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microphone (1)A Highly Informative Q & A With Sheldan Nidle: Revelations Have Changed Our Future! On March 24, 2015

Hello everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is March 24th, 2015. I would love everyone to hang onto your seats because I have officially been able to get Sheldan Nidle on our show today. And for those of you who are not familiar with Sheldan he has really made his mark on the world as one of the most informative channelers out there. He was born in New York City on November 11th, 1946, and grew up in Buffalo, New York. His first extraterrestrial UFO experiences began shortly after his birth and were highlighted all through his childhood by various modes of contact phenomena as well as accompanying manifestations, light-form communications, extraterrestrial visitations, and teaching and learning sessions onboard spacecraft. During most of his life he has enjoyed ongoing telepathic communications and direct core knowledge inserts, such as etheric and physical implants, which are near and dear to my life, Sheldan. Sheldan has visually observed and physically experienced spacecraft throughout the years.

And at the age of 14, he requested that the Sirians and the Galactic Federation of Light Allies to discontinue the communications because the experiences were overwhelming. They were causing conflicts between the knowledge that he was learning on Earth versus that which was being taught regarding the scientific knowledge which they were giving him. They left, but they told him they would be back when it was time to complete his mission for Planet Earth they would show up, which they’ve done. In high school he was placed in an advanced science program and has a tremendous amount of background in education, physics, chemistry, and calculus. There’s so much more to read on his bio, so feel free to read it on the BBS Radio Show Station 2 for Galactic Connection. You’ll get all that good detail about Sheldan’s resume and background.

Now before we get started, I just want to remind everybody, if you’re new to Galactic Connection please go to Galactic Connection.com/Daily-Blog, or of course, you can click to the Daily Blog tab at the top of the menu. We do cover everything from Ufology to Spirituality to anything to do with Cosmic anything, Conspiracy, Quantum Physics, you name it and Sheldan is one of the ones that we do highlight every single week with his inexhaustible dedication to bringing out the information to support the Light. We cannot thank him enough for the support he has given for all of us. I’m sure anybody who is listening to this radio show would love to give him a big hug and applaud him for the amount of effort he has put out there.

So, I’m going to go ahead and bring him forward. But I do want everyone to know that I pre-record these shows from time to time and this just happens to be on the 20th of March. Now today, as we all know, is an extremely special day. We are in the aftermath of three solar storms, one on the 7th, one on the 11th, and one on the 17th. But today, brings a very special treat – we had a super moon at 2:36 this morning, a solar eclipse at 2:45 this morning, and now of course, the launching of the March Equinox at 3:45 this afternoon. So I’d like to start it off with Sheldon, what is your impression and information on what is this going to bring forth for the planet?

Sheldan: Well, it’s a process that’s been going on for years if not for decades, which is that every – we might say every astrological phenomenon that happens, they bring those energy waves in the interdimensions and it brings us up to a higher level of awareness, which is why this is all happening over the last decades for me I’ve noticed it more and more people are able, because of it, to look at what you are doing and not be weirded out but actually accepting it and being doing the research on it and becoming a follower. And that has been really wonderful for me to see all of this happening. So I am very happy that all of this is happening and I know it will continue all the way up until we get into the mass contact aspect of this whole process. So just know that you are on a ride and it’s going to keep going –

Alexandra: So what you’re saying is that this just another one of those waves that we are surfing to bring us closer to that point of really fully being an ascended field.

Sheldan: Exactly. That’s what we are doing little by little by little by little. And sometimes it is more than a little but the process is basically to keep moving forward until when we reach a certain point where everything around us is really changing and we can then go on to the next step which is we’ll be able to see our space brothers and sisters and our spiritual ones as well and we’ll be then in midst of real alive contact.

A: Awesome. And I know everybody is like literally, salivating for that moment. It couldn’t happen fast enough. Now, do you agree that we are officially in the lower 4th dimension at this point in time?

S: I would say, yeah, we are moving through the 4th right now. That’s why a lot of us are sensing spirits and things similar to that because that’s the realm in which they exist. And as we move through the 4th more and more of us will get what I call invitations or weird dreams or any kind of stuff similar to that that helps you to reign better and understand better the whole process of how all of this operates.

A: Hmmm. Okay. Now this is a question that I’ve always wanted to ask someone and in particular, you, and that is there’s many of us have been told that we have ascended before. And that we would not be here as the starseeds that came to Planet Earth if we had not already gone through an ascension process. What is your opinion on that?

S: Well all the beings that we are from, the starseeds that is, all of us are from fully-conscious civilizations, Galactic societies as I like to call them. And as a result, we know what all of this is about, only it’s innately, it’s a feeling, it’s not yet where we can wake up everyday and know exactly where we are, who we are, and any of that, but we just sense it. Starseeds, more and more, as they are born understand fully why they are here. And that’s why a lot of them have been telepathic with their parents. A lot of them have been with their parents doing strange and weird things. So we have a knowledge of what is happening. So we are more open to the telepathy of the spirit and of the Federation, so we are there and we understand it. So we act – to a lot of people what seems to be strange but we are not. We understand what’s happening, we’ve been given instructions and we are following the reason why we incarnated in this world.

A: Right on. Now do you agree, in the sequence that has been suggested out on the internet that a change of events will occur at the time of the major, big, BAM event, so to speak? Do you feel that is accurate that announcements will come first, mass landings will come second, and then the Ascended Masters will walk among us?

S: That’s coming, we’re not quite there but we’re at the edge of it. There will be an amazing set of announcements because we need to change these governments that are in charge of the whole process that are maintaining this ridiculous cover-up. It’s not just scepticism now, it’s become outright lies. And every day I hear any kind of information or stuff about this or that happening, I’m upset. They really have to go. They are actually sitting in the way, they are the giant obstacle in front of us. And I know that people right now in this planet who have more resources and other things relating to monies and abilities to do these things that have to do with the government etcetera, are working to change this all right now. I’m sure they are getting very close to the magical moment. So I’m very happy about that because once that giant obstacle is out of the way it will get a whole lot faster. And that’s what I really want.

A: You and me both. How do you perceive some of the major heads of state, such as Putin and Obama and Netanyahu. Do you truly feel that some one such Obama, is he a double-agent?

S: I have no idea, because he is tied-in heavily with the Wall Street group which is the base of the dark Cabal. You have to be to be president. If you are not with them you are not president. And you’re something else very fast and it’s not living. So he knows that. He has to live among that, but he’s been very emphatic in maintaining their basic message and what they are trying to do. So I don’t know about that. Putin has been working very hard for change so I know that’s happening. Netanyahu represents a phase, an aspect, a faction of the Israeli government that is fully supporting the US and has done things to help it out. And I’ve known about that ever since the 70s. So I would say he’s more of the dark side than the light side, but let’s see, we’ll see.

A: I would think because of the awesome mystery in which the Light work within to get the job done. I say to people all the time that they really do make lemonade out of lemons.

S: They do. They do.

A: And they do a phenomenal job or we wouldn’t be where we are today. So do you agree that this is the only dark prisoned planet left or do you feel that the darkness has really kind of taking over. From what I’ve read there’s millions of other planets and systems.

S: I don’t believe that. I will just say this. The only problem left in this Galaxy that I know of, is unfortunately, right here. And I have to say from talking continually with the Federation and from all that they say, they’re very positive and they have among them right now, all members of the former ‘other side,’ the Anchara Alliance group that were busily making war, or trying to break truces and doing all kinds of weird, crazy stuff, they are now on the other side. There have been revelations that has changed it over. So that the only non-peaceful aspect that I know of, is unfortunately, right here.

A: That’s fantastic. And we are going to kind of jump right in to where I was leading, which is the Anchara Treaty. You had mentioned that Archangel Michael had supposedly put out a call and the call was to the dark, that it was time to turn to the Light. I was going to ask you, do you agree that there’s still certain dark factions that not only are resisting but they are in fact, fighting among themselves?

S: That went through about two decades ago. There was time when the remaining fleets that didn’t quite fully understand the peace process were fighting among one another. They were almost like, how dare you do this, and the other group was saying, no, we’re going to be in charge of this and they were fighting back and forth, literally, fighting, because they have these incredible, unbelievable weaponry. And so, that ended roughly about two decades ago. So we have just basically say as a truth that it’s not happening anymore. The only stuff that is not good here is what the dark itself, the minions as I like to call them, the dark cabal are doing to each other and to us. Especially to us.

A: You know, Sheldan, what is your perspective on all of the cloning of these major players. You know, the CEOs and the banksters as I call them, the heads-of-state, is that one of the challenges for the Light, that there has been so much cloning and supposedly, there’s a lot of interdimensional being taking place.

S: Well, what has happened, there’s a quarantine, and all that stuff that possibly could happen from other dimensions, other peoples, other realities, was cut off. We are basically, still in a quarantine. So I don’t worry about that. As far as the cloning, I think a lot of that is overdrawn and is misinformation and it’s all over the place. I basically don’t agree with it. And what we have on this planet is the last images of the dark cabal doing it’s thing and if all that I’m constantly being told is correct, which I have no doubt it probably is, this is coming to an end very shortly. I can’t give you dates, or months, or weeks, but it’s very short.

