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microphone (1)Galactic Round Table with Alexandra Meadors, Steven Meadors and Okalani JacobGalactic Connection Radio May 6, 2014 Reviewing the video “The Lie NASA Told.”

 Alexandra: Hello, hello everyone. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is May 6, 2014. And we are going to change things up a little bit here today. We have so many exciting, not only announcements, but a lot of information to review with you. As many of you know, there’s been an absolute bomb that was dropped in many of our laps last week regarding a video that was released called ‘The Lie NASA Told: The Imminent Destruction of the NWO.’ So we would like to discuss that, we’ve received many emails to people asking for perspectives on that. And I would also like to pull in my husband Steven, and also my project manager, Okalani, because we have a lot to go over today, believe it or not. Things that I feel that will be very pertinent to each and every one of you in the Ground Crew.So one of the things that we’ve decided to do before I bring them in is, we have received numerous, if not countless, emails requesting that all of you are able to know a little bit more of what is going on on the planet. And so, we thought, if we could design a way of which to set up a neural network amongst all of the like-minded people out there. All of you out there that have done so much energetic work who are doing a ton of it behind the veil as well as on the surface, just by beaming your light, we thought if we could share and compile all of this information together and release this, even maybe on a weekly basis. So just kind of bear with us, because this is kind of morphing as we discuss it. But we have been very strongly directed to do this. So the first call I’m going to put out is to all of the Ground Crew and the Guardians and the Light Warriors and the Angelics, that each and every one of you – if you feel that you can contribute to sharing information on the current events of what is going on with the success of the light and the dark in this final hour, please drop us an email at admin@galacticconnection.com. And we will incorporate this information into the weekly updates. But also, if you don’t want your name mentioned we won’t do that. That’s number one. Number two, if you guys are cool with the fact that’s it just a compiled source of information, we can just keep all of it anonymous, compile it together and put it out there for everyone.Now as all of you know, I have a very strong feeling about the fact that there is always some truth in everything that we read and everything that we experience. And I want to reiterate that again today. I think that every one of us on the planet is going through a situation where we’re facing some kind of not so comfortable realizations about the events in our life, lies that have been brought forth, or even people that we thought we were in alignment with us, or who were very supportive of us who are now suddenly not. And we tend to go into a kind of trigger type of reaction feeling that, oh my god, I’ll just never have anything to do with them, or it, or whatever again. And the matter of the fact is, we are in our final stages of our bootcamp experience here. This really truly is an initiation preparing us as we launch ourselves into the galactic society that we will be reaching shortly.And with that said, I again remind all of us, including myself, that we must, must, must try to stay in a point of centering, and a point of neutrality, and a point of discernment, but of a discerning neutrality. What I mean by that is, for example, if you’re getting information and you’re not feeling so good about that some of the people and the players out there as we are all getting inundated with this information, especially in the last couple of few weeks, remember that that’s okay, and you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. And I just kind of want you, you know, to remind everybody, that that’s okay. Because if we continue to remain ourselves polarized, not recognizing what role those events, situations, and people play in our lives, then we don’t really get the whole picture, folks. We really don’t.

So with that said, I want to pull Okalani on. Okalani Jacob, as everybody knows, is my new project manager and she just flew in for about a week. And we worked, worked, worked and put a lot of ideas and goals and dreams together for Galactic Connection and I wanted to bring her on board so you can get to know her a little better and see how much what an amazing bright light she is in my life and I know she will be in yours. So thank you Okalani for coming on.

Okalani: Thank you Alexandra. I’m so happy to be here. Thanks again for hosting me. It was a pleasure to be with you and Steve. To say the least we were working on all levels.

Alexandra: Yeah.

Okalani: I do not remember a lot of it, but I’m sure that the downloads will come to me as they are needed. (laughter)

Alexandra: I know. Seriously it was like a constant perpetual download situation.

Okalani: I just want to let everybody know how magical it was for us. My first night there, as soon as I stepped off, I knew when we were turning up the road into their home and I could sense the power coming off of their house. And then we worked a little bit and that night we saw nine UFOs.

Alexandra: Yeah, I forgot about that.

Okalani: It’s like in the city, which is unheard of, with all the ambient light. It was an amazing experience. And it stopped there, with all of the people that were coming, you know, stepping forth to become a part of what we are doing and bringing us validation for the new direction that we are headed for. And to me it was a very liberating feeling, especially with working so hard and so long. I have only been in the trenches for five years. I have been awake and aware for my entire life and I understand that, you know the trials and tribulations that we all go through as Lightworkers, Light Warriors, Beings of Light. But these five years have been grueling. And I’m so excited to bring for some of those perspectives on this video, some of the perspectives of how we want to help, you know, elevate you people out there, because we love you so much. When we are up there this week we could see all of you, beat up, but your lights still beaming. You know, there were groups of children who were unwavering, with just their little bodies with unwavering lights doing whatever they needed to do. And I cannot say what a wonderful, tremendous, awesome period time we are in. So thank you so much, Alexandra.

