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microphone (1)Stephen Bassett and Alexandra Meadors, Part 2, April 14, 2015 – Disclosure is Imminent!
Clip of Full Disclosure, Hon. Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Minister of Defense, recorded on March 2015 “We have been given the choice of making our planet uninhabitable as we have been told some other species have done. Or we can move in the opposite direction of peace, love and justice and cooperation for the betterment of all, rich and poor alike. We have been given a few months, not years, to change course before it is too late. The choice is ours. We are the ones who are destined to write our own history.”

 Interview with Stephen Bassett continues:

Stephen: And in the 22 years since it began none of those six people that I mentioned has ever, ever uttered a single word about it, or have been asked a single question about it. Interesting. Then here’s what happens next. Here is what else is part of the history of this. President Clinton asked his Associate Attorney General friend, Webster Hubbell, to look into the UFO issue. That was the result of the Rockefeller Initiative. He asked John Podesta to come up with a method to reform the declassification process so that in general more documents could be released which Podesta did, which was put into an Executive Order, and they did release a lot documents without ever mentioning UFOs, of course.

Alexandra: Right.

Stephen: That was their response to Rockefeller, okay. Then, the initiative ended in roughly October of 1996. Clinton was under massive attack from all sides. He won the election but then came under further attack leading to Monica Lewinsky leading to impeachment. And that was it. And he is wrong. He is out of the presidency but fully aware that his wife wants to be president too and whatever he might want to do in that area was a no-no. So that’s the reason why they have all been kept silent for 22 years. And got away with it, because the press allowed them to get away with it. Then things start to get really interesting. Only about 16 months after President Clinton is out of office his advisor Podesta, and Chief of Staff Podesta, the second term – comes to a press conference at the National Press Club that I attended and it was at that Press Conference, on October 22, 2002, calls for the release of all UFO documents – because people have the right to know, can handle the truth, and because it is the law. In other words, he called, openly, in a press conference, exactly what Laurence Rockefeller had wanted.

A year later he comes back to another press conference, another related press conference and calls for the release of the files again, in October 23, 2003. And then just a few months after that Bill Richardson – do you remember Bill Richardson? – writes the forward to a book called The Roswell Dig Diaries in which he questions the Air Force explanation of Roswell and says that that needs to be re-investigated. Shortly after that, he announces he’s running for president. But they didn’t win that election. Kerry lost. They remained silent. Then Obama got elected. And he was a Democrat. So what happens when Obama gets elected. It’s 2008, he’s elected on November the 4th. Now he’s the Democratic President, what does he do? The first thing he does is to hire a chairman of his transition team to help him select the new governance. Who does he pick? John Podesta. One of the things he has to do is select Secretary of State. Who does John Podesta advise the President to pick? Hillary Clinton. Then they also need to pick a CIA director. Who do they pick? Leon Panetta. They also needed a Secretary of Commerce. Who do they pick? Bill Richardson. Now he had to withdraw because there was a legal issue that would have affected his (?) – but they wanted him to be Secretary of Commerce. Do you kind of see the connection here?

Alexandra: Ye-e-s.

Stephen: Well, it kind of looks like the Obama Administration brought the whole Cl – and Bill Clinton was in the background in all of this, okay, he’s always there. It kind of looks like that they could have had some plans.

Alexandra: It sure does, doesn’t it?

Stephen: In 2009 and they’re back in the White House, Clinton is still around, Obama could be the Disclosure President. But everybody gets the glory. But unfortunately for them, in 2008, around mid-October, the Republicans put into play a very Machiavellian policy. They decided to destroy the presidency of Obama by taking all of the money. All of it. And they did. Crashed Lehman Brothers started the demand for a bail-out and they had billions of dollars in the pipeline before Obama even got into the White House. Then put their propaganda machine to work so that six months into the Obama Presidency the American people were blaming Obama for the economic crisis. So they tied him up, okay. But you kind of see those connections.

So six years into the Obama Administration there’s still no Disclosure, all right. But the advocacy movement has been making progress. And what happens? On November the 4th, Paradigm Research Group – and this might have been a gift from them, it might have been intentional – got the White House for the first time in history to put their position in writing on the ET issue where they deny everything. Then we beat the hell out of that position for the next year. And then on April the 29th we launched the Citizen Hearing of Diclosure, we held that, which we talked about. And then I announced that we’re delivering the DVDs on March the 31st. The DVDs contained 3 hours of testimony about the Rockefeller Initiative naming all of those people in front of six former members of Congress. And as of the 31st that was supposed to be on it’s way to every Congressional member. And it’s from that moment on that this chess game enters it’s last move.

Here’s what happened. President Clinton scheduled – and I say he schedules himself on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, April the 2nd, 2014.

Alexandra: I thought there just might be a connection there. Okay.

Stephen: Two days after that would have shipped, in fact, less than that, 36 hours because they tape in the afternoon. He goes on, and it’s been arranged in advance – because that’s the way that it works with presidents on talk-shows – some people think, no, it doesn’t, but there is. He arranges for Kimmel to talk about extraterrestrials in which he gives a little five minute response and he talks about how he had looked into Roswell and Area 51 in the second term – not true – and they might be out there and if there were blah-blah-blah. Never mentions the Rockefeller Initiative. Why did he do that? Because at that point he is convinced, or believes there is a good possibility that the Rockefeller Initiative which they have been silent about, as of that date for 21 years, is maybe just about to come out and they actually might have to answer some of these questions and this is called a pre-inoculation. An inoculation against that event and minimize the damage. It’s also called in the intelligence world, ‘a limited hang-out.’

But they weren’t shipped because late on the evening the 31st of March I sent out – I have a multi-thousand mailing list – I sent out to my mailing list, just the mailing list, no press release, that it had been postponed for the summer because of the problems we were facing. So it didn’t get shipped. Or May, June, or July. But late in October, very late, it might have been early November after a lot of problems, a lot of issues, I made the announcement they were going to be shipped on November the 5th. And they were.

A: To 535 people, right?

S: 535 offices received the full 30 hour DVD set. In addition, they got the letter signed by all of the witnesses and we also launched a social media campaign from three locations – Fax on Washington.org, Fax Disclosure on Media and the Facebook group The Disclosure Lobby and we generated a million messages by Facebook, Twitter, and email, hashtag #Disclosure to the entire capitol hill. Maybe it’s about a million and five by now messages, letting them to know that it is coming. Those poured in all through November and all through December. I arrived in late November, we put our publicist to work on December the 1st. She had been around 35 years working all the back channels in the media, I’m preparing, made the decision to hold off until the new Congress took place on January the 3rd.

So on January the 3rd, we had narrowed the focus from the full House and Senate down to seven committees – approximately 107 members of the appropriate committees. I sent out a verbal request to all the 107 officers to meet with the legislative liaisons of the committees. I put that into play. Nothing really happened with that through January. Then in February the 3rd, I again narrowed it down a little more, narrowed it down to 93 members of five key committees which are the final five – the two Intelligence Committees, the two Science and Space Committees, and the Senate Homeland Security Committee and they received fax requests from us, sent out on February the 3th. Five days later I sent out a follow-up request. Only this one was a full page long and it included the full paragraph about the Rockefeller Initiative naming all those names including Hillary, Bill, and John Podesta.

Three days after that fax was sent John Podesta put his tweet out on leaving the White House stating that his biggest regret in 2014 was once again not being able to get the UFO files released and copying Maureen Dowd at the New York Times who had been slowly roasting Hillary Clinton over the coals in her posts. Now let me be clear. A high-level political operative who has been a Chief of Staff for a president, founded a think tank – the number one progressive think tank in the country – who had just finished up the year advising the president and has already been announced is going to very shortly take over a key advisor to the heir apparent of the White House, the leading candidate to be president, does not put out a UFO tweet as he’s leaving the White House. It doesn’t happen. Period. Any reasonable advisor would say you have to be smoking crack to do that. So why would John Podesta do that? He’s a very, very smart man, much smarter than I am, I’m sure of that.

Because you see, John Podesta and Bill Clinton are the only ones that expect the Rockefeller Initiative is about to become the news 22 years later after the day it started, so he inoculated himself with a limited hang-out so that he can refer to that – ‘You know, I even tried in 2014, I called forth in 2002 and 2003’ – it makes it a little easier to deal with it. That was February the 11th. Because of that tweet several of the media approached us that we had ready really caught fire. And about weeks after that I got an extensive interview in the Roll Call newspaper – one of top political newspapers serving the Congress and its staff.

A: Excellent.

S: They have a big website, been around for ever.

A: Excellent.

