks verbatim because I play it over and over. So I’ve really immersed myself in the subject.

A: Well, I can imagine how much you learn from doing that. I can relate when I’m doing transcriptions on my end of the interviews. There’s so much that you don’t catch the first time around so it’s a great way –

R: That’s right. People are moving around and they don’t pay attention.

A: Well, before we get started I want everybody to know, please pay attention to the fact that if you want to follow along his website is http://www.area51thetruth.com/.

R: That’s the main one. Area 51 The Truth.com. I’m posting things there. The other one is more academic. Area 51The Truth is for lay people and it has all of the dramatic things that I want to get across.

A: Oh my gosh, there is a wealth of information up there. There are so many cool things that I want to ask you about. And I also want everyone to know, I’m very intrigued by Ron, because of the fact that he has so much information and knowledge and contacts in the UFOlogy community, but what I’m really intrigued about is that you apparently have been meditating your whole life and are very spiritual. So it’s kind of nice to have that connection. A lot of times we don’t get that.

R: Yeah, that’s true. I married a trance medium when I was 18 years old and she brought through people, at the time I didn’t know, they spoke different languages, that I knew she didn’t know, and now many years later I’m sure that some of those entities that came through were ET people from other dimensions. And that was fascinating. I recorded that back then and we had a newsletter that we gave out to students. She was an astrologer and so was I. I made charts for movie people. We had quite a few movie stars, people would drive up to our house and the neighbors were always peeking out through the drapes if they could see what movie star was coming in.

A: That is so cool! Well, now Ron, what do you feel is the primary documentary or interview that you’ve done that’s really kind of put you on the map out there? That people really started noticing who you were?

R: Well, I’ll give you some background. Most of my career has been in real estate and mortgage banking and in 1983 I was working for a mortgage company in Beverly Hills and I went to lunch with a woman manager and I told her I was interested in UFOs and she said, oh my brother works in Area 51. And I said really? Tell me about it. So this is a story that she told me about her brother. He was a low level guy, like a welder or something. And he was walking down one of the hallways and there was one office that had a being in there and he had one blue sock and one brown sock and papers on the floor and books scattered around and her brother went in there to this being and said, ‘why don’t you straighten this place up, it’s a mess?’ And this being said to him, looks at him, ‘I just put on this body every day like you put on your coveralls, so get out of here and leave me alone.’ I thought, wow, I gotta talk to this guy. He lived out in Calabasas and I kept calling him for at least six months to try to set up an interview so I could tape him and everything. But he was always reluctant because he said there was a white van with a parabolic antenna cruising his cul de sac, so he never let me go out there and meet him, so I never actually met him. But I got the details from his sister. So that was in 1983 and that started me on the quest to Area 51.

A: I noticed that you said also that when you were twelve you were sitting at the dinner table and your uncle said something about, you mean the army can’t tell the difference between a flying saucer and a weather balloon?

R: Yeah, that was in 1947 when I was twelve years old, I was in Las Cruces, New Mexico. My uncle had a horse ranch, I just loved horses and I went there, he was a contractor, and I was learning contracting and I often wondered if I had driven 150 miles across the Alamogordo Mountains I would have been in Roswell and I could have picked up some of those pieces, but of course I didn’t know that. Yeah, my uncle was a World War II hero, a Marine. He was a really cool guy. He was a cartoonist, part-time for Jersey(?), I liked to sit down and watch him draw cartoons and everything. So he read that article in the Sun paper in Las Cruces, and he said, You mean, the Army can’t tell the difference between a flying saucer and a weather balloon?

A: That is so true. You read some of these older articles and you have to kind of shake your head and think, really, did the masses really believe there was such a thing as a weather balloon versus an UFO?

R: The Roswell newspaper said, the Army captured an UFO, that verb there ‘captured’ was in it.

A: Exactly. R: And it went on to describe it and so forth. But what I believe what happened was they just told it straight the first day, July 8, 1947, and the intelligence officer went out there and observed it and told it to the newspaper and that was the whole story about it . Then when they flew over and saw the bodies, that’s when they had to shut everything all down. We have to stop this. We don’t know what is going on. This was only two years after World War II, and the Cold War was heating up and we don’t know if this could be Russia, whatever, that’s when the clamp came down.

A: Well Ron, what do you feel about when the 1947 situation occurred do you agree that there was a lot of UFO presence on the planet all the way back even to the 1920s? I’ve even read 1890s.

R: Back in 1897 – there’s a wonderful program on television called ‘Hangar One,’ your audience might know about it. It’s a Mufon Files and they’ve used some of my footage and my research on their program. But they had a program just last week about what went on at Roswell. And so, I had a memo, an FBI memo, Linda Moulton Howe has it in her book, an FBI Memo that there were three crashes in July of 1947, one in Roswell, and two others, I don’t remember the names right now. In the FBI memo that she has in her book there were I think six or nine beings in the other crash, so that was a total of about eighteen actual ET people in July 1947. The FBI Memo that Linda Moulton Howe has in her book. ‘Glimpses of Other Realties’ is the name of her book.

A: Can you clarify why exactly did they crash? I heard that it had something to do with some sort of interference on – not scalar waves – but some sort of waves, like we have this artificial intelligence net, does that have something to do with the quarantine around the planet?

R: Yes, but, that in July there was a really violent thunderstorm and my research shows that that their electromagnetic gravity amplifiers in their GPS system was off-center somehow. They made adjustments right after that so whenever they have a crash, or a problem, like we would do, they make adjustments to their craft. And the way that they control their craft is, they have a panel and their hands fit into the panel, some of them are four-fingered, some five, some six,

A: Interesting.

R: According to Corso, they had six fingers. There’s fiber-optics that are in the panels that interact with the beings themselves. So the beings themselves are a part of a gravitationalGPS system. So some people say that some of the crafts in Roswell ran into each other. I don’t know if that was true or not, that part of it. But there was a violent storm and they came down. What a lot of people don’t know, I consider myself deep into the research in this part of the story because I’m actually a Co-Owner of the Roswell UFO Enigma Museum. So I’m a curator of – it’s in storage now in Roswell and part of it here in Orange County. So as a curator of the museum I need to know these subjects so when I study this, and I can give you more details, but basically, Los Alamos and there in New Mexico, and this is my in depth research, there are regular shuttles coming in and out of Los Alamos on a regular basis from other star systems.

A: Interesting. How long has that been going on for?

R: For a long time. The person that I got the most information from was Bill Uhouse. (Yes) I suggest to the audience that you take a look at my Number 3 video, The Looking Glass. You’ll see Will Uhouse there. By the way, my site has the videos which are really important. They are not just your average videos. They are in-depth – I’ve produced over 100 of them – and these are the nine of the best of the best. So you will learn things in those videos that nobody else knows about.

A: I want to add to that, just for the audience. I was really impressed with the detail that was provided and it wasn’t really hyped-up, like when you watch some of these shows and they don’t really give you all the information. I was really impressed with the format that you use. And I thank you for all of the hard work that you’ve done. So again, everybody, you’ll be able to reach all of this information at Area 51 The Truth.com. So go ahead, Ron.

R: When I was on Coast to Coast a few weeks ago I made a special, it’s still up there, it’s really a bargain, you can get all nine of them, pay for eight and the ninth one is free and reduced shipping. So Will Uhouse told on my camera that the crash in 1953 in Kingman, Arizona, that it didn’t really crash it just malfunctioned. It was actually on it’s way to go to Los Alamos for a rendezvous with our scientists there.

A: Interesting.

R: And I haven’t seen the license plates recently in New Mexico, but they used to say Land of Enchantment. Now why was it the Land of Enchantment? Because these beings are coming and going in Los Alamos – that’s the most secret base. I’ve known people there, worked there. And then you’ve got Dulce, the underground base. This program Hangar One had a great show about Phil Schneider last Thursday. He was at the Dulce Base. I know of two other people that were there. The other two people didn’t see the aliens that Phil Schneider did. But it I won’t go into that story.

A: Ron, it makes more sense to me, because from what I’ve read a lot of these ships, they don’t want to be caught anywhere near the net that’s around the planet. You know what I mean? (Right, right) Because they come here to look at the biodiversity and I know that they are fascinated by the plethora of biodiversity that we have. (That’s right) But I know that they’ve been given -anyway from what I’ve read – strict instructions not to get too close.

R: Yeah, that’s a part of ufology that very few ufologists really get. I get it because of Dr Dan Burisch – we’ll get into his story a little bit – (Please do) it will lead into what you just said. Dr Dan Burisch is a microbiologist who was 51 years old on February 2, of this year, and I’ve interviewed him on camera for 100 hours and I interviewed him off-camera for 100 more. I was best man at his wedding four years ago. I’ve written two books that’re with a publisher right now, of my own, and I’ve written a book with his parents. So I know his story as well as anyone can know about a person that is not direct family.

A: Good job.

R: I’m skipping ahead, but I want to get to this part of the story, since you brought it up. Dr Dan Burisch was a microbiologist. He was taken aboard a ship when he was nine years old in Lakewood, California in MaeBoyar Park. And just as an aside, it so happens that I have some friends near there and I drive by that site, every month or two, and I have like a reverence to it because of the venue, because – if look No. 2 you can see him, I actually took my camera team and took him to that park.

