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microphone (1)Sophie-Jayne Anderson with Alexandra Meadors: Hailing All Lyrans, Lions and Felini for December 23, 2014

Alexandra – Good afternoon everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is December 23rd. So before I dive into the interview that I have today which is a really interesting guest, I think you all will really enjoy her interview and what she has to share, I would like to remind everyone that this is a time where the battle and bickering between the dark and the light is very much intensifying.

It is our responsibility to hold the space of neutrality and not take sides, not get strung into the drama and not get played by the puppet masters -there’s a lot of maligning and attacking and targeting going on in the internet. It’s really important for us not to participate in that and if it is between two people, then it should remain between two people as far as I’m concerned so let’s just keep in mind that we all are enlightened souls and we are the masters that have come here to bring in the New Golden Age – and teach everyone else how to work out conflict and how to be very keen and aware of the black op operations that go down on the internet as well as in physical reality. So that’s just enough Y.I.

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So with that said I’d like to bring on our next guest and her name is Sophie-Jane Anderson. She was born and bred in London. Around 1969 she came to planet Earth and its funny the way she actually says, ‘I arrived here’. It was a month before the moon landings and she came from the 5th planet Lyra of the Pleiades system. She was born with her knowledge very much intact and very aware and also had her gifts intact. She is coming forward today; she would like to educate people a little more on the Lion beings and what she calls the felini and also just kind of clarify some of the misunderstandings that people have about the Lion beings and their purpose and what she’s here to do. She’d also like to try to find the other 5 in her team who are here to defend the portal alignment and make sure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

This is a very timely interview; I think it is extremely important for all guardians to heed this interview and I think you will thoroughly enjoy her.

Again her name is Sophie and we’re going to bring her on right now. Thanks!

Alexandra – Okay, Sophie, I think how we want to start this out is from the very beginning and you mentioned that you came here from Lyra. Do you remember where you were prior to this incarnation on planet Earth?

Sophie – I was back home, I was on Lyra. I’ve been to other places, I travel around as part of my duties – and I just travel around just to be nosey. But in general terms speaking I was back on Lyra before I came here.

Alexandra – Interesting. Now how many incarnations have you had? Is this your first incarnation on Planet Earth?

Sophie – This is my first and it should be my only one (laughs)

Alexandra – (laughs) You hope right?

Sophie – Yes, should be! (laughs) The pure reason is, I’m not part of an enlightenment process – we’re already enlightened and ascended so I don’t need to go through that process. The pure reason in coming here in this enttana (?) is for disguise and protection ….and because I couldn’t just turn up, I needed to sort of be here and learn, evolve and grow.

Alexandra – Yes, that makes sense, that makes sense. So now tell us a bit about your background with your Lyran parents – you were mentioning that you came here and you knew exactly what star you came from, what planet you came from you and that you were very aware and awake to your parents back home. Can you give us a little information on that?

Sophie – Yes, well one parent in particular – my father. The memories of my mum or mother are very fragmented I suppose because they are not purposeful to why I’m here. A lot of information as I’ve said before is not on a need to know basis but is a case of it’s not imperative to the reason I’m here, so I don’t need to attain it and in this form you just purely can’t have all the information in this form because it’s too vast because the memories here aren’t the same and also the transference process is astronomically difficult. But I remember my father because one of the reasons I had to is because he is the one that gave the order to be here, he is the one that directed us and told us, you’re going so get on with it. I suppose because being the leader of our race and I had to have knowledge of him, you know I had to remember who he was so that I understood my orders and directions to be here.

As for him, he’s kind, he’s compassionate, he’s fair but he’s very strict. He doesn’t take mincing around, you know, it’s like his word is his law, you don’t argue back. He’s very diplomatic but being the father that he is you don’t have the luxury of debate so unlike teenagers here who will sort of argue with their parents sort of right left and centre, that is something that just did not happen. You don’t have a confrontation. If you’re told to do something it’s a case of ‘Yes sir I’ll do that no problem’ The only question I could ever ask was ‘Why’?

Alexandra (laughs) and was that received in an okay manner?

Sophie – Oh yes, yeah! Because it is expected of you to question. If you don’t question what you’ve to do it means you’re not taking an interest in what you’ve to do. You need to understand that the principles why, where and etc etc. So yes, questions are encouraged but refusal is something you just don’t do, it’s not even contemplated. You know if the decision is made that you’re going to do something, you get on, train and do it. If you fail at doing it then that’s a different issue but the idea is you don’t fail, the idea is you tackle something that you know you’re going to achieve.

Alexandra – And you said that your father is very very old, so how old is very very old?

Sophie – Em, he’s got to be – gawd…… you see time runs very differently where we are, em – my age is 3 and a half thousand years flat years old in human terms but at home that equates to not a lot. He would be hundreds of thousands of years old Maybe 4, to be honest it’s not something I’ve ever really asked. You just know he is older. He’s not the first of his kind, he’s one of a succession, but he is the latest one.

Alexandra – And being older in the star systems really represents a much higher state of consciousness, a greater sense of experience and they so called ‘earn their stripes’ …for holding … I’m going to use a 3D word of ‘responsibility’ for a large group of people that it leads me to a topic that many healers are aware of and have spoken with me about in private but have always been a little apprehensive to bring it up because it is so misconstrued and that is being of a Royal line. Can you talk a little bit about that and do you feel that you are also a part of a Royal line?

Sophie – Yes I am a Royal line. My father is…..As I commented on the internet here I’ve seen recently and referred to,- the name isn’t right but I’ll use it – the House of Avalon. …and the head is Devin? – I believe they call him?, – well that would be my father, he is the head of the Felini race. Devin is not his name, I don’t know where that has come from but it suits the purpose for the general populace here and what’s floating around.

Alexandra – Can you tell us a little bit about the House of Avalon?

Sophie – It’s a Royal house, it’s on Pleiades, it’s on Lyra. That’s where the seat of power is at the moment. It has moved around, our places is all over the cosmos, but he is linked to all of them either through feelings, psychic connections, technology or even visitation. All decisions go through him, his word is final. He has a very high standing of power and in essence to use the term Royal or King is not completely accurate but it serves it purpose, he is the leader, the ruler so to speak and he has abilities which in all essence would be termed Godlike, he is the head of the Felini race and he makes decisions based on all of us and what he says goes so to use the word/s ruler and king is a kind of earthly thing but it does fit, it is fitting. Not all races would have a Royal line, but we do. Me being the oldest, I’ve never ever thought about succession because as far as I know that just not going to happen because, well he would outlive me because he’s older, you know that’s not what I’m here for, it doesn’t run that way.

He’s just is who he is, he’s the head of us.

As I’ve mentioned at other times that the translation, the real core translation that I always understand as a baby was The Mighty Lion. That’s a kind of core translation of what it would be. I’m not going to use Lion King because that is the Disney term.

