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microphone (1)Sirian Mothership Review

Hello everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com and today is Tuesday, August 4th, and you caught our radio show from 3:00 – 4:55 pm PDT at BBS Radio Station 2, today, as with every Tuesday. Now this is my first time that I actually did a live radio show and I bet you are thinking ‘why,’ right? And that would be because the last time we recorded this my voice was not existent. I have know idea why, but, today, I have a very special guest, that I’ve had on a couple of times, it’s Sheldan Nidle, and he will be coming forth in a few minutes, but before I dive into that I would just like to remind everybody of all the different types of products and services that we have to offer.

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And as far as me, I am in the midst of moving. So I just want everyone to bear with me. I’m not even sure if I will be having a radio show next week because, frankly,

I’m exhausted. But hang in there and we’ll do what we can do. So with that said, we’re going to bring Sheldan on.

Alexandra: Are you there Sheldan?

Sheldan: Yes, I’m here.

Alexandra: Yay! Sheldan and I are officially on BBS Radio for the first time. Sheldan, have you ever done it live before?

Sheldan: I’ve been on with people who did it before. I don’t know, it’s been a while.

Alexandra: It’s been a while for me too. Well, thank you for your patience. I want everybody to give Sheldan a big hug etherically, because he had gone through this radio show with me once and we had an awesome interview, which I really felt that both of us agreed, and we’re going to do it again, huh, Sheldan?

Sheldan: Right.

A: So today what we are going to review is his DVD, which is Sheldan Nidle Takes You on Personalized Tour of a Sirian Mothership – Being Aboard For the Trip of a Lifetime.

So I guess I should start out with ‘Why would you say that this was the Trip of a Lifetime, Sheldan?

S: I would say that for the average human on this planet to go onto a Sirian Mothership with all the energies and etc. that it has, would really be the Trip of a Lifetime. Because one of the things that happens when you go on the ship, if you have any kind of medical problems the ship will immediately correct them back to you being normal. Because the concept of health on the ship is to have perfect health at all times. So the ship will take care of that. So I would say that would start the process off.

The second one would be actually getting to meet your first, if you hadn’t done it before, your first – you might say – real live extraterrestrial. Which would be – because this is a Sirian Mothership – this would be a Sirian Counselor or member of the personnel of the ship, probably a pilot or something like that. Or one of the scouts. And he will/she will take you on a tour of the ship. And they’re going to go to various parts of the ship – they can’t go to the navigation end, the actual piloting of the ship because that is done with high degrees of concentration between the ship and the pilot and the rest of the crew initially involved with it, so they just want to keep that to a non-interference level while the ship is flying. So that is about the only part of the ship that you wouldn’t be allowed to go on.

A: That alone, sounds like one of the best E-rides you could have on Disneyland, getting onto a ship and checking it out. Now you talk a lot about the Galactic Federation of Light and you mentioned that there were many, many star nations participating with its missions. Can you clarify for the audience exactly what that mission is?

S: Okay, that mission is pretty simple. It’s to spread the light throughout the Galaxy. So what they do, their main Federation Council, which is in Vega, on one of the planets in Vega, about the third and fourth planet, what they do there, is they have meetings and they meet all the time with the Spiritual Counselors and they are in direct connection with the upper echelons of the administrations of Heaven. They get together and they totally decide, based upon the edicts given to them what the policies as far as it goes for what the Federation of this Galaxy are. So they are always working towards maintaining the highest level of spirit and of maintaining and playing out the Divine plans as is humanly possible.

A: Well, that’s fantastic. Now how did they differ from say, the Ashtar Command?

S: From what I’ve heard that the Ashtar Command is one of the many commands within the Federation.

A: We hear of all of these councils, such as the Council of Nine, there’s all these councils, basically all of these high councils that so many of us get information from, are they basically falling under the umbrella of the Galactic Federation of Light?

S: Some of them do. Like the Council of Nine is from the upper levels of Heaven, so that would be a heavenly council. But since the Great Blue Light of the Great Blue Lodge is in Sirius B, the Council of the Nine is there. So there’s a direct Council interaction between the meritoriously, loaded main councils of Sirius and the Nine.

A: Okay, now you’ve just mentioned the Great Blue Light of the Great Blue Lodge. Isn’t that directly associated with Ascended Masters?

S: No, it’s a council of the highest levels of Heaven. And the leader of it is a guy named Scapolus(?), who is an archangel.

A: An archangel, okay. Wow. Now for those out there that have been writing about the Galactic Federation of Light as of being somewhat of the dark faction or a dark agenda, what would you say to that?

S: I would just to say that there are lot of places on this planet that use psychic networks and create misdirection in people. The Council is basically benevolent. People who have been in contact with them directly have always come back saying how benevolent they are. I can vouch for all of that I did with them when I was a kid and afterwards.

A: Do you feel that the reason that they are such a radical opposite of opinion of the Galactic Federation of Light is because of this psychic group that is going on through the cabal that are basically miscommunicating?

S: Right. It’s all based on misinformation, it’s part of the crazy battle going on. But then you have to realize that they are minions for what used to be the leaders, which is, of course, until they gave up in the mid 90s, the Anunnaki were in charge of this place and they believed that everything they did was based upon misdirection and misinformation. People who have seen anything in Bibles or any other kind of religious thing have noticed how there are always stories and things that don’t quite make sense if you logically look at it. And of course, the stuff that they constantly are doing in religion is always talking about, ignore that, have faith. And of course, I would say, logically look at it and if it doesn’t quite fully make sense it’s because something has happened to the story that changed the process around of what it really means.

A: That’s a good point. Thank you for that. Now you have talked about a great deal about the Sirians because of your interaction and you mentioned a lot about Washta as your counselor and your mentor. And I was wondering, can you describe a little bit why you felt that he was so honored?

S: When I was able to finally spend a day and walk around and go through all the process of the education I was getting and spend a day with them – because they’re in a different time frame. So I would be spending a full – maybe 3, 4 hours with them and actually it would be a day for me. I would feel like I had been up there, not just hours, but tens of hours for me. A full day – 24 plus hours. And when I did that, I would notice that Washta was always have an entourage around him. And I found out that by talking to various people who we were usually a part of these entourages, he had been, because of all the lifetimes, especially in this lifetime, had always been a very, very honored being, a great soul. An old great soul.

And they told us, meaning me and my higher self, that basically what Washta was all about very deeply was, he was in the final vestiges of making the transition to being a full-fledged Ascended Master of Sirius. A major system in this galaxy that is a part of the Federation and a part of galactic society always has Ascended Masters. Now, even though you do ascend into a fully conscious being, you reach levels of spiritual awareness and you want to grow up to the highest possible level.

And Washta was right at the edge of that where – an Ascended Master is a being who is basically between the lower levels of Heaven, Michael for instance is an angel or an archangel, and the highest levels of a spiritual being, what we might in this planet call a prophet. So this is the reason why when I would walk around with Washta, he was always with 25, 50 people because they wanted to share his energies and be a part of who he was. Because what he was all always doing when he was walking was, he was always blessing people – always bringing forth great spiritual energies to surround them with it, and make it better, to clear things.

That’s basically what the Sirians do – and if they live thousands of years, their concept is to attain a certain level in that lifetime of their spiritual progression. And then they’ll go back up into Heaven with their councils and then they will work out a new life plan for the next life. Or if they reached a very high point, which is a rarity, they can then ascend into this ascended master level. And that was where Washta was at the time I met him.

A: What an honor. Now you said it would take even more so to become an ascended master. Can you give us a little bit more of an idea, maybe how lifetimes, or how much work, what level do you have to reach in order to become –

S: Well, let’s take St Germain. St Germain goes all the way back to Atlantis where he was a priest and he finally, at the beginning of the 17th century, in the 16 hundreds, he gets finally to the ascension ceremony where he becomes an ascended master. So think of this 15 thousand year journey that this man made. Wow. And if you think of all the lifetimes. And if you read the stories about him, you see that he has been an incredible amount of alchemists, sacred people – like the first great martyred priest of England is St Alban, that was one of his lifetimes.

So you look at all of this and you see the amount of energy and constantly your spiritual counsels are moving you, from lifetime to lifetime in a certain direct energy flow so that each lifetime becomes something that adds onto the previous lifetime until you reach that magical point where Heaven agrees you can at last go through what they call the ascended masters ritual.