A: I saw that. That really checked up.

R: Yeah, it was 28 years later and the emotion came up with him because his grandfather – he was very close to his grandfather, he lived with his extended family, his grandfather- I don’t think he was taken onboard the ship, but his grandfather was just sitting up near a tree. And you can see him now if you click on No. 2 video where he remembers his grandfather sitting at the tree. And it was so upsetting, because his grandfather couldn’t protect his grandson and he felt terrible, he wouldn’t talk about it the rest of his life, because he felt he was responsible somehow. (Ohhh)

R: And so, Dr Burisch was taken up and he saw this being, you can see it on my site, I put up a graphic of this tall being that just appeared and then disappeared. And it so happened that the J-Rod, that he was going to meet 28+ years later, was onboard that ship.

A: How interesting.

R: So he was there and he met the J Rod and he was enhanced. Which is another thing the in-depth researchers – I don’t know if you’ve ever talked to Jim Sparks?

A: I just know of him, I haven’t talked to him directly.

R: Jim Sparks, he is a contractor and he was taken on board all the time, maybe two or three times a month. And he distrusted the aliens, he hated them, he wanted to kill them, this went on for 20 years and finally he asked them, what do you want with me? We want to teach you something, Jim. He said okay. But Dan Burisch he just went on board and he was enhanced. And after two hours his mother came to the park to find her family for dinner and he was standing there, at nine years old, staring at the sky and talking about a black kite. That’s the screen memory they put – , you’ve probaby heard of that. A: Right.

R: He was a normal kid, he was playing with his G-I Joes and all of that. But starting that year, he became extremely interested in science and he told his mother and father that he was going to cure cancer. Because one of his uncles died of cancer so his mother would go to Acres of Books in Long Beach and all of these bookstores and brought home all of these academic books and he would sit in the bed and he had a magnetic memory. He could memorize everything. So she saw how prodigious her son was so she called Long Beach Memorial Hospital and said, my son wants to be a scientist and asked who could help. So a pathologist, Dr James Reynolds, apparently one of the top pathologists in the world, so Doreen Crain, we call her Dodie, took her nine or ten year old son over to meet Dr Reynolds. I videotaped Dr Reynolds, he’s in my video, in No. 2 video. You won’t see it online, you’ll have buy the video.

But for two years, every other Saturday took his own time to he would teach this young prodigy genetic science. And Dr Reynolds suggested that he become a member of the LA Microscopical Society. Which he did. And early on he had like a child microscope, but Dr Reynolds hooked him up with a professor at USC and he was a member of the LA Microscopical Society and provided a high quality microscope so the parents bought that. So he was the youngest member of the LA Microscopical Society ever. And he just ate up everything that was going on, these are the top scientists in the world. I don’t know, they had 50, 60 different scientists. So he would go to these lectures when he was 10, 11, 12 years old. When his parents moved to Las Vegas they made arrangements for him to fly over for the monthly meeting, or they would drive him over, because they thought it would enhance him so much. And there was a scientist, Dr Bunyan, from Dover, England, and he came over and he was so impressed with Danny that he wanted to adopt him. And his parents said we’re not going to let anyone adopt him. Well, can he come over? I’ll pay for his education at Oxford and all of that. And they said we can do that. So when he was 13, 14 years old he went over to England and studied with Dr. Bunyan. There’s a lot more to the story but I won’t go into it now. But I’m making a point, he was trained by the best scientists on the planet. (Right, right) So he could just gather information in. It’s amazing. In fact, his black-op associates kid him, he’s like Encyclopedia Britannica. When the J-Rod – I’m getting ahead of myself but – the J-Rod climbed up on his chest in 1995 and downloaded all of this information into him. So right now part of what he is doing is he has 500 individual diaries of alien writing. (Wow) I have some copies of that.

A: I was going to ask you, since you mentioned that he was abducted when he was nine, and I noticed he was in Navy Intelligence, do you think that there’s an association with those that have had contact as well as they end up in higher positions within the military?

R: That’s very perceptive. You are right on the money. That’s exactly what’s going on.

A: I that’s what I thought.

R: The intelligence people are intelligent. They know what is going on on this planet. NORAD tracks all of these crafts that come in from outer space every day. So they were aware – so young Daniel – Danny Crain – I want to clear that up about his name. He married Deborah Burisch, he took Deborah’s maiden name because she had a child by another relationship and he didn’t want to upset the child – he is very sensitive to people. So his given name is Danny Crain and he changed it to Dan Burisch and now he’s changed it back to Dan Crain, and I was there in the court and I videotaped the whole thing with the judge and getting his name changed back.

A: Dan Crain and Dan Burisch are one and the same.

R: Dan Burish-Crain I call him, I hyphenate it. Because people know him as Dan Burisch but he prefers to be called Dan Crain. So he was destined for greatness. I feel very privileged and honored to be able to go on to break this story open because he is he is a poster body for disclosure, and for whatever crazy reason, Ron Garner started Stargate Productions and with media guidance is supposed to make it happen. I had a long lunch with Stephen Bassett yesterday and we talked about this here, and what’s happening because of the hearings and how this will roll out and if you want I can go into great detail about how I think disclosure will take place and why.

A: I definitely want to get into that. But before we go into that I just wanted you to tell everybody a little bit more about the interactions – the story behind Dan and J-Rod, you know, the crash from 1953 and how J-Rod and Dan ended up meeting and just some insights that you have on that experience. I think it’s fascinating.

R: Well, it really is. The fact that I have all of this footage of him, is amazing. Because a lot of people have met untimely deaths. And they knew a whole lot less than I do. And I’m still functioning and doing my thing. So back to 1953 in Kingman, Arizona.

A: We’re glad for that!

R: So, the craft came down. Some people say there were four, but I think that there were three beings on board. And there’s a researcher, I’ve forgotten his name, he had gone to Kingman, Arizona and it is just as important as Roswell. And he and the – I want to mention this, everything I say, you can just write it down and google it. Google is God. Google knows everything. So if you google Kingman, Arizona there’s a whole site that’s dedicated, this particular researcher has talked to all of the people. They kept a low profile, they haven’t talked about it. But the story that was given to Dan was there were three beings on board and they were on the way to Los Alamos and something malfunctioned and the craft didn’t crash it just settled down. And of course, NORAD and everything were tracking this, and they sent a recovery team, a special team that goes out and picks up these craft and the three beings that were on there, and this is a little confusing but I’ll – the way Dan explains it, the J-Rod that he spent so much time with, that he took the tissue samples from, was from 52,000 years in the future and the other two were from 46,000 years in the future.

A: Interesting.

R: And they were not as evolved as the J-Rod was. So they had been out of the tube from 46,000 years in the future, they were taken to Los Alamos. And the J-Rod from 52,000 in the future was taken to Area 51 S-4. I wanted to clear that up. They talk about Area 51 all the time. But Area 51 S-4 is where all the hot stuff is. It’s 15 miles southwest of Groom Lake proper, an Air Force Base. So that’s were the craft are right now, the Roswell craft is there, the bodies are there, alive and dead. I think that at Level 5 there is an actual Alien Embassy because J-Rod called them Mr Ambassador. But they have treated them abominably.

A: I just want to ask you a question before you go any further. I’ve got to ask you this before I forget.

R: Okay.

A: Is it or is it not true that they have moved the actual main area Area 51 Base.

R: No, that was disinformation from the black-ops. Popular Mechanics put that out there back in the ’90s. That’s baloney. When you look at the satellite images you can see that the runways are still being extended, they have 6000 feet runways. So they’re still building it up.

A: Okay.

R: So the J-Rod was there and it was a terrible situation. He came here because he had a neuropathy disease, it’s a very painful disease. My friend has it, and it’s (?). So he came here partly to have that neuropathy disease healed. They were having microbiologists working with the J-Rod during the 60s and the 70s, 80s, whatever. But because Dan Burisch-Crain was so enhanced, the special ops sent him to a special school in New York City, the State University of New York in Stony Brook. And had the three professors he studied under which made him his Ph.D. – it was erased but they’ve restored it. Because the black ops realized that there was some special training that the microbiologists needed to heal this disease. So they gave that training to Daniel Burisch-Crain and they started giving him tissue samples. At that time in the late 80s or early 90s, he had a job as a parole officer in the court services, because he needed to have a day job.

And as an interesting side bar here, he obviously knew Bob Lazar. (Yeah) We could talk a lot about Bob Lazar. Bob Lazar was chosen by the Majestic 12 group to start leaking information in 1988 and 1989. And Bob Lazar, he was there in Area 51, and he was a physicist so he was back-engineering the propulsion system. So he was there, and he doesn’t talk about it much but he saw beings there too. John Lear has told me that Bob Lazar did see a live being. He won’t talk about it anymore. So they were there in the ’88 and ’89. So Dr Dan Burisch-Crain, not a ‘Dr’ then, he was a parole officer, and Bob Lazar got into trouble with doing some computer work for a madam in one of the brothels. So they arrested him for pandering. It was just a trumped-up thing that they did over some computer work. But it could have been that if Parole Officer Crain had stayed as a parole officer that he could have been Bob Lazar’s parole officer. That’s fascinating to think about that.

A: Interesting.

