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microphone (1)Hello hello everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is April 21st, 2015. So please do me a favor, if you’re new to Galactic Connection go ahead and check out our website. We do run a Daily Blog 365 days a year and it is free to public access. You can just click on the Daily Blog tab. We also have a plethora of services to offer so just check us out. We have my alchemy and the infamous implant removal process as well as a lot of other good fun stuff that we’ve come forth with – some new technologies.

So I am really excited today. A lot of people have asked me to contact Simon Parkes and I just didn’t do it because I’ve been so busy. So I finally did and Simon Parkes is with me today. Now for anybody who is not aware of him, even though he has made a big splash out there in the internet, he came on to the circuit so to speak in 2010 in this arena, I should say.

He has an amazing background. It reads a lot like a conspiracy novel in some ways. His grandfather was and is a British diplomat and Freemason and worked for MI6 while his mother worked for MI5. He was trained in occult magic at an very early age and he has many, many high level contacts in the British government and eventually delved into the arena of politics. But prior to doing so and this is what is really cool he came clean with the public about the experiences he’s had as a contactee with the Mantids, and the Greys and the Reptilians. And he openly speaks about the alien hybrid program which I can’t wait to hear a little bit more about that, witnessing human scientists working alongside aliens in an abduction encounter. He has also shared experiences regarding his own soul being removed and being placed in the physical body – transferred to a Mantid body, that’s interesting, and has taken part of some of the abduction related tasks.

Despite his stories of the 9-foot Mantid handler that he refers to as his Mum, Simon has managed to win an election for a British Town Councillor in the Whitby Town Council. So, wow, isn’t that amazing? And although he has experienced a lot of attack and malicious discrediting from the media, back in 2013 he the was invited by the British Ministry of Defense to tour a secret space radar facility in the United Kingdom. So that’s maybe clearing the way for him and hopefully having them take him a little more seriously. So I’m going to go ahead and introduce you to Simon who we’re talking to in the United Kingdom today. So thank you.

Simon: Hello Alexandra. You’ve really done your research really well. That’s brilliant, well done. I’m delighted to be invited on your show and I’m delighted to speak to you and your lovely audience.

Alexandra: Thank you. I have an awesome audience. They are very enlightened and they really do jump down that rabbit hole. So of course a lot of them are very familiar with you. I think I saw that first four video series that you came out with. That just blew my my mind. And I think that my very first question to you is, because of the type of upbringing you’ve had, how has that been for you to deal with in everyday life. I mean I think some of us are kind of looking at you and saying well, you grew up in an Illuminati/Bloodline family, you know, was this just the norm?

Simon: No. Most people who have interactions usually come from a military background – that’s generally where that comes from. And mine was most definitely an espionage type background. And just to say, you are quite right, my grandfather worked for MI6 and my mother worked for MI5, but in reality, my grandfather was working for the CIA, and my mother was working for the NSA. But because they were both British subjects, they had to be managed by the local intelligence service of that country. Britain and America are incredibly close countries so they share the secrets between both of them. So when I grew up – I think I was saved by my biological mother simply because my grandfather was leading towards being sort of a satanic magician and his values were along those lines. Whereas my mother was into magic but she was not into the satanic element of it. My grandfather and my mother would often argue about my upbringing. So I think that – that was a very interesting division that occurred.

In terms of normal families within the Illuminati, yes, it was reasonably standard so if you went in to our front room you’d find a copy of The Lord of the Rings, you would find the books that you would expect to see in such a family household. But when you are growing up in such a family you don’t really compare yourself with others. You think, well that is how it is in my family. Now If you are mixing with other families – bloodlines – like yourself, you think it is all normal. But of course, as a kid you grew up you meet a lot of other children that are not in that family and that’s when I began to realize the distinction and the differences. So it’s not something that just happens overnight. You learn it gradually.

Alexandra: Did they actually kind of protect you from the outside world? We’re you only allowed to be reared, for example, and hang out with other children of the same type of background?

Simon: Yes, to a certain extent. I don’t know how it is done in the States but in Britain there mainly public schools. The public school in Britain is a school that you go to without paying for it. That’s actually the norm in Britain. But I was put into a school that you paid for and my own mother took me out of there. I think again this is because of the arguments between how I was going to be raised. My mother took me from this school and put me into a state school. So then I was then to mix with children that were not like me. So yes, and it’s very interesting because your values are challenged by the values of the other families.

A: Yeah. She sounds like she was quite the rebel considering her upbringing.

S: Yes, back in the days when she was young, you had to be 21, I understand, to fly without a chaperone on an airplane. And when she was 21 she actually went and got her passport. And the joke is that when she was at immigration the guy looked at her and said, Where is your chaperone? And she said, I’m 21 and I don’t need it. And I actually still have her passport. And it showed that she went all over the world. So she was very, very determined, very single minded. So yeah, she must have been a really thing for them to control. Towards the end of her life, because of the documents that she was seeing, she became an alcoholic. She just couldn’t cope with what she was seeing. And I’ve made it quite public that I believe that she was murdered because she became unstable and the information she had in her head it would have been very difficult for the agencies. So yeah, she was a bit of a rebel, definitely.

A: Well also, she had a conscience which it sounds like she did, the internal strife might have been just way too much for her to handle.

S: Yeah, her job was – this is before the days of computers, on the civilian side of it – and her job was to type on an old fashioned typewriter, type out documents from German scientists relating to UFOs that had crashed all over the globe. And they had been collected by American recovery teams and these were German scientists from the Operation Paperclip. So these scientists would be given pieces of equipment and asked to try to understand what this machinery was and once you understood it what’s the application in the ? age – bearing in mind the equipment that they had in the 70s. So my mother was sort of signed up to join the Secret Service at about 1966 when she was very active in the early 70s. And these documents would arrive in German and she would type them out in English through a translator and as she read more and more, you obviously know what you are reading because you are typing it out it became more and more difficult for her simply because she knew that the system was lying to the people.

And she did have one conversation with her handler and said, You know it’s not right that all of this information is being hidden, what will people think? And the reply was, Well, you are now part of the system. They made it very clear that she had no choice. So it was fascinating for me as a school boy, Monday to Friday I was in school, on Saturday and Sunday, I was at home. My mother worked from home, so every lunch time she would go out and she make a meal and she would leave the document on her table which was half typed. And every Saturday I would just go for 40 minutes or what-have-you and read what she had written. So for three or four years that’s what I would do. And they would have the tape, it would be spool tape, and it would be in German and then translated in English and I would listen to that as well. So I was pretty up-to-date with the information that she was typing.

And I think now looking back I think she left it deliberately for me because at night she had a very special place where she would lock it away. It was very secure. They had provided her with all the equipment to make it secure and she worked from home and it was something we just took for granted. But there were always people observing us, you know, security personnel. And I always go through it because of the hierarchy of it – the documents were stamped in red ink and they had either SECRET on the top, TOP SECRET, VERY TOP SECRET, and in purple ink EXTREMELY TOP SECRET. And to my knowledge there were only 3 or 4 of those in maybe 5 years. And every time there was an EXTREMELY TOP SECRET document there would be what we would call a TeleCom fan – in those days it was nationalized, part of the government’s telecommunication service. But it would sit 24 hours a day outside the house.

And one funny story I’ll tell you is that, in those days you’ve got people calling to your door to sell you things, you don’t get it so much now, but there was always a trader, and the doorbell went and a guy, a genuine guy, wanting to sell something. And within seconds these two guys were out of this van and just came right up to him and just said to my mother who was answering the door, “Do you know where the phone line comes in?” And my mother knew exactly knew what it was. They were just guarding all the time. So in one way it was nice to know that you were being guarded, but on the other hand you suddenly realized that you were just a piece on the chessboard. You were another piece in the game and that’s what my mother rebelled against because she realized that she had no freedom really. She was a servant of the state. And I do feel sorry for her really.