A: Yeah, it feels like it, doesn’t it.

S: It sure does.

A: In fact, do you agree that the quarantine was instituted by the archontic network, or do you agree that it was instituted by the Light to kind of shut out this viral –

S: It was done by the Light because this entire civilization which was founded originally as a fully conscious civilization in Lemuria, and before that in Hybornea, all of that was to be protected. And of course, we are part of the Atlantian experiment and everything went wrong because of the experiment. We wound up remaining as limited conscious beings. Atlantis went down as a part of the fight between the two forces, one in modern Greece – Cydonia – and the Atlantians. The Atlantians lost. The continents went down. And suddenly they had to leave. And that’s what they did.

And they left behind a group that had been their partners in crime, so to speak, which are were called by the Sumerians, the Annunaki. And this group over the last 12 plus millenia have worked very, very hard to maintain this limited consciousness – what do we call it – the Creation gods, goddesses, the relationship. And it finally ended with the Anchara Treaty, where they changed sides, they knew what was happening, they expected the minions to turn their faces from the dark and change sides as well. Unfortunately, these guys are a little bit sceptical and since they have spent centuries and millenia among those of greater powers, their fear of them, which we would immensely have, they do not have it.

A: Wow.

S: So they just continued onward. Oh, they said the Chairman of the Board and the CEO have left, the company is still intact, let’s move forward. So they took two decades, actually the first thing that they did, was of course, 9/11, (Right) but they didn’t have the ability to bring it back to where they want it. ’96 was the year when they were supposed to finish off the job where they were going to lock us in genetically to become limited conscious beings and make us into a slave race. The Light came in and Anchara changed the whole process. The Anchara Continuum went over and simply said, You are now in charge. Michael and the rest of the group came in, all the Archangels, and they worked hard at this place to change it.

Unfortunately, as I said, the minions do not fear angels and they do not fear the dark. As a matter of fact, they look at it as working for them. They know from large amounts of centuries of working with them of certain little chants they can do, magically incantations they can do, and so they have been busily doing that. But they found out over the last thirty years, especially the last twenty, that the whole process that they were good at, using these chants etcetera, they just don’t work anymore.

They started off initially with a Bang, so to speak, 9/11, the War in Iraq, and all the other stuff related to it, Afghanistan, but after a while everything collapsed around them. Now they are worrying about their monies, they don’t have enough gold, they’re all worried now that they’re about to come to an end. And they fear that. You know, things like George Bush Sr, saying, well, if they really knew what was going on here for the last few centuries, they’d probably all pick us up and hang us from the closest lamp post. So they understand. They’re very, very afraid for the first time, but they are not giving up. It unbelievable the arrogance that they have accrued over the millennia. And that’s what we are fighting right now – it’s the immense amount of power that they’ve accrued, the immense amount of arrogance that they’ve put forth, and they’re kind of thumbing their nose, but they’re finding out that this arrogance is not working.

So I think that they are running near the end where everything is going to shift over and they’re going to suddenly find themselves in a position where those people that really want the planet to be prosperous, peaceful, and cooperative with one another are going to be in charge of all of this. So slowly but surely, actually more surely than anyone could have managed, but not as fast as I would like it, they are surrounding them, they are drying up their resources, they are taking over the various institutions and they are getting ready to do the final put down. So that’s what I see from all that I have been told and I’m very happy for all of that, because the sooner that this planet is out of any war mode, the sooner that this planet is prosperous, the sooner this planet has governments that actually cooperate with each other and actually do what Lincoln said in the Gettyburg Address about ‘governments by and for the people should not perish from the Earth’ is what has to happen right now. And I am ecstatic about that and as I said, I just wish it happened yesterday.

A: No kidding. So it’s almost like their perception of invincibility has kept that this all thing going then.

S: It has.

A: That’s crazy. And you mentioned also that the curses and the incantations, is what that you said, are you referring to black magic?

S: Black magic, and it’s almost like something from a dark movie, yeah.

A: Wow. Because we run into that a lot with the implant removal process and we can’t believe how much difficulty there is with those sorts of cases when black magic is involved. It’s very intense.

S: It’s extremely intense. And of course, they are all Grand Masters of it. They are taught from the time that they are children and by the time they get to be adults they understand all the different aspects of all the different incantations and how one thing follows another and they always do their meetings together and when they do their various – Bohemian Grove being a very small example of it – they are busy doing those things that increase the energy, of the dark energy around us. So they are doing all it, they are also a ring around the world of psychics that work for them. So we are constantly being attacked by these people. So yes, they are really experts at all of these things. So the sooner we get rid of them and put them in a nice, safe place out of the way, so we can continue on our journey into full consciousness, I say, hooray.

A: No kidding. In fact, I heard the other day, you probably would understand this, that they just keep coming out with other psychic-oriented weaponry against a lot of us.

S: Right.

A: And I was told the other day that there was a decision made that that would become null and void.

S: Yeah, it would become null and void. One of the things that they have and have perfected over the last 25 years is what is called the Directed Energy Weapons. Now the earliest example of that, a very primitive version of that was HAARP. Now they have much more advanced weaponry than that. And that kind of weaponry was part of the things that was used on 9/11 and has been used in a lot other things. The weather control going on over California – the so-called Chemtrails experiment – part of that is part of the utilization right now of these weapons.

A: Jeez. In fact, Sheldan, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, you do live in California, there was a space of time where, say, in the last few days of 7 days, of 3 to 4 days of no chemtrails, for the first time. Very pristine, clear, clean energies. And then all of a sudden in the last 3 days, they just blasted the skies. What is your perspective as to what triggers them to do that and when?

S: They have a system, it based upon – how can we put this – I guess the best way to say it is they have a system, like a calendar, of when certain astrological events occur and they can be very minor ones, it doesn’t have to be major ones because they know how to utilize all of these energies coming in of the dark, and then they will then use that to do things like chemtrails, do crazy weird things that alter what’s going on in nature around the world. They do all kinds of weird stuff. So it’s essential that we understand that. Now what the Light has been doing, it’s slowly turning all that off.

A: Okay.

S: Because to turn it all off at once will affect the Light on this planet. Because the Light and the Dark somewhat – until this is gone – need to to be in somewhat of a degree of balance. So they work so that everything decreases – as the Light increases the Dark decreases – it’s an exact balance. And they know when everything will be off and the Light will be totally around us. So they are constantly working, Heaven is working to bring in enough energy of the Light here and the Federation is working with various instruments to counter it. You know, up in space these people have worked out – these various Dark agencies in the United States and others – have worked out these schemes where they actually try to attack the Federation forces and of course, that’s like somebody with a slingshot going after a guy with a laser blast.

A: Unbelievable.

S: They don’t give up. That’s the one thing that I can say about them. The do not give up.

A: Tenacity is their middle name.

S: That is their middle name and that’s the giant problem because until they give that up – it’s going to take some coups to get rid of them. Some nice peaceful ones. But still, they have to be gotten rid of, they can’t stay where they are right now. And anybody who would look at all of this would understand this.

A: And I just want to thank you for that last explanation. I think that’s going to help people immensely to recognize that there is a ratio of how much light and assistance that they can bring in all at once. That was just beautifully put, by the way.

S: Thank you.

A: Seriously. So another question a little bit off topic, and that is, do you believe there really was another Atlantis?

S: Well, I believe there was an Atlantis and unfortunately, to it’s arrogance it sank roughly around 12,000 years ago. But we have to realize that there aren’t any more Atlantises. There are civilizations that tried to replicate the stuff that they had, their weaponry, their religious incantations and how to operate energies, etcetera. But no, there hasn’t been anything since then. A: Okay.

S: Except they have tried. I was first starting out in this, I met a few people – this was in the early 90s – I met a few people who were involved with another one of these crazy schemes of theirs. They took people who were ex-military, they brainwashed them at night, they took their energies – their spiritual essence – and they borrowed it while they were asleep and when they were asleep they put them in an even deeper trance and used them to go – to use time machines – to go to Atlantis and try to save Atlantis from destruction. I heard from one guy they tried a zillion times and each time the same thing happened. They didn’t stop it. Because that was something in the history of us, the time changing or not, was essential to happen. That’s when I first heard about Anchara and all the other things related to it. It blew my mind. When I was listening to the guys and they were telling me about this, this spiritual army of souls that they had directed like robots to do certain things – that’s how arrogant they are. It blows your mind.

A: It’s amazing. Wow. I can’t believe it. Now I thought I read a long time ago that was a kind of Atlantis in the Pleiades system.

S: Well, the Pleiades, all the stars that make up the league are pretty much all human, that’s all that is there. All humans civilizations are with the Light. And the Pleiadians are actually one of the older groups that has been a part of the various federation organizations from the beginning – this goes back millions and millions of years. When I hear all of that stuff, I’m just ah –

A: It’s just like, Sheldan, it’s like Atlantis needed to happen, at least from that perspective, to really teach us a lesson so that we move forth, really getting the lessons that we’re all an unified field.

S: Right, we are all –

A: And you do this, you affect everything ultimately it’ll never be a positive outcome.