S: And a big article appears in the website of the Roll Call and in the printed edition but the article and the website – it’s got the link to Clinton on the Jimmy Kimmel show, it’s got the link to the Rockefeller Initiative page and other stuff. It’s the whole enchilada. And everybody in Congress reads that. So guess what? That triggers the meetings, so I start getting calls, the meetings start happening, and I’m meeting with both the House and the Senate side. Okay? And about a week after those meetings started Barack Obama schedules himself on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

A: Really!

S: That’s right. And he schedules it – you see, these shows don’t call up the president and say, Mr President, we want you on the show, we want you in there on March the 4th hell and high water. They say we would love to have you on the show or he calls them. He said that, oh, I was supposed to do this show a year ago so probably he had been approached – I wouldn’t bet dollars to donuts that the Administration had approached Kimmel and said I’d like to do a show. On the third segment, the same segment he had on Bill Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel – and for those of you who watched both of these – they’re on Youtube now, it’s not hard to find – (A: Right) in the almost identical way asked him the same question and Obama – of course he had a different response than Clinton and it is shorter but he mentions a few things, tossed a couple of things out, and then they move on. Why did he do that?

You see, even though he wasn’t around for the Rockefeller Initiative, as I’ve just pointed out, he’s completely connected to the Clintons. Through their advisor. They are in bed together completely. And then if the Rockefeller Initiative goes public it’s only a matter of time before people are going to ask him questions – meaning his press secretary, meaning President Obama, ‘did you discuss the ET question at all with John Podesta while he was advising you, or when he was on your transition team or during the first two months of your Administration when he was the number one guest most in the White House during the first 60 days. A-hum-a-hum-a-hum-a-hum. Okay. That’s what is going on.

A: Wow!

S: That’s the connection and all that I can say is I believe the Rockefeller Initiative story is about to break in Washington in the next 30 days, and if it does, it may have the power to end the Truth Embargo without the hearings. But that is happening simultaneously with the Congressional Hearings. Both are in play. And I believe that at some point the situation is going to be so starkly obvious, not only to the President but also to the Pentagon, they’re going to get together and cut the deal that needs to be cut and he’s going to make the announcement. That’s what’s going on.

A: That’s why you’ve been so adamant in your last presentation about February – being a potential date for Disclosure.

S: Well, originally it was February but the thing unrolled much slower than I thought. So it’s moved up. At this point as things are going, June is possible. June is certainly possible. So that’s only three months off, that’s not a big deal. But right now everything is right on schedule and it could pick up speed at any moment. It’s looking really, really good. So I’m very pleased – barring, you know, a new war or a meteor impact.

A: So a quick question. How much more time can I take of yours? I do have other questions but I want to honor your time constraints.

S: My job is to talk to people like you.

A: Excellent.

S: You go as long as you want to go. We can always break it up in multiple segments.

A: Cool. That’s what I was wondering. Oh my God, I’m so excited! Okay, one of the questions I was going to ask you was, I know that you wanted all of us to support this by sending tweets and I was wondering are you wanting us to still do that – in what way can we support this momentum?

S: Look it’s not as critical now. The job is pretty much done.

A: Okay.

S: People were doing major tweet deals and putting out thousands in a single night and so forth. That’s isn’t necessary. You can tell people to go to Fax on Washington.org and see they can quickly find the email, twitter, the addresses and so forth and send them some messages about it, that fine, just keep it a little in play but I’m not suggesting to people, because they really worked hard. They just busted their butts for many weeks and I think at some point it’s time to chill. That’s fine. People can send them some tweets.

A: Okay, okay.

S: Did I mention that all the tweets and Facebook messages that we generated as per instructions were supposed to have hashtag #Disclosure. Podesta put hashtag #Disclosure in his tweets. Isn’t that a message? Wasn’t that a message to us?

A: Wow!

S: I tell you. All is not what it seems. I assure you that whatever the hell is going on it isn’t being announced in the Washington press. You have to read between the lines. And I’m reading between the lines and I like what I see.

A: Well now you also mentioned that you were going to meet all the staffers and I was wondering can you share a little bit with us as the the response they are getting from you regarding the whole Truth Embargo. Can you talk a little bit about how they are reacting to this information that’s been presented to them?

S: It’s not very complicated. All professional. All serious. Nobody’s giving me any grief. More meetings are planned. And the process is very straightforward. You may well meet a low-level staff person, usually, initially. But today I had a meeting with a high-level staff person. One of the people you hope eventually to meet with is their liaison, the legitative liaison to the committee. If they want they can refer you over to the committee and you can meet some direct committee staffers which is fine. But at some point you will meet with the Chief of Staff of the member, probably, at a certain time. And then the member. You just kind of work your way up, possibly with some committee staffers and you’re putting it into play and you’re hoping that they start talking to each other and a dynamic gets going leading to a consensus amongst a modest number of the committee to approach the Chair and say, let’s do this. Let’s have these hearings. So that process could take a while. It might not take a while.

The fact is, if they want to they can have a hearing on a day. They can call a hearing one day and have the people in there. Particularly if they are in Washington. And hold it just like that. It isn’t like passing a bill. A hearing can be called just like that. Now with a hearing of this scope, I’m not going to settle for anything less than 25 witnesses. If they aren’t going to allow 25 witnesses to be called I’m not going to support it.

A: Why 25?

S: Well, they might say, Look, we’ll give you two witnesses, we’ll give it a half a day and we’ll talk to them. Huh-huh. Oh no. No no. This is the real deal. So in order for the public to get this, for the media to get this, they need to see a reasonable amount of testimony. Understand we have many times that.

A: Yes.

S: So I’m basically saying to them, let’s just take the 25 very strongest witnesses and see how that goes. Right. And maybe there will be more. So that’s the process and how it unfolds. And again it could happen very quickly. It could happen just like that. Okay. And again, in addition to that process which has the potential on itself – we’re working the media all the time. So it’s only a matter of time until serious media, more media is going to get more involved. So now you’ve got the two threads going simultaneously and then they start to fold into each other.

A: That’s fantastic.

S: So they have no choice but to hold the hearings.

A: I just have to ask you this, I still have such a hard time believing that the people within the government, the governmental officials themselves, have no concept of this sort of stuff, the testimonies that have come forth, the information on UFOs and extraterrestrials, are you truly finding these people going, oh wow, I didn’t know that?

S: 50% of the American people have been told – and it’s been stated in polls, not one but many – roughly, that they believe this phenomenon is real. Meaning the UFOs. It’s real – the ETs. However, that’s the mean number, okay. When you break it down demographically, it’s higher than 50% for people with a higher education and income, and lower than 50% for the people not as educated and that have a low income. So let’s say 60% for college grads who have a reasonable intelligence. Guess what? The people who work on the hill are just people, okay. This poll is representative of them too. There’s approximately 10,000 staffers on the hill working those 535 offices. That means just the polling alone, 6,000 of them believe this phenomenon is real.

However, those polls are anonymous polls. That’s what you say anonymously. So while there are 6,000 people on the hill I can confidently say, believe, personally for whatever reason that ETs are real, none of them are talking about it. There’s 535 members, at least 300 know personally or are pretty much convinced personally for whatever reason that it is true. But they won’t talk about it. But it gets better. Contactee surveys point to the conservative low end percentage of 2% – contactees. I just published a contactee equation on my website which you can find it you go to the main page or it’s on my Facebook page which addresses the contact phenomenon in an equation way but whatever, the point is 2%. What does that mean? What is 2% of 10,000? Right? A: Right.

S: 2% of 10,000 is 200. There may very well be 200 contactees working on the hill right now. See, the problem is not knowing. And by the way, the massive amount of evidence that’s out there – you can’t turn on the History Channel without seeing – you’ve got the History Channel running endless ET documentaries, you’ve got the Science Channel running endless ET documentaries, you’ve got several other channels that are popping them out, guess what? All these people now have cable. (A: Yeah) They work very hard.

A: Well, that and on top of the internet. There’s a plethora of information on the internet.

S: They probably know a lot. But under the Truth Embargo you don’t talk about it.

A: Hmmm.

S: Right. Now they can listen to me which is why I am there but they can’t talk about it proactively. Even having me in the office would be considered heresy, however, one way I deal with that is simple. I made it clear to everybody that I meet with, all of my meetings on the hill, are confidential. I’m never going to mention the offices that I’m meeting or the names of anybody that I meet with until such time that I’ve been given authorization or approval to do so. I don’t care what talk show I am on, all I’m going to say and all that I do say, is that I’m meeting Senate and House officers. That’s it. To the extent that they start to believe that, it gets easier. Because this becomes a lot less to them, which is fine. My job is to get to Disclosure not to score a media point. So that’s the way it goes forward.