A: Wow. Thank you for telling us this. It’s really cool to hear a little bit about your family. I am still mesmerized by the fact that you were so young and had access to that sort of information. How were you able to process that at such a young age?

S: Because I don’t have a human soul.

A: Okay.

S: So I don’t see things as most people see them.

A: Because I know you are a third human, a third Reptilian and a third Mantid, right?

S: It’s very confusing for people, isn’t it? And it’s hard for people – your audience is with it, but for people who are [garbled] one-third Reptilian, one-third Mantis as you say in the States and Mantid we say in England, and one-third Hollow Earth Human. So it didn’t seem at all crazy to me. But the thing was it was encouraged. My mother’s handler was a guy called Paul Dunlap, not his real name. He admitted that was not his name, he took that name, that was his code name. And he would arrive at the house with the documents and my mother would go out and make the coffee and he would then – he was an ex-fighter pilot, a jet fighter pilot himself. And I would be what, 6 or 7 years old, and he would play a game with me. We’d get the chairs, the dining room chairs, and he would lay them out as a jet plane and he would say, “I’ll be the pilot and you can be the co-pilot”, and my favorite game with him was ‘go chase the UFO.’ So we would play – he would be the pilot and he would say, I always remember he used the word ‘jinx,’ that’s what pilots call, “jinx left, lock missles, fire”, and my mother would come in with the coffee and you’d think he would jump up and be all embarrassed. But he wouldn’t. He would finish the game while my mother was standing there.

A: That’s cool.

S: Then he would stand up and I was never asked to leave the room. So he would then talk about Roswell. My mother had a few questions, obviously in Britain we didn’t know a lot about the Roswell situation and she would ask questions about Roswell and he would answer them and all sorts of talk like the Kennedy assassination, Kennedy, and what really went on, everything. And the only time that I was ever told to leave the room was at the very beginning when my mother signed the Official Secrets Act. British law is very strict, nobody else is supposed to be in the room when you sign your Official Secrets Act. Just the person concerned and the agent. Just to finish off – I know the internet is going down a bit, can you hear me?

A: No, the internet is really acting up. Now I can hear you, go ahead.

S: Okay. In Britain there was a very successful television program called The Prisoner and it aired in America and it was very successful in America too and it’s got a very big cult following with a guy called Patrick McGoohan and I remember this agent, my mother’s handler, saying to my mother, Now you are going to make sure that he’s going to watch that, aren’t you? And I, as a young boy was allowed to stay up until 9 o’clock at night. I think this was in 1968 and normally I would go to bed on a Friday night a maybe 7 o’clock in the evening but my mother was under instructions that I had to watch that.

A: That’s just wild. What a incredible experience. You really made a very good point, that because you are not a hundred percent of the human soul you were able to digest this information without it being too jarring to your psyche, right?

S: Yes. Correct.

A: Incredible. Clarify the difference – this was one of the questions that came from my audience. What is the difference between the humans who are walking around on the planet versus the Hollow Earth human that you refer to often?

S: Probably it would be better to say what is the difference between an Earth human and a Higher human. I’m being very careful here because I do not want to make people think that a particular human is better than another. I’m not into hierarchy and I’m not into A is better than B, and E is better than Z. But I want to make the point because it’s about spirituality. When I am working with my clients it’s actually one of the things that I talk about because it’s very important to understand that an Earth human soul is a person that has a soul that chooses to incarnate time and time again in an Earth human body. So in other words if an Earth human bodied person dies and that soul is liberated from that body it would immediately seek out another Earth human body. That’s fine except the problem is that the elite have done a very good job of brain-washing people and so very many people are walking about our towns and cities like zombies. So if an human soul is in that sort of a body, its given up the fight to have a thirst of knowledge, it doesn’t want to question anymore. It just wants a quiet life, it wants to be told what to do. So that is the Earth human.

Now we’ve got loads of higher human souls like Pleiadians, and Andromedans, and those from Sirius, Hollow Earth, who have incarnated onto this planet from a different star system that have come here to do a job or do a mission. And they’re the ones that are waking up. They’re not walking around like zombies because they say, Hey, I’m connected to Source or I’m connected to my own family so therefore, I can resist the programming that the Earth elite are placing around us. So as a Hollow Earth human I’m just another branch of the human family that is not a standard Earth human. And it’s not that anybody is better than anyone else, it’s just that we and those like me can resist the programming better.

A: Does it have anything to do also with the DNA?

S: Yes. You’ve got the knowledge, so it’s interesting, it’s really nice to talk to you because so many people who interview me haven’t really done the research, they don’t have the knowledge. So yes, it’s about bloodlines, and it’s about the DNA. If you are connecting with your Higher Self, and these are the 10 strands of disarticulate energetic DNA that hang over all of us. If you are connecting and opening up into that then you are able to draw down information in real time from different places and you can also connect with your own history. So if you can do that then you are empowering yourself and you are becoming more knowledgeable. And you are becoming psychically stronger. And this is what all humans have the capacity to do, for God’s sake, this is what we need to do. We need to – it’s not about ascension in the word that many people think. It’s about re-connecting. Getting back full circle to what a humans really should be. Which is, we have the ability to be telepathic, having the ability to be telekinetic, move objects, furniture, around. How cool would that be? I took a delivery of a chair the other day, now, I just made that chair come off the back of that truck and just come straight through my door.

A: That’s cool. Telekinesis, right?

S: Absolutely. This is what the CIA and the old Russian KBG were working with agents for and it’s still what the Mossad in Israel train their agents to do. The telepathic side. So all humans have this ability. [Garbled] DNA and bloodlines – marking an individual as something that everybody seems interested in and I just got used to that.

A: Very interesting. Now wouldn’t that be also applicable depending upon the DNA that is going to – how do I say this? – going to influence the guidance that they draw and they pull in. Do you agree with that?

S: Yeah. Well, if you have a number of strands of DNA and you can connect with a particular strand you are going to be skewed toward that particular strand. So for instance, you have 3 or 4 strands and you connect with a Reptilian strand of DNA then you are going to be overtly drawing on that Reptilian energy, which means that you will begin to think and have a personality that is slightly pulled that way and if you don’t connect with the others in a balanced format then you will begin to shift energetically into that camp. That has nothing to do with a Reptilian soul. It’s just literally connecting with the DNA.

You could have a Reptilian soul in a human body, being incredibly Reptilian. I remember the young woman that now works now with the Rothschilds who I managed to help, we had a few issues. And she said to me, she was only 4 foot 6 and she said to me, how can my small body contain such a big creature. So I said to her, well draw what you like. So she actually drew me what looks like a dinosaur. She drew what was like a stegosaurus. And she said that’s what’s inside of me. Now people may laugh but I know that during the time that she was taken by off-world beings she would return back on this Earth 2 inches taller than when she left. And it took 2 to 3 days for her to go back to a normal size because her energetic DNA was Reptilian and was seeking to push the human part of her to the very limits to try to expand out. Now she works almost directly with the Rothschilds.

So I mix with people who on the internet you would say, oh the Rothschilds, very bad, we don’t have anything to do with them. But we forget that they are ordinary people working there. And in her case she had some very bad things done to her as a child. And I think that everyone has the chance to have forgiveness. And everyone needs the chance to make a choice for good. And as long as it’s one minute to midnight I think we should still have that chance. So I will never turn anybody away who comes to me for help unless they are overtly evil and they have no intention of changing to the good. If somebody has no intention of changing then please don’t bother me. But if someone wishes to really make a fresh start than I’m really to help them.

A: Well, even on top of that, if they were born into that family and in many cases they might have selected that journey specifically to bring that healing upon that lineage.

S: Yes. That’s a very good point.

A: We really need to be aware of that especially at this time.

S: Yes.

A: Now you have made a comment, I heard, and it says, ‘There’s going to be the most huge release of energy when human consciousness expands.’ Can you explain what you think will happen at that point?