S: No there can’t be a positive outcome. Atlantis, when it started the experiments with humans – first the ridiculous loss of consciousness and then the even more ridiculous hybrids that they did, you know, the minotaur and all of that other stuff. The Greeks have some of that in their mythology because that craziness actually really will did happen.

A: – did happen, right. And think about it, you’re talking about human experiments, my God, that’s been going on – World War II, you know. It’s going on now at Las Alamos labs.

S: Right. We have to understand that these governments are equally as crazed as Atlantis was. Not to the extent that they were, because when you come to a certain level of consciousness, when you go bad, it’s unbelievable. So we have to understand deeply enough in our hearts that, yeah, these people are evil and they do crazy things that would make you want to puke or fall over out of ‘Oh my God,’ but they’re not as bad, initially, as Atlantis was. Atlantis is kind of the dark hearts, so to speak. So we have to remember that it is gone, yay!

A: Are you serious that these guys aren’t as bad as the Atlantis time-frame?

S: They are almost as bad, because they are limited consciousness. The technologies that they can utilize are minor league compared to what the Atlantians did, or the Ancharian Continuum and their group did. So we have to realize that as bad as they are, and they are pretty bad, they are not as bad as the Atlanteans were. The Atlanteans, if they were allowed to succeed, it would have competely messed up the entire history of this particular planet and, of course, of this entire Galaxy, really, when you look at it. So that they got one step over the edge and went away, Yay.

A: No kidding. Do you agree that there is a propensity for young lower dimensional planets to fall into these sort of negative nets where an Allied Force situation needs to be sent in to assist them and bring them out of this Alcatraz kind of situation?

S: Well, there has been some. But ever since the Continuum finally went to the other side, the amount of galactic societies – I don’t even know if you could call them galactic societies – but these planetary societies doing what they’ve done is not happening anymore. We’ve had in this galaxy a Light open up with the change between Michael and the Anchara Continuum. The only thing that really left, unfortunately, I keep repeating is here.

A: Yeah, wow. So you really do agree that this is it. This planet is it.

S: Yeah, this is it. And the changes that are going on behind the scenes right now, obviously, have to be watched because I’ve given you an idea of the degree of the technology and the arrogance they have. That’s why the Federation does not want to come in immediately, because they have brainwashed everybody through movies, articles, TV programs, documentaries, etc, to make it look like anybody who suddenly shows up in numbers has got to be bad. (Umhmm) So the purpose of the Federation wants to do is not to counter-brainwash us. What they want to do is to have a process whereby, through governments and other things related to governments, there is a change and that this shift allows the Federation to come forth and to do what it needs to do in a very orderly and logical manner and they do not want to have to have to worry about people yelling ‘Invasion’ and all that other stuff related around it. (Right) So it’s essential, it’s necessary, that all of this happens in the proper steps.

And that’s why that they are watching us, they are making sure that nothing bad happens, but they are making sure that this progression happens. So since they have to do this and they realize that it’s going to happen rather quickly anyway, they do not want to do anything that would cause even slightly a change in how the awareness that is growing on this planet. They want to make sure that it is positive and that as the change moves up and gets greater and greater there are these changes and it allows them for a new currency system, a reset of that currency system, a new financial institution, a change in governance, and with all of that done and happened, they can then go to the next step, which is to announce themselves and set up a general plan for how this contact, this mass contact, is going to happen and what’s going to happen afterwards.

So that everybody knows that this is a natural process, it’s not being forced. And it’s a part of change in consciousness. And that’s what is really important for everybody in the Federation to do, because they do now want to do anything that can possibly act as a break of some sort from this change that is now going on rather rapidly around this world.

A: Yeah. They don’t want us to go backwards, which has happened time and time again.

S: Exactly. They want to make sure that we maintain a pace, or increase the pace right now, so that it leads to positive ends. And that’s what really important.

A: That’s awesome. Is it true – you’ve talked about December 21st, 2012, you’ve talked about it many, many times – is there something that didn’t happen that was supposed to happen around that time?

S: The big thing is the governance change. We have to realize that there is a network of cabal-oriented regimes around this planet. They control military forces. It’s essential that all this change happens in such a way that there’s no violence of any sort other than this – that there is a peaceful change. And when that does not happen they have to pull back and that’s what they do. So when certain things are said to happen and the counter is the negative cabal-based governments doing what they do, then we have to realize that they will step back. Their job is not to wage a war against the darkness. Their job is to be guardians of the life, to make sure nothing goes backwards and leave it to us on this planet who are working very hard to change this to give them knowledge that, yes, there is a Galactic option over your heads, that means it won’t go backwards.

But what you need to do is to go ahead and do all of those particular things that you are doing and do them as fast as you can. And if you need some direct influence to bring that forward they will help. But the process is not to make it look in anyway as if this is something that they are doing. It is part of a natural process that all worlds go through as they change in consciousness. So they know that, and their job is to not hinder it but to work in such ways that bring it forward and advance it.

A: Wow. That’s so exciting. With that said, then all eyes are upon us because we are affecting the outcome not just for Planet Earth –

S: Exactly. Exactly. That’s why if you are to look at the different ships and see all kinds of ships up there, if you can see them clearly you would see that they are from all over this galaxy, both Federation and non-Federation ships.

A: That’s fantastic. In fact, that was one of the questions, which is, we’ve been noticing a lot of UFOs above our house. S: Umhmm

A: And they have increased. Especially in 2015. Meaning, they seem to be flying at a lower altitude.

S: Right. They want more and more people to notice them. And once again, it depends on your personal awareness. For an example, Hawaii. Hawaii was a Polynesian kingdom, Cook came, he wanted to Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island, with his big ship, his huge sailing ship. Guess what? Nobody for days noticed that he was out there. Everybody went about their business like there was not an English ship out there in the middle of the bay. Suddenly, a person in an outrigger, fishing, ran into it, came back to the village and suddenly everybody noticed the ship.

A: Interesting.

S: So we have to realize that there’s an awareness going on and we have to, therefore, work that process so that when more and more people get to see the ships in the daytime, it’s that awareness, like the outrigger suddenly saying, ‘hey there’s that weird looking sailing ship out there in the middle of the bay with these funny guys that looks like ghost-like skins.

A: Yeah, that was on The Secret, wasn’t it?

S: Yeah, among other things. But we have to understand that that’s a very famous case of awareness. A lot of people use that case because it is so important for understanding when we are talking about consciousness. There are a lot of people that if they were suddenly to see, let’s see an atmospheric mothership, which is like 3 to 6 miles long, suddenly up there at 10,000 feet, if they were to notice it, even if it’s a friendly ship that’s bringing out energies of positive vibes they probably – because of the immensity of the size and the weirdness of it, there’s no wings or anything – would probably get initially – when humans see something new the first thing the do is they get scared. So we have to understand that it has to be done in such a way that there’s no fright, there’s only joy.

And of course, that really widens the parameters to the point where it requires very special operational orders. So they let the scout ships go lower. People that are ready for it will start noticing them. When I was on Hawaii I would talk to people and I would show them that there are ships in the sky, how they were changing the lights and everything and so on, and a lot of them wouldn’t believe this. So you have to understand that there is a level of awareness and those that are aware, like yourself, will see them. Those that are not, won’t.

A: Yeah, you know, the other night, we have a laser and we shined it back at them and we drew a symbol and I’m a really big proponent that you must connect through your heart, it’s not just the thing in your brain and your mind that, oh, I want to see an ET. If you go with that perspective you’re going to possibly attract a lower dimensional extraterrestrial ship. And we were blown away because they flashed us back. And they were very low flying, we were just amazed.

S: Well, that’s their job. They can telepathically look at you, understand that you’re friendly, so they’ll do a friendly thing which is to shoot it back, just briefly. And that will just be one of their instrumental beams that doesn’t hurt anybody because they use that all the time when no one is around to check the atmosphere or the ocean or the ground. So they’ll just shoot that at you really quickly. It’s like it’s a laser that can’t do anything, not like a weaponry laser, so they do that because they want you to understand that, yes, we know that you are there, yes, we acknowledge you, and yes, keep it up because you are a part of a base that we want to vastly explore that these ships are up there. People say that they are not up there, they are. I have no doubt about it and I just want to tell you about it. And to know that they are very friendly people.

A: Now with that said, Sheldan, a lot of people write in and have asked, well, how do you determine and discern the difference between a ship of the light and the ship of the military, maybe say, the Grays, or other dark factions. Do you have any feedback on that?

S: Well, one of the first things you will notice, if you see them up there, the energy won’t have any energy to connect with. You won’t feel because most of the beings that do this – military – very special military – understand many things but they don’t have the degree of consciousness that a Federation ship would have. So they are just up there, they’re trying actually to do the the opposite of what the Federation ship is doing. They are trying to maintain as low a level of people being able seeing them as possible. Whereas the Federation is up there, and if you really look you can see them and they are not trying to hide. So that’s the first basic thing, you’ll feel the energy. The second one is, use your telepathy, mentally talk to them. And most of the time you’ll get nothing back, it’s just silence. And that’s some of the things that you will notice, the differences.

A: Good point. God, that’s a great point. Now you mentioned that there’s just a bunch of different races and civilizations that are in our skies right now as we speak. Can you enlighten us on some of the ones that we may not hear a lot about. Like we hear about the Andromedans, and the Pleiadians, and the Sirians, and the Arcturians, and the Lyrians. What are some of the other star systems that are participating.