R: So anyway he was in his office and his mother would go to have lunch with him downtown Las Vegas and she’d be waiting and she’d see these two men in uniform would go into his office and they’d close the door. They had a carrying case with a (?) microscope and about hour later her son would come out and the two men would leave and he would go to lunch with his mother. And she would say, ‘what are they doing?’ And he’d say, ‘I can’t talk about it, it’s secret stuff.’ What they were doing, they were testing him for tissue samples from the J-Rod. To see if he could identify them, so this is how they keep this under wraps – it’s compartmentalized. For three or four years they kept giving him these samples. He thought it was some kind of bio-warfare. Because that’s the facility (S-4) is named for bio-warfare, both offensive and defensive, and I can only talk so much about that.

A: God.

R: Then he brought in another scientist, this was 1992, ’93 and they brought in this ramrod to keep all of these guys in line, then the ramrod gave up, he said, ‘please, tell us where these things came from,’ and he said, ‘okay, it is alien tissue.’ So on my site right now, on the academic side at Area 51 JRod.com. Look for the Q-94 Document, you can download it. It’s four pages, it’s the scientific expression of the genome of an extraterrestrial.

A: Yes, I was looking at it right now. Now I’m blown away. In fact, can you just tell everybody a little bit about the details. Now, these are Zeta Reticuli, correct?

R: They are Zeti Reticuli, that’s where they are from. So the Q is for Q-clearance, it’s the highest clearance that the military has, Q-clearance. And Dan wrote this in 1994 and it was leaked out. So that’s one of the main reasons that I have all of this information, it’s because there are people inside the Majestic-12 organization that want this story out. In fact, there were Snowdens back then, that’s why it was leaked back then, in the 80s and the 90s. So he wrote up this scientific paper and he gave it to his secretary and some other operative, I think I know who it was, and he leaked it out to Marcia MacDowell. Now Marcia is now his wife, but then she was just a researcher, like I was, with Bill Hamilton. And she got hooked up with Bill Hamilton and she gave him a copy, and Bill and I were working together on Area 51 and he gave me a copy in 2002.

So the J-Rod was not allowed to wear clothes, he was very embarrassed and Dan could see his genitals, it’s in one of my videos – it’s like a disk. They have internal fertilization, they eliminate like we do. But they have to hydrate themselves all of the time, they are sipping liquid all of the time. And this particular J-Rod – and he had a good sense of humor – he was communicating telepathically but he’s telling jokes to Dan, you know, back and forth. And then the Majestic group would ask him, what did he say? and he’d tell about 10% of what the J-Rod had conveyed to him. In these meetings you can see the Clean Sphere. Now the Clean Sphere, you can see it, it’s rotating in my site right now. It’s about 60 feet in diameter. The atmosphere is controlled oxygen and nitrogen, just like our atmosphere, but it has about 5% hydrogen added because that’s the way things are in Zeti Reticuli, so it’s more comfortable.

A: Interesting.

R: I think you have a hyperbaric facility right there in San Diego. Have you heard of that? Where they treat people?

A: Yeah, I have. I was going to ask you, one thing that really intrigued me was the part about them being able to procreate in that it is so difficult for the females to give birth. Has there been any successful births when they’ve actually been brought into captivity within the Los Alamos – ?

R: No, not that I have known of. But you read that part of the documents, because – oh yes, this is something that needs to be straightened out, and there are people that study this. We assume that if they are from the future they’re much more evolved, they’re kinder, they’re loving, they’re the great people, and they know everything. But that is not true. They have foibles just like we do. They are our ancestors, in effect.

A: Yes.

R: Like we have fights back and forth, they have fights back and forth. The J-Rod, they thought he was some kind of spy, when he came, because the other two beings aboard the ship they treated him kind of funny-like. Because he was a scientist. They gave him some slack because he was so brilliant. But they didn’t really trust him and our military didn’t trust either and they had to find out what was going on – with all of these different beings. That part of the story Dan explains in the videos, if you’ve probably watched it or read it. In the future there’s genetic manipulation going on, that’s what they’re doing now with us, but that is a whole different discussion.

A: Oh yes.

R: But their heads are so large in the future they can’t go through the birth canal, so they have to break their hip joints and then fuse them back together. So women really have to want to have a baby in the future.

A: God. Oh my god. So what do you feel is the main goal at this time. Why did J-Rod show up in 1953? Not only just to heal himself, which is kind of bizarre for me to hear that, by the way.

R: I know. If they’re so far in the future, why can’t the heal themselves.

A: I was going say, to come back in 1953 when Western medicine isn’t really the most

R: advanced, that’s right.

A: Yeah, Don’t get me started on that. I’m just curious what was his ultimate reason for being here, number one. And number two, how did the military treat him for those fifty years that they kept him in captivity.

R: Well, they treated him abominably. He was kind of a sacrifical lamb.

A: Ohhh no.

R: They could ramp up the pressure in the Clean Sphere and it could actually kill him. And if he got out of line, on Level 5 there at Area 51 S-4 at Papoose Mountain, we call the Ambassadorial Suites, sort of tongue-in-cheek, but he just endured it because of his relationship with Dr Dan Burisch-Crain. Because even though Dan Burisch would take those tissue samples from his nervous system with this pins gun, pressurized induction needle gun, it’s called – in my No. 4 video I show a picture of the gun.

A: Yeah, I saw that.

R: And Dan calls that – a different special small device that has different heads and takes tissue samples either singular or multiple. He never did multiples, he just did singles. And the vacuum where the needles go into this vial. Then you take the vial out and put it into this vacuum conveyor system to the biologist at Level Three or above. They would genetically manipulate the genome and send it right back down and he would insert it into the J-Rod. (Hmmm) It didn’t heal it completely but they improved it with genetic experimenting. But Dan hasn’t said to me exactly but I inferred that he interacted with this being having all of this information was the main reason. Because he has 500 individual diaries with alien writing. Like a little squiggle of alien writing is like ten pages of English typed single-spaced.

A: Isn’t this one of the most well-documented alien crash or alien landing cases on the planet, as we speak?

R: Yeah, I think so. And this researcher that has interviewed all the people in Kingman, Arizona, the people that were there and everything. The interesting thing is, I got this from Wendelle Stevens, another good researcher that’s passed on. Wendelle said, when the craft was there in Kingman, it was making a funny noise and they couldn’t turn it off. So they sent scientists in there to fiddle with all the panels and all of that but it didn’t work. So it was driving the scientists crazy. So they said, how do we turn it off? So they sent to Los Alamos and brought a couple of the beings, one of the beings, in a van from Los Alamos to Kingman to go in there and shut if off. So one of the Air Force people, they wanted him to go in there before the alien did and anyone who went in there got very sick and dizzy. So the Air Force Officer said, I’m not going in there. So they sent the aliens in there to turn it off. And they were afraid that they might take off if they got back into their ship. But they didn’t, they turned it off. But we think they communicated to their Mothership probably monitoring all of this. So they left and they put them back into the van and took them back to Los Alamos.

A: Oh my god. He was probably screaming for help, get me out of here, right?

R: Yeah, so anyway, back to the J-Rod. I need to back up a little bit. I’m trying to lay this out so people can see it in a linear fashion. In 2002, I was good friends with Bill Hamilton. Have you ever read Bill Hamilton’s work, or know about him?

A: Yes, I am familiar with him as well.

R: So he was an expert in Area 51 and I was trying to become an expert so we would meet over in Westwood at Jerry’s Deli. He was a programmer over in LA and I worked with this mortgage company in Beverly Hills and we would meet there. So in May 2002, Bill Hamilton said I’ve just come in contact with this microbiologist, Dan Burisch, at Area 51. I said that’s fantastic, Bill. And because what has happened to other people, I said, what you need to do, is go on Coast to Coast with Linda Howe to give us a little bit of cover, if you have such high profile researcher like Linda and Bill didn’t want to at first but I talked him into it. So we got in touch with Linda and then in September 2002 Bill Hamilton and Linda Howe went on with Art Bell. I don’t know if it is still archived or not, I have it recorded. But I don’t know if they still have it at Coast to Coast. So they talked about the J-Rod and Area 51 S-4 and everything like that. So then a couple of days after they were on the show, Bill Hamilton e-mailed me and said Dr Burisch is no longer alive.

A: Oh my gosh.

R: And his scientific assistant at that time, was Marcia MacDowell, actually posted a beautiful memorial to her friend and scientist and so forth. So I told Bill that was so sad that he died, but also we didn’t get a chance to interview him on camera. So fast forward to January 2003 and I get an email from Marcia, because Bill Hamilton had introduced me to her, and Dan Burisch didn’t die, but he was taken to this special op place in Alabama where they could do memory-erasure. A: Oh wow.

R: It’s done through drugs and various things. So they tried to erase his memory. That’s what they do. They did that to Bob Lazar also. He had to drink this pink liquid and then you can’t remember anything that’s happened for a week and so forth. (Interesting) So they can manipulate the mind very well. Then Marcia MacDowell got word from the inside people – she gets information that Dr Dan Burisch would be on this flight, so she went to the airport at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas and she met him and Dan didn’t remember her, even though they were good friends and everything. He thought she was a prostitute trying to pick him up. So she had pictures of him and her dog and his cat – there’s a whole cute story about the cat too taken at Area 51. So finally he said well maybe I do know you. So it took several months for him and her to get together and talk about things to clear up this memory erasure that he went through, but he’s totally back to normal now.