A: Oh my God. So now that you’ve described the whole unfolding of events within the Obama Administration I’m wanting to know from you, wouldn’t it be logical for the government at this time to already have some sort of post-Disclosure transitional model like you do?

S: Sure. I’m sure that they have that.

A: Are you aware of that?

S: I’m sure that the Pentagon has been [unclear] for years. The Pentagon is the one doing the models. I doubt that the White House is doing much. It’s too risky. I’m sure that individually they are thinking about it a lot, but it’s the Pentagon who’s been running models. I have some inside information on that. They’ve actually contracted a high-level at one point – that was around 2000, give or take – a very well-known high-level top-of-the-line public relations firm in DC and they gave them a classified job to completely go over the whole Disclosure thing and assess with them what they think would happen. And they gave a report to them. That’s all I know about that. Who knows what else might have been contracted too. They’re not stupid. But they have to be careful. But inside the Pentagon within the classified arena they can run these scenarios all day long. Just like they do with the Cold War, just like they do with nuclear war and everything else. They are running, I’m sure, post Disclosure scenarios until they are blue in their face. So yeah, they’re ready.

However, they’re running those, they have their own ideas of how it should go but they can’t talk to the President about that because the President is not in on a need-to-know-basis on this. See, they have shut each other out. My job is to create a situation where they have no choice but to come together and cut a deal. That’s the whole thing.

A: And to actually bridge them.

S: It’s putting them together. I’m playing matchmaker. I’m trying to get a deal. And in this case it’s a marriage between the White House and the Pentagon on terms which would be acceptable to each other so the President can go forward and not look like an idiot. And as you can see, I’m going back to something I said earlier, because I’ve been giving quite a few interviews. I’m up to 48 interviews just on this, since November the 4th. I’m telling everybody exactly what we are doing. Right. I’m telling exactly what is going on. What’s going to happen, what is happening. I’m not hiding anything. And they say, oh no, no, no, no. Steve don’t do that, you keep it all secret and then you sneak upon them. And before they realize it you can pounce.

A: Who says that?

S: The political people who question that. Don’t tell the enemy when you’re going to attack. A: Oohh.

S: But you see, we’re talking about the United States Government. You know, the one that’s got the satellite systems that can surveil everybody in the entire country. That’s got hundreds of billions of dollars of funding for all of these military and intelligence programs – that government, I’m going to sneak up on them? I don’t think so. So I just tell them this is what is going to happen. They may call me up and they say, No it’s not. But of course they wouldn’t do that. But what the hell. As I say, we just want Disclosure. I’m going to be very supportive of the government’s dilemmas in the post-Disclosure world. Try to be constructive about the process of getting information out. I’m going to immediately call for a Truth and Reconciliation Council and an Amnesty Program. I am not the enemy of the state. I’m not Will Smith. It’s a good movie. I’m definitely not Gene Hackman. I’m definitely not the Enemy of the State, that’s for sure.

A: You are so funny. S: Talk about the awful life he had.

A: Yeah. (laughter)

S: . . the entire laboratory because they found out [unclear] Who needs that?

A: Okay, so if this is currently going on right now what are the rumblings coming out from the Vatican?

S: Oh, it’s all good.

A: Anything?

S: The Vatican can’t go two weeks without talking about extraterrestrials. I mean you go see some Vatican guy right now and he’d say like, Monsignor, I would like to talk about the banking reform process is underway and he says, Oh, who gives a shit about that, let’s talk about extraterrestrials. A: (Big laughter)

S: And Guy Consolmango –

A: – and to bless them.

S: No, they’re dying to bless them. And Guy Consolmango just put out a book just a few weeks ago, there have been a lot of reviews of it called, Would You Baptise An Extraterrestrial? And the reason is very simple. Well, there are a couple of things. One, they really screwed up with Gallileo, and they know it. They have apologized in 2003 for that. It didn’t help their image at all.

A: Okay, I’ve heard you talk about this before. Can you explain what you are talking about in a little more detail.

S: Well, there was what we call the Copernican revolution that occurred back in the 15-1600s and it was of course, the scientific understanding of the Solar System. And it put the Sun in the center and because the Earth was created by God the Earth would have to be the center of the Universe. Otherwise you would diminish God in the cosmology of the Catholic Church. And so they weren’t really keen on the Sun-Centered Solar System so they suppressed it. And this created some consternation and before you know it words were exchanged and flame wars occurred and the next thing you know you’re burning Giordano Bruno at the stake. And you’re putting Gallileo – and they actually continued to suppress books on this subject for two hundred more years. And overall it was a bad PR move so they apologized in 2003. They were not going to make that mistake again.

And I can assure you that the Catholic Church has known about the ET presence for a very long time because it is unique in all religions because of the confessional, all right. That’s where you go to tell your priest the most crazy, wild stuff, that is scaring you to death because you know he can’t tell it to anybody else. So what have they done. Starting in 2000, basically, they started their modern engagement with Cardinal Balducci, the former exorcist of the Vatican, Curia member, he started talking about it. Gabriel Funes jumped in, and Guy Consolmango jumped in, so they are just constantly making these statements. So that when the announcement comes the Catholic Church will be pretty good –

A: Yeah, unscathed.

S: Well, yeah, right. I mean, Hey – we’re cool. But there’s another reason. One of the things, the most important things that they say about ETs, is that they are not demons. This is extremely significant. They have all said that. They are not demons. Now how do they know that? Basically they’re sure that they are not demons. And that of course, is going to help mitigate the consternation amongst their one billion plus members when the announcement comes. So that’s a very practical benefit for the Catholic Church. But here’s the real reason, okay. Guess what, as opposed to the government propaganda that has been pumped out over the years, which is just that, when the Earth shakes under people’s feet and the paradigm changes come, that’s when people turn to faith.

A: Yes. Definitely.

S: And so the Catholic Church has correctly calculated that a whole lot of people are going to sign up after Disclosure, not the other way around. The Catholic Church is positioning itself to pick up it’s share of those new members in the post-Disclosure world.

A: And of course that is already happening with the economic downturn and the loss of jobs and the fear of the economic system in the United States and the Federal Reserve.

S: I don’t know the numbers there. I know that church membership is doing just fine but I fully expect it to go up in the post-Disclosure world. And if you’re someone that is – I think a lot of people may shift faiths. If you belong to one religion and then Disclosure is announced and you go, well, the Catholic Church has been ahead of this for years, my church has said nothing about this, I think I’ll pick the Catholic Church. (A: Yeah) You know the Catholic Church isn’t as successful as it is by accident. They are very good with what they do.

A: Yes they are. Definitely.

A: So this is kind of going back a little bit to some of the testimony that was given at the Hearings that you just had in 2013. And I’m curious about your opinion. There was a piece regarding the intel from the NSA. And it said that they had figured out the gravity control all the way back in October of 1954 would nullify the need for rockets, jets, internal combustion engines and surface roadways between cities.

S: Well, I don’t know about that. No, no, no?

A: That was a direct quote. I took it right from the testimony.

S: And I’m sure someone said and that that might have been put out there and might have even made it in a memo. But I assure you that the Jetsons is not going to happen.

A: The Jetsons.

S: 300 million Americans are cruising around in anti-gravitic craft in somewhat amorphous airspace is not going to happen. We’re going to have –

A: Hey, don’t knock it.

S: Right. But ground travel is going to be pretty –

A: My whole point to it is, have there been any discussion about the transitional plans of all of the contractors, sub-contractors, military groups, personnel,etcetera, that literally keep the whole military intelligence complex propped up to begin with.

S: I have know idea. I assure you they never call me about their meetings.

A: Well, haven’t you heard any good scuttlebutt on that?

S: Scuttlebutt. Scuttlebutt isn’t as easy to come by as some people seem to project. Look, the military intelligence complex’s dilemma is this: To the extent possible they would love to have as much post-Disclosure world strategy in place and perhaps partially initiated as much as possible. That would be nice. On the other hand, they don’t do a lot of that. They don’t let very many people in on what’s going on. So my thinking is they have games. They have game models that they’ve worked out that the day after Disclosure based on some consensus they’re going to select, well, probably several models based on many segments of society and they’re going to put those models into place. And they’re going to move very fast. Okay.