Alexandra: No, thank you. Wow. I couldn’t say that better. So I also want to bring Steven on board. As all of you know, Steve is my husband and my twin flame and he has gone through a lot with me. And so he has a lot of interesting perspectives to share today regarding the video that I think you will all really want to hear. So Steven, thank you for coming. I want everybody to know that this is not a comfort zone for Steve.

Steven: Well, thank you. It’s great to be here. And again, yes, we had a great time when Okalani came up. And we got a lot of work to keep our, the place that we live as a sanctuary, and a lot of energetic work and trying to keep it clear. And I think the UFOs are just comfortable coming here, even though it is like, in the city.

A: Yeah, right in the city, I might add, folks.

S: So we’re usually working and don’t have a lot of time to spend with them but, you know, in the middle of the night the birds start just going nuts, like in the middle of the night, so we know that they are out there. So yeah, there’s a lot of exciting things going on and we just may as well get started.

A: Okay, now the first thing I want to do is, I want to deliver what we are going to refer as an intelligence brief. And we thought that this would really assist all of you out there out in the trenches, as Okalani says. Because I know it’s not easy, especially in this final hour. I get tons of email with all of you guys and I want to say once again how much I honor each and every one of you who’s just trying so hard to be the best that you can be. And you know, that’s all that is needed. You know, we don’t have to be perfect. I think we tend to really be too hard on ourselves, because of who we are. And because of the responsibility that we feel in taking the transition from the old earth to the new earth. But remember, you know, things are going to start lightening up. Things are going to get easier. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily today, but it is going to get easier. So this was compiled by very, very powerful like-minded individuals who all have very clear messages that they receive on a regular basis. And again, I put it out to all of you that want to contribute to this. This is about a we-thing, this is not about ‘oh, Alexandra on a pedestal thing.’ So I want you to remember that.

So, ‘the most pertinent recent projects have now been successfully launched.’ Okay. And remember when you listen to these briefings to read between the lines. There’s only certain things that we can say and I know all of you know what I’m talking about. Okay. ‘The masses are definitely waking up and the numbers of the masses are increasing daily. And remembering that it only requires less than 1% to change the world. So I want all of you to stay on course. That is your assignment, folks, a lot of you keep feeling like you’ve got something else that you’re supposed to be doing – it’s coming. But right now, staying on course, and standing tall and being strong and unwavering in your truth is what we need now.

So the cabal is in total disarray, and the whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork, right, left and center. So this is an incredible time for all of us to be alive and see this going down. There are contingency plans for circumvention that are not succeeding and they can only put together a delay tactic because the inevitability is in sight for all of us. We will be reuniting shortly. Re-deployment to necessary strategic points for the good of all has occurred and we have expanded, courageous points of light around the world.’ So remember what that means.

‘The exposure of the banker hierarchy, payments and profits is no longer stifled, through trial and tribulations, through Russia and Putin, it has set a stage for the US as far as unraveling the Allies and how the United States of America incites war around the globe. They are no longer able to start these wars on a mass global basis. So obviously, Ukraine, in many ways, we can thank this situation for bringing a lot of light to what is really going on behind closed doors. The dinar revaluations could be used as a way of buying time to stay in the game, okay.

And Vatican officials are on the run. This has been confirmed. There is an inner conflict within the Vatican, religious institutions promoting Jesus for good social order versus the Satanic cult embedded in the tentacles within the United States. And as Okalani says, Captain America is a microcosm of how the cabal infiltrates various organizations.’ I just love that.

‘We are climbing, you guys, we are aligning with our ultimate major projects. The fleet is aligning with those of us that are ready to step forward as a member fully intact in our power as a Ground Crew Member.’ We are going to talk about that today. ‘The concept of time, as everyone knows, that shifted. And progress has been initiated and is intiating sequences that have commenced. So the street-view of how everything is set for the full grid sweep is fully underway.’ So that’s basically it for the intelligence brief. You may want to wait for the transcription so you can read between the lines. I hope that assists you guys, because it’s definitely assisting us.

So with that said, we’re going to dive into the video that so many of us have been processing and really being impacted by, and that is this ‘The Lie NASA Told.’ And I’ve taken a lot of notes. There’s a lot of people that have been writing and saying, ‘well, I’m not really sure about this or that or the other,’ so obviously what we want to do today, we’re just going to put it out there, okay. Because we know that it is a piece of the truth, right? Again, let’s all remember to re-position the way that we see our reality. We are just a piece of the mosaic. That’s all that we are. We can’t be doing this alone, we have to do it with the assistance of all of you. So one of the things that I really to want bring Steven in on is, a lot of you know this but, when I first met Steven, he was SO buried in the Christian prophecies, to the point that I was awwkk, okay. But now we are basically thanking this because he has a lot of that inherent knowledge and how that can be applied to this video, isn’t that interesting? So I’d like to ask Steven what he thinks about some of the key passages that were made within the video. And I don’t know necessarily where you want to begin. And Okalani, you pop in at any time you want, because you have some incredible awarenesses, as well. I really think, you guys, it’s so magical to get the three of us together. We know, WE KNOW we are supposed to be doing something really big, and we know that we’ve done it before. So no surprise there. I kind of want everyone to really take note that these dates are some things we should all be researching. Dive in, send me some information, let’s compile it, get it together, that’s such a cool project that we can all be working together.

