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microphone (1)Steven Meadors and Alexandra Meadors, June 10, 2014

Good afternoon everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is June 10, 2014.

I hope everybody is hanging in there with these very intense energies that are coming through in the month of June. And unfortunately, I have a feeling that these are not going to let up until the end of the summer. So we really need to stand strong in these sorts of energies that are coming through. There’s been a lot of final shedding that’s going on with all of us. No matter how much work you’ve done you seem to figure out that either a physical ailment or something emotional that you thought you had figured out, comes to a final head. And I just want to give you guys a heads up, you are not alone. We are all in this together. We are all going through this at the same time. But the most important thing as well to remember is, the sooner that we really fully release all of our stuff, the sooner that we get the job done, as a whole.

So with that said, today what we are going to be doing is to continue to review the groundbreaking video, The Lie NASA Told. And for some of you, you probably listened to it once and said, eengh, it’s a load of crap. But I highly recommend that you go back and listen to it again. And in fact, five or six times, I might add, because it is very layered. And there’s a large amount of information in that one hour video. What I’d like to do today is, we’ve had some huge revelations while doing this, and also researching it. And we do intend to make this a series, because there is that much information in there even though it appears there may not be. So I’m bringing my husband Steven on, who has really done some immense research and had some huge information that he brought forth to me and I said, oh my god, we’ve got to do a radio show on this. So without any further ado, as we used to say, Hi Steven, How are you?

S: Good. How are you Alexandra?

A: I’m doing really well. We are making it through the month of June. It’s been a crazy month already, hasn’t it?

S: It has been.

A: It’s actually been insane. So with that said, along with the dogs in the background, everybody know about our four dogs going across country last year. I would like to start out with just the basic premise of how would you describe what this video entails.

S: Okay, well, basically, it’s the Lie NASA Told. And it’s not just the LIE, but about how they lied about everything. And I mean about Everything. So is there any truth that we really have today? NASA is basically the government, at least, our government. And it is the evil behind all that we see today.

A: Steve, you made a good point that we are now at good place where even those of us that blazing a trail to find the truth, we’re actually having to question all of that which we solidified as our core for truth. S: Right.

A: And I think that is one of the main things about this video that really blew open a lot of doors. And it’s different that even some of the conspiratorial-oriented videos, from the standing point of really going back to the Origin of Man, going back to the Origin of who is God, and going back to the Origin of what is the Earth. S: Right.

A: So why don’t you go ahead and jump into, first of all, the Earth itself.

S: Well, I started doing a lot of research on that and there’s a lot of stuff that has been coming up on that. On how everything is – we were told even in the spiritual community that we are just some little outpost just on the edge of a Galaxy –

A: True. True.

S: – where there’s really no significance to where we are. We are just this little planet out there not meaning much. And the whole Solar System out there is like sitting out there, nobody is even paying attention to it, it’s just out there. And what I found in my research is they’ve tried to, even in the spiritual community to put it out like it is

– insignificant, because it’s just the opposite. It is a Lie. And that we are actually the center of the Universe.

A: That’s a pretty bold statement. A really bold statement. Why are you saying this?

S: Well, because they did some experiments. What we have to get back to is the universities and how the universities have kept this lie going from way back. And you can start with Copernicus. And everyone knew, before that, the Earth was flat and it was the center the Universe, okay. Now why don’t we think that today?

A: You know, it’s ironic about that Steve, that when I went to college that was one of our required courses. We had to study Copernicus. Isn’t that ironic. (Right) So where are we today?

S: Well, because of the universities they’ve actually perpetuated this Lie, or whatever you want to call it, and I had some thoughts about that. So the schooling that we received since we’re brought up, and not just through schools, but with our parents’ belief systems, and then you go to the universities, and the churches, and everything else, they have basically changed the mass consciousness. And this has not only changed the consciousness, but it has also changed the matrix itself. And how we see the matrix.

A: Wow. So how has that happened? I think that we all recognize that the colleges and any institution has a complete affliation with the matrix itself. Right?

S: Yes, it does. If we can get past that though, if we can get past the matrix, then one can actually see the truth.

A: Well, so how you feel that they have actually changed the matrix itself?

S: Well, it’s through the mass consciousness. I think we actually create a lot of the matrix. That is why they have to use manipulations in the way that we think and have us brought up to think a certain way, because that actually controls the matrix.

A: Interesting, so the matrix is kind of like, even though it’s a so-called computer program based on binary digit zeroes and ones, what you’re saying is it’s a living organism that has kind of morphed from the consciousness of the people and the consciousness of the people is actually changing the matrix beyond what they really expected it to do.

S: Right. Now this is what I think. A: Huh.

S: That doesn’t necessarily mean that is actually the truth. A: Yeah. (laughs)

S: Yeah. That could be a lie in my realities. So, you know, we don’t know. We all have to do our own research. And come up with their own truth.

A: So getting back to, it has changed the matrix, how do you see it has changed the matrix.

S: Well, just like I said. Through the consciousness. Ever since we are born, we’re told that the Earth is a sphere. We’re told that that we went to the moon. We’re told all these different things. Since we’re told that, we actually believed that, and that changes the whole consciousness which makes it into a reality, okay, for most people. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get past that.

A: Right. Good point. So that leads me to, now you are saying that you think that we’re actually the center of the Universe. And, of course, do you still think that there is more than one Universe?

S: Well, I think what we are seeing on this side, if we were actually pulled through the eye, then this is this one reality right here. So I think that there’s more on the other side. And –

A: And if we’re Creator Gods, which we are going to get into that in a minute – wouldn’t there be more than one Universe? Or do you think that’s what makes the human exceptional to all other species, that we truly are Creator Gods, that are creating other Universes, etcetera etcetera.

S: I think we are. But I don’t have any really evidence of that.

A: Correct, correct. So talk a little bit more about the Earth. I think you have come up with some of the most amazing things about the Earth itself. It blew my mind.

S: Well, the first part of it is that the Earth is flat. And that we are the center of the Universe. And there’s been some experiments done, but one of the things that really hit me – Alexandra’s father was a pilot. And I actually tapped in, he knew this but he couldn’t say anything about it. But pilots know that the Earth is flat. Even in their training, they are trained to fly on a flat surface. A lot of times they will train over the water because that is the flatest surface. They don’t have to worry about the mountains or anything like that. Water just finds it’s way. And they can skim right over the water, but what’s interesting about that – I was watching this video on it, and they are not even trained to fly with the curvature of the Earth. Well, why is that? If you’re going 600 miles per hour, lets say, which isn’t really that fast for a jet, especially a fighter, a fighter jet, so if you’re going 600 miles per hour, you can go 10 miles in 10 seconds, I believe.

A: Okay.

S: My math might be off on that, I’m not even prepared for that, let’s just say that’s what it is. Well, the curvature of the Earth, you can see the curvature of the Earth, would be within 6 miles it’s like 16 feet. If you take the circumference of the Earth, that’s 25,000 miles, and you go 6 miles, it’s going to drop approximately 16 feet, if I’m correct on that. So would you have to adjust your aircraft to that 16 feet within just seconds? But yet when you fly it’s just going flat. And there was this pilot that was advertising up on the web that – most pilots just won’t even go up to 80,000 feet because you have to have special equipment to get up that high. If you go up to 80,000 feet which is about 15 miles to actually see the curvature of the earth. Well, you should be able to see the curvature of the Earth just by looking at the ocean.

A: Now explain a little bit more about that. You were talking a little bit the other day with me, when you look out on the water, for example, when we went down to the ocean and we looked at the horizon. Talk a little bit about the horizon and how that would appear if we were on a round Earth.

S: Well on a flat Earth, when you look at the horizon it’s always at eye level. So you’re always looking at eye-level no matter how high up you get. Even when you get up really high, on some airplane or something like that, except for the distortion of the actual window that you’re looking through, the horizon is still flat. And when you look at the horizon you’re not just looking at the distance, you’re looking at the width. So when you look out you might only be able to see so many miles but you can see that many miles in all directions. So as you are looking at the horizon, like left to right, or right to left, you should be able to see the curvature there. And you’re not seeing it that way either. The other thing is, there is a distortion. Because you can only see so far, so a ship looks like it’s going down beyond the horizon and it looks like it is dropping down. But if you use a telephoto lens, if you have this on a tripod, you can try this out for yourself. You are actually looking out at a ship and you can zoom out and it will look like it’s dropped below the horizon, part of the ship. But when you zoom back in, it hasn’t. Okay, so that’s just a distortion. It happens because it’s just as far as we can see. It happens on land too.