A: Wow. And so Washta has successfully done that.

S: He has. Right now he is an Ascended Master.

A: Do you talk to him on a regular basis?

S: No I don’t. Once in a while, if I need some guidance he’ll show up and I’m amazed when he’s there.

A: I’ll bet. Do you actually feel that you yourself are transformed into an immediate high state of consciousness?

S: Oh, when you have Washta around you, yes, you feel different and it’s the energy that you’re surrounded by. It’s amazing. It’s kind of like I’ve had the privilege of meeting quite a few ascended masters to do things in my updates and when you are with them, when they are working with you, the energies are just incredible and you feel so different. It’s amazing. But I consider myself extremely privileged to feel all that energy.

A: Well, I think we are all privileged to have you around for so long giving us this information.

S: Well, thank you.

A: You’re welcome. So how would you describe the way that they look? I know in the DVD you discussed that they are very tall and slender, they don’t have any facial hair, and they live to be 3000 years old. What do they actually look like characteristically?

S: They’re tall, 7 feet tall, or little over 7 feet. They are young, they always look like they are 20, 22 – I call them – they look like they’re college undergraduates. They don’t have a blemish. They have lots of hair, but they never have – because their energies are so high they never get any facial hair or anything like that. So when people always think of these old and wise people – any of the ascended masters only have any kind of facial hair because they’re considered to be a part of how people know them. Otherwise, they could raise their energies up and they wouldn’t have any facial hair.

They’ve shown me how you can raise and lower your frequency. Like they show how you go from a person that looks like a new Freshman on the first day of college to where they actually can create a beard and some wrinkles and things like that so they can live on this planet. So they can raise and lower their frequencies as they wish.

A: That’s interesting. I did not know there is an association between hair and your actual state of awareness.

S: If I were to raise my frequencies up – if I could – all the problems that I have about shaving would go away in a second.

A: True. True. I’ve just never heard about it before. So are they blond? Or are they dark or –

S: Just about all that I had with me were the pale Sirians. I did have a few blue, but most of them were pale Sirians. And they look like they’ve been hiding in a house all day. They are very pale. And they never get sun-burned or anything. That’s just their natural color and that’s the color that they stay.

A: Interesting. So how do they differ in the way that they look compared to the Pleiadians?

S: The Pleiadians like to be smaller. They’re around 6 feet. Their females are a littler bit smaller – not much. And they look just like us. Perfectly. All except the basic thing is, they don’t age so they don’t do any of the processes we go through – like hair, wrinkles, and anything like that.

A: That’s so cool. And I look forward to that one. I don’t want to age anymore.

Well, you know, the plasma wave that’s been basically hitting our Solar System and it’s on its way to planet Earth. Everybody is talking about it. I was wondering, do you feel that this is going to cause the races such as the Sirians and other galactics, are they going to live longer just as we are when we get fully bombarded with those waves?

S: The purpose of those energies is to help us raise up in consciousness. It changes some of the electromagnetic spectrum and causes some interference, but other than that, it’s just part of the process. Every single one of us has a bunch of spiritual body guardians – their job is to spiritually look after both our soul energies and most importantly, to look after our bodies. And make sure that the connection between the spiritual aspect of us and the physical aspects of us are maintained properly.

Now when this wave of plasma comes in all it will do is help raise up people’s frequencies slightly as we’ve been having ever since we started the process of this Great Change back in the late 1980s, we’ve been moving our body’s base frequency – in other words, our physical base frequency, upwards. It’s now almost at 13 which is when we cross over into being fully conscious. And that’s been holding just short of that 13 line. When we go through the crystal light chambers all the processes that would allow us to move across into the full 13 will then happen.

13 is really a magical number and it’s kind of weird that the Romans, when they made Christianity upside down and backwards, that they made 13 a bad number. I’ve never really understood that. So you get all of these horror movies or these bad stories based on horror shock and they’re all around the number 13. The number 13 is really, if you look at ancient history and legend it’s a sacred number. But of course, if you don’t want people to deal with sacred numbers you turn it around and make it bad.

A: Or just don’t use it at all..

S: Right, one or the other, yeah.

A: That’s crazy. I mean, in fact, a lot of the elevators don’t have a number 13. Doesn’t it represent the transformation in the leap from one state of consciousness into another?

S: Right. If you look at the disciples of Christianity, 12 disciples plus the prophet – 13, the prophet being Christ, or Yeshua, whatever name you want to use. So that’s 13. Gee whiz. That’s not evil.

A: Imagine that, huh?

S: Right.

A: Well, now if you were to describe to people the way in which you could tell that they might have a connection with Sirius, how would you describe it? Like what characteristics would they have maybe, their personality traits, or things like that.

S: Well, the Sirians are very jovial, they’re very fun-loving, they’re very much into joy. That’s why one of their basic expressions is Selamat Ja, which means – Selamat is a condition word, and Ja means ‘joy.’ And you’ll that find many of the ancient languages, like Sanskrit, etc. have words like that in them, meaning variations of that. So what we have to realize is that – hey, the Sirians are into Spirit, they’re into Joy. When you’re on the ship – at least, I noticed this when I was on the ship all the time that I was there – it was always up-energy. It was never negative, it was always about joy. And even if you had any group of beings there that Washta wanted me to introduce, they were never upset or mad or mean, they were always jovial. I mean, that’s the key point that I would say about the Sirians – they are extremely happy. Any time I would go up there, if I was upset, or if I got into a situation just before when my dad had beaten me up or something like that, I would get out of it, of course, all the bruises would go away and I would just feel happy. No crying, none of that stuff. Just feeling good.

A: A good thing for you, huh?

S: Yeah.

A: Great to take a break from an abusive childhood with your dad, huh?

S: Yeah. Well they gave me a good one. He was a former professional boxer and professional boxing manager.

A: Wow. I didn’t know that.

S: In the 20s, he was the welterweight golden glove champion in New York City.

A: That’s crazy.

S: If you’re going to have an obstacle, get a good one, right?

A: Yeah, no kidding. Wow. Now you’ve mentioned in the series also something the way in which they dress. And you talked about some of them wear robes, versus some of them that wear suits. Can you talk about that?

S: Well, they wear these jumpsuits when they are working. And when they are relaxing they take off the jumpsuits and they put on their native dress, which in the case of the Sirians is this beautiful long diaphanous gown of many different colors. Depending on what clan they are a member of.

A: And you did say that there’s a Sirius A, there’s a Sirius B – (S: Right) And the A group is the Lion group?

S: It’s the Lion people, right. The Paschats.

A: And then the B group is what?

S: That’s the Sirian B humans, that we are talking about.

A: Okay, I got it. Now do they copulate like we do or do they merge energetically?

S: Right. They have basically sex just like we do only in terms of having sex, everything else is about ritual. But it would take hours to really talk about it, we’ll just mention that.

A: Okay.

S: I was once at a place in Morgan Hill, in the Bay Area, when I started this, and I was leaving. And this one lady asked that question, and three and a half hours later I could finally leave. So let’s us just say it’s a higher energy version of sex. And the difference is whereas the child is looked upon as the person being created and there isn’t a real feeling between the parents and the group around it because you have to realize there’s a podlet up to 64 individuals and each one of them is in direct contact with the child, as well as the spiritual counselors, etc. so when you get into the – you might say, the ‘wholeness’ of what’s going on and it’s entirely different from what and where we look upon this whole concept of birth and even child raising.

A: God, it almost sounds like the genetics are considered, kind of like in the old days where you had the arranged marriages.

S: Well, it really isn’t an arranged marriage. They really don’t have a marriage, they have a closeness. It’s just two people that in their lifetime contracts were the closest to the energies they need in order to understand their life contracts. But they are not looked upon exclusively as the primary caregivers, because there isn’t any. The entire podlet is in charge of the process of raising the children.

A: How cool is that? Is the woman’s gestation period the same as ours, nine months?

S: Right. And they basically can have a period or not have a period whenever they want. So they look upon being in complete charge of their bodies.

A: And you said that they live up to 3000 years, do they end up having a lot of children?

S: It depends on what is in the life contract. Because they are constantly counseled, they’re constantly listening to the members of the podlet, they’re constantly listening to members from the councils. And so, everything they do is based upon understanding this contract, understanding their duties and understanding what their divine service is about and that’s what childbirth is all about. It’s fulfilling all of this and doing it in such a way that brings new life into this community in a way that is loving, spiritually satisfying, and able to bring out the full talents and the potentials of the child.

