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microphone (1)Steven Meadors and Alexandra Meadors for December 24, 2013

Galactic Connection on BBS RadioAlexandra: Good afternoon everybody, today is December 24th and it’s Christmas Eve! Yay! This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and I have with me my husband, Steven Meadors – –
Steve: Hello everyone.
Alexandra: and we have an interesting discussion to go over with everyone. It is a follow-up on the implants and you might be saying–oh god–more information on the implants! But let me tell you, things just keep unfolding and information and messages keep coming in from all angles, I might say. I’m getting phone calls and emails, and information from Pam, and Steve and myself, and things are really starting to get clear as to what the entire background is to this whole process.So with that said, I kind of want to begin with some of the questions that are coming in about the implants. You have been asking exactly what are they? and that’s kind of the big question mark for all of us–
Steve: Yes.
Alexandra: But I think we all agree, and Pam is agreeing with this, that it seems to be some sort of scalar wave-like technology. I mean, it is not of this world and so therefore it is not something really easy to be chased down.I also know that it’s not of the physical body. And there are many, many, many practitioners and phenomenally, highly-skilled healers that worked on me after the accident in 2001 and I know they were never able to see these particular types of implants that Pam has been gifted to do.
Alexandra: So one of the things we also wanted to go over with you is, why the implants are placed in the particular areas of the body. And I went over this with Pam the other day, but I had some ideas of my own. And here’s what we’ve come up with. Now there are some core areas where everyone shares the same location, OK.For example, everyone, and I mean everyone, it’s almost like no matter how well you are dialed-in psychically, (Steve: Right.) you still have an implant over your third eye.And so basically this is to prevent you from having the full gift of sight, and think about it, it’s really difficult for us to realize this but, if we had our full gifts in place, we would have a much better life, we would make a lot better decisions because we would have our intuition fully locked-in and then we would be able to help people all the time. It would just be a natural ongoing experience to be able to psychically assist people. Can you imagine?

Steve: Yeah. Is this the same thing as the red disk she was talking about?

Alexandra: Yes. Yes.

Steve: Can you explain that a little bit?

Alexandra: No, I really don’t know much more about it. And seriously, I haven’t got a lot of details from her either. She is still not clear on it as I am not as to where this is coming from, she just knows that it’s there and she’s seen in everyone she has come across her desk.

So then you have the heart. OK. The heart is a biggie. Not everybody has one on the heart, but a lot of people do. And why would they put it there–well, this basically keeps you from realizing that we are all One, you know, we’re all connected. We are all linked and that we all feel basically the same and we need the same things. So that’s a huge one. A really huge one.

Steve: Right. And that brings up the heart wall which a lot of people that have their heart opens then they realize or feel that there is still a blockage there. And so this is something that needs to happen after the implant has been removed and we can discuss this a little later, if you want. OK.

Alexandra: OK. The next one that’s pretty common is the brain. Not all of the people who come through have had it over the entire brain. It’s really nasty. This is not necessarily even the back of the neck we are talking about. It’s covering the entire brain. We tend to find this the most in the people who are more scientific orientated. Obviously, they are more in their mind, and it prevents your knowingness. And it also cuts you off from fully connecting with your heart. So that you don’t have the full heart-mind connection. So again, we are afflicted in that area.

Steve: Right.

Alexandra: The next one is the lower spine. And that is one that I experienced, and man–was it brutal! But when I asked Pam about this one I was basically saying, well this must have something to do with creation, creativity, you know, and I think I told everybody about my story of how I saw this as running snapshots of–pictures of myself–being like an incubator. And she said, yeah, that’s true, but it’s also preventing you from having your kundalini fully lit-up. And also it prevents you, and this is really big, it prevents you to connect fully with Mother Earth. And it lowers your life force. (Steve: My god.) When you read this stuff you think, this is so maniacally, you know.

And then the last one, the most common one of all of us is having this big gigantic one in the back area down the spine and it wraps itself and convoluting itself all throughout the whole tissue, the whole body, this is one of the important things that has to be done properly to extract these fibers that are basically all over, they’re kind of twisting and turned around, not only through your tissue, but also around your organs and things like that. And she said this is one of the strongest devices of all, she basically refers to it as kind of a monster. And she says it controls everything in the body–everything. So pretty much all of us have that too, that and the third eye.