A: Does he have any more communication with J-Rod?

R: He say’s not. He says he has not. I’m not so sure, I think he does but he says no. I have asked him that question directly. (Interesting) But there is some kind of connection because of the alien writing and so forth.

A: And you said something about he started suffering from a neurological (Neuropathy disease) and after fifty years he was really homesick and he wanted to return back to his family on Zeti Reticuli –

R: Yeah, and his wife and his child and his mother on Zeti Reticuli.

A: That’s amazing.

R: I want to explain how this is very important. (Okay) This is what is going to create the disclosure. What I’m going to tell you right now.

A: Awesome!

R: So it’s a fascinating story. It will make a great movie if I can ever get the movie people to get involved. So now we’re into March 2003 and I’m back on the band wagon with Bill Hamilton and I said, we’ve got to get this guy on tape. So Bill says, we’re working on that. So in April 2003 he said, would you like to meet Dr Dan Burisch and I said, I’ve been living for that this past year. Well, he’s going to be at the Luxor and we could go meet him. Have you ever been at the Luxor in Las Vegas?

A: I have. Yeah.

R: And the strip in Las Vegas in front (Yeah) they have two talking camels. (Yeah) They did. Now they only have one. But in 2003, when I was there, we were told by inside people to park several parking structures away from the Luxor and go into a side entrance, which we did, and Bill Hamilton walked ahead and at 11:00 am Dan Burisch was coming up the steps from Las Vegas. ‘Oh Bill, I didn’t expect to see you here.’ So that’s one of the things you have to deal with with Dan. So I went and did a little R and R. He goes to the casinos and plays some little horses and different things. So on that particular day he was going to meet another scientist, he had a porfolio with him. So they have other scientists meet Dan, because of all the cameras they’re watching everything, because they want to be sure that he’s not kidnapped or anything. (Right) So then, Bill Hamilton introduced me to him, and we went into the coffee shop at the Luxor and talked about an hour and a half and I recorded him, I had a micro-recorder and recorded everything. I do that all the time with audio or video. So then we left there and I met Dan and Bill Hamilton walked ahead and I saw these two brusque guys coming up the steps, you know, in suits and they walked down the hallway with Dan. I guess they were Dan’s handlers. So Bill Hamilton and I left and went back to his home in Lancaster and dropped him off. And two days later he tells me that he has video of him and Dan at the Luxor that they were just telling him that they were watching.

Now the big event is coming up. So in May of 2003 I am still pushing to get Dan on camera. So Bill Hamilton says, well on June 7th, this day will be a major day when the history of ufology is written in the coming ten years or so.

A: Right.

R: So Dr Dan Burisch was at the Venetian. And it’s the same thing – he was told he was going to meet a scientist, he had a portofolio of scientific papers. And I said that’s perfect because right across the street from the Venetian is the Westwood Hole Casino Hotel so I went there and I leased a suite and set up a camera with two Hollywood cameramen with professional cameras. So Bill went across the street, met with Dan, leading him out through a side door to a waiting car, whisked him across the street into the Westwood Hole to the studio, and sat him down and rolled the tape for two and a half hours. So the first video, the whole No. 1 video is 50 minutes of that 2 1/2 hours. Everyone’s jaw just hit the floor, this guy was literally plucked out of the black ops and sat before cameras and was spilling the beans about all of this.

A: Wow! I am so blown away because of all of the blood samples, the tissue samples, the writings, the downloads. You said like 100 hours of downloading where he literally telepathically fed him information. (That’s right) A ton of information. It’s incredible.

R: Okay, so now we’re getting to – this is, rolling the tape on June 7th, 2003. So I had this camera crew there and I thought, well we’ll go over and talk to his parents. So we did that. But they didn’t allow us to videotape. They were cordial and so forth. So we told the parents, John and Doreen Crain, that we had just been with their son for 2 1/2 hours. At that point they hadn’t seen their son for over ten years.

A: Oh wow.

R: They were trying to keep him away from his parents so they can control some of his memory and different things about his childhood. That’s too long a story to tell.

A: Right.

R: But the mother was just going crazy. She’s like a stage mother. She does have a lot of information because she kept a record of everything that her son did all through the years. So we told her we had recorded him and she said, oh please, I want to see my son. She said, I haven’t seen him. So a couple of days later, there was a knock on the door and it was Marcia and she said, don’t let Doreen and John see that video. But I felt so sad for them because they hadn’t seen their son, so I said, what I’ll do, I’ll put that video in a commercial box and camoflauge it in a certain way and if the parents will promise not to make a copy, they could keep it for one week. So I took it over and they agreed. It was 2:00 o’clock in the morning. His mother’s got her nose against the video screen with tears streaming down her face. Because she is seeing her son for the first time in about twelve or fifteen years.

A: Wow! That’s terrible.

R: Dan’s father had an industrial accident and he had a back problem and he hardly ever leaves the apartment. But this happened that week. So some of their relatives are in California, not too far from you in Del Mar and they wanted to go to the races. The first time in a couple of years John and Doreen came to California. While they were gone the black ops broke in and stole everything having to do with their son, even the bronze baby shoes, and everything. Fortunately, she had given me copies of everything so I made copies and gave them back to her. That’s why I have so much of it – I have hundreds of pages about his life.

A: You know, Ron, it’s like you’re always at the right place at the right time.

R: Yeah, I’ve often said that, I’m writing my memoirs and that’s the way I started – it kind of seems that way. It’s like a divine hand is controlling my life.

A: I was going to say.

R: But here’s the funny part. They broke in and stole all of their -we didn’t have DVDs then, it was VHS – they stole all of their VHS tapes because we didn’t know it then, but they had an operative in the apartment below the parents’ apartment monitoring what was going on. (Wow) So they heard the number one scientist in the Pentagon and Majestic-12 spilling the beans. And if they are going to take me out they are going to have – at least seven people they have videotaped this. They were in this room atthe Westwood Hole. So I think this lady Korman or somebody who is watching all of these videos of this commercial stuff and ‘bingo’ they hit the one that Dan Burisch is in. And he rallies everybody, ‘he’s telling us all of this stuff.’ So that’s the way that disclosure can take place, because at that point, they said, ‘okay, I guess we’ve got to let it go. We’ll let Ron Garner and Bill Hamilton and Linda Howe and all of these people run with the story.’ So I’ve been running with the story ever since.

A: Well, that’s pretty cool. I was going to ask you, you said something about Admiral Mike McConnell who was formerly the head of the MJ-12. (That’s right) You mentioned in many of your clips, that he really wants disclosure. Now for most of us out there that have read the conspiracy information we would venture to say that would be the last person we would trust. Why would he want disclosure, is my question?

R: Well, it’s a long story and I don’t have all of the answers. It has something to do with different treaties they’ve signed with these extradimensionals – I prefer the term ‘extradimensional’ rather than ‘extraterrestrial’ although both of them are fine. So they are committed to disclosure in certain different timeframes. And McConnell was director of National Intelligence for President Bush, he left office when President Bush left office, and from my information he’s a moral compass and just – a very honest and honorable person. And you can see him on my video, and when he was on Meet the Press with Tim Russert. He’s like the godfather of Dan Burisch. When other microbiologists have met untimely deaths, Dan Burisch is alive, and that’s because of Mike McConnell.

A: Yeah, you mentioned something about that. I thought that there was also some scuttlebutt about the fact that they had completely lost control of the aliens. I know that you state there’s a difference between aliens and ETs which I would love to have you review, but you said something about how there was a control loss at these bases with these other types of beings that actually ended up taking control. Is that true?

R: Yeah, that’s true, but the way that Dan explains it to me on my camera and it’s in my videos, if people want to buy them and watch it is, that they have this thing called the Looking Glass which I have on my site Area 51 The Truth and the other site. And the Looking Glass is a device that has different noble gases, argon, and other things with these lasers that shoot up and they have these special cameras and they have a holographic image, and you can see the future and the past. And I’ll just throw one other thing in here. There’s a person, Dr Anderson, in northern New Mexico right now, you can google Dr Anderson and he has a place where, if you have the right credentials, you can go there and you can manipulate time. I won’t go into that this time, it’s too long. He was on with Art Bell about five or six years ago. So this Looking Glass device outside the room, Dan said they have a 3 foot plastic rabbit a la ‘going through the Looking Glass’ poking it’s flippers at each other and going there and so forth. So they can’t see exactly what is going to happen but they see proximations of future events.

A: Hmmm.

R: So I’ll give you an example. McConnell went to Dan and said that his then wife, now his ex-wife Deborah, is going to break her ankle in Long Beach at Capella(?) Bay. So Dan didn’t say anything to his wife but as it turned out she didn’t go to Capella(?) Bay. She stayed home for some reason. But a couple of days later she almost broke her ankle at school. They had to take her to the hospital, it didn’t break. So that was an approximation.