A: How beautiful. It reminds me of It Takes A Village (To Raise A Child), remember that? Hillary launched that – not that it has anything to do with Hillary.

S: No, it has nothing at all. (chuckles)

A: But it reminds me of the same kind of concept.

S: Well, it is kind of similar to that. But let’s just say, the Federation had a beginning on that because, we have to realize that over 4 million years ago was when these things started happening. So, they’re a little bit ahead.

A: Yeah, just a wee bit. Just a wee bit. Now the other part that I was so enthralled with, was the way in which you talk about the ship. And you were saying that the ship is a total service.

S: A total service.

A: Yes, like from the moment that you’re there. And I was wondering is it through technology, or is it done sort of through a unified consciousness of the ship itself?

S: It’s both. It’s both. The technology has become mixed together with consciousness. So that I would really not call it ‘artificial intelligence,’ I would just call it a different type of life form. But the ship entirely, is in the divine service of the crew. So what they look upon with ‘intelligence’ and that’s really all that you can call it – ‘intelligence,’ because it has consciousness. It will use that to make sure that you are fully and totally satisfied and that your potential for whatever you want to do can be achieved.

So what they constantly are doing is working on you. So that’s why I said the minute you enter the ship’s energies, the first thing that it will do is take care of your energies. And when you’re ill, your energies are down and when you’re not ill but in good health the energies are up. So that’s the first step that it does. It starts taking your body, and if it’s not up to snuff, healing it quickly. So if you’ve always worn glasses suddenly you’ll have 20/20 vision. If you had trouble walking or you’re in a wheelchair you suddenly find not only can you get up but you can actually run around the room.

A: How fantastic is that? It’s like your best case mother.

S: Right. And if you ever get thirsty, it will make sure that a glass of water is in your hand and you can drink it. And when you finished, it will know that and it just disappears.

A: I love it! So now you said they are known for their joy and I had read somewhere that the Sirians’ calling card is to be a prankster. Do you agree with that?

S: A little bit. A little bit. There’s other star nations that are a little more into that, but yeah, they are.

A: Well, you also talked a great deal, I mean, everybody knows this about you, that you speak very much so about the Ummac Dan, which is the emblem. And you said something about how it was intensely activational. Can you talk a little bit about this?

S: It’s extremely activational.

A: Yeah. What does it activate and how does it work?

S: When all the different parts are put together at the right frequency, counter-clockwise to one another and it’s raised up, it becomes impossible for the brain of a reptilian, a dinosaurian, or a human to tell a lie. So the Sirians made this a part of the Galactic Federation policy that whenever you are negotiating with anybody they always make sure there’s lots of these spinning Ummac Dans on the conference table.

A: Let me just ask you this: Is it something where they are assigned an Ummac Dan or do they get to a certain level and they have it, all of a sudden. Or do they attain it. I don’t really get it.

S: Well, the Ummac Dan is the symbol of creation in the Sirian star system. So one of the basic points of it is, that as a little kid you’ve always seen these things, these Ummac Dans, around. And there’s always counselors who will tell you the great and long story of how they were put together and what all the symbols mean and how you can create it yourself.

A: So basically, if everyone of us had an Ummac Dan there would not be one person that would be lying in this planet.

S: No, it would be impossible. There are certain language patterns which are part of the diplomatic language in the Galaxy, in the Federation, etc. that if you say these all the time, miracles happen. There was a linguist who re-discovered this and he discovered that when you said these language patterns properly people who were addicted to drugs, addicted to alcohol – they were cured. People who were known as liars and trying to use people, they couldn’t do it anymore. So it’s a pattern energy. And it re-creates this same pattern.

A: Do you have any examples of that?

S: As for – with withers and dithers, I don’t have that because I haven’t read that particular book in a while. But various conferences up there have been used to make sure – there’s like the peace that happened about 20 years ago and the final part of that treaty were done by Federation diplomats and others who were using the Ummac Dan to write it all down and get it done. So it has been done, but the other form of getting rid of addiction etc. I’d have to search in my book and right now it’s hidden away in tons of boxes. We’ve been waiting to move to San Diego for a year now.

A: I know, and you’re like ready. You’re almost ready, aren’t you?

S: Y-e-a-h. Yeah.

A: The boxes are packed.

S: The boxes are packed. Yes.

A: That just cracks me up. So I’m the opposite. I knew I was going to move but I didn’t realize it BAM I’m moving.

What is the reason why the color purple is so significant?

S: Well, the color purple traditionally, has been a symbol of the spirit of creation. So you will see a lot of spiritual energies that you get are purple. And I’ve noticed – and of course, St Germain is all about purple, so . . . (A: I know)

S: So just realize deep inside yourself that, Gee, I guess we have to realize – and there’s always been that – it’s like gold – people who try to rule other people get respected because they’re wearing the color purple. And it can go all the way back.

A: Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? And you said that that actually that particular color/hue comes directly from the Creator.

S: Umhmm. It represents the energy of creation.

A: That’s awesome. Now you also are talking about – I found this so fascinating about the symbols at the time of the landing. You would immediately see the Ummac Dan and I was wondering, does that apply to all ships in the galaxy or is it just the Sirian ships that have this?

S: Well, the Sirians are the major ships but this is a Federation symbol. The Sirians were given permission as a part of this mass landing project to use the Ummac Dan. So I’ve been using it on loan you might say waiting for them to come to explain to people what it is and show people what it looks like.

A: So Sheldan, you must feel pretty strongly, this is a very good indication for people then, isn’t it, that this is not of the ‘false light.’ This is something they should look for.

S: Exactly.

A: If there were a mass landing. Okay folks, pay attention to that. Because that’s a big question mark amongst so many of – how do we know if it’s of the light.

S: Right. If you need to, have yourself stand in your own great spiritual light, if you want to do the meetings, see exactly what you are about. And all the people who will be mentors are people that know about the Ummac Dan and know about who and what you are and what you’re about and want to bring that out. It’ll get you over your fears or whatever it is, getting to feel courageous about who you and what you truly are.

A: Ah . . . I look forward to that for everyone on the planet.

S: Yes, me too.

A:Yeah. So now the other thing you were describing is the Sirian mothership and how it had like 500 plus scout ships as their counterparts. And I had watched the video once; there was a presentation suggesting that other Mothership projects scout ships from the back end. Is this a typical thing for all the space ships – that they literally just propel the spacecraft or is that more representative of the hangar and they all go in there and load and unload and whatever they need to do.

S: It all depends on what the ship’s architecture is about. Some have it at the front and the back and others have it above or below. It depends only upon that.

A: And that only. And it doesn’t matter what starship it’s talking about.

S: Right, because each one of these ships have very similar designs and so they will rotate these hangars in different places. Some, like I said, have it at the top and bottom, others have it front and back.

A: If you could detail what would be the best description of how to decipher between a ship of the light and a ship of the dark.

S: Well, the first thing you will feel is the feeling. The people in the ship are into contacting other people. You’ll notice when they’re around they’re constantly looking around for people who want to be in contact with them. And if they feel that the fear factor is not too high they’ll do it. And I’ve seen that. I’ve been out with them at night and I’ve shown them where the ships are and I told people what to do and the ships will even do stuff that you want them to. Like if you want to make a short little up and down, or go to the left or to the right, they’ll do that.

A: Yeah, they’re just acknowledging that you’re trying to communicate with them.

S: Right.

A: I had one the other night that just flashed back to me.

S: Exactly.

A: It’s like there saying, we’re up here. It’s a nice feeling.

S: Exactly.

Now you also said that you could either be beamed up via teleportation devices or actually you could just be picked up by a scout ship.

S: Well the scout ship doesn’t land. It comes down close and picks you up, and then teleports you up into what they call the storage and passenger section. Which for me was always at the bottom. Then it’s like BAM! in five seconds you were there. Then they’ll just take off or else they’ll cloak themselves and just take off. It’s only about maybe another five, six minutes trip and you’re right in front of the mothership.

A: And is it in one of those things where you actually can see yourself being raised out of the body – you see your physical body still on the ground and you’re being pulled up in a pillar of light?

S: No, no. The way it is, you have to have seen Star Trek.