Now there are specific cases of where I’ve seen some people who have had them in the intestines, their liver, (Steve: spleen, I think)

Alexandra: the spleen, their knees, their feet, and the best explanation for that is, if they target a particular area like that, it’s because they already see there’s a weak link in the body. So if it is already weak, then it’s going to cause potential problems. And then they are looking basically to slow you down, disconnect you, keep you in the dark, and prevent you from realizing who you really are. That’s it in a nutshell.

Steve: Right.

Alexandra: So, they just keeping at whatever is the weakest spot of your body. Or on the opposite flipside, if you have some phenomenal asset, they are going to knock that down a notch. So if you come here to speak and to motivate through speech, or music, then the chances are that you have them somewhere around the throat or the back of the neck, that’s going to keep you down in that area.

So I wanted to let everyone know that because so many people have asked so many questions about that.

And now what we really want to talk with you about is the 144,000. There’s been not only emails that’ve been exchanged and as you know, some messages that have come in, not only to us, but to other friends and the people that have been really jumping into this. And we’ve been doing some research, just to give people an idea of where we are right now. I mean this is a very major turning point in humanity. And I feel that the implant removal process is such a key ingredient to that change and that transformation.

Steve: You know, that brings in the 144,000–that it is actually a gathering–of the 144,000–and that is a big part of the implant removal.

Alexandra: It is one of the main processes possibly out there that are pulling together those that are the enlightened ones.

Now I wanted to share with you guys, some of the cool stuff I have found about the 144,000. There are so many different perspectives on it. You know, for example, one of the things that we looked up is the passage in the Bible where it says, “Do not hurt the land or the sea or the trees, until you put a seal on the foreheads on the servants of the God.” And we wanted to know what the seal meant. And when Steve pulled up the Webster’s New Dictionary we found it was very interesting because one of meanings was “to pull” or “to draw.”

Now at the same time, in most of the articles that are out there, the way they interpret the 144,000 and the seals and how they fit together, is to discuss the chakras or the vortices. And as you all know, there are chakras of the planet, and then there are chakras of the human body. And of course, there’s more than just seven of them than we are usually focusing on. But this has been very interesting when they were talking about these actual chakras, for as you know, they all have an affliated note, or a tone, to them.

And I’m just going to read this to you, because I found this very fascinating. “The song of which the 144,000 that were singing is the initiative song for the new coming of the Epoch of Aquarius. The Epoch of Aquarius is the Epoch of the Holy Spirit, the great causative spiritual spring of life, when humankind returns back to the Kingdom of God.”

And it says, there is an ancient proverb that states, ‘when nature renews itself, the birds sing. At the beginning of every divine culture the human beings sing. When the world is re-created the angels sing. Hence the 144,000 fully-enlightened human beings around the Christ and all the angels in heaven sing the song of the great renewal of the world and the dawn of the new epoch in the history of humankind.’

So I thought it was really interesting how we lead from the 144,000 to the song of the 144,000 and where do you think that goes from there?

Steve: Well, I always–I always wondered about that because I didn’t think I would be going around singing some kind a song. Especially because most of you guys out there would not want to hear me sing.

A: Trust me on that one. (laughter)

Steve: So it’s more of–when we’re hit by the–what do you call it?–is it actually the frequency or is it the light or–

A: Well, I think–

Steve: actually resonates with, or resonates back and what’s resonating back is the song.

Alexandra: Well, each of us holds a code. And the codes are the frequency and the frequencies are a tone, and each of these tones actually plays a symphony or a piece of music. And I think that the gathering of us together, it’s very often stated that one of the biggest problems of the light community is that we can’t get together.

We’re very scattered and if you go back to one of the interviews I had with Cobra–I thought it was really interesting–I was asking him about the difference between, let me see, entities versus implants. And  he was talking about, you know, one of the biggest situations is that the people of the surface of the planet have not been able to get together physically, to create a strong unified group to promote a positive agenda. So really that’s where we are right now.

We are being challenged to unite because we have been, so to speak, against the dark who are very organized as everyone knows. They are very in synch, they know exactly what is going to be done. In any of the information you read out there they have been planning this for a long time.

Steve: And the light workers really don’t have a plan. You know, most of us have been sitting around saying, well, let’s not focus on anything that’s negative, and we’ll be fine. But there’s really not a plan there. We just kind of are going our different directions and nobody is really unified.