There are also the waves. You have waves, if you are looking out and there’s more and more waves, those waves are going to create a distortion, because some of them are going to be a couple of feet high, some of them are going to be a foot high, or whatever. So they’re going to cover up part of the bottom part of the ship. It’s going to look like it’s disappearing. And if you saw it really close you’d just see the waves, you wouldn’t notice that. But the further and further it gets away, you’re going to see that distortion from the waves, plus the distance because we can’t see that far. So eventually the ship is going to totally disappear. But if you have some binoculars, or you have a telephoto lens, you can actually zoom in on that and you’re actually going to see the ship and you can see that it hasn’t dropped below the horizon even though it might be 16, 20 miles out. Which meant that could be 30, 40 feet by that time. So the whole ship should just disappear. So why can you still see the whole ship?

A: Hmm. Interesting.

S: It means there’s no curvature.

A: Tell us a little bit more about the horizon from the perspective of, if it were a round Earth. Remember you told me about that, that’s really interesting.

S: I’m trying to remember what we were talking about with that. I mostly studied the flat Earth.

A: Well, it’s just that when we went down to the beach the other day and we looked at the horizon, no matter where we looked, which was, we probably had a perspective of about a hundred forty degrees, right? or something like that, and you were able to look from that point to that point and it was completely flat.

S: Right. A: And you were commenting on that.

S: Oh yeah, you could see the curvature, and I think that I’ve already gone over this a minute ago but, if you’re looking out, it’s not just the distance, it’s how wide you’re seeing too. So the width is easier to see because you can only see so far. Unless you have some kind of lens that magnifies that. So if you’re only going to see so far, but you can see in all different directions. So you have a wide view also that we can see. So if you’re looking out you can see the horizon, you’re not just looking at one point like at a ship in the distance, you’re seeing the whole horizon, which you should see it curving that way also.

A: Interesting. Now you also talked about, you were looking into – what is the name of the people that actually determine if it’s an appropriate occasion to build on and they use that device –

S: Oh, they’re doing surveys. The surveyors.

A: Tell about that. That was interesting too.

S: When they are doing surveys, the surveyors actually have this instrument that they look out – they can tell the height of something. They have a pole at a certain height at one end, then they have this device that they look through and that actually is on a tripod at a certain height, and that’s how they do when they’re building roads and stuff so they can get everything flat. And it’s really interesting when they build a canal. What they found was, when they built a canal, when they did the first survey point, it was over six miles from the original point. And yet, they were told because of the curvature of the Earth it was supposed to drop 16 feet. Well there was not a drop at all. It was completely flat. So where did the curvature go? Okay. And if you don’t make that completely level all the water’s just going to run at one end. So when you’re building something, they’re saying that the water just sticks to the Earth but when you’re actually building something it doesn’t stick. You have to have it level or the water’s going to go to the lowest point.

A: Wow. It’s as if we continue to dig deeper and deeper into this information that’s been presented, everything that you’ve ever believed – it’s not just some part of it. Everything is up for question.

S: I wanted to go over one thing because I was just watching this thing on Apollo 11, and it’s funny, because they found this raw footage that was accidentally released by NASA. When they reviewed it, and they actually have this up on the web, we’ll give you links for all of this stuff, and also we’re recording all of this stuff in case they take all the links down.

A: No kidding.

S: Though there’s no way that we’re going to lose all this, even though they’ll try.

A: I was going to say – (laughter)

S: So anyway, the whole thing was how they were like in low orbit – I really don’t understand how that works, because there’s like they’re not really in space – so they’re just above the flat earth. And what they did was, they tried to make it look like they were further away. And they actually had them talking in the background, they actually moved the camera back away from the window. And they had like a telephoto lens on it. And they blackened out the entire inside of the spacecraft. So what you would see was – you’d think it was a round Earth from far away, all you were seeing is part of the Earth through the window, with everything else blackened out and with the lens turned way down so you wouldn’t see all of the lights – it was very bright. But then you could see – they said it was right up against the window and all that kind of stuff and they were supposed to be further away. But you could tell when they were doing other things to the camera and they were talking to, you know, basically, a Ground Crew, in NASA, they were telling them what to do, when to talk, when not to talk, and what to say.

A: And this was accidental.

S: This was the raw footage, they weren’t supposed to release this. A: Ah.

S: So then it shows them when they changed the lenses and things like that, then all of a sudden you could see inside the spacecraft and how far away the camera actually was from the window.

A: Interesting.

S: And as soon that they could actually see the Earth – it just showed a few seconds, it was totally bright and it took up just brightened up the whole aircraft. So, it was like, it was so much bigger than – they just took a small portion and made it look like it was a globe.

A: Oh my god.

S: And the other thing is they were still in that low orbit, they were supposed to be having everything time-stamped, as far as when the thing was made, when the film was made. These are old and are actually film reels, they’re not digital or anything. So they’re news reels, from the 60s. Or early 70s, I can’t remember the year it was for sure, ’69 or something. Anyway, they had a date on there and if you look at it, they were actually supposed to be on the moon the next day. Well, supposedly that’s three days away. So if they were on that low orbit, there’s no way that they could have gone to the moon.

A: Wow. Yeah, I remember blogging that, it’s an interesting story. And the fact that they accidentally sent those reels over, you know, it’s like it’s an accidental thing. Somebody upstairs is trying to help us, right? S: Right.

A: So let’s talk a little bit about just the configuration of our so-called Solar System, okay. So basically, The Lie NASA Told is presenting some pretty clear NASA footage that the Earth and all of the other core planets are on poles. S: Right.

A: So talk to us a little bit about what you think a pole is, and, you know, clarify which poles were taken out, which planets were taken out and go from there.

S: Well, I’m not really sure, exactly, what they are. But I know in the video they are talking about how we came off the pole and then they dropped a nuke down there, so I believe it was Lilith who couldn’t get away. I’m not really sure.

A: Yeah, they were escaping –

S: It seems like these are tunnels. It’s almost like that’s how you get from one place to another. And they are just like, they are like lifelines to all the other spaceships.

A: Well, thinking about it, the pole was much, much, much thicker with Uranus. Did you happen to notice that? S: Yeah.

A: Much, much thicker, so I got to thinking about what exactly is the pole? And of course, listen folks, we would love to have you guys’ feedback on this, on this because we really do think that the inventor of this video who goes by the name of Yellow Rose for Texas, she’s on to something. And some of you said, well, who is this coming from, how do you we know its validity. Well, hey, just because we know somebody’s name it doesn’t mean that it’s valid or not. The majority of us that have listened to this, even those who have been highly, highly psychic, as a gift, have said hands down that about 75-85% of this video is accurate data. So getting back to the poles, Jupiter was taken out. Uranus was taken out. And Neptune was taken out, right? (Right) And then a lot of those moons and a couple of various other moons between those planets were taken out. So the only ones that were docked were Earth, not Earth, it’s still here. But Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury.

S: Yes, Mercury. A: Okay, so talk to me a little bit about –

S: Saturn was the only one that they considered a gas giant. Which, I did more research on that too, and learned that there really isn’t any such thing as a gas giant, they’re actually fluid. So these are all fluid. If you ever look at them, it doesn’t move like a gas. On these planets, it’s more like fluid. Just look at them and you’ll see. Especially Jupiter – it’s the one you can really look at, because you can see the spot, and see the rings, not the rings, but the different things on the planet itself that are moving around. And it’s just like fluid movement.

A: Interesting. And we also did a little bit of studying on the sun spots, you know. I would assume that the spot on the Jupiter face was a similar type of approach where we are actually thinking that these spots are from the weaponry from the Allied forces, right? Blowing holes in them as they plow through.

S: Right. On the sun spots you can actually see the space behind it.

A: Yeah! That’s right.

S: It’s like black, it’s almost looking into space. Is that the black sun behind it or is it just empty space or what is it?