So this device, Dan said they have taken it apart and it is not functioning. I don’t think so, that valuable of a device is still going to be working. They showed some of these leaders of various countries what was going to happen to their countries and it scared the bejesus out of them when they saw it, if they did certain things. But now according to Dan, they’ve dismantled it, so they don’t have the knowledge of what’s happening. So that’s why there are uprisings all over the Middle East and every place. Because the people are taking back control. The powers that be are having trouble keeping track of all of this. They don’t have enough fingers – in the internet dam – to block up everything, so it’s kind of coming apart.

A: It is my opinion that we have changed timelines. Because if we had not things would be a lot worse right now. Way worse.

R: That’s right. 2012 – we avoided a big problem there.

A: Huge. Huge.

R: And because of our spirituality – I was at a meeting last week with a group of people from Latin America, and I gave a little talk there and they were just blown away. But a young man there, obviously what would call an Indigo child, or Rainbow child, just brilliant and his parents told about when he was taken aboard a ship and I just listened to him. He was fantastic – the verbiage that he came up with. I’m very keen on the younger generation and these beings that are incarnating now. In general, it’s my information, when you incarnate, you lose your memory, your memories are erased from your past incarnations. But I’ve seen them in dream life – and I suggest to your audience that you keep a dream journal. I’ve had so many next to my bed, that I’ve given up with it but it’s a way to start remembering your former incarnations. I’ve remembered a lot of them.

A: That’s awesome.

R: That’s part of the spirituality, that we need to get in touch with our higher self.

A: And we are going into a time period where the dream world and what we call the reality are kind of meshing together. I’m noticing that.

R: Yes, that is right.

A: I’m not having to try so hard to remember some of the dreams that I’m having now. And it’s very applicable to what is going on in my regular daily routines. So it’s very interesting. I want to ask you a question about J-Rod. (Okay) Do you think perhaps that he might actually be a physical future manifestation of Dan Burisch himself?

R: Yeah, I thought about that too. I don’t think so, although we do have multiple selves, so that’s an interesting thing to think about. There are what you call walk-ins. Those are those beings – like the woman with the brother who walked into an office in Area 51 S-4 and the being said, I just put on this body every morning. That’s a walk-in. (Right) And walk-ins are here. That brings up another very interesting topic. Some day I’m going to try to pursue, in a couple of months – do you know the story of Gary McKinnon?

A: Yes. yes.

R: Okay. Well, I can give you some background on that and your audience. Gary McKinnon is about 28.5 years old now, but when he was 15 or 16 years old, he was just a normal kid into computers and he watched the video – I had this video of the Disclosure Hearings on May 9, 2001 and one of the presenters there was a woman named Donna Hare. And Donna Hare was an illustrator for NASA. She was at Houston with a low-level clearance. And she walked across the hall one day into this restricted area and she saw this young man who was erasing all of these dots on the screen. And she said, what are you doing? and he said, I’m getting rid of these pesky things before we release this footage to the public. And she said, you’re doing what? And he said, yeah, all of these UFOs are coming in from outer space and it’s my job to erase them before we release it. And she thought ‘oh my god.’ In fact that is on one of my other sites.

So she skipped out of the room and went back and talked with her compatriots in the other part. She was afraid to talk because of the security cameras, but she could talk to the people at the coffee shop down on the street and so forth. So Gary McKinnon had heard her tell about that and he gave the idea that he could go into NASA and start finding things out. So he was 15, 16 years old and he was going into NASA, they didn’t have the security things, and he did it for like three months. And one day one of the technicians that used to be there, came in early or stayed late and saw Gary McKinnon roaming around and he sort of called on it and Gary said, well, the security had been on for a couple of hours and it was okay and then he found out that he wasn’t on security. But here’s the thing, Gary McKinnon, the last thing that he was looking at on the screen was the list and this was an exact quote of ‘the non-terrestial officers.’

A: Right. Right.

R: So, but Gary McKinnon talked to Richard Dolan last year and he wanted Richard Dolan to connect him with Donna Hare. Well, I don’t know if Dolan is going to do that, but I can do that. Because I want to talk to Gary McKinnon in July. I have some other business over in London, and talk to him, and see if we can hypnotize him and maybe he can remember who the non-terrestial officers were.

A: That’s pretty fascinating. I remember reading that. Wasn’t there a lot larger percentage than it was expected?

R: I didn’t quite understand the question.

A: Wasn’t it a larger percentage of officers that are non-terrestial than they expected?

R: I don’t remember that exactly. It could be. But it just shows you, how enterprising these young people can be. They tried to indict him and bring him back. But finally last year they just gave up. Because he fought it, his parents fought it in the courts there in London. It made a major story there.

A: Yeah, I remember his mom really stepped forward and did a lot of publicity about that.

R: She said he is retarded and that stuff. That was just a cover to try to protect him. So anyway, it’s leaking out. That’s where we are going with all of this, Alexandra, these people on the inside are sending – I’ve got 20,000 pages. It’s not secret stuff, but it’s the inner workings of the Majestic-12, what they do, where they go, what is happening. You know, they have meetings at the Scottish Rite Temple in Washington DC and Dan Burisch has been there in a secret entrance and they have these meetings and they decide the fate of the world. But there is something and I think that is the year that it can happen. It depends on the Citizen Hearings though. I want to start talking about that a little bit.

A: Really, that was my next question for you. Just for those who didn’t follow that as closely last year. Can you kind of give us a synopsis of the Hearings?

R: Sure. Yeah, the Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group is Stephen Bassett. He and I are close friends. I did the first documentary on him at a Town Hall Meeting in Northern California 16 or 17 years ago and we’ve been close friends ever since. So in 2012 we had lunch as we often did, and he said he planning these citizen hearings and who would I suggest to be good witnesses. This was like in August 2012. So I gave him the name of twelve people. He only chose one of them who turned out to be ‘Anonymous.’ That was the right one for him to choose. But I still have the other eleven who we can talk about when we have time. So he went ahead and planned the hearings. He got a million from an investor in Canada and set up this wonderful – it was the best thing that’s ever been done on this subject in the Washington Press Club at the end of April and into May, 2013. So the plan was that I would meet ‘Anonymous’ at a secret location and Skype it into the hearings. This was May 3rd – your audience can go look at it at Citizen Hearing.org. For $3.80 you can access the whole proceedings for the rest of your life.

A: Oh, it’s amazing! The information is amazing.

R: Fantastic stuff. It just really is. But ‘Anonymous’ was so ill we couldn’t do the Skype thing, so we had videotaped him a month before so they played fifteen minutes of it during the Citizen Hearings. It was this power witness. And I am in touch with him. He is still very ill. He gets dialysis 3 days a week, he’s a benefit(?) to humankind.

A: That interview was very potent, that you had. R: Yeah, it was fantastic. A: Yeah, it was.

R: So I talked to Stephen Bassett yesterday and he’s trying to get to finalize all of these Blu-ray videos in a professional box-set and sent to every member of Congress. Because when you watch these former members of Congress people, and one of them, Senator Gravel, the two-term Senator from Alaska, he and I have become very good friends. And there’s a whole story behind that, but I won’t go into right now. So they sat there and they heard Robert Salas, do you know Robert Salas, about him? He’s a Malmstrom Air Base Air Force Officer when twenty-one of the Minutemen missiles were all shut down.

A: Ohh. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

R: So, when he gave that testimony all these former members of Congress – some of them had only been out of Congress a couple of months – they said, oh my god, they just sat there and their eyes were bugging out of their heads like their hair was onfire. But they didn’t know that. And the same part of electronics on all of them were shut down. So they had the Air Force people coming in there and they took them all apart and put them back together and got them functioning. But that was a sign that,a shot across the bow, to our military of what they can do. A: Yes.

R: So that’s one of the biggest reasons for the cover-up, because they don’t know what to do with people that can shut down missiles. Can appear and disappear, and speed faster than the speed of light and all of this. So the Citizen Hearings are so important because for the next thirty days these packages will be going out to every member of Congress. I suggested to Stephen Bassett that he send them to the CEOs of all the 500 Fortune Companies –

A: Excellent.

R: and every person in the major Media and the heads of all the various people in the UN. I have a very strong connection to the UN. So that’s what I talked about with Bassett yesterday. After this goes out to Congress I want to go back to New York and maybe convene something at the UN.

A: Ron, when did these packages go out? Or they have gone out yet?

R: No, no, in the next 30 days.

A: The next 30 days, okay.

R: They should have gone out thirty days ago but the editing has taken longer. You know, technical problems getting them where they want them to be. So when these Congress people and Senators see what their colleagues saw for 30-40 hours, a whole week long, it’s got to shake up things. And Bassett is going to be roaming the halls of Congress with a megaphone getting people to – even if particular Senators and Congress people don’t watch it themselves, their staff can watch it. They can take them home and all of their kids can watch them. (Right) People are going to see this stuff.

A: Ron, why didn’t this happen sooner?

R: Sooner than last year, you mean?

A: Yeah. In the last years since the Disclosure meetings. Why haven’t they done this sooner?

R: Because of money. They didn’t have the money to do it. They had to pay each of the Congress people and Senators $20,000 to get them to come.

A: Oh my god.

R: Mike Gravel cancelled a major trip to Europe to do it and so forth. And pay all of the expenses. They had this angel investor from Canada that put up a million too. So Stephen Bassett did a fantastic job. I really praise him all of the time. He’s done such a great job putting it all together.

