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APRIL 2, 2013

MeALEXANDRA:  Hello, everybody.  This is Alexandra Meadors from GalacticConnection.com and today is April 2, 2013.

Today, I have a very special guest, Steven D. Kelley.

Steven, say “hello.”

STEVEN KELLEY:  Hi, Alexandra.  Hi, everybody out there.

ALEXANDRA:  Steven’s got a very intriguing background.  He’s from Southern California and his background is in the precision electrooptic field.  That sounds very intriguing.  And he’s had quite a few experiences with the three-letter agencies, including NSA and a run-in with Ollie North, apparently.

His background involves Billy Meier and Semjase, I believe, and building beam ships and laser aiming systems.  I mean it just goes on and on.

For information on his background, please, go ahead and reach us at GalacticConnection.com on the BBS tab page, but today, I thought what we would start out with, Steven, is what you and I discussed before, which is how we’re seeing the reactions in people with this increase in energies.

And I was wondering — you were talking a little about your new experiencing with the Awake and Aware.


ALEXANDRA:  And you were talking a little bit about some things that are showing up there.

I have certainly noticed in the light worker community, people are just feeling super, super oppressed because of the compression of light on the planet.

What is your feeling about the Archonic activity, if you want to refer to it as that?

STEVEN KELLEY:  Probably a combination of many, many factors.

To be honest with you, a lot of people — you know, here it is April now, but a lot of people have been saying that March was just a crazy month with all sorts of crazy energy.  And I was kind of looking at the different things that were going on.  And I thought well, okay, we are just having a really, really powerful full moon and people are being affected by that.  And I am thinking no, it’s got to be a lot more than that.

There’s a combination of chemtrail activity, some electronic manipulation, possibly entities, like you suggested, but it’s got to be a whole lot, but we can look at some of these little stories and things.  And I am sure everybody’s got some experiences of people that they were dealing with here just within the last few days to demonstrate that.

ALEXANDRA:  You brought up something very interesting, the chemtrail activity.

How do you feel that that is impacting humanity right now from the standpoint of their emotions?

STEVEN KELLEY:  You know the chemtrails obviously have certain ingredients.  The aluminum and barium obviously have an immediate effect on the health and calcifying your pineals gland and what have you, but they also are used in conjunction with the scalar weapons and the HAARP-type systems, kind of like a part A and a part B.

And so as you are absorbing these materials and it’s affecting your health, it’s also allowing you to be more susceptible to this electronic manipulation that is being used at the same time.

And I suspect that they have been changing the recipe here recently, stepping up the delivery and also changing the recipe to incorporate more psychotropic substances and what have you.

ALEXANDRA:  I think you have got a point there because I noticed that the way in which the chemtrails are being sprayed, it looks different.

Have you noticed that?  They’ve been fanning it differently.

STEVEN KELLEY:  They seem to be a lot lower.

ALEXANDRA:  Yeah, I have noticed that, but also, the way in which they’re doing it seems to be different.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Well, over where I am at, a lot of these guys are flying out of Vandenberg, which is on the west coast right there by Point Mugu.

So we see a lot of this stuff coming from the general area of L.A. flying eastward.  Now, I know other people are probably noticing patterns which are probably also connected to where these planes are taking off from.  So it’s almost like if I — I like to photograph this stuff.  Whenever I see activity, I will go out in front of the house and photograph it.  And I generally photograph the same general area just for a reference and it’s very similar.  It seems like they have got the wind patterns down.  They know how the stuff is going to migrate and they know where it put it for maximum spread.  So it’s definitely —

ALEXANDRA:  I noticed when I was in the plane once that you see these layers of dense, thick chemtrail stuff, just pockets over the cities.  And then between the cities, it’s completely clear.  So it just baffles me that no one in the weather system is like really standing up and complaining about this.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Isn’t that amazing.

ALEXANDRA:  I mean how did they not notice what is going on when they are reporting on the weather every single day?  And then also the pilots themselves that are spraying this stuff, how do they not think to themselves what am I doing here?

STEVEN KELLEY:  You know, they’re getting paid well and you that is unfortunately that greed is — people are so hard up to makes a living and to have job security that they’re willing to compromise their morals and integrity to do those things.

ALEXANDRA:  I agree.

Well, getting back to the original topic at hand, so what do you feel you’re seeing, because I did feel that March was a crazy month and I did hear it pretty much everywhere that people just kind of hunkered down.  Anything they thought they had worked on, there was still more stuff coming up, very strange reactions from people, a lot of people just kind of losing it or being very confrontative when they normally never were.


