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For anyone who doesn’t know Sheldan Nidle which would be surprising, he was born in New York City and had his first extraterrestrial and UFO experience shortly after birth. And also experienced contact through various modes of communications such as light form communications, extra- terrestrial communications, teaching and learning sessions onboard spacecraft and through most of his life he really enjoyed ongoing telepathic communications and direct core knowledge and inserts – etheric and and physical implants. Now this is interesting – Sheldan has visually observed and physically experienced spacecraft throughout the years.

At around the age of 14 something really changed. He requested that the Sirians and and the Galactic Federation of Light Allies discontinue communicating with him because he was so overwhelmed and in conflict between the scientific knowledge and what he was learning on Earth and they did leave him but the Sirians and the Galactic Federation told him they would be back. And obviously they have come back and he is spreading all that information – all of the wisdom that they share with him, he is sharing with the world.

If you are not aware Sheldan has a weekly update and you can reach his website at PAOweb.com and you’ll be able to access all of his updates and all his galactic events as well as – he has webinars on a regular basis which I highly recommend you check out.

Today what we are going to do – Sheldan and I decided that we felt this was really appropriate for the timing of what is going on in the planet is to review his DVD called Journey to Joy – our shift to the 5th dimension. And I’m telling you guys, this is a meaty DVD, I highly recommend you purchase it, its only $26 and its going to a really good cause.

So today we’re going to go over some of the details of that and hopefully give you some assistance in a really meaty quantum physics subject.

So hello Sheldan, thanks for your patience

S. Sure, we’ve gone through a lot that folks don’t know about yet, but we are patient.

A. Yeah folks we already had interference and dropped calls – but just another day for me. But one of the things that Sheldan has actually said to me before is he’s so passionate about assisting us knowing where we came from, where we are going and why do we need to go through all these changes. So why don’t we start with that Sheldan – where are we going?

S. We are going to be fully conscious beings that we can either call Galactic humans or physical Angels. We are going back into our divine service to be helpful in basically maintaining suns and the planets that we’re on.

The planets that were are on, the inhabitable ones, they are basically used with physical Angels on them to be part of the spiritual hierarchy and to maintain the planet, the eco system etc.

A. Wow, gee, no small feat there.

S. No, no. We are incredible beings all of us and we are on a journey to becoming who we once were and that is why I look at this time as probably the most exciting journey that humanity has ever been through.

A. It really is, I can’t agree with you more and one of the most beautiful things I loved at the beginning of your DVD is talking about the correlation and the – what am I trying to say? – the connection between divine joy, divine love and divine light

Could you go over that with us?

S. Sure. Well we have to remember that the basis of creation of the universe is divine love. Out of divine love comes divine light. Light is that instrument that is used by divine love to create all things. And when we get into our reality what we find out is that light and love have come together to produce matter and matter then can be sculpted because we then have space and of course space is really energy. Everything within us, even though people say oooohhh 92% of us is space – No, 92% of us is really in our physical body – is really what some people use the physical world as zero point energy, I call it space energy or just creation energy and that is what we really are. We’re really a hologram and this divine light is in that 92% and it is orchestrating what’s happening in the other 8%. So we are really a divine hologram and what we are doing is we are becoming fully conscious, we are going to be given the key to how our own particular hologram operates so that we can do all kinds of amazing things because remember, the capabilities we have is infinite. Once we understand exactly how it operates.

It’s kind of like if you look at a computer – it’s kind of like getting the access codes to the machine so that’s what we are about to get when we become fully conscious beings.

A. Wow I love that description. And in fact, you know hologram is a word that is really tossed around a lot on the internet and I felt like your description was very intriguing. You were talking about how our reality hologram or special interdimensional light and I was wondering how does the matrix fit into that equation?

S. Well you’re talking about at the beginning of each reality has a basic grid. Because what has happened is the interdimensional prism set up by the divine love has taken this light, has made it unidirectional and created its own special level of how in that particular dimension reality we operate – what’s in there, what’s not in there. Well if you look at the framework, each framework contains a matrix. What has happened is those beings who were given a reality over us – first the Atlanteans, and then Heaven for a limited time allowing the Anunnaki which are the space Gods and Goddesses, quote on quote, they for a time had the ability to interact with this. Heaven told them that the basic aspect of this access codes were not to be touched because at a certain time this whole thing which is our physical selves was going to be completely changed back into what we once were, which is fully conscious beings. That’s what is happening right now.

The Anunnaki and the Ancharans with the dark energy, the dark continuum in this particular galaxy (A. Wow) went forth and said in the mid 90’s that the time for change has occurred, they created peace – because there had been galactic wars in this particular realm of ours for millions of years and this has now ended. So what we have now is the shift and the large major chunk of the shift which is why the dark group is so anxious to see what is going on here is that we are now being changed. And Earth has always been a sacred sacred place because the singularity that created this entire galaxy and if you go into the DVD I will explain to you how the two basic aspects that are part of how all matter is created on a large scale – out of fractals which were discovered in the last few decades and vortexes. And vortex physics has with quantum mechanics created aspects of how all this operates and if you look at it and you understand by going through the simple terms of….- as one physicist said to me once, the key is not to get involved in all the mathematics; the mathematics is just there to just kind of have you stumble because Einstein used an advanced form or calculus and at the time of his death there were only 12 people in the whole planet who fully understood what that calculus was all about (A. Wow)

The key is not to get lost in that mathematics and shake your head saying I can’t figure this all out. The idea is to look at the simple terminology and use that to understand it because that’s what’s really important. So we have to really understand – okay lets use simple mathematics, we don’t have to do use advanced differential calculus or even as Einstein did – tensor calculus.

What we need to do is to understand there are principles involved in that and that these principles need to be used and discovered and that’s what I was doing with I guess most of what was in A Journey to Joy.

A. I also think you know, a lot of people still have a difficult time maybe wrapping their head around ‘grids’ because I think most people realize that everything is made of light (S. right) but I like the way you described how the light actually creates the grids and was wondering if you could maybe get into – you know you were talking about the outbreath, I think was very interesting.

S. What we have to really realize is that when we get thoroughly into the whole process of how these grids are created, we have to understand – as I was just explaining – there is a divine light and that divine light comes from the divine love of the Creator. As this light moves through the dimensional levels, it creates these grids and realities. So what happens is the love creates these prisms – I like to call them inner dimensional light prisms and what they do is they take a shape and they create it. And they create first of all this what I like to call the serial pattern which is the framework – which is the matrix then they go deeper into the densities and they start creating stuff that we know, like sun, stars and of course us. And as you see all of this you begin to see that there are frequencies and there’s all kinds of things like I talked about the nature of convergence etc. But you need to just go through simple definitions of it and take it point by point.

1st point – Every reality has a set group of frequencies, and these frequencies converge. That means they coalesce with each other and then out of this coalescence comes how different things are formed. What is the levels of energy within each of these frequencies that it is allowed to have. So as these energies are created, they create these frequencies, you find out that Earth has a set frequency, we have a set frequency, lions or tigers for instance on this planet or elephants, dolphins or whatever, they have a set frequency.

So what happened is, as it came down, it classified it in each reality what the basic aspects of it were to be within this reality. In other words, the access codes of the matrix and from the access codes we create the frequencies that create all things. And that is basically what happens without getting into it because I can’t show people the different charts so that people can understand it. Because I think without a picture even though you created it as simple as possible, it probably still seems a little confusing to people.

A. Yeah this was definitely a meaty DVD, but I’ve learned a couple of things that were just really important for my realization of how the planets were formed, how they coexist with one another. You know, to go back for a second, I thought you described Divine Love very simply, can you go over that again?

S. Sure. Divine Love is the essence energy, I’ll just use that different term, it’s the essence energy. It is that which makes all things and out of it comes light. It’s kind of like light is the pattern that forms because of the love so the love mixes with itself and creates the light. The light – love and light then creates space in our outwards dimensions, out of these spaces comes matter, out of this matter comes all of us, everything. Look around you, you see buildings, you see atmosphere, you see the planet, you look at the night and you see the stars twinkling, that is all part of that process.

A. And you define it so simply. Think about it folks, Divine Love makes all things, it really does give you a different concept about what love truly is. (S. hm hm) If you’re looking at it through more of this lens rather than a more romanticized point of view.

Now you did talk a lot about prisms and mirrors – is that because this is basically a pyramidal dimension?

S. No, what happens is, in between each dimension and reality there is a flux space. This flux space has within it naturally occurring prisms, light materials or mirrors because what we’re doing is we’re creating out of this divine love, we’re creating this divine light, this interdimensional light then has to pass through a medium in order to shift and that’s what this flux is doing. We could go into the ships and talk about how flux is used to go from one reality to another. Which is why if you know exactly how the vibrational patterns operate, you can go from Earth to let’s say Sirius in about 7 minutes.