Alexandra: Well now, part of the reasons that were aren’t unified is because of the implants. Now this is a quote from Cobra: “The implant is a certain type of device or technology which has been inserted in our energy bodies with very strong electromagnetic forces.” And he goes on to say, “It actually blocks the flow of energy.” So that’s the one of the reasons. And he also said down here, “It causes us to compromise the thinking process because it infects the etheric brain.”

Steve: I can feel that too. I feel that I can have my own thoughts now.

A: Umhmm. I do to.

Steve: While before, I really didn’t. I just thought it was coming from where else.

Alexandra: That’s really true. Now with that said, A lot of us are probably going to say, hey come on, can I be part of the 144? The 144,000 is a number that is used on a constant basis. There is so much sacred geometry around the number 144. It goes all the way back to the genes themselves.

And there was an article from CNN that goes back to 1999 and they were estimating that the number of human genes at somewhere at around–listen to this–140,000, or so. That was their quote exactly, at this particular article. And it says meanwhile, the imminent mapping of the human genome, all the 140,000 genes, could lead to rapidly advances of the treatment of heart disease, etc.

So now you have to think of yourself, well how do the genes fit into the 144,000? And if you think about it, and you go into music they’ve now even created musical equations done with math, that equate with certain genes. That is similar to– (S: Wow.) Yeah, I just found this on the internet today. I was blown away. Like they had proteins and they actually had the tone for that actual protein. S: Umhmm. A: Really cool.

Steve: That gets into the energetic stuff that I do–everything has a frequency. So that’s how you can treat diseases or even emotional or mental issues–just with a certain frequency. So everything resonates to a certain frequency.

Alexandra: Correct.

Alexandra: Now also, they’re saying that the 144,000 are sealed. Now, if we are sealed then what is the seal? OK. So, the seal in many of the articles or in even some the guidance we’ve received is referring to a chakra or a vortex. And in this particular case, they’re saying the number is broken down to measured as 12,000 of each of the 12 tribes.

And it says, this number, metaphysically, is the number of perfection, the perfection number of the twelve corresponds to the twelve cranial nerves of the brain which control all of the specific of the human body. The twelve cranial nerves are the twelve tribes. Woh.

Steve: Right. Then it also gets into the DNA too, the DNA strands. The other thing I was thinking of–that I got a hit on–was also that the definition of a seal is actually for sealing something. And, if it’s sealed, it’s just like what we call junk DNA when we couldn’t handle it at one time, they had to be sealed or closed off to the different frequencies.

Or maybe it was the frequencies themselves that were activating these. So once, you know, when the human race was ready–or the beings that are down here are ready for that–that activation, that’s when the tones are sent or the codes, or whatever they are and then that activates those.

Alexandra: So how do you think these tones are going to be sent or activated?  What about Anna Hayes? Why don’t you talk about that a little bit?

Steve: Well there are so many different things. Everything goes back to all the chakras, there are seven main chakras. Earth also has seven main chakras also. I used to be into Anna Hayes, and there’s the seven seals of the earth. There are the seven primary vortices. There’s seven vortices, there’s the Painted Desert, there’s Jerusalem, the Himalayans,

Alexandra: Tell them about–

Steve: These are in order. 1. The Painted Desert, 2. Jerusalem, 3. the Himalayan Mountains, 4. Giza, 5. Machu Picchu, 6. the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, 7. then the Andes Mountains. And the seventh one was opened in 2012. So they’re all open now. Alexandra: Wow.

Steve: So every one of them is open. The interesting thing is, the last one fully closing is in 2047. I don’t really know what that means but I guess it’s a window of opportunity from now until then.

Alexandra: Umhmm.

Steve: That would be when the ascension window would close basically, in 2047 and that would basically be the end of the ascension cycle, which would be–that shouldn’t scare anybody–that’s even so far away because look at how fast 2012 and 2013 flew by. I can’t believe 2014 is almost here. I just think I wonder–where did 2011 go?

Alexandra: Well, that’s just a window. S: Right.

Alexandra: A possibility for ascension and for those who haven’t made their decision yet. You know, there’s a lot of work to do. I mean, the enlightened ones we know we want to ascend, we know that we want to move forward and live a life with harmony and peace and unity, but we all have to assist those who —

Steve: Right. But my point of this is, we kind of lose perception of time the further we get into this.

Alexandra: True.

Steve: And you know, sometimes time just seems to exist and sometime it either seems to not even be there or it just flies by or it really seems to slow down. So, we could be in 2047 in a blink of an eye.

Alexandra: Yeah.

Steve: That’s my whole point. We might not even realize time. All of a sudden we’re there.