A: That’s a really good question. And also, again, we’re going to be compiling all of the type of links that we can compile, and like Steve said, we want to be able to make sure that you have this saved because you know how that goes – they’ll probably start taking things down. So if anybody wants to help us in recording these videos on something saved, that would be awesome, if you can step forward and help us. But getting back to the sun spots, there was one video that just released that showed the actual shape of a box, a dark black box. I mean it was huge. And when they actually went into the size of it, it was massive. Like we look at it and it’s just on the size of the screen of your computer so you really don’t have the depths of understanding how huge that hole is.

S: Right. Depending on how big you think the sun really is, too.

A: Yeah, tell them a little bit about that.

S: Well, there was an experiment done using some navigational equipment, one of them being a sextant. And looking at the horizon and bringing the – adjusting the device to the actual horizon and it determined that the sun was only something like 38 miles wide. And it was a lot closer than we thought it is.

A: That was a biggie for me. Now what are they saying it is now.

S: They said 36 or 38 miles wide, something like that. And it’s a lot closer than we think it is. (Interesting) So again, if anybody else has any research on that I’d like to hear about it. I don’t know if that is true or not.

A: Yeah, I think it is really important that we compile all of our data. And we are going to bring on some other guests that have some information and knowledge in this area as well. Because I think this is huge. This is where we all really align our forces with searching for the truth. And staying open to any possiblity, no matter how far fetched they might be. Because as we get closer and closer to the time of the major shift, we’re recognizing that just about everything that we know to be true is either being challenged or we ourselves are realizing that it’s not true.

S: That brings us back to the universities again. I didn’t finish what I was talking about with the universities. And most science is flawed. And the reason I can say that is because within the universities – people that have gone through the university that are going to be a scientist, they already have this set -what would you call that-

A: Parameters.

S: parameters that they work from. So they’ve already told that, there’s no aether. Because Einstein’s theories – he had to throw out the aether or none of his stuff would even work. So what do you do, when a formula doesn’t work – by the way Einstein’s theories do not work. So what they had to do was – they had to throw some stuff out, which means they just threw it out the window and said, ‘Okay, now it works,’ so then everything at that point is now fact. So it’s a scientific fact that Einstein’s theories are correct. (Yeah) So everything is already flawed. But now every theory on top of that has to work from that point, that that’s a fact.

A: So basically, the foundation of science and science of discovery is based on falsities.

S: Right. And it goes way back. You can talk about Copernicus. Okay. So now that is a fact. That his theories were correct. Now Einstein’s theories are correct. And now Stephen Hawking’s theories are correct and a lot of people think Stephen Hawking isn’t even – they think he is an idiot. He just has some robot voice that’s talking and he’s a total – like your father would say – a blithering idiot. So who’s to say, how do you prove that he’s not. I mean, how do you know what the voice is behind the robot voice.

A: Right. Wow.

S: So getting to that, they did all of these experiments. And this one just blows Einstein’s theories right out the window was, I believe it’s pronounced, Sagnag’s

Experiment. And this experiment proved that the aether did exist. Einstein’s theories, the only way that they worked was if aether did not exist. And then Michelson-Morley Experiment was that the Earth is not going around the sun, and then you have Michelson-Gale Experiment which was that aether passing across the Earth’s surface every 24 hours. And then Airy’s Experiment and a lot of people call it the Airy’s Failed – I have to do more research on that, but the Earth is stationary and the aether was moving around the Earth. (Wow) So that was basically saying that we are the Center of the Universe, everything else is passing over and around us and we are stationary.

A: So tell a little bit about when we went to the store and we were looking at telescopes. This was about three weeks ago or so – the comment that he made about the aethers or the heavens.

S: Yeah, he was talking about this because we were looking for a telescope that we could do some photography with. And we went over the cameras and stuff like that with him and he said, well, there’s the distortion from the water in the aether. Well,

A: And we both said, What? (laughs) And he was just so nonchalant about it.

S: It was like it was a given, like if you’re an astronomer you know that there is water up there. And I really don’t know if they are talking about water or if the aether is fluid. A: Umhmm.

S: And from everything that I’ve read, it is fluid and it actually is very dense. When they measure the aether, it’s very dense. So that’s how everything stuck together, which they don’t tell you about, you know, the Sun, the Moon, or whatever object that is stuck in the aether and it would just stay there. So, do I know that is true or not? I don’t know.

A: So tell us a little bit about – you made a comment about a pilot that flew up to a certain point and then you saw a video and then it would divert. Can you talk about that a little bit?

S: I think the one that you are talking about was actually – this was the one when they actually took a capsule up and it was on a weather balloon. Well, they said it was up 120,000 feet and it’s already been proven that at 80,000 feet that any weather balloon or anything will not function. It’s like it just explodes at that point. And they have actually – what’s his name – Richard Branson when they were testing his spacecraft, and this is the Virgin Airlines guy. He has advertised to take people into space – well, right at 80,000 feet the engines cut out. And the spaceship had to come back. So they never made it past 80,000 feet. So I’m kind of suspicious about the 120,000 feet thing. But what this guy did – he basically was sky diving and the capsule went up with a balloon and when the balloon got up so far this thing was just free-falling. So he opened up the door and he’s in a space suit and he’s got a camera and there’s a camera’s on the actual capsule. Soon as it opened – and inside – as soon as you open up the door of the capsule what happened was, you were looking at the horizon. Well, the horizon was flat. And this was supposedly at 120,000 feet. Okay.

So he gets out and he sky dives down. Of course, from this point on it’s all distorted because on his suit it’s a wide-angle lens. If you’ve ever seen a fish eye lens, it looks round. So you’re looking at the Earth and of course, it’s going to look round with that type of lens. So we don’t really know what kind of lens it was, but it just showed it all distorted and he’s kind of flying around and it doesn’t really show you that much. But this is an actual experiment they actually did. But I really think it was from 80,000 feet.

A: So what do you feel about that there’s been suggestions that the stratosphere balloons could actually pierce holes in the aethers, or the firmament or whatever. What do you think about that?

S: No, I don’t really think that is possible. But –

A: Apparently they are unmanned balloons filled with helium or hydrogen and then they are released into the stratosphere. It says that they can get all the way up to 120,000 feet.

S: I know, that’s what they say, but every time, yeah, some people say that, but most of the time, it’s right a 80,000 feet that they burst. And even the space shuttle, if you look at it, when the space shuttle starts to level out, if you look at any footage of the space shuttle going up, it’ll start out going straight up and all of a sudden it goes into an arc. And before it can reach 80,000 feet it levels out and it actually follows like the arc of the dome. Now that’s where I think there is some confusion here. Because they think, well, there’s an arc of the dome so the whole Earth is arced. So it’s more like the globe (Hmhmm) but it’s just the dome. They can’t penetrate the dome. So they’re actually – they have to level out, they can only go so far up and then they start leveling off.

A: Now tell us a little bit about – you did some research on some of the older texts, you know, like from the alchemists and the hermetics about the so-called Heaven, Earth, and being able to so-called pierce the veil. (Umhmm) Tell us a little bit about that, that was very interesting.

S: Well, it’s basically saying that no man can make it into space or the aethers which is beyond the firmament. And no one ever has. Except maybe the God in Heaven. And some of this stuff that I was looking at that was interesting was, they are looking at the sky and they called it the solid dome lens. (Mmmm) And some cultures actually called it the All Seeing Eye.

A: Oh my god.

S: Because it was actually like a huge lens almost made out of glass. But it was definitely solid.

A: Oh my god. So what you are insinuating is that the actual dome itself is an eye. We’re like under a microscope. And we actually read that –

S: Like a giant lens.

A: Oh my god.

S: So that’s why we’re able to see through it and that’s why we see everything on the outside, but then at the same time somebody could actually look in and see everything in too.

A: Wow. So do you actually think that any of the space programs has been successful?

S: No, I don’t.

A: Some are suggesting that they haven’t. And I know you –

S: That’s interesting too, because you look at all of the space programs – there is another video up there with China and Japan and a few other countries. And they actually had the one with China and they’re supposedly in space, in some space station or something, and you could see the reflection off this guys visor and you could actually see the cameraman and he had no suit on. (Wow) And then, there were other reflective things – there was a watch on, and there was another reflective thing on his hand and you can see it’s like stadium lights and there’s supposed to be like space out there. And that’s reflecting directly off into outer space, but then it looked like stadium lights. (Woh) And they had the same thing with Japan and a couple other countries, not the same exact same thing, but a lot of them just had the lights.