ALEXANDRA:  I’m seeing a lot of that and I definitely feel like in the spiritual community, we tend to not want to look at this because we have this thing where oh, if we think about it or if we look at it, then we create it.

STEVEN KELLEY:  We give energy to it.

ALEXANDRA:  Give energy to it.  And the thing is, it’s there.  We are in an Armageddon.  Especially the light workers, we are being targeted more so because our lights are brighter.

So I just am wondering what you thought about that.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Well, I can certainly see that, but what you brought up here is actually two issues that we need to discuss.  And that is the relationship between the love-and-light crowd, the conspiracy-theorists types, the so-called “truther” movement and all of these various groups that we’re all working towards the same cause but we have different approaches and different philosophies.


STEVEN KELLEY:  We need to discuss that.

The other issue — I got lost on a tangent.  What was the other issue?

ALEXANDRA:  I don’t know.  I think we were talking about maybe the belief system of the spiritual community.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Right, giving the energy.

ALEXANDRA:  Giving away the energy.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Let’s focus on that.

What I have seen — I fall under a couple of different categories.  I came kind of from the dark side before I got involved with the love and light community.  So I was considered somewhat of an outsider.  Also, I have a Christian background which doesn’t jibe with metaphysics.

ALEXANDRA:  No, it’s very different.

STEVEN KELLEY:  I can make it work.

ALEXANDRA:  If it floats your boat, go for it.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Well, I think it’s important.  You got to have an open mind and you got to be able to be aware of all of these things, but I have certainly seen many people in the love-and-light crowd who feel that all of this negativity stuff needs to be absolutely ignored because more energy makes it grow.

And my feeling is that that kind of an attitude actually allows for us in the community to be manipulated because this kind of gives the bad guys free rein to run amok without having a very powerful segment of opposition involved in fighting them.

ALEXANDRA:  Exactly.  That’s exactly what I feel.  I feel that it’s created a complacency to the point where if we use the word “warrior,” people are immediately saying, “My God, you are just out to have a war and carry guns and get into battle and fighting and everything,” but no.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Very important point.  Let’s address that.  That is a great one.

My background coming out of this electrooptics business and laser weapons systems and all of this sort of think was very law enforcement and military related.  And I was in the business of developing systems that these guys were using to go out and kill people.  And back in the day, we looked at that as antiterrorism and it was somewhat noble.

All of this has changed.  When I became aware of the nastiness with the guys under the Getty and the Templars and Bilderbergers and all that, I was somewhat militant and I felt that it was my purpose to actually be involved in combating those entities and physically going to war with them.

And it wasn’t until I got into the metaphysical community and really started pursuing the psychic skills that I came to realize that that is exactly what they want us to do.  And so it’s very important that we are not used as tools.

And I get back to that Christianity thing — this is a lot in Ecclesiastics, I think it is, where they say, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,” and all that.  Well, what does that mean?  That basically means that we are all humans.  The evil is not in each other.  Fighting with each other and killing each other does not solve the problem.  That just feeds the monster.

So it’s not about guns.  It’s not about killing the fellow humans.  Our most powerful weapon in this battle is the truth and is our voices.

ALEXANDRA:  Correct.  And standing in our authority, which we have not been accustomed to doing because we have been under such a master/slave programming.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Well, the other thing — and I try to empower people.  I want to teach everyone to enhance their psychic skills because this will — and also teach them to be more of service-to-others oriented and get on that path because that is the best protection that we have against this evil is staying on the good side and building our so-called spiritual armor or our psychic armor —

ALEXANDRA:  I agree.

STEVEN KELLEY:  — which protects us from that kind of manipulation.

ALEXANDRA:  And that brings me to a point.  I have found that I have really had to up my protection.  And I was curious with your psychic development and skills that you have come to know through your whole experience with NSA and pulling out of that and your walk, what are you using right now to increase your protection?

STEVEN KELLEY:  Well, that’s a great question.  First of all, you have to ask for the protection.  I mean naturally, again, like I said, I pray, I ask for it.  And I started doing this a long time ago, but when you get on the path and you decide that you want to devote yourself to the cause and to serving your fellow humans and to helping to educate people and protect them and deliver them from the horrible stuff that is waiting for us, you basically ask for permission.  And that’s what I did.

I would say, “Allow me to be of service,” “Allow me to follow this path,” “Allow me to do these things and give me the protection and the armor in order to be successful in doing these things.”  So that’s important.