A. Wow, wow, so that puts space/time in a whole new concept doesn’t it?

S. Right, when people talk about physics, they don’t talk about flux, they discount it. Fluxes – you might call them the supernumerary borders that are between all these realities and dimensions because within each dimension there is an endless or an infinite set of realities and we are in a certain limited conscious reality so we have around us which is why we can look through the mirror of our reality and we can actually see all the other realities and they together form a picture of what we like to call the 3D world around us – this is what physics is looking at and astrophysics is so amazing that 96% of everything they call either dark matter or dark energy and that’s the stuff that makes us. So actually we’re talking with all our theorems and whatever you want to call them – they’re definitely not laws. And the concept of physics with the speed of light is definitely wrong.

A. Wow

S. You’ve got to go to these flux spaces and when we go in there, the laws of physics as we know them do not exist. And all we’re talking about is just like 6% of reality. You wouldn’t call something that science could only see 6% of reality but that is what they do and they have these laws. Understand that once you break through by raising your frequencies in the proper way into these fluxes, if you want to go warp 200 you can do it like that. So there’s no universal law of speed of light.

A. You know, I heard that too Sheldan – that there’s just so many laws that we’ve been taught through quantum physics that are really being negated.

You know before I say anything else I just want everyone to notice that there is this huge siren going by and it went on for what? a couple of minutes, Sheldan while you were talking. We’ve had so many interruptions for this interview. (S. Isn’t it amazing) So everybody pay attention because there are things that are going to come from this interview that obviously someone doesn’t want us to talk about. (Both laugh softly)

So now how do the platonic solids come into play with this?

S. Well the five major platonic solids – when the early mathematicians, in this case the Greeks, looked at it they came up with the concepts of what I call the basic laws of geometry. And of course geometry simply means the measurement of the Earth.

So they were looking at what are the shapes? What are the conditions of certain basic ways you look at things? They really didn’t have advanced formulas – they were just A + B = C, you know they were not doing fancy stuff. They weren’t putting in all these limitation things and everything else you have in calculus. They were just looking at the world and trying to see how does that that triangle operate? How does that relate to everything else? And so they came up with these basic solids which to them were the stable aspects of geometry. And then they based all the other stuff that they learned, all the different theorems, etc, on the nature of these solids. And of course, if you look at how they figured it out, this is also the basis of what’s called sacred geometry. And you find it in all the different kinds of pyramids and (?) are measured in cones, and etc, which are part of the solids. You discover quickly how their math worked.

And of course they had one guy in ancient Greece who measured within a few hundred miles the circumference of the Earth (A. Wow) and all they knew was Greece and the Mediterranean.

A. Wow. Isn’t that interesting? Well now you also spoke about the grids having rules, (S. Right) and I thought that was really interesting, could you go over that a little bit?

S. Sure. Every grid that creates a reality within it is set up by either the strongest most conscious force that is going to occupy it and by the various administrations of Heaven and they decide this particular matrix is set up to be able to do this and that and this and that so they outline it. (A. Hmm) So everything that is ‘born’- now I’ll use a quote with that – within that framework of that particular grid operates according to how it works and even modern physics has come up with this concept of physics and pre-physics. They realize everything within this set reality has limitations – in other words, what it can do and what it can’t do.

Now when you get to a fully conscious grid, those limitations are vast, so they are virtually erased. (A. Ah) Because when you become fully conscious, you can do amazing incredible things.

So what is needed then is for us to realize all this grid is – it’s like a boundary for the energies within it to perform how they wish to do so – like set up a life contract and etc and play it out with each other, that’s what this is all about. But when you have fully conscious grids, you can go from one grid to another grid to another grid. You understand how this operates. You are one with Heaven; you are one with the Creator. And of course the ultimate level of love is joy and as a matter of fact in Sirian the word for God is Ja Ta which means the joy of heaven.

A. I know that’s so pretty. So when you say going from one grid to another grid to another grid isn’t that kind of the same as astral travel or space travel?

S. Its similar to it, yes.

A. And also I was wondering when you’re talking about getting to a higher state of consciousness where you have far less limitation, can you describe – what could we not do once we reach a fully galactic full consciousness status?

S. The question almost is what can’t we do, we can do practically everything (laughs slightly)

A. Wow so we can walk through walls, we can travel from here to Jupiter in a millisecond kind of thing right?

S. Right. Plus you can change your shape, you can make yourself bigger or taller, you can change if you want to be male or female, you can change the whole concept of how you want to live your life provided it is within the life contract. (A. gasps)

One of the things that happens before everybody is born is you go with your counsels, you go with the highest level of administration that is part of what you are doing, its part of your life stream, you come together and you work out how you’re going to do this life contract, who you want to meet etc, what kind of energy, life represents certain kinds of energy, you go through the whole thing – in the case of Sirian is 3000 years of earth years and so you ask yourself what is it that I want to do?

So one of the things that the Sirians taught me when I was on the ships was very simply, you learn everything in your spiritual existence, the very essence of what your love and joy is – you’re taking certain parts of that and you’re expanding it out to its maximum level and then later in another life you’ll take other aspects of that and expand it out to its level and doing all of that you’re retaining the knowledge because what happens is – their ascension process and rebirth and ascension and rebirth, all the things that happened, whatever it is, what experience, what incident and anything else you can possibly think of, its all in there in your akashic records and you have complete review of that. You go into the administration in Heaven and they appoint will a guardian for you and you can through your entire akashic records lets say a hundred life times back. Because what you’re doing – they consider every life to be divine service to the universe – what can I do? What can I not do to help others? How do I work together collectively to expand the love energies and the light energies within any reality and also you ask yourself how do I work successfully during my lifetime to expand wisdom that I have?  How does that wisdom grow?  And that’s what they are interested in.

Their concept – and I’ll use that only in quotes – their currency is basically love and light. The Sirians used to always tell me when I was a kid especially that they saw this Earth society and considered it to be upside down and backward because the last thing you want to do is to do things that are totally against what you want because somebody has created an instrument, almost like a mind/illusionary instrument to force you to do what they want and not what you want to do and they thought that was upside down and backwards. (A. hm hm) So one thing I learned about them – they do not have any concept of ‘less than,’ they see themselves as a great group of incredible beings working together to create a better universe, that’s how they look at the world.

A. Sure, and they have to be seen this as an upside down maniacal thing. I mean look at the way we’re set up. First of all everything practically is a lie (S. hm hm) and all that we have been taught goes against the grain of acknowledging our own sovereign birthright and our free will which is what you were talking about. (S. Right)

Okay now talk a little about – I thought this was the coolest thing of all, this was a big aha for me – you were talking about the grid creating a divine cross and the cross of course is in all the ancient archaeology throughout the world. Everybody is mesmerized if not interested in the cross.

This was a little different spin for me so I wanted you to talk about that.

S. Okay up to now we’ve been talking about the grid and the potentials. And the potential is majored in physics and frequencies and what the cross and a lot of other similar things do is they are expressing the nature of the love and light at that particular frequency.

The cross is looked at even in traditional sacred geometry as an attractor. That’s why it’s always been related in most ways to Heaven – because it is a divine attractor and that’s what’s really the important point that I would think would be out of that.

A. Beeaaauuutiful, god I just love that.

And then – I have a little bit of a difficult time when you were talking about the divine light is basically based out of two components – the vortices and the fractals. The vortices I totally get – I saw the As above So below, I saw the Zero Point film and that kind of thing, but are the fractals completely a separate manifestation?

S. No, they’re part of it

A. They’re part of it, okay.

S. They are part of it. If you were to look at fractals, you’d see it is being recreated big or small depending where it is in the entire workings of how you look at the fractal. The fractal could start out very small then it reproduces itself again and again and gets extremely big. Now the basis of what we are talking about here – lets look at the vortex. It’s kind of like a tornado.

A. Yes

S. And it spins. Because the spin is the basis of all motion. So if you look at the fractal, the fractals are constantly in motion. An example, all kinds of sacred geometry – and even in the nautilus, the most famous example of fractals. You find it in every leaf, you find it in everything – fractals. Fractals are in motion. You can’t see that motion but it is there. So the fractals are reproducing all that the vortex can create. So the vortexes create the fractals, the fractals keep reproducing.