A: You know it is interesting too Steve, that a lot of the space shuttle apparatuses are supposedly designed just for tranporting humans to the International Space Station. S: Yeah.

A: Some of them are actually claiming that that’s really the main purpose of them and where they are landing or ending up.

S: Well, then, is there really any Space Station?

A: Okay.

S: Or any satellites? Well this was interesting because I looked into the GPS. (Oh yeah) The GPS doesn’t come from a satellite. GPS is the radio’s – basically, transmission and it’s basically the triangulation of the radio signals between towers. That’s where you get the GPS. That’s why the GPS won’t work if you’re out in the boonies somewhere where there’s no towers. Well, that doesn’t make sense. If there are satellites up there, and the satellites are traveling overhead you should be able to get it anywhere. (Right) So why do you have to have a cell tower to actually triangulate that signal, you know, to actually get the GPS.

A: My gosh.

S: The space stations – you just asked about that – there’s several videos up there that say that they’re just mock-ups on these – they have these planes, they are zero-G planes, they are actually called zero-gravity planes. And they are owned by NASA and they basically –

A: That’s a red flag right there.

S: Right. They actually go up to a certain altitude and they are like cruising up at angle and then they come down on an angle and they go up in an angle – well, at a certain point you’re on zero-gravity. They actually took the exact measurements from these things and they took them to the Space Station and they basically just did a mock-up of the Space Station inside of these planes. So they don’t even think that there’s actually any Space Stations, there’s just airplanes going up and they simulate it.

A: Woh. Well, you kind of wonder where is all the money, the billions if not trillions dollars that’ve been invested into space programs and space studies and space investigations.

S: They just go into manipulating us and probably the war machine whatever you call it.

A: Yeah, And suppressing the people, definitely. So back to the aethers. Let’s talk a little bit about one of the references that the Yellow Rose refers to, the firmament. So what did you find out about that?

S: Well, that’s kind of interesting too, because like ‘firm’ means ‘it’s solid’ and when you look back, the firmament is the sky conceived as a solid dome and –

A: Are you serious? The sky conceived as a solid dome?

S: Right. A: Oh my gosh. It’s like right there in front of us.

S: Okay, so you’re looking at that and I’ve tried to break this down. To actually ‘firm’ which is pretty ‘solid’ and then –

A: And don’t forget folks, govern-ment means ‘mind control.’ So we kind of thought, ah ‘firm-a-ment.’

S: Yeah, I haven’t found anything on that part of it.

A: Well, ‘ment’ comes from – it’s Latin base is ‘mind.’ So ‘firmament’ is going to be ‘solid mind,’ right? (Right) Of a solid mind. If you’re basing ‘firm-a’ on that, but I still think that’s it’s talking about the inability to penetrate the aethers themselves.

S: Right. Well, it’s kind of interesting because if you take ‘a-ment’ then it basically means to be ‘out of some one’s mind’ or ‘mad.’ So, that’s ‘a-ment’ and then you take ‘ment’ indicating ‘state’ or ‘condition’ or ‘quality’ or ‘a result of a product or action.’

A: So a quality of being out of one’s mind.

S: Indicating a process or action.

A: Very interesting.

S: So that was sort of interesting. And then you get into – because a lot these of words, you don’t know where they actually come from – so then you have ‘a-men’ without the ‘t’ on it, and it’s basically ‘a-mun.’ So that could be ‘Amun-Ra.’ Or it could mean what the Christians think it means ‘I agree,’ or at the end of a prayer –

A: Kind of like what we use as ‘It is so’ or ‘So it is.’

S: Yeah, I mean the Christians have a different meaning on that. And it says in here, I’m looking into the dictionary, it also says under, basically, ‘A-men,’ it’s also ‘A-man,’ which brings us back to the ‘Amun.’ So it can mean both. It can actually mean the god ‘Amun.’

A: Oh my gosh. Okay. Which is just a little bit of reminding everyone, if you go back to the 1950s video of Airl who was a captured ‘alien,’ quotes around that, and she was interviewed and she was telepathically communicating with one of the, she was a female, I believe she was a nurse. Anyway, one of the comments that she made that always stuck with me and this was way before I even watched this video was, she made this statement that something to the effect of, well, you know that history is less than 1% of everything that we have read was accurate historical data, but she made reference to the fact that even when you saw an archeological digs or an archeological surfacings that was a part of the support of the story of whatever that historical period was. So then when I saw this video and they were talking about that basically, it’s consistently the same people (Umhmm) that is just being re-named and the civilization and the culture has been created around those same people and the people are again, –

S: You have that information.

A: They are Lilith, Ishtar, Isis, Marduk, Osiris, Alexander, and Horus. Those are the primaries. Of course, you can go even further back.

S: So is that Seth? Is Seth Satan?

A: Yeah, basically that’s what they say here. So basically, the son of Ea, E-A, was also known as Enki, and also known as Marduk. Then Enlil is also known as Osiris, who was the second son of An. And Inanna, was Isis, who was the daughter of An. And then the son of Enlil is Alexander who is also known as Amun, which I learned from Michael Tsarion a long time ago that’s how they manipulate the language. They’ll just change a letter but it still comes from the same root. (Right) And then Horus was the son of Enlil and Lilith and they were the incestuous twins. And basically, it goes on to say that the two branches are from the El, which comes from the Illumi and the Moloch, which was broken out to Alexander and Helios and Osiris. Those are the two branches, or the so-called bloodlines that came off of the Moloch.

S: Right. And it’s pretty confusing with all of these different names.

A: But that was deliberate, you know, and I think another that really stuck with me was the fact that that she goes back to the statues and look at the faces and they do look very familiar, they look very similar.

S: Right. And you even get down to the Statute of Liberty.

A: Right. Right. Now I found something you know, we were looking into the names, and the basis of what they meant and ‘An,’ A-N, means ‘not’ or ‘without,’ which is very interesting that An is supposedly the opposite of God. Totally makes sense. (Wow) Yeah, I’m not going to say that it’s the enemy or anything like that. And I thought that it was really interesting – I found this clip on Moloch. It says ‘Abrahamic religions are founded on the righteousness of Abraham was willing to sacrifice his firstborn son as a burnt sacrifice for God.’ So, I don’t know about you guys but my God would never be one that actually would ask me to essentially sacrifice my son, okay. ‘What I’ve learned that the god who was well-known in the Near East demanded such burnt sacrifices was Moloch,’ isn’t that interesting. (Umhmm) ‘Certainly it was not El Elyon because there doesn’t exist any Canaanite religious texts that I know of where an El demands human sacrifice of their firstborn children. Since in Hebrew, Moloch and Melech meaning ‘king’ are the same words scholars – it’s unclear about the relationship between Melech and Moloch. Adding to the confusion there’s Melchizideck, a name derived from Melech, which is said to be the king of Salem but his name meant ‘priest of Malach’ or probably priest to the king. Moloch was a war god, the great Molech of war.

Still more confusion is the word Hamra which was the name given by ancient Babylonians that the sites where children were sacrificed to Moloch. God changes Abram’s name to Ab-ra-ham. Child-sacrifices co-existent with warfare where young men are routinely offered up as cannon fodder to wage war for their elders. Not only are young men sacrificed, they are also sacrificing their humanity and become agents of war. Are the Abrahamic believers still worshipping Moloch in different names?’ And that was just from this link called ‘Bible Studies Tools.com. But what I thought was interesting it gets back to the Moloch, which when you broke that down it has to do with the Owl, which had to do with the child sacrifice, which goes back to the Cabal and it goes back to all the stuff that Kevin Annett is blowing wide open right now as well.

S: Well, the other thing you were just telling me about the child sacrifices were when they have these false flag events, we’re thinking, wow, it’s a false flag, nobody really died, and tell us a little bit about that.