A: Right.

Steve: Even if it’s that far away, I don’t really think it is, but that’s supposedly the window.

Alexandra: Well, on top of that, we don’t know how this whole process is going to affect time itself.

S: Right.

Alexandra: This might not even be–we might not even live in a time/space anymore. But now that’s really interesting, because Kryon–I’m sure you guys are all familiar with Kryon–he actually made mention of the fact that when he’s channeled, that we had 144,000 years to complete the test. And we’re all hearing that, you know, this is a game, this has gone on too long, and we’re all ready to move on, that everyone is really all burned-out, the dark is burned-out, those who are really highly dialed-in to the Galactic Councils, if I didn’t hear it once I’ve heard it a million times, that both sides are tired. They’re exhausted of the fighting, of the war, the struggle.

Steve: And Andrew Bartzis goes over that and he says everyone is just tired, they want to go home.

A: Yes, everyone is burned.

S: Even the dark.

A: Which is a advantage to us.

Alexandra: So, getting back to the seals–in one of these articles it connects the 7 seals with the 7 nerves of the chakras of the spine. Isn’t that interesting? And it says the 144,000 to DNA, which is the number of the 12. So the number 12 comes up again.

And it also says the song of the 144,000 is a new code. ‘And no man could learn that song of the 144,000, which were the redeemed from the earth.’ In other words, it’s only when the genetics are cleansed and are made right again will life flow again in harmony with the God’s Universe. So it is a consciousness that is rises out of the earth via the restoration of the 144,000.

So I wanted to talk about what you and I stumbled onto with the Halls of Amenti. Can you go over that a little bit with them? You know, how she’s [Anna Hayes] saying basically, they’ve been hijacked, and it had to close down and then re-open.

Steve: Right. It’s basically a sphere that was put into the earth. And now that all the vortices are open it’s able to send the codes out through the Halls of Amenti and what happens is–it’s actually, I believe right now, it’s activating the eighth DNA strand. I’m a little rusty on this, I used to know all of this and my life went in a different direction and I am just getting back into it. And I really believe that, there’s a lot of this stuff that is technical.

The entire Universe is basically a mathematical equation. And a lot of people just think, wow that’s life, it’s living and breathing but they don’t realize that it’s based on an equation, a mathematical equation. Even Source, or God, or what I call Source, is a mathematical equation.

Alexandra: Right. That’s what I wanted to have you talk about. There are some people who are making reference to the fact that the central axis of the multiple universal cosmological genesis is the actual core structure of Earth.

And some people are saying that this will be activated, some people will say, that it’s going to actually ascend out of the physical earth, some are having dreams that they see the burst of light that we’ve heard so much about–streaming forth and kind of melting away the rest of Earth. And this will be the actual ascension.

Steve: Right. Because Earth really was hijacked. And there’s a holographic earth, and I believe–I guess none of us really know, but I believe that the actual Earth is going to separate from the holographic earth. The holographic earth is going to back into 3D. And that’s where probably, where the people who don’t want to ascend–I don’t know if they’re going to a parallel area, they’re probably just going to stay on the holographic earth and the real Earth is going to separate. Which is like an ascension.

A: Yeah.

Alexandra: This is really interesting. It says the way to visualize ‘this Core Structure is as a central processing unit of a software program in a gigantic holographic super computer. Within each of the 144,000 facets is inscribed a specific shape, and these shapes rotate independently of the rotation of the sphere itself. Only the timeless and eternal Overseers of the entire Creation and Completion exist outside of the existence of all that was, is, or ever will be.’

‘This Hyper-Tetrahedral Core Structure contains within it the guidelines, operational parameters and directives; the instructions for how the scalar waveforms of the Unified Field and its Inherent Animating Intelligence sculpt the dimensionality of the spatial/temporal continuum.’ Now that’s pretty heavy stuff but the thing that blows my mind is the part about how each of the 144,000 facets have their own individual type of shape. OK. And that blew my mind.

Steve: I know.

Alexandra: That blew my mind.

Steve: That reminds me of when you told me about when you are doing the custom remedies for the implant removal of what you are seeing for each individual.

Alexandra: Yeah. A lot of you don’t know this, but every time I make an individualized essence for each of you that goes through this process, you’re there with me. Your higher self is there, your guides are there, and that huge, huge Council is there. And basically, and the first thing that I see is, I see you being knighted, that’s one of the first things. And the second thing is–I actually see us somehow uniting some sort of a code within me with your code and it ends up being the perfect signature. It’s like the key that unlocks the door for you.