So you’ve got the dates of February 24, 2007, and that’s when all the arcs came to claim all of the children and they plowed through the path to the Sun. That’s the first date. The next one was March 7th, 2007. When Uranus entered and the Mob took them out and blew through Ur/Uranus. The third one was on June 24th, 2007, when Ur ended up being crippled. August 17th, 2007, was when Neptune engaged themselves to assist Ur. September 2007 they finally caught up with Uranus, and now check this out you guys, this is how long it’s been in this Galactic War, it wasn’t until January 2009, that Ur was finally completely annihilated. And Neptune in the meanwhile, was running. So then, it took – let’s see, I’m back tracking here. In April 15, 2008, they finally caught up with Neptune and they destroyed Neptune. So Neptune actually went down before Ur did, or Uranus. And then, this was the destruction of the – how do you say that belt Okalani?

O: I think it’s Kuiper Belt, the Kuiper Alien Belt, and I have another video that I need to post with regards to the timeline with the Kuiper Belt.

A: So basically, guys, as of January 8th, 2008, it says here, so there’s two different dates here when Ur was finally completely destroyed. So I’m not sure if it was 2008 or 2009. I think it’s 2008. Anyway, so let’s start from there, Steve, do you have any kind of realizations for just from that right there, or Okalani?

S: Well, when you watch, it shows that the poles that the planets are on, when the planets get destroyed the pole disappears and like versus, when the pole is gone it seems like the planet is really closely behind, as far as being destroyed. I can’t really tell what is happening because of so many explosions and things are happening. But to give you a little background. In my Christian background I’ve read the Bible at least from front cover to back at least twelve times. I’ve studied individual chapters, I’ve read a lot of the prophecy, especially the book of Daniel and Revelation and I haven’t really related anything to Daniel yet. I have to go back and do that. I haven’t had a lot of time to really work on that. And there’s some other prophetic books in the Old Testament. There’s a lot more in the Old Testament than there is in the New Testament. There’s basically the one book, Revelation, in the New Testament, while the Old Testament has several. So with that said, pulling out Revelation Chapter 2, it talks about the ‘Remember therefore from whence you have fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come to you very soon and they will remove thy candlestick from it’s place, unless you repent.’ He’s basically saying, hey, you repent or you’re going to be destroyed and so the candlesticks – it’s kind of interesting because if you read Revelation it talks about the candlesticks are the churches, what is the church, what is it really referring to? A: Yeah.

S: A lot of misinterpretations there too so –

A: You have to know how to define the terms.

S: I believe the star on top on the candlestick are actually the planets and the candlesticks are the poles. In Revelation all the stars were – there is no distinguishing between the planets and the stars, they call them all stars.

A: Interesting. Well, I want Okalani to comment on the conversation we had about Father God.

O: Right.

A: Come into the so-called dome. Talk a little bit about that, that’s really interesting.

O: Okay, to clarify, there’s certain things in order to help you make sense of this video from my perspective, and my perspective is like feeling – energetically feeling – and when I saw this video there were times where I saw the planets, the planet ships being attacked, I felt that I was there. And there are three groups that are defined that are on our side for humanity, right? they are called the Mobs, the Mob, which plows through and takes care of the outer planets, then the Allies which help protect Earth, amongst all of the other negative entities, and then there is HE who is, for lack of a better word or term, it’s Heavenly Father, the direct Father through the branch to man. Which is important, and it’s going to be really difficult – we really recommend that you watch it more than once, because it is a multi-layered message. So when Steve talks about the arcs, the arcs are defined by the branches of beings that you feel associated with. And in this video, yes, it does say that the lion branch, we can assume is Lyrian, the bird which the eagle, and then the bull which she says in there is Brahma, and then the branch of man. And as the Heavenly Father is the Father to all of these branches, the human is the only one that has a direct connection to Him. So that makes we humans who have chosen Him are the direct descendants of Him. Which is very important.

A: Yes. I have a really good friend, I’m sure a lot of you remember him. I interviewed him, it’s Jerry Yusko. And one day Jerry, was talking to me, he’s a very, highly gifted psychic/healer. And when he was talking to me and he says, ‘don’t you understand the difference between man and all of the rest of the races.’ And I said, ‘no, I really don’t, I kind of do, but tell me what your perspective is.’ And that was his big thing. He said, that the greatest gift that our Father God gave to us was the gift of emotion. And the fact that we could feel on so many different layers or levels, and he gave me the example of ‘Love.’ And how there were so many different layers and levels of love because how can you measure emotion even. Think about it. How do you measure that? So you know, you have Love for your dog. You have love of your house. You have love for you car. You have love for humanity. You love yourself. All of these different layers. Or you love to go to work out. They’re all so multi-faceted. And that was kind of a breakthrough and I said, ‘Well, let me get this straight. So are you saying that, let’s just saying the Pleiadian race for example, are you saying that they can’t feel?’ ‘No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. But what has occurred is, because they are more of a communal, peaceful environment there isn’t as much – ‘ he says, ‘and I’m going out a limb here – there isn’t as much individuality.’