A: Well, they just released an article that a very simple video that basically shows that there’s been an alliance between the date of the false flag and the actual finding of the child sacrifice. So, you know, we’ve been relieved to know that nobody actually died and the majority of these false flags are comprised of actors, and yet at the same time, if you talk with Laura Walker, who’s become a great friend of mine, from the Oracle Report – she’s really dialed into this stuff and she says it’s like a science, it’s like a pattern, they wait for very specific time-tables and they do their child sacrificing and false flag events at these very particular timed events. So now that all of us as Emissaries of Light need to be considering is, even if we see that it’s a false flag event, we need to be intending and sending in our Light to expose and bring down these rings, these atrocious rings of child sacrifice. And we can do it, you know. We can do it. As one woman wrote in to me today and she said, the biggest difference between they and us, is that they are so organized and we are scattered. So that’s something that we really need to –

S: That is really true. Because we have to remember that this is their domain.

A: Right. Talk a little bit about domain.

S: Well, I didn’t do a lot of research on that so that’s something I’m still working on, it’s ‘dominate’ and your domination in that area. So it’s their domain. So they dominate here. And they have for so long. So for us to come in here and be so scattered – because none of us can agree on anything. And you notice that the dark – they have a plan for what we think is hundreds of years, we really don’t have a concept of time. But like the Federal Reserve system and all these different things, they plan all of these things out. So it would be like generations that their sons or grandsons would actually end up taking over. So with us, it’s almost like day to day, we really don’t have a plan. (Yeah) And we are working for the light and ‘wow, I have a new mission,’ but do we really have a long-term plan? Well, maybe we do now. I finally see some direction here.

A: Well, I think the other thing is, so many of us are going through this, which is, all the main names out there either in the conspiracy community or the ufology community or even the spiritual community – we look at some of the main names and we are looking at these names that are providing all of this data, and we’re saying God, how do we even know they’re not part of the whole movie, the whole play acting. Especially because when you go to – there’s the various urls popping up everywhere now, but Well Aware 1 was the one that came out first, and really started presenting some very good scientific data to show that the majority of the people that show up on the film clips, the majority of the people that were showing up as the so-called lookie-loos or the people looking on to the actual event, and the majority of our Congress, all of the major State Council, anybody that is of a major governmental status, he’s just blowing holes through all of this showing that they are all actors. And they all get down to one basic family.

S: Well, a lot of it is the Greenbergs .

A: The Greenbergs.

S: That’s the main thing. They were the Nazis too. But I had to – I’m speaking for myself – I know I had to look at myself and say who’s side am I on.

A: Yeah, I know, me too.

S: I’m trying to work for the Light and everything else and when you get this kind of information, you really have to question who you are working for, you know. What is true and what’s not. And we were talking about this yesterday and I ended up saying, you know what? screw it, I think God knows my intentions so as long as I just keep those intentions pure I think I’ll be on the right track. So I’m not really sure what else can I do on that, as far as search for the truth, uncover the truth, and work for that goal of being in that pure state. That’s all that I know to do.

A: I don’t know if you know this but in the last couple days, just in the last week, first of all, Alex Jones has been under fire, for quite a long time. But it’s really come to the surface now, as to who is he really. Didn’t you read up on that as well?

S: Yeah. I’m not really prepared for that. Not at this moment.

A: But what it’s proving if you dig a little bit deeper into his history is, he’s related back to – I thought it was the Greenbergs.

S: Oh, yeah, you’re right. I see – he’s a family member.

A: Yes. Okay, here’s Alex Jones who puts out a lot of incredible information and really brings the surface all of these realizations about what’s going on in conspiracy. And yet he’s working for the same side that you know, is all into child sacrifice and oppression and Chemtrails and flouride in the water and killing off what was it? 85% of the population.

S: This brings up another aspect of this whole thing is, I really think that they’re trying to keep us in polarity so they have to play both sides. That’s why you have Democrats and Republicans, even though you know that they are working for the same side. They have to have people that oppose the other side. And then they’ll even bring in a different party, they’ll bring in the Independents, they don’t like either one. So it keeps us all in polarity. It keeps us in odds with each other. So I think that no matter what, they have to bring something out like – . Like somebody goes out there and say, look at all that’s happening – all of this child sacrifice and other things that gets people riled up and say, hey, these people are evil, we’re good. So whether it looks like they’re working on a side of good and you find out they’re not, it’s just to keep that polarity going. That’s just my belief on that one.

A: Yeah, no, I agree. I think most of us do. So, let’s go back again, because I really want to finish this off with the aethers, and tell us a little bit about your discovery and the possiblity of the water, and it’s relationship to Earth.

S: Well, I can just get back to not just the Bible, there’s other texts out there that never made it into the Bible and it talks about how the firmament was created to separate the waters so that the waters above and then the waters on the Earth. The waters on the Earth became the oceans, the waters above became the aethers. Well, it seems to me that the aethers are the waters above. I mean scientifically they’ve already proven that they’re there – you have to look through them. They are definitely very dense. That doesn’t mean that they are in the same form of liquid that we have down here. But maybe they are just in a different form. Maybe water just means fluid, that it is fluid. They do know that it is fluid, and they know that the gas planets are fluid.

A: So what do you think is outside the actual dome of the space ship Earth.

S: Well, it’s weird. Ever since I was a kid knew I could breathe. I couldn’t figure out why – I’d see astronauts, you know, why do they need space suits on, I don’t need a space suit, I can breathe out there. And there’s fluids that you can breathe, so they use some in deep sea diving. You actually inhale the fluid and it’s like it has oxygen in it. So I started thinking about maybe that that’s how it is. Maybe you can live out there, maybe there really isn’t a vacuum. It doesn’t make sense to have it all fluid out there if it’s a vacuum. We’ve all been told that it’s just empty space. That’s why we call it space. But there really is no space, it is so solid out there, you wouldn’t believe it.

A: So it’s probably to create an insecurity within us, unconsciously or sub-consciously. It’s almost like it’s another layer of fear of what’s out in space.

S: Right. Well, one thing that I noticed was they had the – the Papal Gate was on fire, well, we really don’t know if that is inside the dome or outside of the dome. Wherever it was, obviously, there was some kind of oxygen something for that to burn like that. And they said that it burned a long time. So there was some kind of medium for that to happen. It couldn’t just happen in a vacuum. If you create a vacuum you’re not going to have any fire.

A: Good point. So what you are saying then is, outside this ship there’s all this fluid-type water-type liquid kind of stuff.

S: I think so, I don’t know.

A: We’ve made that very clear. Everybody knows that the reason that we’re doing this, is just to get us all to think and start digging a little bit deeper into a new reality and a new truth.

S: I believe that it’s fluid; I don’t know what kind of fluid. I believe that it’s is dense.

A: Well, this is what they have been referring to as dark matter. Isn’t that interesting. So tell us the story of the submarine. I think that was fascinating.

S: Oh, this guy was filming ‘The Blue Planet.’ And it was all about filming all the creatures and everything underneath the water here on Earth. So he gets to a certain point, I think it was at the Gulf of Mexico, and all of a sudden there was this dark line so they took the submarine over there and they are under water and they could see this rim, it’s almost like – it’s this huge donut, yet the waters – there was a lake within the center of this – and the waters were actually like waves, coming onto the shore line. And he’s looking at it going wait a minute, I’m already under the water, how can there be a shoreline in the water. And how can there be a separate lake under the water. So he tells the guy in the submarine, he’s the guy that’s filming, right? He says, let’s go in the middle of this lake and see, let’s go down and see what is in it. Well, everytime they tried to go down it just bounced off. It would not let them go down in the middle of this lake.

A: Where was this located?

S: It was in the Gulf of Mexico.

A: And don’t you think that’s interesting that that’s the same place of the so-called terrible oil spill?

S: Yeah, that is interesting. This would have happened before the oil spill when they were filming The Blue Planet. I just thought that was interesting. What was that? Why hasn’t anybody investigated that any further?

A: Well, didn’t they take him out? I thought you said that he got killed.

S: No. You said something about that – I didn’t do any further research on that. I just uncovered that a couple of days ago.

A: I thought you said something about –

S: I’m not sure, he might have been, but I’m not positive about that.

A: Okay. Well, so basically, we’ve covered that the Earth is a ship, it’s been on a pole and it’s been on it’s side. So now the suggestion is that it will be brought in a horizontal position, right? (Right) And you did a little bit of investigation on that. Do you feel that has happened. If not, do you feel that there is actually going to be three days of darkness like they suggested all along?