S: Well I’m hoping – (laughing)

A: Oh come on, you mean you don’t know the answer? No, I’m just kidding.

S: No, what will happen and it is irrevocable, we are going to do this. The question is how much damage do we take between now and then. That’s the only question. What will happen is there will be a huge release of energy because we will connect with the 12 strands and we will make a choice, a choice to change and a choice to re-connect, and at that moment we will have access to another dimension. And that is when the explosion occurs; when something leaves one reality and suddenly has the ability to perceive and interact in another reality. And it’s like a kid in whatever grade in school and they go up to the next grade. It’s exactly what is happening. We are learning. That’s my cat. So this is what we are all about. It’s about taking as many people through into the next stage as it is possible.

A: Yeah, this is such an exciting time. Now you also said you are undoing a code-lock to bring back the 10 strands of DNA. What is the first immediate shift that we will all notice when this undoing of the lock occurs?

S: On an individual basis I can tell you because when I do my soul readings for people that’s one of the things that I check with them. If somebody is in a store or they’ve just been out and meet somebody that they don’t know or don’t know very well check to see if that person can look at you in the eyes. If that person cannot look at you in the eyes and has to avert your eyes, or that you’ve learned to avert your eyes when you’re talking to somebody it’s because you’ve activated. And I want to explain that.

Everybody has a soul, hopefully, everybody has a soul. And that soul connects through the spinal cord and the chakras to the brain. Now your eye is connected to your brain via your optic nerve. Now when somebody looks into your eye, if you’ve activated, that means that your soul is in communication with your organic matter, I mean your brain. And they will actually get a glimpse of another dimension. So if you’re a 4th or 5th dimension being inside of a 3rd dimension body and somebody looks into your eyes, if they are an Earth human they will be scared to death by what they see. They will be very uncomfortable and they will quickly look away from you. Because what they’ve seen has frightened them. Not because you are bad or evil, but they are scared by what they don’t understand. And if that isn’t happening, it means that you’re not yet activated.

So the locking is the meta gene, it is the locking of the DNA codes. If you can imagine the 12 strands, they have to be brought together and connected and there are protocol codes which are placed in to protect, by Source, to protect that individual. Because when the 10 strands of DNA were separated from humans about 220-250,000 years ago and placed in the armature over each person. By universal law it says you can’t destroy that because that’s sacred to that individual. So what the Reptilians did was, they removed it from the person out of reach, so placed it out of phase in the 4th dimension, but what it does is, it always seeks to re-connect. So when your New Age talks about ascension – I don’t agree with the word ‘ascension’ – I’m as guilt as everybody else, I use it, because most of the public understand it but it’s about a connection. This DNA is attempting to re-connect back into the body and going home really. That’s what it’s about.

This code is a code – there are several codes – designed to protect so nobody can get at it simply because DNA is a very, very special commodity. It’s traded at a universal and multiversal level and when you fly a real space ship you have to fly it with your DNA. DNA communicates faster than light. And when you are flying a space ship faster than light you can’t say, okay, I’m going to press this button and turn left at Venus. Because when you press the button to turn left at Venus, Venus was 50 trillion light years ago. So the only way you can do that is through flying by DNA and that’s why on an alien space ship there are no buttons or knobs. And there are no electric wires. All of the communications are by fiber optic because they have to travel at light speed, light-speed pulsed so that if you are flying 3, 4 times the speed of light, then the computers have to be faster than that. Because otherwise you’d be traveling through space and time out-thinking the computer.

A: Wow, I’ve never thought of it in that way.

S: Well, if you haven’t flown a space craft how would you know? You wouldn’t know.

A: Yeah. Wow! Thank you for that. Wow. Okay. I had Theresa send this in for you. She says please, can you ask Simon, have we –

S: You’re breaking up.

A: Gosh, we’re not having a very good internet day, are we?

S: Well, I think we are talking about how spacecraft work and somebody didn’t like it.

A: Plus a bunch of other things.

S: Isn’t the weather nice at the moment.

A: Yeah, the weather is very nice today.

S: That’s it. It’s done. Carry on.

A: Okay. Anyway, Theresa wanted to know, have we been trapped on the reincarnation loop and unable to get ourselves out and where do we go between lives if that is true. Now I know you did just touched upon it, but my question is, many of us are aware, and there have been so many psychic, realizations, messages, information, articles, even people that are in the paranormal that have talked about the fact that when we die we are literally manipulated to go back into the reincarnation loop and we’re also, what they call ‘manipulated’ where we really don’t get the contract that we signed up for, we get some other kind of contract. Do you agree with that? And if so, can you expound about that.

S: Absolutely. That’s a really good question from your listener. What is her name?

A: Her name is Theresa.

S: Well, Theresa is really on the money, as they say at the banks, don’t they? I think that is very important because Walt Disney and Hollywood have done their level best to push this idea that when you die or we have a near-death experience, the bright light shines and you go up to the light and you go to heaven. That’s not the case at all. The bright light is the trap. So I always say to people when you are dead, ie. your physical body is dead you don’t stop thinking. You’ll actually just be exactly the same as you are now and say to yourself I want to go back to Source. I want to go home. And literally, physically, turn yourself away from the light.

The other problem we have is that suddenly Archangel Michael comes to collect you or Jesus or your grandmother. And I would say to people, really make sure, is that really Jesus that’s come to collect you to take you back. Or is this a hologram or a holograph. If it’s a hologram just turn your back and say I want to go home. I want to go back to Source. And three things could happen. I used to say two things could happen, but three things could happen. One thing is that you get worn down, you give up and you go back to the light and you are recycled. Another possibility is that you get stuck in no-mans-land, nowhere. I’ve never seen a ghost but I’ve met people who I trust that have told me that they have seen a ghost and I’m going to accept that. The third possibility is that you suddenly look down and you see the Earth below you covered in a fine grid, like a fishing net. Congratulations, you’ve got through the prison planet net and you can go home now. So those are three possibilities that could occur.

The whole object of this, because people say, what is the point of this, it’s very simple. Human beings have been limited genetically to a life that is about 100 years. Let’s think of some really, really, really good people, some very clever people. Let’s go for Nicola Tesla. Let’s say that Nicola Tesla lived for 300 years, and not the usual age. And he was left alone. Imagine the experiments, imagine how far he could have advanced science. So that’s why the humans have not been allowed to live too long because their teachings would become law within their own lifetime.

And also imagine that if you could come back reincarnated and remember who you were you could actually say, okay, well, yesterday I died at the age of 90 and was just doing this experiment, I’m five years old, I’m going to carry on with that experiment. So after two or three Teslas again you would out-think the warders of the prison. And you would throw off these people and you could liberate yourself. So what humanity has been limited physically to 100 years or thereabouts and has been limited to what they can remember. And this is unfair. We never agreed to this. We’ve been tricked so it is a prison planet and sooner that human consciousness expands and pushes these people off the better.

A: Thank you for that concise answer. You know, the other thing that you just brought up was the holograms. And I think that this is probably, Simon, you may agree with me, this is about the hottest discussion out there on the internet as to how do we determine the difference between the real deal – the real higher avatar light being that’s here to bring forth benevolent energies versus the one that is a hologram or a technological creation by the dark. How would answer that?

S: This is what partly what being spiritual on this planet is about. Because if you are doing some meditation and if you are communicating with your strands of DNA as they activate when the time comes you ask yourself is this person real, are they what the purport to be and you will have evolved to a high enough level to make that judgment. At the moment, if you haven’t gone down that road then you’re just hoodwinked by it. You’d just be hooked, line and sinker. But if by the time that you pass away you have spent a number of years attempting to connect with who you really are, you will see through it. So people just have to trust themselves. I always say trust yourself, ask yourself and believe in what you come up with as the answer.

A: That’s probably half the battle, is trusting yourself. And we’ve all been so conditioned and mind controlled to not trust ourselves.

S: Yes.