O: Yeah, that brings up that conversation we were having on my last day, you know, while we were at that restaurant. And as you were speaking of yourself as a healer, your experience as a healer, (Yeah) and guys, this is an important bit of information as it helps you toward ascension and understanding the emotional body, and the importance of the emotional body. That emotional body is so difficult for us to overcome because it is the inherited human, right, I guess, gene, that you accept when you come down here and become part of the hybrid body. Of whichever race that you’re from and human. And that’s why there’s some of us who aren’t human, you know, who are direct descendants from those other four arcs, that are so gifted, right, on a psychic level, and on other levels, that it’s difficult for them to deal with their emotions, which is the human side of them which is for it. You know, and if you had questions about that, how to heal that, Alexandra is the perfect person because we had a really fantastic in depth discussion about it. But that’s something we should touch on quick here, for time’s sake.

S: The other thing that’s unique about the race of man is that you can have, he or she can have, more than one emotion at the same time. You can be happy and sad at the same time. You can have a multitude of emotions, you know. (A: Good point) It’s amazing. It’s almost to the point that there is a race that could actually be jealous of what we have, because they can’t experience that.

A: True. And that got into another conversation that we want to throw out to you guys, which is think about all of the things that cause sorrow and we tend to discuss what we want to avoid. You know, you want to avoid those deep, dark feelings of sadness, and depression, and anger, and rage, but that is what makes us who we are. The only reason that I feel that we got to the place that we want to abandon that, or avoid it at all costs, is because it’s become so distorted. And it’s because we’ve been knocked off of the center. I mean, basically, true healing is bringing everything to a holistic center. And acknowledge every piece of your self as okay. And understanding that each one of the pieces is what makes you who you are, is an integral part of the whole. So it’s really important to, like in the old 80s mentality was, ‘oh god, you don’t want to feel that, or you don’t think that, because that indicates co-dependency, or it indicates a really bad childhood and victimhood.’ When in fact, once again what you’re doing is, you’re looking at it from a polarized perspective and we are demonizing it. You know, everybody knows what Steve has gone through. We all talked about it at great length in the implant removal process, how he was just beside himself with this binging addiction that he had and desperately wanted to let go of it. But even he has said to me and assisted me in seeing that once he finally accepted it and embraced it, didn’t hate it, – remember how you felt – and was okay with the fact that was a part of what he was, part of his history, recognizing that that created him into the very strong Light Warrior that he is today.

S: I would never take it back because it’s part of who I am now. It’s made me who I am today. And you know, being down in some of the depths and the darkness that I have experienced, I’m able to appreciate the light more. It was really – it’s such an experience for me to have, that contrast of the experiences that I had. And a lot of people that just kind of go along with life on a smooth line, they’re not able to experience something like that. And once I made it to the other side and it was basically making the choice. And once I chose to not be in that anymore, which the implant removal actually gave me that, that clean slate to make that choice.

A: Yes.

S: And once I did though, just miracles happened.

A: Right. And for those of you that have had chronic addictions and things like that – the implant removal is not the panacea to get rid of the pain within your heart. I just want to be up front about that. It is definitely a good starting point, because you’re then cleaned out. And I love, please, please, please Okalani tell them a little bit about what you saw and felt regarding the transmission. That was just so profound.

O: Well, so while I am working with Alex I have come across a lot of people who have said, ‘oh no, I’ve been cleared of the transplants.’ And while that may be true this particular set of transplants that Pam and Alexandra work with are the core transplants in which we accept as our contract in being shoved into the humanenvelope, you know, into this body. And you know, there are many healers that can remove a lot of the needles and a lot of the things that are attached to these core transplants, however, Pam and Alexandra were the main and only tools that I know of, Alexandra said there are a couple of people around the world that have this ability that can remove these, because it has to be done by an outside source. In understanding that, and when I looked in, and I tapped in, there are people who can shut down the power source for these transplants in which you are no longer a direct transmitter of information. However, without having those removed, you become a passive conduit to pulling people in, to transmit directly. And even though it has no power source because, you know when were in each others’ energetic field, that kind of transmission is absolutely possible, especially on the etheric and telepathic realms. So this is really important when you guys get a call to get this done because once it is removed, it also allows the light to come in. Because until you have it out, it is just like blocked.

A: And to add to that, people are going to ask me, I don’t know who these other people are. I was just told there’s a very, very minute number of people across the planet that have this ability to extract these. I know of some high-powered healers have not succeeded. Which is why Pam has deliberately been given this gift. Okay. Now people are saying, why is that? And what we’ve been told is at this time it is such an important gift that she’s been giving, that it could be used in an detrimental way and it could cause significant damage to the body. I’ve actually received a testimony from an extremely evolved soul, I’m thinking of him right now, who tried to do this on his own. And we know we can do a lot of stuff on our own. I know I can too. But he tried to do it by himself and he wrote a testimonial, and said, wow, I actually realized that I needed assistance. And there’s nothing wrong with that, folks. It’s okay for us to get help from one another because we receive it to a completely different perspective of the issue at hand. So I just wanted to clarify that. I’m not dishonoring all of you out there that are healers who do phenomenal energetic work, because I know that you do. And I’m here to support you in whatever way that I can.