A. Aaahhhhhh, okay now I get it, that’s a lot clearer for me

S. That’s why sacred geometry is all about these numbers. High and high. (A. Ahhhh, okay)

If you look at all of that you begin to see all the concepts of the ancient Greeks which is about prime numbers etc. All these prime number things is how they create their fractal systems. What the Greeks were doing – and other civilizations were reproducing, they were doing the same in India and the sacred aspects of Egypt and China and also in the new world, what they were doing was showing how creation happens and of course they would be using what seemed like strange religious terms because they didn’t have the preciseness or the wisdom to understand it other than through this mirror of theirs, or window of theirs, that said everything that you look at and you create has to be according to this religious symbology that you have. So they attempted to tie both of them together and the result is, sometimes, if you look at the different religions of the ancient world it gets pretty confusing so I understand why people would be confused.

A. But you know you’ve done a great job you know, tackling a very scientifically orientated topic and making it a little bit easier for those that aren’t so scientific to understand so I thank you for that.

So how do spheres play into this?

S. Okay, spheres are the perfect balance. The circle is the symbol of balance. And of course the ancient geomentors understood that the original orbit of the Earth took 360 days to orbit the sun. (A. Okay) So that’s the perfect circle. So the perfect circle is 360. That’s why.

A. It’s so logical. You know when you talk about it, it just seems so simple. Wow.

This is kind of a side question but you were saying that everything is based on spheres and I remember the last time I interviewed you, I asked you about the flat earth.

Why does all the water always find a flat surface no matter how big an area it is?

S. Because it has surface tensions. So it appears flat like a mirror. If you look at a lake, it’s a small lake not a big lake that constantly has currents in it, there are no waves, but even then you’ll notice how everything in the water, even the waves tend to be whether they’re cycles of one wave or another are exactly the same – which is why a wave when you see it coming in you look across, it looks the same, it’s curling in at all the same time (A. True) What’s happening is there is surface tension in the water, so it appears flat, but it’s not. It’s on a curved surface. What we have to realize is that if you look at the horizon line, it curves down. Once again, the medieval religion, Christian religion of that time in Europe, thought that the natural curve of the Earth meant it was going someplace else. (A. Huh) And the Mayans said the same thing they called the world beneath this horizon line the dark planet. The have all different names for it.

But we have to remember and this is one of the most important things for people to understand. The Anunnaki wanted to create the image in humanity, the limited consciousness of humanity of fear and the greatest fear of all is the dark world. It’s going to come out and get you. It’s like the beginning of the first horror movie. So what happens is, this fear then allows them to control you. But what we need to understand is the Earth is curved and when you go out in space and you see the planet you see the curvature, you see – you can actually go where night becomes day and go to the curvature line and you can see that the planet is not going under to another place, its just spinning around in its own version of its very strange circle.

This planet has been compacted and decreased in size so the result is it looks very, very different to people on the property in other words down here on the land versus these people up there in orbit.

And I can understand where all this Flat Earth stuff comes from (A. giggles) but I just don’t believe in it. And if you’ve ever been in space as I have been and you look down and you see the planet from a distance, in other words, like the orbit of Jupiter, it’s this unbelievable small thing but it’s going around in a circle. I just don’t believe it. I understand where people can come up with these ideas because there are various concepts of anomalies with this that you can create.

But once you go into space you see what an anomaly this concept of flatness is. And of course, I know the flat Earth was so powerful in the 15th and 16th century, because of certain papal bulls, in other words, agreements (A. Hm hm) that people were afraid of it. Copernicus didn’t write his story of the Curved Earth until – as he told his son ‘You do not publish this until I’m dead and buried’. (A. No kidding – laughing – yeah it wasn’t that easy to rock the boat back in those days, was it?) No, it wasn’t. You’d be tremendously tortured and then in all of that pain they would then allow you to die in something even more painful like getting burned to death. (A. Yeah) So naturally Copernicus said to his family, You do not publish my papers until I’m dead and buried.

A. Yes, yes. So the other thing I thought was really interesting is you were talking about how Mother Earth has electromagnetic life energies and therefore that which lives on her or with her must have the same.

S. Right. Well what we’re talking about planets, stars and other heavenly objects are electrogravitic; and electromagnetic are animals like ourselves and everything else that lives on the surface.

Of course, we will be able to change the nature of our now dipole electromagnetic reality when we become fully conscious because we have basically been lowered to just above animal level of existence.

A. Wow when you say it like that, that’s really sad. (laughing)

S: It is really sad. When I was up with the Sirians, you could see the difference – like you said, you could walk through walls. Once they gave me a little meter with a little pin that would actually allow me to do that. And I can say, it’s a weird feeling.  It feels like somebody is putting an ice cube down your back when you walk through walls.

A. Wowwww, I can’t wait! (both laugh) Just to be able to walk through a mountain, you know? Look inside the planet, that would be very, very cool. (S. Yes)

Well, the reason I ask about that is I know you said there is a relationship between the electromagnetic versus the electrogravitic. (S. Yes, right)

Does that apply just within our solar system, because you said each grid has his own set of rules and I was wondering if other solar systems or galaxies don’t have that same kind of……

S. Well, we have immediately clustered around us similar realities, similar frequencies, similar rules of frequencies (A. Right) and that’s what we see when we look out at the sky.

Those that have a higher frequency, that’s why you have those great voids when we look out at the stars. (A. Hmmm) And of course the astrophysicists can tell you those seemingly looks like small great voids to us are millions of light years and there’s a lot of space in a light year. (A. Wow) Think of a light going at 186 thousand miles per second (A. Wow) One light year, that’s 6 trillion miles; I mean that’s a distance.

A. Well how do you feel about that? As far as, is there really miles?

S. No, I really look at it in a different way because we’re looking and trying to create a body of knowledge within the energies that we created and of course the energies we created in physics is simply as Rene Descartes said way back in the 18th century that everything had to be according to the lowest common denominator, and that means the spiritual aspects of science or what it can measure has to be hacked away so that’s what science has done. It has always been like religious, the No. 1 believer that the only thing you can say is real is the physical world around us. If you see a wall and you hit it too hard you can break a bone. If you hit the air nothing happens.

A. True

S. So that’s the basic concept of what they want – what you see, truly see is real, what you can’t is not and science right now is in the process of changing all of that. Quantum mechanics is leading us into a whole new reality of getting rid of Rene Descartes and a lot of concepts of physics.

When you look at various people like Professor Wheeler who when he was doing physics at Ohio State was able to explain to people that there are different realities. And that to me was the first beginning in quantum physics of looking at the world and seeing that it’s not the same homogenized thing you see around you but actually there are realities that can happen. (A. Yes)

There are realities that act like pre-physics which means all the rules that we know don’t exist and of course that’s most of this world out there beyond our planetary system. (A. Well…..) Go ahead.

A. Sorry to interrupt you but isn’t it true that so much of our science is based on Albert Einstein’s – you know – law of relativity and they’ve completely debunked quite a bit of what he has presented?

So my question is – most of the scientific community is basically doing postulates and experiments etc based on these basic rules that aren’t even necessarily true? (S. That’s correct)

S. My big thing when I was a teenager was I wanted to be an astrophysicist and then I kind of laugh at it. (Slightly laughs)

– Because what I wanted to do was take this stuff that Washta had and take the theorems and the postulates and all this science has and show how they could be merged together. (A. hhhmm) When I was taking physics 101 and 102 I ended up with a guy who was the vice chairman of the department who was a Newtonian and he believed that Newton was his God and if anyone who offended the God he was almost like King Louis the 14th –‘Throw him out the door please’ and that’s what they did with me.

A. So sad and I know it’s been a really uphill battle because I was going to bring up wants when we get to it is Nassim Haramein which I’m sure you’re familiar with and he’s done quite a bit of phenomenal work. (S. Oh yeah) – when you were talking about the Harmonic Convergence, and you were talking about the harmonic points which we’ll get to in a few minutes – that was one of the questions I had for you – do you agree that the planets are actually being dragged by the sun in a spiral pattern? (S. Oh yeah, I do) Yeah, me too. I thought that was just fascinating.

Well, okay now the other thing you talked about which was cool was how shapes are created. Is it true – do I have it clear that just the mere movement in opposite directions is what actually creates a shape? (S. Yes, it does) Ohhh, I got that right. – (Giggles) (S. You did)

Okay, now what about – you also said there are harmonics which are really, really crucial for the grid and the actual hologram itself, how everything is based on harmonics and my question to you is- they always talk about how opposites attract but what you have been stating is that atoms attract other atoms of similar vibration, can you go over that?

S. Right this is a simple thing in physics called convergence. Every piece of matter is vibrating – from the smallest atom to the sub-atomic particles in the atom- that are vibrating, because basically everything at that small level is energy. So as you understand that, you know that there is a harmonic – because a harmonic is something, it’s a point … in other words everything gets up to a certain level then it wants to stop because it is vibrating at exactly at the right level that it wants to be at. (A. hmmm) And this is the convergence and that is why certain atoms of the same type of material are the same as every other type of material similar to that. So that’s what convergence simply means – simply know there are levels that everything has harmonics.