And the other thing that is important is that we have our auras.  We have our magnetic fields around us and we generate a type of energy which I like to call gravity.  And gravity can repel or it can attract.

And what I believe is that when we become primarily service-to-others oriented, our energy is more of a repelling energy.  In other words, we’re pushing outward.  We are giving out gravity as opposed to sucking in the gravity.

So it’s almost like a service-to-self person actually becomes a gravity user, whereas, a service-to-others person becomes a gravity giver.  And that energy is our shield.  And this is what protects us from these other negative influences, electro, electronic or physical.

And when we are around other people and we’re close to other people and when we’re in large groups of people, our energies and auras mix together.  And this is how we become influenced and corrupted by some of the negative energies around us.  And this is why it’s important that we build up this spiritual armor to protect us from that.

ALEXANDRA:  It’s so important.  I think it’s more important now.  It’s kind of my thing lately to get this message out to as many people as I can, that we need to be more vigilant, I think is the word, than we have in the past because of the fact that there is a compression of light, because of the fact that we’re nearing that shift.  We have come to the end of all of these cycles.

I mean this goes back to many, many ancient scripts.  It’s not about looking for the negative.  It’s not about focusing on the negative.  It’s just being alert and aware and vigilant that you don’t get caught off guard.

STEVEN KELLEY:  I think that we’re all responsible for not being ignorant.

ALEXANDRA:  Correct.

STEVEN KELLEY:  And people that go out and think that I am not going to focus on that and I am not aware and nobody taught me and I wasn’t exposed to this information, that is no excuse.  We are responsible for our own brains and we are responsible for doing our own homework and being aware.  And that is part of the enlightenment process.

ALEXANDRA:  Yes, yes, and also, increasing the manner in which you perceive it.  That’s another thing about being a light warrior, where basically what I mean is you are putting your armor on and you are standing in your authority.  You are not allowing someone to penetrate your field and do things that you are out of control.

STEVEN KELLEY:  There is another few aspects that I think are important that we should probably touch on real quick with respect to this whole business of trying to become enlightened and walking the path and becoming a light worker, light warrior, et cetera, and that is this whole fear thing.  Fear is such a big tool of the bad guys to use against us.  It’s like all the people right now, they’re worrying oh, North Korea this and North Korea that and Iran and all of those terrorists.  It’s such a farce.  And that overcoming that fear is way up there.  It’s way up on the list in order to be able to do anything.

ALEXANDRA:  Well, I blog like every day and I am starting to see the patterns even in those news stories.  And I am at a place now where I am stepping back and going okay, who is spinning this story.  It’s so obvious anymore that it’s all about keeping people in this fear that a nuclear bomb is about to explode and I honestly believe we are so past that point.  The days of Hiroshima, the fact that we impacted not only this planet but our entire solar system and galaxy and who knows, the galaxies beyond, I do really feel that there had been some definite intervention in that area because it’s affected more than just ourselves.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Right, that’s right.  There is entities out there that are not going to allow that to happen.

ALEXANDRA:  That’s what I feel, too.

STEVEN KELLEY:  And when people talk about this whole business with ICBM’s and all of that, that is so preposterous considering that whole technology has been obsolete.  We don’t use missiles anymore.  Those are dinosaurs.  We have charged energy weapons and scalar weapons and HAARP and all of these things which are so much more devastating than a silly rocket with a nuke on board.

ALEXANDRA:  Exactly.  And then, you know, I remember I dated a guy that was in the war in ’92, Persian Gulf.  And I remember him telling me a story of how the soldiers would just stand around and they would laugh because a skud missile would be sent over to their neck of the woods at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon every single day and they would send it to the same location.  It would land in the same location every day and they laughed because they would always shoot it out of the sky and they would think these guys are such dummies.

Now, what they are realizing is a bunch of those guys have come back — he is no longer alive — and they were all completely affected by the biowarfare that was attached to that.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Courtesy of the U.S.

ALEXANDRA:  Exactly, courtesy of the United States.

So we have to step back and say come on, who is feeding this fear, who is really our enemy here.

STEVEN KELLEY:  That brings us to we could jump right into some extraterrestrial stuff if you want.

ALEXANDRA:  I would love to.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Real quick, if you look at all of the aliens out there, they can be divided into two camps politically, the service-to-self entities and the service-to-others entities, the good guys and the bad guys, if you want, white hats and black hats.

The service-to-self entities have certainly being ruling the earth for many, many epochs, you know, beyond the time that man has been here.

