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microphone (1)Okay, so, Simon, now we are back to Part 2, I just want to apologize to the audience that we’ve had quite a few technical difficulties today. And this is the second segment of the Simon Parkes interview that will be airing on April 28, 2015, Tuesday, 3:00-4:55 pm PDT. So I want to welcome again Simon, who is also having some major challenges in the technological arena.

Alexandra: Hi Simon.

Simon: Hi, lovely to see you and to be with your audience.

Alexandra: You’re such a kind soul. I think people feel that about you. So we have a ton of questions. Now these questions are from Alice. And she says, I understand that the Earth and humanity has been increasing the feeling the effects of the cosmic light rays of the approaching photon belt since 1962. However, I understand that actually entering the belt will not be gradual but will be like hitting an invisible fence that will cause a tremendous electrical jolt to all of humanity that will have varying effects according to the individual’s light quotient. I understand this will be the so-called Event that has been described for years on the internet. According to Earth’s indigenous elders the Earth is due to enter this belt in the first half of the second decade of this century – this is a pretty long question. So her question is 1. Does this timing match what your 4th dimensional contacts have told you?

Simon: Yes, but not on the timing. I don’t agree with the times that it is to happen, but the process, yes, I agree with that.

A: Okay. She says, What have they said will happen to the Earth and the people when this actually occurs?

Simon: Well, I think basically she’s got the answer there. It’s the Event, it’s the final upload or trigger which gives – she uses the word ‘jolt’ which is quite interesting. It’s the final push, that would be the better word, that will – for those people who can make the change – let me just reiterate that it’s not for everybody but those that can make the change, or choose to make the change, you have reached the certain position of their own consciousness, their own bodies, their own energy’s DNA, then that is the element that will take into that from which there is not return. But for those who are scared and fearful then they will receive that ‘jolt’ but it won’t push them over the edge so they will just remain in their same position. So I agree with her, but I don’t agree on the timing.

A: So when you say ‘fear’ is that the number one distinction as to whether you make the jump or not, is fear.

S: Hmm, that is an interesting question. I suppose ultimately yes, because fear we can trace back fear of accepting something that is not part of the agreed understanding. Fear and putting yourself out there. Fear in embracing something that is different and so yes, I suppose that many people are fearful of standing out and being unusual and being different and having a point of view and having a principle. Most people like to be a part of the group and if you are living in fear then how can you possibly develop and flower and grow because you are always looking over your shoulder.

A: Good point. Good point. Now what about for those that are a bit stiffled in their evolvement, meaning let’s say they’re caught up in a not really good behavioral cycle. Let’s say they’re beating up their girlfriend. Or they’re heavily into drugs. How does that fit in? Because I get that email every once in a while myself.

S: Well, what I think the key word there was ‘heavily into drugs.’ I think that people who use drugs lightly there isn’t a problem at all. But that’s my personal opinion. Beating your girlfriend is not acceptable. How can you possibly be a spiritual person and undertake that. So there’s a difference of being psychically aware than being spiritually aware. You can be quite psychically aware but still be violent. But if you are spiritually aware you shouldn’t be violent because you should respect everybody. So if somebody is domestically abusing somebody, really, would the Mother Earth want that person to come through the front door? I don’t think they would.

A: Interesting. Now do you also feel – you’ve mentioned before in the very beginning that not everyone is going to so-called make this cut and so much of the propaganda out in the internet says that same thing – that everybody’s going to make the cut – there’s only maybe 5% that don’t.

S: That’s B.S.

A: Yeah, don’t you think also that part of that is just the soul itself is not ready for this cut. This is something that happens every so many cyclical periods, right?

S: I think the problem is that with religion, most religions, not all, but most religions want you to gain as many converts to their cause as possible and if you say ‘everybody is welcome’ then they are more likely to get more to your religion than somebody else’s. Now the Jehovah Witness religion is different. It’s the 144,000 people that will be saved in their religion. That’s not a very good way to advertise because if you’ve got a million people signed up of which only 144,000 are going to make it. So most religions caught on to the fact that you’ve got to save everybody. And everybody’s going to have a chair. And everyone will have a glass of wine. But that isn’t the way it is.

You know when your family sits around and have a traditional game, probably Scrabble, Monopoly, and Cluedo, whatever games people play these days that I still can remember playing as a kid. You know what? Only one person won it. Lots of people didn’t win it. That’s it about life is that we strive, we learn, we try to change and we do the very best we can. I would love it for everybody to go through it. But you only have to walk around the major cities and streets and you know that most people aren’t going to make it as it stands. I think what will happen is that there’ll be some physical changes in the next two years which will force many people to re-evaluate how they live, how they think, and who they really are. And from that I think there will be quite a sizeable portion of people who will change their views and their ways.

And I can see a huge split between them and the belief in the system. I mean the government system – how they elect people – and when that break with the ruling group comes about we may well have a sizeable portion of people who are ready for that change. But I don’t think believe that everyone is ready nor do I think that everyone wants to make that change.

A: Or that they are ready to make the change. I was going to ask you, do you actually agree that there is this Source or Higher Power that is disappointed that the cut was so low? Because you read that a lot.

S: No, I don’t. I agree, you’re right, you read that a lot.

A: Yes.

S: No, I don’t agree with that. I think that’s why the minimum bar was set. It was a standard set that if we [garbled] then Source could quite legitimately say, ‘It’s not worth the energy, to make the effort. It’s not worth it.’ But very, very fortunately, that minimum bar was reached. It’s a little bit like the democracy in your country and in my country. Which means that if you have an election the person who has one vote more than another wins. So you set – in that system – you set the bar as one vote. And in the worldwide game, if you want, the bar was set incredibly low. There are billions of people in this planet but only millions were required to be at that point. So it was a very low bar and it was actually exceeded.

I think humans that are in the know, humans are very spiritual. They’re the ones that are disappointed. I don’t think Source is disappointed. Source will get what it wanted because it set the bar. And I think it’s people projecting they’re own feelings on it and looking around and, you know, 75% of the population is not awake. 25% is, as it stands now. So from a human perspective you could say that I’m terribly disappointed. Source, God, is very disappointed. Listen! How do they know what God thinks? How do they know what Source is thinking? What I can tell you is that Source set a limit. That limit was exceeded. Therefore as far as Source is concerned the human race, or some portion of it, has proved that it is capable and worthy. So that’s where we are.

A: Wow. That’s very succinct. Thank you for that. The other question will this cause the long-predicted Pole Shift?

S: No.

A: Okay. What part will the Galactic Federation of Light play when the Earth hits the photon belt?

S: Well you see, I don’t subscribe to one Federation, one Council. It’s quite popular [garbled] to talk about the Federation, like it’s something from Star Trek. I’m waiting for Bill Shatner to make an appearance as a member of the Federation. There is, first of all, the very tightly-knit group that are in a council. So let’s call them the federation and I’m happy to call them that. But there is a much looser association of groups that come in from time to time to aid a good cause but they don’t – they’re not mercenaries – they don’t fight all the time or offer their help all of the time. They are specialists in certain fields and as specialists they bring their services for free actually, for certain jobs. So let’s say for example, you have a very difficult underground base which is under a population center. You can’t just hit it with sound waves and implode it. You have to have a very special way of dealing with that. So you will get a specialist group in to do that. We have a group of off-world entities who decided that they wanted to work together to defeat the Negatives because no single

is capable of doing it in this quandrant, this part of our multiverse. The only way they could do it was was by joining forces. And that’s why they had this group, this council.

I’m willing to use the word Galactic Federation of Light because there are beings from the 4th dimension who are not beings of light who are absolutely behind the good causes and if we are not careful – I’m sorry, I’m belaboring the point – but if we are not careful we are giving the impression, not you and I, but some people are giving the impression that only these translucent body beings glowing white light are bringing good. That’s not the case, because there are people who have been bad in the past, on the planet Earth – we know some of them have changed and they’ve turned to good. So we shouldn’t judge people by what they look like, we should judge people by their actions. So it’s very important that we don’t just think that everybody in the Light is good and everybody who isn’t, isn’t. It’s their actions, judge people by their actions.

A: And also, on top of that, Simon, it’s a little bit tricky because at this time don’t you find that there are some – what I would call – double agents?

S: Yes.

A: So their actions are not really spectacularly of the light and yet they have an end game that is feeding the light agenda.

S: Yes. Some of them are paid agents and they are the worst kind. Others are actually mind-controlled and they are the most difficult because they passionately believe in what they are saying and they passionately believe they are right because to them that is a real memory or is a real happening. And unfortunately these people are fools just like many others. How we will know it is toward the end, the end game, when people say, Look at all these space ships coming out in the Kuiper Belt, or whatever that may be, Quick, get on board everybody, they’re going to save us. And everyone who says that you should get on these space ships and leave the planet Earth they have a bad agenda. Because this is the home of the humans. (A: Absolutely) Why would you want to leave this home. Stay here and fight to clean it up. Stay here and fight to look after it. It is your home and you’ve been here so long now as a human race, it is yours by right. The planet has accepted you as a part of it’s lifeforce otherwise it would have wiped out humanity a long time ago with pole shifts or ice ages. So basically don’t leave. Stay and make it good.

A: God, I say that all the time. Okay, and then the other part is what will the fate of the Mantids be?

S: What a nice question. I hope the fate of the Mantids is good because if the fate of the Mantids is good then it’s inextricably tied to the human race. If the human race can pull itself up, then the Mantids will then share in that. The group that won’t share in that as it stands at the moment is the Reptilians and the Archons and a number of other very negative forces. Chris Thomas is a very interesting guy. I have a lot of time for Chris Thomas. He talks about – I can’t remember it exactly but it’s like self-ascension – it’s trying to get the leg up without working for it. And that’s a very, very valid point.