So will ET energy devices replace fossil fuels in 6 months? No, no, no. It’s going to take some time. Ten years minimum. Will anti-gravitic travel become ubiquitous? No. We will learn about their craft, there might be some civilian applications pretty early, who knows. But that will take some time too. Nothing happening over night. And that’s just logical. Nothing striking about that. But the very fact of knowing about that though will be incredibly stimulating intellectually, financially, to the American people. And the world’s people. If you knew, today, that in ten years there will be energy systems operating that will allow you to have energy available to you for pennies on the dollar, that would be very comforting. It would take away a lot of the anxiety out of your life. And if you knew that antigravitics was going to openly allow us to explore the Solar System, that would be cool too. And that gravitics would be used in a lot of ways. That’s all good. Right away there’s an immediate gratification. But that isn’t the big one. All that’s pretty powerful, but that isn’t the big one.

As I’ve said many times, and I will repeat over and over again, just to be sure that as many people know this as possible, so my genius status will be indelibly imprinted on history, in my working model of what the hell is going on, right, the Bassett model, once this Disclosure takes place, which will trigger a worldwide massive exponential learning curve, (A: Yes) in which nobody is going to talk about anything but extraterrestrials. That’s all they’re going to want to talk about. The dots will flow. The books will flow. The news media will go crazy. Information will come out. In about two years we’ll be saturated with relatively correct information. The bogus theories will melt away. The hoaxes will disappear and what will emerge, what is supposed to emerge, is a well-defined, sustantially body of knowledge that is available to everybody on the planet and we’re pretty much up to speed. And I think two years is about it. Anything more than two is unnecessary.

I couldn’t have said ‘two years’ if we were talking in 1930. This is 2015, okay. The ability to move knowledge around the planet is exponentially greater than it was 30 years ago. So on the ETs, at that point, if I were to openly engage the human race and the government, possibly, we’ve been dealing with them but now it is out of the open. That’s when I do it. We don’t need to wait any longer. Right? A: Right.

S: And one of the reasons is, in the post-Disclosure world, whatever the hell they’re doing, is not going to be easier to do with the entire world aware that you’re here and looking for everything. Well, are you going to continue a massive worldwide contact abductee program? Okay. That’s going to be kind of tough. So, I’d probably end that program immediately. That’s it, all done. Can’t do that anymore. Watch that learning curve unfold. And then make open contact. That’s a big thing. It won’t be as big a deal as the Disclosure Event because by the time it happens it’s totally anticlimactic. Disclosure is a different matter. That would be the most profound event in human history.

Now there is one other possiblity. And of course, this one keeps me awake at night, okay. I break in sweats on this one. And that is, that having achieved the Disclosure Event, they wrap up their abduction program and whatever else they are doing, and leave. They know about us. They’ve acknowledged it. Hopefully that will alter their thinking and get them to get out of this business of wholesale slaughter, distruction, violence and stupidity. But our work is done. Time to go home. God, that’s not what happens. (Laughter) If that is what happens I will be really, really –

A: After all the work you’ve done.

S: Oh no, the Disclosure will be an accomplishment. That’s a lot. That’s more than anyone might ask for. But come on!

A: I really feel that when they arrive and I do believe some have already arrived.

S: When they are open, they already have arrived.

A: I was just to say that’s what I agree with. You know, there’s going to be a lot consulting. A lot of advising,

S: You mean between us and them?

A: Yes,

S: Why not?

A: Absolutely.

S: If they want to engage us post-Disclosure (A: Right) it will have to be because some sort of relationship is going to develop, okay? We know they work together so I guess we’ll be involved with them too.

A: Yes.

S: Well, we might have a junior role. So here we are. Now, you know, if you’re bringing in somebody new into your world, into your reality, why not be nice? Why not do something for them or help them out.

A: Oh yeah.

S: Certainly it would help cement the relationship and assure that as things move forward they can interact with us and feel comfortable and so forth. And what can they give us? What can they do for us? Give us gold? That would be good. But that would be kind of crass and in a way absurd. Give us some rides in their space ship. We could do that.

A: Well, which a lot of us are experiencing.

S: Yeah, it already is happening. What’s the one thing that they can do which has been very, very, well received – basically, provide us all the necessary bio-technology, cure every disease that we have, every one. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autoimmune disorders, all of them. What’s the down side? There’s none.

A: There isn’t.

S: There’s no down side at all. Except that one. Which I’m sure would be pointed out. And you know, and if you employ this technology, this gift that we are giving you, but you don’t manage your population you’re going to end up having even more people. And that’s dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. All right. You’re already too populated already. So we don’t want to make things worse. And by the way, we have some primo contraceptive technology. It’s very . . . It is so good that nobody can object to it on any grounds, religious or otherwise. It’s one hundred percent effective and we can give this to you as well. And you employ that and what you end up with in not too long a time is instead of 7 billion people living an average of 78 years and suffering from all matters of afflictions you end up with about 4 billion people living 140 years and rarely having a sick day on your life. And we would go, ‘we’ll take that.’

A: Yeah.

S: In the post-Disclosure world I think we would take that for our worldview will have changed and we realize, you know, we really need 20 billion people here? I mean what? what would be the point, right? If we have 20 billion people and one day we will take over the galaxy. We’ll just spread and – NO! We’re going [unclear] Why do we want to put a billion kids on this planet walking around in their own filth, unable to educate, right, drinking muddy water, why? What would be the reason? In the pre-Disclosure world you can’t sell that. I have tried. You cannot sell that. You’ve got people locked into a human operating system 1.0, and it’s sort of, well, you know, survival of the species and you know, and billions will die in the process and we’ll get stronger. Well, what happened to hell. Because they just can’t change their equation.

A: Yes. Yes.

S: But Disclosure changes all equations.

A: I just want to throw out there, I have a little different perspective only from the standpoint that I do feel that the health therapies that are available right now are already doing that. They are already available. I am very aware of them and they can completely eliminate disease. I mean at this moment. Okay. So what I am feeling is that one of their main roles is to educate us and advise us on how to become more oriented to working as a group rather than as survival of the fitness.

S: Well, the Darwinian evolution no longer applies. The minute you become an advanced species the Darwinian evolution no longer applies to you, all right. It’s a different kind of evolution. Which is where they’re at.

A: Yes.

S: And with all due respect to the emerging alternative modalities for health, which I’m sure have some embedded truth, they’re way past that.

A: I’m not disagreeing with that. All I’m saying is that that’s already available right now it just that it cannot come out when you’re up against the big boys like AMA and –

S: But what is available is here [showing lower level] and they’re here [showing higher level].

A: Yes. Truly.

S: There’s no point in pushing this, you put this in play and off you go. Now, if in fact, these other areas that we’re developing and do have value, right. A lot of that stuff is really preventive anyway. In other words, even if the extraterrestrials are able to provide the necessary knowledge that so that we could cure diseases, that’s not the same of preventing disease.

A: I agree.

S: Now I think they also have extraordinary genetic technology that can eliminate a lot of diseases that are genetically-spawned, that’s preventive, but the fact is, that the idea is not to – I mean, ideally you want is to not get disease at all.

A: Right.

S: I expect that they will – I don’t think they’re going to come down and give us nutritional advice, say eat this, eat that, no. A: (Laughs)

S: They’re going to say, look, here how to cure damn diseases, go ahead and do it. We on the other hand we will draw on our technology, which is hard-earned and very indigenous to us, to alter our lifestyles to prevent diseases. So those things will come into play, right. But you know, if I had cancer tomorrow, and somebody said, look, there’s a healer operating out of Sedona you can go over there and have a session with him or there’s a ET mothership orbiting the Earth and they can get you fixed up in about 48 hours, I’ll go with the mothership.

A : Well, that’s obvious. I mean we are talking about preventive reactionary versus holistic just being healthy, there’s no comparison. But I’m saying that at right this moment, right here, right now, who’s to say that the very people that some of us are working with are not already extraterrestrials that are already providing that information, okay, as we speak.

S: Who’s to say. It’s not me. It’s one of those speculations that may be in play and I’m sure that post-Disclosure, we’ll find out.

A: That’s true. That’s true.

A: Okay, so another question about the species. In one of your hearings, Paul Hellyer was mentioning that he found that there were about four to five species he listed off: the Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiadians, the Orions, the Altairians, and the Tall Whites.

S: Well, he didn’t name them that way.

A: Yeah, it did.

S: Zetas, Greys, I don’t think he mentioned them in that way, did he?

 A: Yeah he did. This is right out of there, man.

 S: Well, here’s the deal. And this is worth noting. People have associated certain star systems to certain of these beings. (A: Okay) So there’s a kind of nomenclature that’s emerged there. The Greys are from Zeta Reticuli or whatever. However, I caution people about this, just because that’s the term in play for them it doesn’t mean that they’re from there. A lot of these ‘connections’ are coming from channeled material, all right. There are a lot of stars out there.