Now, between the two of these guys, the service-to-self entities, especially when we talk about them, like the reptoids and the Grays and the entities like that, the non-human-type entities, they are a higher level than us and they have physical requirements and they have spiritual requirements nutritionally.  And they get their nutrition — or they are actually getting like a food from energy and that energy is called “loosh.”  That’s what they call it, L-O-O-S-H.  And loosh is actually human emotional — negative human emotional psychic energy.

ALEXANDRA:  Is that like ectoplasma?

STEVEN KELLEY:  It’s what we give off when we are in fear, when we are angry, when we are hating, when we are sad, when we are heartbroken and despairing and all of these negative emotions.

So when you look at the televisions and how they’re constantly pumping us full of violence and negativity and what have you, these are all intended to generate loosh.  So we’re like cattle.  We’re providing the blood product which, of course, they harvest that they eat, but they also use us to harvest this negative human emotion.

And it’s so important to be aware of this because you talk about doing battle with these entities.  If you want to — I don’t like to use the word “kill,” but if you want to eliminate a reptoid or a service-to-self entity, you do it with love.  That’s the opposite of loosh.

ALEXANDRA:  The most powerful tool on the planet.

STEVEN KELLEY:  And it’s very, very powerful.

ALEXANDRA:  So give everybody an example of how you would do that.  If you were in a room and you had some real creepy, creepy individual walk in that room — which I have been privy to that, as well — what would you do immediately?

STEVEN KELLEY:  Well, first of all, they like to hang out in places like bars and such where they’re are going to have a large supply of that energy at hand.  And you are standing there and you notice there’s some person looking at you from across the room and you just know in your gut that this is not right, this is a reptoid, which is a shape shifter, whatever, what do you do?  You beam love at that person.  You just think in your mind, in your heart, how much you love that person or whatever it is.  And they will actually disappear.  It will make them disappear.

ALEXANDRA:  Interesting.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Go away.  So yeah, very, very powerful.

ALEXANDRA:  I do know that that repels them big time because they can’t handle it.  Isn’t it because they’re of a lower vibration?

STEVEN KELLEY:  Because it drains their energy.  It’s poisonous to them.

ALEXANDRA:  It drains their energy.  That is an interesting concept.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Sure.  It’s like sucking it right out of them.

ALEXANDRA:  You know, I was reading your bio and you made a comment in here about you were working on inventing weapons to use against aliens.


ALEXANDRA:  And it says that it became obvious that the only way that was going to work was through human psychic abilities.

Can you explain more about what you meant with that.

STEVEN KELLEY:  This was during the Clinton administration and this was — up until that time, they weren’t really aware of me.  I had some associations with them, I had some dealings with them through my brother, but we had not reached the point to where they actually knew that I was the one that was actually feeding all of this information to them through my brother.

And after they basically figured out who I was and what the connection was between the two of us, they decided well, we need to use these people, we need to utilize these people, we need to get them on our team.  And the approach was hey, we’re all humans, we are not Nazis, we are not Jews, we are not Democrats, we are not Republicans.  We are all earth humans and we are all here to help each other and protect the world from alien invasion and malevolent entities.

And I bought it.  I thought okay, fine, I will forget about the politics for a while and let’s work together and see what we can do to protect the earth.

And so these guys — I had been working with lasers and advanced systems that are plasma beam — I was working on a plasma beam weapon and stuff like that.  And they were trying to get me to develop some of this stuff for dealing with the aliens.

And I thought about it and thought about it and I realized you have got entities that are hundreds — at least hundreds of years ahead of us technologically.  And I realized that there was nothing that we could make mechanical, electronic, chemical, whatever, that could have any effect on these guys because they would have already come up with some sort of a way around it.

So I realized that — or I came to realize that the human brain and our spiritual or our psychic skills was the only way to go.  And I first started out thinking maybe I can incorporate some sort of a spirituality into a conventional weapon system.  I thought of everything.  I thought what if we write scripture on bullets, what if we put holy water in weapons.  And I mean I am thinking like attacking vampires kind of thing, which is sort of what we are doing here, but then I realized it was all in the brain.

The only real power that we had, the thing that really made humans special, was our psychic ability and our gifts that we’re given by the creator.  So that’s when I kind of stopped focusing on the lasers and the technology and I decided to join metaphysical groups and learn everything I could and surround myself with psychics and learn their skills and develop those skills.

ALEXANDRA:  So what do you feel is the most successful psychic skill that you have learned thus far, the $64 million question?