And remember I told you guys before, that Pam and I have pleaded for this mission, we wanted to do this so badly, you know and–this is what they told us–that we would not take no for an answer.

Steve: What were you thinking?

Alexandra: Yes, I know! (lots of laughter) Yeah. There’s been a lot of late 3:00 to 4:00-in-the-morning nights, guys. But anyway, I’m happy as anything to be here to assist my fellow 144,000 enlightened ones. But it was so amazing that every one of you have just the coolest, the most unique, special geometrical shape. I mean none of them are the same. And they’re oscillating. And then when you take the remedy, there’s something that unlocks the code and it opens this door and goes on from there.

Steve: But that’s fascinating. The other thing we were talking about with Pam, she is talking about how she uses a code also. But I think it’s different than yours is.

Alexandra: Oh yeah. It’s a different process all together. Hers is completely different. I think it’s at the point where she has removed the final implant which allows your–all of your bodies–to align and light up.

Steve: Right.

Alexandra: So she is just being blown away when she sees that every time. I mean, it’s really exciting to see what’s happening with all of us.

Now with that said, I know that there’s some of you–it’s a very small percentage–there are some of you that have who come to me and you’ve sent emails and said Wow, I’ve signed up, I’m really excited, but Oh my God, I’m really noticing that the ankle-biters are kind of stepping it up. And it’s fascinating to me, because they have a consciousness and they know when their days are numbered. They really do.

So we put together this awesome Controlling Energies Proclamation and I put it up on the web and if you don’t have it make sure that check it out. It’s at the very top of the blog and if you don’t have it just send me an email. But it is really helpful.

It really it’s time for us to remember that when you remove the implants that, guess what, you also need to let go of old belief constructs. I mean, everyone of us, we’re being challenged by that. It’s like the old mannequin part of you versus the entire multi-dimensional free being part of you. They are like night and day. There’s a lot of stuff that has to fall by the wayside in order to really step into your glory and majesty. So keep that in mind.

This is one of the reasons that they really are stepping it up when you come in and get your extraction done because they know that they know that your gravy train is gone. You know, their meals are going to be cut off.

Steve: Right. Well, in that Protection Proclamation that we were into, was given to us when we were in vacation, maybe ten, twelve years ago. . .

Alexandra: Tell them about that.

Steve: This woman came into our lives, right on our vacation, she wasn’t even staying at the hotel was she?  In fact, she stayed at our room one night and we think she was a walk-in because we never heard from her again. And she kind of disappeared. She was there one day and then gone the next, just to give us this information to us. And interesting enough, she brought scalar wave technology with her and put it all around the room, and you have to have this, you need this protection, and she says I’m going to do it with you and we’ll all do it.

And the first time we did it, we actually saw–like a door slam–it was like above us, like in the ethers, and all of a sudden this door slammed when we did it, so they were watching us. So we closed everything down, and then she put these scalar wave technologies in the room in all four corners and we all slept that night there, and she spent the night there on the couch with us.

Alexandra: We had a great night’s sleep.

Steve: We had a great sleep that night.

Alexandra: We were under a lot of attack at that time. I remember that.

Steve: And I think she took off–she spent a little time the next day, and then she took off, and we never saw her or heard from her again.

Alexandra: But this is one of the greatest gifts I can give you. In my opinion it is one of the most powerful proclamations out there. It was created by a man named Rich Work and he is no longer here on the earth plane but he did some magnificent work on the planet.

So I can guarantee you that if you do this and you do it religiously and I mean every day, especially up until the process and after the process because what is happening is, if you haven’t completely gotten rid of, you know, your habits and addictions and certain thought patterns, like ‘I’m not enough,’ ‘I’m not worthy,’ ‘I don’t have gifts,’ ‘I don’t have anything to give to the planet,’ and these are all negative, dense emotions and feelings and thought forms that really aren’t serving you in your best interests.

So guess what! When you get turned on, and you’re stepping into your Christhood all of those thought patterns are really becoming a resistance.

Steve: I still have some of the same thought patterns, but they don’t repeat over and over again in my head. (A: Yeah.) Or in my body. It’s like they’re there and I can recognize them for what they are and I just send them away but then there gone. So, I imagine that if you are dwelling on them, you know, they could be a problem. So you just have to keep that in mind and when something just comes into your mind you send it away.