Alexandra – And just to remind the audience, I had done a conference call a while back and after researching the royalty in relation to the original Knights Templar, it was always a reminder that if you were born into that position, it was expected of you to always be concerned about the ‘people’ and you would not be able to have that position if you could not consider and take care of the ‘people’.

Sophie – Yep. I’ve got a feeling which is more recent than something that has been with me all the time that is the so called starseeds there are a lot of the guardians that are here as I am, from whatever race, are going to be linked to the seats of power or linked to the Royalty there, I mean not all races have a Royalty so to speak, they have elected leaders or they just have you know, leaders for whatever sense of purpose. The reason why I was sent here is because being the offspring of him, I have and my siblings have powers which normal every day felinis don’t necessarily have but it is also the fact that we are the ones that can be trusted or entrusted to perform the duties that we need to. Basically it is because it’s our birthright, it is what we were born to do, its what we were sent here to do. Its conditioning, you know, it’s expected of us. There is no need of us sitting in some sort of palatial landscape sitting there sort of watching everything without the performing tasks – leading from the front.

Alexandra – Yes, and having that unwavering dedication to integrity.

Sophie – Yes. Well I think a lot of it is also trust.

Alexandra – And trust yes.

Sophie – Who more can you trust? Can you trust a family member or can you trust someone who is a little bit more subordinate that you’ve tasked with to perform a duty?

Alexandra – Well of course Sophie, that depends on how you define the word family (laughing).

Sophie – Yes, – families are very close to us you know, as is well known by people looking at lions and stuff like that.

It does stem from something, the family unit is…..we don’t have family squabbles that families have here. It’s an honour system. For instance if I’m told to do something by my father, there is no discussion, there is no debate. The only question I can ask is why. I can’t answer and say I don’t feel like that because that’s not expected. You just go, Yes sir, no problem, what do I need to do, preparing for it, bye bye.

Alexandra – Well, Isn’t it also that you have the esteem and respect enough to know that the intention or the persuasion behind it is of purity?

Sophie – Oh yes, indeed, that’s the whole basis of who we are and why we’re there, that’s why we’re known as ….I was just about to say the guardians of the galaxy but I’ve picked that up from the film……. But you know that’s one reason why we are the peace keepers, why we are the warriors, the soldiers so to speak, and that’s a very loose term because that depicts we are very war like and we’re not at all, we’re completely opposite. Our duties are to go out there and confront the dark forces, confront the evil forces but maintain order and maintain harmony.

When it comes to being the second oldest race out there, we’ve had a long time to go sort of go through the processes the younger races are going through, what other races are going through.

Alexandra – Yes, I totally agree in fact I’ve had many healers refer to the lion beings as the absolute best protectors when you need assistance for like psychic attack, would you agree with that?

Sophie – Yes, yes. That’s purely because of our abilities. A lot of how we – we don’t communicate verbally as such. Obviously we can but most of our communication is empathy, telepathy and…..I don’t know it’s hard (to explain)… You can look at somebody and you transfer what you’re thinking or what you want to say directly to them and they know exactly what you just said and likewise. In expressions – its body language (for example), which raises well above normal communications, i.e. there isn’t the ability to lie or deceive among the felini. For instance someone asked me recently what would be a usual term that you’d say to someone like ‘see you later’ or hello – Well in our language here you can say ‘I hope to see you soon’ but you may not mean that at all, you could be meaning, Oh god I hope I don’t bump into you anymore, whereas we don’t have that, we express ‘I hope to see you soon’ and that person receiving would know that that was a heartfelt meaning. So we don’t have problems of that, we just express and pick it up. It also makes communications a lot quicker.

Alexandra – I agree and would you say that those of us that are walking the planet, that are perhaps from Lyra, one of the common attributes would be very compassionate yet very protective?

Sophie – Yes, yes. They can handle themselves but would choose not to but would be naturally protective of all others and if they saw something their instinct would be to get involved and to….help and it’s a propounding sort of thought that you cant really detract away – you do it, well I know I do, I’ll get involved in something not even thinking of my own well being.

Alexandra – Very true, I know Sophie that’s so true. That’s such a trademark of a guardian – is that we will just jump in both feet and not think of the repercussions as to what will happen to ourselves if we feel there has been an injustice done to someone else.

Sophie – Yeah, yeah, injustice, injury, anything of that nature.

Alexandra – yes, its just an instinctual response.

Now, do you delineate the alien cat people from the lion race from the lyrians from the felinis – are they one and the same or are they different?

Sophie – No we are all one and the same, we’re all felini. The lion race is the main part of our description but it is all one and the same. But there are variations because we are such an old race and because we are spread out so far, just pure genetics and just pure sort of distance, you know there are variations in looks, there are variations in our strains. The descriptions – the cat people, the lion people all look like upright walking lions with big flowing mains and bright yellow eyes and beige fur is not accurate, its not strict. It may have been the ones that certain people have come across, but it isn’t a complete accuracy. We do have certain markings, some subtle, some not so subtle, there are variations – there has to be otherwise we just wouldn’t recognise each other.

Alexandra – Right and it makes total sense. I’m sure there are genetics or DNA involved right?

Sophie – Oh yes, of course there are. There has to be. If you’ve got two different individuals that have different markings, like here, when they mate their offspring will have a combination of both or ‘either’ ‘or’ ad there will still be that genetic coding in their systems so you will have variations. My natural look is – I haven’t got a huge long mane, I’ve got a shortish mane, but that’s purely because I’m quite young of here. Yes I do have – not a fur like a cat so to speak, it is shorter, it is more downy I suppose but I do have markings, very subtle markings and it’s not all over my body. But then so do my siblings, they have different markings. Nose can be different, nose colour can be different, eyes can be different,

Alexandra – They typically show the eyes with a vertical slit going down the centre and you made a comment ‘wow, its almost like reptilian’ and I had really had a strong negative response to that because one of my most major guides, I call him Jonathan, he is a lion and his eyes are very human like.

Sophie – Yes, that’s right. We don’t have the yellow background and the little snake slits on them. The irises are much more round. Our eyes can still see in the same respect in the same sort of spectrum but they’re not the same as primitive cats here and I say primitive because cats are linked to us in a very subtle way as are lots of different species here which is the whole point why the earth was populated in that sort of manner. But our eyes are different, they do change in colour. They vary, they do have a yellowish look, green, blue and a grey colour – but they do differ.

Alexandra – Yes, and you took the words right out of my mouth. So basically the leopards and the jaguars and the lynxes and lions – they’re all inner connective with the human race?

Sophie – In a way yes, Oh how can I say – They were of put here in a sort of more primitive form to make the earth what it is. I refer to the earth as other than being used for enlightenment purposes, it’s like a reserve, almost like a zoo, its being populated to evolve into a certain way and allow other things to develop.

Alexandra – Very bio diverse

Sophie – Yeah, yeah, it’s like an experiment in some ways

Alexandra – A lot of articles talk about that, that this is the grand experiment on planet earth.