S: Well a major one is, of course, is the Centaurians. Of course, Alpha Centauri is a star that’s about 5 light years away. It’s the closest star that we have. And it’s the brightest star in Centauri. And there are a lot of civilizations in Centaurus that are very advanced and they understand what the Federation is trying to do. So add them to your list. There’s a whole list. There’s Cygnus – if you look across at the major constellations, just about every single one of them has human Federation members. And some of them also have non-human members that are very sentient and understand that. Like for example Cetus, the Whale, there’s a wonderful Bear group that’s at Tau Ceti and they are very friendly although they are huge bears you will notice them.

A: That is so cool.

S: One of the things that I have done is, I wrote a book called Your Galactic Neighbors and it’s about 22 civilizations and most of them, 14 of them, are non-human. So just pick up the book and read about it. There’s pictures and understand that they are civilizations of these advanced sentient beings from all kinds of animals. As a matter of fact, one of the things that was told to me when I was very young, and I’ve been repeating again and again is simply look around in this planet and see all the different animals. Just about every animal group has a sentient being from an advanced civilization somewhere in the galaxy.

A: Amazing.

S: So just know and understand that there’s all these magnificent beings and we just have to understand that. And be one with that. Some of them, of course, the giant Insectia groups, they scare us. (Yes) An example of that was in Mexico City, this beautiful advanced being with Super Light but it just basically was an insect. And they did not understand. The wife who saw it, the home in Mexico, she panicked and went running around screaming and everything. And the husband was able to take pictures of it and when you see the pictures of this Praying Mantis-type being you can see how Light it is. You can see a huge immense light coming out from it.

A: Yes, I have heard that too. And I actually have personal friends that have had contact directly with the Praying Mantis. Atheans(?), isn’t that what they call themselves? S: Yeah.

A: And their stories, they are funny because when they first meet them. You see the underbelly of the Praying Mantis and it scares the heck out of them.

S: Right, it does. It does and there are other types of Insectia that are like that also. So it’s the ones that we have the most fear of – the larger insects, that suddenly become 6 to 9 feet tall. A: Wow.

S: And suddenly to us it’s not funny anymore because we have grown up since we were little kids, most of us, we’ve had a fear of them. And to suddenly see them, even if they are trying to use their various advanced telepathic energies to calm us down, we’re so overwhelmed by our fear that any kind of stuff they use to calm us down doesn’t seem to work.

A: You know, Sheldan, I had a flash, is it possibly be an experiment of putting the human race in the midst of all of these insects and cetaceans and animals that are at a smaller size only to prepare us that they will one day be an equal to us.

S: Well, that may be one of the things, but unfortunately, human civilization, the way that it has progressed has created to a degree of fear of nature as it moved forward. So the result of all of that is that it becomes harder and harder to work out a process of some sort to change all of that. And even when I was a kid, when I first met my first Dinosaurian, it was, shall we say, scary. I had nightmares.

A: How big was he?

S: He was almost 8 feet tall.

A: Oh my God. And was he bipedal?

S: Yeah. He looked like a Raptor.

A: Oh my God.

S: A little bit bigger than a Raptor, but still, you could see the light in his eyes. But the tail and even the gown and all of that did not persuade me to think otherwise. And he knew that. So he turned around immediately, he used his telepathy to calm me down. And of course, and I had my guide Washta with me, he just explained everybody in this room is a highly conscious being. We are not here to do anything – it took a while even with his great energies to calm me down. When you see all of that, the initial energies were, even though they were great, the concept in my head was not.

A: No. No. And I imagine, what would be the projected time-frame for our species to be able to be at place where you were, to just handle to be in the same room with –

S: Well, when we become full conscious we will return to all the knowledge that we once had. (Hmmm) And we’ll have the Akashi Records open to us. We’ll have the Federation histories open to us. We’ll understand that all of the stuff that we now have that is generated as fear – when people think about dinosaurs, in the modern age, we think about Jurassic Park, okay. So when you look around and you suddenly see a group of them, it can be rather scary.

A: Oh my God, what a trip.

S: But they are not mean to be, it’s just in our mind. We feel scared about it and of course, they look at us and their personal feeling as a civilization is that as far as it goes, we’re a little bit ugly.

A: I’m only laughing because I know we have said the same thing about them. S: Right.

A: You know what I think? I want to meet the Koala Bear planet system. (Laughter)

So a question for you. You talked about the actual council that’s been running this planet and I want to tell you that was really assisting for me because I’ve looked and looked and looked and I’m an avid researcher and you very explicitly depicted that you have America and the NATO forces, you have Russia, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Latin America, the Vatican, and North Korea, and the G-8. Those are basically the kings of the world. Is there anything that you can tell us about what’s going on at that level?

S: Well, we have to realize that there exist groups that I like to call the Ancient Families, which are families that are remnants from the three Golden Ages that have maintained enough of their identity that they understand the histories. And they have also ancient works, or books, that help them to get a better understanding if they lose any knowledge from their present incarnation about who they are. And they understand that and they are also heavily supervised by the Ascended Masters. In the case of China, the main one is Quan Yin and Lanto.

But if you look around and you understand that it’s not just families in China, it’s ancient families in India, in Europe – there are members of the royalty in Europe that are heavily involved in all of this process of change. The same thing for the Americas. And they have resources that they hid away a long time ago to keep the grubby hands of those out in the open that we know about, about all of this. The lust for gold of some of these people involved in banking and government because of that, is immense. And it’s always been that way.

An example is the Incas with their emperor, Atahualpa. To save him, to ransom him they asked him to fill up two huge rooms with gold. Basically from ceiling to floor from wall to wall. They did it in less than half an hour. They just brought in tons of gold. And they were so absolutely enamored of this, of the immensity of gold sitting around that they didn’t know about that they went into temples that had gold shields that represented their concept of the Sun God and ripped them all down and melted them into gold bars. This is the kind of energy that we are talking about. We have to constantly remember that this group exists. And it’s losing it. They over-extended itself drastically with this whole concept of fiat currency in this last hundred years. So luckily, we are coming to an end of this immense, unbelievable arrogance, and this feeling that the whole world owes them whatever they want.

A: Yeah, no kidding. And I was going to ask you, is another reason that they are so obsessed with gold, does that have anything to do with being able to space travel or hop dimensions or something like that?

S: There was a thing about gold but that has left. When they figured out exactly how flying saucers operate, which was before World War II – there was even a German Inter-Planetary Society that existed in the 1890s that had ships. And actually, when they saw what was going on they took their seven ships and they headed out in deep inter-planetary space and were eventually picked up and their ancestors are the beginnings of a race of people in some world somewhere that went out there.

A: Wow.

S: You also have to remember that Marconi disappeared in the late 30s, he was part of a group that actually contacted in Brazil people from Inner Earth and moved into Inner Earth because they wanted to get away from this – as a matter of fact, have you heard of the book The Place of the Lion?

A: Yes, I have.

S: The people that they met, the so-called Venusians were actually former Germans and former Italians, from Marconi’s group, that had settled in Inner Earth and they were attempting to come back to human civilization and give them messages. That’s why the main guy that was speaking in one of the ships that’s mentioned in The Place of the Lion had a slight German accent, because that’s what he was.

A: Interesting. Now does that have any affiliations with Admiral Byrd and that whole story?

S: Well, a whole lot of that story is also been covered up immensely. And also we have to realize, I call it the Naziification of major governments in this planet. (Yes) This is another reason why they have become so evil. They create wars, they don’t care about how many people that are ‘soldiers on their side’ defending whatever they are talking about – dying, or getting immensely maimed, or whatever they have to do with war, and they look at all of that and they are proud of the fact that they have created this situation where people snapped to their attention, where they created an incident or not and all kinds of implications which that occur. They are happy. To them that’s shows their power, that’s how arrogant they are.

A: It’s amazing. And those are the ones that have the real high percentage of reptilian DNA, right?

S: Well, I don’t really buy all that reptilian stuff.

A: Really? Seriously? Why? Tell me.

S: The evil intent of these groups are immense. And I really – there may be some reptilian energy in it, but immensely I see them as being very dark and very human, but really very inhuman beings. And they have been perpetuating all kinds of crazy stuff for decades.

A: You brought up a good point because we talk about this around the coffee table, so to speak, a lot, and that is, how in the world do we determine who is really who with the type of technology that they use in this matrix.

S: Well, they have to remember, what we would think of as ‘advanced’ which is still really primitive compared to the Federation technologies that they have, ‘they’ being the people in charge of these governments. Despite all of it, to us it’s immense. They can teleport, they can show up, they can show their size, they can make themselves larger or smaller, they can move through time, but all of that stuff which most people – if they have a background in science – would just fall over crazy to get their hands onto it, is limited because remember since the middle of the 19th century they’ve been sequestering any kind of change. They have been working on it. They kill these people or else they cut them off, and they put it in a corner. For an example, to think of what Tesla could have been able to do what he wanted totally to do in the 80 years roughly of his life, what he could have done.

A: Oh I know. And look at the way that he died. It was just so sad.