So anyway, with that said, back to the video. What I wanted to do, was I want to talk  about the significance of being presented with the solar system as a bunch of balls or space ships on sticks. Okay. Now most people who listen to this video could be thinking, what do mean, are you crazy? But there was something within many of us that kind of knew that it could be true. And I received a lot of people who are highly psychic and they all said, my god, this is true. What we felt was so interesting was that Okalani and Steve talked about how they both remembered of doing a science project, at what, third grade, where they had to create a solar system and what did it look like? It was a bunch of little balls on sticks.

S: And we basically made them out of coat hangers and styrofoam balls. Then we painted the balls and we would stick the balls on top – it’s kind of like, boy, as children we knew more than we do now.

A: Yeah, they have warned us over and over again that the illusions are going to continue to be crystallized, right? I mean we are going to continue to see things – I’ve said so many times, it’s difficult to send me something that I haven’t already read about or seen or thought about, or contemplated. But you know what? This was definitely a first for me.

S: Here’s something else that was just a kind of confirmation because a lot of you say, wow, look at how the solar system really is, and well, I don’t really believe that because I can look at a telescope. I have my own telescope and I have been studying it for ever, ever since I had my first UFO experience, my first contact when I was fifteen. And –

A: Go ahead and tell them a little about that.

S: Well, this was back in Michigan and there’s a place called – it is basically owned by the University of Michigan and they have a building with telescopes inside. And the top of the building rolls off. It’s kind of a flat building with a top that is just on rollers.

A: So there’s no synchronicity there.

S: And that rolls off and it’s just basically college kids so it’s really cool, because you can go over there. You’re not even supposed to be on the property. We used to sneak in. We used to park on the street and we would kind of sneak in through the gates and just walk down there. And then we would just hang with the college students, and when it got dark we’d look through the telescopes and different things. And they have a giant radio telescope there also, which I was never able to go inside and really check it out. But it’s pretty big, you could basically put a house in the middle of this thing and it would make the house look small – a pretty big radio telescope. Then one day we were just -I was with two other friends and we were just sitting out there and kind of on a ledge, the edge of this cliff. So we were just sitting there looking out, and this light came over and it was right in front of us. And it was silence, not a one of us made a word. You know, it was almost like we were in another dimension or something but we were all looking at it. And it just hovered there, probably 100 yards in front of us, and just sat there, it was looking at us, and then it went off to the left, went off to the right and then went off on an angle and it just disappeared.

A: Cool.

S: And at the point it was silent – it seemed like forever. This whole incident probably took seconds, but it seemed like the longest time, and we all looked at each other and we were like, did you see that? It was really a weird experience because nothing was ever said, except for, ‘did you see that?’

A: It’s like you left time. You went into a space of timelessness, which is cool.

S: Right. But it wasn’t what I expected, you know. But it was cool.

A: Well, I think the fact that we saw a picture through the SOHO footage of the actual space craft vertically positioned on the pole and Okalani, you had something really interesting about that, regarding the polarity and Steve you did too. I kind of wanted to talk about that, because the name of the show is Defining Polarity, which we’ve kind of alluding to this the whole time.

O: I do also want to let people know – One of our friends came over who is very insightful and very intelligent and was questioning about what is SOHO, right. So I wanted to let everybody know. It’s a twelve-space camera array that was launched and the center of operations is out of Maryland. So these twelve, thirteen cameras are capturing all of these things going on in outer quote/unquote – you can’t be sure now- quote/unquote ‘outer space’ and a lot of the information has been suppressed from these cameras, okay. Sorry. Now you go ahead, Steve.

A: No, that’s good, I’m glad you brought that up.

S: I was doing a little bit of digging deeper too and I found another footage, SOHO footage, where they were actually looking at Comet Ison and Comet Enki. And the interesting thing that I’d like to bring up with this is, it was showing that the Earth was closer to the Sun than Mercury. It had two planets on poles, Mercury and the Earth. And then it had the two comets and the footage was really short and it’s supposed to be about Comet Ison. But that’s what I thought was interesting is, that the Earth was closer to the Sun than Mercury, which we all know through astronomy that’s not what we were told. And then I started a little deeper and I found some other stuff where these scientists were actually looking at Mercury and they discovered that Mercury actually had ice on it’s poles. Well, how is that possible? Supposedly, it’s so close to the Sun that everything would just evaporate instantly. There would not be any ice. There couldn’t be any water, nothing. No liquids would be able to be there if it was that close, supposedly.

A: And of course, you are assuming that the sun

S: was giving out heat.

A: Exactly. (laughter)

O: Yeah. That’s another whole analysis that we can go into, the whole black sun that is behind the golden curtain that gives off plasma projections.

A: Go for it, Oki.

O: Well, I don’t want to lose track to the pole thing and Steve if you could, do you mind explaining what these poles are? Because for some of the people who haven’t seen it, or people who have seen it and need to have a little more explanation about what the poles are and what they represent, that would be cool.

S: Well, I’m a little in the dark on that too. (laughter) I’ve still been trying to figure that out so I’m no expert. But I know according to the Bible they are the candlesticks. It’s like where they’re docked, you know. Where the space ships docked. There are also tunnels, probably how the dark and hopefully, the light too, can travel through there. But they are able to travel up and down these tunnels.