We had a hermetic teacher that told us basically, to take two of your fingers, your forefinger and your middle finger, and put them on your third eye and when you have a thought like that, put it there and just send it away. You know, you kind of sweep it off and send it away. And you have to replace it with a happy thought, or whatever you want–whatever you think that will help you in that situation.

Alexandra: Yes, we have to remember that thoughts are things. You know, they can become matter. So it’s a great tool to retrain your brain, but it does work if you do that.

Steve: You don’t have to put your finger up there–it’s just a gesture.

Alexandra: Yeah, it’s a gesture. Hey, the Illuminati use it all the time, and it works for them. But they do it with a negative way, you know. (laughs)

Alexandra: I did wanted to share this cool dream that this guy had and I thought you guys would enjoy it. It’s not too long. It says, here is a vision of the 144,000 faceted core. ‘Last night and into the this morning I had series of vivid dreams.

In my dream the energetics of the planet were changing. I saw people were flocking all over the place like a madhouse. People didn’t know what was going on. There were strange cloud formations in the sky and it was like everything in the planet was electrically charged. There was lightening-like phenomena although it was not the ordinary lightning we’re used to. This was beyond dazzling. There were lightning rods jumping across all the clouds. The sky was sparkling like a brilliant diamond from those storms. The planet was humid and the rain was heated. People were acting in a crazed and maniacally manner.

In the middle of all of this upheaval, from in the center of the earth arose a dazzling 144,000-sided hyper-tetrahedral geometrical form. This form was brilliant, translucent-silver, and shifted into all of the colors of the rainbow many of which cannot even be perceived with our physical eyes. It rose up into the atmosphere, and shaped-shifted it’s form into an image.

As this occurred, all of the people who were scattered and screaming and running around in this fluctuating, dismal, storm-like condition of the planet, stared up at the sky in awe and in splendor as their eyes beheld. I was one of those people. This happened last night.

The image which this form became was that of the Over-Soul of the human species–The Mother Earth Goddess, the androgynous Light Being. This is being revealed to those who were living in the planet at that time, that we would be prepared and assured a long, current timeline.’ I thought that was very profound. I just wanted to share this with you guys.

Steve: That’s awesome.

Alexandra: Yeah, it really gets you to think about as how exactly Mother Earth is going to transform, you know. It’s very, very interesting.

Alexandra: So the other thing I wanted share with you guys, is a really cool book about the ascension. And it talks a lot about activating the Soul Codes. And this is so alignment with the information I’ve been receiving.

Which is that there are 144,000 volunteers, they are needed to reach a critical mass of ascended masters. They will be needed for humanity as a whole to go into the New Age. And when these masters of the second wave return to earth they will prepare the people for the third wave and the evacuation. And I think this a explains a lot of why we have so many stories about what ascension is. You know, they’re like, Oh God, are the ships going to be picking us up? Or, Oh God, is it going to be absolutely crazy or are people just going to be blown off the planet?

And there are basically three different waves of ascension that are going down. And one of the things that it is stating that–and this isn’t the only book or article I have read that state this–but it’s reminding us that the 144,000 are the angels that return to earth. And we have to remember that.

Steve: Wasn’t it that the third wave were the people who couldn’t physically ascend and have to be evacuated in ships or something like that?

Alexandra: Yes, yes, that it is. So, anyway, it tells about that the ascended masters return 39:01 and that it will requires a lot of preparation and work to be done. And to get through a lot of drama and here is a real pearl of wisdom right here–‘many of you have answered the call.

This planet serves as some kind of an acupuncture point which causes transformation and healing of huge parts of the galaxy.’  Now when I heard that, that was in line with my last received from the Council when they were stating that the 144,000 are standing or holding the space for a specific node on a specific grid that we are layering around the earth. And I thought that was really interesting. Because it is so much in alignment with this.

Steve: You’re saying that we are the next ascended masters?

Alexandra: Yes, we are the up and comings. I’m sure a lot of you are saying, Nah!

Steve: That’s very exciting. And I know it would be fun to have a ship pick you up, but how much more exciting it would be to just do it on your own. (A: That’s true.) Lift yourself up and be an ascended master and you won’t need a ship.

Alexandra: Well, what I want to remind everybody that has gone through this process, basically the ultimate tool of the matrix has been removed from you. Yes, we have EMS, yes, we have chemtrails, yes, we have GMO foods, yes, we have nasty, loud discordant music, however, that’s all external.