And what they have done with things like cell phones is instead of using the proper harmonics, they’ve gone above it and when you go above something, you destroy it. (A. gasps wow) So what they are doing basically is giving us a little instrument that has become the center of communication for the entire planet and what they are doing is creating a frequency that’s not good for our health and that’s why all kinds of warnings about brain cancer and all kinds of other things occurring from this – its because we are creating dis-balances. They could just have easily used the solfeggio currents that are harmonics and created stuff – cell phones, Ipads or whatever and put it at levels that allows our body to feel a convergence with it so there would then be a total interaction between the instrument of communication whatever it is and ourselves that would be beneficial. Because we would then have an instrument that is vibrating at a level that our whole body wants and this is what they’ve not done. Go ahead….

A. Well this is interesting too because if you’re talking about the dissonance from the cell phone versus the frequency that our body is vibrating at – have there been any tests where it actually proves the individual’s vibration is lowered or is it just dissonant?

S. It’s just dissonant. (A. Okay) There are levels of harmonics in each one of us that is slightly different but within a field – for example, if you were to take samples and you were to take a field and look at the whole field and then do the different tests you would find there are certain means within that field that are perfect and that’s the stuff that each one of these instruments should have been giving off. There are things called solfeggio frequencies and if they would have used those – those are instrumental things, when you would hear them, you can do it with a Tibetan bell, you will see that they totally make you feel good. (A. Oh yeah) And that’s why our stuff no matter what you’re using, whether it’s an Ipad or cell phone or whatever, that’s the frequencies they should be giving out and they knew that way back in the 50’s. They purposely did it. They create dissonance in our bodies.

A. That’s a shame. And you know I use Solfeggio frequencies a lot in my alchemy work Sheldan, and you can just totally bliss out by listening to those sorts of tones, they’re just….they are beautiful.

Now the other question I have here – you were talking about convergence and then you were talking about amplification. (S. Right) Can you clarify amplification versus convergence or are they one and the same?

S. No, they’re slightly different. They have a slight difference. Convergence is what we’ve been talking about (A. Right) Now lets talk about amplification. If you have a singer singing in the same note and you take another singer and put them next to them singing in that same note as well, it will get louder, that’s amplification.

A. Okay, okay cool. Uh, wow. Now you also dove into how 97% of our RNA and DNA is dormant and I was going to ask you at this point in time before becoming a fully galactic being what ways would you recommend that we move to more of a full usage of our RNA and DNA?

S. First of all, what was discovered by the Russians and the British and various other groups that are studying DNA right now, they are beginning to see, as they look through their electron microscopes that what was originally called junk DNA by Watson and Crick when they first discovered it, they are now discovering that what is in this RNA/DNA is it is coming alive. Not only that, but it is encoding. Just like a computer – if a computer wants to talk with another computer it has to encode it – it has to work at the same level of symbols/symbology as that other computer works at. That bringing together encodes them – that is a similar principle is now happening to our RNA/DNA so what is therefore occurring is that the so called junk RNA/DNA is actually coming alive and beginning to merge with the RNA/DNA so a lot of people are now going from 2 strand RNA/DNA to a 3, 4 or a 5.

Most of the more advanced young children are being born right now – the Crystals etc. They have 2, 3 and 4 and even 5 strands RNA/DNA within their bodies and they have the ability to take that energy because it is so much more pleasant to us and utilize it and that’s why they have a natural energy for telepathy. And of course, what happens is when children start talking to other children, they are doing the same encodement with one another and training their brain cycles so they can talk with one another and what they do is they are doing the same with their parents and it comes out of their parents’ minds as a loud voice similar to their own and of course we can do all kinds of stories about how these wonderful little kids have saved their parents when they are driving around.

A. So basically the younger children that are being born with more strands in tact, is it kind of like they just didn’t have to work as hard as we did – those of us that were born 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago, we have to work a little harder to get those actual strands activated whereas they are born right out of the gate with those strands activated?

S. Exactly, because they are supposed to be – and they are older, in their teens etc instead of being just at 2 months old or something like that. They are meant to be the leaders in this society. So what we have are groups that when these little kids are changed in the crystal light chamber, they can move their codes very easily into young adulthood and become leaders because that’s what they came here for and of course the minute they get fully conscious – all the stuff that in their life contracts, whatever incidents etc., it just starts to happen and make the contact what they are going to be doing is they are going to become counsellors to all different peoples and they know that their divine service will be to spend an initial time counselling not only their parents but people around them whose basic purpose is to learn – in other words they understand their job is to be a teacher at a certain time and they know that at a certain time that will happen and therefore a lot of them look at this present world and just ignore it and people are wondering why don’t they care – because they know its going away and they would rather get on with it (A. Right, right) instead of listening to what’s on the news every day.

A. It’s kind of like out of the mouths of babes will come all the wisdom.

S. Exactly.

A. So Sheldan do you agree that because of this ascension process we’re going through, do you agree that a lot of us that are older are actually becoming younger and have the ability to live out a much longer life still?

S. We do, we do but once we get the landings and once we get to the point where they can get the light chambers on, that will change us immediately to our fully conscious selves, we youth anyway. (A. Hmmm)

The average person from that I’ve seen of the Sirians – they all look like they are between 18 and 22 – every one of them. This guy says ‘I’m 2000 years old’ you go ‘what’? (Laughs)

A. That is so cool. (S. Yeah) Oh my God is that going to make everybody’s day or what? (Both laugh)

So you also talked a lot about the positive and negative spin of matter and how everything comes out at a point. The question I have for you is, isn’t the point – which you also refer to I think as the singularity, is that not also the same as zero point field?

S. It is. (A. Okay) It is the greatest misnomer in physics as far as I’m concerned (A. Really?) When I was doing this research I called this space energy. But anyway I don’t really understand the …….okay zero point means

the point of minimum or absolute lack of motion – it’s like zero kelvin. So I look at this and I say that isn’t what’s happening. All that’s happening is when it comes to a certain point it diverges into to everything else. It’s like you have a point or like the nozzle of a – lets say a hose and the water reaches that point and then it just spreads out (A. Wow) and that’s what’s happening here.

I learned there is a point where all of this energy fields converge and if you touch that energy field it won’t kill you – it may be 10,000 volts and 500 amperes which according to the laws of physics as we know it, they should fry you – it doesn’t – it just throws you across the room like you got picked up by one of those characters in one of those action movies and throws you across the room.

A. (Laughs)

Well now how does that apply to a black hole? Are they kind of one and the same?

S. No. (A. No?) Physics understands at least something. A black hole – the reason why it is black is because it is a void, because it’s going through a higher level. When it’s coming from the higher level down, it’s not a black hole, it’s a white hole (A. Ahhhhhhh) and if it’s doing both at the same time, it’s grey.

A. Woooowww. Okay if it’s grey, is that similar to zero point?

S. Somewhat, somewhat (A. Okay) because it’s like you’re in a rubber band, you’re getting pulled to a certain level bounced back to the original point.

A. Wow. But the point with zero point is – you’re saying it’s going through a point of singularity instead of just going everywhere (S. Going everywhere yes) which is similar to the quantum field where all things are possible.

Okay, okay cool. Okay so you talked about gravity being like a musical note, I was so fascinated by this part and I really want you to explain to the world, how a low consciousness planet ends up singing versus a higher consciousness planet

S. Well what we have to understand – let’s just take gravity on our planet as an example. You have anomaly points. You have points of high gravity, you have points of low gravity and you have points of no gravity (A. Okay) where the energy is so low it is virtually immeasurable. And if you look at that, you look around the Earth you see that there are there are these special nodal points for the gravity. And the same thing exists with consciousness. There are points of very little minimal consciousness, there’s points of very high or full consciousness and there’s points of very limited or low consciousness.

All these consciousness points have the ability to transform and this is something that will happen to our planet, our planet is going to greatly transform. So what we need to understand then is these many possibilities and they are what we’re talking about here. (A. Wow) I hope that makes people understand it better.

A. Yeah and so in the areas where there is low gravity and low consciousness, is that just because there wasn’t any light directed to that location?

S. It’s just the nature of how gravity spreads across an imperfect sphere which is what we have on our planet right now. Our planet used to be a perfect sphere, it used to have a 360 degrees orbit which was applied to 360 days which is why the traditional year around the world is 360 days as it represents each degree of the circle because it used to go through one degree every day and would keep going until it got to 360 and then it would be back to starting point.