A: Oh yeah.

S: That’s what it’s like.

A: Okay. So you’re de-materializing.

S: De-materializing in a matter of seconds and re-materializing in a matter of seconds.

A: So then why are some people being beamed up versus picked up?

S: Well, some people, their energy fields are a little more integrated so they can take the long, long trip because these ships are far, far out – as the motherships. And when they beam you up, it’s like a two minute trip going up – let’s say if you’ve ever went up the Empire State Building and you take the elevator up and they go really, really fast up to the 86th floor and the end result is you will at times feel weird. I mean it’s really weird especially when it stops. And the time when the thing stops is basically the energy that you feel for two minutes. It’s to give somebody who has had that experience a general concept of what it feels like.

A: Is there going to be a particular or a probable location in which they would land?

S: Well, they’ve already picked those out. So they know where they’re going to land, how many ships in the different sector they’re going to land and all that stuff. They’ve spent years figuring out all these logistics, you might call it, as they call it in the military.

A: It has been said, and I’ve read that many of these ships are already here but they are cloaked. Do you agree with that?

S: They could uncloak every night, the number of stars that you would see up in heaven would almost double or triple. Yeah, they’re up there.

A: And they’re much lower now, right? I mean, they seem to –

S: They’re a little bit lower, right.

A: And have you ever heard the classification of the three core groups: the Commanders, the Angels, and the Eagles?

S: No I haven’t.

A: I was going to ask you if you had heard of that. Now you also had referenced a loving energy that is emitting from the ship. And you were saying that that’s a really good indication that it’s a ship of the light. Wouldn’t that also be a really good tool for those that had been abducted to use as a guideline to know if it’s a hostile encounter or if it’s a benevolent encounter.

S: Yeah, right, right.

A: And is the ship an actual – it said that it has it’s own sentient consciousness. Is it actually a ascended being?

S: It acts like an ascended being. When you are on the ship and you feel it you feel different. If you walk down any of the corridors the energy of the ship rises up to meet you. So it’s almost as though every time you take a step, it’s like it has a hand to grab you so you really don’t feel like you’re walking on solid ground. It feels like you’re walking on a cloud, or the concept you have of walking on a cloud. It’s really cool.

A: You’re so lucky that you get to do this all the time and remember everything. Well, before I forget – and then please say what you wanted to say. If the ship, now when you say the sentient consciousness, is the ship actually a separate state of consciousness or is it a compilation of the higher consciousness of the crew members themselves?

S: It’s a separate consciousness that melds with the crew. Every crew that it has it will be doing that to it. And they expect that because that’s the way all of the ships are designed.

A: Now you also mentioned that it does typically cause a headache to adjust to the higher frequencies, right?

S: That’s the first thing that you feel in the ship, is the headache that lasts about a minute or two and then it’s gone.

A: And this is because . . .

S: It’s because your body is adjusting. And as it does this the nervous system of your body is in a bit of overload so you feel a little bit of pain. Then it’s adjusted.

A: But you said it’s something like it’s really quick.

S: It’s quick. It’s a minute or two, yeah.

A: Now let’s say that the individuals themselves, is in a specific state of consciousness, does that determine the type of ship that would be beaming them aboard or pick them up.

S: I don’t think so. When I was on the ships you would always see in the background other people and because Washta was taking care of me, he never had me meet any of the other people. When I was doing more lectures around the country I got to meet a few of these magnificent people and I could talk to them and they would basically, reiterate the stuff that I was talking about. It is probably the coolest thing to ever have happen to you, at least, in this stage of consciousness.

A: Absolutely. Now the other thing that I was just fascinated about was that I’d love you to review is the technologies that were available to you on a Sirian Mothership. The universal translating device – could you explain how that actually functions?

S: Okay. The ship has this device and people you will meet on the ship or any crew men or person on the ship would give you this little gem. And what it does is simply to stick it on your clothes and what it will do when you do that is, it immediately adjusts itself to the neurology of you, especially the brain. So you see the brain operates, there are standard sets of signals, pictures, of how it works language. It’s how the cortex is involved with language and operates. So if you know this you can broadcast these signals and the brain will pick it up as its own language.

Now what they immediately do is to set that whole energy up so when somebody talks to you they translate that energy from brain to brain and so if you immediately pick that up and it comes out as – for us at least – as this style of English that we are used to and even the little ways in which we talk. So we immediately understand everything that he or she is saying to us.

A: Would that be used when they are actually transmitting information and messages to us here on the ground. If we are getting messages say in meditation or –

S: Right, right, messages in meditation, exactly.

A: Interesting. Because I have been told in my messages that they will seek my vernacular, like in the way in which I speak, because it’s more comfortable for me.

S: Right. That’s what the translator does. They realized from a long time ago that if you’re from a certain part – let’s say from the Pleiades star systems – the various Seven Sisters – or even if you’re just from Sirius, there’s two major civilized planets in Sirius B and they each have a dialect. So when you use the translator, though they understand one another, this clarifies any little aspects that you assumed, but you’re not assuming anymore, you’re hearing it directly brain to brain. So it’s perfectly set up. You can converse telepathically left and right and clearly understand every nuance of what the other person is trying to say.

A: That’s amazing. Now you also talked about the cool jumpsuits. Now do those just appear on your body instantaneously once you showed up on the ship?

S: Well, they have buttons on them that you can’t see. And since you use them all the time the Sirians would know where to push a button on the suit, the suit would open up and you could get out of it. The same thing with it when you get into it, you press the buttons and the suit then connects and all the stuff in it that was used to connect disappears so it looks like it’s one single piece of cloth.

A: This is so cool because this is what we can look forward to, right? This is our future technology. Now I would love for you to describe how it felt to walk on the ship.

S: Well, that’s what I was talking about. It feels like you are floating on a cloud. Because like I said the energy is constantly coming up to your feet while you’re walking. So it doesn’t really feel like you’re walking on solid ground. On Earth you can close your eyes and walk and you can feel when each time your feet reaches down from being up to move forward and reaches down to the ground, so you know exactly if you’re really into it, you can figure out where you’re step was, how long the next step was and so forth. But this one is very hard, because it reaches up and you don’t feel the ground. You feel like you are floating on air. Or in a cloud.

A: And even the bedroom, they’re created to your liking, right?

S: Exactly. Everything on the ship can disappear and reappear as you would wish.

A: That’s so cool. Now talk to us a little bit about the food. I thought that was interesting that food time is actually kind of a down time for the Sirians.

S: Well, the Sirians are continually interacting with their environment. So they want something that is nourishing but at the same time it’s not something that they have to worry about how it tastes or smells or whatever. Because they have a full aspect of synesthesia, which is the ability of some humans on this planet because they have these genes that allows them to see colors, allows them to feel or even taste music or whatever. So to them they could say that a piece of classical music they could say, uh, that piece of Bach tasted really good. Or it was a little too sweet or whatever you would do as if you were eating food. This is something that the Sirians have all day and they just like to sit there and spiritually interact with their spiritual aspects, their guardian counselors and just eat.

A: And you are even saying that the bed, the chairs, everything just adjusts to make sure you are completely comfortable, right?

S: Right. The bed adjusts completely to your body. So it feels like you are floating on air.

A: What about the sonic showers. Tell a little bit about that.

S: Well, what is happening is, you walk in, the technology is set up so it understands what technology you need in order to take any dirt or sweat or whatever off of your body. So you just walk through in about 30 seconds and you’re clean.

A: Now I got to thinking, if the ship is alive, and the ship is there to accommodate to your every need, wouldn’t you pretty much be in a constant state of communication with the ship? And it’s almost as if you don’t even need anybody else to talk to you on the ship.

S: It will interact with you but you’re constantly in a screen of other people who are extremely telepathic. One of the things that I developed when I was on the ship as a young man, as a young kid, is how to use this telepathy and so you could project it to wherever you want to. You could receive it if you didn’t want it open you could actually close to that. So even though you have this constant field of languaging going on around you, you can decide what you want. Or if somebody directs it toward you, you can start communicating with them. So you can communicate with the ship but you also communicate with each other.

A: It’s just so exciting to be able to experience that in your full awareness and reality. That’s such a cool thing to look forward to.

Now you brought up Star Trek. I was total Star Trek fan and I used to watch it all the time and I was curious is the level of the role, classification, and that sort of thing, it is that accurate for the space ship?