The point is – I think bottom line – is that the Source or Earth won’t allow something to ascend through the next phase unless it has shown and proved itself worthy. Now we have to be careful that we don’t go down into real just dogma here when we start saying about ‘prove yourself.’ Or show yourself. But what I think we can say is that if you are driven by greed, jealously, anger, hate, then you’re not ready to ascend. But if you are of the opinion that love should be the cornerstone of your value based system then you are ready to ascend. So I’m hoping that the human race will ascend and one group of the Mantids, at least, will. Because remember, just as there are many different sorts of humans, there are many different sorts of Mantises, or Mantids. And I can only speak with or for the group that I interact with. That doesn’t mean I have any knowledge or say of any other group that I’ve never seen. So the group that has been positively working for the assistance of humankind – I’m using the word generically there – I hope they will fare well but anybody who’s fought against humans getting independence, well, they have to be kicked off the boat actually.

A: Yeah, I couldn’t agree with you any more. Now, a question. Going back to one of the statements you made. You were talking about there a quite a few different groups or factions that come forth at this time to assist and some of them could be mercenary type, I think was what you said, does that relate to the Guardian Alliance?

S: Yes, in a way it does, because it has a much looser – the word ‘alliance’ is exactly what it says. It’s an alliance. When you talk about ‘federation’ in the true sense of the word a ‘federation’ is a group with very tightly, fixing rules, and how they work together. But an alliance is a group of people that have different and divergent aims or goals but who’ve all signed up because there’s one enemy that they don’t like. So in other words they may have no interest in the Planet Earth at all but they have an interest in preventing this planet from falling into the dark forces because then they know that in the future it will be used to attack somewhere else. So an alliance is literally a grouping of divergent creatures who have one common goal. And that is to prevent a take-over of the Planet Earth.

A: That was great to really clarify that because that’s a huge question among many people. How about the Ashtar Command? Does it really exist and if so, it is part of the dark agenda?

S: I have concerns. I always am very, very worried about people who don’t show themselves. Because if you have nothing to fear, if you are honest and open then you should actually show yourself publically. Now there those people who say, yes, but you know, I will be killed if I come forward and tell the truth therefore I will hide behind a mask or I’ll do a video, a show, and you will not show see my face. There are two things I say about that. I’m not a religious person but I do believe God existed. And Jesus Christ knew before he even came to Earth he knew he was going to be killed. Now he had the opportunity to hide, did he, no he didn’t. Secondly, if you really are who you say you are, you will be protected. You will be looked after and you should be confident enough to go out into the wider world and know that you won’t be taken out. If you don’t have that confidence then something is wrong there. And ultimately, people will only trust somebody who is prepared to put their cards on the table – ‘this is who I am, this is what I stand for and you judge me for that.’

So the problem that I have with the Ashtar Command is that a lot of these are voiced distortions and some of the messages do not strike me as truthful, honest, and loving. Some of them seem very robotic, very command and control – you will do this, or this is what you should do. When I talk to people I never tell them what they should do. I just say ‘this is my message.’ You decide what you want to do. That’s the way that it is. So I do have concerns about that, yes.

A: Thank you. Thank you for that. Okay, now Alice has one last question regarding Nibiru. She says, ‘it’s now clearly visible in the day and the night time skies. What is the connection between Nibiru’s return to Earth at the exact time when we are about to enter the photon belt? And what is the agenda of the Annunaki and the elite as Nibiru comes even closer to the Earth? Thank you Alice, good job.

S: She’s done her research. I did an interview for someone else a couple of days back on telephone and I did talk about a foreign body that would be entering our Solar System at some point. I can say that the key players in the Vatican are expecting the return of the landlord so I’m absolutely convinced that they are expecting at any moment for the return. And why is it timed for that Belt just as the same reason that CERN, the Hadron Collider, was timed to activate on the 21st of December, 2012, and as you know it didn’t, because it’s to disrupt. The whole object of the landlords coming back is to take possession, as they see it, of their property. Well, if their property is up and evolved then they are not going to take possession of anything. So I guess they would want to return the day before to attempt to hold it all up.

A: Wow. So actually, following that, it gives you the idea of the timetable of the possible Event.

S: And that’s why I didn’t agree with the first point of the timetable. It’s too far ahead in the future. It’s much closer than people realize.

A: Good point.

S: That’s why the Vatican can actually – the Vatican has two observation posts – one is an infra-red telescope and the other one is an electromagnetic telescope and it’s paid for by the Vatican searching the skies for the return of Nibiru, that’s the whole point of it. And to plot it and to make communications with it. Some one told me that there’s a documentary or something on Youtube about it which I would say is worth looking at. I haven’t seen it but my friend says it is good, proper TV documentary. And anyone with any sense would say, Why in goodness’ name is the Vatican which is a church organization, why is it funding huge telescopes to peer into space. (A: Exactly) Why would a religious order be 24/7 staring into space. So the evidence is out there. People just have to dig for it, really.

A: Well, then of course, their latest – what I mean by that is maybe in the last 5 years in particular they’ve really picked up the case of mentioning that they’ve blessed the extraterrestrials and they’ve accepted the extraterrestrials – this has been a big campaign of theirs of the last several years in particular.

S: Yes. The first Monsignor that the Vatican appointed as Alien Ambassador – people don’t even realize that the Vatican has an alien ambassador. The first one was a woman and then she did a year, I think, in office then she was replaced by a guy. He did two years in office, or three years. Then he was replaced by another guy. So the Vatican has a Monsignor who’s job title is Alien Ambassador. Now another thing people don’t know is that the United Nations also has an Alien Ambassador but they don’t advertise that for obvious reasons. The point is very simple. If I am the head of the biggest – say the Pope – head of the biggest religious order in the Western world you want to maintain your financial income and if aliens landed and it was accepted then the big question is, Well what is God? So what the church as we understand it has done is to position itself so that when Disclosure comes there’s still a place for religion. Not talking about a place for God, there’s always a place for God. But these churches are not interested in God. They are interested in their money streams, the properties they own, the stocks and bonds they hold and the power that they wield. So from their perspective they need to ensure that they have a position in society and a society that understands this alien life may not want a religious order.

So we are seeing some very clever footwork now by the major churches to position themselves to say, Well, we told you there was aliens, of course, there’s aliens, we knew that a long time ago and I like to talk to them all the time. And they come and take holy communion with me every Sunday. (A: laughs) That’s the line they’re going to take.

A: No, but it is true. And I am noticing that’s in the Christian churches lately big time. There’s a big push in the Christian churches.

S: Well, they know that it is coming. They know that Disclosure can not be held off for much longer. And what they are frightened of is to lose control of the story, of the argument and the hope is that if they can push it out for a couple of years or so then it won’t be such a shock to people. If it happened now many people would say, ‘Well, what is God? What is religion? Why have I not known this? How did God not know this? How did my churchmen not know this?’ So therefore, they would begin to call into question the role of the church. And that’s what the churchmen don’t want. They don’t want to be called into question and to be signed off as extinct like a dinosaur. So this what we are seeing. And I don’t think it’s going to work because I think many people are going to say, well, how long have you known this for? And that would be the sinking of them because they have known it for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years.

A: And they’ve been so heavily involved. Now this is from Deborah. And she says, I understand that you have Mantid DNA. Are there very many others on the planet like yourself that carry this sort of DNA. I have been wondering if I am somehow related to this because of having dreams whether I felt as if a Mantid had it’s arms around me. I’ve been always fascinated with the Praying Mantis and I’ve had some very interesting experiences with these insects. Do you have any comments on this and do you think there is a connection.

S: Yeah. Right. We need to look at DNA in an energetic form, not necessarily in the physical form, just like we have energy strands of DNA. If somebody is having dreams of Mantid or Mantis – we have to remember that the American people say the word Mantis and the British say the word Mantid, it’s just worth point that out once during your show so that we’re clear what we’re talking about here – it is because they’re connected. I was interested that she said that his or her arms around her. That actually is something they do when they are trying to connect with family. The Mantids learn from example. In other words, they study and watch humans and they’ve often seen older brothers or sisters when they are standing next to a younger brother or sister put his or her arms around the child and pull the child against their legs. So they have merely copied that and replicated it. What they’re trying to do is to communicate non-verbally with humans.

So she’s described leads me to believe that she would have either a Mantis soul or a part-Mantis soul or Mantis energy because these creatures don’t waste their time. In other words, they wouldn’t just drop in and say ‘hello, nice to see you, we’re off to do some shopping at the mart. They’ve come down here to say we know who you are, if you don’t know who you are we’re going to show you who you are. This is how close we are, now wake up, start thinking and doing your research, connect with who you are and we’ll come back to see you when you know, when you’ve worked it out. So yes, I would totally agree with that. If she wants to drop me a line on the website I can put her in touch with somebody who is setting up a website just for people who have Mantid souls.

A: Awesome. Great idea.

S: Yeah.

A: She also asked a question – I had an experience in an altered state where I actually saw a reptilian human watching me and once he realized that I saw him he disappeared. At the time I was scanned, but later I was scared. But in meditation it seemed that he was actually being my protector. Most references to reptilians are very negative. What is your perspective on the reptilian human as the protectors?

S: I have to be clear when she used it twice now, the word reptilian human. Does she mean, do you think, we have to ask her, wouldn’t we, does it mean a human being with the reptilian soul, and there are plenty of those on the planet, is she referring to the hybridized half human-half reptilian. So I’m not clear. I’ll try to answer both. If she’s referring to a human with a reptilian soul then that is MILAB, that is the military, that’s not so good. If she’s referring to hybridized – and remember the Annunaki were hybridized – I have a genuine photograph of an Annunaki.