A. Interesting. And that folks would be another good indicator as to why the Gregorian calendar is bunk. (laughing)

S. Exactly, that was made by a bunch of monks who were trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

A. Yeah, unfortunately. So now what is really near and dear to my heart is you also went over our new solar system. I thought this was really cool. I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit – you’ve travelled to all of those various planets right?

S. Yeah I’ve been around. (A. Laughs)

We must remember though that Vulcan – Vulcan is in another space right now. (A. Okay) When the Italians discovered it in the middle of the 19th century, almost 200 years ago, in the 1840’s (A. Wow) they discovered Vulcan and they called it Vulcan because they said Wow this is the closest planet to the sun. So Vulcan was the God of heat, fire and volcanoes so they said we’ll call it Vulcan. Even though people get confused as it is also a planet in Star Trek, we have to understand it is a planet, an actual planet. It was photographed, its orbit was looked at, it was calculated and all that stuff then it disappeared – because it had to move to a higher level. So that’s one, that’s the inner most one.

Then if you go around, you go to Mercury and Mercury used to be called when I was in high school and college, it was called the most inactive planet – it was actually called the dead world. (A. Oh) Guess what is the most volcanic planet in this particular solar system right now? (A. Mercury?) You got it.

A. Seriously?

S. Seriously. And also like everything else I’ve been talking about – the vortices, Mercury is hollow, every planet is hollow

A. Right

S. So when you see the south pole of Mercury with this picture via NASA satellite you know that you’re not making it up, it’s real.

A. Yeah you have some good photos showing the poles at the north and south end of the planet. It’s incredible that you found those.

Now Sheldan, my question to you is – everybody hears about Venus; nobody really talks a lot about who is actually living within Venus at this time?

S. Right, they don’t, because the outer planet has all kinds of weird stuff going on – It’s basically a super hot house. (A. Ah) 700 degrees on the surface (A. Wow) which is very hot. Not only would it begin to make us sweat, it would probably create an advanced version of … just too hot. Our bodies would overheat tremendously, we would die from that.

But inside the planet, when you look inside where they show you where the interior is, in other words the vortexes show you that the north and south poles of the planet are hollow – inside there is an entirely different story. It’s actually a lot cooler. All this stuff that exists on the top of the planet doesn’t exist. The atmosphere is actually breathable and so in this special little world inside the planet we have Venetians. They are beings very similar to us. And most of them are also etheric which means they could exist on the outside the planet if they wanted to but they don’t. They want to be able to go on the inside of the planet and basically take care of what’s left of the eco systems of the planet that are living inside and prepare at the right moment when all this shifts to put together in this tremendous world. You know Venus is practically the same size of Earth. And she has basically the same surface that we had when it was pristine – in other words they have a bunch of really magnificent oceans.

A. You know and that was really intriguing to me that you said that Venus and Earth are almost identical in size and you were talking about how Mars was almost like the watchdog right? So to speak between …..

S. Well it’s basically a lot smaller. It’s between a quarter and a half of the size of our planet – it’s not very big and it has 2 little weird burnt remnants of its 2 moons running around on the outside and of course on the outside is a system that looks very much like a forever desert with very low level of atmosphere (A. Wow) and if you look at all of that, it doesn’t look too nice.

A. No, it doesn’t. And in fact Sheldan you brought up another good point which is – because of the Anchara Alliance and all the destruction from all the previous galactic wars, is it to be assumed that all of these planets would be inhabitable like Earth if that had not occurred?

S. They were, they were – that’s why you have the anomalies on the surface of Mars, the so-called face of Mars, pyramids of Cydonia etc etc etc. These are actual remnants of what once was a great civilization that existed in the inside of the planet and had various all-fully conscious groups who had actual sacred places and if you look at the location of where they are on the planet – they are at sacred nodes – that these were where they came to maintain the planet and maintain all life in both the surface world and the inner world.

A. Wooowww. So are you saying when you talk about surface world and inner world are you saying that when we become fully conscious galactic beings where our consciousness is mirroring our bodies and everything is in balance and we’re basically a microcosm of the planet itself which is a macrocosm where internally it’s in balance as it is externally, why then does everyone choose to live within the planet?

S. When you live within the planet you’re in the basis of the spiritual energy of that planet. You are working with the planet’s ethos and its spiritual hierarchy to maintain a balance, to maintain an ability of that particular system’s spiritual etc, that is the basis of what Mars or Venus or Earth is all about – to maintain that energy. So that as that energy works, it then spreads across not only the inner planet but across the surface. And one of the things that we have discovered, ourselves, people studying whales and dolphins they have discovered that what they do is to create the energies that allow every Spring in the north of and the equivalent of every Spring in the south which is our Fall – they actually bring life back every time.

A. Oh my God. (with emotion) You know I remember I actually started crying when I … I just love the whales and dolphins.

This is another question I have for you. You mentioned that each of the planets is going to have it’s own purpose, its own role, and you talked about Mars being the science center and you talked about Venus being like the vacation and healing area. (S. Hm hm) Is that true for all solar systems? Do they tend to set up that kind of set up?

S. They tend to do that. For instance in Sirius there is one planet that is the main one for everything that goes on within that particular Star Nation. There’s another planet a little bit further out which is more deserty and it’s more of an extra planet; in other words it’s where you go for recreation. It’s a little bit hot on the outside than normal, on the inside there is the equivalent of oceans and everything else. So it’s kind of like a rec center area.

So you have a working planet and the other planet. They have these two. And one of the things that…..this happened to me when I was first starting out – this was about 1992. I was with a friend. He was going across in Washington and we stopped in this city, I forget the name of it. And a friend of his was the former wife of this healing guy who had died, and he had gotten this beautiful – it was almost like a lead sculpture and it had these major planets and the central sun and everything. And when I saw it the first time I just started crying and they wondered why and they said that had bee the same reaction the healer had had. As a matter of fact when he saw it, he had run to his bank as quickly as he could because the guy wanted it  in cash and came back with the money.

A. Wow

S. And what it is, when you look at it, it’s a perfectly-made sculpture of the two main inhabited planets of Sirius B as looking at it from above. (A. Oh my) and it’s perfectly done, perfectly done. (A. Sounds gorgeous) It’s B e a u t i f u l. And then of course she immediately said, I don’t care how much money you’re offering, I’m not letting you buy it. (A. laughing – Yeah, no kidding) It stays here in this room.

A. I’ll Bet. I was also intrigued by you calling Earth the new conference center, can you talk a little bit about how that is going to play out?

S. Well what’s going to happen is – there right now exists between the Agarthans and the Federation a large amount of interaction. And what they want to do is to convert their main base that the Federation built into a center where people from all across the galaxy as well as other galaxies can come and then be able to hold conferences so they can determine what works with creating relationships between not only star nations but between galaxy to galaxy. That’s one of the big things. (A. Gasps) And because of the singularity – which when you get fully conscious – you can feel that energy tremendously – that would be a natural place to gather because that energy creates a feeling of well beingness and they thought that would be perfect. That’s why they were looking at our planet when it became fully conscious as a conference center.

A. Now do you see that conference center – and I’m sure its more than one of course – but do you see that occurring outside of the planet or on the inside the planet?

S. The inside.

A. Okay. And just by the way Sheldan, ever since the accident in 2001, that is constantly the information I have received. (S. Hm hm) so thank you for that, you’ve just given me more confirmation.

S. Okay

A. Okay, how about Saturn – everybody looks at Saturn as Satan and you know, the black box location where all the really nasty, dark people – I really don’t want to call them people – but beings hang out doing their black magic ceremonies etc. How is Satan – I mean – how is Saturn going to play a role in this?

S. Well, Saturn like Jupiter is really the closest of the so-called giants, the gas giants. If you were to look at the size of Saturn and look at the size of Jupiter to our planet, we’re like a little marble. (A. Yeah big time)

What we have to realize is, they convert the energy that is constantly coming in from deep space into more friendly energy and that more friendly energy then goes into the sun and then comes in to feed all the planets.

So what they’re doing is they’re kind of doing like a harmonic convergence out there of all this energy (A. Wow) and allowing the sun to then take that energy in and send it out as a more complete set of frequencies that actually helps to make all the planets to exist.

A. Oh my God, so basically the way that it is right now that’s why they focus on Saturn – because it’s converting energy coming from deep space.

S. Right. And it’s doing it at a lot lower level because all the planets in our solar system had to be lowered in frequency because when we became the only being living on the surface that was totally involved in the very low level – as I just explained before – low level degree of consciousness, you then discover very deeply that all of this energy has a reason for existence. In other words, if they were to send in this high level energy, it would wipe us out when it came back out through the Sun so they have to convert everything at a lower level so our entire system has been lowered down from Pluto all the way into the Sun. It has to get lowered because if it wasn’t we couldn’t exist in the solar system.