S: When Gene Roddenberry did the second series which was the Next Gen, started in the late 1980s, he had spent about 15 years – his wife used to take him to a seance of these two people who could contact the Sirian ships. And what he would do is to spend a night asking questions. And he’d do this once a week. They would drive out into the desert where these people lived and they would have a session. So what he was doing was taking what he knew about the more advanced full-potentialized humans and yet making them – because if we make it too like a physical angel, people can’t relate to that – so he was setting it up that you could relate to it. So a lot of the stuff you saw in the second series was based upon various things that he heard about.

A: Now I’m going back with a completely different set of eyes watching that. That’s really neat. And is it true that they’re still very individual and they still have squabbles and they still have some drama and people getting irritated with people or is it not really that way?

S: No, it’s not really that way, but he was putting stuff in that he knew he would have to put in so the play would get most of the information he wanted to impart, but he had to make them more human, that was the type of people that people could relate to in this era right now. And that’s what he was doing and he did a very skillful job of that in my opinion.

A: So let’s talk about this Sirian’s typical day. What would they be doing? They probably don’t have 24 hour day, right?

S: To them it just goes on because they only have one hour a day where they go into a meditative-like state and rejuvenate themselves.

A: So you said something about they do a lot of research.

S: They do an exquisite amount of research. When I went there I would check the different labs and the little that they would tell me – because they didn’t want me to get too involved with – they called it the ‘side show’ which is the constant monitoring of the planet. So I would see weird neat things like they would have in the laboratory, they would have a planet that is a perfect 3-D image of it and all kinds of things going on in it, and you could actually expand in one area and every soul and energy would come up if you went down in that area. And that was because the planet was constantly, every square inch of it, everyday, was constantly being monitored.

A: Well, that sounds to me a lot like a planet or star system that has a great deal invested in the human populace.

S: Well, they saw us as our declined version of who they were because what happened to us long ago in Atlantis. So they viewed the process that was now happening, our constant upgrading, was according to what the Divine Plan of Heaven was all about. So continually everyday they would be monitoring, they would be comparing the plan, they would be checking on the images of everybody as they changed each day. A lot of the scientists would go on gathering information, they would go on these scout trips and what they were doing was, they were taking their instruments to take various slides, you might say, pictures, slices of life. And they would constantly be sending them back to the particular mothership that was in charge of that aspect.

A: Is it true that they are ultimately our closest star system in that line? They say that the Sirians are one of the closest to the humans –

S: They are, but you’ve got to remember there’s all kinds of humans throughout the galaxy that are part of us. And many of the starseeds that are now coming in that have never been here before – it’s as confusing as it was for me as I grew up – I grew up the most naive-type – everything on this planet was totally unbelievable. I did not adjust very well. So I would be constantly telling people about what I knew and people would constantly be laughing at me. And I understood that. I got very self-conscious when I was in elementary school and so I got to the point where some of the teachers wanted me to go all of the time to these schools, these special language programs because they felt I stuttered too much and things like that. I went into school and, of course, right off the bat, right off the bat, first grade,

A: Right off the bat, huh –

S: Right off the bat – first of all, in kindergarten I had a teacher who was in her last year before retirement. And she knew that the school system had set up a system where, unless you had shot somebody, she was going to get her retirement, okay? So she didn’t care. So if you did anything wrong she would pick you up and shake you like a bottle which says, “shake well.” That scared me.

And then when I got in first grade I had a thick accent. So whenever I would talk or say something immediately the teacher – since her parents had been killed by the Germans before she came to the United States – the minute I opened my mouth and started talking she saw me somehow as being these German types. And she would take out these huge, heavy rulers that they would have and force me to put my hand out and just whack me. Not only did I have my dad, I had the teachers.

So in the first two years of school I began to think, these people are nuts. (Chuckles) (A: I’ll bet) So I started out in school not really liking school. It wasn’t until the upper levels of elementary school, especially sixth grade – the last year, that I started liking school. Before then I was studying voraciously and I just didn’t want to be bothered with school. When I was in third grade and kindergarten and all I was already reading at the higher level. I reading college texts when I got to seventh grade. I just looked at all these people as being weird. That was it.

A: I can’t agree with you more. And I think it’s such a challenge for starseeds to –

S: Oh, it is.

A: Number one, it’s just the jolt of it all.

S: It was a jolt of it all. And it was always like they were always trying to create situations that would embarrass you. I was in seventh grade so they had the opening assembly. So the lady who’s the head of the entire school system, Junior High School, comes on stage and has me come up on the stage and says, this is what a scientist in the making will look like. And I’m going ‘What?’ But I always had that stuff.

And of course, I didn’t get very far because I had this guy who – I was being very stupid when I went to the University of Buffalo I explained what I was trying to do which was simply – when I got through these elementary courses of physics which you all have to go through, I wanted to change the physics so that it would be more multi-cultural, multi-level because as I said, Newton was just a subset of everything that we are to know. Of course, this guy, he got his PhD as a Newtonian. I had thoroughly insulted his god. So he did everything he did to get me out of physics. And it succeeded. But that is the way I have seen things my entire life so, yes, I look at it –

A: Sheldan, do you actually look at that and ask yourself what was the real benefit to that experience? Getting you out of physics?

S: I . . don’t know but I had a nervous breakthrough in the process.

A: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. But I’m just thinking in terms of – maybe it wasn’t the right way for you to learn.

S: I think they had different levels because the social sciences that I wound up in at that time, basically, I think most of what I learned there allowed me to have a better way of presenting all the materials that I have in my head. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

A: Yeah, I agree. And it all turned out for the best and look at you now, right?

S: Right.

A: Okay. I know there was another question for you. Getting back to their regular life and their community and their society, do they have any kind of political system?

S: It’s not really a political system that they would recognize. They understand the most important thing is for everybody to be at their full potential. And to allow everybody to contribute as they see it based on the full potential of analyzing everything to give an idea of their possible solutions. So they have a thing they call fluid management. And what that simply means is this: They’ll take people who are more of an expert in certain question and when they become the leaders the next thing that they do is – the rest of them form together to a community of helpers. And they make sure that the whole problem is then simply taken care of.

And so, when the problem is taken care of and we go to another question you become no longer the leader, you become the group, the community again, and whoever is in charge uses their expertise and their troops to lead us toward a solution.

A: How brilliant is that? What a cool way to handle people, getting the opportunity to play many different roles, huh? Now you said they are in optimal health but occasionally they do need repair and assistance.

S: So what they do is – all of them are healers and they’ll get together and heal yourself.

A: And you were also talking about they’re really into ritual. Can you talk a little bit about that?

S: Well, they believe that one of the ways that human energy in a physical form can be used to – let’s say sustain a planet – is to go to the major nodes on the planetary surface, go there, and do a ritual which will then allow these nodes to be activated in a positive way so that the energy in those nodes can be maintained and the planet then, living being that the planet is, that spiritual energy can then use these energies to maintain its energies, to raise it when it is necessary which in turn, helps the ecosystems on the planet to maintain themselves as well.

A: Woh. Okay. Now talk a little bit about the difference between the way that the Sirian star nation is versus the Pleiadians.

S: Well, the Pleiadians are more into history. They’re more into origins of things. So the Pleiadian culture is based upon refining the origins and the basic nature of why that society is where it is at that point and can go where it needs to go in the future. So they feel that the constant now is shifting. And they want to see how that relates to it. And they got that from a much older civilization which is the Andromedans which are over a thousand major confederations. (A: Wow)

So what they do, based upon the Andromedan system, for instance, is instead of having six basic clans in their system, they have twelve. And the reason for that is, they add new things about culture and customs, etc. So they are constantly interacting on two levels. The first level that the Pleiadians interact on is somewhat similar to what the Sirians do, which is the spiritual aspects. The second level that they interact on, which why there are twelve instead six is, they believe deeply in understanding origins and applying that to what’s going on. So that’s the difference between how the Pleiadians look upon their culture and let’s say the way the Sirians do. It’s very similar to a group that they’re very close to which are the many different groups in Andromeda.

A: Wow. Now how about the Centaurians? How are they different?