A: Fantastic.

R: On my site, I just posted it yesterday, area51thetruth.com, click on Breaking News, and I have the late Dr Roger Leir talking about how when he was at the Citizens Hearings he testified, he – for your audience he is a doctor that takes the implants out of people –

A: Umhmm.

R: that the ET people put in. I videotaped him back in January 17, about taking these implants out. So on my site right now, Dr Roger Leir after he had been at the Citizens Hearings he was talking to the CERO group, Close Encounters Research Organization, and he explains that at the Citizens Hearings in May last year, he was in a restaurant or a bakery or something, and this tall, attractive, black woman came over and said, ‘Oh Dr Leir, I’m so glad to see you again.’ And he was trying to think, ‘where do I know you from?’ he’s talked in 50 different countries, he’s seen a lot of people over the years, and she reminded him it was in Chicago and he said, okay. So she took him over to a group of people surrounding this person, all well-dressed, black guys and the person in the center was on the phone. And he hung up the phone and got up and greeted Dr Roger Leir, it’s all in my video, you can see it right now. And, ‘We honor you so much and the talk you gave in Chicago’ and so forth. And the phone rings again. And this person was Louis Farrakhan (Ohh) that was on the phone and he was talking to Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago. And he told Dr Leir that the first person that he was talking to on the phone when he walked up was President Obama. What does that tell you?

A: Yeah.

R: That tells you that the President is sending his envoys, in effect, to monitor these Citizens Hearings.’ This is huge.

A: You know, I’ve heard that Obama has had visitations himself. Is there any validity to that?

R: I’ve heard different stories. But the way that I work, Alexandra, if I don’t have it from at least two and preferably three people, I don’t report it.

A: Right.

R: Because I have to have some kind of verification. There’s all kinds of misinformation, these guys with disinformation are really good. They know how to spin things and you have to be very careful before you – you know, Basagio, all of this stuff, I don’t know of all that. The fact I was on a program last August ‘The third phase of the moon.’ Three days later the CIA admits, acknowledges, Area 51. Now that’s not a coincidence. I’ve got some juice out there, I don’t know why. Then in December, Obama and the White House, and Shirley MacLaine says I’m the first person to admit, and talks about Area 51.

A: I saw that.

R: Seven months later, you can see it on my site, you have Bill Clinton talking about Area 51 on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Now nothing in politics is an accident. Everything is choreographed. This Kabuki dance these people do, it’s all planned. So you have a sitting president talking about Area 51, you have a former president talking about Area 51 and Hillary knows a lot. She was briefed by Rockefeller at the ranch in Montana and that’s a whole other story. So that’s why I think, and Stephen Bassett agrees that this is the year for Disclosure. I don’t know how it will take place but we are hoping that the Citizens Hearings will stir up Congress to have some hearings, and if not the Congress at least the UN will have it. The UN has, already back in 1978 started an investigation of the UFO phenomenon.

A: How does the Vatican fit into all of this? Because they are doing their little campaign of wanting to talk about aliens and ETs and they’re acknowledging that there’s life outside this, whatever, galaxy, or solar system. What do you think about that?

R: Yeah, because, the Jesuits are the CIA of the Vatican. They know what’s going on. And Attorney Danny Sheenan is a close friend of mine. He was the attorney for theJesuits. He knows a lot. (Interesting) So my take is that the Vatican is trying to get ahead of the curve because they know that Disclosure is coming. You know, one of the prelates, I’ve forgotten his name right now, came out three or four years ago, and said that the Vatican has no problem with ET people coming from outer space. The only question that they have is whether Jesus needs tosave them ornot. They’vebeen wrestling with that. All that stuff. The Vatican has an observatory outside of Tuscon, Arizona. They have another one I think, in the Vatican itself. So the Vatican has these two major observatories. What are they looking at? So they know that something is coming down. [The Vatican Observatory is 16 miles southeast of Rome.]

A: They have their own towns, their own cities.

R: So Italy is really open to this. Because there is a little protectorate or something inItaly, I forgot the the name . . . They have regular UFO Conferences there. Philip Corso – we should talk about Corso, because he’s a major whistleblower. He has given talks there, in this protectorate. [Sardinia] Can we talk about Corso a little bit?

A: Yeah, I’d love too. You know this is the year of whistleblowers, last year and this –

R: That’s right, that’s exactly right.

A: And in my opinion this is what is leading us into a soft disclosure anyway.

R: Yeah, well, in 1997, on the 50th anniversary of Roswell, I was there, I had four camera crews running all over the place on the ground,and the place was crawling with Japanese – the Japanese love this subject. They took more footage, they had trucks all over with satellites (garbled) and ufologists telling the story all over Japan. So I videotaped Linda Howe with Philip Corso and had a press conference there because his book ‘The Day After Roswell’ had just come out. This group – the audience knows, about ‘The Day After Roswell,’ he discloses, in that book, that all of our major technology came from the back-engineered technology from the Roswell crash. And some other UFO engineers – Will Uhouse said that at Los Alamos, when they were back-engineering the craft – they had ET engineers saying, ‘no, do it this way,’ and giving the formulas and Will Uhouse said, and he said it on camera, that these ET people give us their old B-52s. Like we give third world countries our old aircraft. Well, they were giving us some of their old dis-used craft.

A: Yeah.

R: So that’s what was going one there.

A: Yeah.

R: So Philip Corso was head of foreign technology, quote ‘foreign’ technology, at the Pentagon and he wrote this book. It’s a terrific book, there are some mistakes, forget the first chapter, like Hollywood, it’s kind of dressed up(?), but the rest is pretty much true. There are a few mistakes on a few things but the main story is there. And Lieutenant General Trudeau, was his General at the Pentagon gave him the office just below his office, and there was a back stairway. And he gave Philip Corso four drawer of files of all this they called it Corso’s junk, all these fiber-optics and lasers, and all these different things. They didn’t know what it could be used for. Corso’s job was to take these things from the Pentagon to the industries that were actually working on the same things. For example, there was a company that was working on night vision and this was in the late ’50s and early ’60s and we were involved in Vietnam. So our soldiers needed night vision goggles so – in the inner eye of the J-Rod and these other aliens is a light collecting device. (Hmm) So Philip Corso took that information to a major company and wanted them to build night vision goggles. So he said, it’s good news and bad news. So he took out this envelope out of his pocket and said this is the good news – here’s sixty million dollars for you to develop night vision goggles. The bad news is that you have do it in twelve months because the soldiers need it. So that’s what they did. So they had night vision apparatus for tanks or personnel carrier or something but they got it done and so our soldiers had night vision, all of the movies being made include ability to film at night and all that. That’s one of the examples.

But the whole computer industry is based on the transistor. Back in the ’50s, we didn’t have transistors, we had vacuum tubes and we had big radios and you know. So the transistor – that allowed us to do everything we’re doing now with computers. That was from back-engineered alien technology. I have a lot of stories about that. That’s why I think that Corso is such a hero because nobody can challenge his military career. He was in Korea, he was with Lieutenant Trudeau trying to take this bunker in Korea and Trudeau took off his General’s helmet and captured a machine-gunner, etc. So he was a big hero. And he relied on Corso because they were buddies and he trusted him. Corso was head of Allied Forces in all of Italy and he goes to the Mafia and says, look guys, I am going to tell you what to do. You are going to obey my commands. And they said, yes sir. Even these guys could tell he had a lot of power.

A: Wow.

R: So a lot of people don’t know, but Corso organized 200 or 300 Jewish people that had been in concentration camps and all on his own, he didn’t check with the Pentagon, he organized the port-a-potties all the way along the line, got the ships and brought almost 2-300 of people out of the concentration camps because ? French and the British and he got those people back all to Israel. All on his own. Because he had the juice to do it and he cared about these people. So he was a amazing person in this whole story.

A: I’ve heard, Ron, my father was a fighter pilot and I have talked to many, many military officers throughout my life and the one thing that I’ve heard from many of them is, they tended to avoid the UN and the Pentagon when time came to making those types of decisions. Because they knew that if they did, it would either get halted, held up, or they would have to work according to some of these policies that

they completely thought were ridiculous.

R: I agree. That’s right. So Corso was very brave, and the major news that I am working on now was that he wrote a book that’s never been published called, ‘The Day After Dallas.’ He was very close to Bobby Kennedy and he was informing Bobby Kennedy about all that was going on with the assumption that he would tell his brother. So I talked to Philip Corso Jr. about a month ago and he said he will allow me to look at his father’s notes. This is major.

A: Very cool. Very cool. With all of the amount of connections that you have with all of the whistleblowers, how many ETs total do you think, I guess ETs, would you say that we’ve actually captured and worked with and that kind of thing?

R: Well, that’s a question I am being asked all of the time.

A: Really?

R: And my answer is, I don’t know. I’ve heard 57. I’ve heard that it’s 150. All that I know for sure is, and this comes from three different witnesses, is that there are two different groups. There are two groups: the Zeti Reticuli and one group from the Orion Constellation. Dr Dan Bursich and Bill Uhouse sat across a conference table in Los Alamos and negotiated certain things, certain treaties for the future. And Dan Burisch, since he could tell the difference between the 52,000 in the future and ? the 46,000. The 46,000 group doesn’t care much for humans. And the Orions were like six feet tall, they are tall, beautiful blond and blue eyes and they are the very spiritual group.