STEVEN KELLEY:  I am not going to say that on air but — let’s just say that.  First of all, I got into the love and light community.  I joined some groups that were psychic groups and I started learning everything I could about the esoteric and all of that psychic stuff.  And I realized real quick that going to war, doing battle with these guys, you know, human on human, was really not where it’s at and the real answer was to serve the victim.

Instead of trying to go to war and fight against the perceived oppressor, I realized that is not the answer.  What we really do, we ignore the bad guys and we focus on the victims and the potential victims and we teach them and we minimize their pain, we minimize their suffering and we give them the tools and we empower them.  And so that’s what really started the process.

Now, back to what I learned, first of all, when you increase your psychic skills — and we’re going to talk about exercises people can do and how to do that — one of the first thing that is really cool that becomes evident is that you gain the ability to heal, you can do healing.

And people think that is nonsense, you know, blah, blah, blah, but if you look at it from a quantum physics standpoint and you begin to understand how our bodies really work and how the universe works with respect to soft energy versus what we consider matter, it’s not magic.  We look at this and go it’s magic.  And I like to say “magic,” because that’s a great way of explaining what it is, but it’s physics.  It’s nothing more than physics.

Now, I teach Reiki, which is a healing mode.  When I teach healing, I like to show people this is not some kind of a Buddhist thing, this is not mumbo-jumbo and voodoo.  There is physics involved.  And I like to show — for instance, I like to talk about Tesla because I think if you understand Tesla, it helps you to understand the nature of the energy and the universe and how these things work.  And it really is technical.  We could devote a whole show to that.

ALEXANDRA:  We should in the future because I really do — I was in bed for three years with a severe car accident and I was in pain pretty much for eleven years, 24/7.  And one thing I can tell you that I learned — and I did a massive amount — I was just every day of my life, I was looking for ways to get out of pain.

And the immense amount of healings that I received and the immense amount of assistance from practitioners from all over the place really opened me up to the perception wow, I am actually a wounded healer, myself.  And by just the mere belief that I, too, could do that, that opened up a lot of opportunities.

And I think the other thing is that absolute commitment to keep your light field pristine and clean, to be your devil’s advocate.  I mean if your mind — if it goes into another direction and you start thinking thoughts that are not for your best good, you must have the strength within and the will and the wisdom to see what that is all about.  Literally, once you follow your thoughts, you can oftentimes directly trace them to an individual in the room, to a past life event.  And actually, there was one experience where I had myofascial work done.

STEVEN KELLEY:  That is plastic surgery?

ALEXANDRA:  This is where they do very deep massage work around the joints of the body.  And it is excruciating.  Well, I came home and I was super, super sore.  I woke up the next day and I was so depressed, even I couldn’t believe it.  I wanted to commit suicide.  And that is not me.  And I stood there and, of course, I was capable of pulling myself out of my body and observing what was going on with me.  And it was the biggest aha moment.  I realized that all of that stuff — it’s one of the most successful ways to uproot and let go of very deep-seated childhood trauma, pain, cellular memory, that kind of stuff.

And I realized at that point, I wasn’t expressing it.  It wasn’t my stuff.  It was my mother’s because my mom had had some experiences with that and all of a sudden, it was like a big aha.

So psychic abilities do come from commitment and practice if you are not born with them, where the veil has not been lifted.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Right.  That trauma that you went through with the accident, being in bed and near life or near death experiences and all of that, I am sure that basically kick-started your skills, also.

ALEXANDRA:  Oh, yeah.  Oh, yeah.

STEVEN KELLEY:  I am sure it amplified it for sure.

ALEXANDRA:  But I do remember I had warnings three times before the accident.  And that pointed out to me that I had always had this clairaudient thing but never really realized it.  I just thought it was myself.

STEVEN KELLEY:  I do want to address the anger issue.

ALEXANDRA:  Yes, please, do.

STEVEN KELLEY:  You are talking about keeping yourself pure.  First of all, none of us are saints.  I am sure not a saint.  I don’t claim to be.

ALEXANDRA:  Neither am I.

STEVEN KELLEY:  If something comes out and they dig up some dirt that I did this and I did that, yeah, I admit it, I did that, but this is the thing, when you have anger, just like fear or any of these negative emotions, you block your chi flow.  The energy will not move through you if you are holding onto these anger issues.  And that is like a —

ALEXANDRA:  Like missing a gift.

STEVEN KELLEY:  It’s like jamming a plug into one of your chakras.  It’s going to completely stop that flow of chi.