S: The Centaurians are different because – we talked about the Pleiadians and the Andromedans. The Centaurians view history in an entirely different way. They believe that there’s a pulse in the Galaxy and their energy is to understand the nature of this pulse and how it is shifting. So the Centaurians are into a lot of healing like the Arcturians are. But in a slightly different way. They see their major part as healing the shift, if it is positive or negative, especially the negative ones in the Galaxy. To keep the Galaxy going out and expanding in its own unique way. So that’s the little difference between the Centaurians and say, the Pleiadians.

A: That’s so fascinating. They all have this one special niche, role, to play.

S: Right. If you look through the entire Galaxy, and even look through the 50 major humans that colonized our planet, that we all have our DNA originally from, and you look across you find the different aspects. And you will see then that we are actually, because we have interbred with one another hither and thither for thousands of years, we have intermixed in us all these RNA/DNA stuff from all these different groups. Think of what we are potentially when all our inner stuff, our RNA/DNA gets together in a fully potentialized level. Thing of what we are capable of doing. I think we have a great future.

A: Yeah! Yeah, no kidding. Now is it true that the Centaurians are horse-like as well, as the Arcturians are?

S: No, the ones that look like horses are the Arcturians.

A: The Arcturians?

S: The Arcturians.

A: Interesting. And what would be the distinct difference between say the Sirians and Lyrans?

S: The Lyrans and the Sirians virtually look like one another because the Sirians came from Lyra, which Vega is one of the major stars.

A: Wow. Okay. You also talked a lot about the ship itself and the way it was designed and the way it was shaped and that kind of thing. And one of the comments you made was that the technology is capable of taking these ships under seas. Did they need a different technology to do that?

S: No, because it creates a field around it and it has a frequency in its field, it can go virtually anyway – deep under the ocean, or even through the Earth, the process is unbelievably vast with its potential. So they don’t really care whether they go into Inner Earth through the seas and then the bed of the ocean or to just go through one of the Inner Earth entry portals. They don’t really care. They just go the way that they feel is best for the situation that they’re into at that time.

A: Now I also read a long time ago that the Sirians are directly related to the dolphins and the whales. Do you agree with that?

S: Well, there are such wonderful beings on Sirius so they’ve had a long history of interrelationship with them.

A: And I think you said at one time that there were 100 different species of dolphins. Are they kind of directly tuned into Sirius?

S: Well, they’re kind of tuned into the Universe. We have to remember that the cetaceans are fully conscious beings whose part of the process of maintaining the energies on this planet have allowed themselves to be murdered, killed, and destroyed by God knows how many groups.

As a matter of fact, way back in 1971 in Santa Cruz when the first Save the Whales Conference was held, and they had people who were cetacean biologists and all of that, and they noticed there was this guy from Central Africa that had come, a shaman, and they wondered what is he doing here, there’s just all us scientists here and we’re going to try to develop a general research protocol for saving the whales. So they said, let us have him deliver the keynote address. And they all said, Yes, let’s do that. So he did it quick and simple.

He was introduced, he got to the podium, and he simply said the following – which even to this day it has got a lot of the marine biologists, the cetacean scientists etc. scratching their heads – he simply said: They’re in the sea, they’re in the air, they’re in the land. Then he left.

Because we have to remember, if you look at every Spring in the northern hemisphere, every Spring in the southern hemisphere, and remember these things are six months apart because when it’s Winter in the northern hemisphere it’s Spring in the southern hemisphere. So they began noticing over the decades of research that this song continues onward. And what is this song doing? It’s giving the energies to allow in the Spring in that hemisphere, for life to raise up and get born again and reproduce itself again and start the life cycle. So what they are doing is maintaining the life. They are the ultimate guardians of life on this planet. Now this is when we’re fully conscious, we’re supposed to be the Earth’s guardians, taking care of all the stuff on the planetary continents and islands etc.

So they are doing this and at the same time we’ve discovered that the large whales are record keepers. All the events, all the things that have happened on this place from eons ago, they have records of it. So when we are destroying a large blue whale, we’re not just destroying a large blue whale, we’re destroying the equivalent of a little section of a giant history book. Think of it. And each blue whale gives that energy to its offspring. So we’re constantly – there should be a continual energy moving that then records what’s happening, and the second thing that it does it helps to keep the planet ecosystems reproducing and it maintains the general energies of the air, the water and the land, just as the shaman said.

So if you fully understand the nature of what and where they are, you see that they are very special highly spiritual creatures. As a matter of fact, if you take a female dolphin, and a regular human female, and put a mirror in front of them they will both primp in a similar way. (A: No way!) And they always talk about the large-brained dolphins. Well, the brains of all of these magnificent beings are large and very special because of the need to do all the different stuff they are doing. Think of all of that!

A: That is fascinating!

S: It is totally fascinating.

A: Wow. And I thought it was very interesting, you also talked about the Sirian music and how it very much sounds a lot like ancient Egyptian hymns.

S: And also, the music of China, the ancient traditional music of China and of India. It is amazing. And if you get to the Americas, listen to the ancient Inca and other different tribal energies of how their music is put together, not just in terms of the drumming but in terms of the music, the flutes, etc. you will see how similar all of them are. It’s amazing. And the one that is cool is to hear the so-called funeral music of ancient Egypt and just listen to it and you’ll understand and when you feel that energy you’ll understand it’s not just about the dead, it’s about the whole nature of what that culture was about. Because it’s done so differently than even in what modern Egypt, what regular normal music, the traditional music of the various Arab peoples in Egypt would sound like. And that’s what we have to realize is, we have a tradition that gives you a remnant of that tradition in our own RNA/DNA of our beginnings. I might call it our ET origins.

A: Wow. I was also really fascinated by the two main instruments you talked about the (?).

S: That’s the (?).

A: I thought it was interesting that they either had 16 strings or 16 holes. Is there a reason for the 16?

S: It has to do with the nature of the tunes. Because we have to realize that the 7 mean tone or even the 12 one that they added later in the 19th century is not quite what these are. These are different cultures and they’re based on 8s, 16s, 32s, 64s, etc. And if you go through the patterns of music in both China and India you will see these patterns being repeated.

A: God, everything has been thought out down to the specific note pattern etc. And is this, obviously, raising your vibration, is it healing them at the same time?

S: It helps you to heal. If you take a person and you get to hear the ancient music enough, it will change their energy patterns. It will. Because it is really incredible music. So you see right now that there’s special forms of languaging, vibrations, even rhythms, that is used to raise and change humanity from lying and violence, toward peace and cooperation and truth.

A: Now you also talked about the essence of being on ship where there was a combination of silence but total activity.

S: Right.

A: And I thought it would be neat to hear you describe that.

S: What they like to do is to sit together in a room and they’ll be into a vibrational pattern and because they are using telepathy, if you would walk into the room and you couldn’t hear the conversation it looks like they are all in deep, deep meditation. But they’re not, they’re having fun. They even play funny little games where they take an huge ball and there’s two sides and one side tries to make the ball move one way or another. But if it starts moving toward to one place and it doesn’t move back, the other side will help it move. They don’t believe in competition, they believe in cooperation.

A: That’s such a foreign way of thinking on this planet.

S: Right.

A: Now you also talked about how they observed the Earth and its atmosphere and this is pointing at the – what would you call it – a hologram?

S: Yeah, a hologram. They can change things around. But there are some things they can’t quite fully correct right now because it really does require more than just pointing. It requires a physical energy. So, a lot of what they are waiting for, especially with radiation is, they’d like to come down and change the radiation levels. And they have kept the radiation levels in Japan down to a certain level. So what they are doing is preventing a tremendous disaster from occurring. But enough so that people stay aware of the fact that radiation is dangerous. Playing with it is also very dangerous. And maybe because there’s never been a successful reactor system built for commercial use to provide electricity that’s ever truly been successful.

Oh yes, it’s been providing but little kind of side shows happening all the time. But what we need to do is to get this space energy, or zero point energy, forward. Understand about wind energy, understand about solar, but especially about the space energy, or zero point, as that scientists so erroneously call it. And realize that that is really the ultimate energy for powering this planet’s civilizations. And that once we do that, not only will it provide a power source, but the energy has a side effect. It tends to immerse that society in peace, prosperity and higher consciousness.

A: Nice. And so have you yourself actually participated in watching them do these sorts of communications with Mother Earth?

S: I have, yeah.

A: I can’t even imagine. What is it like?

S: It’s mind boggling.

A: Did you hear it? Did you feel it?