And that is explained in my camera, that sometime between now and 2015 there’s a major break in the timeline – I’m glad you brought up the timelines. So we’ve got to get our spirituality act together by meditation, by prayer, by drumming, whatever techniques, Native Americans do different things, dances, circle dances, to get attuned with their higher self and then things will then smooth out. If we don’t do that, there’ll be a major catastrophe, whether it’s a comet strike or a volcano going off, or something, and the underground base people will be there and other people will get aboard on ships and go off to the Moon, and Mars, and all that stuff. So it’s a very critical time, that’s why disclosure is so important. So people can begin unwinding all of these things. I have direct knowledge of technology that the military has that would clean up any water supply. Water is going to be more important thangold, right now.

A: Yeah.

R: And this technology they have. I can talk a lot about that. Do you have a question about that?

A: I was wondering, when you talk about the Orions and the Zeta Reticuli, are those primarily planetary civilizations that are working directly with our government, like our military? Aren’t there other planetary races that have visited us that deliberately do not work with the military, that have landed.

R: From ‘Anonymous’ he was a former CIA person, he saw in the CIA files that the people that Hitler was interacting with were from Alderbaran.

A: Oh, that’s right. Alderbaran, yeah. R: Alderbaran. A: Okay.

R: So those beings were helping Hitler. You know, when you just think about it with simple logic. You take a dictator who’s a guy, you know, a Corporal in World War I with no big brain, and all of a sudden he’s going to conquer the world. For a thousand years. Where did it get all of that? And the History Channel did a beautiful job of showing how these trance mediums were channeling information from the various people like the Alderbarans and they actually created kinetics(?). (Huh) And these beautiful women had long hair, their hair were actually functioning as antennas. So I was married a to channel, I know it works. There’s a lot of frauds out there. I happen to like Bashar, it’s like interacting with Graham Hancock. Anyway, that’s where they got a lot of the information about how to build the flying disks. And there was a crash of a disk in the Black Forest in 1936 so the Germans were back-engineering them.

A: Now that back-engineering was carried over to the US, right?

R: Right. Operation Paperclip. A: Operation Paperclip, right. R: Do you know why they called it Paperclip?

A: Well, I remembered, I do because I already watched your videos, but go ahead for the audience.

R: With the arrival of the Nazi war criminals at Ellis Island for expatriation, if they had a paperclip they had their scientific information along with their application, so they would be ushered right in and not be questioned, even though they were actually war criminals, because we wanted their information. The Russians had their scientists and we had our scientists, like Von Braun, Oppenheimer, and all those guys. And once you’re a Nazi, it’s in your DNA and all over South America there are German enclaves. There are new books about all of this. There was person on Coast to Coast, an expert on German U-Boats and he talked a lot about it. He and I are going to have a long conversation about how Hitler was escaped from Germany – he didn’t die in the bunker.

A: It was definitely not what were led to believe what it was. I was curious Ron, if you know, are there any other major bases like Area 51 S-4 in other parts of the world that are having as much UFO-ET contact and experimentation?

R: I don’t think so. But there are that are very close. Especially in Australia, they have a base there. I forget what it is called. [Pine-Gap] It’s a major base like Area 51 S-4. Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado – Norad. Hangar One had a really good program about that. On Saturday they talked a lot about – I mean last Thursday. And they talked about the Denver airport. There’s a whole underground city under the Denver Airport. This is an interesting aside, on Coast to Coast about four months ago, a caller called in and he was part of an adventurous group. They sky-dive – do you know what do they call it when they go into caves? Spelunker? I forgot the name for it. He said a word for it. So he was in a group in Colorado and they saw this opening and they went and got their ropes and everything and they went down inside and they started exploring all of these caverns, and they came into this one place there was a whole city. And all of these guards grabbed them and took them in to interrogation and interrogated them for two days. They finally let them go. And George Noory said, I got to have more of your information. And George is doing [unclear]. These guys just went into the mountains and they discovered this whole underground city.

A: That is so fascinating. Now do you feel that we are receiving assistance from the Galactic Brotherhood, so to speak, the Allies?

R: Yeah, I think so. The good ETs. I think that about 80% are good and the other 20% are not so good. And the Reptilians, the story about Dulce I think was pretty true. There’s a race of – these Reptilians that have underground bases, they have probably been there for thousands of years. (Umhmm) And John Lear told me an interesting story. The Indians in the Dulce area – I haven’t checked this out but I trust John Lear – if you go to some of their encampments all ofthe Indians are all driving brand new pick-up trucks and they’re carrying American Express platinum cards. (Oh my god) And they can get whatever they want as long as they keep their mouths shut.

A: Oh my god. Do you also believe – I think this is really interesting. Do you believe that each of the continents on the planet is being dominated or run by a particular ET race?

R: I wouldn’t go so far as to say there’s a particular one. There are different groups, especially all over South America, in Chile and especially in Argentina. That’s where Hitler ended up. With Martin Bormann – a little guy. I think he took over from Hitler.

A: Interesting.

R: And this fellow on Coast, the expert on U-Boats, he said his information, he’s talked to these U-Boat Commanders and they said that Hitler was drugged and his wife, Eva, was drugged and taken out of the bunker and they were sort of disoriented and they were put on this plane. And (?) told me that when they took Hitler and his wife – they did get married – on this small plane and when Hitler got off the plane his topcoat, one of his buttons got caught on the seat, so the CIA actually has the Fuhrer’s button. That’s how they knew that they had escaped. (Wow) So then they went to Norway and went on this special extended scope U-boats that had a snorkel that would go up 50-60 feet tall so they could stay under water but they could get the air. That’s how they went from Norway all the way down to Argentina and our forces didn’t see them.

A: What have you heard about all the UFOs and even there’s an older space craft supposedly that has been found under the water in the Baltic Sea. Have you heard anything about that?

R: No, but I’m not surprised. Hangar One had a really program last week about an underwater base right here in California, just of the coast of Catalina. And I’ve heard for years Palos Verdes has a whole underground base in that channel now – an underwater base.

A: That’s a new one for me. I’m going to have to dig into that one.

R: Yeah, you can google that one.

A: Yeah. Now what is your belief about the whole situation in Ukraine? Do you agree that it does have something to do with the stargate there?

R: It’s possible. I don’t know. I haven’t heard about any stargate technology. But the stargate technology was one of the reasons that we went into in Iraq – Gulf War One. Because Dan Bursich has described it to me in great detail about that. That the SilverSeals had explained the technology of how to create stargates and the Germans and the French scientists were very close to decoding that. There were a lot of reasons that we went in there. That was one of the reasons. But you have to remember, one of the first places that our forces went, our special forces went, was the National Museum and we didn’t blow the doors off, they had the keys to the vault, and got all of that information out of there. I followed that Gulf War because I had followed – Saddam Hussein thought he was an incarnation of Nebuchadnezzar. And he had a whole theme park in Southern Iraq. It’s in the Green Zone now. But you never heard anything about it. No one ever discovered that. I saw it in the news, I wasn’t over there. But then he had other reasons, he had given the Stargate technology to the other people in the Middle East. One of them was Gaddafi. So our guys went over to Gaddafi and said, ‘Mr Ghaddafi, you know that stuff that Saddam Hussein gave you, we’d like you to give it back.’ And Gaddafi was a pretty cool guy and he saw what had happened to Saddam and he said, ‘Here it is, be my guest.’ So he gave it back and ?? and he improved the finances. Of course, he’s been taken down now. But back then in Gulf War One, Gaddafi was smarter than Saddam Hussein.

A: Do you feel that the military was successful in attaining the stargate technology information? Are they the only ones that are holding onto it at this point?

R: Yes, I think they are. According to Dan, they have dismantled it. I’m not so sure. If you have that powerful a technology, you’re going to sneak in somehow and try to see what’s going on. One of the things that they are concerned about is that you can’t do anything about the natural stargates, like Macchu Picchu, Stonehenge, and Egypt and the Bermuda Triangle. A: Right.

R: The beings can come in through there and you can’t do anything about it. But the unnatural stargates, like in Bird’s Knap and Skin Rocker Ranch there are pterodactyls that came through there and all kinds of weird creatures. And The Mothman Prophecies, that’s a true story. Have you seen the movie The Mothman with Richard Gere?

A: I haven’t seen that movie yet, Ron. But my husband actually had a Mothman experience when he was in Colorado. It was very interesting. The Mothman came out of the side of a mountain and because it saw that my husband could see that it saw him, it freaked out and jumped back into the mountain.

R: Well there’s always Bigfoot sitings and Yetis and Abominable Snowman and we don’t see them because they jump back into the other dimension.

A: Yeah. In and out.

R: But that’s what the concern is. With some of these beings they could create havoc and they try to watch it and they’re shaking in their boots.

A: Well, and it’s messing with the stability of the fabric of the actual timeline itself. I know that that’s part of the reason –

R: That’s right. And Dan explained to me, and Bill Hamilton, that’s these timelines are loops upon loops and it’s confusing. They used to have it all figured out, but now they are not so sure what is coming down the pike next. And the average person couldn’t get it.