S: Or think of that guy named Stubblefield, the coal miner in Kentucky. He invented a coil that you could attach a phone onto and you didn’t need wires. He just plugged it into the ground and he could call anybody up. They had another coil like that. They got that in the early part of the 1900s. They did not want anything that happened. Or take the so-called Free Energy devices. I have been heavily involved in the middle of a few of these. So I know they are evil. And I had one device that basically the Federation turned off of me because in the next room that I was waiting to get a contract they were getting ready to shoot us. A: Wow.

S: So we have to understand the amount of the evil and the sequestering that they have been doing for a century. And think of all the neat stuff that they have their hands on. Just realize that.

A: And we just don’t have any capacity to wrap our brains around what they use on us and in this reality. We all sort of understand cloning. But when you get into things where they can just shoot a beam at you and either force you to have a heart attack, everybody has heard about that. But what about all the other things where they’ve literally create these ghost-like scenarios where you really believe that they are there, where they really exist.

S: Exactly. Exactly. And also you have, as I said before, you have this global psychic network which is designed to work on controls constantly throwing all kinds of information that’s dark and evil at you trying to keep you from being positive and uplifted. So it really takes an immense of control to maintain these energies. I think of everybody on this planet, not everybody has backgrounds on that so think of the degree of control that they indirectly are walking through everyday. And that is something that has to be shut down, that psychic network has to go.

A: Is that the next thing on line? I mean do you feel that’s their next target?

S: Sure. They’ve already lowered a lot of that pressure right now. A: Good.

S: But it’s not completely there. They have to take their time with doing things because energies have to shift in a gradual way. So that’s something that they do. Now the degree of gradualism is lowering. In other words it’s speeding up. A: Hmmm

S: But they still have to follow a degree of timetable. And of course, as I continue to say to everybody, as far as this timetable goes I wish it were over yesterday. A: Yeah.

S: I just look at what we have potentially to accept and where we are today and I look at it and see how primitive we all are right now because that’s what they want – they want to keep us at a certain level that maintains the ridiculous concept of profit motive and money.

A: And it’s so sad because the human species is absolutely magnificent (It is) yet the majority of us will never even believe that, you know.

S: No, because we are always taught that we are living on a little ball of mud and an insignificant sun flowing in the middle of a vast galaxy. We don’t believe that we are something else. And that’s what we are constantly being bombarded with.

A: Speaking of which, man, you just segued into my next question. Tell me what your feeling is about the attention being placed on the Flat Earth theory? Because there is an incredible amount data that is very supportive in presenting the fact that we live on a Flat Earth – at least a foundation even if we are within a sphere. So I’m curious what you think about that.

S: I look at that as utter idiocy.

A: (Laughs) Why?

S: The Earth has a curvature. If you look at the world, the Flat Earth would not have the degree of curvature in different directions that they want for a Flat Earth. It’s not flat. If you get into space and you look down it’s not flat. If you look at planets around you and moons, guess what, they are not flat either. So at the law of similarity where you find something and usually you’ll find the same thing in a way similar to that you already see, then the concept of a Flat Earth is bizarre.

A: Okay, then how about the fact that every single picture of the Earth from space is admitted by NASA to be a composite. Why aren’t we being shown what the Earth really looks like?

S: Ships. A: Ahh. Okay.

S: Look, when they went to the Moon the first time, the Apollo 11, they had behind them a whole flotilla following them.

A: How funny.

S: They were told to keep their cameras looking forward. Originally they had the cameras facing backwards and then they say the Fleet would begin to appear and immediately NASA said to the guys, Move those cameras forward.

A: Hmmm

S: And that’s what is happening. There are things happening around our Earth all the time where you’d see huge ships and things like that. And of course, if we were to show that on the planet, a true picture of this planet and you would see all the ships and all the things related to it around it, my God, it would be impossible –

A: Okay, that would explain – I was going to ask you because there is footage from the astronauts even, where that don’t show anything past like a 90-degree angle behind them. So what you are saying is that there’s always followed by a fleet of ships.

S: They were being followed. They were told to put their craft and turn it over on it’s side and just look at certain places, so that is what they do. They don’t want cameras pointing at real space. Because it would bring all this phenomena around us into full measure. And it would be possible for the overwhelming degree of pictures that it’s pretty obvious that we are not alone. So if people keep saying like they do at SETI, oh, we don’t have any knowledge of it, all of a sudden there’d be a million pictures. And of course, they don’t want that.

They don’t want that at all. So they have set it up so that they keep everything under proper scope. And that’s what they have been doing. And of course, the astronauts, when they are asked about some pictures that they took that were actually ships they can not say that. Even when you see Buzz Aldrin, he goes back and forth, because he’s afraid of breaking the whole concept of the secret agreement, because he could wind up spending the rest of his life in prison, which he does not want to do.

A: Right. Either that or they’d threaten his family if he breaks some kind of contractual agreement.

S: He will. Sometimes he will say something, and then he will say I didn’t really mean that. Let me explain this again.

A: So it’s soft disclosure. S: It’s soft disclosure.

A: Yeah. Well, okay. Now here’s a great question for you. Antarctica. I would love to hear what do you feel is the reason why – what is it – there’s 50 countries are not allowed to go there.

S: There are certain things happening, like the hole is opening up, and there’s a lake, the Russian lake at Antarctica that’s opening up – we have to understand that. And there’s another reason which is, of course, the remnants of the original Nazi weaponry is still there. We have to understand all of that when we look at everything going on in Antarctica. If people would really know what’s going on down there, other than it’s immensely cold and it’s basically an ice desert, if you go beyond that then you start talking about the history of what’s going on on Antarctica, you immediately get this entirely different than what science tells you, or what people are allowed to say. I mean they are throwing secrecy acts at anybody that goes down there.

A: And who is ‘they?’ I mean who is controlling Antarctica in your opinion right now?

S: What’s controlling Antarctica right now is that there’s lots of ships over the South Pole. There’s a lot of Agarthan ships that are around there, and they know that. And there’s also phenomena which indicate that certain aspects of geology are no longer functional. And they understand that and they don’t want people to know about it.

A: Wow.

S: So as you begin to look at what’s happening on our planet, both at the South Pole and the North Pole, you begin to see a picture forming which is, they do not want anybody to know what is going on down there. If airline pilots were to really tell you that the area around the pole is so magnetic that it ruins their abilities for their guidance systems to operate. So the result is that all the people that quote/unquote go over the pole, they really aren’t going over the pole, they are going over an area where they’re allowed to go over. Because the hole around the North Polar region, the North Polar hole is real. And for instance, the most famous pictures that I’ve seen, NASA pictures by the way, are pictures from the Apollo 11 and Apollo 14 returning to Earth. And these are really cool pictures and you can clearly see that there’s a North Polar hole. And the Russians have done studies where they’ve gone to the edge and gotten all kinds of strange phenomena. It’s pretty obvious that the North Polar region, especially where the North Polar hole is, is magnetically different.

And as a matter of fact, a lot of scientists in the Nordic countries, in Northern Europe, they’ve been looking at the Aurora in the North Polar region. And they look at it – a group of scientists are beginning to say it’s not all kinds of cosmic energy that is causing that. It’s actually from the central sun of the Earth, the core of the Earth, and it’s from the fact of the Earth is hollow. And of course, if you were suddenly to say that there’s an advanced civilization on the inside of our planet and it proves conclusively that the planet is hollow and practically every planet that they’ve taken pictures of it, shows its hollowness. For instance, there was a recent one they did of Mercury and they discovered that this southern pole of Mercury is hollow. You can see inside the planet. So if you look at all of this, the hole that they discovered in the North Polar region of Mars, and if you look at all of the Solar System you begin to suddenly see that the geology that we have very strongly worked on for centuries to create is false.

Just like how most of the stuff about the Origins of Man are likewise because if people were to get a change and what has really happened it would alter everything. It would alter religions, the origins of government, all kinds of things, right.

A: Their whole foundation of truth itself is going to get completely shattered.

S: All those lies will be shattered away, immensely shattered away, there will be no ifs ands or buts about getting it back. I call it the Humpty Dumpty effect. If this thing falls off the wall it’s not going to come back. It’s gone. And that’s why this lack of disclosure on this planet and the ridiculous cover-up has gone on for so many decades because they are seriously worried of something breaking the hold of what is going on right now. There are people, I said, luckily that we have a great group of people in the Light working carefully with the Federation and the Ascended Masters to bring us close to the point where we are going to see great changes and we are very close to that.

But what we have to realize is that the group that has been running our planet, the guys that are actually running it, the guys who are really electing our president, the guys who really determine who is going to be prime minister at whatever country, these people, they still run everything and they are very worried, as I said, they are scared of what is happening. And they are seeing that their fiat currency is slowly falling away. And so they know that when that goes it means that the banking systems are changing. It means the entire process of not only the financial system but the governmental system and how they are controlling the world will fall by the wayside. And they are really afraid of that and this is one of the major things that they look at everyday when they wake up and say, What’s going on with the world that they do not want in any way, shape, or form to change. And you might say to the end of the ends they are not going to change anything.