S: I could hear it and I could feel it because when I was much, much younger, before I was 15, I could feel it, I could see it, I could hear it. So when I sat down and listened to it, it wasn’t just a one-way thing, I could actually indirectly participate in what they were doing because I was able to find out what was going on and how the energies were moving backward and forward. It was so amazing.

A: Again, you are so blessed.

S: Well, thank you. Everybody will be greatly blessed very shortly.

A: Yeah. It sure feels like it’s starting to get very close, huh, Sheldan?

S: It’s getting closer and closer everyday, indeed. Indeed.

A: It sure feels like it. So do you agree that because of this sort of technology on the Sirian ship they are preventing tsunamis and earthquakes and other weather patterns?

S: They have prevented a lot of them from messing up civilizations in the ocean. But they understand that all these islands, etc. – they have to understand global warming so temperatures and especially sea levels are going up. They won’t ever get super serious for the entire planet, but they want people to realize that this civilization has reached an end point where this technology can’t do anything really positive over a long period of time. Our technology has to move from an end game type of looking at the world to, what I would like to call, a constant renewal of the energies of ourselves and the planet and all the ecology systems.

We are meant to be Land Guardians, the process of being Land Guardians requires that you change the entire concept of how you work. You don’t get into religious differences. You don’t create wars. You don’t worry deeply about taking advantage of one group or another for monetary purpose. You have to remember these societies do not know anything about money or anything like that because they have technology that is given to them that allows you to constantly get what you need.

They do not have to barter for it. They don’t use farms. They don’t have manufacturing plants because they realize that this energy can be morphed originally into whatever you want. And so, it provides them with food, it provides them with clothing, housing, everything else. So they don’t see their society as competing with the Earth, they see their job is to take all the stuff on this planet and move it all to the highest level of its potential.

A: Wow. And that also ties in with the fact that – I think you said somewhere in there that they can only minimize, they can’t totally prevent in some cases, these changes.

S: Right. Because some of these changes are part of the Divine Plan that Gaia’s doing to prepare herself for when she can actually finally and with great joy change the surface back to its original pristine levels and allow for this entire civilization on the surface to be gone. When I was first starting out in the early ’90s, they showed me a lot of visions. Since I was working on the peninsula just south of San Francisco, I was given these visions of what San Francisco would look like, what would the entire Bay Area look like. And wow!

A: What did you see?

S: I saw the sand piles back in the – you know, sandlot baseball, the whole term of it, started in San Francisco. The last sandlot in San Francisco, I think it was in the 1990s, was finally filled up with dirt and something put on it. So at one time, the entire San Francisco peninsula was very sandy. It was a remnant of a large scale change in the civilization before it that had caused this entire change. We have to realize that the native population of this planet was once at one time part of a very advanced civilization that lived here. And that was thousands of years ago. And many of them have myths, etc. that described all of this.

For instance, the Maori talk about the time in the Pacific when there was this great island and everybody was ethereal – that’s the only way that you can really describe physical angels. And how they could work with the fruits and the various aspects of potential food to create their own food source but they would pick an orange, they would recreate the orange back on the tree. So what they were constantly doing was feeding themselves but in such a way that they made the tree, the bush, whatever, feel totally happy because it had not lost part of itself, that part of itself was still there.

And you hear and you see – when I was doing my research about ancient Lemuria in the Pacific, they were describing how the sea bed was rising up and I was amazed that many people in Hawaii who were studying the geology of the Pacific see how there could be something down there. But they could not fully say that because the basis of geology is the so-called solid Earth model and whether the Solid Earth Model has tectonic plates on its surface or it doesn’t. The whole concept of the living Inner Earth and polar holes and all of that stuff does not work with the concept of their geology. So we’re talking really about shifting immediately the whole concept of what science is all about. From a concept that was first created by Descartes in the 18th century, to a concept where we open to Spirit and we allow for a lot of different models to come in and change the entire concept of how we model the Universe.

A: Nice. Wow, Sheldan. When I’m sitting here listening to you, I’m kind of drifting out in the space world and I see myself there. That’s incredible.

So getting back to Mother Earth and the changes because this is something I’d really like you to give people a really specific take on this. Do you feel that at this time with the amount of work that’s been put into assisting the humans, assisting them to leap and prepping us basically – do you believe that at this final hour we’re all just going to get wiped off the face of planet?

S: No I don’t. I believe we’re going to into to Inner Earth. We’re going to be changed back into fully conscious beings with the crystal light chamber and I believe deeply that the fate of humanity is not to go down, it’s to go up. That’s in spirit and consciousness.

And for us to return to what we originally were a long time ago in Atlantis – fully conscious beings, physical angels. And doing the basic guardianship of this planet that we are quite capable of. One that doesn’t get us into all these concepts about economy, about everything related to a limited concept of Spirit. Unfortunately, looking at us is being something unique – we aren’t. Life is everywhere. All different shapes and forms. All different levels of consciousness. So we have to deeply understand that all these deep concepts, of which many became religious concepts, have to be looked upon as merely predecessors of what we need to change it to as we return to Who We Really Are and understanding the True Truths of this Universe and the most important of those is Love and Light.

And we have to understand that is where we came from and that’s where we are going. We are turning into very, very positive-oriented physical angels whose job is to see that the Light expands and moves throughout this galaxy and many others as well.

A: Beautiful. And so what about for the not-so-aware, maybe not as evolved people of a lower state of consciousness, what do you feel is their fate at this time?

S: Well, some of them will have to be isolated for a while. Because they’re dangerous. For they will do crazy and weird things which will prevent us from achieving our goal. So those at the proper moment, will just be isolated for a time.

But all of us who are moving to that spiritual consciousness that makes us physical angels again. And this energy means – and when I emphasize this, I always emphasize the physical part of it. We have to understand, we’re not turning into some spiritual non-corporeal being. We’re turning into a very spiritual, beautifully able to understand Heaven and Earth, so to speak, so we are both physical, and we are both spiritual beings together.

And we will use these energies and these abilities and this potential to make not only make this Galaxy a better place but other galaxies throughout this Universe. One of the things the Federation has been doing over the last thousands of years is expanding outward and allowing for other galaxies to be together and forming grand unions of different galaxies together so we can all – billions and billions and trillions of people and entities throughout this entire section of physicality can come together, understand one another and use their energies and potentials to just bring in as I like to call it, the greater Light. Because that’s what we’re all about.

Within each of us is a vibrational pattern of Light and that Light emanates from the great Love of the Creator. So we have to look at it. And the Creator is not some anthropomorphic being out there – it’s an energy. An incredible intelligent energy and we are all a part of it. Every time we think and use our mental abilities and use our spiritual potential we are connecting with that incredible intelligence. So just be one with it and if you need to know more about it just meditate, visualize, and you’ll get a better idea of it. And that, of course, is what every entity that is a physical angel is doing.

I said at the beginning we are about learning about the spiritual essence of ourselves, of that relationship to Heaven, and the physical aspects. And that’s what we are doing and that’s what all the beings and ETs coming here are doing. Many people who were very negative about all of this have had near-death experiences, have come back, and are now lecturing to people about the nature of this universe, especially this galaxy, is about benevolence, it’s not about danger. So understand, yes, there are some beings out there and there some beings even here that are about this evil stuff but all of that is going to be going away shortly. Understand the power of the Love and of the Light that is surrounding all of us and that includes within all of that are ourselves.

A: Wow. How beautiful. So there’s nothing to be afraid of, (S: No) and there’s only anything to be excited about with this big change. And even if there are Earth changes do you agree that Mother Earth is really trying to handle that and make the shifts and changes accordingly in consideration of us?

S: Well, she knows there’s a time when we’ll go into a safe place which is a higher dimensional reality in Inner Earth. When all that happens, she’s free surface-wise, to change and to reunite. You know, she has a 5-D Inner Earth and a 3-D Outer Earth. So she’s divided. And she would like deeply, Gaia would like deeply to reunite all of that and create herself as a high, shall we say, potentialized being. The same thing is happening to the Sun and to all of the planets. This solar system is getting ready to do great changes.

A: But how do you envision this big wave of energy affecting us immediately? I mean, it’s already happening. One of the things that I was going to ask you was that I’m noticing that there are an awful lot more tech and telecommunication issues. There’s a lot more cell phone drop-off. There’s a lot more weird – anything to do with computers, things disappearing off of your computer or your screen going blank or weird stuff like that.