A: Oh yeah. And that’s one of my questions is have you heard about that Russian spy handbook that was released?

S: No, I don’t think so.

A: And it has declassified information about, gosh, there’s like over a hundred different species. It’s the coolest handbook.

S: I’ll look for it. We’ll see.

A: And I’m just curious –

S: The real deal or it could just be another thing, you know.

A: It has the official declassification stamp on it, of course it could be B.S. I was just curious what you’ve heard about the number of species that have actually contacted our government.

S: Well, first of all I’m not aware that any species has contacted our government. Based on the contactee reports is the best that we have, there are about five that are predominant. There are some others that are mentioned. It’s like Hawaii. You get to Hawaii, and sit on the beach. What’s the predominant tourist on beach in Hawaii – the Japanese, you know, and you’ve got the Koreans, and then obviously you’ve got some Haole’s from the US but then you’ve got an Albanian over here, you’ve got a couple of Czechs over here, but there’s a few predominant groups that dominate the tourist business in Hawaii. I think it’s the same thing with ETs. And of course, I’d love to someday learn the place that all of this is playing out. There’s a very complex system. So how many total that actually have been here for one reason or another – I have no idea. How many are here right now? No idea. What’s more than enough to know is that there about 5 groups that turn up consistently in the contactee territory. And that’s what’s really important. The outliers not so much, as long as they don’t cause trouble.

A: Can you tell me what the five are?

S: You’ve got three types of Greys, – there’s actually more than five – you count the Greys as one, right, although there are three kinds, small, medium, large. And the whole interrelationship there,

A: I’ve never heard that before, that’s funny.

S: Yeah, they’re just like shirts. And we’ve got the Reptoids which is the ones that I think most concern people because there is a fascinating history in our cultures. You’ve got the Nordics which is extremely significant, the Nordics are extremely significant. You’ve got the fire-plugs, the Blues. And you’ve got the Insectoids, or the Praying Mantises, which is also extremely significant. These are the principal ones.

A: Well, thank you for that.

S: And you can see them, just go google extraterrestrial types, or alien types, click ‘images,’ and you can see them. Why? Because given how many contactees there are and nobody should be surprised and some of them are really good artists. (A: Yes, definitely) So they have drawn them. They don’t take Polaroids, they don’t take iPhone shots, because they don’t let you do that, you know. If you say could we pose with picture of you, or if you think you’re going to grab your camera and sneak a picture, for some reason they never do that. They’ve got control. They are able to operate a very high level – they’ve got control, you just do not get pictures from them. Ever.

A: Well, Billy Meier.

S: What now?

A: You’ve got Billy Meier.

S: I’m talking about Extraterrestrials.

A: Ok, that was just the craft itself.

S: There’s no photo that I know of and the one that turns up as Semjase has already been proven to be fake.

A: Okay. Okay, now a question about all these documents that are being released that is part of the ‘soft disclosure’ supposedly. I kind of feel like the robust impact that these should have on the community is being missed because the length of the documents and the technical language of the documents.

S: Nothing unusual about that. That’s always the case. Documents have a modest impact on the media and the public. They are very important for the research and they help put pieces together and they’re easy to archive on the net and show. But, I tell you, all of those documents are not worth one former Secretary of Defense going in front of the camera saying, Look, we’ve got ETs here.

A: Well, I agree. I’m just wondering has there been any plan for someone to review them and provide a quick, concise synopsis or interpretation that will help the Disclosure process. Is anyone taking that on?  

S: It’s a million dollar project.

A: Oh.

S: The Black Vault has how many tens of thousands of docs, right. Look, most of the important docs have been analyzed, reviewed, you can find material about all the important ones.

A: Okay.

S: But nobody has the money to have a complete survey of all the documents would be a massive project. Post-Disclosure, yeah. One of the things that needs to be done, particularly, it can’t be done now – it’s post-Disclosure – let’s go through and weed out, with the government’s assistance, weed out the fakes. And this really comes under the level of history. This is something that I don’t talk about much. This is one of the most time in human history right now. I don’t think anything else comes close. And the extraterrestrial engagement is as important as it gets. And because of the damn Truth Embargo, I’ve always been deeply concerned that a lot of the history is being destroyed. Shredded, okay. And then you’ve got phony crap they’ve been putting out, so ultimately this pollutes the history.

A: Yeah.

S: Now admittedly, nothing’s new there and as you go back in history and you’ve got the documents going back a thousand years, two thousand years, you’ve got stuff there that’s not helpful, that’s bogus, so we can let that go. But we are much more sophisticated society and we owe it to the thousands of generations that will hopefully come after us to handle over to them a history of this unbelievable time.

A: Yes, yes.

S: And if the government is destroying a lot of stuff, so it doesn’t get caught with it, for their own purposes then we are destroying history. Which is becoming rather fashionable. In the Middle East they’re destroying history everyday. You know, burning down museums, destroying statues, we’re going through a period of institutionalized masochism and self-destruction which is really remarkable. And people are forgetting about that. Yeah, it’s mentioned. It’s contagious. It could get a lot worse, right. I worry about the government is doing the same thing.

But however, that said, ultimately I don’t think so. They’re not stupid. And what I think that they do, is they say they destroy some stuff, but it’s not destroyed. It’s over here. They say that so they’re left alone. Hey, it’s gone. We’re sorry. Post-Disclosure – we found it, right? Because, you know, these guys aren’t demons. They aren’t evil. They’ve got a policy and they’ve kind of stuck to it. If you get a good salary and you want to buck the system, fine, but forget the job, forget the salary, so they go along with it, they get it. But they’ve got the goods and post-Disclosure I think it will get sorted out. And there will be this vast history and documents and everything else that people will be studying forever.

A: For a long time.

S: Absolutely.

A: Well, it’s projected that under the Getty Museum supposedly there’s a vault of a lot of stuff that’s being stored. As well as of course, the Vatican.

S: Well, in the Truth Embargo world there’s bases under mountains, there’s vaults under museums, everywhere, why not? That’s really, for me, all metaphor. And people talk about this, and I don’t mind that they do, they really don’t know but they love to talk about it. And if somebody asserts that they jump on it. I get that. But what’s going on here is that all these underground hidden places is a metaphor for the entire secret world and the fact that they keep stuff from us. So it’s reinforcing that idea. And it’s true. And I’m sure that there are underground facilities and everything else, and underground bases of the ETs. But people talk about a lot of this stuff matter of fact because it really is a help to affirm in their mind what is absolutely true – that we have completely gone overboard with the hidden and the massive secrecy. If it were completely secret, if the government had lots of big secrets and you didn’t know they had them, it’s all good, but the world is not like that anymore. They’ve a lot of secrets and we know that they’ve got these secrets. That’s not good.

A: No.

S: And it’s corrosive, and so people are fed up with it.

A: And we’re getting close exposing it. Yay!

S: Well, that’s the idea, hopefully, while we still have enough braincells left to enjoy the results.

A: I’m so grateful that there’s somebody like you to have the tenacity to keep doing it. Keep on keeping on.

S: There’s no other job for me.

A: Well, okay, that leads me to, I know you’ve been doing a lot of tours through Europe for the last year, you traveled quite a bit apparently to spread the word and share your information, so can you share a little bit about with us, what strongholds or pockets in the world that you are finding that are really receptive to this. What are you hearing from the public?

S: There’s a couple of groups in France that are pretty active, all right. And there’s some government engagement going on there. There’s some really serious groups in the Netherlands, Belgium. UK’s got some stuff, but well, it’s a big country. It’s definitely making some pull. There are some very good researchers in Portugal and they are playing a role, a lot of them in Brazil. There’s really a lot going on in South America, frankly. Military witnesses, researchers, and so forth, and we don’t know much about it because from an American point of view, South America is just there for us to exploit and overthrow people and we really don’t give a damn about what’s going on down there. And so, but that’s going on. I haven’t any access to Russia or China. But other researchers have and there’s clearly some things going on there. But I know very little about their civilian community. I get occasional posts from Russia.

A: What is your opinion on Putin’s stance on so many of these issues that have come forth. Don’t you feel that he is truly playing a very magical role in bringing forth the Disclosure process.

S: Oh, I can’t say that.

A: No.

S: No, not at all.

A: It seems like so many things that he has come out and done and said. At least it’s better through places like RT, okay, granted, quite a few articles coming out where he’s really being heavy-handed with the US government –

S: Yeah, that’s happening –

A: And he’s really pushing some

S: He’s not doing anything about the ETs.