A: I mean I shouldn’t be laughing but it’s true.

S: It is. I respect people that have religion and I’m very careful in all of my dealings not to upset people but I can’t be argued with when I say that that many of the religions of the Christian faith teach that people are always going to make mistakes, people are never good, only God is good therefore get on your knees and worship God. My view is, well, I would rather not give my power away to somebody else. I would rather try and learn to be good. And that means that I don’t want to live in fear, live in the shadows of somebody who might chastise me for being wrong. I want to be supported. And if I do something wrong I’d rather – somebody said to me well, you did that wrong, but you know what, try again and try to do it right. I don’t want to be forever having to go somewhere to a church and say five Hail Marys and say I’m really sorry, I won’t do that again. I’ve been evil. I’m a bad person. I can never – that’s not good. We’ve got to actually say, we’re special. Every human on this planet is a creature that can create reality out of their thought. Now that’s very dangerous to the elite. If everybody realized what they were capable of, the elite government would disappear tomorrow.

A: I so agree with that. I’ve actually had the same exact conversation.

S: Okay. A: Seriously. S: Cool.

A: And we’ve gotten into this and that went on for hours of what we could create once we all realized that. I keep thinking is that part of what many have coined as ‘the Event?’ That we recognize that we’re creating our reality.

S: Yes, that is part of the Event.

A: You know, part of it.

S: No, you’re right. I know what you are saying. It is the moment when the curtain’s pulled up. And then the audience go, oh wow, that’s where we are. Oh, wow, that’s who we are! Okay, where’s the exit.

A: Get me out of here now!

S: Yeah, that’s the Event. And it can’t come a day too soon for me. The sooner the better.

A: No kidding. Now let’s get back to souls. Because this is a subject that I like to research a lot. We have found with many of our clients that the soul has literally traveled outside the body (Yeah) and is kind of hanging outside the body due to the dissonance of the implants. (Okay) It can also be, of course, as you’re very familiar with the fragmentation from prior past life trauma and shock and things like that. So my question to you is, isn’t the other thing that you were talking about, the spirituality that we are trying to reconnect with is fully owning – I don’t know if controlling is the right word but not only aligning but our true soul with our temple, with our higher self, etc. etc. I’m just curious what you think about that.

S: In most cases the soul is in the body. When there’s a bloodline or the elite have identified individuals who could cause them problems in the future they will put – not metal implants – but etheric implants which disrupt or scramble the soul’s informational codes so that it can’t communicate properly with the rest of the energetic body and thus it can’t inform the physical body. And this is purely designed to slow up the development or throw the person off track. But they only do that when someone is either spiritually or is projected to become spiritual in the foreseeable future. But most people don’t have that because it’s a very big operation that requires – I don’t mean an operation as in the doctor’s surgery bed (Right) – but it’s a big operation in terms of actually going about and organizing that. And anybody that has that has the potential to be a very useful individual for the future to bring about balance to this planet.

A: And I would say those that you and I communicate with are typically those types of people. The trailblazers. That are the ones that are creating the new society.

S: I think in my case, maybe this is a good time to plug my website. Shall I do that?

A: Please do!

S: Well, the reason that I say that is because I’ve gone for years without having a website. I was determind to ever have one. And I didn’t want to. And in the end I had to do it. So it’s Simon Parkes.org.

A: And it’s P-a-r-k-E-s.

S: Thank you. And people have contacted me through the website and, you’re right, there’s a disproportionate amount of these people, but why that is because they are saying, I realize that I’m different. I realize that’s something’s not right here and I can’t put my finger on it. And I actually need some guidance as to what I can do. It’s these people realizing that something is not right. Somebody’s done something to them that they never should have done. So it’s a disproportionate amount of people. But I also get people who just have an interest in the subject. A: Yeah.

S: So there’s a whole range of people are waking up, asking questions, and it’s brilliant. It’s brilliant that people are no longer accepting what they have been told by the mainstream.

A: Yeah, that’s very true. Well, thank you for that. I think we are just a little bit blown away by the negative impact that the implants have on the soul and the way in which the soul reacts to that by – I don’t know how it’s done – but it kind of distances itself from the physical – what am I trying to say? . . .

S: A very easy way to explain it to the audience. Most people are familiar with taking two magnets and then you can do it so that one repels another and that’s exactly how it works.

A: Thank you for that. Again! Okay. Here’s a question from Rita. It says will there be a breakthrough on the pedophilia issue in the United Kingdom with real action finally being taken and reported in the MSM and any other upper echelon political leadership rounding up.

S: Not yet, because human consciousness hasn’t broken through that barrier. But what has happened since 21st of December 2012, human consciousness did take a big leap. I don’t care what anybody says, there was an event. And it was an energetic event. People wanted volcanoes to erupt and the ground to shake but that isn’t what happened. What actually occurred was the people who had been sitting on lies suddenly felt their conscience couldn’t put up with it anymore. And the elite are finding it harder and harder to keep the truth away from the general public. And this is the big shift. This is what human consciousness is doing. It’s actually squeezing out these people and bringing into the light things that have been hidden for a very long time.

So we have an investigation in the United Kingdom. We have some names. But until human consciousness en masse makes that big event move, we’ll never get to the ringleaders. So what has been happening is that the small fry, the middle men, are being thrown. They’re the ones that are taking the fall for this. But the guys at the top – it’s like a game we have in England called musical chairs, I don’t know if you are familiar with it. Well, what’s happening is, human consciousness is taking the chairs away and the elite are running around and around this table and there’s going to come to a point where there’s no chairs left. So we are in that process. So the answer is yes, it will happen, but just not yet.

A: And at what point do you think that critical mass is reached? Do you agree that we have to have a 51% ratio across the world?

S: No, I don’t. In 21st of December 2012 we needed somewhere between two and half-million and three million, that’s all, on the planet, to be able to have that link to another dimension. We got that. So the Higher Self, or the Source, or the Planet, whatever-you-want,. saw that there was enough potentiality in human nature and humankind to be able to carry on with this. Because ultimately the planet could just reject everybody on it’s back and as an aside, if we go back to the days of the Stone Age, right across the planet men and women had connection with Mother Earth. There was a very close energetic connection and the Earth has never forgotten that. So even though now the last majority of people have turned their back on Mother Earth the planet, thank God, has not forgotten that humanity can connect with her. So that is holding us through now and we got that 2.5 million to 3 million people and ultimately if we get between 30 and 40% on the event stage I’ll be happy with that. We won’t have everybody but if you’ve got 30 to 40% I will be happy with that.

A: So 30-40% of the 7.4 billion people.

S: Allegedly, yes.

A: Yeah, exactly. Do we trust the statistics presented to us by the – which agency? (laughs)

So, question. You mentioned before there is an actually partnership between the MI6 and the CIA and the MI5 and the NSA. Can you clarify what you perceive to be the difference between what the CIA is ultimately focusing on versus to the NSA?

S: Certainly. Originally the CIA and is still considered the senior organization. The CIA was set up before the NSA. In fact the CIA was set purely and simply to deal with Roswell and the alien fallout that came from it. It was actually pushed through both houses within three months of the crash of Roswell. That shows how quick they desperately wanted that. But of course, the was CIA was beholden to the president, allegedly, but it was the president’s tool. And the corporations and the elites decided they wanted a more stand-alone organization that was not in touch with the president. So the National Security Agency was created; officially it was below the CIA but it had the autonomy from the president. That’s why you have the National Security Agency and the National Security Council. So the National Security Council, just the 4 or 5 figureheads sit around with the president and they chat and the NSA meets separately and they’re the ones that do the real work.