A: Do you think they are the same as the cables that they showed?

S: Oh yes.

A: Do you Okalani?

O: I think that the make-up, the material make-up is the same. But the fixed nature is different than the cables that are holding up the sun that we see in the NASA photographs. If you – when you guys see the video – or if you guys can recall the video footage – where the bump is, you know, above the bump there is positive and below the bump is negative. (Correct)  And we are talking about polarities and we can define polarities, which is why it’s so important right now for us to stay balanced because what is going on is, you know, we’re in a sorting system basically. The reason that so many of us are having a difficult time is because, you know, like Anonymous and some of the other bloggers out there, they’re saying you have to stand up and make a choice. There’s no more grey. There’s only black and white, and you have to choose. And some of us have, you know, part of the emotional body issues are commitment issues, and committing and making the wrong choice. The thing is if you look to yourself and find out that you have compassion, then you already made your choice, but you have to stand up on it. You have to live it. You have to be it. You can not just be grey and be a fence-rider anymore. It won’t serve you. And if that’s where you want to be, you’re going to be in for a whole world of hurt. And I’m not saying that to put fear, I’m putting that in there because I know the strength, the strength of our family out there is very capable of making that choice and we are waiting for you.

A: And the fact that those that were all perceived to be grey out there are getting rattled and shaken, not served, you know.

S: When you are grey, you haven’t made a choice. You’re sitting there going – oh which way do I go, so you’re right in the middle. So you haven’t made a choice. I know that – that’s another thing that I was reading here about God. He’s talking about dark and light and grey, but he refers to it as cold and hot and lukewarm. And he says if you’re lukewarm, I’d rather have you hot or cold, you know, it’s okay to be hot or cold so you’ve made the choice. So it’s okay to be hot, to be dark, or whatever, or whichever way it is, I’m not really sure, (laughter), but the greys, when you’re grey or lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth.

A: Well then let’s face it. What causes the most challenge for the Ground Crew at this time? And that is the fact that they feel that we are in a grey environment, you know, they’re not sure about this person or that person. Everything is kind of fuzzy right now, it’s not clear. Because some of us out there have not made that choice where are we going to stand. It’s just like what you said, Okalani, we’re all so fearful of just not making a commitment, but we’re fearful what we could possibly lose by standing tall in our truth.

O: Which is the truth of it all, right? This video is the truth of it all, and what we have been all saying, people have been saying, the old spirituality and new agers have been saying, is that it is all a hologram, this is not real, right? So in essence, if you think about that, that’s a truth that has held through time and that means that you lose nothing by standing up and accepting a truth.

A: Yeah, whatever it is.

O: Whatever it is. You lose nothing.

A: That’s a good point. Thank you for that. That was very profound, Okalani.

O: Well, you know, I have my moments.

A: You have your moments.

S: I have a little question. This is something that has been going through my mind. A little question going through my mind is the difference between the polarity and the being light or dark. (O: Hmm) Or being in balance between dark and light. What is your definition, Alex, as far as being a balance which you think that you are kind of in the middle, and the difference between that and being grey.

A: Okay, that’s really a good point.

O: Yeah.

A: My opinion of that is, when you are holistically in balance and holistically healthy, you recognize the importance of all of your bodies. And the main key to that is when you’re in a state of balance, guess what, there is no fear. There’s no fear. You know, a lot of lightworkers that will discuss with you, healers will say there are core requirements in any healing and they almost always bring it down to the number one thing which is fear of being abandoned, fear of separation from Source, okay. I mean basically you can almost always take it back to one of those. There are five core ones of them, but that’s basically it. And so the emotion of fear is involved in holistic centeredness or balance. But when you talk about light, dark, and grey, and how you present yourself as light, dark, or grey, when you are grey, do people really know where you stand?

S: No.

A: You know.

S: No, they don’t.

A: And why does that individual choose to be grey? Why do they choose to be grey? We are inherently beautiful, good people inherently. I’m just talking about humans, okay. And we inherently want to do what is best.

S: That is a good point. Because when somebody is balanced, you can tell that they’re balanced, a lot of times when a person is grey, you don’t know what they are.

A: Right. And typically, the reason that you remain grey is because you want a little bit of it on this side and you want a little bit on this side, and you’re not willing to just stand tall in what you really want, because you are afraid, ultimately, that you’re going to miss out of something.

O: Right. There’s no discernment. They just want it all.

A: Yeah. And frankly, I feel like that Father God or whatever you want to call it wants to see us stand tall in what we want. I mean, doesn’t all of the spiritual teachings tell us that? (Umhmm)  That we have to ask, you have to knock on the door, right? To receive you knock on the door. Ask and it will be given to you. And when you ask for something you clearly know what you want.

S: Okay, so that really clears up a lot of things for the difference between being grey and being in balance. I think that was important. Because I’ve always, you know, it’s one of those things. Being in balance would seem like being in the middle, but really it is not, you know, it’s different. A: Yeah.

S: So that’s the other thing that we have as humans, we have the ability to be compassionate and I think that’s where we have to, I don’t really have to work with any greys, but I think it is important because those are the people that are basically sitting on the fence and they can be saved. Is that correct, do you think?