A: Really?

S: Yes. I’m very privileged to have been given that.

A: Can we see it?

S: I have actually given permission by the taker of the photograph to use it. So the answer is ‘yes.’ You could see it.

A: Okay.

S: We have to be very, very careful. A very serious question because there’s a lot of emotion involved in that question. Most people won’t understand that but I do. These creatures often sell themselves as ‘I’m your protector’ and a have a very strong bond grows up between the human female, it’s always a female and the Reptilian-type male. And it’s a sometimes a very difficult emotional shock to learn that this person isn’t their protector but is their manipulator. I always use it because it is the most important one that I have. The 23 year old girl who’s father worked for the Rothchilds had such a creature and she looked at him as her protector and she learned that it wasn’t. And in the end she banished him, which you can do.

So it is an emotional thing here because if you only knew this creature since you were two or three years old they are closer to you than a brother or sister. So one has to tread very carefully here. Yes, some are good. Some Reptilians are good and some actually reneg on their own side in order to protect humans, they will do that. So they get orders to hurt somebody and they just refuse. They are chucked out from their own order and they then assist that female, but of course, the problem there is that the negative side will send somebody in anyway. 9 times out of 10, using the tens system that humans so use, I don’t use it, I use the the 12 system because that’s the figures we use – 3, 6, 9, and 12, but anyway – 9 out of 10 times this is not a protector, it actually is malevolent and should be asked to leave.

A: Wow. Thank you for that clarification, that was great. Now this was from Caroline. She says, I’ve always believed that Jesus and the other Ascended Masters were real people whose spiritual teachings were twisted by men to form the various religions in an effort to control the masses. Lately I’ve been reading that the Ascended Masters are fictitious characters that were made up to support the doctrines. What are you comments on that? I can’t wait to hear this.

S: I would suggest that she reads about the Essenes. This is a school, an esoteric school on the edge of the Dead Sea, actually where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. In fact, they had a hand in writing the Dead Sea Scrolls. And that’s actually where the real Jesus was educated. So through great teachings. Jesus was real as far as I am concerned. There were a number of very real learned men – I don’t like the name ‘masters’ actually.

A: Really?

S: I don’t like it because to me it’s ‘I’m better than you because I’m a master. I’m an ascended master, you’re not ascended, I am better than you.’ No, no, no, we are all equal. Some people are just further down the road in learning. So I don’t like the word ‘master’ because it’s somebody setting themselves up as better than somebody else. And that’s not truth. So I don’t go down that road and Jesus never called himself a master, actually. Other people gave him that label. So Jesus sold himself as a very humble person, that’s why he didn’t walk around in the high streets in expensive fine raiment. He was just dressed simply. So we need to be clear about that. I’ve seen too many people who called themselves ‘ascended masters.’

Anyway, back to the point here. Yes, she absolutely right to her question, that the story was manipulated and it changed to develop a line that supported religious teachings through the church. So the whole objective was to ‘How do we make this -we can’t get rid of the story because it’s too big, too embedded, and too many people have seen Jesus and the story, so we can’t write it off as a lie, so what we’ll do, we’ll manipulate it so that we can take over where he left off. So in other words, Jesus isn’t on the planet anymore but the church is, and we’ve got all these men in beautiful gold and silver robes, with lots of lanterns and incense, he’s as close as you’re going to get, so come here. So they did change the story, they did alter the story, they did manipulate it. There were a number of very good teachers around Jesus who then after his physical body died they went off into different places of the globe to teach the real story. That is the truth. Obviously there were people who were corrupted, people who changed sides just as with all humans.

A: Especially at that time. It was the earmark of our future and what we are dealing with today.

S: Well, just on a side of that, I had an interesting – people might smile about this – but I had a communication with an off-world entity just on the discussion of the Roman Empire. Things I talk about with these off-worlders are not all about guns and secret weapons and all the rest of it, it’s things that interest me. And I was quite surprised by the response that I got. Which was that the creation of the Roman Empire came about simply to spread the teachings of Christ. In other words, what the Roman Empire offered was to – if you had a letter, and they had letters in Roman times, it you had a letter – in Scotland in the country next to my country in England you could get that letter from the farthest flung part of the empire from Scotland right across to Turkey. And it would take you an age, but you could do it. In other words, travel was possible, messages were possible, teachings were possible, and the empire allowed that spread right across it’s borders.

It is very interesting that although Christ was supposed to be around the 32, 33 AD mark it wasn’t until 350 AD to 400 AD that Christianity really embedded down and heigh-ho within ten years of the embedding of Christianity that the Roman Empire fell apart. On 410 AD the major city of Rome was attacked and sacked by German tribes. So within 10 years of major churches opening everywhere throughout the whole Western world the empire collapsed in large part. So my teachings are, yup, the empire was there to spread the word of Christ. Because no other time in history had the major parts of the world be controlled by one city-state, or one empire. It’s interesting, isn’t it.

A: That’s really interesting. A different perspective than what I’ve heard before.

S: Absolutely.

A: Very cool. She also asks, ‘Does the Hollow Earth and Agartha Network theory have any merit?

S: I hope so otherwise I’m one-third adrift.

A: That’s right, you’ve been very up-front about that. You know, one of the things I wanted to ask you, regarding the ascended masters, don’t you feel though, that we get stuck on the language. For example, you were talking about, yes, things get manipulated and unfortunately tainted by the agendas at hand but, for example, I’ll just pick somebody, Sanat Kumara, okay. I seriously doubt that he walked around and said, I’m an ascended master. I’m sure he maybe mastered his ascension, or along those lines. But it feels like we always get hung up on words.

S: I have a problem with the term ‘master’ because the term master is male.

A: The term ‘master’ is male?

S: Yes. In most Western societies the master is male. You have a school master, you don’t have a feminine master.

A: You have a mastress.

S: No, the word is mistress. It’s master and mistress. So why are we using the word master all of the time is because it is male dominated. Something going wrong here. There are plenty of women who are ascended, who can do teachings – it’s my warnings

here. It’s like the religion is coming again. It’s male dominated and I don’t believe in that. I don’t think that people should allow themselves to become labels, such as master and ascended. Why has somebody ascended? Well, because they have done this, that, and the other, okay, where have you ascended to? No, you haven’t ascended, what you’ve done is you’ve connected with the truth. You haven’t ascended anywhere, you’re still here, physical in the 3-D world. You still drive a motor car, you still drink tea, you still drink orange juice or whatever it is, you’re not ascended. What you are is learned. You are no different from a village in native North America where the learned elders sat around and they held the truth and then they supported and gave advice. That’s what they are but we have a mechanized system now which tends to put people on a pedestal.

The days are gone when you climb up to a big mountain and see a holy man sitting on top of his mountain in a cave, living very simply. I can have a lot of respect for that. So I do have a problem with that terminology. And a lot of good people don’t call themselves that but others do. But that’s still the problem, because why do they feel they need to call them that? You see, the Mantis that I deal with are in the 4th dimension, so that’s another dimension above us. But they still haven’t learned fully because they have a hierarchical formation of government. They have professions. They have a profession of doctors, a profession of computer operators, and space ship flyers, and then heigh-ho, they have the masters. That actually is their title, their job title. They are actually called ‘universal master.’ Because every multiverse has a universe within it. And each universe is apportioned one Mantis or Mantid master to look over that universe. So they take the title ‘Universal Master.’ So they still haven’t learned. They still need to evolve. Because they are into hierarchical command.

When you go up to the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimension you do not find a hierarchical stratified society. What you find is those who are learned and those that are not. So they don’t take labels for themselves. The higher up that you go the more that realize that you are equal, but you specialize. So I might want to specialize on this subject or you want to specialize on that subject. That doesn’t mean that I’m a master. It means that I have chosen in my life to devote my life to this topic so that I can use that for the good of my people. That is a higher ascension. So in the 3rd and 4th dimensions we are still struggling. Think of the army. I’m a Sargeant, I’ve got 3 stripes. I’m a Captain, I got – well, I don’t know how it is in your country – but I’ve got 3 bars, I think 3 bars for a Captain. This is it, it’s all hierarchy. And this is so primitive. It’s so power- and control-ordered. You know, you are the janitor. You wear these clothes and you stand there.

A: And you do this job.

S: Right, exactly. So there’s so much baggage that we have to get through and to learn. And people think they have to be this way and they don’t.

A: Thank you for the clarification. I think I had missed the ultimate point that you were referring to.

Okay, now this one is really interesting. We kind of dabbled in this in the last part of our interview. And it says, Can you ask Simon about the soul traps. Is this horrible procedure stopped at any time by the galactics? This is from Ewa.

S: No, they can’t stop it. That’s the problem. If they could have stopped it they would have done so. And this is something that is hard for people to understand. Again we always want someone else to – I’m not criticizing the question, it’s a damn good question. But generally we are always looking for someone else to come and help us. Will the galactics do this? Will the Federation of Light do that? No, you’ve got to do it. Because the only way the soul traps will come down is when human consciousness – that’s ordinary men and women on this planet evolve to a position where they say, you know what, I’m not taking this anymore. I can see through your lies. I don’t want this life anymore. This is not just. It’s not fair. And it’s not good. And when that human consciousness rises up there will be no place for the warders, I call them the jailors, the warders, for any place for them or their soul traps. And they’ll have to disappear and go off to some other planet.