Sophie – Yeah, yeah

Alexandra – Do you feel that the primitive cats and leopards and so on, do you feel that they have specific abilities even from a physical perspective, compared to the lyrians, do they have special gifts that they’ve carried on with them?

Sophie – Not a great deal but I think a lot of their communication is similar

Alexandra – Have you ever seen that video with the unconditional love music piece on it and it’s incredible. It’s from the 1970’s and its two men who had a lion that they brought up because he was an orphan and they actually brought him up you know with them. He became very used to being with humans and they used to play and…..

Sophie – And they came back to him about 10 years later?

Alexandra – Right, right, and they took him back out to the wild and it was very painful for them and 10 years later they returned and it was just unbelievable – he was sitting there with his family and he just ran up to them and put his arms around them…..

Sophie – Yes I have seen that recently actually

Alexandra – I just sobbed when I saw that, I mean it was so beautiful, so beautiful. Felt like someone I knew but anyway, – so you mentioned before that you have lifetimes or you have remembered walking in Egypt, can you share a little bit about your experience there?

Sophie – Yeah, I remember visiting Egypt about ….so it must have been about….I was very young – so about just over 3000 years ago. Egypt then was different than it is now, it was very lush, very green, very industrial, it was like a hub of activity. It was like the centre, not the centre of the world but the centre of the bustling and business world. And it was visited by many different races and in them days, there was the Pharaoh race there as well and we didn’t need to hide who we were because when you come down you are revered as God like creatures or you were just revered as you know – honourable visitors so you could walk around unaided. Its only as cultures developed that, particularly nowadays that we’ve had to start to hide our presence and who we are because its just not socially acceptable and because man has come to a point now that’s so weaponized and so destructive that anything different would be attacked or try to be experimented on etc etc and that would be detrimental to humans now. And that started sort of in Roman times, their beliefs all changed and they pulled away from the old ways and the old visitors, it’s a shame, it changed.

Alexandra – Yes, no kidding. Can you tell us what a bit about regarding the sphinx and the information that’s come in regarding what you think is the purpose of the sphinx?

Sophie – Yes, there’s a website that I came across. Loads of information on this website and it made me chuckle. And one of the facts they put on there is that the sphinx is the space ship or something similar and its sitting there waiting to be activated and one day someone will activate it and it will fly off. (Laughs) And that’s the only way it can be explained. And it has rudimentary sort of… Linkin(?) was my race and saying it was built by us and it signifies who we are but that’s not strictly true, well its not true at all. It is linked to us in the respect to….it was built in a homage kind of way, it isn’t a space ship, it isn’t anything in particular. It might be hollow inside, I don’t know but if it is, then there is nothing special inside it. It was built out of rock or sand…or whatever they used to construct it. It was built by the locals as a kind of….well they’re used to seeing us which to them we were half cat, half human – we were sort of human bypedals – bagheads (?) – with cat like features and cat heads.

This is just the flip side of that coin – of what it would be like if humans had a cat body. And it was just built purely to try and honour us in that respect to make us feel more accepted. You know – if we can be this way then likewise they could also be the other side – half humans with a cat body.

And it’s nothing more, it was just something to try and honour us and that was it.

There were other statues depicting other races. I know there are ones there with reptilian heads and human bodies (Alexandra – yes) but we had quite an input on ancient Egypt, we were there in good numbers and we were there most of the time. I personally wasn’t, I came and went because I didn’t have any duties there because I was just a travelling tourist to try and occupy me, get me away and get me to learn new things and interact with new cultures. That was all part of my diplomatic duties.

Alexandra – Were any of these Pharaohs actually from Lyra?

Sophie – No, the Pharaoh race is a different race.

Alexandra – Do you know where they come from?

Sophie – Not from recollection no, I know they’re not linked to the general populace now in Egypt. They came, they kept to themselves, they interbred which in this form didn’t work out too well because there’s limitations in what you can do and for the thousands of years they were here, it ended up diminishing their standing because interbreeding caused issues etc etc and things changed and they went. They had higher technology than was here. They had to use rudimentary tools and rudimentary ways of evolving that technology so as not to stand out too much but they served their purpose here and things changed and they moved on.

Alexandra – Sophie do you agree that the lion beings also came from Sirius? Because I’ve heard they’re from Lyra, they’re from Sirius. I was just curious about that and wonder if you could clear that up.

Sophie – No we’re from Lyran system originally, a very very long time ago. When spread out, I wouldn’t say we were from Sirius but there would definitely be some of us there but that’s not where we originate from at all, never.

Where there is intelligence, we will be there.

Alexandra – And so are the lion beings typically called in as the protectorants or are they called in because of their wisdom or their compassion?, – they’ve great compassion.

Sophie – Both things, mostly the wisdom, and yes the compassion. But there are other races out there that are quite capable of protecting themselves. In thesis(?) we use the 3D term, we’re very much used in that and yes it is very much our duty to go out there and protect.

Alexandra – Why do you feel the lion beings are the race to be called in for protection in front of anybody else?

Sophie – Because that is our duty. It is one of our abilities – our ability to project protection to others. We have a lifeforce that we can project out to others to protect them. It’s like a shield so that they can’t come to harm. And it’s just one of our natural abilities and luckily it’s an ability I’ve brought with me.

I’ve known since very very young that I’m a protected soul and I can’t come to any harm unless I choose to do it myself. There are certain issues where I can come to harm if I so warrant it but in the general aspect I can’t come to harm. I’ve had that tested in a number of ways. I’ve been in near fatal car crashes and come out without a scratch or come out with just a bruise. Other situations I’ve been in that nothing happens to me –I’ve never broken a bone, never had anything serious happen to me despite being in these situations and I can portray that out to others, my family or even someone I choose, I can relay that out to them so that they can be protected as well.

Alexandra – You know its funny Sophie, because I would say the majority of people I know that are guardians, we tend to have a similar quality which is we will jump into an adventurous situation and think about the consequences after the fact because of what you’re describing, It’s almost like a knowingness, that we know we’re very protected it’s almost like a feeling of um….I’m not going to say invincibility because that sounds very egotistical and that’s not what it is but we tend to get ourselves into circumstance where we really are so fearless and I would think this is part of the reason why, what do you think about that?

Sophie – Yes, possibly. Em, yeah, if the situation arises and I have to make a split decision then I will just get involved and not even think about anything else, (Alexandra- Exactly!) I don’t go into that situation thinking ‘Oh I’m protected, nothing can happen to me, I’m immortal’ etc etc. Far from it, I just act out of instinct. (Alexandra –Yep) If anything it is a case of okay, I am you know ‘protected’ but as I said before the protection only warrants if I choose not to put myself in danger. So if I jumped off a building then I would probably get hurt because I’ve chosen to do that. If I’ve fallen off a building, maybe a different matter. It’s always been one of these things that’s been embedded in me – that yes it is the case but don’t test it too much. I’ve never understood where the limitations are. If I were to do a bungee jump, there is a small chance that the ropes could snag or the ropes could snap and there is the element of death. But if by me doing that bungee jump is that then me putting myself in the element of danger so that I could be hurt because I have chosen to do it? If its something like that then I have to think differently.