A. That’s so fascinating. OMG. And then you also talked about Uranus returning to its upright position. How would that affect us – like what changes would we start noticing just by that alone?

S. The frequencies on the planet are going to change drastically. In the old, old text way back to the Greek times, Uranus – even though they didn’t know it, it was hypothetical back in the ancient Greek times – up to the present, they see Uranus as a center for spirituality. So actually what Uranus will do when it becomes fully conscious again, it will take the energy that is coming in towards Saturn and Jupiter and it will help further moderate its spiritual essences. So what we have to understand is the gas giants are at the outer end of our solar system because they are the filters of all the energy coming in to our solar system. And the Sun also exists at the levels we can see it but also is also a multidimensional being and it takes that energy as well and brings it in. So what we are having – look at the Sun as kind of like a radio, it has both energies that can’t be measured and it has filtering system that goes out into the solar system. So you do that and you get to understand it.

When I was ten, I had a visitation from the solar people that live inside the Sun (A. Hm hm) and they give me all kinds of information about all of this. And there is now a theory which is beginning to explain what they were talking about which is the whole concept of the electrical nature of this universe. So we have an electrical nature for the Sun and everything else that exists in this galaxy and other galaxies and of course they have discovered that there is lightning that happens at very low levels. But if you realize that there is an electrical energy and it is transferring constantly across the universe, and with all the other things that are happening you can see that indeed, there is a concentration going on within this universe. And its pretty amazing stuff but of course we can’t measure it at any large levels because we, with our limited concept that only if it’s real can we invent meters for it. We need to start inventing meters as spiritual science has across the galaxy and start measuring all the phenomena and understand exactly the true state of how this living universe operates and interacts because remember the whole is like a giant body and it has parts and so each one of the galaxies is a small infinitesimal part of some basic aspect of what a physical being would need in order to survive. And so you see this and suddenly all these spirals coming around, the various fractals interacting with that, and you see the energies going back and forth and suddenly you see the immensity of an incredible pattern – you see that what has been created here by the creator is an immense, unbelievable, beautiful system and we need to really understand it in that context and get out of our really limited xenophobia (A. Laughs) concept of reality and we really need to do that.

A. I know, and hey, I mean I thoroughly enjoyed this because you really gave me a different concept of the solar system – just completely….how everything has so much a purpose and that it all fits with the entire organization or cooperation – you know – each has its own place within the entire system itself. (S. whispers, right)

Now one of the other things that I just found mind blowing and I had to literally replay it to make sure I heard you – and that was you talking about Bolona.

S. That was the original one I had, of course. We have a thing between Mars and Jupiter which is called the the asteroid belt.

A. Right, and the part that just blew my mind was – you said that they went in to destroy it because it was the headquarters of the dark and they deliberately left the asteroid belt so they could come back later and create it once again. Can you talk a little bit about that? That was just fascinating.

S. Okay, everything has – it’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle. There are tens of thousands pieces or maybe even hundreds of thousands of pieces because there are so many big rocks and small rocks. Each one of them has a frequency and energy that converges with another piece and so when the Elohim and the Federation come in they can just, using their instruments can create fields which will quickly allow this now destroyed planet to put itself back together again – just to put it in a nutshell without explaining forever how its done – because it’s a looong story, there’s 6 parts to it.

A. Really?! (S. Right) Well you and I definitely should do that on another interview because to me that was like an aha moment to read about that.

You also mentioned the face on Mars and you talked a little bit about it being the original race of Earth. How does that – because it looked a lot like an ape, right?

S. It looks that way but actually if you look at it and you extrapolate from the shape of it, you see that actually it is the face of a human. (A. ooooooo) And as you get there and you understand that – it looks almost…with the hood part over it, it looks almost like a pharaoh. (A. Yeah it does) So as you do this and you extrapolate and look at all of this you begin to understand that there once was a ritual city on the surface of this planet near an ocean (A. Amazing) and that this was a center.

Of course when the Ancharans came from Orion, they just wiped everything out. But because of the nature of these megaliths they were able to be formed properly and of course geology knows that if you look at anything that’s worn and you look at it from a distance the first immediate thing after some research is to say this is either man made or natural. You don’t know unless someone goes and explores it.

And of course the one thing NASA have done – is not try to take pictures of it from the surface, not attempted to take aerials directly over it, not attempted to find out what is in the various bits of sand in between these things, what is real and what is not. Because the last thing NASA wants is for us to understand this, because that changes the whole concept of every religion on this planet. (A. Sure, absolutely) And their job is not only rock boats but have the boat hit by a hundred foot tidal wave. (A. Laughs)

What they want to do is keep it either/or and constantly mess up any…. – all the pictures they do now are a little blurred. (A. Yes) What they are trying to do is not let anyone really make a study of this other than extrapolating possibilities. Because while you do that there’s always a chance there’s someone with a big fat degree in Martian geology and they can go forth and explain to you …..the easiest thing in the world is to become a doubter of something. So that’s what they do so, these guys have to play the sceptic and have to constantly keep that going.

But in reality, if you were really allowed to discover and look at these objects, you would discover these objects are man made, in other words are artificial. And once you said they’re artificial objects, and of course, they have all these theories about – and I say ‘theories’ in quotes – about how old the Martian surface really is. So they talk of the oceans of billions of years ago which is a bunch of hawky pawky. But anyway….

A. Did you see that photo that was flying around last year where there was actually a chicken walking across the Mars field?

S. I don’t know about any of that stuff because I need pictures that are not blurred and are at the right angles, otherwise I don’t really believe anything.

A: Well, and people are actually saying that a lot of the photos coming out of Mars were created in the desert in Sedona, Arizona.

S. Well, Cydonia with a ‘Cy’ and Sedona with ‘Se’ has very similar aspects to the desert.

A. I know, I just thought that was very coincidental. Now you also said there were crystal temples all over the Earth that would hold up the firmament and a lot of us have just started hearing about the so called firmament in the last 6 months or so. Can you explain to me exactly what the firmament is – and I think what you said – didn’t we have 3 firmaments right now but we are going to 2?

S. No, we don’t have any right now but we’re going to two.

A. We have no firmaments? (S. We have no firmaments) Isn’t that interesting!

S. This planet when its energy went down to the harmonics where we could live on the surface without getting fried in other words dying for the energies, You can take actually take somebody and increase the energy up to a certain level and they can shake every part of his body and they’ll have either massive heart attacks or failures of heart and liver and he’ll die.

But what we really have to really understand is, there is an energy in our world and there is an energy on Mars. And they don’t want us to know about all of this so…

As I understand more and more of what they’re doing, I can see it. You look at how they are trying to hide everything but it was weird when they did Mercury that they actually allowed for a complete look – other words the satellite that was going around Mercury actually took complete pictures of the polar region so you could see there was an interior of the planet, in other words Mercury is hollow. (A. hm hm) And of course, that geology right away says little Mercury which is just barely bigger than our moon, is hollow why doesn’t stuff like our Earth the same?

A. Right, yes it definitely blows a lot of holes in the presentation that this is a solid planet doesn’t it? So can you tell me a little bit about – you know you were talking about how the firmament is a layer of frozen water and it actually reflects light, can you talk a little bit about…..well first of all – if we have no firmament now, how are we functioning without a firmament if having two layers of firmament is the ultimate scenario.

S. Okay. When the atmosphere opened up, in other words, when the firmament went away – what happened was during some of the controversy of the wars of the various golden ages, the entire firmament collapsed. (A. Okay) That’s why ancient Greece and ancient Egypt had such incredible astronomy that discovered stuff – other words, stars and various other objects easily because one of the things the firmament does – they have two layers of ice crystals is, they are like a telescope. (A. Aaaahhh) More powerful telescope than the we’ve got orbiting around us right now. So they could look up – let’s say you were putting a pyramid together – they could look up and they could see it up there and they could adjust with their geometry exactly how to make it perfect and make it true north and true south so they did that, they could see it. (A. Hmmmm) So as you look through all of that and you see how it operated, it’s pretty incredible.

Now each layer – one is about 15-18 thousand feet, the second one about 35-38 thousand feet – they are roughly about 20 thousand feet across in terms of distance from each other. But each one was a level – if you were to take a quarter and turn it on its side and look at it that’s how thick ice each one of these levels was.

A. Okay

S. Now what did it do? It filtered out the background radiation. Appreciatively. About 80% of the background of the radiation would be gone. What does that mean for us? That means we would be much more healthy, that would mean our ageing would be maybe one half or less to what it is today

A. Wow!

S. Now we were tall humans. We were 8-10 feet tall in Atlantis. Yet when the firmament went down we went from an 8 to a 10 feet person aaalllll the way down to below 5 feet. And then gradually in the 3rd Golden Age we increased in size, we became adjusted and we got to become a regular size. That’s why when you look at ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks, most of these people were around 5’6” to 5’7”.