S: I’m not really sure about that. All I know is, I was reading something about how they were talking about since we are down – as we are on a horizontal, that’s why the Moon looks different. If you look at the phases of the Moon and where the light is compared to where the darkness is, they’re saying we could already be there. I’m not really sure of that. I’ll have to investigate that a little further.

A: Well, and the other thing that I read, gosh, this goes back a couple of years ago, back in 2012. They were talking about how you would know that the shift had occurred because you would wake up one day and the sun would be rising in the West. And it would setting in the East. And I thought that would be interesting because that kind of lines up with the ship being this way, and then it gets horizontal, you know. (Umhmm) I thought there might be some sort of connection there.

S: I really don’t think it has happened yet, and it might have something to do with the seasons. Because I know when you look at the Moon in different seasons you have the reflection from the Moon in different locations, so I can’t say that to be true at this point.

A: Right.

S: Until I do a little more research on it. But if anybody has any information on that, that would be great, to bring it our way.

A: Yeah, hey, let’s get this going. There’s just so much cool info with this. Because if you’re anything like us when you get hit with something this – when we first saw it because it’s this wild, you just sit there with your eyes huge and say, oh my gosh, this is one thing that I really never thought about before.

S: Umhmm. And there’s some other videos we’ll put up there. There’s one that is like four and a half hours long and it goes over all the Egyptian characters and things like that and how they relate to the Bible characters.

A: Really good.

S: It’s a really long video. The first part of it is about 9/11. I like to pass through that kind of stuff and get into the Egyptian stuff. That would be another good one for everyone to look at.

A: Okay. Well, I just wanted to finish my thought about Alex Jones. Here’s a guy who clearly puts a lot of information out there. A lot of it’s bringing in awareness to things that are not for our highest and best good and yet, he’s working apparently for the other side. Then they’ve just released in the last couple of days about Snowden, okay.

S: I was blown away by that one. That one really hit me for a loop on that one.

A: Yeah. And you know Well Aware1 has already proven that Assange is an actor. And I think he has also proves that Snowden was too. So the question is who are all these guys acting for when they appear to be so-called ‘on our side,’ on the side of the people and presenting and providing the data that we need the awareness on. It’s as if they already had this planned. They knew at the end times, so to speak, as they call it from the Christian perspective, they knew that this was coming and they already had the plan, they already had the people, you know. And sometimes I wonder if the people themselves, are they fully aware?

S: I don’t know but I think –

A: of what they are doing and who they work for.

S: I think it’s all just a distortion of the truth. And they do whatever they can to distort the truth. So a lot of times, when people find out about it, and they’re like, oh my god, now who can I trust. Now this is a trust issue. (Right) And we are already questioning that. So is that a good thing? Or a bad thing? I’m still on the fence about that one. Because I really don’t know who to trust either.

A: Yeah. But I do know that this is an era and a time of total tranparency. I mean it’s a time that we all are yearning for – let’s just take the masks off and let’s us show the real part of us. And that goes with our society and the major players out there, and the people that are even sharing the information with us on the internet. It’s kind of like this is the time to stop the games and the nonsense and let’s just step forward and be who we really are. So now I wanted to talk a little bit about – she brings up the Reptilians, and everybody knows David Icke is superb, who by the way, on Well Aware1, is another actor, okay. So there you go again, that’s something else to ponder. But with that said, he does a superb job of bringing forth the information about the Reptilian Brain and the Reptiles themselves. And I just found this the other day about the sociopaths and how do you define the actual sociopath. And they said, someone who is neurological hard-wired to the Reptile brain. And it got me thinking as to, okay, here we are, this is a grand experiment.

S: Right.

A: If part of the grand experiment was taking the Race, the species that was created in the Image of God, which was supposedly so beautiful – if you go into some of the old sacred texts they talk about how beautiful the Human Race was – and take that Race and intertwine them with the Reptilian Brain what would come out from that. And I started to wonder if that was the ultimate beginnings of the experiment was all about – was to see, well, who will prevail. Will it be the Human Race who basically, if we didn’t have all of this stuff, it’s been proven time and time and time again that if you’re not a sociopath, and you’re not hard-wired into your Reptile Brain, you do have a heart, and empathy, and sympathy, and a very humanitarian-oriented side to you. So what do you think about that?

S: Right. Well, it kind of brings up what we were talking about yesterday, that was we don’t know really if this is even an experiment. Was it just a cycle? Because basically of the gathering and the souls, or the division, you know, and that’s where everyone goes back to their own Creators or their own arks, and we don’t know if this was just something where it was kind of lackadaisical because it was just a cycle, but then the dark kind of pulled one over, you know what I mean? And they pulled us through the eye and they locked God out, it really wasn’t supposed to happen like that, but since everything just happens in cycles maybe it was just, you know, just happened, so we got stuck here. You know, that’s what they talk about, how we got stuck here and that’s basically the Fall of Man, we got pulled through the eye. And we got locked in and God got locked out. So,

A: It’s like it’s an anomaly.

S: Yeah. Something that wasn’t supposed to happen, but now it did.

A: And the question is why, you know.

S: Was it an experiment? Maybe. It could have been. Maybe it’s just like it’s, wow, or maybe it just happened and they thought, okay, let’s see what happens.

A: Well, it says here, the great experiment on Man was creating Hue where Man was breached by the Law of One. And basically, Moloch and An, they sealed us and they had no right to do this and this launched a war. And it says, Man was stripped of all its twelve strands of DNA and it’s size and used that DNA to create more human-like Reptiles. Now I mean folks, I don’t know about you, but that was screaming to me, first of all number one, it was stripped of the twelve strands of DNA and I really had to think about that because Pam and I are launching this new Soul Alignment and DNA Activation and that came up with her and the messages that she has been receiving is about the twelve new strands of DNA. It wasn’t the two existing strands that we had been operating off of. I actually think that we’ve been misled in that area, where the two strands that we are operating off of are not necessarily two of the original twelve. So that was kind of a mind-blowing, you know, wow.

S: That brings up the Implant Removals where we were just talking about yesterday – God, everything happened yesterday, didn’t it? (Yeah) And that was actually pulling out the seals.

A: Yeah, it’s removing the seals. The unconscious and the sub-conscious seals that we’ve accepted on multiple timelines.

S: I just remember how Pam was talking about the disk that almost every single person that had the implant also had a disk.

A: Right, right.

S: I’m just wondering it that disk was actually the seal.

A: I’m going to be talking to Pam today so I’m actually planning to ask her this and a bunch of other questions. But the other thing I wanted to tell you was it also states that Man was stripped of their size. And all of the the stuff that’s coming forth about these giants being discovered and all of these burial grounds etcetera. And it says that they used their DNA to create a more human-like Reptile.

S: And just remember that all of this stuff was covered up and it all goes to the Smithsonian Institute which basically is like a huge warehouse to bury everything that’s ever been discovered. So it’s like in the Raider’s of the Lost Ark where the Ark gets just stuck in a box and then it shows it in this huge warehouse and it’s back in there. So all of the bones, all the stuff that’s been discovered just ends up – if they don’t want it out in the public – it ends up in this HUGE warehouse.

A: Yeah. I’m glad you brought that up because Warehouse 13 was without a doubt one of my favorite shows for that very reason. Many of us, we think that the vaults under the Vatican is where all the information is stored, but I just interviewed Steven Kelley last week who had a very interesting take on a lot of things. I’m not sure I agreed with all of it, but hey, this is what that you do to be able to uncover your own truth. And one of the comments that he made was, he’s done a phenomenal amount on his research on these underground tunnels underneath the Getty Museum in LA, at Santa Monica. And we were mentioning that and he said, ‘people would be shocked if they knew how many of the artifacts are actually stored here in Santa Monica underneath the Getty Museum. He said it would make the Vault look teeny-tiny. And I was just floored.

S: And it’s so weird because – I’ve never liked that place. When I went there it’s like, wow, they have incredible art work and other things that we looked at there –

A: It’s nasty under there though.

S: it’s like that I had that icky feeling, I didn’t want to go back.

A: Yeah. You told me that.