So it isn’t that somebody is going to come charge in with laser guns and have a big battle and we’re all going to be happy and dance in the streets. I’m afraid humanity has got to work damn hard and raise it’s consciousness and just by the power of it’s own thought expel these people. And finally, it’s a hard one for people to swallow is that there is an universal law, and remember we are an universe within a multiverse, that’s why I’m talking about our verse, not anybody else’s verse, within this verse, that we have allowed this. Because we allowed this to be built around us therefore in some way we have emotionally accepted and bought into it. So it is a crime for a law-abiding external force to come in and rid us of it, because actually we have emotional energy bought into it.

It’s very, very clever the way that it works for the enemy to use that. And the only way that we can do it is when we say we reject it in it’s entirety and when we as a people reject it, then an external force can come in and say, right, it’s about time too, this lot don’t you, go away. But until that time the enemy, and I’m using that word loosely, can claim – well, you know, 1% of the population are ruling the 99% of the population – they could throw us off any time they want but they don’t, so therefore, they must want us to rule them. And that’s a very clever argument. And in a way, if you are looking back to the days of ‘flower power’ when that movement nearly did topple an administration, nearly did change the world, but they didn’t quite.

A: Yes. Very good point. Now if somebody were to contact you and say, God, Simon, I’m beside myself. I am under such horrible psychic attack I can’t sleep, they won’t leave me alone, what would you say? What would you suggest for them to do to stop the psychic attacks.

S: Well, What they have to do is to sign-up on my website for a 30 minute consultation and I would want to know as much as they can tell me what their experiences were, what they have seen, what they do, and then I would have to decide whether they were being attacked by a demonic entity, or if they were being attacked by a shadow being, whether they are being attacked by humans who were psychically attacking them, they were being attacked by scalar wave weapons or electromagnetic weapons so I would have to go right through it to see what it was. And of course, there are some people that aren’t attacked and they have a condition and they just believe that they are being attacked. But I have to tell you that of every 12 people I see that come to me with that 11 of them are genuine. The vast majority of the people know damn well they are being gotten by somebody and this is always a very good reason for it. Usually these people are lightworkers, or they are healers, and somebody doesn’t like what they are doing. So I would say you need to book a consultation with me and tell me everything you can and then I will do what I can to assist you.

A: Very cool. Now Ewa also said, I recently read at an alternative media opinion that Manson’s murder Sharon Tate with friends was a false flag. It definitely looks like it was but I heard that those people are still alive and participated in a fictitious pact murder plot. I would appreciate your response to this and remember this horrible event was a main factor in ending the hippie movement. What are your thoughts?

S: Yes, it is, because it follows nicely with –

A: – what we just talked about.

S: This is how the universe works.

A: I know. I love it.

S: Yes. And the universe loves you too. I think the important thing is that whenever you have a movement that is going to bring change and you are the top of the tree and you don’t want that change you either convert that movement to play your game or you kill those people at the top, or you do something to discredit them with their followers. So many times – that’s the one that has been brought forward – but many times the elite – and I say elite not spiritually but financially elite – the financially elite have used not very subtle ways sometimes, in very open and brutal ways to prevent something and move it and that’s exactly what happened because the Flower Power era was on track to totally destablize the Administration but was deflected and changed so that people turned within themselves and the way of being became more important than the message. In other words, to sit around in a group and smoke pot as it was called then, became what you did whereas prior to that the messages had been, Let’s bring change, Let’s fight for freedom, so the message was very subtlely changed from Let’s all sit around and get stoned. Which is great because then the authorities basically aren’t being challenged anymore. Yes, your questioner is absolutely right.

A: Wow. Okay now, this is from Cheryl. She says, Can Simon ask his off-world contacts if the Earth is round or flat? Now there’s a lot of Flat-Earth very interesting information and I have to tell you that a lot of it is very convincing. And one of the questions that leads into that is, apparently, quite a few rockets have been launched, many of them have been either exploded or couldn’t go past 80,000 mile cap and so on. I’m just curious what you think about that.

S: Well, there are really two things we need to sort out here. No, the Earth is not flat in the physical sense. That is quite a long answer. And I may not be able to explain it properly but I’ll do my best. The Earth is not flat physically. It is round because in the 3rd dimension, the 3rd dimension is very dense. Now that is why when psychic people see orbs that appear they are round. I’m not talking about the metallic orbs, I’m talking about the little orbs of light that you can see like bubbles, soap bubbles. The reason that they are round – this is consciousness being projected from another dimension. Somebody is either spying on you or more likely wants to come and say hello. So they project their consciousness into your reality. But our consciousness in the 3rd dimension is very heavy and because of that, when this energy comes through they are forced into a bubble, into a round shape. That’s why planets in 3rd – in our universe – are round, because of the energy the way it is forms things into a circular. So that’s the first thing.

However, the questioner is more on the target when he or she realizes because I will accept that if you can think of the computer, the old-fashioned hard drive computer, it has a disk in it and that disk contains all the information, pictures, videos, everything, that’s the hard drive. I do accept that every verse has a hard drive to it which gives a holographic reality for the creatures that exist on there. In other words, I’m quite happy physically to know that the world is round but the universe, the galaxy, is actually disk shaped. And that creates the environment for many different creatures, many things, to exist and to experience the reality as to them. That is why any spiritual people, or psychic people, who have been together talking can suddenly sometimes become aware that there’s just them and there’s nothing else around them and sometimes the people in the background will seem very indistinct. And it’s just like everything just disappears around them as if it were a void. So a holographic reality in each verse, in each multiverse, and so we progress from one phase to the next in our learning journey. And this hasn’t been created by aliens. It’s created by Source. It’s created by God. So yes, that is my take on the Flat Earth.

Now the second part of the question – I don’t think I can agree with the information that the person has received because I am personally aware of alien craft that have left the Earth’s gravity and have traveled a very long distance and come back again. It’s more to do with what we call the quarantine and there are various types of quarantines that have been around the Earth. Certain factions’ craft have been taken out and destroyed and it’s got nothing to do with the flat Earth, it had to do with their not having authority to leave the Earth beyond a certain distance. So one side is always trying to get out, push out the envelope to see how far they can get and they get shot down etc. etc. And there are many, many good whistleblower testimonies of rockets that have been taken out. But it you had a flat Earth we wouldn’t have got to Mars and some people would be surprised to hear me say that but humans have been to Mars, never mind the Moon, and if the Earth was flat we wouldn’t have managed that. That’s my take on it anyway.

A: It’s almost like thinking it’s spherically but flattened within the spherical – like it was a hologram of some sort because we are in a matrix. I don’t know.

S: Imagine a line – just take a piece of paper, get a thick marker pen and draw one line through it and then draw the dome in the middle of it and a dome down the other side, a bit like an egg, but imagine when you’re frying an egg, but imagine it on both side, so it’s a bit like a flying saucer. So you have the thin line and the bulge in the middle. There’s where all the information, the activity, is stored. Deep stuff, hard stuff for people to come to terms with. It doesn’t mean our lives are pointless, it doesn’t mean that it’s the film of The Matrix, but the brothers that made the Matrix film certainly knew more than most people in Hollywood. That’s why they created that film as a warning and a shake-up call to ordinary people and it did. The effect of that film has had, not at the time, but 10-15 years later the effect of that film as people then reflect back on it and it has done a great service to wake people up. And they have done a wonderful job.

A: Yeah, that was an incredible movie. Serious, I should say. You mentioned going from universe to universe and you are familiar with the Platonic solids. I’m wondering, in order to move from one universe to another, what is required, is there like a massive amount of time for evolutionary purposes and is it something where it would change from one shape to the other as the evolution takes place?

S: Interesting.

A: That’s my question.

S: That’s interesting. That would depend travel – because there’s time travel here – if we were talking about an evolving race as the human race is, then you arrive at your next destination in the same bodies that you left with but you are given the all the blueprints at the start of your new journey to change and evolve into. So in other words, if you move to your next phase in a hundred thousand years you may not look like the way you arrived on the doorstep because you having to change and adapt to your new environment.

But there are possibilities of doing stuff through time-travel which means that you experience these different realms without having to go through hundreds of thousands or millions of years of evolution. But you are there only as a holiday maker, as a tourist, as a visitor and then you come back again. So you can’t ever actively engage with your new environment because it is not built for you unless you originally come from there. But you could experience that world or those groups of worlds but you would never be a child of that realm because you’ve never made it through. When humanity makes it to the next stage it will be a child of the next stage and then through it’s life it will grow up to adolescence and then grow up to maturity and then when it begins to get old it’s ready for the next stage so you see it as a growing process organically as well as spiritually and energetically.

But there are many ways to experience it. For instance, a guy who I’ve never met and I wish I could, a guy called Charles Hall seems like a lovely American guy who talks about the Tall Whites. He refers to Tall Whites and Tall Whites are true ETs. To many people who are not understanding this and they thought everyone is an ET who are an alien. No that’s not the case. If you are an ET, you are an extraterrestrial, which doesn’t mean you’re an alien full stop, it means you are an alien who came here in real time. In other words, an ET in the true sense of the word is a male or female alien that gets on space ship off their planet and it travels here and it takes 20 years, 25 years, 30 years to get here and they arrive here. That is an ET. Somebody who gets off their planet and goes into a portal and arrives here 3 seconds later is an extradimensional entity. So Charles Hall talks about ETs and it takes them about from 19 to 21 years from their star system to the Planet Earth. So they are experiencing a change in reality but in real time. And they can exist here in 3-D with certain alterations in the changes in their bodies. So there are many ways that an advanced technological creature can experience other dimensions or other worlds but our only indigenous living creature that has evolved through his or her own hard work has the right to exist in the new world continuously. Okay.

A: Wow! Wow. Now I never heard that before. Thank you.

S: It’s my pleasure.