So the NSA is now totally separate from government. It is totally separate from the CIA and they do not like that, but that’s the fact. And the NSA works almost exclusively with the American corporations. So the NSA supplies the corporations and the elite organizations with the information that is required (Hello cat) and the NSA – the public figure is the cracking and the decoding of communications and on the secret side is dealing with the alien agenda. However, what’s happened is that the NSA is now at the forefront of the New World Order. In other words, how do we control all of humanity? How do we maintain our position? And the NSA is the organization that is used to do that. The CIA are the ones that cause revolutions in Ukraine and if they want to kill a Banana Republic president, then the CIA do that. They have been reduced to the dirty job. So the CIA do the dirty job and if I were a CIA agent I’d be asking for a pay rise.

A: No kidding. Now do you agree with some of the rumors that are going around that the CIA is losing some of it’s power and authority and that it’s shifting gears and supposedly the light has infiltrated that agency?

S: Over the years, both agencies – and you’ve got the National Reconnaissance Office, who controls all the spy satellites, go through periods of a time when a number of senior people come in and disagree with what they are finding and there are internal battles going on all the time. But ultimately, these people at the top have a lot to lose and if you are implicated by something dreadful, I won’t mention any of them, but if you are implicated by something dreadful you are tied to your organization. And you have to remember, some of the directors of the CIA have no knowledge of what they do. They’re there because they are well regarded by both houses in America, they are well regarded by the European world and they are a very friendly, nice person who can go around and shake someone’s hand. That doesn’t mean because they are a head of the CIA, it doesn’t mean they know what is going on. And America’s moved to this more and more and more where the people in power are not actually at the top of these organizations, they’re just below it.

A: I often think about one of the other reasons they’ve done that is because the technology that is accessible to the Reptilian faction, maybe even possibly the Greys to be able to extract the data from the person’s mind. It just keeps it that much cleaner for them to be able to protect any secret information, is that a possibility?

S: The internet is breaking up a bit but I think I understand your question. Well this goes back – and if you can’t hear me please say so – back to the days of Adolf Hitler, when Adolf Hitler employed a guy called Doctor Mengele (A: Oh yeah) doing mind-control experiments in the 1940s. He did so because he wanted to create a super-soldiers who were immune to being mind-read by aliens. That’s a fact. That’s why the S.S., the Nazi S.S. practiced on that. But Doctor Mengele was completely around the twist and went off and did his own experiments and you would know, the listeners would know, that the American Administration after the war were so impressed with Doctor Mengele – I don’t know how many children he murdered and I’ll say that again, I don’t know how many children he murdered and the American Administration were so impressed with him they gave him American citizenship. And they brought him to America where he worked for the CIA. And he was known as Doctor Black, Doctor White, or Doctor Green, depending which facility he was in. So they understood the importance of the ability for agents to be immune to mind control. So the Americans learned a great deal from the Germans.

A: Interesting. So obviously they’ve incorporated the information that they’ve learned from those experiments etc. with the way in which they handled the government’s sharing of information.

S: Yes, one of the greatest experiments they ever did was the one on Long Island. It was called the Montauk Project where Dr Mengele was actually active as the camp doctor. That’s a separate issue but basically they had the ability to read people’s minds, put pictures in people’s minds, almost like a running video. It’s quite invasive. And if you’ve got figureheads you’ve either got to put special fire walls up so that nobody can access them or you make them sure that they don’t know anything in the first place.

A: It’s just crazy.

S: That is the advantage of clones. You see, if you have a world leader and your facility where you’re protecting and nobody can energetically get at you but when you go to meetings stick the clone out there because if anybody that goes in that clone’s mind they’ll find nothing. Ordinary people wouldn’t understand that that is the advantage of clones. It’s not that, oh, well if he gets killed we have a clone. No, it’s much more than that. There’s a big game in clones. It’s very interesting. (Yeah)

There are pictures on the internet of President Putin and it made me die laughing because they were saying, oh, this is a clone, this is a clone. No it isn’t, because the pictures they showed were three different years of President Putin. Well, that’s not a clone. If you are a clone you have exactly replicated the person. Those are body doubles. A clone exactly looks like you. So if there’s someone that’s got slightly different ears that’s a body double. And that’s pure and simply because they’re trying to assassinate Putin every five minutes.

A: Yeah, yeah, especially with the rumblings that he’s creating around the world right now. I’ve been really wanted to ask you this question for a really long time and that is the whole subject of stealing souls.

S: Okay.

A: And I know that there’s a major operation involved within the black ops and government factions, etc. and I just wanted to know, ultimately, what is the purpose other than the obvious of stealing the soul and supposedly you are not able to steal the entire part of the soul, you keep part of the soul in the regular body and then you steal part of it and you put it into the clone, this is what I’ve read. I’m just so curious what is the reasoning behind it. What are they ultimately trying to accomplish here?

S: Well, technically they accomplished it a very long time ago. So it’s not a technical thing. You have to understand that the elite are (?). If you come from a very strong bloodline and your soul is taken from your body and placed in another body who you are then interacting with, have to respect you because that’s you. Now some alien creatures don’t like the human form. They don’t respect the human form, so you take the soul out of the human form and place it into another body which they do respect then they can interact with it.

It’s also about, as crazy as it sounds, it’s like sharing. You get college kids that go from one country to another and they make an exchange. Well, if I was a 4th dimensional creature who had forgotten what it was like to experience physicality then I would love the chance to be in a physical body for a bit. And if was in a 3rd dimensional body wouldn’t I like to be in a body that had the ability to be telepathic? So there is the element of exchange and learning and understanding and there’s also the much more military, diplomatic part where you take a soul from a body that’s high end, you place it in another body and it then goes makes the round of the meetings and then it’s put back into it’s ordinary body. It’s very common.

A: That’s wild. If I ever thought ten years ago that I’d be having these kinds of conversations on the internet on a radio show – anyway –

S: That is how consciousness is developed. You said it. That’s exactly right. We are advancing. We aren’t advancing fast enough but we are advancing.

A: Okay. So just one more snippet there, which is, when the soul is extracted from the original body and placed into a clone don’t they have to leave something in the original body to keep it going or does it just go into a zombie state?

S: Right. It is an electronic process. It is a machine computer-driven process and it isn’t instantaneous. The actual transfer is very quick but the lead-up to it is a long process. (Hmmm) I have a very, very clear memory being in like a pod and then my soul being extracted from my body and then a device hanging from the ceiling literally holding – you know, I don’t know what you call it in your country but we have what you would call breakers yards where motor cars get picked up by a grabber, like a claw, (yes) and taken along – well, instead of a claw holding a motor car imagine the device hanging from the roof and the soul hanging underneath it and then traveling along a corridor and then the body in another tank at the other end and it being placed in that. And the doors – I remember the doors are double-locked or double-sealed because some soul might try to get out so you have a sort of safety area, in another courtyard, in case it gets out of the door. What happens is you put a holographic signature of the soul into the body (Hmmm) so the body still believes it has a soul in it which keeps the body working but it can’t be away for long. You can’t be away for days. Unless you have another method of (?) Oh we’re frozen again. 58:48

A: You said ‘unless there is another of what?

S: Yeah, there are methods that the body can be out without the soul but you have to absolutely lock that body down so the body is almost near death so that it no longer requires any form of function.

A: Wow.

S: They don’t like doing that because human bodies being what they are, when you re-ignite the body there can be problems that can occur, the body may not activate again. So they don’t like doing that. They’d rather keep the body ticking over and you’d be out for short periods and then brought back again.

A: Wow. I keep saying ‘wow.’ Okay. So back to Rita. We’ll pop in a couple more of her questions. (S: Cool) It says, does Simon’s off-worldly family and friends foresee an event of some kind in the next few years that will free humanity from custodian control?

S: Oh that’s interesting.

A: That’s a good question.

S: Using that word ‘custodian.’ Is she referring to – yeah, we’re freezing up again.

Maybe she is referring to the archons when she uses the word ‘custodians’ or maybe she means the Draconis reptilians. Yes. I do. But I see it an Earthly situation. I see it as a bit of an economic collapse. The only way to make people, ordinary people, wake up is to hit them in the wallet because that’s the only thing that seems to make people sit up and take notice. So I foresee some kind of financial situation which will then lead people to question everything.