S: I didn’t know why. This is before I knew anything about that, I just thought it was just a museum. I didn’t know anything about it.

A: Well, the next thing. This is all by accident, folks, but the next thing I want to share with you all was, as I was digging into the brain and the Reptile brain and I read one article after another. I have a whole bunch of links – we’re going to try to compile this and give it to everybody. And they talked about the Reptilian stare, okay, and how the way that the pupil’s would dilate and how that can actually show you right then and there that they mean you mal intent. And they were talking about the way which they use their eyes and this, that and the other. So I stumbled onto this guy named Seth Godin, and Seth Godin is the author of seventeen books that have best sellers around the world, translated into 35 languages. He writes about post-industrial revolution. And I had found him because I was looking into an image for revolution also, so it was two times that I ran into him. And it says he is also the founder of Squidoo.com. Now anybody that’s been around back in the 90s, don’t you remember them? His website is Squidoo.com. I want everybody to know that back in the 90s we all used to say, oh, if it comes from there, you know that it is a CIA operative, okay. If somebody harmless would come forth with really interesting information, that particular website would come in and just blast them. It’s basically what a lot of us refer to as the trolls, the internet trolls of today.

S: Umhmm.

A: It would come from this website. So when I saw that I thought, uh-oh. And it says, he has a blog and he talks about sociopaths with power-Reptilian-possessed people and I think, okay, this sounds good. ‘If you’re looking at sociopaths as human, you’re looking at the surface. It’s not a human behaviour, it is not human thought-forms. You need to go deeper, the Reptilian consciouness is the cause and the root of sociopathic behavior. If you try to bring this down to humanistic psychology you’re missing the real value in the issue. It’s about possession of mind, body, and soul. Again, addressing these issues as surface level goes nowhere. It is totally a spiritual issue,’ meaning – so we are talking about all of these sociopaths that we refer to as the government, okay, and the military higher-ups (Right) and the corporate insitutional CEOs types, that kind of thing, and it says, ‘I know we have shared our different perspectives on this, I think it can be addressed both as a spiritual and behavioral level. I think addressing the issues at the behavior level is useful. Behavior can be modified in an non-esoterical way. It does not require a belief system to recognize or target it.’ It says, ‘the challenge to the spiritual approach is that it requires that it believes as you believe and not take any action outside of that frame.’ Well, so I’m sitting here thinking to myself who is this guy, Seth Godin? I’m trying to figure out what is he really trying to say about the Reptilians, right? S: Right.

So I dig a little bit deeper and he had put a book out that was – basically, well, he wrote 17 books, but he put one book called, The Lynch Pin, and it was about the resistance. So that, of course, got me going, I thought, I’m interested in what that’s about. And the next thing that I know I stumbled upon a guy named Steven Pressfield. And he became fairly popular about writing about the resistance and it says here, he wrote about this a few years ago. Now this is his definition. It says, quote, ‘Resistance is that little voice in the back of your head, the one that tells you that it will never work, the one that insists that you check your email one more last time, the one the worries that people will laugh at you.’

So I started digging into that, and I mean I got all kinds of information about the Reptilian brain and then the link to Resistance, they called it The Resistance, and this was on Age of the Aquarius, looked at Wikipedia, the Reptilian Agenda.com, Crime Library. I mean I did a slew of stuff here and it talks about the Limbic Brain which is associated with emotions and motivation. ‘When the Limbic Brain is damaged, the individual loses control of their primary emotions such as fear and rage. The predatory gaze of the sociopath lacks emotion and it becomes a cold blank stare. Reptiles are missing the limbic part of their brain where the memories and emotions socialized in parental instincts reside.’ This is where they got the word of cold-blooded, you know. Okay. So just like a reptile. So I thought that was really interesting, okay.

S: Hmhmm.

A: So now we have a sociopath with hard-wired to the Reptilian brain. They have this specific stare, which, if you look at most of the governmental officials, folks, if you do this, I’m not kidding, it will blow your mind. One day I spent probably 17 hours compiling all of the pictures of all of the mayors, congressmen, senators, you know, you name it, all over the world, in fact. (Hmhmm) And I was shocked, absolutely shocked of how similar they all look. They all had the very, same similar features which was their ears are – they’re very close to the head – they can be pointed, (Right) their nose tends to dip down, (Yeah, a little hook) a little hook on the nose and their mouth is just a slit. It’s very small. They basically hardly have any lips at all.

S: Especially the upper lip. (Right) They hardly have any upper lip.

A: And I was shocked, I was, oh my god, they really are reptiles. You know, you could really tell. So Steven Pressfield went into this Resistance from the Reptilian part of the brain. And it says, ‘it allows either man or reptile to operate with the vehicle but it appears as a man which is defined in the Renaissance.’ So check this out guys, you know, do we look at the Resistance as that which is resisting the dark, which a lot of people in this spiritual community even had an issue with that, because once again, it’s polarization. (Right) Or do we look at the Resistance as that automatically resisting thought pattern that’s been programmed in the Reptilian part of the brain.

S: Right.

A: You know, so are we supporting that or are we bringing that to a halt, you know. Of course, the Implant Removal is like HUGE when it comes to stopping that. So anyway, so then I’m digging a little deeper, okay, so now there’s a connection between the sociopaths, the Reptile brain, the Limbic system, where they’re cold-blooded and they basically are missing memories and emotions and socialization skills, okay. S: RIght.

A: That’s why when like the Queen and even when you see her smiling, have you guys ever noticed that, there’s no joy. S: Right.

A: There’s only absolute hatred in her eyes. You can see it. Anyway, so we started talking, it says here, ‘that Man or Reptilian to operate the vehicle, but both appear as Man which is the Arc of the Coven Ant. And being in an hybrid body meant each branch could feel the individual. So spirit within the dome means domain, by the way. ‘The spirit within the dome means domain. Everything has it’s own mirror; without the spirit the mirror has no life force. (Hmmm) And when the spirit leaves the dome the spirit pulls the soul and brings it with it.’ I want to say that again. ‘When the spirit leaves the dome, the spirit pulls the soul and brings it with it. It mirrors the houses, the DNA, the personality, and the consciousness.’ So I’m kind of digging into that. So another aha came from this, which is, okay, we’re in this dome – she talks about the West Gate and the East Gate. The West Gate got shut down, got blown to pieces, I guess. The East Gate is the only one that is left, okay. And when I was directed to make this very special essence formula for the Implant Removals I was shown a symbol of a trident. And I’d like you to talk a little bit about that. We were just floored when we came up with this connection, guys.

S: Yeah, it is interesting. You take the trident, there’s like three – it’s like a staff with three points on it. If you take that and just turn that upside down and put it into the dirt or whatever you want to do, or in the sand, and you twirl it what do you get? You get the seal of one.

A: Which in the video it shows that God seals that.

S: So, that is the seal, so when you think about that, maybe it was the god Poseidon, which makes sense because it was the water god – if all of this was water – we’re a water planet, or a water space ship, whatever you want to call it – and there is waters above and all of that stuff. It makes sense that it’s the water god, that probably created this whole thing.

A: So here it says, ‘the seal is a device. And it says at the end of the cycle, all of the Families return to gather their children back to their own Arcs and then move them forward, according to the Father of their branch. Then the call is given all the people are to be transferred to their own family Arc. So the transfer, everybody, is appearing to be out the East Gate. And the seal, this is the thing, this is what I feel – Steven and I talked about this with Okalani, where we feel that maybe one of the other jobs here, so to speak, parentheses around job, is to remove the sub-consciousness seals that we are not aware of on a conscious level. And there are so many of them, through so many timelines, that now I am getting so much clarity as to the type of the work that I do. And why I was so driven (Right) and directed in the manner of which I was. So I just thought that was fascinating.

I can just go on and on about this. It’s very interesting, if you take the time to do this kind of research and you ask for answers, Spirit will communicate with you. And for me, I receive answers all the time when I’m blogging. You know, if you have a question I will typically have – and it will show up like unpredictably – like, you know, when I couldn’t even figured out how it come up on my screen, you know.

S: Umhmm. Well, we are talking about the covenant or coven-ant and the coven. Well the coven is basically, a gathering of witches.

A: Well, oh my gosh.