A: This is something related to another gentleman that I interviewed, Tory Smith, and he had stated that he actually saw Bush and Cheney taken off world and she is asking if you feel that this is true. And it says here as far as Ray Kosulandich –

S: That’s a name that I don’t know.

A: Me either. And his ET contacts are concerned that Earth’s being pulled away of the Solar System towards Orion. Does he have any knowledge of this? I’m going to stop there.

S: Thank you. Two questions to deal with. And simply, yes. She’s quite right. Dick Cheney is a head, was particularly head of the corporations. Dick Cheney actually was head of a corporation army. There was a special army which was paid for and trained and run by the corporations. And there was a mass task force of which the regular army of America wasn’t permitted to be if involved in – how could they be? – But the corporations provided and funded that. So earlier I said that people have been to Mars. The trouble with Bush and Cheney is actually quite rare. It was much more common for them to be visited by off-world entities. That was much more common. For them to travel off was maybe 4 times a year, maybe twice a year, not a lot. But to be visited on a regular basis. Okay.

And the second question. There is a bit a truth in that. I’m not going to laugh at the second question. One of the negative forces comes from Orion and I don’t see it as a physical taking of the Earth towards Orion but I see it as trying to move the Earth’s humanity energetically towards Orion. In other words, if you imagine a piece of paper and I take two colors, let’s just make them green and red and I paint half of the paper with green and half with red paint and line down a middle and I put a little counter on the middle. I don’t know if you played this game as a kid when you get two straws and the opponent sits on one side and he or she blows through\ the straw trying to push the counter into the green side and you’re blowing on the other straw trying to push the counter in the other side. That’s what’s happening on an energetic basis because if humanity’s energy can swing towards the denseness of Orion then it will be easier for people to manipulate or mind control humanity generally. So it’s not a physical pulling toward Orion but it is a spiritual energetic pulling towards Orion which we much resist.

A: You know, that brings me to another question. What is your take on, we’ve talked about how the Earth is the worst, it’s the Prison Planet of all the prison planets, but what is your perspective of those that are living on Mars and places like Orion where I’ve read some really terrible stuff’s going on there. I interviewed one man that said there’s prison planets all over the universe. We’re not the only one and the virus itself is actually the darkness that has completely taken over all of these planets and that is, in my opinion, what started The Guardian Alliance – according to them – millions of years ago. This has been an ongoing war. I’m just curious what you think about that.

S: Okay. I see the Earth as a prison planet from the energy perspective. It’s a prison planet in the sense that it has an energetic net around it which prevents souls from escaping and getting away. On Mars and places like Orion there are physical prisons in the sense that you are in a caste system, this is your job, this your grade, this is what you are entitled to do, this is what you can think, these are your rights, or not as the case may be, this is what you’re entitled to. That is a physical prison, even though there may not be bars. Now we don’t have that in the open way, that’s a very subtle way on this planet, but the prison systems I’m talking about here operates as an energy field, undercover, so the public don’t know. At those other places, everybody knows it. That’s why they are there and they can’t physically get off because they are in small communities, bottled up. There was a second part of the question and I’ve forgotten what it was because the phone started ringing.

A: I was just wondering if the spreading of the darkness has in fact been stymied and we are making headway to bring the quotient, the light/dark quotient to the – I don’t know, is it supposed to be completely in balance or are we just supposed to just get rid of the dark throughout the universe. I think that is something we all wonder about.

S: This is the problem I have with some very odd New Age thinking. We talked about this before, but I’ll do it again. There are some people who passionately believe that Archangel Michael pure white light, sweetness and love and that’s all that there is. And if you stay in that you’re going to be fine. But what they don’t seem to recognize is that Source, or God, created the balance – the other side. So if you just stay in your quota, how in goodness’ name could you say that you’ve experienced all that there is to experience in life. So the very brave people are those that go into what we would call the Dark Side and they go in there and say, I’m going to experience it. I’m not going in fear and I’m going to go and experience that. And basically you’re here – this is you and you live with Archangel Michael etc. etc. and here’s the Dark Side, and unless you come across and experience that, how on Earth can you ever hope to heal or bring both energies together and by healing yourself healing the greater galaxy. So the dark energy that people refer to will always have a place in every universe, in every multiverse, because it is part of the balance.

But when human consciousness says that we can bring both halves, or both sides together into unison, there is no good or bad, black or white, positive or negative, there’s only going to be male and female. Actually until you get to the very top and then even that doesn’t exist. Let’s not worry about that right now. But by bringing what look like totally different and antagonistic energies together and healing it, that is love, that is beauty, that is oneness, and without that you can’t ascend, as they would say. So no, it’s not about driving it away. It’s about transmuting it. It’s about converting it into a new energy, and a new beginning for a new human race. That’s what we should be aiming for.

A: Lovely. Now that should be a quotation. I love that. I love the way that you said that.

Well, now you were talking about the 5th dimension. Talk a little bit about how do they exchange services with one another. Because everybody has become so hung-up about money, and so hung-up about gold, and oh god we don’t want that, you need to be completely . . . I’d like to hear what you think about that.

S: Okay. In a sad way the very strong purists some twenty years ago who passionately believed in a moneyless society produced some very simple charts . . . and it’s always about men, this was twenty years ago. So the fisherman gives the baker a fish and the baker gives the fisherman a loaf of bread so they have made a great exchange there. What about the 90-year-old woman, what does she do? What about the disabled child? What about the 3-week-old baby? What do they do? So we have to be serious about this and I can tell you what the answer is but I can also tell you that the human race is not ready for it. And here we go.

You know I love cats so we will start with a cat. My cat is not very well. So I take it to the vet. And the vet looks at it and gives me some medicine for it. But I don’t pay the vet. I just walk out of the shop. That evening the vet goes to get her dinner and she goes to the super market and she fills her basket and she goes to the woman at the end and the woman helps her to put the food into the bag but she doesn’t pay the woman for that. The woman in the shop, that’s her job, to help do that. There may be another woman who, her job is to look after old people. She’s a carer. And she goes to the shop and she gets her food and she doesn’t pay for it either, because her job is to look after people.

That actually works because we don’t need money. Why do we not need money? It’s because we don’t have any stocks and shares, and we don’t have any bonds, we don’t have any corporations. So you dig the coal for the power station to make that power station work but you don’t get paid for it but you get your food and a roof over your head. You don’t pay for your heating or anything else. Now, why does it not work? It won’t work at the moment because – I’m afraid I’m going to single out somebody now – because the farmer says, well, I grow all the corn that makes all this bread. I’m a very important person. And I think I’m entitled to two flat screen televisions, not just the ordinary one that we get, and I’m entitled to two foreign holidays a year. And I want some of those pretty stones that you call diamonds because without me it wouldn’t work it.

And then there might be somebody who’s a very important person in the hospital and he says, yes but I make people well, I’m very important. If it weren’t for me people would die. Therefore, I think that I’m more important than the man who collects the trash. So I want more than you give the man who collects the trash. So this is the problem. It’s egos and it’s a value-based system.

So that is why at the moment it won’t work because humans are too controlled into what they think is valuable. When all people are equal, and we talked about this in the term ‘master,’ when all people are equal and are not hung up about what they do, in other words, when the guy that empties the trash is valued in the same way that somebody that works at the bank or wherever it might be – we’re going to have money in our new society but I use that because I don’t like bank managers – when that happens we don’t need money. Here’s the control element, that’s why it’s so difficult to get this concept over to people. I did speak to somebody who I know very well who isn’t awake and she looked at me and said, ‘Yeah, but how do you pay people to fly bananas over from other countries, or oranges.’ She just didn’t get the concept of that. So it can work but it can only work when human consciousness has advanced and when not all are into stocks and shares and bonds and markets. So, yes it can happen but not yet.

A: And also thinking in terms of ‘union,’ and ‘we’ versus ‘me.’

S: Yes. Absolutely.

A: Okay, she asked about Nibiru. There was an interview that I had and there was a gentleman that – he is personally attacked on an ongoing basis because of where he lives. He lives in a portal of like 8 dimensions and he sees Men in Black, he sees death-ray guns, he sees heads of state coming in and out of there, and he says it’s like a revolving door, there’s thousands. And he has had Obama come in there, and he has been repeatedly raped, and sodomized, okay. He has also come clean that the same thing has happened to him with Cobra. So she brought this up and said, Is it true according to Tory Smith that both of these people have done what Tory claims that they did, which is, he says that they have raped children, they have participated in the Satanic ritual stuff, they have participated in sodomization of people. This is kind of an uncomfortable question – I was wondering if I should even ask but I’m going to anyway.

S: Well, you know me, I don’t shrink from anything.

A: Okay.

S: I appreciate you’re reading the question. I just want to be clear in my own mind. You used the word ‘Cobra’ who I’ve never met but I’ve seen one or two radio clips or what have you. I don’t understand what the relationship when this person used the name Cobra, what was the relationship there, in terms of what?

A: Tory Smith was also, he claims very loudly, that he was raped also, by him.

S: By Cobra.

A: Yes.

S: Okay. Obviously I can’t comment on that directly. Not because I’m afraid of a law suit but because I haven’t seen it and I don’t know. And I always, all of my time the last four or five years of being public I’ve said that I can only speak about what I’ve seen or what I’ve been told and have fully accepted as being truth. What I can say to you is that because somebody looks like somebody doesn’t mean that it’s them. It is very, very easy with the technology that the elites have to make a person think they are being attacked by somebody when in actual fact they are not. So we need to hold onto that.