So when everything happens that’s why they say that there will be these sudden announcements because they are basically trying to hold back the cracking of the dam, holding back the giant waters behind it for as long as they can. And the dam has reached cracks where the water is going to start flowing and the dams are going fall down. And they know this and this is what they are trying to prevent and they are trying to do it as difficultly as possible. They don’t care about the obstacles in the front of their faces. They want to keep this going and it’s extremely important for them to do so.

A: It’s crazy. Gosh, there’s so many questions that are whirling around in my head. First of all, you mentioned that you are finding more and more planets that actually have poles. Now can you explain to me at what point is it determined that a civilization lives on the exterior of a planet versus the interior.

S: Well, this is what makes it difficult, because the Federation groups live on the inside, because all planets are hollow. And if you know vortex fractal theory of how the universe was created you would immediately see that this is the norm and we are just limited conscious beings and we live on the outside because we were left behind when this group that was Atlantis left. It’s not normal for people to live on the outside of a planet. All of our science fiction is based on the concept that people live on the outside of planets. And that’s not true. So when you go to a lot of these worlds you see nothing. Like if you go to Mars, even though there is a civilization inside you don’t see anything.

A: Correct.

S: You see the remnants of that aspect of the civilization long, long ago that used to be there for various parts of the planet that were nodes. One of the missions of fully conscious beings, physical angels, is to monitor the planet and therefore to put up temples and other areas where they can do chants and move energies so they can maintain the basic energies of the planet. Because their job is to do that. The whales right now, the oceans are fully conscious beings and they understand that, they even sacrifice themselves for us.

A: I know, I know.

S: When they did the first Whale Conference back in 1971-72, it was in Santa Cruz, in California, and so they saw this guy from Africa who was a shaman and because he wanted to know what he had to say they decided to make him a keynote. So he started it off. So speaking in his African English he simply said, about the whales, they are everywhere. They are in the sky, they are in the ground, and they are in the water. And he left. That was his message. His message was very simple and it’s the truth. We have discovered that the large whales are record keepers, the littler whales, the toothed whales are action figures you so to speak. Their job is to move energies using the ocean to move upon the planet’s land masses. And that’s why shamans would say Cetacean energy is helping to maintain the energies that allow animals and planets every Spring to reproduce. (A: Wow!) And they know that. They understand that. That’s why killing the whales is sacrilegious.

A: Oh my God.

S: And when you understand all of that and you look around and you see what’s going on, you say, well, there’s some really advanced civilizations so to speak that I look upon – advanced with – what they are doing for human rights, I wish they would understand enough to extend that to the whales.

A: Yes. Absolutely. And the dolphins.

S: And the dolphins. Well, the dolphins are mostly the smaller toothed whales.

A: Incredible. That’s one of my questions to you. You are one of the few people out there that I’ve read about the Galactic Cetaceans. S: RIght.

A: Okay. And you’ve mentioned that it was a Guardian group. S: Yes.

A: I would love it if you could expound upon that. Like where did they come. Do they still exist now? Did they leave the planet? Anything that you can give us on that I would love it.

S: Well, I’ll give you a little a bit. A: Okay.

S: Now, like this last year, maybe last year and a half, in Crimea A: Yes.

S: Okay, what is so important about Crimea. One of the first things that you look at you’ll see that North Crimea, they are in the Caucasus. Now, let’s go way back in history – 6 to 8 million years ago. And I was told this story long ago and I have it in my book, but let me explain it a little bit more. There was on this planet through migration, three groups, an advanced race of dinosaurians, reptilians, and of mammals, mainly being the cetaceans. That’s just an Greek word for whale. 19:03 So they looked out there and they were told to be Guardians, so they looked across the planet and the other two groups conspired with a group from Orion that wanted to destroy the Cetaceans. So the Cetaceans looked out at this and they decided that the only way to do this was to use, to blow up their energy systems in the Caucasus and leave behind their civilization. Now across the lower part of the Northern Crimea there are pyramids and they noticed on one pyramid one very important thing. There seems to be a small non-human being lying at the base of one of these pyramids with a crown on it’s head. A: Wohh.

S: Now, this is just the last remnant of the – and I like to call the land cetaceans or in the case of the whales, the pre-cetaceans, and they said that after that they went back to the ocean to hide from the radiation that got rid of the other two groups. And they sent a galactic cetacean group out from here across this vast galaxy to discover where they could have a hierarchy that would agree with them to create a fully conscious group whose eventual destination would be this planet and the planets around it, but mainly this planet, to act as a Land Guardian. And that is the reason why the humans were created and why they have moved – and one of the earliest chances for civilization to move here was This Planet. Hybornea, the Great North continent, talked about in all the myths – (Yes) you have the time of it. It was destroyed by a group of Ancharians from Orion roughly around two million years ago.

A: Two million years ago. S: Think of that. An advanced civilization on this planet two million years old.

A: That’s amazing.

S: We have to understand. And when you look at that pre-cetacean civilization – it almost rhymes, doesn’t it – you see a civilization that’s over six million years old. With pyramids and all kinds of things like that. So you look at that and you then see the history of this planet is pretty strange. And of course, if you get bones of dinosaurs and you ask them to age them, in other words to do some carbon testing on the bones, most large museums and most large schools of paleontology will refuse. Guess why? Because the bones are more recent. A: Woh.

S: We have to begin to understand that our history is a lot different. And our geology is a lot different. And if you begin to understand it it also implies something else that would get any scientist upset, mainly in anthropology because our origins are not from here. We are a very unique species. We are unlike and the unlikeness, the dissimilarity, is large enough to show that we are not from here. So you look at all of that – there’s remnants of various super-odd blood types, there are all kinds of things about us that is different that show that we are not primates from Planet Earth. So if you look at all of that – and if a biologist and an expert in medicine would talk to you about it, or an anthropologist that has really discovered all of this and was allowed to talk about all of this – it causes a massive change. Think of it, you change anthropology, you change geology, what’s going to happen to theology?

A: True. That’s one of their biggest cover-ups.

S: Exactly. Once you realize all of this, they used to show this crap about oil and how we were running out of oil. Well in order to lubricate itself the Earth makes oil. Makes tons of it everyday. Millions of tons of it. But we don’t want to do that because it does all kinds of bad things to the atmosphere.

A: Doesn’t the oil provide Mother Earth with her own – it helps her with her own joints.

S: Yeah, it lubricates it. A: Yeah.

S: So if you understand the nature of that and you understand that the oil is there, the gold was put there for the life of the planet – Orme represents the life energy of the planet. Its a very unique mineral. (Yes) It’s also a very unique element. Gold is virtually impossible unless you know how to do it properly to change it into something else. That’s why the ancient alchemists were always talking about turning things into gold. Because it was a permanent thing.

A: Right. It’s like reaching the ultimate state of consciousness and I work with homeopathy a lot, orme is a phenomenal homeopathic.

S: And they knew that. Gold represents the highest energy of life and the highest energy of how this planet’s energy works. And of course we have to look at the Earth as being a living being and look at ourselves of living in a gigantic living hologram. And if you understand all of that we see ourselves as spiritual holograms, you begin to change the concept of what life is. Because it expands it outward immensely.

A: Sheldan do you agree, we have all of this tectonic shifts and the plates and the continents splitting apart and becoming separate. Do you feel that is a representation or like a macrocosmic view of our own mind, our own brain?

S: Well, the whole concept of the floating tectonic plates, that’s just because the planet had to put itself down to lower consciousness, and it also it created changes and how it’s put together.

A: Interesting.

S: So once we achieve higher consciousness and the planet is fully potentialized the plates will actually come together and expand. This planet will become much bigger. And you will also understand if you look, the whole concept of vortices etcetera you begin to see a lot of Kepler’s mechanics, which were the first basis of understanding the very nature of how our Solar System operates was largely wrong because you saw the stuff going on around it as being something that was only two dimensional. Because the full three dimensional and above mind wasn’t really thought of until we really had levels of advanced algebra and especially calculus.

And once you could imagine it in your mind and you could talk about 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and etcetera, 7 dimensions, it changed the whole concept. But of course, immediately, up comes the people trying to maintain the orthodoxy (Sure) and they start calling these imaginary numbers. So we have to realize that the world doesn’t understand all of that because it is not allowed to really do anything. There are a few people who totally get mentally into the whole concept of mathematics and spend their lives because they are geniuses at it, or very close to it, and they become advanced mathematicians and they sit in their ivory towers, so to speak, and spend the whole day there sitting at a blackboard or at a computer putting together various forms of topographic mathematics.

And so, they are imagining what a five-space looks like and all this other stuff. So if we get beyond that, because one of the things one of the physicists told me was, if you can’t explain something, using your voice, in other words, common reason languaging, using very, very advanced forms of mathematics that are very effusive to the average person is not the way to do it. And that’s what these people are doing, these scientists. They are talking all the time in this funny little language of 5-space, and 6-space and events etcetera, all of this is wonderful but the average person will not know anything about it because it’s to a level of degrees that they cannot fully understand.

And what we have to do with science is to create a spiritual science that allows people to fully understand the nature of how the cosmos works and how it inter-relates with Heaven and put together a concept that’s based on true characteristics and with that you can develop a degree of understanding that allows you to successfully use all of that to advance consciousness. And that’s what we really need to do.