A: I actually think that we’re down to a minimal number of timelines now. We really have -there’s so much light penetrating the planet that there’s quite a bit more clarity on that. I also wanted to ask you what do you feel is the effect of Wikileaks on the UFO disclosure? Is that helping?

R: I think that it’s helping a lot. This is another side bar, Snowden’s boss was Admiral McConnell. (Oh) I was told by Bill Hamilton.

A: Interesting.

R: Snowden was Mike McConnell’s boss, okay. (Wow) I bet you didn’t know that.

A: I did not know that. That’s an interesting connection.

R: That sure is. A: Hmmm. (chuckles)

R: And after McConnell left the White House and things – my information is that Cheney wanted to go into Iran but McConnell vetoed it.

A: Was that because of a stargate?

R: No, just the Neo-Cons want to have war, because if they have war they can’t keep track of the books. The money goes every which way. Nobody can audit it. So they want to have perpetual war. I’m apolitical, I’ve never voted in my life. I’ve known too much about them.

A: Yeah.

R: So I’m not a Democrat or Republican or whatever. I just know that there are people that are in government, I’m confident that there are people like McConnell and these other people that leak this information to me and Bill Hamilton and Marcia McDowell that are releasing this information – it’s sort of a time capsule ring. And these programs like Ancient Aliens -they’ve used some of my material on that program, this Hangar One is really good – Mufon Files, and there’s another one, it’s called Undisclosed Alien Files – all these programs draw large audiences. And people love it. Because on their soul level people know all this.

A: Exactly.

R: Because they’re from a different dimension. I can tell you one of the best movie of all time was Contact.

A: I love that.

R: I know for a fact that Carl Sagan was paid to give information up.

A: Oh, wow.

R: And I think he had a sort of a soul memory or a sadness in his life and he wrote the book Contact, and Jody Foster did a great job and they’re all about stargates and she met – when she went through the stargate – her father. And I’ve had a similar experience that I won’t go into, but these different dimensions, you meet your family. There’s a similar movie out right now called Heaven is Real. One of the directors is a personal friend of mine. It’s about a boy who is about five years old and died and had an out-of-body experience, saw his parents in a different part of the city and so forth and came back. It’s a true story basically.

A: I’ll have to check that out. That sounds pretty interesting.

R: It’s a sweet movie.

A: So Ron, what do you think about why is there such a hush at this point of any lately dated crashes. What was the last crash that you know about where there were actual visitations from ETs?

R: Well, the one that I’m most familiar with, and I was working with Dr Roger Leir on this, was the crash at Varginha, Brazil.

A: And that was in 1996, right?

R: Right, that was 1996. If you go to my site, and you go to endorsements, I’ve put Dr Leir there talking a little bit about what happened at Varginha, because he and I and Bud Hopkins went together to Brazil in Varginha in 2004. So Bud Hopkins and Dr Roger Leir rented a big room and I had the small room but I got a standing ovation on mytalk. (Good) I met this woman just last week at this gathering in East LA and she’s from Brazil and she knew all about the Varginha case. So for the audience just briefly, on January 20th, 1996, there was a cigar-shaped craft trailing smoke and it came down in Varginha, Brazil, it’s about 220 miles from Sao Paulo. Of course, our military knew it was going down because Norad monitors all of these ships coming from outer space and they alerted the Brazilian military. So then at least two and maybe four creatures – and I use that analogy with Dan, because he says over and over ‘I’ve never met an ET’- I mean ‘I have met ETs but I’ve never met an alien, what’s the difference.’ The difference from his point of view is an extraterrestrial is a future human. But an alien is a being from outer space who has no direct connection with the human race. (Interesting) So these beings that were in Brazil, they had these red eyes, they had protuberances on their head, if you just google Varginha you can see them.

And the reason that I went there with Dr Roger Leir was because two years before he had been there, and had talked to an orthopedic surgeon who had operated on one of these creatures. He had a compound fracture of his leg, I don’t remember which one now. And so the military calls him into the hospital, the general military said, ‘Go in there and fix him.’ And the orthopedic surgeon didn’t know what he was doing. He looked at him inside and outside and the creature was lying there with a compound fracture. So he set the fracture. It healed overnight because these creatures can heal wounds with their minds. Sort of a green mist filled the room and so forth. So this orthopedic surgeon had tissue samples and x-rays and all of that. And he told Roger Leir about it. So when we went back in ’04, I had to leave early because I had a commitment, but Roger Leir stayed there and talked to him again. And this time he denied everything. Because they had gotten to him. And we had made plans and it still might be possible to get that orthopedic surgeon along with his family out of Brazil and into Mexico. They were good friends of Jaime Maussen, if you know who that is, a major researcher and ufologist in Mexico City. I’ve been to his office. He actually invited me to live in his guest house, I was thrilled.

A: You must just love your life.

R: It is pretty exciting. I never know what is going to happen next.

A: I mean seriously. And the types of contacts that you have, the information that comes across your desk, it’s absolutely fascinating. I do want to let you know that we are getting really close to the end of the two hours here. And I just wanted to give you the opportunity to maybe give us a close as to what’s the most important thing that you’d like to share with the audience. And maybe tell them again your website and the DVDs that you are selling.

R: Yeah, okay. The website is Area51thetruth.com and the trailers for the DVDs – I’ve made them extra long – they’re not just trailers. You can get an education, if you can’t afford them, I hope that you can because that money will go to other research that I have in the pipeline. So basically, I’m an education person. My father and his siblings taught school in New York City; my uncles and aunts and my cousins were all teachers. I want to teach. But we need the income from the sale of the DVDs and I could guess – the DVDs will be worth a lot of money in the future. Because this is the official disclosure – Dan Burisch is supposed to ? for disclosure, he explains the genome of the extraterrestrial, why he is here. People who order a few of them will want more because they are so impressed.

A: Yes.

R: So I encourage people to purchase the DVDs, I have a special on them. I wanted to mention one more thing though, about Jaime Maussen. I was in his office in Mexico City and he had a big poster, what’s the name of that volcano there? Popocatepetl?

A: Yeah.

R: Anyway, it’s an amazing volcano. Back in the early ’90s it was about to explode and they had seismologists, they had all of these people down there waiting for it to monitor it. And in Jaime Maussen’s office there’s this streak of light going into the volcano and I said to Jaime, ‘Boy, that’s a great picture – that’s photo-shopped.’ It wasn’t photo-shopped. It was an actual photograph of an ET craft going into the center of that volcano and it didn’t erupt.

A: I have actually blogged pictures, because that is so active. That has so much ufo activity I know which one you are talking about.

R: That’s right. And the photographer won an international award for that picture. So that tells us, that the ET people can manipulate the caldera of a volcano, the power that they have. And I have some other information that at Chernobyl that there could have been a lot more contamination than there was and they even stopped some of the old leakage. Now Fukushima is a whole different story. The ET people all talk about the nuclear. (Yes) That’s why the tried to persuade Eisenhower in 1954 when he met them at Edwards Air Force Base, part of this is on my site, it’s in my videos. But they would give us technology if they would stop making atomic weapons. (Right) But Eisenhower didn’t go along with it. So now we have all of these plants with the rods which will be radioactive for millions of years. We have to get off the nuclear, that is something that the ecologists are trying to get us to do. I’m hoping that something can help the Fukushima situation.

A: Yeah, we really need to take a very personal journey into expanding our own consciousness and recognize that each and every one of us is a piece of this. It’s not something to look to a group of people outside of ourselves, because each and every one of us is participating and lifting this planet into a better place. So it’s very important.

R: I agree with you. Steven Greer takes people out to the desert. There’s going to be an event in August, Contact in the Desert, I’m one of the Executive Producers of that. But he has people meditate out there, and they call in the ships.

A: Yeah. I’ve been – .

R: They recognize our thought patterns.

A: Yes.

R: And he has a strobe light, two long and three short, and the ET craft – two long and three short. (Yup) And then the crop circles, which is a major thing that I’m still studying. People in England, they will say, there hasn’t been a crop circle in Sudbury Hill here and the next day, there’s a crop circle on Sudbury Hill.

A: Yup.

R: So I thought that, and then these things are real.

A: They are.

R: One of the best ways I can encourage people to start walking – to stop watching television. There are good documentaries but all of these situation comedies and Court Judge Judy, Dancing With The Stars – that’s keeping people dumbed down.

A: Yes it is.

R: I watch a lot of documentaries and films. I love films. I can talk a lot about films. I was a film editor for Fox but if you turn off the regular TV. And then at least 10-15 minutes in the morning, start your day with meditation, and get in touch with your higher self, try to remember your dreams, it would improve the planet immensely.

A: Yes, it will. Well, Ron thank you so much for all of your information. It’s fascinating and keep up the good work. Keep us posted on the disclosure, if you can drop me an email from time to time and just keep me posted, I’ll blog it for you.

R: I will do that. I’m trying to go back there with Bassett next month probably in June, whenever these DVDs are ready to go. I’ll let you know when that happens.

A: Fantastic.

R: It’s been wonderful to be with you and your audience.

A: You too. Thanks so much for your help and time and we’ll talk to you on the other side. I hope.

R: Very good. Thank you dear.

A: Okay, take care.

R: Bye. A: Bye. R: Bye.

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