A: Okay.

S: you know, in the famous off-camera off-mike event that took place – it wasn’t off-mike, but that’s not the thing with Putin. The situation with Putin is as simple as this. And I’m saying this to people on the hill right now. He’s definitely a candidate for Disclosure. And so is Beijing. Both of these nations stand to benefit hugely from being the first nation to Disclose. And we will be damaged profoundly if that happens. The US would take a heavy, heavy hit and so, those lunks up on the hill had better figure this out. Right? I think it’s pretty clear that Putin is not a puppet of the CIA.

A: Right.

S: He’s not getting a paycheck from us.

A: That’s what I meant he’s really standing tall, first of all you’ve got the banking system he’s separated himself from.

S: He’s slamming us all over the place but we’re slamming back and now we’ve got big tensions building again. It’s stupidity. Right. But the reason that he’s slamming us is because we pushed Russia pretty hard. Our policy with regard toward Russia in the last 15 years has just been idiotic. Unbelievable stupid. That’s because there’s a certain element in our government that are just flat war-mongers. Everyday they get up they spend a good part of their day figuring out what it will take to get another war going. And as long as these people are around we’re always going to be facing, or having to deal with these war wrap-ups. And these guys, they’re all men, a couple of women but very few, have gone out of their way to just really irritate the hell out of Russia. To no good end at all. And now, he’s pushing back, and now he’s pushing back and they’re all screaming, see, see, see? And some of the things that our government does are so God awful, to even think about it here makes me upset.

A: The fact that they supposedly represent the American people is even more upsetting.

S: Well, that’s what they think. I don’t think they even that. They represent themselves and don’t give a damn about us at all.

A: Absolutely. You won’t get any argument there.

S: Putin is no choir boy, don’t get me wrong.

A: Do you also feel that Russia is ahead of the game with us as far as ET technology, because they’ve had so many downed crafts in that area?

S: No, no, we don’t know that. It’s a big country. It wouldn’t surprised me if they had a crashed vehicle. But there’s no evidence at all that they are ahead of us on that. We got ours in 1947. I don’t think they had one prior than that. And we are a rich country and we have spent a fortune on that re-engineering. I’m quite sure that we’re ahead of everything that they have.

A: Hmm.

S: I can’t prove it though. No way to prove it. It’s just an educated guess.

A: I heard in the testimony, I forgot who was saying this, I can’t remember, but in the hearings they mentioned that Linda Mouton Howe had said that she had received information that at least two extraterrestrials were working with the United States government. Have you had any information about that that you can share with us?

S: No, I don’t. I’m not a researcher.

A: Okay.

S: Look, if Linda says it, I give that without question. But remember, she was told that. Okay. If she says that, I’m sure that she was told that. Does that mean that it is true? It depends on what the person was telling her. Remember disinformation is absolutely essential to remain the Truth Embargo.

A: Yes.

S: One of the things that you do, you get your researchers running around in circles chasing a phantom and everything else. And so they’ll come to you and they’ll tell you two things. One of them will be true and one will be false. The thing that is true is sort of important and the one that is false is huge and off we go. And I think Linda would agree. I think Linda would be the first to agree with me – is it really true? I don’t know but I’ve been told that. And I like the source so it has to be considered. Absolutely. It has to be considered. And you could have two ETs working with the government and still not have any kind of deal.

A: True.

S: You just don’t know. And so from the standpoint of the advocacy work and what I say, when I talk I am talking and approaching the issue very selfishly. I’m going to approach it and talk about it in a way that serves the advocacy movement. If it doesn’t I’m not going to talk about it that way. I’m not going to lie. But I’m not going to approach the issue in a way that damages the evidence. So I have to think in those terms. A researcher is a different matter. A researcher has two people say to him or her there’s two ETs working and you go, okay, I’ll put that over here, and then you get another researcher and you find something that might corroborate that. And eventually you start to build up a strong sense. I don’t know what else she has there but all of that is under the heading of general research and again post-Disclosure it will all get sorted out.

A: Sure.

S: And I’m quite sure that Linda has a lot of things right and I’m sure she has a few things wrong but it’s the thing that she has right that are really going to matter in the post-Disclosure world and I hope she enjoys the post-Disclosure world immensely.

A: I think we are all going to enjoy that. At least those that are very aware of what is about to happen. Now, you talk about post-Disclosure quite a bit, and I know that you’ve been asked this many times – but can you clarify for us, how do you see the American public, and even the world public, responding to this. We’ve talked a lot about, let’s forgive our government and let’s try to focus on the objective at hand which is to start moving into a more galactic society, having the truth fully revealed, and that sort of thing. How do you see this really unfolding at this point?

S: First of all, once you go there, you have to leave your own little world, the echo chamber that we all live in with our supporters and our colleagues and whatever community we have, you have to leave that and you’ve got to enter the larger arena, which I don’t spend much thinking about. Well I do think about it. Of course, I think about it, but obviously most of my focus is on the immediate task at hand. So when Disclosure takes place, that Disclosure is going to go out to everybody in the world within a few days. I mean, the range of the world today, is that you can be a farmer working in central Bangladesh, right, and the nearest phone is 50 miles away. With 48 to 72 hours with Disclosure your cousin is going to ride a caribou out to your hut and tell you, right? Guess what? 95, 98% of the public will probably know by 3 or 4 days. That’s all 7 billion people.

A: Yeah, that’s a lot.

S: Some nation like North Korea will have a blackout on it, which is very possible. But you know will happen with those 7 billion people? Overwhelmingly, they will have only one fundamental interest, right? And it will transcend all other interest. First of all, they don’t care very much about us. Not right away anyway. They will have one interest. What are you going to tell us next? What are we going to learn next. I want to know everything. Right? They aren’t going to care about Men in Black, or phony documents, or all of the other things that will eventually get tossed up one way or another. They don’t care about any of it. Most of them don’t even know about that. Most of them will be hearing this with only a vague sense of the issue, although the UFO thing is almost ubiquitous as the lie, if they know about it. There large portions of the world don’t spend very much time thinking about it. And they’re just going to be transfixed and they’re wanting to know everything as soon as possible. That’s the fundamental response.

And that will dominate and it will be a mistake for some of the guys like me and the researchers to kind of jam themselves into that process too soon, too aggressively. Meaning, oh, it’s been announced. Look at me, look at me. They don’t give a crap about me. 99% of the world population on the Day after Disclosure won’t even know who I am and do not care what I have to say if I try to say it. Although they want to know is what is coming next. And that will dominate for quite a while. And if the government is relatively forthcoming they are going to be very pleased and happy.

And then things will, at some point, that massive initial interest will start to sort of calm down a little bit in it’s own appropriate time. Those of us who are knowledge-based and have a history will start to enter the __. The government, I think, would prefer that we would all retire and go away. Aannh, you did your job, great, but understand we’re the professionals. Get out of here. Which has happened in the past. Some advocates will then create a result and then, okay fine, you got what you wanted, so go away. You’ve been in been a pain in the ass for all these years, go away. Now that doesn’t always happen. But most of the activists have the tendency to play that role. No longer, thanks to this baby right here [patting the computer] the computer. What the computer has done is to archive the entire movement in a way that no movement has ever been archived. My God, there’s more stuff on the internet about this issue and the people involved and the movement and the research to keep people occupied for decades, if not longer. And so, it’s not going to be possible for the government to erase us from the 10 billion web pages.

A: That’s for sure.

S: So our post-Disclosure status is assured. It’s only a matter of how we use it. And some people will use it well and some people won’t. I encourage all of my colleagues to spend a good deal of time thinking about that.

A: Good point. So one of the recent releases of information is regarding the UK House of Lords and I wondered if you heard about it – the 18 MOD classified files of UFOs that were supposed to made public by the national archives and to be released in a single batch or in a simultaneous series of batches and they wanted to know what the time scale was. And the response was that they were going to delay it to the end of 2014 as previously announced to actually late 2015 or early 2016. My question to you is, why, who’s delaying it?

S: Well, this came up in the Prime Minister’s questions, right?

A: Yes.

S: Okay, very cool. I love this. The story here is really cool. The UK started releasing documents in 2005 and they said right away they’re going to release these in a sort of chronological order in batches over time, which was interesting. They’ve got a lot of files so I can understand that. But whether it was intentional or not of doing it that way, every time they released a new batch that generated hundred and hundreds of new media stories. Hundreds and hundreds. Over all, thousands. So that was great. I mean for the advocacy movement. And then, I forget how long ago they released a batch, it was like the sixth one, and then they said, ‘that’s it. That’s all we’ve got.’ And they had already shut down the UFO desk down and everyone was saying, ‘we’re done here.’ It’s all done, leave us alone. And then, not too long ago, it was discovered there were some more. They hadn’t released them all. Very embarrassing. Okay. And that was kind of fun. And so they say they’re going to release them. But they haven’t yet. And so, the fact that somebody brought this up in the Prime Minister’s questions is very significant.