We don’t need to bring people off into effusive areas and go off into advanced mathematics and advance these modelings, these topographic models that the average person would look at and scratch their heads. We don’t want to create effusive stuff, we want to create things that are totally able for people easily to understand. And when you do that – because basically, the universe is really quite simple mathematics to understand it. And when you understand that concept and you use it, you see that all this advanced mathematics is wonderful, but it has a relationship that we don’t normally understand. The thing that has happened with humans is, to keep us confused, any time anything gets advanced, they stick it off into some specialization.

Then it becomes magic, just like in the beginings of our civilizations, we had what was called wizards. And wizards means they could do mathematics. That’s all that it meant. To invent mathematics of some sort was to wiz. And the wizard means one that could wiz. But we had those mathematicians, these wizards, that’s what wizards originally were. And they were making mathematical magic. And they did all kinds of interesting and incredible things and the ultimate level of it was, of course, alchemy.

A: Well, and you know what too, Sheldan, the more they make these into speciality fields, the more complicated it gets, the more they build upon a system that really isn’t based on truth anyway, and the more it feeds the program that we are inferior because most of us can’t understand it in the first place.

S: Exactly.

A: So it’s all part of the whole matrix to begin with.

S: And it is.

A: One of the things that you touched upon and I thought it was interesting, is that you really went through a crisis at 14 when they had been prepping you and taking you up on their ship and educating you and teaching you all about these sciences in the galaxy and everything. That must have been a really intense experience for a teenager-aged kid. How did you get through that? Were you basically just kind of an isolationist?

S: Well, the only kids that I really were friends with were people who were oriented toward physics or science anyway – math. But the major thing that I was trying to do was to take the science that I knew, which was at then the beginnings of quantum physics and I wanted to take a concept of quantum physics, especially the mechanics of it, and merge that with the spiritual science that they had shown me. And when I tried to do that I was met with all kinds of craziness. And even when I went to university I went to orientation and the professor there was a Newtonian. So I explained what Washta had explained to me when I was fourteen, which was that Newtonian physics is really a small capsule of what science was totally meant to be. And that got me into a lot of trouble. Because I suddenly was labeled by this guy as an anti-Newtonian so his job was to flunk me out. He almost succeeded. I went a whole year, with lousy grades. I was practically having a nervous breakdown. I have this skin condition and it broke out like crazy. I had a hell of a year. (I bet)

And then to keep from flunking I had to change to social sciences and do all the stuff required, what I mean all the gateway courses, in summer school. How do you like that for pressure? And I got all the way through and I just had a couple of Bs. I took – I think it was three courses for each four of the summer school programs. So I took like 12, 14 courses and I got my average just above a C. So when I came to September I was still there. But I mean, when you’ve gone through all of that on your first year of college it kind of wiped me out for a little bit and I kind of coasted the second year in college. I kind of coasted a little bit. So I had done all the gateway courses, I took all kinds of electives. I took almost of my second year of college doing electives. So when I graduated I had the double amount of the average college student when they graduate from college. (Wow) But the interesting thing about all of that – it got to me to learn about the world in ways that I probably never would have learned about. But I took African Studies, Latin American Studies, European Studies, East European Studies, China, so I learned about the world.

A: Well, and you have such a well-rounded perspective. I think that is why people really respect your work. You are able to bring in all a lot of that technical scientific facet to your work.

S: Right.

A: You know, and rather than just being spiritual.

S: Well, that’s one of the things that I did. And when I was reaching the point where I could come out and start doing public lectures the only people that were open to what I wanted to talk about were people who were involved with various spiritual aspects of what you might say of the world. They were involved with what is spirit and related to all of that – you know, consciousness, etcetera. And so, I began there. I didn’t begin with the UFO-types that were totally into nuts and bolts stuff. But I had the background, I could have done it, but I didn’t really want to do it that way. Of course, when I first started in my lectures I had people from NASA who came to attend my lectures and we would talk at the end of each lecture about what their science was doing. And so I would learn about all the weird stuff that was going on in the local NASA base you might say. A: Right.

S: So, I was able to do this until they were told that their superiors that if they continued to see me they might get fired. So they told me one day that this was the last time that we would come. They would all have to go back and stay there at night and not be able to come over. So I lost that. And I considered that a big loss. But that was part of the process – that I was able to get the science aspect of it after I had started talking to people that mainly had been into the spirit aspect of all of this.

A: And no better and more perfect combination in which to bring this information out into the world. Because this is ultimately where they want us to go in the first place. And I definitely want everyone to please check out Sheldan Nidle’s three books. He has one called Your First Contact, another one called Selamat Ja: A Guide for Galactic Humans, and the third one is Your Galactic Neighbors. And we are doing a webinar and you should be able to catch it on Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. PDT and that’s all about merging the science with the spirituality.

S: May I interrupt you here. I just wanted to say that to get to the the webinar the best thing to do is to go to the website which is PAOweb.com.

A: Perfect. I was just about to get to that.

S: Okay, I’m sorry. I jumped in there.

A: That’s okay. That’s okay. So going back a little bit, and let’s see we’ve got maybe about ten minutes. So I really ask you what you were talking about for before regarding to the synthesia and you were saying that ultimately we would be in a place where our words and our colors and our sounds would all be combined together.

S: You have a genetic anomaly which a lot of people have, which called synthesia. And what that is, you see colors. And when you see a bell ring you don’t hear it just in your mind as sound, you see colors with it. And some people go further than that. When they hear a sound they don’t just see the colors, they can actually taste the colors.

A: Wow! How cool is that?

S: So some people will go to a concert and instead of saying that was a beautiful rendition of Mozart, they would say, Wow, that really tasted good.

A: Well, now isn’t it this going to cause a little bit of a lack of communication amongst those depending on where their evolutionary scale is?

S: Well, as we head toward full consciousness, the amount of people experiencing it -are actually daily experiencing synthesia – is increasing. Because basically when you are a full conscious being this is part of the senses that are normal for you. In other words, when you see flowers you don’t just smell them, you see their colors.

A: Nice. Yeah, definitely. And as they say in olfactory therapy that’s the fastest way to break through the brain barrier is through smell.

S: RIght.

A: You have mentioned several times in your work that the Divine Plan has moved up their schedule and I was wondering, could you tell us why is that. What has caused the Divine Plan to be moved up their schedule?

S: One of the things that has been happening as we have been explaining in the course of this time together is that we have more and more consciousness happening on this planet, and most importantly we have groups that are aided by the Federation, by Heaven and the Ascended Masters. And they are reaching points now where they can start to affect the nature of the currency system in this planet and the financial system at this planet and eventually, aid with that in the governments. And as they do that they will change everything. So the Divine Plan is moving in it’s own way to bring all this to fruition a lot faster than initially because we are awakening up beautifully.

A: Awesome.

S: We are waking across this planet. There are people in places that never thought they would end up there that are thinking about of advanced concepts of consciousness and they may be very lonely and a lot of people write to us or get in touch with us and they are talking about, well, I’m out here in the middle of central Kansas or whatever and I can’t get anybody and I feel I am so alone. So I need to talk to somebody. And that’s what is happening. I want eventually, with what is happening in this organization, I want to be able to connect people so that we can start to build a Planetary Organization which is what I talk about in Selamat Ja and begin to actually create this network.

I had the beginnings of it about ten years ago but since then certain things have happened to us. And our intentions have changed but we need to go back and build all of that. This is one of the major things that I want to do when I put this organization together on a larger scale so that we can begin to talk to one another, we can begin to have places we can go to so that everybody has a chance to see that they have an opportunity to go to a place where they can talk about all of this stuff and not be looked upon as being crazy or weird, but actually being among people that say, That’s great, I know this and I know that and everybody else saying I do too. So you feel a community. That’s what I want to start doing – is to build communities.

A: We are so on the same page, Sheldan. In fact, when I was prompted very strongly, I might add, to put Galactic Connection together that was one of the things that I was guided that I was to do. And just like yourself, there’s just not enough human resources and time to be able to undertake a lot of the projects that have been presented to me. (Umhmm) So you and I should definitely talk about that. Now tell me something, how are planets selected for seeding, like the Earth has been?

S: Well, the Earth always had a tradition because it has been a very special place. The singularity that created this galaxy is, it’s a centa-core, central light zone, a central sun, whatever you want to call it of our planet, this planet was a wanderer. One of the things that I was told a long time ago was about wanderers. And I didn’t understand what that was and all of a sudden I’m looking at an documentary and they are talking about the formations of the galaxy and they are talking about Wanderer Planets. And I was going ‘Yeah.’ You have to remember, and then Immanuel Velikovsky had a very interesting theory back in the ’60s and ’70s and ’80s and talked about Venus being a comet that had come into it and wandered into our Solar System and had become Venus.

But our planet itself was a wanderer. It was captured by our Sun for a purpose and that is because this Solar System has, you might say, a specific potential fate that it is to go to and it is moving toward that. And as we move toward that we will get more and more enlightened which is happening to us, and we will eventually be allowed – the Federation will come down and help us to become fully conscious beings. When we become fully conscious and we’ve created this new Star Nation we will create the abilities, because of all that we have access to, to finish our fate. And our fate is to be the Peace Star Nation, be the nation that finally helps all the rest of what used to be called in the Anchara Alliance, all those nations, those old planets to become fully conscious. And that’s what we are doing on this planet and they know that, they understand that and that’s why they are watching us.