A. Okay

S. One of the things many people will do if they go to Europe and look at the ancient knights’ armour they will realize how small they are but in spite of this they were very strong. So we lost stature, we lost our length of life – because we probably were still living between 500 and a thousand years on this planet’s surface with the firmament up.

When the firmament left we went back down to maybe 40 years on average. So that’s a tremendous change and that’s what the firmament meant to us. (A. Wowww)

So when this is raised up again – as it will be, it’s part of the process of the planet increasing its frequencies and its abilities to return to its pristine form that it had long ago, it becomes a different world, a very different world. And when we let – after the great changes on the surface, we let it be, we will see a world that’s a lot different that what we never saw – we’ll see much bigger trees, I mean even the redwoods – think how big they would be with more oxygen and less radiation.

A. Wow. How exciting! Well thank you for that. I don’t know if I’d ever read up on that before, so that’s really cool. I’m learning another new tidbit today. (S: Well thank you)

Now you also talked about the grids and how they were obviously turned down to align with our state of consciousness, how do you see that that actually happened? I think my question is who, how, when, and was it strictly the dark that did that?

S. Well, when they created limited conscious beings in the labs in Atlantis, about 15,000 years ago, what they created was a being that had to be protected because that knew that the outside there was an atmosphere and there was an energy that couldn’t be controlled for us and we would have fried. Now suddenly Atlantis goes down, Ionia goes down, Lemuria had already gone down, the Anunnaki were now in charge because the Atlanteans left for Centaurus. Suddenly they realize they are in charge and they’ve got to create an outside that works. So they have very limited amount of beings – maybe few thousand spread across the planet that are left that didn’t get killed in the massive flooding that had occurred around the planet. So their job they feel, since they are their charges, is to protect them. And they’re protecting them not because of some wonderful opinion, they’re doing it because these are the people they want to control and they can’t control anybody if they’re dead. (A. Right)

So they immediately begin doing two things. First they lower the frequency and the firmament has died so they have the radiation so they let us shrink because there is a certain level where we will reach a basic balance with this new energy, our life spans will go down. But the thing that really freaks us out and they discovered is death because remember we were fully conscious beings – we didn’t die. We ascended into some other part of spiritual realms. And in the spiritual realms we went with our various guides and we created new lives and at a certain time when it was put altogether where we would go, who our parents were to be we then came back down. And we came back down as not like a baby that can’t remember anything and doesn’t have quite control of its body, we would have a degree of control of our body, etc.

So the whole process – think of everything you’ve ever believed in and thought you were is gone. (A. Wow) Think of the shock and the fear that creates. (A. Yes) And that was the beginnings of the Anunnaki control of us. But they realized to control us they needed to use death and fear so that’s what they did, because death suddenly became equal with fear. And so they always promised that if something went wrong, they took the fear and turned it into death and that’s how they controlled us. They’ve controlled us that way for almost 13 millennia.

A. That’s amazing.

S. So we have to realize as we look at ourselves and as we see where we are going – we have to realize the degree of inner fear that each of us naturally possesses because of the whole death concept, and that is what they have used.

And so when NASA finds those little crystal units that are going around at the 15-18,000 foot level and the 35-38,000 foot level, those are the beginnings of the firmament that only comes to full fruition when this planet has shifted. They put a little itty bitty article and I was able to find as there were people who were searching for these kind of things and I was able to get news from them so I looked at all that and I saw wow. And also NASA discovered that there were 2 position points in the orbit of the moon where they were creating prerequisites for creating the original natural moons – because you know we lost our moons. One went down to destroy Lemuria and Moon Two went down in the death of Atlantis because Atlantis was trying to destroy their prodigy sitting over in Ionia and the Ionians understood this because they were the scientists from Atlantis and they created a system that turned the moon against itself and landed in Atlantis and destroyed it. So suddenly both moons are gone and there is no balance in this system in a limited consciousness reality without a moon.

So they took – Pax, or as we are calling it here ‘Bolona’ – was suddenly destroyed to create the asteroid belt. They took the farthest – it was an artificial moon and put it out between Mars and Earth. And then at the appropriate time the Anunnaki knew they had to bring the moon in as did the Atlantians to maintain the balance. Originally it was to replace the first moon that went, so we had an artificial moon and we had the last natural moon, and then it went then everything dropped down and the Atlantians left because they couldn’t live in a world that was so limited in consciousness (A. Interesting) So the result of all of that is now we have this moon up and we see all these things, these smooth planes and everything and we don’t realize what is going on with this moon is that of course, it was blasted because it was an defence system for what most people like to call Maldek right now. It was the defence system so it got destroyed, it got blasted.

There’s still a bit of atmosphere rolling around because at one time when it was in its original condition it had oceans, it had land, it had life on it and it had atmosphere but the atmosphere is about 1/6th of what it used to be.

A. That’s interesting because I read – from, I think it was on Project Camelot somebody came forth and said that they were able to actually walk on the moon without any kind of space suit apparatus.

S. Well, 1/6th of an atmosphere is like 20-25,000 feet up and it would be very hard without oxygen to do that for any length of time.

A. Hey I’m just passing on the information Sheldan. (S. Okay) But that is really interesting. So what is your theory on the dark side of the moon?

S. Well both sides of the moon are the same pretty much – they are a little bit different that’s true but on the dark side because of the weirdness of the orbit of the moon all kinds of instruments to observe this planet have been there both from the dark side and from the Federation. (A. Oh) And, as a matter of fact, what happened at Apollo 13, the true story of Apollo 13 is a lot different than the movie

A. Yeah no kidding. That’s for sure.

Now you also said that the stewards of all the planets would be the physical Angels, (S. which are us) yeah, which are us. And when you say us are you referring to everybody that’s here – I think there is a confusion amongst the spiritual community as to what is the starseeds who obviously came here from another planet system to assist in this transition versus a human versus a human Angel?

S. We have to understand that we are all basically physical Angels. There are two groups. Basically because we are all ET’s we have to understand that. (A hm hm) We’re not from here. (A. Right) People who really study the genetics of humans they discover pretty much that we’re not from here. But the major thing for people to understand is both the groups who were dropped into limited consciousness, which I would call the original inhabitants and the starseeds are here for the same purpose – to return the physical essence and the soul of that being back to full consciousness. And that’s why the starseeds accepted this crazy trip which would include amnesia and a bunch of other stuff that isn’t nice. (A. Yeah, no kidding) As I go through the ageing process now I see what not being very nice is all about

A. But don’t you feel you’re getting younger?

S. I feel better but I really want to be able to do certain programs and policies with some funding that would allow me to you might say accelerate the return to what I like to call the ‘youthing’ process – we all need to do that.

Because right now even the young ones are not in full degradation they are degrading. We all start to degrade within a year after being born (A. Wow) We don’t realize that. When you’re younger the degree of the changes in your body is small so the changes in the hormones, changes in the nature of health, changes in the nature of the brain, all that stuff then eventually both the growth and then the decline of the sexual aspect, all that stuff, is starting almost before you are born – It’s like the predetermined aspect that has been set in your genetic code and that is being used by your body kind as a massive blueprint for what its doing.

A. Wow how cool. But I definitely feel I’m getting younger but of course it would be difficult not to feel any better after the accident years.

S. Oh yeah, yeah, well that’s an example of the degradation that happens to the body.

A: Yes, but what you just said was really interesting. Of course, we’ve carried that degradation genetic code within our DNA right? (S. Exactly) Okay that’s what I thought you were referring to.

Now another burning question regarding Agartha. Okay you said they are overseeing our shift Agartha. Now, are the Agarthans and Lemuria one and the same? I mean are the Agarthans whoever were left over from the Lemurians way back when?

S. Right, way back when, yes. (A. Really?) Really. In fact even their name Agartha. It’s Lemurian for ‘Inner Earth.’ Ag-artha.

A. Jeez. That’s right. That’s right. And is it true that the majority of the Agarthans look kind of cat-like?

S. Hmmm, they look just like us. I don’t really see that …

A. That’s so weird, there’s a lot of stuff out there about that. I was just curious.

Now you also talked a lot about silver and gold, and to me this is just fascinating – you were saying that gold organises the information and silver gives you the ability how to use the information, how does that play into this whole transition with Mother Earth with the gold and the silver?