A: Well, that’s like the 64 million dollar question.

O: It’s absolutely loaded, because it all depends. To me, people who are grey, it depends where they at in the journey, you know. If they’re willing to do the work, and realize that it’s a hard choice to get off that fence, it’s within their grasp, then cool. Then definitely help them. But if it’s going to take a lot of time it wouldn’t be something – it’s one of those things – until they are ready then it’s no sense in investing.

A: And also how addicted are they and committed are they to the darkness within themselves.

S: Right.

A: Okay. If they really are addicted. Now on the other hand, you know, if you’re just totally of the light, and you’re like oh let’s do dancing and da-da-da-da,  then you’re not in balance either. It’s really important for us to recognize all of our selves, all of our emotions, all of our necessities to be the human person that we are. That’s really important too.

O: I have to interject this. This is just as side note for you guys. You know, we are on skype video and we get to see each other because it helps with the flow in this interview. And Alexandra is so animated it cracks me up. If you hear me busting out, it’s not because I’m trying to being rude about her, in her speaking segment, she is just so animated I just can’t help but laugh.

A: Thanks Okalani. O: I’m calling you out. I calling it as it is, sister.

A: That’s okay. What were you going to say Steve?

S: Oh, I lost my thread of thought.

A: Uh-oh.

O: He’s so much in love with Alexandra. It’s so cute. He’s distracted a lot of the time. So, we were talking about the poles and the polarity. And we were defining the polarity within people and hopefully that segment will help them to define themselves and look to the polarity within to help them make that choice.

A: And the fact that there’s a – you can almost glean that in everything that we see, can’t we?

O: Yes. Absolutely.

A: If you guys watch the video, you need to stop it and look at the chart. Because they have a lot of information in them. And one of the charts actually shows the dome of the ship broken down into the, she says, abyss, or abyss. [Different pronunciation] Or maybe that’s how it’s said in another language. You’ve got the heavens, you’ve got the abyss, then you’ve got the pit.

S: The underworld.

A: The underworld, right. So I kind take a look at that and think isn’t that really interesting. If you are looking into how you define the abyss. It’s a lot like being grey. (O: Umhmm) You’re kind of muddling through a very murky, I just don’t know where I am standing, I don’t know what I am doing. So that’s even more of reason to continue to strive to be in a position of heaven. That’s why people can attain heaven on earth even in this little dome here.

O: Right.

A: Because they’ve done their inner work and they know that they can create their own heaven no matter wherever they are. By shining their light.

O: Right. And that realization comes about in the Age of Aquarius where we started sending the cabal and the archons running because the amount of awareness. When I looked at that Age of Aquarius, our Age of Aquarius, we talk about the evolution and the ascension of the physical, carnal side of humanity and here we are at the second stage, the next stage, the spiritual ascension and reconnecting with the Heavenly Father, Source, whatever you want to call him. I think that’s why it’s been so hard for a lot of the people who were first-wavers who are on there. They have been there for so long. They knew that was a part of their ascension, not realizing there’s a second phase, for the physical to the spiritual and everything in between, mental and emotional.

A: Yeah. And I think also if you guys go back to December 21, 2012, there were a lot of articles in the internet that were addressing how people felt so let down. They felt so disappointed, they really thought there was going to be a more demonstrative revelation that we had proceeded into a different realm and different way of being, what have you. But when you look back, there were phenomenal things accomplished that day. And in fact, I wrote an article, I had my first experience of total unity the next morning at about 8:00 o’clock in the morning.

O: Hmmm.

A: It was phenomenal. I had never experienced or seen anything like that before. It didn’t last a super long time, but it was like their message to me, hey, this is where you guys are going. And the thing is, why is that important? It’s important because you can’t remain grey forever.

O: Right.

A: You can’t. You just are who you are and you’re going to be seen, revealed, and known the good, bad, the ugly, as they say.

O: And the other thing too is, a lot of people were disenchanted and I still see it on the social networks, on some of the other articles I come across, how disenchanted and burned out people felt in 2012, not realizing that something huge did happen. This video shows huge things did happen, it just was covered up as usual.

A: As usual. And I want to remind people once again, remind yourselves everytime you take a dive, because we are all there guys, we all have our good days and our bad days, you know, when you go into that dive into that emotional welling, like you’re going down into the hole. Okay. Remind yourself of why it truly is seeming that way, feeling it that way, because the majority of the time it’s not just about our belief systems, it’s about the control mechanism outside of yourself. And you are so much stronger than they are, oh my god. And once we are all started getting connected and we are, and they don’t like it, and when we build our network up to the point of, I should say, invincibility, all bet’s are off. And we are close, we are almost there. In fact, I wanted to share that I forgot to say, in the beginning, and I want everyone to know that according to Max Keiser and another individual that I spoke with, they are swearing that the financial system reset about ten weeks ago. Okay. So what are the ramifications of that? How does that fit in with the whole polarity thing?

O: Did you say Snowden?

A: No, I said Max Keiser.

O: Okay, Keiser, I gotcha.