A: Oh my God. I’m trippin’. Okay, you’ve got to hear this. This is one of my questions. Is it true that as we graduate through the galactic training we ourselves will undertake Galactic Missions traveling to other planets and stars to discuss the disadvantages of having too much darkness and war?

S: Exactly. We are moving – the Anchara Alliance agreed to dispand and become a part of the Federation because of a permanent peace and we are the final – you might say – coffin nail in that, that brings that peace and makes it viable.

A: Again I thank you. That is such a confirmation of so many of the messages that I’ve gotten. Now I just want everybody out there, like how excited are you now? Just think about that! Just really ponder what you are going through right now, what you are getting prepped for, Sheldan, I think you probably agree with me, I say this all the time, we are truly going through an initiation.

S: Yes we are.

A: And we must prevail in order to prove that we can have the right stuff. Who better than us to go and spread that word to go across the galaxies and etcetera to convince these people they don’t want what we’ve just started and begin to leave? (S: Umhmm)

Man, that gives me goosebumps.

A: What is your feeling about space/time? Is it true that time in its own – people say that we don’t understand it fully, but is it true that it does exist in all dimensions and all realities because there’s some sort of construct involved?

S: There is a construct involved. But what we have to learn and understand is that time is not really a measurement, it’s a feeling. It’s a created feeling, it’s an energy that puts together galaxies and dimensions and we have to see it as that. Right now, when you think about time, you say, oh, it’s almost three o’clock. 47:00 That’s what people would say but that isn’t what time is. That’s a very, very restricted concept of time. We have to realize that time is an energy – there are Time Lords, it’s not Dr Who but it’s the Time Lords. And they are a part of a process that creates galaxies, creates planets, they work with the Elohim and we have to begin to understand inside of ourselves, we have to create new realities inside of ourselves that all of this is happening. And that time as we know it is not just a measurement, it’s actually a feeling.

When you look at the time systems, like for example, of the Mayan, or the Egyptians, they didn’t look at the seasons as time – oh, it’s November now – they didn’t look at that way. They said that certain energies were coming in and that these energies would change every year but that these energies represented certain aspects of the year. And that they must be honored and they must be acknowledged. And that’s what the whole concept of time is about. So if you look at their system, it’s all about time, not as a 6:00 o’clock or something like that, it’s about a feeling. And that feeling is as you begin to understand it you begin to create within yourself the consciousness. And that’s what they wanted to do, they wanted you to realize that your consciousness was with the Earth and that it was about the Light – even though they talked about the Dark it was in a very, very, very localized concept.

And when people look at the Mayan and they talk to me about all this crazy dark stuff, we have to understand the Mayan were playing with energies that they fully did not understand and that’s why their civilization died. And it’s still there. The Mayans who are now, ever since the Spanish conquests of the 16th century, they’re looking around and they’re beginning to see that the original concepts are right. That’s why the Mayan believe that we have to get out of our civilization since it is destroying us. And they began to see that you have to operate out of that. Because buildings and structures and wars and kings and all of that are things that are not of what humanity is about, what’s really about it is the feelings of this year and the understanding of the nature of the circles of life which they like to talk to me about all the time.

We have to begin to understand that. And the Mayan priests, the shamans that I have talked to understand that. But humans on this planet who have been thoroughly Westernized, do not. They look upon time as 5:11 or whatever.

A: Right. Right. So really what you are saying we need to be more in synch with Mother Earth’s seasons and also the planetary cycles, and the movement of the stars and the Sun and all of that, that’s basically what you’re saying. So that we’re more in a cohesion.

S: More cohesion, that’s right. A: Okay.

S: You have to remember some of the finest astronomers in the world before modern scientific instruments were invented for astronomy were the Mayans. When people study the charts that they created they are astounded. They are totally astounded by the degree of accuracy of these people looking with their bare eyes into the cosmos every night, what they found and what they came up with. It’s amazing. They were real searchers. The same thing for the Egyptians. There are stars and systems in their astronomy – Egyptian astronomy – that are so advanced it amazes the cryptologists and also the astronomers who look at time – the paleoastronomers. They understand that there was something else going on here but they can’t really explain it because science – the way it’s now instituted – does not allow you to go beyond this little straight jacket that they have. But slowly there are scientists around the world who are seeing the importance of spirit and are trying to re-put that back into science.

A: That makes sense. Now Sheldan, I can’t go past the comment that you made just a couple of minutes ago. You said that the Sun captured the Earth – S: Right.

A: What do you mean by that?

S: It was a wandering planet. A: Right.

S: If it comes to close to the Sun it would be captured. That what happened to our Moon, you know, we have an artifical Moon. It got captured.

A: Wow! I never heard it put that way. Is that in relation to the Fall?

S: Yeah, it is in relation with the Fall. We used to have two natural moons, both are gone. All that’s left is a moon which used to be the artificial 5th moon, I call it when it’s eventually reconstituted ‘Pax,’ but most people know of it as Maldek.

A: Correct. Yes. I remember that.

A: Now you’ve also talked about a lot about the photon belt. Are we officially in it, out of it, in the middle of it, where are we at this point regarding that?

S: We are in a special pocket, in our entire Solar System. It’s an energy – I have learned to go beyond the concept of a system of time. I see it as an energy. And this energy is something that we are coming out of. And when we fully understand completely this whole consciousness that we are going through and become fully conscious beings, we’ll fully understand the nature of the mechanics. In other words, the vortex and fractal physics of all of this, which always ties into sacred geometry and sacred numbers etcetera. I think that if people were allowed to really discover that as they probably will when they study the Akashi Records when they become fully conscious, they will learn the beauty of it. It’s everything – you look at the energies that Heaven, the great and wonderous Creative Force that made this incredible reality that we exist in and all the other ones around us, you begin to see the pattern of it and the amazing wonder of it.

A: Man. That is so awesome. So I think that my very last question, because we are running out of time is, can you clarify for people at this point, why are we such an atypical species compared to all the others out there. What really makes the human species so significantly different?

S: Well, I see us as actually more as humans on this planet, on the surface of the planet, not the interior – A: Okay.

S: as being actually degenerated. We have been regressed backwards and we have things within us, we have epigenetic blocks and other things related to that that have kept us from becoming fully conscious again. Our natural state is to be a physical angel. To be a person that’s born, grows, ages and dies, is a cycle – craziness. And that’s why humanity has always had this fear of death – that’s what runs our society. And once you go beyond that, and you become fully conscious, the whole process of what this reality is about, changes. So I don’t know, uniqueness to me, is the upside-down-backwardness of it. I mean that’s one of the first things that they mentioned to me, meaning the Sirians, is that they call this the upside-down-backward civilization. Because it was designed that way. (Alexandra laughs)

A: It was designed that way?

S: The Annunaki did one amazing job on us.

A: Oh my God. So you agree that they are in awe that we’ve made it this far, right?

S: There’s an degree of awe in it, but they also know that the prophecy was that no matter what the Annunaki did, the ultimate – you might say – goal of this planet, this surface-of-the-planet civilization, is to return to what it is natural about – which is to be fully conscious.

A: Oh my gosh. Well, Sheldan, I am so grateful. I really look forward to interview you again in the near future. Hopefully we can put some ideas together. Please everyone out there, you know how dedicated Sheldan is. He’s always putting out this information and this is how he supports his family and himself. Please visit him at www.PAOweb.com and catch his webinars, they are awesome. They are completely full of information that you can really assist you on your walk and your journey to raise your consciousness and being a pro-active participant in bringing forth this New Society that we all talk about and dream about and we envision. It’s time for us to take action. And that’s what I really honor you for, Sheldan, that you are constantly hammering on that. You are always reminding people that we’ve got to pick up our stuff and move.

S: Yes. Exactly.

A: And also, please check out his books. They are fascinating, they’ve got so much information in them. I have one here myself and I can’t put it down and I constantly re-visit it because it has so much information that never goes out of – how do you say it – it never goes out of existence. Anyway, Sheldan, thank you for your time today. Is there anything you’d like to end this with before I let you go?

S: Well, I just want to thank you before I go.

A: Well, you’re welcome.

S: Thank you for this time. I hope you had a wonderful time, I know I did.

A: I did too.

S: And I look forward to sometime doing this again and expand on what we talked about for these two hours.

A: Yes, I really agree. And everyone, I just want you all to know how much we love you and are here to support you. We are doing everything we can to provide you the assistance and the support. I am honored to be here to help in any way that I can. So please continue to visit Galactic Connection.com and you can check out the Implant Removal Process, it is top notch and it’s worldwide and also my alchemy. If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Sheldan or myself. So again, Sheldan’s website is PAOweb.com, which is Planetary Activation Organization. I love it already. Okay everyone, take care and have a wonderful rest of the week and we will talk to you soon. Thanks Sheldan for everything that you do.

S: Right, thank you for all that you are doing and thank you for having me being a part of this.

A: You are so welcome. Take care everybody. Lots of love.


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