But if I come across a burning house which I have done before, I’ll run in it and get people out and I have done before and tackle the fire because it’s not something I’ve thought about, I just instantly reacted. Also my previous job – I had a job where that was the situation you had to put yourself in. I used to be a police officer – so people understand that.

Alexandra – Yes. I was going to ask you – you said that there were specific attributes that you had that showed you that you were not a typical human. Can you go over what some of those are?

Sophie – I can. I have an extremely rare blood group to the point where I can’t give blood and I can’t actually receive blood unless they can really find someone close that has blood type the same as mine.

Alexandra – Is it beyond the Rh negative situation? (Alexandra – Okay)

Sophie – Yes, yes. I can see very well in near darkness and always have done….until recently because I’ve strained my eyes. I didn’t really need to wear glasses for cosmetic reasons and I’ve strained my eyes but my eyes will still adapt in darkness, it just takes a little bit longer now, but that could be age. I have what is referred to as a class A1 immune system which is the strongest immune system they’ve come across (Alexandra- Fantastic) where the only thing I suffer from is flu viruses. When I was 18, I was actually dragged into hospital to have a barrage of blood tests because they wanted to use my blood to see if it was resilient to various diseases including HIV, which it couldn’t, it couldn’t be infected but in those days they couldn’t keep the blood long enough to see if the infection would take hold. (Alexandra –Wow) The only way of doing that is implanting someone with it, but they can’t – well they wouldn’t do that and I wouldn’t allow that. From my thighs my strength is extortionately higher than normal; it always has been…not my muscle mass (?) inside but my muscle density and thicker – made me heavier than what I actually would appear. I have good eyesight in the dark, good eyesight in general. My hearing is much higher in the spectrum. I had my hearing tested when I was younger and I could hear just below a dog whistle which was higher than any humans they’d tested before. I had this tested twice in two different locations. I was unaware at the time, I just knew I could hear higher.

Alexandra – That’s fantastic. At what point were you fully 100% clear as to who you were? At what age was that?

Sophie – From birth really. (Alexandra – Wow) The earliest times I can remember I was always drawn to cats, always drawn to lions. But I always knew, I mean I’m talking about 2 years old – I didn’t know where I was from but I knew I used to look up at the sky at constellations and at the time being very young I was always taken by the big dipper. Because that was the most prominent in the sky, you can see that. That was the constellation I liked. I knew I was from somewhere else. I knew that I was the offspring of the head lion. I was a (?) in the core translation of the mighty lion. That’s not the name but that is the sort of a pet name said in a way I could understand it. It was only when I got a little bit older when I was 7 or 8 I used to look up – I was always drawn to a certain part of the sky – the Pleiades here in London there is a lot of light pollution but you can see it sometimes but you can’t see it all the time but if you look at Pleiades and look at the big dipper the actual configuration is very similar. So it was Pleiades I was looking for but being young I just looked at the big dipper. Then once I found Pleiades, which for some reason I’m always drawn to – I can usually find it anywhere in the sky, that’s how I knew where home was.

Alexandra – It’s a very unique star system compared to the others

Sophie –Um, in some ways. But from here we can’t see all seven stars very clearly; we can see six of them but the do sort of look like the pan handle of the big dipper in a smaller scale.

Alexandra – Interesting

Sophie – But once I saw it clearly at that young age then I realized that’s where it was. The Pleiades just came into my head anyway.

Alexandra – So are both of the Lyrans with the pointed ears at the top of their head. Many people are saying they are excruciatingly tall, what would you say to that?

Sophie – No, it would be nice but no we’re not. We are taller than humans. I’ve seen things written that we are 12-14 foot tall or 15-16 feet tall. No, we’re not. We average out from 7-8 feet tall. We can go 9 feet tall as I any race you’re going to have individuals that are taller. But on average its 7-8 feet tall.

The ears, no, they’re not on the top of the head, they’re more to the side. If you touch where your ears are and put your fingers from the bottom to the top of your ear then move that to the top of your ears, that’s where they are. It’s basically higher than where humans are but not right at the top. We can move them which is part of communication as well, we can move them forward, we can fold them back, we can twitch them.

Alexandra – My guide Jonathan, his ears are actually kind of like hidden by the hair on top of his head, the mane.

Sophie – They would be yes.

Alexandra – Now you have a really interesting background regarding your bloodline. You were talking a little bit about how you are related to – I believe you said Marie Antoinette.

Sophie – I am yes. Here on earth I’m a direct relation – a direct descendant of Marie Antoinette.

Alexandra – Wow.

Sophie – It’s not written in the history books. It’s something that’s been passed down from generation to generation. In the French revolution Marie Antoinette married Louis the 14th, sorry Louis the 16th and they had two children and it was reported at the beginning of the revolution so to speak that the two children died of illness. But they didn’t, they actually were brought out of the country in disguise by the scarlet Pimpernel and brought in to the English aristocracy but to serve – for general reasons but be brought in as servants. The idea was that they would stay there incognito and the name would change slightly and once the uprising in France was over they would go back. Obviously the uprising never finished and they never got to go back had to settle in England.

We know the story because in Victorian times (the family was just one line and just very small) we knew Old Grandma Lie (?) and she ended up having 11 children and from 11 strains they’ve branched out and populated the world with us but there’s still not a lot of us out there and we are all related.

Alexandra – Very interesting. So do the Lyrans use these particular bloodlines to bring forth people like yourself to bring you into the 3D reality so you can do your missions?

Sophie – Eh, I don’t know. I honestly can’t answer that because I don’t know who the other five are or where they are. So until I know, me being the first one of this nature then it’s been used by me (?) but we’re brought into families that are compatible or individuals that are compatible and we are implanted very much like by IVF through DNA manipulations and with me it was a harder process, being the first one brought in like that, some mistakes were made because I’m the kind of prototype – because the issues are bringing us in so we can retain knowledge but also being in a situation where that knowledge is dormant in a lot of respects so that we can develop and grow incognito and not bring attention to ourselves and its made my memory very Swiss cheese where I’ve got lots of detailed memories but certain aspects are not all there.

Alexandra – Now is this similar to what you refer to as a transference a problem when you went through the incarnation?

Sophie – Yes, yes that’s it. Unlike normal people here that are in the reincarnation process is where they come to live life after life to attain enlightenment and learn to from it where each time they come their previous memories are wiped so they can then sort of live unhindered. Whereas the problem is that I’m not part of the process where coming in I’m still retaining the information that I needed and that is where the mistake went and until I am with my siblings and it is corrected.

Alexandra – Jeez, and so now you’re on the hunt basically to find the other five in your team right?

Sophie – I am, I have since found out that there’s another team of six also sent as a back up which could be because of my transference problems or it just could be just a good strategy to make sure there is a back up because it is such an important battle that is coming forward (Alexandra – Right) The only thing – I know that I don’t have that many siblings to have another six – the only thing I can think of is to have the next closer relations which would be carstons (?) but I know that there is another six out there as well – younger than us.