It means that – if one person brought it up I can assure you that it’s on the minds a lot of those MPs and that could indicate that things are about to go to an new level in the UK. Because, you know, if Prime Minister Cameron were to make the announcement in the UK they could be the Disclosure Nation. That would be the United Kingdom, the one that used to have an empire that stretched all around the world that got scrunched down to an island and even Scotland is thinking of leaving them. This would suddenly elevate the UK back on the world stage at a level not seen for quite a while. Of course it would be stabbing the United States in the back but they’re still upset of the fact that they were dragged into the Iraq War. In fact we’re always dragging them into one war or another. And so, you can’t rule it out. So who knows. Again I love to say these things on camera – this has been an extraordinary interview and I hope you will share it extensively –

A: Absolutely. That was my intention.

S: The advisors at the White House need to wake up, all right. I know they have to spend most of their time dealing with the Benghazi scandal and if there’s little time left after that. We have a limited time left for the President of the United States to be the Disclosure President. They had better make a decision pretty soon.

A: So basically you are saying that there’s literally an almost competitiveness of which nation is going to take the lead on this at this point.

S: Do you remember happened with the Space Race? The Soviets put a stupid satellite up there, it was basically a tin can with a metal spike through it, they threw it over the United States and it went absolutely crazy. We lost the Space Race and spent a fortune putting a man on the moon in seven years, okay. The race for the cure of HIV was unbelievably intense. The race to come up with the genetic design of DNA was unbelievably intense. The race for the bomb was exponentially intense. There is a race to be the Disclosure Nation. A: Hmmm.

S: And some people don’t even know they’re even in the friggin’ race. And they have to be slapped hard across the face. This is pretty basic. It’s not complicated. And again, I’ll say this every chance I get before a camera, I hope to be saying it on CNN News very soon, you know. I keep saying it until they finally realize that, My God, they have a point there. What can I say? Imagine that if there were a cure for cancer. A silver bullet cure for cancer.

A: Which there is.

S: Which you say there is. And if four nations were working on it. Do you think that it would matter to those four nations which one got out first, in terms of of what it meant to their country?

A: Yeah. Wow.

S: Their world position and their geopolitical position. A: Big time.

S: This is even bigger than a cure to cancer. This is the most profound event in human history and one head of state is going to be the one that does it. And right now the United States government, well, the White House put out a statement three years ago saying none of this even exists. Now if Putin announces the ET presence tomorrow the first thing that the world is going to do is – in terms of the US, is to point out that, ‘Didn’t you say there was no evidence for this at all in 2011?’ Are you that big a liar or that stupid?

A: Right.

S: Meanwhile, they are going to be showering Putin with roses and accolades and awards and the Nobel Peace Prize. What can I say?

A: An interesting perspective. I never really thought about it in that way.

S: Well, that’s the exopolitical perspective. That’s exopolitics in it’s purest form.

A: Now talk a little bit about that because in one of your talks you were talking about how we are now officially out of the UFO secret stage and were now seguing into the exopolitical stage. Can you clarify for people what truly that difference is.

S: It’s largely language – developing the appropriate language. But the way that I couch it like this: The era of the UFO were from 1947 to 1992. The Truth Embargo heavily, heavily conducted – the UFO the acronym that totally inappropriate acronym – it’s a non sequitur – it’s an anachronisitic non sequitur is what it is that the government loved, pushed it like crazy. As long as you are talking about Unidentified Flying Objects there’s no big deal. But when the Cold War ended and the door opened to Disclosure, and of course by 1992 the ET presence had been confirmed by the evidence umpteen times over, it was ridiculous to keep talking about some kind of unidentified flying objects.

So first of all, we’re going to talk about UFO crap done by extraterrestrials. But when the door opened in 1992, really what is important then is – we know there are extraterrestrials here, we’ve got the government to announce it. Before they were trying to get the government to admit that there’s something there, that there’s something to UFOs. At least pay attention. After 1992, it’s not about that anymore it’s trying to get the government to acknowledge the truth. And that is a political process. Now who ever came up with the term ‘exopolitics’ in the year 2000, 8 years later. It took a while. Up until then, we first called it ‘the politics of UFOs.’

A: Interesting.

S: That was in the 1990s. Then it became ‘the politics of Disclosure.’ I take some credit for that. And that is fine. That was good. But ‘exopolitics’ is one word. So all exopolitics is the area where you’re getting into the socio-political implications, the history of the issue. It’s not about understanding what the craft is made from, okay. It is dealing with the political-social implications, history and actions and policies of the government, all governments. That’s exopolitics. And that’s what really matters. Because the government already knows that extraterrestrials are here. What they haven’t done is acknowledge it. And nothing is going to happen, very little is going to happen in terms of moving forward until they do. So it’s not been a scientific issue for a very long time. It is a political issue.

A: Well, and the absolutely profound implications on each individual walking this planet’s core truth. Their true foundational faith and belief systems. It’s going to affect every aspect of how they see themselves, their life, their families, their purpose, their reason to go to work every day.

S: Let’s pare that back a little bit. It will affect those things they let it affect. I believe that overall there’s a small measurable worldview change across the entire world’s population. But a lot of people will be virtually almost unaffected at all. Some people will be transformed. That small group will be transformed. But the Day after Disclosure everybody’s lives will be almost exactly the same than the day before. The only thing that is different is that they have some new information. They have new information, that’s all. And over time, it will assert an influence on their worldview. But not right away. It will take time. And so, I just downplay the impact. An example of a transformative overnight worldview change. We have a lot of evidence for what I what I consider probably the best example. And that is the near-death experience.

A: Good point.

S: Those who have had a near-death experience, when they come out of it, within 24 hours, they are a transformed individual. (A: Very true) That’s a classic example. Will this be at that level? No. It will not. Because it is external. The near-death experience is happening directly to you.

A: Yeah, yeah. There will be a process of acclimation after that.

S: And keep in mind that half the world is already convinced that they’re here so hearing it the government, ‘I knew that already.’ It just won’t be as big a deal as people think. It will be the most profound moment in human history, measured by how many people are affected to whatever degree. And how quickly that takes place. Nothing comes close.

A: I think it will be very, very impacting for specific communities that have been following it along.

S: It will change my life.

A: It will change my life big time.

S: My life will change massively, but again I am near the center of the storm.

A: Definitely.

S: But what we need to be concerned about is what the general population’s response. And it’s not going to be so tumultuous or as extremely radical as people think. It isn’t going to be. And it never – look, I will say this. If somehow Disclosure had taken place in 1947 which it almost did, because of the Roswell crash, obviously they contacted Truman almost immediately and he’s digesting that but the press release went out, which was a mistake, but an honest mistake, the person who did it didn’t [unclear]. Truman had to get to Ramey who was the next higher up and they had to orchestrate a new press conference. And they moved very fast.

A: Yeah.

S: So they got that second press conference and it went out the next day in the Roswell paper. And because back then the trains and the boats and the planes were a lot slower than they are now, all the reporters that were heading to Roswell – there were plenty of them – just turned around and went home. Now if for whatever reason, Truman had been distracted or they got confused and or they didn’t get access and those reporters had gotten there and they all these people in Roswell that had seen this and seen that and they started interviewing them, it would have over. We would have had Disclosure in 1947.

Now I will say this, that the announcement of the ET presence in ’47, would have been a much more difficult pill to swallow and it would have been much more upsetting to a larger amount of people. I happen to believe that it would have been a very good thing. It would have completely changed the 20th century. Remember, it would have happened in 1947 before we had any significant arsenal of nuclear weapons or the Soviet Union either. So now we know there’s an extraterrestrial presence would we have still ended up building 70-some-thousand nuclear weapons. I don’t think so.

Would the Cold War have lasted? I don’t think so. I believe it was one of the great lost opportunities of all of human history. However, one could also make the argument that that announcement would have so further complicated the developing geopolitical situation that we would have possibly led to a war. One could imagine that happening so they got the new press conference and they shut it down. I don’t think the ETs had anything to do with that, right. As a matter of fact, I can imagine the ETs thinking that’s definitely going to do it. The cat’s out of the bag now. But it didn’t happen. So that’s a book worth of – if I didn’t have ADDH and TV glitch it would make a fantastic book, to write a book in which Roswell ends up triggering Disclosure in 1947 and describe the 20th century after that. I’m sure somebody will do it but not me. I can’t sit still long enough.