If we think of Operation Bluebeam we’re right back to the day of the Bay of Pigs when the Americans actually set the destroyer with a holographic device on board already toward Cuba, it was already on it’s way, before it was called back by Kennedy. And that was right back in the early ’60s. And the objective there if anybody is not aware of Bluebeam was to project a picture of the Virgin Mary above Havana, above the city, and to project a voice which extolled the Catholics – Cuba is a very Catholic country – to extol to the Catholics to rise up against Fidel Castro. So they were so confident that they had the technology back in the early, pushing mid-’60s, that they could convince enough people that the Virgin Mary had spoken to them. So that was back then.

So I can tell you that the technology has advanced 50-fold since then. So just because somebody comes to you, it doesn’t mean that’s really who they are. I’m not going to go into the rights and wrongs of anything. I will say that my ‘webmaster’ and I use the word ‘master’ deliberately as a joke because she’s a woman. And I use it as an in-joke. Because this is the way that society thinks. So my webmaster who is a woman actually went to the conference recently that Cobra had in England, in south England, and she witnessed the most amazing verbal attack that took place publically. It nearly fell apart. And it is alleged, because I don’t know, but it’s alleged that the organizers ran off with the money. So I don’t know but what I do know is that good people get attacked and bad people get attacked.

A: Right. And you just have to go into your heart, don’t you?

S: You have to ask yourself –

A: That’s always what I say to everybody.

S: who you believe and what you want to believe and if you think it’s true you go with it, and if you don’t, you don’t. And that’s all I’m going to say on that subject.

A: Thank you. And as usual you handled that ever so diplomatically.

S: Thank you. Well, that’s what the Mantid in me does.

A: Yes, I know, it’s beautiful. She has one more question which is, Do you agree that we still need gold, silver and food stored at the time of the Event for the adjustments?

S: No, I don’t. I don’t think you need gold or silver stored. I think you need food and water. You can’t eat gold and you can’t eat silver. I know what she means and I’m not being flippant. It’s a damn good question. Right. ‘No’ to gold and ‘no’ to silver. Well, no to gold simply because – none of your listeners will remember and neither do I, but in the big depression what happened was that gold was devalued and then Americans were told by law that they had to sell their gold to the bank because the American bank needed gold because they were going down the toilet, basically, to use an English expression. When they had done that what did the system do, it hyped up the price of gold so you sold your gold necklace or gold coin for $100 bucks and then the next day that same item was worth $200 bucks. So people were cheated. What’s the point of hoarding gold because you can’t eat it and the bank will only steal it off you if we still have a banking system in the same vein.

Now you’re much better to have bottled water, tinned food, gas canisters and the means to cook. If you’ve got pets get some tinned dog or cat food. If you have a plot of land start growing some vegetables. That’s much more valuable, much more important to you. And I’ve never been about fear, I’ve never been about being scared, but there’s no harm in having 4 weeks or 6 weeks at tops backed-up supplies. And if you don’t need them, well, they’re all tinned and they aren’t going to off, that’s not a waste of money. But I think that we might have shortages of basic resources. Nobody’s going to starve, they won’t end up with nothing, but there may be shortages. So wouldn’t it be good if you’ve got a few tins of beans and some bottled water and you don’t have to fight your way through the food lines because you can do that. And anybody who is really rich get yourself a big tank in your garden or your land or property and start filling it up with diesel or gas. Say when we have problems you can just fill your car up from your own reserve. So, you know, be clever. Get yourself a generator if you’re in the country and just try to think in what we have in England, we have Boy Scouts, and don’t know if you have them in America, A: Yes, yes.

S: Okay, think about that. That sort of attitude and use a Knight’s Templar terminology, Be Prepared. Prep Up. Be ready for it.

A: Okay. Now that’s kind of bringing thoughts to my mind of – you’ve mentioned you think it’s a lot closer. It’s not that far away. So is this something you – I know you’re not going to give dates nor are I going to ask you. I would not ask you that.

S: Well, I don’t have a problem – sorry to interrupt you – but I know what is coming. Many people have given dates and then they give them uncovered and when the date doesn’t happen everybody says, well, you got it wrong. And they are right. Because, you know, they’ve been held to account. Last year I predicted a financial crash in Europe. I actually was proven right because if anybody goes and does the googling and do your research you’ll see that the International Monetary Fund, which is the organization run by the United States of America but is an international bank for the world, put 50 billion – and that’s a lot of money – 50 billion Euros, that’s more than $50 billion dollars actually, 50 billion Euros, into the European bank in February and they did it again in March. Now this isn’t real money, it’s just zeroes on a computer screen but they did it early enough, they did it on February and it prevented panic.

So nobody can say to me, Oh Simon, you said there will be a financial crash in Europe, you are wrong. Because I say, yeah, go look and you’ll see why there was no financial crash because the 50 billion was put in in February. Now America is a different cake. The smart money – let’s talk money because we are still in the money world – the smart money was on the situation occurring this Fall: September, October, November. But I had word 4 weeks ago that it could be sooner. It could be in July.

Now what we are talking about is a situation in the United States of America where its foreign trading competitors no longer honor the dollar. So in other words, if you are buying an internal home-grown product it’s just going to cost you the same as did last Tuesday. No change. But if you’re going to buy something that’s been made abroad it may skyrocket in price. So we are talking about what they term a reset. This is a termology because they don’t want the real word which is devaluation. They don’t want the word ‘devalue’ because that brings people to panic. I don’t want panic, but I want truth. So I don’t use the word ‘reset,’ I use the word ‘devaluation.’ Look, if you have a country that doesn’t have any gold and the United States of America has precious little gold now and you have a country that does, why would you trade equally with that country if gold is the standard – and you know I don’t like the idea but if gold is the standard.

And you know, your listeners are very learned, they’re very spiritual, but some people who are listening to the radio show might be new to you, or new to your show and they may be just at the beginnings of waking up. So the talks of aliens and flying saucers are probably a bit too much for them, but what I’m about to say isn’t, and you can go research this, google it again, I think there was 5 to 7 years ago when America defaulted on an interest payment to China and the Chinese basically said, Look, we don’t want your dollars, they’re useless. This was 7 years ago. We don’t want them. But we want gold. So pay us in gold and we will be very happy for that. And just that in itself must be a shock for good, strong, honest, decent Americans to have to learn that their country is having to pay gold to China. That in itself is a shock.

Anyway, they said yes, they will do it. And anybody who has been in Fort Knox, or has seen any videos of Fort Knox knows – okay, gold is moved about by forklift trucks, the same in your country as is mine. And each bar is numbered but they do it by weight. That’s how they do it. So anyway, this was duly sent on ship or an airplane, I can’t remember, and the Americans honestly, genuinely thought that the Chinese would just load it, weigh it, and lock it away. They didn’t. And there’s a reason why the Chinese people are called inscrutable. What they did was to drill into a number of these so-called gold bars and they were made of tungsten. Tungsten has a very similar weight but they were 24 carat gold-plated, which meant that this was a deliberate trick. It could have started World War III, it didn’t.

So this time the Chinese said, we’ve discovered what you’ve done to us. We’re not very happy. You obviously don’t have any gold. You don’t have any notes. Hmmm. What do you have that we want? Ahh. Boston Harbor. So if your listeners google Boston Harbor, you’ll find if you dig hard enough that Boston Harbor is owned by China. And many places say, Oh, we’ve sold this bit of real estate to China. No, they didn’t, they gave it away because they owed millions in interest payments which they couldn’t pay for. So every ship that unloads or loads at Boston Harbor pays a levy and a tax and that goes to China. So China owns Boston Harbor. As it does many other bits of real estate. So we know that 5, 6, 7 years ago America had no gold. So this is why the people in the know are aware that this crash is inevitable.

A: Right. Right. A question. Have they not purchased a whole bunch of harbors?

S: They haven’t purchased them, they have been given to them.

A: Okay. Taken them, given to them.

S: Boston Harbor was the first one, which was the first one that they asked for after the falling through of the interest payment.

A: Because the scuttlebutt in southern California is that there is a huge area that we receive all incoming products, export, out of Long Beach. Are you familiar with Long Beach, California? It’s just gigantic.

S: I’ve seen it on a map and it looks very lovely.

A: Well, it looks gigantic. It’s amazing. I used to work down there. And the story goes that they actually purchased that back in the 1990s. Do you agree with that?

S: No, they didn’t purchase it, it was given to them.

A: It was given to them.

S: At a very knocked-down price.

A: On the books.

S: Yes, of course. You have to understand that America is – look, when they went off the gold standard the Rothschilds were asked – Mr Rothschild was asked to value America. How much is your country worth, please? And he valued it. I don’t know what that value was, he valued it and anybody with a brain would say, okay right, we better not print any money over the value of our country because that’s the value of our country. Therefore the value of our dollar is good. Well, as of January this year, the United States of America was 22 times printed over that value. But the value is updated every year. So it’s a rolling value. So American is 22 times over it’s ability to pay. Now anybody in power knows that. So that’s why it’s a big joke and everybody is waiting for America just to fall off of the cliff.

Now why it is serious, and I use this because everybody wears shoes in the Western world, nearly, that 80% of the world’s shoes are made in China. So if China says to America we don’t want your dollars, where are they going to buy your 20% of shoes from? Probably South America or Italy or somewhere. So America needs imports and needs them very badly. In my own country, 45% of our gas, and I’m using the American term of ‘gas,’ and I’m meaning what I put in a motor car, another British term, 45% of our gas comes from abroad. So if we had the same situation we’ll have rationing, in Britain. There would be probably 2 gallons per person per day or something, I don’t know. But there would have to be some sort of rationing. So you’ve got China, India, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, all creating a gold-backed currency and then you have everybody else bar a few countries who don’t have any gold. So where would you rather buy your products? Or where would you want to sell them too? This is the problem that we’ve got. So it worked as long as America had the petrodollar. But that is changing. A: Umhmm

S: So the security of the United States of America has always been fixed on the petrodollar is fast going. So that’s why this July could see a difficult situation in the United States. However, they did save the day in Europe and possibly they could save it in America. So I say to people watch the price of gold everyday – see how it changes. That is your biggest indication of what is going on. Because the day before 9/11, the stocks of United Airlines just went crazy. So people in power know when something is going to happen between 12 to 36 hours before that it does. So watch the price of gold. If gold suddenly skyrockets then you can be sure that somebody knows something that’s going to happen.