S: And it’s either coven or covand – it means the same thing with ‘and’ on the end. When you spell it the other way –

A: Say that again. The ‘coven’ is what?

S: The ‘c-o-v-a-n’ or c-o-v-e-n or c-o-v-a-n-d, is a gathering of witches. The coven-ant is an alliance or agreement made with God.

A: Hmmm. Interesting.

S: Actually made by God within a religious community or with humanity in general.

A: Wow. So we’re getting to the end of our two hour time period here and in the last fifteen minutes I kind of wanted to talk to you a little bit about ‘the wormed.’ And that sort of thing. If you guys recall, excuse me, if all of you recall, sorry, I still tend to say that from my college days – but if can you recall the picture of Mother Mary in that painting, from the 14th century and she has those little squiggly lines on her arm, on her robe,

S: Right. And it’s the V.

A: And it’s the V, and it’s supposed to be the V that is carried out in anything to do with space, okay. But then if you go to Chris Thomas – he talks about the V-wands he discovered that through remote viewing. And then Pam discovered something the other day in some remote viewing that she was doing, and supposedly there are possible worms that are in our brains. So stay tuned for that, because there’s more to find out on that.

S: And they come through the wormholes – (Right) which, we always thought what wormhole were a good thing but now we’re wondering, after all, they are worms, worm-holes. There was a planet ‘wormwood.’

A: Oh my gosh. I didn’t even think about that. Woh. And wormwood is to repel parasites.

S: The interesting thing about that is we use wormwood to get rid of parasites. So maybe the planet Wormwood is a space ship, maybe that’s God’s space ship to repel the worms.

A: Which basically is the parasites, because if you go back to ancient texts, is a virus which starts with a V – that fell upon the Earth. So are the Reptilians and those above them, are they the virus, or are they just the administrators of the virus. You know what I mean?

S: Yeah. I think the worms themselves are the virus.

A: Well, you know what I mean.

S: Yeah. So I just thought that was interesting. Now if you look back at the Bible, you know, ‘wormwood’ – it made the waters bitter with it’s presence, or something like that. So that would make sense. It doesn’t mean – I mean everybody thinks it’s a bad thing, but if you made the waters bitter, when you drink water that’s been infused with wormwood, yes, it’s going to taste bitter, but when you drink it it’s going to dispel all the worms in your body.

A: You know, it’s really interesting, and we haven’t quite put the connection here with this, Steve. But Set is the father of the Reptilian races. They say he’s the snake that came to Earth. Now bear with me here. Because the snake could be an enlarged worm, okay. S: Okay.

A: I mean they are shaped the same, they kind of move the same, right? Snakes tend to slither, you know, but Lilith was known as the mother of abominations and worms of the Earth. Her other name was Isis. And it says, that the Pharisees used flukes – I just flipped out when I saw this – Pharisees used flukes for behavior modification.

S: Oh my god.

A: So I can’t – just MAN,

S: And flukes are just another parasite that we want to rid our bodies from.

A: Now if you’re a health practitioner, you’re just going to have little bells going off, because one of the core ingredients to some of the most chronic issues with people’s physical condition is flukes. The core ingredient – they always come back to the parasites. And Dr Hulda Clark used to say that if the flora in your intestinal tract remains in balance and in check where the good flora are in as much if not more of the count than the negative flora, then your body is perfectly capable of fighting off any kind of nasty bacterium or things like that come through the intestinal tract. But if it gets lop-sided which of course, one of the number one ways that every single one of us practically has experienced the lop-sided flora in our large intestines is, what?

S: Candida. A: Anti-inflammatory –

S: Oh I thought you were going in a different direction with that.

A: No. It’s what do they give you for – like if you do get Candida, the pharmaceutical that they give you –

S: Oh, it’s oh, I can’t think of it.

A: This is called a brain fart, guys.

A: You know what I’m talking about.

S: Well, you can tell we’re not into pharmaceuticals.

A: Yeah, really. We’re given these and they have found across the board that they destroy the good –

S: Oh, antibiotics.

A: Thank you, antibiotics. Find me one person out there, at least at our age group that hasn’t had some sort of antibiotic and I think and I tend to wonder, if those have the flukes in them. Or do they just create the flukes.

S: Well, that’s where I was going with the Candida because once that gets out of balance then it kills all the good bacteria, that’s when the Candida takes over the body too.

A: Correct.

S: Probably not just that, probably all the flukes, all the worms, everything.

A: Well, we are just saying where does it all start? And Dr Hulda Clark was really thorough in the fact that she said that once they get out of balance then it penetrates the intestinal walls and goes into the blood stream and I think the three key areas that it cruises out through is the liver, the heart, and the brain. (Umhmm) Isn’t that interesting? The liver, the heart, and the brain. So you’ve got the liver, which is the seat of anger. You’ve got the heart, which is the seat of sorrow, okay. And then you’ve got the brain, which is the seat of programming, you know, if you look at that perspective. So I was kind of blown away with that one. My gosh.

Then the video goes on to discuss Lilith’s royal family. I have a clip here that says, Now remember, Lilith, the dark goddess who steals children and kills them, okay. Well, who steals children today? You know. Not only the Vatican but we all know already, that’s been blown wide open that many of the Congressmen involved in this. My god this goes back to the 90s. I believe David Icke broke that whole thing wide open.

S: Right.

A: Anyway, it says here Lilith was the original Scarlet woman in a red uniform and the consort of the Prince of Dark Spirits, Lucifer, the Fallen Angel. And here we have a direct link to the two women who were and are the wives and consorts of our own Prince Charles.’ The name Sarah Evelyn Isobella Payne has also meaning when broken down and translated. Sarah is as I have stated is Hebrew for princess. Evelyn/ Eve obviously is the second wife of Adam was tempted by the serpent and according to Jewish lore, Lilith represents the serpent demon. Isabella which equals from ‘Is’ which comes from Isis, the ancient goddess of the Egyptian trinity of Osiris, the male, Isis, the female, and Horus, the saviour son.’ Isn’t that a trip? So ‘bell’ is another word for ‘bow’ in ancient half-human half-serpent god. Note again that the serpent reference is very significant for those within the occult that still worship this Reptilian symbol and Payne is stated as French for ‘pagan’ where many Mystery Schools teachings had their roots. Also of course, the work ‘pain’ is simply spelled another way comes from ‘pain, p-a-i-n, so we have the princess, mother goddess, in pain, and the occult of the serpent.’ It doesn’t get any better than this.

This is crazy when you start to digging into it and look at some of the other perspectives. So anyway, I think that we should stop there because there’s just so much more to go over. And we are going to be pulling in some visitors and guests who have really delved into this as well. But please, feel free to drop us an email if you like, and send it to Steven@GalacticConnection.com and we’ll compile all of your questions. I have some questions from the first round, but we wanted to kind of more of an introduction today and have a little bit more structure and then we’ll try have a question and answer period the next time.

S: And there’s been so many aha’s in the last couple of days, so I hope we didn’t go all over the place. But I just think that a lot of this stuff needed to be covered and it was just kind of burning in our minds, we just have to talk about this. So we want to call in some people that have really studied certain areas of what we are talking about. Some one for the names, you know, I did a lot of work on the flat Earth, different things like that. So, you know, we’re going to call in some other people that have done research in different areas so that we can cover everything. And it’s such a wide – we could do this for months and still not cover everything.

A: But it is a real cool subject, because it’s really getting back to our foundational truths and belief systems. It also opens the door to discussions of the Stargates. So like we said, if you have any other suggestions or good links or articles or anything that you feel supports this information to kind of get us to even step out of our boxes even further please feel free to drop us an email. Again it’s Steven@GalacticConnection.com and we just want to thank you guys for listening, being patient for us as we delve into all of this stuff. And stay tuned for next weeks show – we might do another series on The Lie NASA Told. I know we definitely are going to one, but we’re not quite sure if it’s going to be next week or not. But everybody, as always, we love you with all of our hearts. We’re here to support and help you step in your own Mastery and your own Leadership and your own Magical Gifts because everybody has their unique gifts and we’re all in this together. We Are Victorious and We Love You All.

S: We Love You!

A: And thanks everyone and we’ll talk to you soon. Take it easy! See you on the other side! Bye.

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