So you can’t be a healer and be angry at people or be upset about something that somebody did to you in the past.  And I tell you in Reiki, there is Reiki philosophies and I think there is — they call it the five Reiki principles.  And I’m probably not going to repeat them correctly, but essentially, what they say — and this is a good rule of thumb, you know, for people who want to pursue the psychic skill — and that is forget about the past, forget about — stop worrying about the future, do everything you can to be honest and in your integrity in things that you work and say.  And I am not sure if this is in there, but the other thing is do everything you can to serve others without expectation of compensation.

ALEXANDRA:  Good point.

STEVEN KELLEY:  And these are all the very important tools.  So if you are like holding onto baggage, my parents didn’t treat me properly, I didn’t get all the things I should have had when I was growing up or you are worried about your house payment or where you are going to go on vacation or whatever stupid thing, you are not focusing on the now, you are not living in the present and you are not going to be able to help anybody.  So those are big things.

Another thing that is kind of important is this whole concept of becoming an observer.  And I want to talk about that because that is really important in order to understand what is going on in the world and to separate yourself emotionally from issues.

So like in other words, the bad guys out there use polarity to control us.  They’re constantly dividing us into different sides of an issue, ying and yang.  And this is the nature of this third density, this level of this dimension that we’re on right now.  Everything, and I mean everything, is a polarity.  There is two sides to everything and they use that.

So if you can be aware of that, and you can — and if you reject this whole left/right dual polarity nonsense and you kind of raise yourself above that, then you can see how contrived all of that is and you really put yourself in a better position.

And there is another thing.  And that is this whole business with loving your neighbors and loving everybody else.  We realize that all of us are certainly the same person.  We basically all come from source.  We’re all connected.  We are essentially all the same person taking turns looking out at the world through each others’ eyes.  And we’re all having experiences and it’s the accumulation of all of those experiences that create the reality that we understand.

So if you can learn that, if you can learn to hate actions and not people and to put yourself in the other one’s position, it’s going to really go a long ways to helping you become happy and to lose the fear and to serving others.

ALEXANDRA:  And the fact that if you are around somebody who isn’t particularly friendly or easy to be around, let’s just say, I will oftentimes literally try to see their divine spark so that I can see them as one of the many that are walking on the planet that are of God and then also realizing that they have all of the same needs we do and that through all of the incredible, like you said, millions of years of programming, they have possibly developed discordant responses to that, to not having enough love or to being abandoned or to being tortured in however many lifetimes.  It could be countless number of things.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Let me just tell you what really woke me up.  And this is at the beginning of my book that I tell this story because this was my big epiphany back in the 90’s.  I think it was 1990 when I was dealing with the Ollie North gang, NSA people.

I was exposed to a really, really nasty side of our government, per se.  I hate to even call it the government because ultimately, this is much larger than just one country, but I realized — I saw this nasty, nasty stuff that they were doing to our so-called enemies and I realized that wait a minute, we, the good guys, have evil, and those bad guys are not so bad.  And that’s when I realized that it’s all shades of gray.  There is no such thing as black and white.  There is no pure good and there is no pure evil.  We all share a certain amount of both sides.

ALEXANDRA:  Correct.

STEVEN KELLEY:  So that is an important lesson to learn in order to overcome this whole polarity thing.  I tell you it was that experience that really allowed me to get a concept of what the ying and yang was really all about.

ALEXANDRA:  And I also think it’s really important — you are talking about being an observer — it’s really important, too, if one is really striving to expand consciousness, it’s important to be open to the integration of a new way of perceiving something.  That’s it in a nutshell.

When you are observing, if you are willing to observe it from 15 different angles, you are going to have a much better chance of staying in a neutral position and not taking those polarizations, not looking at all, oh, God, he is all that or he is all this or what have you.  It makes your life so much easier to cope with.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Very much, very much so.

ALEXANDRA:  I have a question totally off the subject.  I am curious, do you feel that there is a full-blown war going on in our skies between the aliens, themselves, the different factions of aliens, number one; and number two, do you feel that what is going on now, the so-called power grab, is that basically the alien agendas now that are representing certain individual countries or continents?  What is your take on that?

STEVEN KELLEY:  Very much so.  There is a war going on right now.  For the most part, we don’t see it because the battle is actually being fought between entities that are on a higher level of reality than we are.  They’re actually fourth density.  We’re on a third density.  They’re on a fourth density.  The chemtrails are part of that.  The chemtrails are certainly part of this.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, the earth has essentially been under the control of the service-to-self entities that we refer to as the draco reptilians for quite sometime.  We are aware of the good guys, the so-called — you know, the service-to-other types which would be represented by the Pleiadian and the humanoid types.