And if you up your protective techniques, the fact that something internally wrong has been removed from your field, you know, your whole life is blowing open. And it’s you recognizing that. You realizing that you have the power now to have whatever you want. When I am making the essences I am imbuing that into each of the formulas. I am seeing it, I see what they are blessing you with–honestly–is you have at your fingertips now, anything that your little heart desires and every door will open up for you now. Because this is a promise. This is actually a promise. Because of what we have all gone through.

And that kind of leads me to–I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Guardians. It’s not talked about very often. In fact, we were told not to discuss it for a long period of time and it’s one of those things where it is really important to see if you even fit the criteria. I will put this information up on the web so you can review it. But when I was training with a hermetic teacher he basically told Steve and I that he had never seen two Guardians together–it was a rare situation. But we are finding a lot of Guardians are coming through this process.

And you are wondering, who are Guardians? Well, I want you to read up on it. There is so much information I have compiled, I have been researching this literally for years and honest to God, there’s very little information about it. The main people who have written about it are Anna Hayes and Lisa Renee. OK. They write a lot about the Guardians and the Guardian Alliance.

But one of the things I want to pass onto you, most of us that have exchanged emails, or have spoken to one another in their personal lives. We all share very intense childhoods, really bad in-utero experiences, frightening experiences when you were sleeping, feeling like you are the black sheep of the family, sustaining severe emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse, hostility from one of your parents, and in many cases, if you’re a Guardian, there’s a pretty likelihood that you had a parent who was a Reptilian. So if this resonating with you, it’s likely that you are one.

You also feel like you wish you had never been born. You felt that you were a social misfit, you were a loner, you really didn’t understand things because you saw things in a completely different way, you typically felt like an outcast, you were very precocious, you asked a lot of questions, and you were always reading or researching, or maybe you spent all day out in the forest, or in the field, you would talk to the insects, and the rocks and the trees–for me that was a very common thing–

Steve:  We were both tree climbers.

Alexandra: Yeah, big time. Oh yeah, I talked to trees all day long. You tend to be very independent now, you’re typically going to be a truth seeker, you’re all about justice, you are very supportive of all animals and all natural life, you are always referred to as an old soul among those who meet you on their path, you’re typically very loyal, honor and integrity are of the importance, you’re often affliated with the military somehow maybe.

And you are very much into looking for the alternative information, because you just don’t trust what you’re presented with, you allow your belief systems to constantly change, and that’s really a big deal, OK, that we have the flexibility to let go of a belief system that we had put a lot of emphasis on, but then when we saw something that presented itself that was much more true we are honest enough to say wow, you know I’ve got to look at this, and I realize that I’m not really agreeing with what I used to believe, that’s really important.

You’re very protective, you are very much defending the underdog, you very much are a peacemaker and a peacekeeper, you tend to be a diplomat, meaning, on the other side of the veil–you’re shape-shifters. You can pretty much fit into any situation, no matter what it is. Because you are really good at changing the way you act and react.

You can be very blunt–with your honesty. You can also be encouraging to those who are downtrodden. And you also feel that you just can’t really trust people. Now one of the reasons that you’ve ended up this way–there are many of us who have written to me–we tend not to trust others because we’ve been so wounded, so we feel we’ve been so screwed over, we’ve been betrayed, and a lot of it started from birth or from our family of origin.

And I want to remind all of you, that that is no longer the case now. We are literally re-uniting, our soul families are re-uniting right now. And the twin flames are re-uniting and this is a part of the process that we are kicking off right now.  It’s really exciting, so I want all of you to know that even there’s a bunch of you out there that have told me so many times that you don’t have anybody to talk to, we are really going to work hard to try to unite all of you. So that everybody has everyone to reach out to. How cool is that? So, that’s coming. I just want everyone to know that.

Alexandra: But you really feel a strong tendency to defend truth and light. And yet you really respect the opinions of everyone. You may not agree with them but you’re OK with the fact of differences of opinion. And so anyway, I could go on and on and on.

It’s really cool if you could read up on the Guardian Alliance if you haven’t already. It’s a great book, there’s a set of books written by Anna Hayes. It’s really technical, I might add. But the information in it is just incredible. It’s somewhat out-dated now, but it’s something that is very important, it’s got a lot of reference material–about the grids, the grids that have been created by the dark, the grids that have created by the light, which ones have been hijacked, which one’s were— Well, everybody, we have had some technical difficulties.