S. Well the gold is life, it is what vivifies the body, it’s the gold cord. It comes in through the crown and goes all the way down to the heart center. And the silver comes in through roughly the belly button area and moves in up to the heart and what it does is the silver organizes all that magnificent gold energy that comes from Source in us. And the same thing is going to happen – the Earth has similar energies although it’s electrogravitic form, so there’s a form of oil that is a life energy for the planet and what helps accelerate and balance this energy is silver and gold deposits.

Most of them occur in areas that are very strategic to the different nodes of this planet and what is happening is – and that’s why gold has always been especially big. The ancient peoples of South America, the ancient Incas and the civilizations that came before them took gold and looked at it as to only be mined enough to be used to create objects – for instance the Spanish were amazed that this highly polished gold object that was at the base of the main temple in Cusco. Of course, naturally, being greedy types they took it down and melted it down.

But I’ve heard all kinds of incredible descriptions of this energy and gold was looked upon as energy of life. The ancient Egyptians understood that and they developed a special form of gold – monatomic gold and they understood the amount that was needed and they knew that by doing this you could actually go to a process very similar to ascension by using this special gold. And you could also heal people using this special silver, this monatomic silver.

So they understood that gold and silver is part of the life circle. Of course,  naturally the Anunnaki turned it upside down and backwards and turned it into money because the concept of debt slavery was one of the basic aspects of how they had their societies organized.

A. Hmmm wow. It’s just mind blowing.

Now the other thing that you had mentioned – I caught this and it was another one of those ones where I had to go back and play it over again, you said the spiritual hierarchy is assisting us and activating our DNA – could you expand on that? – As to how are they doing that….and who are ‘they’?

S. They are guardian Angels in everybody’s body, they are part of different life streams which we are part of.

What they are doing is they are purifying our RNA/DNA and they are growing it slowly. And of course the growth they’re doing now in the last few decades is a lot faster but they are not trying to create confusion so they are doing it at a level that allows people to become more aware – that’s why this world-wide civilization is suddenly becoming more conscious and more aware of what is right and what is wrong. That’s why we have Earth Day internationally. 30 years ago, 40 years ago, 50 years ago especially when the original people involved in the whole process of having people understand about ecology – began in the 60’s for example, they were laughed at. Now look at everything in the world. (A. Yeah) All of that has happened because of consciousness and consciousness is tied with the level of shifts in your RNA/DNA. So people are waking up at certain times – their patterns shift enough so they begin wondering about what stuff is real and what stuff isn’t real. So they look at theology, they look at everything and they look at it in a new light.

And as they begin to see certain patterns a lot of them become even more religious or they break away from religion and they begin to go out there and become searchers and wondering about the within and the knowledge and wisdom available to most people on this planet understanding as they read all of this stuff and as they talk about it with each other, they begin to see there’s a body of knowledge which says basically that many of the things that religion talks about is incorrect. That there is a different way of interpreting it and so we begin to grow large groups of populations that suddenly are more enlightened, more understanding of the nature of what is going around us. And a lot of scientists as well – when scientists studying quantum mechanics began to understand the very nature of it, there used to be a joke about it at U.C. Berkley that they all turned into monks. (A. laughs)

So as you begin to study, you begin to look at the world in many different ways and many people with their Christian background had thought ‘was it’ – that what was in the Bible was ‘it’ and suddenly they’re doing physics and achieving things that sound more like Buddhism so they all started turning into Zen monks of some religious order or another. (A. Interesting) they could sit down with a bunch of Zen monks and talk similarly for hours with them and this is what is happening in this world. The world is waking up and that is wonderful. (A. Yes) And that is part of the process because you can’t have people that are still talking in a way that – centuries ago and be able – if you are a person from space and a high conscious being – that’s why for many centuries we’ve been largely studied and looked at from afar.

Now they’re saying okay, Heaven has this basic dispensation for you guys, we’re here, we’re watching you grow and at a certain time, we’re going to come down and finish the process and so that is what they are doing now. They are just checking us out. They are doing things that help various groups go forth, it’s bringing all those various things that are needed to happen before they can really come down – like producing changes in the monetary and banking system that changes the whole concept of how people look at money, creating new governance that allows many things that would be taboo before to suddenly not be blocked and so what you’re seeing right now on this planet is the beginning of this massive quiet revolution.

A. Yeah, and I also think that people forget that they are our families. (S. Exactly) You know, we tend to forget that we are a part of them – that they are here to assist us. They’re like our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and of course they’re going to come and aide us.

S. Of course, of course. We once were them and we once again will become them and they know that, they’ve been told by their heavenly counsellors what has to happen and being people who are of Divine service they are naturally doing everything that they can within the level of what Heaven permits to help the process along.

A. Absolutely, absolutely. Well gosh Sheldan this is in my opinion one of the more amazing DVD’s I’ve watched in quite a while and especially because you’re taking on such a scientific topic which someone like myself when it gets really deep into the discussion I can kind of pull the blinders down a little bit but I want everyone to know, please check out his DVD. It’s called Journey to Joy, Our Ascent to the 5th dimension. It’s only $26 and it goes over everything – from in the beginning how the universe was created, how they made planets, how our solar system has transformed, why planets are hollow, the Earth’s destiny, the 5th dimensional Inner Earth, the greater Divine plan, our galaxy, the stewards of the Earth and back to joy

And I’d like to end it with – our living our lives in joy is bringing up the vibrational rate for the entire planet, right Sheldan? (S. exactly, perfectly put) Yeah so it’s important for us to really focus on joy because it really shows how joy is the very beginning spark to love and light and holograms and grids etc, so I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Is there anything else? – We have about maybe 3 minutes, is there anything juicy you’d like to share with us as far as what you’ve received lately, I know you put out an update on the 12th [May 2015]

S. Well I’m just moving forward with what they’ve told me about the monetary banking changes and things that are going to change the world. Let’s face it, things I’ve been talking about.

One of the things they told me that I have to do kind of be the cheerleader for this whole process of change so I tell people exactly what they tell me about what is going and changing in this planet. We are reaching the end of where this dark cabal that runs our reality right now, is fading away and soon will disappear. And so we need to remain positive and work hard within ourselves to maintain a balance to get over this frustration of how this world works and it has a time frame and its slow. Let me tell you I’m frustrated, I’ve been trying to get my funding done and get to San Diego for how long? – 2 years, 3 years?

A. Absolutely, same with me and I look forward to you coming down this way so we can do some good work together. It just can’t happen soon enough, Sheldan.

Now when you say that they’re going to disappear – can you just, before you go just explain how that will be seen by us?

S. Well, when ‘they disappear’ it means the major parts of them are going to be arrested and separated from us. (A. Okay) And then the new governances and the new monies and everything can come forth to bring forth prosperity and allow us to begin finally to understand the true nature of this universe and most of all at that time, after a certain given point, there will be the ascended masters and there will be the landings.

So we will then be allowed freely once again to get into the wisdom and knowledge that is the basis of the highest levels of humanity and of course, that’s the Ascended Masters who are guides and supervisors and have been for centuries, thousands of years, and also allow the Federation to come down and freely be among us with no problems and allow their wisdom of their mentors to allow each one of us to get a better understanding of what is real and prepare ourselves for this ascension process. (A. Sighs happy relief) And take the beginnings of this process that Heaven set up and actually be able with the crystal chambers to bring us up back to who we were to full consciousness and that to me is the ultimate goal of all of this is to return us to who we are meant to be.

That to me is – in the Federation, and especially among the Sirians the highest level of love is joy so whenever they say hello and goodbye to me it’s always Selamat Ja which means be in joy. (A. Yeah) And so what I want for this world is to reach that state, the faster the better as far as I’m concerned.

A. Oh absolutely. So folks listen you know, here’s the thing, we all have been in this together. We have done a lot of work, if it were not for us –I mean I get this all the time Sheldan – they could not have done this work if it were not for the ground crew, they just couldn’t. (S. hm hm)

You know I commend everybody that’s listening to this interview for all the hard work you’ve done even on an individual internal level. It’s very important every piece that we all provide to this equation so just don’t give up at the final hour, I’ve been saying that to a lot of people, don’t throw the towel in right now because even though it’s gotten a little intense, just think of all the rewards that we’re going to be receiving very shortly.

So anyway, thank you Sheldan, again I thank you so much for all of your wisdom that you’ve brought forth to the planet and if anybody wants to visit his website its PAOweb.com again.

And I just want to thank everyone for listening to Galactic Connection.com, our radio show – it airs on Tuesday from 3-4.55 pm pacific daylight time.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions, and as always we’re here to assist you and guide you in whatever way we can.

We love you all, thanks again for listening and you guys have a great rest of the week. We’ll talk to you soon.

Thanks again Sheldan

S. Thanks for having me on again, thanks very much.

A. You’re welcome. Take care.

S. Okay, Selamat Ja

A. Bye bye


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