ALEXANDRA:  The Ashtar Command?

STEVEN KELLEY:  Right, Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation and all that sort of thing.  We don’t really know much about them, per se, because the service-to-other entities, or the STO’s, keep to themselves.  They don’t interfere with us.  And so — and this is important to think about because with a few exceptions, let’s say like Billy Meier, they have left us alone.

And so when you have channels and things that are talking to us and preparing us for the future, you have got to take that with a grain of salt.  You observe what they have to say, you listen to the information.  Very often it’s good information, but no matter how much it resonates with you, you have got to maintain that observer status and not become attached to it.  That’s very, very important because we don’t have the skills and the tools yet to really discern the truth properly.  We’re too easily manipulated.  So it’s a very important skill.

ALEXANDRA:  Not to cut you off, Steven, but it’s so interesting that you bring this up because my last interview was with Cobra and he is so big on — he says something like 98 percent of all the channelings, at least, are not going to be pure, clean and true.

And so, of course, our minds and our thought forms and our belief systems are so strong that they will oftentimes impact what we’re going to hear and think or see and think.

I’m not excluding the fact that it doesn’t have some beneficial information and that it didn’t give you a beneficial direction, but I agree with you.  It’s like we really need to stay in a point of just kind of look at it for what it is.

STEVEN KELLEY:  And I think that the entities that we would consider the good guys, you know, your Galactic Federation, et cetera, they would say the same thing.  They would advise us to use our own intuition and our own filters and belief systems to process this information.

ALEXANDRA:  Well, do you feel — I had read somewhere that like the Asian countries, for example, supposedly they are kind of really dialed in with what is called the elders, which are supposedly a more positive faction.  And of course, there are other factions that are kind of battling it out right now.  I was just wondering if you have heard any more details on that.

STEVEN KELLEY:  I have heard that that is true.  I have heard that the Asian cultures are certainly higher developed with respect to spiritual areas.  And that is important.

I mean I am not suggesting that they’re superior to the Western societies in any way, but if you look at, say, like the Buddhist philosophies and even some of the Hindu philosophies, what have you, they’re very close to the concepts that we all are eventually going to have to embrace in order to move forward.

ALEXANDRA:  I agree.  And, of course, where the two meet is going to be the perfect world, isn’t it, the East and the West.

STEVEN KELLEY:  I don’t want to upset any of the Christians up there.  I don’t want to tell them you have to become Buddhist to understand what is going on, but I like to use that story about the blind man and the elephant.  All of these religions, they are all blind men and they are all describing the elephant by feeling different parts of the elephant and they are all correct in certain respects, but that gets back to that whole business that there is a little bit of truth in everything, just like there is a little bit of falsehood in everything.

So don’t say that I am not going to read that book because my church told me that it is wrong.  You are not going to get anywhere with that kind of attitude.  You have to absorb it all and that’s what enlightenment is, you have to absorb it all.

ALEXANDRA:  I so agree.  In fact, I was going to ask you have you ever had any personal encounters with the reptoids and the Grays.

STEVEN KELLEY:  I have had encounters with humans that I had to wonder if they were actually humans because of some of the things they did or the way they acted and what have you.

ALEXANDRA:  That is true because they have the human suit on, don’t they?

STEVEN KELLEY:  That’s right.  And you can always kind of tell when they haven’t had it on for very long.  They like it a lot.

ALEXANDRA:  In fact, did you see that video of the guard at Obama’s?


ALEXANDRA:  What you think of that?

STEVEN KELLEY:  I have spent a lot of time looking at that because Anthony Sanchez over at Scepter, we spent a whole night on that one subject.  And it’s interesting.  I mean if you look at the guy, he certainly does look kind of like a gray human hybrid or something like that, but again, as an observer, I am not going to say de facto that is an alien or whatever.  I wasn’t there and I haven’t met the person but it’s pretty creepy.

ALEXANDRA:  Not only that.  It was just the way that he was scanning the audience.


ALEXANDRA:  It was not very human-like —


ALEXANDRA:  — at all.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Yeah, that was pretty crazy.

ALEXANDRA:  It was almost like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I swear to God.

STEVEN KELLEY:  He looked like he didn’t have any ears.  He had a funny jaw line and bald head.