A: Good tip, thank you for that.

What is your feeling about this – it is something that goes on all over the place here in the United States, which is people are literally paranoid about the amount of the purchasing that’s going down by the Chinese government of not only of our real estate which has been going on for decades, right? But also the fact that I think the last report said that 85% of the gold is owned by the Chinese. Something really high. So what is your feeling about, my opinion they could have really watched us die a long time ago. They’ve had the economical means to really bring us to our knees. What do you think their agenda is with the U.S.?

S: No, it’s not quite the case. They didn’t want that because China wasn’t in a position to exert itself. You think that, we’re now in 2015, 25 years ago America was supplying military hardware to the Chinese as were the Russians. So the Chinese were not economically or technologically in a position to want to see America down on it’s knees. They needed America. But they always had the game that once it was strong enough they would then throw off the shackles of the Western world as they saw it. So they never wanted the destruction of America until they were in a position to benefit from it. And they still don’t want the destruction of America because they want America as a trading partner. They see America as a massive market.

Look at all the goods that come out of China. A member of the Illuminati I know said to me a couple of years back, China is the father of everything. In other words, it is the creation of the most electronic goods. Yes, the chips may come out of California but what armature, what hardware, are those chips going into? We have a situation where China doesn’t want the destruction of America but wants the weakening of America so they can then extort a fair price as it sees it.

In other words, if you are a manufacturer and you are wanting to buy. Let’s say flashlights, okay? And you want to buy flashlights, your company – you’ve got a shop. You can’t buy 50 flashlights from China. You can’t buy 100 flashlights or a 1000 flashlights. You have to buy them by the container load. That’s how powerful China is. So what companies are doing now, they are clubbing together in America and Britain and Europe and they are sharing containers. So I might have a thousand flashlights and you might have a thousand chairs, etc. etc. China is so powerful that it says to other companies, no, we’re not going to sell you those, you’ve got to buy that by the container load. So we are seeing a change.

China doesn’t want world dominance politically, or militarily. It want economic dominance. And it is going to manuever itself into such a situation that it has the gold, but it has the political backing of Russia because that is what China doesn’t have. China doesn’t have the political power itself, but Russia does. So if you put a lot of gold with political backing then you have a very powerful set. And that’s what they are doing.

A: A very powerful marriage there. Well, what is your opinion of BRICS? There’s an awful lot of propaganda as well as some really good articles about BRICS and the Lightworker community tends to see it as a very positive movement towards a little more humanitarian financial system. But then I hear from some financial contacts I have that it’s just one of three systems that have been deliberately created to make sure that they still maintain their power over the financial sector. So I was wondering what you thought of that.

S: They’re all right. All those points are correct. Because if you are still using money it’s because you want to have power. This is what we talked about earlier. When Russia and China created this BRICS system they did it to take dominance of the world economically. They didn’t do it because they wanted to be happy and celebrate somebody’s birthday. They did it because they wanted to take control of the world economically. They did it because they felt they were no longer prepared to be pushed around by America. So they were forced into it. And from what I’ve learned over the last three weeks I can absolutely understand what President Putin has done what he’s done. And because America and Britain have acted disgracefully towards him. And this isn’t in the public domain at all but I’m amazed at how restrained Putin has been.

So BRICS was always created as a system to have a financial, monetary system gold-backed to counter the American dollar. Now China wants to do it because they want to make money. Russia wants to do it because it doesn’t want to be pushed around by America any longer. So yes, it was created to make profit and to dominate which is a negative thing, but it is a positive thing because what it will do is it will force people in the Western world to revaluate what their life is about.

A: Right on. And do you feel there is like from a galactic perspective, there’s a hidden hand in providing the momentum behind the BRICS alliance.

S: Yeah. Yes, I understand what your question is. I just want to be clear for your audience. I know you know. The BRICS idea wasn’t an off-world idea because you don’t need to have an off-world mindset to understand what makes this planet tick. But off-world intervention was strong enough to give people like President Putin the cover they needed to basically say to America, You know what, we’re not going to play your game any longer. What are you going to do about it? And that’s why America has done some very underhanded things to Russia. But America is scared, and I’ll use that word again. America is scared and that’s why it hasn’t pushed openly because it is dealing with an off-world force that have basically thrown the hand in with President Putin because they don’t like who’s running the White House. End of story.

A: Interesting. Yeah. And at the same time when’s the last time they were in a position like this where they really don’t have a power play.

S: What, Russia?

A: The United States.

S: It’s interesting, isn’t it? The 1970s and ’80s saw a very big change and when the Berlin Wall came down I think America thought it had got the whole game sewed up. And indeed it had. Gorbachev was President and then Yeltsin became President and America really dominated the whole game. But what they didn’t realize was that a democracy of sorts, we have to choose our words carefully here, but a democracy of sorts brought through a nationalist leader in President Putin who thought and argued for the good of the Russian people. And the people of the West in politics don’t understand the psyche of the Russian mindset. The Russians are incredibly tough hard people and they can get by on very little. And they are very honest generally, very honest and good-natured people. And when Putin started talking about what America was doing the Russians actually backed them.

Now I’ve spoken to more Russian people than I think many people in the diplomatic corp have ever spoken and you know what, the Russian people are actually quite intelligent and accept that Putin is doing the right thing. So Putin has the backing and that’s why it would be very much in someone’s interest to try and assassinate Putin. And indeed that is something that’s been seriously looked at.

A: And you mentioned in Part 1 that there was an assassination attempt on the part of Putin and of Obama. Have you had any other intel in regards to that?

S: No, as you can imagine, it is the most – people were terrified to talk about it. And you just wouldn’t openly talk about this if you were paid by a government in your pensions might be threatened and your family might be threatened. But the situation is so grave from the cabal point of view, the status quo, Putin represents the ending of their happy days.

A: Yeah, end of their empire.

S: Yeah. They’ve lied and cheated and made absolute trillions of dollars and had a wonderful life and suddenly here’s this person in another country challenging them, the great America, how can you do this. And he won’t be drawn, he doesn’t fall into their traps they set. They set trap after trap after trap and he doesn’t fall into it. So we have a situation where now they are now doing some very, very grave things. And give Obama some credit here. This is not often heard. Obama has done some pretty awful things and I’m not defending the man but Obama shrinked away from the Third World War just as the generals around the Israeli government shrinked away from the war with Iran which could have caused a Third World War. But Obama wasn’t interested in creating a Third World War. And therefore, just like JFK, it was time to get rid of him. But unlike JFK, this man Obama, knows the world, knows the history, and knows how evil and duplicitous that many people can, so he protected himself in the way that dear, beloved John Kennedy ever thought was necessary. For God’s sake, riding in an open-topped limosine in Dallas –

A: I’ve always wondered about that too.

S: Yeah. Exactly. But what I’m saying is that the presidents these days are a little bit more clever, a little bit more aware. So I’m glad that nobody got killed. I don’t want anyone to die. What’s the point of it? It’s just pointless. Because all you have is children that cry, loved ones who are bereft, and nothing is worth that. So they need to sort things out professionally around the table. But of course, if you’ve got an empire, and you use that word empire and you’re quite right, and you think the empire is going to crash, well, you fight and do anything, if you’re that sort of a person. So that’s what we are faced with on Planet Earth at the moment.

A: It’s obvious to me there’s been quite a bit divine intervention to prevent the generals from not jumping in with Netanyahu. What do you feel is the current circumstance there? Do you feel that – everybody’s eyes are on him in Israel. I would venture to say that the majority of us that are in the alternative news media we take a look at Netanyahu and say he is an equivalent of the devil himself. And most people would say what is going to take to stop this guy and all the forces behind him. Do you have any comments on that?

S: Well, you’ve actually answered your own question. He was stopped when his Chief of Staff, the Chief of the Air Force and one other senior officer refused point blank. It’s the first time in history that a democratically-elected government that has been told ‘no’ by his senior officers actually like that – that I know of. Simply because they just knew that it would cause a Third World War. And this happened to Obama, was it two or three years ago when a lot of generals seemed to just resign and were gotten rid of.

A: Yeah, 22 of them.

S: Right, because they didn’t like what they were seeing and they were not going to do it. I have said on other shows that at least on three occasions in the last 7 years there have been 3 attempts to detonate a nuclear weapon and to say it was the Russians that did it and to cause a nuclear war. Now there was the Minsk was a submarine, a Russian submarine, I think it was called the Minsk that went down and there was a big race on between the Americans and the Russians to recover the submarine. The Americans got there first because the Americans had a remotely controlled submarine to go to that depth. The Russians didn’t. Anyway, they got their submarine back minus three nuclear warheads.

A: Whoa.

S: And those nuclear warheads were attempted – two of them anyway – were attempted to detonate and they could have said, quite legitimately in the law of the universe, that they were Russian. Not saying that we detonated them but saying, well, they are Russian and the media would then immediately say, Ah, they were fired by Russia. So that was prevented. And time and time again external agencies have intervened at the last minute to prevent one.