Alexandra – Very cool. Now you did also talk about some of your childhood and maybe teen years experience that’s kind of gotten you on the path that you are today and it was very traumatic and you were talking about the apartment you moved into, can you talk about that?

Sophie – I can yes. I try not to sound sort of ‘out there’ so to speak because I know people have different thoughts and beliefs. Both sides of my family, we’ve since been told by mediums etc etc, have strong psychic abilities. My father’s – my father here on earth – his family have tremendous abilities. My Aunts and my cousins have powers that I can’t utilize but I share in a similar form and they experienced things when they were younger and although my Dad is very much of a sceptic and an atheist, his ideals were that if he feels something he’ll deal with it and he’ll learn form it and I had to do the same, you can’t criticize something unless you know about it. Anyway with me I’ve since been told that my ability goes off the scale, so I can’t be read by a medium but then I know that because they’ll find out who I am.

But when I was young we moved into a block of flats or a block of apartments as you call it that had been built after the second world war on a bomb site, now for people don’t know what a bomb site is, – I live in London in the UK which suffered heavily bombardment by the Germans in the war which laid ways to a large amount of land in and around the city and it took about a good thirty years for all of this to be built on so when we were kids we had large derelict areas of rubble that usually were bordered off but we could go and play in. Anyway the flats that I lived in were built just after the war and it turns out that they were built over a bomb shelter that took a direct hit (Alexandra – Oh my God) also very close to my house, just about the back of it was a church that had been rebuilt owned by the church of England, now this church they never used. They used the rectory, or the vicarage for training new priests but they didn’t use the church itself because even they recognised that it was haunted and it was haunted by a priest and it turns out that the priest that haunted there was also the priest from the bomb shelter and because there was no account of who was there, not everyone was laid to rest so the easiest way to explain it to people who are listening is – which I was shocked to watch – the film The Sixth Sense (Alexandra – hmm) and the little boy in that and it very much depicts my life until I was about six and a half, em, I used to get visited night after night.

I remember that I used to be able to travel back home, I had the ability then to manifest myself back home as like a protection side of things and I also remember the door opening and slamming in my room, I remember things going missing and suddenly appear, I’d play with something and it would roll under a cupboard and you’d put your hand under and it wasn’t there at all, it had completely vanished. The door used to open – I couldn’t remember a great deal else.

The room was always cold and all the usual trade marks.

When I was about eighteen or eighteen and a half, I had a sudden flashback and it all came back to me and I spoke to my Mum and her words were, I always wondered if you’d ever remember. (Alexandra – Oh wow) And what I recalled was I used to get visited by people who had basically died in the bomb shelter. But unlike conventional ghost stories where you see people come in all sort of hunky dory, they actually came in the state that they were in in the bomb shelter – people on fire, people with bits missing, reaching out trying to connect with me to try and pass over and to try and be accounted for but the problem was at that age, I didn’t know how to perform these duties so I could confer with them and I could contact them but I couldn’t help them so to speak.

We had the church involved, we had the house blessed, exorcised etc etc all to no avail, and eventually we moved to get away from it.

I since found out I can still – I locked that ability away for a long long time – but I found out fairly recently that I can still do it. And if I try and if I put myself in that position, I can still connect with people like that.

And um what was strange – because I think things go round In circles – is that my son, when we had him christened, we had him christened by a young priest and just in general chat, like where you from? etc etc, he was actually in training at that vicarage when I was a young kid and he filled in some of the story. Me and some friends, when we were young, we actually wondered into this church and strangely hymn books started opening, music started playing and then a door, there was an upstairs gallery open and a priest came out and started to walk along the corridor to come down the stairs behind the altar and he looked over at us and we panicked cos we were only young kids and as he started to come down the stairs behind the altar he had no legs – it was an apparition (Alexandra – Wow) in which case we then ran.

Strangely enough, this priest actually remembered us being in the church and us running away and …it’s really weird. (Alexandra – What a great confirmation for you though uh?) Oh indeed, the other confirmation I had there was the memory I had on that – because I’ve always been compelled to go back there. The memory I had of the church, when I’d gone back to the church as an adult, the blueprint and the vision of the inside church didn’t match the outside of the building so I contacted the church of England and asked for more details of about the original church and they sent me diagrams and blueprints of the church and It turns out the church that I saw when I was in there was the original church and not the building that’s there (Alexandra –Wow…wow) so that sort of hit me for six.

Alexandra – I’ll bet. So how old were you Sophie when you finally left the apartment? How long were you going through this?

Sophie – A good three and half years (Alexandra – OMG…jeez) so I left when I was six and a half. (Alexandra –Jeez) So I’ve had lots of dealings with that and I’ve seen things since.

But I’m a firm believer that every single person out there has seen something, they just don’t know they’ve seen it. (Alexandra – hm hm)

I mean I’ve had it from a work experience, I was working in a store, I used to manage a store and an old gentleman came in and acted very suspicious then walked out. And I followed him out the store. He was only a couple of yards in front of me and got to a corner and went round the corner and I got to a corner and turned round and he’s not there. The only door had a massive padlock on it and there was a couple walking towards me and I asked them, ‘Have you seen anyone’? And they said, ‘No, no one has gone past us’.

When we got back to the store and checked out the CCTV, he didn’t show up on the CCTV. I’ve got five colleagues in there that saw him (Alexandra –That’s crazy) and its just one of those things.

Alexandra – Well there’s no question that the veil is getting thinner as well so those that have not had their gifts fully intact are starting to have those experiences.

I remember when I was growing up in Atlanta and my parents built this house in this neighbourhood and they put me in a room that had an opening to the attic in my closet. (Sophie – Oh God yeah) and I just remember – see that’s my difficulty, is trying to remember what I blocked out – but I remember screeeaming – like almost every single night I ended up in my Mom and Dad’s bed because of what I kept seeing coming out of that attic.(Laughs) And I do remember – um kind of like a civil war guy, you know and he was very depressed and he kept walking out and he’d literally walk through my room, walk down the stairs, he would go get something to eat and he’d come back up the stairs and go back into the attic. And this would happen every single night and my parents thought I was crazy of course.

So now lets fast forward, obviously you’ve had some challenges being who you are and you said that there was just a really bad trauma that went down and really changed things for you, can you go over that a little bit?

Sophie – Really changed, its cutting the iceberg really isn’t it? (Alexandra – laughing, yeah really) Luckily you’re privy to know the information beforehand so for you it’s no surprise. (Alexandra – laughing in agreement, yeah)

Okay, my name is Sophie Jayne and I am female as you’ve already described. Part of me has gone through a trauma. I was sent here with the knowledge that unlike other beings I don’t have guardian Angels. I don’t have someone looking over me like that, but I’m what’s known as a split spirit and that one half of me is left elsewhere in the ether and one half of me was here to live, grow up, perform whatever I’ve got to do and the other would be there as my guardian to step in if ever I’m in danger or need and when I meet up with the other five then the idea was that when we prepare for the alignment battle is that both halves would combine.