ALEXANDRA:  So what do you think as far as — we’re probably going to have to tie this up pretty soon — but what do you feel is the most important thing to leave people with today as far as how to cope with these energies, what awareness to have regarding these energies that are — because from what I am reading, tell me what you think — we’re talking like between now and the end of the year possibly.  This is not going to let up right now.

STEVEN KELLEY:  This is good.  Let’s get into that real quick.

First of all, everybody, there is going to be more crap coming our way and don’t lose faith and don’t lose hope because this is part of the process.  There is going to be — it’s going to get really, really dark before we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And it’s not going to be over until it seems like it can’t get any worse.  So people need to be aware of that.  They need to get over the fear.  They need to spread that out.  The sooner they get over it, the sooner that are going to be able to help everyone else deal with it and prepare.

So back on this psychic thing real quick, do everything you can to help your fellow human and animals and whatnot with service to others as much as possible without expectation of compensation.

Work on the ego.  Very important.  And that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to love yourself and think you are great because self-love is important, but at the same time, stop worrying about what other people think.  Stop worrying about the people belittling you over your belief system.

And if you are going to go out and start trying to spread the word and share your truth and things that you learned, don’t get upset if people start thinking that you are nuts or that you have gone off the deep end because that is part of the process.  And don’t be surprised if people in your family, good friends, people that have been close to you for a long time, suddenly don’t want to have anything to do with it because that is part of the process, also.

We are going to separate.  Those people are going to go in one direction and the other people are going to go in the other direction and that’s just the way it is.  So get used it.  So be humble, serve others, control the ego and god have fun.

ALEXANDRA:  Have fun while you are at it.


ALEXANDRA:  It’s so important to realize that as you are separating yourself from those people that have been a main part of your life, that is actually kind of like an initiation, how well you pull yourself through that and are able to look at it and say okay, I understand this.  And again, it’s all about pulling yourself out of your body almost.  I literally kind of see myself walking out of my body looking at myself observing the reality of what is going on and getting out of that emotional trigger body and being able to say I need to have total faith in the universe.

I love this by Jennifer Howe.  She says let the universe be the general manager, not you.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Learn to go with the flow, too.  It’ll take you where you need to be.

ALEXANDRA:  I agree.

STEVEN KELLEY:  We’re almost out of the time.  That was quick.

ALEXANDRA:  It was way too quick.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Darn.  Before we sign off, I got to talk about this event this weekend that I am so excited about.

ALEXANDRA:  I was going to ask you to also tell them about your new book.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Well, my book is “Lasers, Cavers and Magic.”  And, of course, lasers was my business.  Cavers are the underground guys.  And the magic, of course, is the metaphysics and the spirituality and all of that.  And it’s available on LuLu.com right now.

I am hopefully — I am probably going to be doing a second edition here real soon with a different — I’m going to try to probably get it on Amazon on something, but in the meantime, buy the book.  If I don’t get any money for it, it’s okay.  I just want you guys to get the information.  I am not in this for the money.  I am doing this because I am trying to help people and move us all forward.  That’s really what this is all about.

ALEXANDRA:  We will put that information up on GalacticConnection.com if you want.  You will be able to get the word out that way, as well.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Let me tell you about this thing this weekend.  This is really going to be a lot of fun.  You are not that far away.  If you aren’t, you ought to think about coming down here because this is going to be really cool.

ALEXANDRA:  Well, it’s funny.  Astrid called and I am going to be coming up Friday night.  So I don’t know if you are going to be around.  Maybe we could hook up.

STEVEN KELLEY:  I expect to see Astrid when she is in town.  So maybe you guys could hook up and then we can hang out or something.

ALEXANDRA:  That would be really fun.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Of course, I got to hang out with everybody.

ALEXANDRA:  What a drag.

STEVEN KELLEY:  Oh, no, comes with the territory.  Meet and greet, I got to meet and greet everyone, but I’m looking forward to it, but let me just tell you about the events.  It’s the Awake and Aware Conference and it’s being put on, of course, by Project Camelot.  It’s going to be at the Glendale Embassy Suites.  And, obviously, it costs money to get in there, but if you come to Friday night, you can get in there for free.  And we’re having a party in the evening where you can meet and greet everybody and there is no charge for that.  So that’s going to be a lot of fun.

ALEXANDRA:  So now, we are running out of time, but everybody, you can get this information.  I will go ahead and try and put it up in my site, which is GalacticConnection.com.

And I want to thank Steven for coming today.  We will definitely be bringing him back for some other really juicy topics like the Knights Templar and some other cool things.  And we thank you for listening.

You guys have a wonderful day.  We will see you next Tuesday.  Take care.

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