But with that said, we’re going to tie up the rest of the show up. We left off with some information about the Guardians, again, if you have any other questions I’ll be putting up a page on the Guardians–the Guardian Alliance, etcetera, and see if it resonates with you. [Anna Hayes aka Ashayana Deane, Voyager Series; Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis.com]

We did want to review one more other thing. And that is, some of the core issues that we’re running into, as far as if you’re still stuck, if you’re not getting beyond like–feeling very peaceful, feeling very blissful, you know, we hear that all the time, and definitely a lot less triggered by anything and everything that’s around you. So some the areas that we have been running into–I know Steve has experienced this with some people–do you want to talk about the heart wall?

Steve: Yes, once the implants are removed, we are noticing that nearly everyone has an implant on the heart, or on the heart chakra. And there’s also underneath that, we’ve built up over the years, we’ve built upon walls around our heart to protect us.

So now it’s time to release those too. So what you want to do is just be sure that you are releasing it with love. It’s protected you all of these years so you can thank it.

Try to visualize it, such as putting a face to it, visualize what you think it looks like. It doesn’t have to be any certain thing–people are doing different things–like it looks like a brick wall, some are like a stone wall, some are like even tissue or a part of your body. So whatever you picture it as, just picture it melting away. If you still have any problems, I can help you with that, and we can work on that also on this end to help release that.

Alexandra: Dont you notice that some of the people you’re working with, there’s still a resistance, folks. So just keep in mind that it is your responsibility to be ready to let go of that, because there’s a sub-conscious belief system that that is your protection. OK. And in reality, that worked in the old Piscean way of thinking. And the old way of being when you were implanted is not going work for you now. So it’s really important to work on the heart walls.

Steve: It’s usually the last feet that is the hardest to release, because it’s the closest to you. And I found that usually the last, even the last six inches, the last part of it that is the hardest to release.

The other thing is, a lot of people are carrying a lot of other souls and that has to be released too. We’ll be coming up with something to release those also later on. We don’t want to overwhelm anyone right this minute and just take care of the most important things right now. But that can take some shoulders from you, those extra souls are those who came in basically for the ride. They saw how powerful you are. You made an agreement with them so that they could experience through you.

Now it’s time to let go of that and let them have their own experience. They’ve been on your coattails for long enough and it’s time to release those also. And these aren’t bad souls, or anything like that or anything you have to worry about but it’s a lot of weight that you are carrying. So that can help.

Alexandra: I think it’s like you have made contractual agreements with a variety of souls from various places in the galaxies and universes that you have traveled through. That’s the kind of feeling we are getting.

The other thing that is really important is revoke your contracts with the dark or anyone that’s been oppressed, suppressed, or forced upon you. That’s really important. And releasing all your old constructs we’ve talked about, you know. Remember, you’re a new person so that therefore you have to look at all the ideas and the thinking and beliefs you have and those need to be new too.

Grounding is imperative. And if you haven’t worked on it on a regular basis it’s really important to do that now. Clearing past lives–all the multiple past lives and the different timelines which the essences, by the way, will help substantially.

And protection. Protection is just huge. You really need to be diligent about that every day, because you are a brighter light, guys. You are brighter and therefore you are going to get more attention. And I think that and the other thing is stepping into your authority, and if you haven’t been that way, that’s something you’re going to have to work on.

And lastly, is just being super aware of your surroundings, which you’re going to be anyway, since you are more sensitive now that a lot of the implant removal programming is done. So you are going to see things more clearly and your feelings are going to be more clear. So those are some of the areas that we’re starting to notice with all of you and we’re compiling a bunch of information. We’re still working on it.

If you have any feedback or questions please, drop me a line. And just be patient with me, and Steve, as far as getting back to you. But we will get back to you, I promise. And for all of you, I just want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts and from the tops of our hearts that you have allowed us to be a part of your life and provided you with this gift from the Divine. And we are so honored.

So we wish you a very, very Merry Christmas. You guys have a wonderful New Year, if I don’t talk to you before that, which I will. We have Cobra coming up next week, so that ought to be interesting. We will be doing an review of the month but also of the year.

And I hope that you can sincerely see the changes in such an awesome, positive  way for 2014 because it’s all of us that’s really going to make the impact and the difference. So I love you all. And I thank you all for listening today and you have a wonderful night.

Steve: Thank you everyone. Goodbye.

Alexandra: Goodbye.Steven Meadors and Alexandra Meadors for December 24, 2013

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