A: You know, I agree with you yet at the same time I still have this feeling like Mother Earth is doing everything in her power to stave off dramatic earth changes that cause a great deal of loss of life.

S: Umhmm.

A: And I kind of get the feeling, just from my messages, that they are doing everything in their power that when this financial collapse occurs it won’t be where everybody is going to be dying in the streets. So I was wondering what you thought about that. I mean people will not be starving to death and that kind of thing. What do you think?

S: No, I predicted that you go to your 24-7 store, I’m always trying to make things American, I always try to do in Rome what the Romans do. You go to the 24-7 store on Monday and they’ve got loads of bottled water but no bread. You go the next day and it’s the complete reversal. So I see interruptions of supplies, I don’t see the end of supplies. The problem that the American people have is that when they went of the gold standard they asked Mr Rothschild to value their country. And Mr Rothschild valued the American country by adding every building, every coal mine, every facility and came up with a figure. So if you are sensible you wouldn’t print money over and above the value to what Mr Rothschild said you were worth. Today America is 22 times over the value of what Mr Rothschild said America is worth.

Now that is a problem when it comes to importing goods because as long as you control the petrodollar, and nobody else is on the gold standard, you are laughing. And that’s exactly what they did.

However we now have a situation where India, Russia, China, Hungary, Iceland, Switzerland, are now part of a new world currency called BRICS which is gold-based and America’s going to have a really serious problem when [garbled] with those countries because they will say, I’m sorry, your money is not gold-backed, you’re going to have to devalue. They are not using the word devalue on the internet because it’s too scary. They’re using the word reset. But you know what reset means devaluing. And I expect the US dollar to be worth 10 cents. In other words, for every dollar at the moment it would be worth 10 cents.

Why is that an issue? Well, it’s an issue because if you think about shoes. We all wear shoes, don’t we? Well 80% of the world’s shoes are made in China. So you’re not going to have the capacity to do that. In my own country 45% of the gasoline is imported. So there’s going to be problems with fuel. If somebody turns around and says, well, we don’t want your money, you’ve got no gold backing it – you see, you’ll have to devalue. And even when you do devalue you’re not going to buy as much as you would. It’s going to cause big changes. And I think what will happen is that the public will say, Why did our leaders let this happen to us? And that question will lead on to many other questions and I think that will topple, or has the potential, to topple many systems and paradigms. So although it is painful in the short term I think it’s beneficial in the mid- and long-term.

A: Yeah, we can’t start something over when what we have is rotten to the core. We have to start fresh and –

S: Yeah, it’s a monetary based economy and we elect leaders – I’ve always said, Why do we elect people by the political party they represent, why don’t we say, Well, that man said he would buy us a hospital, I’ll vote for him. And if in four years time if he didn’t build a hospital, I’ll vote him out of office. And the reason that we don’t do that is simply because you could hold people to account. And the system doesn’t want you to hold them to account. They want to give you a lots of platitudes and four years later, aw, don’t worry about them, they’ve forgotten what we’ve told them. And the only reason they get out of office is because the media were told to remove them. I want a system where people in office do what they promise and what they deliver rather than the emblem they wear very proudly on their pin badge.

A: Well, you know what Simon, too, having that type of mentality that we don’t hold our public officials accountable, that is literally penetrating all other relationships in society. So it’s creating, unfortunately, also, a disconnection because our value systems have gone completely out the window because even on a personal level our accountability is in many cases missing. So –

S: Yes, I think you’re right. You’re absolutely right. I can’t add to that.

A: Thank you. She also is asking do you see the release of new energies and healing technologies coming forth?

S: I do. Yes, I really do. I think that the situation now is that it can’t keep the lid on it much longer. Human consciousness is demanding and the planet is demanding. I think it is probably five years away from such a release.

A: God, I hope it isn’t that long.

S: I actually believe that it will be sooner, but I just don’t want to alert anybody who shouldn’t be listening. I’d say it would be within five years, yeah.

A: Here is a cute question. It says, Do the mantids have a sense of humor?

S: Hah, well, that’s really a lovely question. And it’s actually more intelligent that people might think in first reading. Right. Okay. What the mantids understand is the humans’ sense of humor. And when a Mantid is interacting telepathically with a human it will attempt to interject humor so as to be more at ease with the human. Mantids don’t generally use their hands as an expression but they’ve learned when dealing with humans to use their hands in the some way that a human does. So if a human is saying, No, I won’t do this! And they kind of bring their hand –

A: Uh-oh, we’re frozen again. Internet problems. Okay, it’s working.

S: Well, I hope you tell your audience how we’ve been interfered with like this, because it’s just an indication. Well, a personal experience: I sometimes when I’m in a debate I’ll go Huh, when somebody says something that I don’t completely agree or makes me cross, I say, Huh. They will do that. If I say something and they don’t like it, they will go ‘Huh.’ They don’t do it with their mouth of course, they send it through their mind. Now is that a sense of humor? Or is that a clever form of communication?

A: You were talking about that they actually use their arm as to say, Oh come on, like this?

S: They can do that. They only do it because they know that it means something to most people so they are reflecting that as a form of communication. When you are telepathic you don’t actually use your hands at all. Humans use their hands quite a lot. But if you were telepathic you wouldn’t need to use your hands. You don’t need to enhance anything, because when you are telepathic you can send colors and images which far exceeds anything physical. So when they are doing it it’s because that’s what humans do. So is it a sense of humor or is it just trying to be on the good books. I don’t know.

A: You know it also feels like they are trying to help us to be more comfortable in their presence.

S: Yeah, they are. And for many occasions they don’t turn up. They will go into somebody’s mind and make them see something different. So many people are frightened by their original appearance so they’ll see something else. I have a member of the family who sees them and this person sees them as wizards. Like Gandolf. Simply because that’s more acceptable.

A: Well, I was going to ask you about that. Because I have a personal friend who also has direct contact with the Mantids.

S: Okay.

A: And he told me a story, I was laughing so hard, Simon, I almost fell out of my chair, when he was first contacted by them. And my question to them was, can you literally see the underbelly of them when they stand up.

S: Are you referring to their genital organs?

A: Not necessarily. Just the actual way a Praying Mantis looks like in real life.

S: Right, okay. Well, you are referring to the pilots and the doctors because the masters wear a robe so you wouldn’t see that because they would have a cloak around them. But the doctors certainly. If you think of the preying mantis insect, the alien creatures do not look like that, the one’s that I’ve seen. They actually are very humanoid. They can walk as we would. They don’t have a thorax in the abdomen like an insect would have. They have the hips and the legs go down exactly as you would if you were a human. Because they are humanoid. They are not – the ones that I’ve seen are not – as your traditional praying mantis would be. But there are a number of different groups of Mantids and to me some of the belly or the stomach area bulge out a little bit. So that’s what I’ve seen.

But to be honest, it’s very rude and disrespectful to look at any alien creature in that area and you would hold eye contact. I understand that most people can’t do that. But I would always hold eye contact because it’s considered incredibly rude. Except the Reptilians, an ordinary human must never hold eye contact with a Draconis Reptilian, they will kill you. So if you are approached by a Draconis Reptilian and you’re not in the bloodline then you should avert your eyes down to the ground until the creature says it’s okay, you can look at me. It’s the only creature I know that is hung up about that. All other the creatures are happy to interact on a one to one level. But some of the Reptilians have a bit of a problem.

A: That is so fascinating. I think I read somewhere that you stated that the Reptilians actually kind of have a chivalrous approach towards females, like they’re not as abusive or abrasive in their physical torture or knock ’em on the head kind of thing. Is that true?