A: Well, believe it or not I’m coming to the end – I have a few more questions – just a couple.

S: It’s great stuff.

A: I wanted ask you, are you familiar with the video that Paul Hellyer just released and it was dated the 18th of March.

S: Yeah. No, I saw it, I didn’t listen to it. Is there something interesting there?

A: Yeah, it kind of sent shock waves across the internet from the standpoint that he was basically saying, “We’ve been given a few months, not years, before it’s too late. We are the ones who are destined to write our own history.” And I just wanted to ask you why do you think the sudden urgency that message came out and does it indicate that he too has received information about possible Disclosure rumblings.

S: I have no idea whether he’s received any information. However, I can make a case that we could be in a few months scenario. Now ‘a few’ could be eight, nine or eleven, whatever. Obviously a few months doesn’t mean a few years. And I’ll be talking about this in Canada. I’m leaving for Montreal tomorrow.

A: Oh are you really?

S: I’m leaving for Montreal on the 4th, Toronto on the 11th, Calgary on the 18th, and Vancouver on the 19th [April]. I’ll be talking about this actually. The situation is rapidly deteriorating. It’s as bad in my view as it was before World War I, but perhaps even more complicated than that. And that was pretty damn complicated. And at any moment, things could blow sky high. And so I would sort of agree with Paul that we could be dealing with months here. And that’s the message that I want to say to the Canada audience, that we need to support this movement. We need to get this done.

A: Yes.

S: If I had a decent amount of additional funding that would help to ensure that this Congressional Hearing would be done with a full big – , nothing left out. A: Yes.

S: We have the opportunity here to get it done. I’m running on a couple of grand. That’s nothing.

A: Yeah, right.

S: But after 15 years I’ve learned to do that. But again, that’s not the way history is. So I’m going to be making that case and I will be explaining why we could very well be down to a couple of months. Most people don’t want to think about this. Those that are my age in the 60s and 50s they’ve lived many years of their lives under the Cold War where at any moment you could have a nuclear war and that was it, it’s all gone, everything’s gone. Well, now that’s over and they don’t want to think that way anymore. Okay. I understand that plus the Cold War was pretty obvious. It was pretty clear. We have a very clear understanding of that, of what could happen. The situation now is far more complicated than it was during the Cold War. Yet there are things that could happen tomorrow that would be catastrophic. And so the fact is, it’s slipping under the radar of people. They don’t see, right. Well actually, a lot of people do see, maybe they don’t see it correctly but they are getting the larger point.

We have this prepper movement now which is growing, the survivalist movement, in the United States where large numbers of people are storing up materials and learning survivalist skills, and building bunkers and facilities, because obviously, they think it’s very possible to have all of it to go down. Well, in their view, what may go down varies. And some of their expectations are probably misplaced. However, I happen to believe there are some things that could go down. And we are losing control. We are losing control of this and we’d better do something pretty soon.

And the point is, okay, I’m going to say something. We need to drive this process and we need to get to Disclosure right away. Once Disclosure happens, it’s irreversible. Okay. It’s irreversible. And we are in the post-Disclosure world. And the equations change. And suddenly something that couldn’t be solved pre-Disclosure is solvable post-Disclosure. And that is one way we might have avoid the potential fiascos that are virtually bearing down on us. It’s not guaranteed, we might still screw up. We may still have some really bad outcomes. But even if we do, these outcomes, these bad outcomes will be happening in the post-Disclosure world. And so we may handle them better. We might make better choices. You can’t imagine how much is at stake here. A: Yes.

And if it weren’t for the Truth Embargo it wouldn’t be that hard to convey that. But with the Truth Embargo and the government saying there’s absolutely nothing to any of this, everybody has in the back of their minds, well, I could support it but maybe – what if the government is right. There aren’t any . . . It’s like God, you know.

If I was a marine biologist dedicated to saving the whales and I went and talked to people and said I need money for whales, there’s no ambiguity here. Everybody knows there are whales, everybody knows they are being harvested by the Japanese, everybody knows they’re kind of in danger, there absolutely no ambiguity. So if you are into whales you’re writing a check. You’re on board. And the anti-whale movement has generated tens of millions of dollars. We’re not even in the ball park, we’re not even a fraction of that because the government – let me say this – if I was in the whale-saving business and the US Government had spent huge amounts of money over the decades convincing the world population that there were no whales, it was all in our imaginations, like mermaids, and so you go to a group of people and say, I need money to go save the whales and they say, What whales? (A: Right) I hear them, the government says there aren’t any so I’m just going to play it safe. That’s how it is. But what is at stake here is not some whales.

A: Right

S: What’s at stake here is possibly the well being, if not the lives, of a few billion people.

A: The human species.

S: Possibly even the species if we have a nuclear war.

A: Right.

S: And guess what? We have, many still, many times or several times, the number of weapons necessary to create a nuclear winter. Many times the nuclear weapons necessary. We have five thousand in our arsenal half of which are controlled under the SALT, the other 2500 are unconstrained. If we launched a thousand missles at the Soviet Union and they launched a thousand at us, that’s it. We’re done. It’s over. The whole friggin’ experiment. And people can shut their eyes and put a bag over their head and la la la la la – it doesn’t change anything. Right? So there’s a lot at stake here. And I’m going to be talking to some very nice Canadians in April and we’ll see what happens. And I need about 50,000 frankly, to really hammer this out.

A: Well, let’s see what we can for you Stephen. I don’t have any further questions right now. Of course, there are some swirling in my head, but I’ve taken a lot of your time today. I just want everyone to check out Stephen Bassett’s websites. He has four apparently. One is Paradigm Research Group.org.

S: Paradigm Research Group.org is the main website. Then he has X-Conference.org.

S: That’s basically suspended.

A: Okay. What about the Fax on Washington.org?

S: Fax on Washington.org.

A: World Disclosure Day.org.

S: World Disclosure Day.org.

A: Gee do you think this guy is busy? That’s my question.

S: Don’t forget the Disclosure Petition.org. A: That’s right. Disclosure Petition.org.

A: I just can’t keep track of all of them.

S: X-PPAC.org That’s PRG’s Political Action Committee.

S: And Citizen Hearing.org. That is not my site. It’s the partnership’s site of which I am a partner. Citizen Hearing.org, which is very important.

A: Well, I don’t think you have enough websites. Anyway, please support him because you are supporting him as well as our entire species, literally right, now. I can see that we are on the threshold of new beginnings. Now I tend to be a person always looking at the glass half full and I put a call out, all of you, that you – whatever you want to call it – whether you pray, or you send positive energy, or you do your energetic work, and send it to those within the government, within the staff members, within the military intelligence complex that this be done now. And let’s us have the spiritual side marry the exopolitical side, right? That would be nice.

S: The contactees out there that have bought Apple at $10 bucks a share, call me. So we can get this done.

A: You are bad. Yes, let’s get this done. And as always, please do me a favor. I really want this video to spread far and wide, as does Stephen. This was a very comprehensive interview. It was deliberately on my part –

S: The longest one I’ve ever given.

A: Really?

S: Absolutely.

A: Well it was deliberately presented to try to cover as many topics that were affiliated with the Disclosure process and put it all into one video. That’s what we’re trying to do. Please share this with your friends and family and as always, check out Galactic Connection.com. We work on donations as well. We run a blog 365 days a year. And our main goal is to get out the alternative information through the eyes of the progress of what we are making, which is why we are interviewing Stephen Bassett today. Because, you can see, things are moving in the right direction. We just need to keep pushing and we need to support him and anyone else that is really trying to get this across, get this approved, and get the Congressional Hearings going immediately, so please make sure you check out his websites. Again the most prominant one is Paradigm Research Group.org.

S: And then there’s a big graphic there, and when you punch through that graphic it takes you to the status page of the Congressional Hearing Initiative.

A: Perfect.

S: With everthing that is going on.

A: Perfect.

S: But to emphasis your point. Advocacy movements are like a marathon. You don’t get a medal for running 26.1 miles. You have to cross the finish line. Otherwise, you’ve got squat, or we have to get all the way. Half way, 8 tenths away, is no good. All the way. And all the way is just critical. So that if people want that and want it now before something really ridiculous happens now is the time to step up.

A: You heard it from the expert. So come on guys, let’s make this happen. We can do this. Thank you so much, Stephen, because you’ve given us so much awesome information today. I think this will excite quite a few people – that we are moving in the right direction.

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