S: Right. It’s weird. We have to realize that all of this stuff that we have, all the technologies, the I-phones, android phones, the computers whether it be PCs or Macs, is that they are all very primitive microwave energy products and they don’t recognize the electrical spectrum above what we have. Yet if you go to zero point energy and you start looking at the effects, one of which is called the Hutchison Effect, you begin to see that the spectrum doesn’t limit itself to what we know, it’s above that. We just don’t have the instruments to measure it. Just because we don’t have the instruments to measure it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

One of the things that happened when Captain Cook first came to the Big Island and he went into Kealakekua Bay, and for days the Hawaiian people around the Bay saw nothing. Because it was something that they had never seen before – an English sailing ship. That was as odd to them, an oddity as could get, probably anybody or anything in the West. When a fisherman went out there and saw the ship and came back suddenly everybody saw Captain Cook’s ship.

And this is what we have to understand and realize and be one with is that there are many things that are in Spirit right now but once we understand the technical aspects of it and can use the conscious and increasing energies, we will begin to see the spectrum increase beyond the known measures of instrument points and all this other stuff. And as we do this we will begin to see that science needs to become much more than it is right now. We need to not only encompass what we can know as physical, we need to know everything we can about the spiritual aspect and to increase the ability of what physicality is, to increase by doing that, and as we do that we will pick up a whole bunch of special effects, like the Hutchison Effect, to be explained and we’ll realize that when you reach energies suddenly a giant iron ball can rise up seemingly impossibly to the top of the ceiling from the floor where it was standing.

This is a part of the process of understanding how ships work. More than that, it shows you that the potential of who and what you are as a physical being is being limited by what our concepts of reality are all about. We need to change all of that as well. So what we’re seeing here is not only a consciousness shift, we’re seeing a shifting of what is physicality and how does that relate to spirit. And that is what is happening right now on our world. And that makes this time so special.

A: Good point. Well, that’s excellent. Wow. So just the whole core of what we define as life is also going to radically shift.

S: Right. It’s going to radically shift as well.

A: You and I talked the other day and I think we both agreed that this plasma wave is coming in, it’s already having a lot of effects on things already.

S: Right, correct.

A: Do you feel that – supposedly we had a Blue Moon, a Full Blue Moon, do you feel that with that and the plasma wave and all the things that are going on, is this really kind of kicking us in the butt to get ready, because so many people are feeling exhausted. They’re having a really hard time to get out of bed – they feel like they haven’t had enough sleep.

S: Umhmm, this is part of the process. Within ourselves. To move up in this consciousness. So it’s almost like – I used to say in my lectures, it seems like forever ago – that this is a rebirthing concept that we’re going through. We are rebirthing ourselves and this is the bottom of the line because we are still at relatively low consciousness, even though it’s a zillion times greater than it was even 30 years ago. But we are moving upward. As we do this we begin to acknowledge different things. There are many people who like ten years ago they would have laughed at us and now they are taking us seriously and want to know more. This is what this rise in consciousness is doing.

It’s making people aware that there’s something more that we have to talk about. There’s something more we have to spiritually visualize. There’s something more we have to know about. And as this becomes part of many people understanding that the spiritual community, those people that look at themselves as being a part of the spiritual aspect of who and what they are, is increasing. As it increases all these beings that become more conscious and have never really met this stuff that we’re talking about all the time and they’re learning it, they may have different terminologies about the names, but it’s all the same thing. So no matter how you look at it, as you educate yourself about this, whether you read books or you watch videos or you look at the different stuff on the computer, no matter what you are doing, you begin to see deeply that there is this great change going on.

And indeed, this is what all of this is about. And it is kicking us in the butt rather hard and it is allowing a lot of us to get very fatigued and not fully understand that it’s part of two parts. It’s part of the rise in consciousness and it’s part of the shift, the preliminary shift toward fuller consciousness so we’re developing new chakras. The energy in our bodies is changing and expanding. And, of course, if you went through all of this stuff it would change you.

Remember, the greatest change in the human body in its lifetime is the first year of life after you are born. We are going through that – you might call it on an equivalent on spiritual and physical level of the same thing for us even though we may be 30, 40, 50, whatever, years old. We have to realize that deeply within ourselves and accept it and say, wow, this is all changing. And when we fully realize that we will start to get it and we will start to see the importance of what it is that we are doing.

A: We can also be a little more patient for ourselves.

S: Right, exactly. That’s another part, is not getting so frustrated because we are going through an immense degree of change. Think of it in the 13th chakra system – there’s only 7 of them in the traditional system. We’re practically doubling the stuff that we have.

And if you suddenly were growing at a level like that it would be like you were a baby and were just growing from this little thing that people can pick up with no problem to suddenly when you are a few years old you’re starting to get heavy for anybody who picks you up. So this is what we need to realize and indeed, give ourselves a break. Take it easy, don’t be frustrated by the whole process. Accept it. Visualize it. And be in joy about it.

A: That’s awesome. Now getting back to the Earth changes, are you familiar with Scallion, the one who actually presented the Future Earth Map.

S: Yeah. A while ago, yeah.

A: Do you feel that that’s still accurate and do you also feel –

S: No, I came out with a different one. I came out with a different one.

A: Oh you did?

S: I did. It’s been sitting in my papers for a long time.

A: Really cool. What are you seeing is going to be some of the radical Earth changes now? You feel that we will go into Inner Earth first, right?

S: We’re going into the Inner Earth and then when we’re done and we’re not here, we’ve all been moved into the area where our chambers will be and we can go into the chambers – and we have to look at the chambers not as some machine. The way these have been set up – they’re like the ship that we’ve been talking about – a living being working to keep you divinely connected. So you don’t fear it, you welcome it. And you look upon the time which is about three days for you to move from where we are right now to this magnificent physical being – physical angel – and I have pictures that some people have been taking with iphones of these incredible spiritual beings temporarily landing on the planet and then just taking off. It’s magnificent to watch. The first time I saw it I looked at it at 40 or 50 times.

It is incredible to see this and know that – your brain has not been lied to – it’s been told the truth. And as amazing as it may seem, even more amazing stuff is about to happen. So just realize that there are physical beings, there are ETs on this planet, they are monitoring us, they’re checking on things and they’re working within the context of where we are right now. See, so as long as these governments continue to say that they don’t exist and continue to have this cover-up it makes it a lot more difficult. Plus all these crazy invasion movies and other stuff like that.

A: Yeah, unfortunately.

S: Unfortunately, is correct. So what we need to understand then is, all this is just propaganda. As the people that are in power, that know they’re going to lose their power as a result of this, they fully understand that if they don’t keep something up to try to stop the whole process it’s going to overwhelm them. But guess what. Because of certain legal things that people who are determined to bring the Light to this world have done, their ability to maintain much longer this change is ending.

So let us scream hosannas to all of these magnificent beings, and to all of those with resources that have moved this planet towards where we need to go, and just know that everything is about to happen and be in awe, BE IN JOY, and be willing, when the time comes as you physically see these events occur, to help them. And allow all of this to move forward and let this great magnificent reality manifest itself.

A: Well, that was spoken like a true Sirian.

S: Well, thank you.

A: Be in joy and be in awe. Well, listen everybody, I just want everyone to check out Sheldan Nidle’s DVD. It’s called Sirian Mothership: Sheldan Nidle Takes You on a Personalized Tour, Beam Aboard For The Trip of a Lifetime.

Please do check it out. You can also reach his website and that’s got all kinds of interesting information. It’s www.paoweb.com. And thank you so much, Sheldan, for being willing to do this again. Folks, it was a totally drag because we did a great interview before and my voice didn’t show up. So thanks Sheldan.

S: Sure, it was a good time.

A: I appreciate it.

S: Let’s work together and get this world changed.

A: Yeah. No kidding. Well, and as all of you know, we love you and we’re here to support you. And I hope that today’s program gives you a little boost. I know things are getting a little bit intense out there for everyone. Even those of you that feel like you’ve just completely got it figured it out you’re just really tired and worn out. But we really have an incredible future ahead of us. So I just want to send everybody blessings as does Sheldan. Stay tuned and we will talk to you next week. And in the meantime, check out GalacticConnection.com and we’ll see you again. Thanks and lots of love.

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