I had an interview with a job when I was in the police – someone going for promotion and put a story about me and lied about me so they could gain promotion and made something up about me which in the end I could prove was false but at the time it was their word against mine. They were higher ranks than I was and they got believed. And it got me dismissed. And that caused me all sorts of depression after that. I’ve gone back with evidence to prove that they were lying afterwards and my evidence wasn’t looked at because they said that all the paperwork they had predated the original hearing and if I had a barrister on my side that was savvy, they could have been brought up at the time.

Well I couldn’t get all this information before that because I didn’t know what was going to be said at the original hearing. And that completely threw all my understanding and foundations on morals and boundaries on everything because here I am working for an organization that is supposed to be based on morals and justice yet they are protecting somebody who lied and committed fraud or perjury against someone that’s got evidence which is the truth and I was always brought up to believe that if you tell the truth and you’re honest, the truth will always prevail and now I’m in a situation where that’s not true.

And it caused me…..It rocked me to my core (Alexandra – I’ll bet) and it really went against everything that I’d been brought up to believe and everything I believed from before and it caused me depression which I hope that nobody ever goes through and didn’t really believe existed and in turn that caused a relationship to break down with my partner, we were together fourteen years and from that I lost my home, I lost my car, I lost money and I’m suddenly out there in the world homeless and on my own.

Alexandra – Sophie what year was that? Excuse me; I just have to ask what year was that?

Sophie – I lost my job 2010 and lost everything else in 2012. (Alexandra – Interesting) Um it rocked me to the core to the point I was (I say ‘I’) – I was going to commit suicide. This is where people have to pay attention or its going to start getting a bit bizarre.

I’m waiting for the train to come at night, the last train of the night and the train was delayed and I proverbially got a tap on the shoulder from the other half of me elsewhere and said ‘Right enough’s enough, you’re not strong enough to cope, I’m taking over’. (Alexandra –Wow) Well the one who took over is me, Sophie who’s talking. …rather than try to talk in the third person and confuse people….So, I took over and the way I look at it is – it was driving a car and all the time the other half of me was driving and me being Sophie was in the passenger seat. Every now and then driving in the right direction having a little bit of input etc etc then it got to the point when I realized that they can’t cope anymore, they need to get in the passenger seat and I will take over, they can then recuperate and recover (Alexandra – My God) What I didn’t realize is that being a split spirit, as all beings of an Angels, we are dual sexed. I didn’t realize until that point that my other half up in the ether that protected me was female – which meant that originally I was born to this planet in a male body so I’m trans-gendered.

Alexandra – That is fascinating. So how has your wife been since this occurred cos this is relatively recent, it’s only been a couple of years now.

Sophie – It’s been difficult. It’s strange because both halves of me are completely separate. The only thing we share are memories. I don’t have any of the traits he had. I don’t have protection at the moment which is I suppose why I’m sort of putting feelers out there because both he and me had completely different ideals. He was the protector, the watcher, the one that was there to do battle, the logical one and me being the female, I was the empathic one, I used to deal with situations, I used to be the caring one that used to make decisions and influence and guide and I was the protector but now I haven’t got that. But I’ve come here and literally within 48 hours, I took over. My voice is natural.

No one that sees me now, knows that I’m not genetic female. They all assume that I’m genetic. People that I know, I’ve shown pictures of my male half and then me don’t believe it’s the same person because they say you’ve completely changed, your bone structure has changed, which is kind of unheard of, you’re body’s changed – everything.

My voice changed within 24 hours. It went form a male voice to this. Ii didn’t have to learn, it just is. To the point where my mother here says I’m not the same person. I’m chalk and cheese compare to the male side and she can clearly see that I’m not a male trying to be a female, I am female, I am a daughter and her son’s gone.

Alexandra – That is just amazing. So is your physical body still male or has your physical body acclimated to being a female?

Sophie – Ehm I’ve still got male genitalia because that’s nothing I can do yet but the rest is beginning to change. (Alexandra – Amaaazing)

I found out that I am what’s known as naturally trans-gendered, I used to produce both hormones and once this decision sort of came in, the male hormones stopped being produced and the female ones took over. I was always in a sort of a flux balance but now it’s gone the other way so the female side has taken over.

I’m completely different, I walk differently, talk differently, act differently; I’m interested in different things. I mean he used to be into computer games – general boys stuff, DIY, fixing cars – I won’t do any of that, I’m definitely not going to fix cars. (Alexandra laughs a lot) And I can’t stand play stations. The other night I watched sex in the city and enjoyed the hell out of it.

Alexandra laughing – Where Stephen Andrew would have been totally bored stiff right?

Sophie – Yeah, he would never have watched that, never ever. I do things he wouldn’t dream of, things that he definitely would never have tried before. He was very quiet and used to watch and protect people whereas me I’m much more bubbly and confident, I’ll just go in somewhere and just start talking to people. I’m the party girl, I really am – the complete opposite.

Alexandra – You know I have a theory about this because I think for these of us that are here to do some of this very heavy portal work or grid work or anything that is very very intense in particular some sort of conflict with dark forces, I think that we often times will either do something like what you’re doing which is a split spirit – which I haven’t heard that very often at all, but I think we will hook up with our counterpart to strengthen our force field, I mean I know I’ve done that with my husband, I think because we need that, you need that combination of male and female, it definitely accelerates the power behind your gifts and behind the amount of….for lack of better terms, frequency that you can manipulate, because you’re whole right?

Sophie – yeah, yeah

Alexandra – So it’s almost like you’re a twin flame in one body.

Sophie – Exactly, yes, that is what it is. And it confused the hell out of me. I knew it was a split but I always believed it was a complete twin but with slightly different characteristics – I, – you know I being the empathic, the compassionate one etc etc, so that I could get a different opinion. So basically the male side, if they had an issue, they used store it away subconsciously cos it was something they didn’t want to deal with, I used to deal with it so I used to deal with it and I’d pop the answer into the head.

Alexandra – laughing – I’m just cracking up listening to this.

Sophie – No I’m the opposite, I don’t have anyone to do that. I don’t have the logical thinking approach that he had because I can’t rely on him to do it. (Alexandra –Right) So I’m much more hap hazard but I think that’s what has caused me to reach out to utilize the internet which is something he would never have done because his attitude was; Right we’re here for a reason, we will meet up with the five and our abilities will come and things will play out in due course. Well we’ve been waiting with that approach for a long long time and its way overdue. And I couldn’t stick with that, it’s a case of well no, there are obviously tools out there we could utilize, information out there which we can utilize. Now is the time to actually start correcting some wrongs and actually reaching out and putting ourselves out there otherwise we will never achieve, you can’t just rely…… basically things are buggered up and the triggers that were supposed to be there, the decisions that were supposed to be made, the roads that were supposed to be travelled at certain times got messed up. So now I’m having to utilise the tools that are out there to try and attain what I need to do. He would never have done it.