S: It depends on the bloodline. It’s totally in the soul. What they respect is who you are. So if you can trace a line back to the Anunnaki, if you can trace a line back to those times and you are connected to the royal family or you are connected to something that is what they respect. And also if you are their enemy and you might be a Pleiadian they will respect that because to harm you is to create karma and to create further wars. So it’s a diplomatic thing. Chivalry in the sense that a female will be treated differently because they want different things from different people. I don’t think I’ve actually said that. That might be somebody else but it would be the soul that interests them, not the physical body. They’re not at all interested in the body, it’s the soul. That’s what makes them interesting.

A: So what about those that carry more of the bloodline of the Christ Consciousness? Do you agree that they’re definitely seeking that out, they are targeting those specific people? What is your belief about that?

S: There are many people who have a fragment either of the soul of Christ, and I believe that he was a real person, and certainly the Christ Consciousness has expanded and is quite prevalent now at this time on the planet. The issue for them is not so much the Christ Consciousness but what is the intention of the soul it is in. So if you are a soul that they can easily control or a physical body they can easy control then it’s not issue to them whatsoever. But if that person contains an element of the Christ Consciousness and is outside of their control then that is a person of great danger to them because that person would be pushing for an end of the status quo. So, yes, absolutely, they will have a list – for a better word – everybody they can get that has this element within them and they then want to know how they can control that person. It’s a simple as that.

A: And do you feel that’s directly related to expanded gifts, expanded capabilities, expanded connections to DNA and that kind of thing?

S: I don’t understand the question. Can you please rephrase it.

A: Do you feel that the reason that they’re looking for – looking for might not be the best word – but perhaps targeting people that have that fragment of Christ Consciousness – is it because they have expanded abilities to connect with their Higher State, Higher Self, their DNA strands, or even their gifts and assets.

S: No, it’s simply that anybody who contains the Christ Consciousness has the ability to get that message out. Christ was a great teacher and anyone who contains that will also be a teacher and that’s dangerous for them because if you teach, you teach the truth hopefully, and you spread the word and that’s what they do not want.

A: Thank you for that. I’m so happy to hear that. Not happy that they don’t want it – (laughs) S: Okay.

A: Okay one last question from Rita. She says, Does any member of his other-world clans has a message for us at this time?

S: No, simply because, you, and I’m addressing your audience and we are in America, aren’t we, you are the 7th Calvary, the answers lie within you. You have to decide what you want and you have to be strong enough to stand up when that time comes and make that decision. The messages that around you are simply that the time is now. This is the time. Anybody who’s on this planet now is here for a reason. And you’re right, it’s either to be a silent observer or you’re here to do something positive. So decide which of those camps you are in and work for the good.

A: Right on. I love it! Okay, here’s another one. They would like to know where did you come up with the date of 2017 as far as saying ‘we have until 2017.’

S: Because I have been told it by both off-world creatures and the security services. 2017 and don’t take my word for it, just look at the Haldron Collider, the CERN device. They’re absolutely busting a gut to get that up and running before the end of 2017. It’s the final date for the portal. After 2017 the major portal will close and they’ll have no chance to re-engage with the portal. 2017 will be an event, and also prior to that there should be an event and again I’m going to use the American ‘Get out of Dodge.’ There are a number of people who wish to get out of Dodge very quickly and 2017 if the final date for them to do so.

Now that doesn’t mean that Vesuvius will not erupt, the ground will open, but what it does mean there will be some fundamental changes. And just look at the Georgia Guidestones. That date was something like 2016, (Yes) and we are ticking along to this key date. You know, look at the situation that we’ve had. I don’t know what the mass media in America is talking about but I encourage your listeners to go and see the ten Senators who have been arrested in the last two weeks. And ask themselves why ten Senators were arrested. You will also be interested to know that a group of Zionists attempted to assassinate President Putin over the last two weeks. At the same time a hit squad was sent to assassinate President Obama, in an immediate attempt to start World War III. This is not on the media. It’s on my newsletter. I publish a newsletter on my website, you may have read it. But this is what is going on. But take heart because the good side is there counter-balancing it. I’m not dead, you’re not dead. We’re still here. So there’s hope. And these people only live in fear. And it’s got no place in our hearts. Why do you want to live in fear?

A: and S: [Not clear]

S: They’re doing these bad things because they’re running out of time.

A: Well, and with that said, you were mentioning the ten Senators being arrested. Now do you feel that’s affiliated with the Jade Helm situation?

S: There’s a number of situations which were interwoven. And I appreciate it’s an incredibly sensitive situation and – for the good of your radio show it’s probably best that we don’t talk about it too much.

A: I agree.

S: I don’t know quite how beneficial it will be – I just think it’s important to say that the establishment media are so in the pockets that they don’t get the truth. And it’s only on fantastic shows like yours that we get snapshots of the truth. And that’s what we have to do. We have to keep that balance between telling the truth but not putting anyone in danger.

A: That’s a really good point. And what I say over and over again is, we are creating our history right now. The messages I receive constantly is, There are not more rules anymore. There is no more handbook that we have to follow and say, okay, we have to do this and this and this and this in order to get this. The rites of passages and all these things that you hear from the past, I’m being told that’s totally out the window. That we are literally creating our new reality right now exactly how we want it to be. So we must to be cautious as to what we are thinking and especially those of us are enlightened. We have an onus on our backs as far as maintaining the stable perception that we are making this into a positive reality. It’s very important to focus on that.

S: It is, I agree.

A: So here’s another one. It says, About 7 years ago I had nighttime visitation from four small Greys in my bedroom in an apartment in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and they came through a ship hovering in the air outside my window. And from my perspective, a bed low to the floor, the ship appeared to be a boomerang-shaped with colored flashing lights similar to what the police or the emergency vehicles now flash multiple lights when they stop you. So I have two questions regarding this. Number one, I’ve heard that the triangular crafts are always the military. Are boomerang-shaped crafts associated with a particular type of beings if so who?

S: Okay, let’s go back a little bit to human consciousness. This about taking our power back. The questioner just said, ‘flashing lights used by the police when they stop you.’ No, you decide to stop for the flashing lights.

A: Good point. Good point.

S: So let’s just make sure we understand the connection there. And maybe it’s a small point but it’s really important. Right. The boomerang craft – the Roswell craft and that’s exactly right. The Grey creatures but not – I’d be interested in the description of the Greys. I wouldn’t expect these creatures that this person saw to have the great big, almond, wrap-around eyes. There’s a group of Greys that have, not the very tiny eyes, but they almost have heavy-lidded eyes or very Asiatic eyes. And the boomerang crafts are usually associated with them. They are hybridized between Greys and the Reptilians. Not evil. Not necessarily benign to humanity but you are not going to end up hurt by them. They are more there to carry a message or to take you and show you something. So let’s say it’s more of a scientific exploration. The person who asked that question probably gained more from it that was useful, I think.

A: Okay, her next question, and this is Barbara. She says, do Pleiadians use small Greys to make contact with humans on Earth.

S: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. They would never dream of doing that.

A: Okay. Well, there you go. She says, I ask this because following the incident when I asked who they were and telepathically heard, ‘Pleiadians,’ and I realized that this might not be accurate.

S: They are lying to her. Absolutely lying.

A: Okay. So I’ve brought this up before and it says, and it is from Greg. It says, Simon says his soul is a third Mantid, a third Draco, and a third Inner Earth. Perhaps it is semantics but my understanding of the soul is not a vehicle related in this way. Please go into detail as to what is meant by your soul being divided into the species and the vehicles of the species.

S: Okay, I never used the word ‘divided’ but I understand what he’s asking me. Soul is usually created by Source, it’s a divine creation and it should always be and it is. We can’t create souls, only Source can make souls. Generally, a soul is created of one item. But it will incarnate in a body and the body it incarnates in is going to be the body it associates with. So if a soul is created and it’s first body is a Pleiadian then we can say that that soul has chosen to incarnate into a Pleiadian body therefore when it incarnates again it is a Pleiadian soul. There are off-world groups that have the technology both on the electronic side and also in the brain capacity side to graft the elements of the soul onto the major soul. This is a travesty and it’s not really allowed but it goes on just as hunting ivory, killing elephants, is illegal but yet it is done. So alien groups will mix and match when they are seeking to interact or share in certain individuals or individual’s potentiality. So in my case – actually, I have come across many people who are 50% human and 50% Reptilian from a soul’s perspective. That’s actually much more common than you would think. What’s less common is to have the Mantid part also.