Now there was one, I can’t remember the date of it, it could have been the ’60s, the the ’50s or the ’60s, where an American bomber was on training road with a live nuclear bomb. And it just accidentally on purpose fell out of the airplane and crashed. Was it in Texas? Not far from Texas. And when the recovery teams got to it and this bomb had six fail-safe devices and 5 of them had been disabled and the only thing that stopped it from exploding was one final fail-safe device. And we find this time and time again that these evil things are done and just at the last minute – that’s very verifiable you can go to Youtube and they can find that. But it didn’t become public until many years after the event. But what I know for a fact from an insider was that there was one fail-safe device that couldn’t be overcome and it prevented the bomb from going off. So this is not new, what we are reading is not new. The difference is that human consciousness has risen up and it’s harder for the cabal to hide things from us. We are seeing the truth now, whereas before we didn’t. And we are much more aware and that’s good.

A: Yeah, I agree. Now, you might be familiar with Mike Harris. It says, here’s a Mike Harris vitae and one for myself. Where did 25% of the global wealth go when it went off world? Apparently, Mike interviewed Simon a while ago and referring to the notes I took during the interview Simon said a quarter of the wealth from 5 to 6 families had gone off planet in the form of gold. The question is exactly where the heck did it go?

S: Well, it will be disappointing to learn that it didn’t actually go to the families – not all of it. It wasn’t actually squirreled, as we say in England, squirrel it away for a rainy day. They have been doing that themselves. These were payments. This was to their lords and masters. To maintain their position on the Planet Earth they have to make regular payments to an off-world entity. And that off-world entity, just like China, only wants gold. So portions of the money have been squirreled away for themselves, but most of this was down payments towards the deal.

In other words to take a traditional story where the devil turns up and the devil says, I can make you rich and famous but you’ve got to sell me your soul. But in this case the devil turned up and said I can make you rich and famous but I want a certain amount pounds of gold and I’ll put you in the position and power where you can do that. Legitmately, legally, you can do this. You will be head of corporations, heads of companies and you can extort gold and send it to me. And here’s my address where I want it. And that’s the situation. That’s why America’s got no gold. That’s why it’s got no gold.

A: Because they have been making payment to this off-world –

S: Because it has been given away. Think about the American Civil War. Think about the gold that was going about. And the Confederate wagon trains were being attacked and there was plenty of gold about. There was gold. Where has it all gone? And that’s your answer. That’s why it’s so short.

A: Wow. So one of the things that I think you alluded to was there was a video that just came out with David Wilcock and he dropped quite a few bombs. One of them was about who the true identity is behind the Vatican. And he calls them the Progenitors. Have you had a chance to hear that?

S: No I haven’t actually. I missed that. I’ve been somewhat taken up with the lack of computers at my end,

A: I know about that! Three is the charm, huh? He comments about the Progenitors. Have you ever heard of that species? He says it can be up to 60, 70, 80 feet tall and they were the renegades in the universe. They’ve been tracked, they’ve been attacked, their original planet was blown up and I believe they ended up landing in Saturn and he talks about a very interesting part of that. And of course, they’re talking about how Saturn has already been blown up. Now I’ve heard that from a couple of different sources, I’m wondering what you think about that too.

S: I can’t comment on that simply that’s a group that I’m not familiar with. I haven’t even had any back story to that at all. I don’t have a problem with somebody being 60, 70, 80 feet tall, that actually isn’t an issue for me. The issue for me is that I’m wondering why they haven’t played a bigger part in the human history. It may be that they’re a gaseous race and are not organically based. It might be that they have no interest in Earth. I’ve got a lot of time for David Wilcock actually primarily because he was one of the first people to talk about global warming in the true sense of the word – that the planets were warming up from the inside. But also I did see an interview of him where he broke down and burst into tears because he had been treatened, his life had been treatened and he did cry. And I always thought to myself, you what, you put yourself on stage

A: I cried with him.

S: you should expect this because this is going to happen and you can’t show weakness. Now the problem for me with him is that he showed weakness, which means the elite know he can be threatened and he can be intimidated. I’m not saying anything bad about the man but when you break down on a live interview crying because you’ve been treatened then every bad guy, a part of the cabal, will say we can manipulate this man because he’s frightened. (A: Yeah) When you are carrying really important information for the world you can’t afford to be frightened. You can’t afford to do it.

A: You can’t show the fear face.

S: You can’t. You are going to set yourself up as an example. And if I were a whistleblower I wouldn’t go – I’m not being rude – I wouldn’t go to him because he broke down on national whatever it was, it was big intervew, crying, I’d be scared as a whistleblower and go to him because it would be fine but then under duress say who had visited him. And that’s why whenever people see me, whether it’s publically or privately, I am always the same. I don’t have those emotions that most of these creatures have, I’m devoid of those emotions. And so people who come to me with information know full well that it’s never given away. I’m not saying that what David is saying is wrong. I just have no knowledge of these creatures. And if he says that they are real I’m happy to believe that they are real.

A: And he gets his information from Richard Hoagland apparently who’s one of the main insiders. But getting back to what you and I have talked about before, it’s like this is such a very murky time to determine who is truly working in the total truth because of the technology and not really knowing. Even they themselves who earnestly feel they are bring forth truth. (S: Yeah) It depends on who they got it from and what agency they were with and what their agenda was, and who they’re aligned with, even galactically.

S: Yeah. The thing is, also, people with the best intentions in the world will see a piece of evidence and interpret incorrectly or differently. For instance, you mentioned Richard Hoagland. There are photographs of pictures of the Moon, NASA pictures, absolutely genuine NASA pictures which appear to show pieces of crystal, or glass, off the ground reflecting. And you could consider that to be a glass city or a crystal city or a dome that had covered an area of the Moon so that it could have had oxygen placed in it. But when you look into some other aspects you find that when 2001 was filmed and I have done a big presentation on this and I’m not going to take your time with it, but when 2001 was filmed the absolute unique system of threading glass beads on thin threads and using a back projection screen on the glass screen allowed the film 2001 to appear to have a very real front and a very, very genuine back but it was actually a very advanced form of what we would call back screen projection before digital bluescreen worked.

Now instead of interpreting these pictures as a glass dome over the Moon we could actually interpret them as part of a glass screen from which almost all holographic pictures are being projected. So I’m not saying one thing or another but we must be very careful when we look at evidence. We often extrapolate something that matches what we want it to match. And I’m sure that I’m guilty of that as much as anybody else. But it’s saying, what are the possiblities here. And sometimes when you ask me something I say, well, there’s this and there’s that, it’s best to be balanced. But at the end of the day what people are doing if they are good people they are bringing the story out and it’s their truth. And if they are not right in some areas good for them for bringing the topic out and getting the debate going. What we don’t have time for is people doing it for manipulating the truth.

A: Absolutely.

S: And I don’t think either of the two gentlemen you’ve mentioned are in that category. I think they are both very genuine people who are seeking to bring the truth out. And we need more people like that.

A: Yeah, thank you so much. And I can’t even believe, time has flown by and we have just a few more minutes and I still have a gazillion questions so I’ll hit you up in a couple of months. How is that?

S: That’s perfectly fine. The questions that you have been asked by you and by your listeners are first-class –

A: Thank you. Thank you.

S: And there we go again, you see, we are part of the 3-D world and I’m bringing the class issue into it, first-class, not second-class or third class. (laughter) But they are questions that are written by people who clearly have thought long and hard about what it important. And it just shows that the people you run the show for – it’s the audience who matters – are decent people. And that’s why it is a pleasure to be interviewed by you because you are a decent person and the people you are representing are decent as well. So I thank you and I thank your audience, actually, for keeping the faith and staying focused, not panicking, and seeking the truth. And in the end we will win in the sense that

A: uh-oh, frozen, oh my gosh, no way.

Hey everyone, this is Alexandra from Galactic Connection and I’m back. Sorry about that but Simon Parkes lost his internet connection again. This is only the 3rd or 4th time that we’ve tried. No, actually, if you add up all of the takes that we made to make this two part series there were seven of them. So we’ve had quite a bit of interference. With that said I thought I would end this with bringing on one of Simon Parkes team members and I want everyone to meet Fran. Beautiful lovely Fran. Hi Fran. And it’s not very often that you get to see her blush. Anyway, Fran is really dedicated to the Light and has done a tremendous amount of work for Simon so I just want to thank her for all of her support. And we got cut off right in the middle of probably the most interesting and important statements that Simon was going to say before he got off. So I thought I would ask Fran to finish his statement. And he just wanted the audience to know that we will –

Fran: win and the human race will be triumphant.

A: Outstanding. So we will win and the human race will be triumphant. So I want everyone to go away from that this nice little last tidbit. So also I’d like Fran to introduce you once again to the website and how to access Simon.

Fran: Yes, the website is called Simon Parkes.org and if you want to come through and book any of the services that are on there, then you’ll get me and I can book you on. And it’s been getting busier and busier so please be patient with his schedule.

A: Excellent. Okay everyone. You heard it directly from the team member herself. So everybody I hope you enjoyed this series of interviews. I really did. We’re going ahead and schedule another one in a couple of months probably. In the meantime, just continue to do all that you do to shine your light and please continue to support Galactic Connection. We run a blog 365 days a year. And we also have some incredible services coming around the corner that I’m very excited about. And my dog wants you to know that as well. So thank you for all that you do and the support you do provide us. We truly do love you all. And thank you Fran for just being willing to jump on at this last minute.

Fran: You’re welcome, my pleasure.

Alexandra: Take care everyone. Lots of love. Bye.

You can access the interview here:

Audio mp3: Simon Parkes Part 2, April 28, 2015 BBS Radio

YouTube: Simon Parkes Part 2, April 28, 2015 YouTube

Vimeo: Simon Parkes Part 2, April 28, 2015 Vimeo

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