Alexandra – Well the good thing is that you have and you came to the right place. And we’ll talk about that in just a second.

I did have one other question for you. How do you define the difference between say a Lion being and an Angel? –you know those who swoop in in the final moment and assist someone from potentially dying or assist in a car crash or something like that.

Sophie – Well they are a completely different race. They’re non sexualar, they don’t have gender. They are completely immortal; they don’t exist or they can’t exist on this plane. Or if they do, they can only come for a very very short period of time. Their duties are completely different. And their uses are completely different.

I dunno, it’s like saying what’s the difference between a cat and a dog?

Alexandra – (laughing) Well, I only ask because the Angels supposedly do a lot of the blink of an eye, swooping and assist and keep someone from ending a contractual agreement that they shouldn’t end at that time.

Sophie – Yeah, yeah, different work, different duties. As I’m not an Angel, I only know of them, I can’t comment fully because I don’t have the understanding of what they are or how they feel because we are not here to do the same things. Does that make any sense?

Alexandra – Yes, yes it does totally.

Now one of the things that was very intriguing for me is that you are just so crystal clear on knowing what you are here to do and the fact that you really want to track down the rest of your team members. And this is regarding keeping the alignment of the portals free of intrusion, is that correct?

Sophie – That’s correct, yes. Well, One portal, we are only here for one portal.

Alexandria – One portal, okay.

So I wanted to share with you – Now this is out of the voyagers book; The Secrets of Amenti by Anna Hays, a lot of people call her Ashayana Deane and its on page 252. It says on the final phase of the U.I.R plan which by the way is the united Intruder Resistance, which must occur before the natural 2012 opening of the halls of Amenti stargate – if the takeover is to succeed, earths portal system will be used to invade the of inner Earth the control matrix for halls of Amenti stargates which are the real object of the U.I.R conquest. Once Earth’s portals are used to invade the inner Earth’s Amenti temple generator complexes unannounced pole shifts on Earth will be rapidly set in motion via the Nibirunian battle star and a stunned humanity will have little more than three days to contemplate what just hit them. Do you want to comment on that?

Sophie – I’ve not actually read that myself. I try not to read stuff on the internet as much as possible. But yeah, yeah, it’s very descriptive and very much the same thing as what I’ve been informed and what I know is happening. The shift in balance and the shift in difference will be very rapid and the awakening of the general populace will almost be instantaneous. Its like one day they’ll have this belief and the next they’ll be confronted with something that is so radical that they’ll have no choice but to see things differently and to react. The idea hopefully is that…although that is going to happen – that idea is that the portal will be closed off, they will be banished back down and we will attain control of it, or keep control – well I say keep, we haven’t got control of it now, not fully but we will gain full control of it so we don’t have the aftermath and it is the aftermath that we’re trying to avoid because that is the end of existence as we know it because it mean be the end of travel, the end of movement between place to place and realm to realm.

Alexandra – Now Sophie I want you to know, I know you’ve never read this book because you and I talked about it before, and here’s another excerpt. It says the six portals from the sphere of Amenti the original ones to Torus past and the five new ones into various stages into Earths future linked Torus past through various time periods on Earth into Torus’ future creating a new track in time through which Earth could re evolve into the 5th dimensional frequency band and merge with Tora.

Do you have any comments on that? Because you’re getting into space time continuum where you’re merging Earth with Tora. And it says here the portals within the spheres of Amenti served as a time portal structure through which the lost substance and the energetic thrust of Tora could be returned and the lost souls of Tora could return to their original identity as souls incarnated upon the planet Tora.

Sophie – Oh okay I think I’m understanding that now. I was reading that as time travel moving backwards and forwards to Earth – because in this realm as far as I’m aware you cannot travel backwards in time in the 3D realm, you can only travel forward. One of the limitations of this dimension is that backwards time travel is not possible. But that isn’t the same in other dimensions. So moving back to as you would call Tara then that is yes that is the whole point of the gates and the portals. This is the free movement, back to where you originate because beings don’t originate from here. They originate from elsewhere where they live a life, a full life and they come here to for incarnations or reincarnations to learn principles and to learn different experiences in which to attain enlightenment but each time they – for want of a better word – die here they go back to whence they came, reflect on that then go through the process again. But it’s the same with all of us including me. I would need to forfeit (?) some space to get back home. That is purely because they are used because interstellar travel is not a feasible possibility. You can travel from small places to small places but you can’t travel the huge distances in that time, which is why we’ve moved trans-dimensionally and why we use the portals.

Alexandra – Very good point. And it also says, The portals within the sphere of Amenti operated as a warp in time through which re evolution could take place more quickly. The portals within the mor genetic sphere of Amenti are known as the halls of Amenti. They are the dimensional passageways one must pass through in order to ascend from Earth, out of the time matrix and dimensionalized reality.

Sophie – Yeah, I’m not too sure about moving backwards and forwards for evolution purposes because I just don’t remember it, I’m not privy to it. All I know is that they are there for the movement of us. And other races backward and forwards in the universe.

Alexandra – Right. This is not a solitary job folks. This is why it’s so major – because it is affecting other universes as well. And one of the things that came through on my missions in Africa was that we need to keep going back to the point of origin – this came up over and over and over again. And one of the missions that we did we experienced that which I described – and I do believe this is one of the 6, that there was a portal, it was a time lock, it was interdimensional and we were told over and over again that there was a cosmic gateway that was to open up for the first time in a very long time and that new energies had come forth because of this. It involved an immense amount of galactic help, an immense amount and an immense amount of time because supposedly we had been working on this since February last year. So a lot of strategy went into this.

And of course me ending up in South Africa, Sophie, I was given a clarion call in July but as you’ve mentioned before in another conversation, in these types of missions you are given information on a need to know basis because there is too much at stake. (Sophie Yes) So I want people to understand that. Pay attention to the synchronicities and to the /maybe/ not a warning but just an alert or – an incredible passion that Sophie has that you’ve got to find your members or you’ve got to find your team or whatever. This is very important for all of us just now. I was told that this interview is very important because of the timing, because of what’s going down within the United States within the Federal Reserve, within the financial system, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is lining up and so our time, its like we’re kind of like the fighter pilots who are in the room waiting to get the call that it’s time to fly out. You know, that’s really what’s going on right now and so I just want you to know that Sophie and I had an incredible amount of interference to get this thing going and in fact we had it again with this time and I had to record it through my phone.

Sophie – What’s this? Fourth time lucky now isn’t it?

Alexandra – Yes, it’s crazy. I really want people to hear what she has to say. So talk to us a little bit about how you see the difference between a gate and a portal.