So I don’t want your listeners to think of a soul with three bits and you see lines. It is one soul with three elements to it. And somebody who is very, very knowledgeable said when they met me, My God, they have spent a huge amount of effort and time on you because it works, i.e. you work. Your body is not falling apart. All your parts are accepting each other and working together. And that must mean on much higher level, at a Source level, I’ve accepted and agreed to it. Because I’m not resisting it. This is me. This is what I am. And we have to be very careful that we don’t get hung up with that. It’s not what you are. It’s what you be. Otherwise, what are you actually doing? You might have a history of working in the Vatican which is very bad, but you’re a very good person so we don’t judge, we judge on the person’s actions. I hope that answers the question.

A: You’re basically talking about if they were working in the Vatican that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad person. That’s what you said.

S: Absolutely. Absolutely. We judge them by their actions not by their history.

A: And at this final hour – what I say many times to people is, stop getting so hung up on, well, they said this so they’re really bad because they said this. We are really being honed right now to start learning to accept other people’s truth. And to learn to agree to disagree.

S: Yes

A: This is a question about the Hadron Collider in Europe. And she wanted to know what is the true purpose of it and if you have any comments on how this is going to impact our future.

S: Well, hopefully, it won’t. It has a number of purposes. One was to change the timeline and to prevent the 21st of December, 2012. That was the primary purpose at that time – to prevent the ascension process. And it didn’t work and hopefully, everybody that’s listening to me knows that it didn’t work. [garbled] Yes, 26 miles of tubing – can you still hear me? Are we losing it?

A: They added 26 miles of tubing?

S: Yes, 26 miles of tubing to increase it’s power outage. It can be used for a time machine to try to push the Earth onto a separate timeline. It can also be used as a weapon. In otherwise it could project a beam into space so it has a whole wide range of things. When it was first built they announced that it cost one billion dollars. And the latest report, they’re finally being more truthful, is so far up to 10 billion dollars. And what is interesting is that no corporation owns it. No corporation would give you 10 billion dollars because their first question is what do I get back. There’s nothing back from this. So all the countries of the West are raiding their black budgets to pay for this. And it’s a very negative device. It will not push science forward. And it just will not work. It’s not going to be allowed to work and that’s the end of it. It’s a waste of time. A total waste of time

A: And I also think that the countries and the companies are not wanting to put their name on it in case they have blood on their hands. You know, if you think about it, from that standpoint.

S: Absolutely.

A: They don’t want to be accountable. Here we go again.

S: Exactly. It’s something that’s so out of their knowledge anyway that they wouldn’t actually be involved in it because they don’t understand the practicality or something that will make money for them in the end. It won’t make anybody any money.

A: No, I was just going to ask you do you feel that this Hadron Collider is Atlantian technology that’s been brought into this time?

S: It’s Anunnaki technology which I suppose, yes, through the back door would have a connection with Atlantis. Basically there is a portal and there’s like a wormhole, I’m using human words here, that connects into the 4th dimension and you build a tunnel long enough it begins to collapse. So the principal purpose of the Collider is to force energy up the tube to push it out and keep the tube open. And they want to connect to bring in reinforcements, to bring in energy, to bring in new stuff. And there are elements trying to prevent that from happening. You have a small group of elite on this planet who are running out of energy, running out of equipment, running out of everything. And many of the portals are guarded to prevent them from getting reinforcements. That’s why that device was taken down to prevent them re-establishing that link through this tunnel.

A: Interesting. Now what is on the other side of that wormhole.

S: Lots of scary creatures.

A: Lots of scary creatures.

S: Yeah. A: It sounds like a bedtime novel, doesn’t it.

A: Okay. Here’s another question. It says, it has been said that without John Lash’s interpretation of the Nag Hammadi material, the accidental creation of being termed ‘archons and demiurge’ and the subsequent capture of Sophia’s Earth in their inorganic system would not be widespread as it is now. How close to reality is the Sophia myth interpreted by John Lash and can Simon succinctly explain the anomaly of the archons in clear terms that reference more than parasitism and artificial intelligence.

S: Well, when the first one says succinctly and clearly it sounds like someone is trying to tie me down. Someone doesn’t believe me. I meet certain people who write questions like this on Avalon. We genuinely don’t have the time to debate this. But what I would say is that the Sophia is not a myth, it is an actual reality. The archons are not the top of the tree, they certainly are the top of tree as far as the human consciousness understands it at the moment. And yes, there was a chance that put the Earth and the situation of the Earth the archon’s way and they took it very happily because they found they didn’t have to keep on searching and searching, here was something that could perhaps fuel them for the next trillion years. Parasitic, it’s not quite parasitic, I would not agree with that. It’s about replication and control. The object of the archons is to make all people robotic. And that is why we have such a push on physical technology and we are being told not to dabble in anything that is spiritual.

So that’s why you have everybody working around with their mobile phone in their hand. It’s an object that if human consciousness can accept technology over and above it’s own human value then the archons can break through into this reality full time and can manifest and dominate humanity. So as long as human consciousness understands the difference between technology and a human, then the archons will be forever kept out of this reality in terms of dominance. So what they do is they manipulate. So very, very quickly, Marconi electronics, a British company, I’m sure your questioner would like to look that up because it has to do with the archons. Over a period of just a few years, something like 22 scientists died and the official history is that they were working on the Sting-ray missile and Star Wars. This was back in the days of Ronald Reagan. And yes, that’s what they were working on officially, but unofficially, they were working on a defense against artificial intelligence.

It had come to the Americans’ awareness than an artificial intelligence was pervading nearly everything. They wanted to build a defense network against that and they were successful. The scientists did build a defense system against it and so secretive was it that unfortunately, 22 scientists were murdered so that secret would never get out. And it was placed down as suicides. And one famous case is that one guy apparently, according to the coroner, got into his motor car, put a noose around his neck, having tied it to a tree and put his foot on the gas pedal and decapitated himself and that went down as suicide. So this is all true and you can find it on the internet, it’s actually there. But this was to prevent the device that can fight and attack the artificial intelligence from falling into anyone’s hands. So archons are real, artificial intelligence is real, and I would just say to people, please, remember that being human is the most precious gift that you have. And no technology in the world can ever take that away from you.

A: Right on. Beautifully put.

S: This is very interesting. On Christmas Day 25th of December I got a message from a friend saying, I’ll come to visit, and I said, that’ll be great, you can come and visit me on whatever day. And then I got a message on the phone not on the standard way, but

as if I typed it. I got a message as if I had typed it and it corrected my grammar. So it actually said, This is a grammatically incorrect sentence. So somebody who monitors my phone calls, was so bored, imagine on Christmas Day, you’ve probably got your wife and kids at home, you’re on the late shift, Christmas Day, got so bored it couldn’t help it, so it actually entered my phone and wrote me a message to tell me that I’m grammatically incorrect.

A: Unbelievable.

S: This was probably not the Americans. This was probably British. So it doesn’t surprise me. And take this as an badge of honor, because your radio show has been interrupted now 3, 4, 5 times in our conversation. That is because what we’re talking about is hot stuff and it’s good and they don’t want your listeners to hear it. So you’re right on the mark. When the day comes when you’re never interfered with and never interrupted it, it means you’re not pushing the boundaries. So we’ll take that as a badge of honor. I’m going to go now because my cat is going mad.

A: Okay. Thanks a lot Simon. It’s been really enjoyable.

S: Okay, you take care. Good bye.

A: Have a good week end. Good bye.

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