Sophie – Okay. I think the best way I described it earlier was the gates – stargate, the TV series or the film, they’re very similar. I’m very sure that that a lot of modern science fiction has been developed or embellished by people that are of our understanding as a way of trying to get it out into the populace. The gates are very much like that, there’s loads of them, thousands of them and they connect through all parts of the universe but they are all for short travel. The portals are bigger, there are six of them and they are like the junctions, or the hubs that the gates need to pass though to move transdimentionally so you’d have gates here that you can utilize to move in the 3D realm etc etc, but to get to other trans engines (?), you’d have to go through one of the six portals. The six portals are spread out at vast imaginable distances.

Earth sits on the precipice of one and it’s quite unique in its connection with it and its closeness to it which is one of the reasons Earth is used for what it is because it means transportation from here to wherever is a lot easier. The portals are coming into alignment and – the gates are normally open – and it’s the portals that maintain where you can travel to. I suppose transdimentionally where you can travel to. With the alignment process all open up and allow access to everywhere but it means also it allows access to realms that are not meant to be here like the dark forces as you would say. That’s where the issue comes, that’s the problem. The last alignment was 2000 years ago, the next one will be 100 000 years and we are on the precipice of one now which has already begun.

The easiest way to describe the portals is imagine a serious of rooms all put together and they all begin to line up so they are all in a straight line. Once they are in that straight line, all the doors between the rooms open up and create a huge hallway so we can run from one room into the next into the next into the next etc etc. Well we need to make sure that some of these doors are either one way or locked. That’s the whole point of the portal war.

I hate using the word war but I suppose it will be

Alexandra- Yes, I would say more like a battle or a conflict (Sophie – A conflict yes) just to hold the portals opened without the dark forces intruding, impeding and of course causing havoc once again.

Sophie- This has been prophesised through thousands of years through religious texts of all sorts and its written down as the Armageddon, the end of days which sounds really dramatic, but it is, that is exactly what it is and if you look through the religious texts a lot of the fore running signs of that are appearing now. (Alexandra – yes they are)

There’s so many, I don’t need to go into them because people can look around or look for information themselves.

But that’s the importance of it, if we fail to control this portal it means if the doors are left open to the darker forces and they will stop all transdimensional travel which means effectively where you are is where you are going to stay and it means if people die here their spirits or souls or however you want to describe them, will not be able to move back and will be stuck here. Well what happens to them if they’re stuck here? Would that mean they don’t actually die because they are stuck in that body?

Would that then signify one of the writings that the dead will walk the earth?

Alexandra – Yes. What would you say Sophie to the people that that receive information that a decree has been put out form the creator, if not the supreme creator that this will happen or else. And there will be finally, almost like a stay given that would nullify that kind of tumultuous Armageddon unfolding

Sophie – Well if they’ve been given any information act on it, don’t dismiss it. Now isn’t the time to delay it, you need to start reaching out (Alexandra – I agree) and utilise what you’ve been told. Contact others that will assist you. It isn’t a single person’s thing. No one person will be able to do things on their own. Likewise, I’ve come here as part of six, I’m the one to lead them but without them I’m powerless because I need to utilize all the powers I have. But it isn’t going to just be a six, I’ve come in contact with someone that I know someone who is here to assist me but is not part of my team. And we’ll utilize the help of everyone. It just means we’re the front runners. We’re the ones at the front line.

Alexandra – Sophie you’ve got to share the part about the nine realms of the dark forces. I think that’s so key for people to know.

Sophie – Oh okay there are nine lower realms, dimensions or whatever you want to describe them that are filled with darker forces and the darker forces can’t intrude into the higher dimensions or the higher realms but they can come into this realm. And they can move freely here in whatever guise they so choose etc etc. And I think the way I tried to explain it last time when we talked about it was the poles of a magnet? (Alexandra – yes) You’ve got a positive and a negative pole in a bar magnet and in-between is a kind of mix mash of the two at a weak array. Now negative can’t get to positive and positive can’t get to negative. And it’s very much in the same way as the light and dark forces. Using positive for the light and negative for the dark which is just coincidental – the dark can’t move into the light realms because of the differences between them and the pure frequency changes so they can’t exist and the light can’t exist so much in the lower realms

But in the intermediary – in the middle or close to the middle they can. Well that’s the whole point; we need to lock away the nine realms that are lower and close them off so that they’re stuck there and they can’t come in and they can’t intrude in our realm or the higher realms.

Alexandra – or just the free will of those that are ascending and evolving, you know, – period

Sophie – Yes, that is their process. Because they can’t evolve, they can’t ascend and they can’t attain enlightenment, they see that (they can only get into this realm and slightly above) no one else has the right to do that. (Alexandra – yes) They are stuck here and everyone else needs to be. Everyone else needs to be on their plane of existence.

Alexandra – You and I have talked a little bit about this before – about the chemtrails. I believe this is why it has been difficult to track down the chemtrail locations of the dark. You know, the messages that have come to me is that this has been one of the difficulties for the light to track them down because it is a multidimential kind of jumping and these areas are hidden so these 9 realms of the dark forces, that really are not an area that the light can go into. So it is kind of like a double whammy here. You know?

This has been one of the difficulties for the light.

Is there anything that you’d like to finalize this with and any messages you’d like to give the starseeds and the guardians at this point?

Sophie – Just reach out to each other. If you have an inspiration that you are a certain type or from a certain place, explore it. Look into it. Don’t think of yourself as being mad; don’t think of yourself as living in fairyland etc etc. If you have a feeling that that’s what you are, look into it. Go with your gut feeling and reach out to other people, I found – and I found this out through talking recently, like talking to yourself – I found that there are so many people out there in a similar boat.

I mean I’d never even heard the term star seed in that respect. (Alexandria – interesting) and I thought I was quite special and that weren’t many of us around. But obviously there are a lot of star seeds here which is essentially is what I am. I be on a different mission, I may have information that others don’t and a different purpose but I still would fall into that realm of being a starseeds.

Be nice to each other. Treat people how you would like to be treated. Don’t conform. Don’t try to sort of upset the cart.

There’s a time and a place for fighting but it’s not really a necessity, there’s other ways of doing things.

And believe that there is something else out there, that you’re not all alone, that this isn’t all there is. That you can make a difference.

Alexandra – Beautiful, beautiful, thank you for that, And if anybody wants to reach Sophie, her email is Salkatt1@aol.com

She would love to hear from anybody that feels drawn to do this sort of work or if you feel that you would like her to scan you to see if you are part of her team.

She is anxious to get going and to reunite with anyone that she’s come here to ‘Get her done’ (laughs)

Anyway I want to thank you Sophie especially with you being sooo patient with all the technological issues. And I want to thank every single one of my audience, you guys are awesome, you’re so incredibly enlightened, you teach me every day how to increase my enlightenment and an honour to be here to serve and protect.

So love to all of you, hope you have a wonderful Christmas and feel free to visit our blog, our spiritual – so if you feel compelled please support us at the donation button on the top right column.

Other than that, I have not much else to say, you all take care and have a wonderful rest of the week.

Thank you Sophie

Sophie – No worries, See you later everyone, Bye!

Alexandra – Bye

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