A: So there’s so many things out there that are blogging or reading the posts on Galactic Connection, you can see something is going on in the financial system. Something huge. And there has been reference to the fact that this is now going to be seamless. And actually I’m feeling like that it went down some time ago. So that leads me to – Okalani – talk about the conversation that was on the video when supposedly on March 4, 2014, God filled the earth with the gamma rays which was to take out all ELFs and HAARP. Can you talk about that?

O: Okay. Well, that part is interesting. Because a lot of the information out there pertaining to the Event, I guess I would have to define what the actual Event is, however, when we talk originally, when I got involved with this, the Event was a pulse of light that pretty much came from the Central Galactic Sun. Instead it was Him, you know, Father directly just jamming us with gamma rays which basically created the Event at time in my mind and my heart. Because what he had done was, he had wiped, and when she said this part in the video I just about lost it. My heart wanted to explode, I felt sad, that finally, somebody – that he got here, because it’s as if all that’s owed by man, was wiped clean. It means we have a clean slate. Steve, ten weeks ago, what date would that be? I know you guys were looking at that.

S: I think it was January 7th, I believe.

O: Right. Then in January there was another huge event in the video that showed up.

A: January 31st was when God stole the eye from Ra and hid it. Can you talk about that?

O: Right. Okay when he stole the eye from Ra, that means he cleared the way for us to be taken out of the abyss. And with that, that’s when everything is going to crumble because they had no way of containing us anymore.

A: Yeah.

O: And with all of the things going on, like I said, there are three groups that were helping us, helping to liberate us during this whole time from 2007 to the present. So he held us in a gamma burst and wiped our contracts – wiped all ultra-low-frequencies – and he did that to allow us to stand, out of the mire and realized that we were in polarity. That’s what he did. All the low frequencies that kept us in a cloud, he got rid of. And that’s why from then until now, and that’s another reason why the equinox was such a huge thing because all of the energies that were coming through were saying, make a choice. That’s right, everybody is feeling the pull. I did want to review, to touch base on a side message I got. With Steve and Alexandra and I, we were spinning on this this video to say the least, because when the planets were annihilated it brought up a lot – it questioned a lot of our teachings. Especially when it comes to astrology, how it affects us as humans, when during this whole time our birth chart and our relation to the energies out there are so intertwined. And what does that mean – if these planets were annihilated? What it means is, when we were born we were still committed to that programming in each planet. That means it was created and programmed into our cellular memory so we still have that with us. And that’s part of the reason that he got rid of it because it allowed us to be free from that program. From the programs of those planets. Now in the video there are four planets left – Saturn, Venus, Mars and Mercury. We do have a theory on that. And it was so funny, Steve said, why did they leave the most nastiest planet Saturn here, where he’s just controlling us with all the rings and the moons –

S: So this is my Saturn return year. It’s supposed to be terrible. Everyone hates the Saturn return year. This has been my best year ever!

O: Right. So Steve was going and it was so fun because I’m there, and he subscribes to astronomy, or astrology news, or something like that, and I’m like, ‘Oh, you mean for the planets that don’t exist anymore!?’ And we were laughing and he goes, ‘I don’t know, I’m still on a pole about it.’ (laughter) The whole thing is guys, they did exist, it was a program and yes, it did affect us because when they were near us we would feel the program a lot more intensely. And it still is with us because it’s part of cellular memory. Which is important because it means to hold us here until we finish our mission.

A: Good point.

O: That whole Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn – Saturn there in my belief and I look forward to expanding my belief system and getting the true facts on it, I think Saturn is there because he has to hold that end of the black hole that we are in open. And then the other planets, I believe, Venus, Mars and Mercury are actually allies of ours but that we were being held hostage by the outer planets. That’s if we can conceive of them as the planet ships (Yeah) with people.

A: Just to add I think that the other reason that Saturn is so important, is because it provides us with some structure.

O: Absolutely.

A: If we went from really structured which we are right now, to zero structure, we really would spin out with all these energies. So it appears that there is a divine plan, and there’s a great deal of thought and strategy that went into this whole thing.

O: So you guys are spinning out for a reason, believe there is a structure behind the scenes.

A: Yeah, yeah. Exactly. So, also on the 11th of March earth actually took flight and they supposedly dropped a nuke down the mast and Earth finally left the pole. That was on the 11th. Oh gosh, I have to get an article. I wanted to show you guys some things that occurred with each of these dates. There are definitely, if you do the research there are definitely some alignments in some of the space news that was going on at the same time that she shows the footage in this video that the SOHO NASA stuff that they never showed us and chose not to share it with us. So go ahead and talk about that. I’m going to grab it.


O: What is interesting is, Steve and I are like very bent on providing with timelines. Oh what happened on that date?  Steve and I were running around and like when did this happen, where were you, do you remember what was going on? And I think it will be important for a lot of you out there to do the same. If you are looking at these dates and if this video resonates with you, I invite you to go and look at where you were at that time, and what you experienced there? Because we are finding a lot of things that were going on in our secular lives were very much tied into the big events that occurred on this video. Like Steve, he has been digging into the videos, I have been also. I found a couple of people that have timelines and Steve and I will both providing this information to you because we will mesh all of this information out there of this from a scientific realm as well as a spiritual new age, you know, realm, the etherical realm to make sense of it all for you. So you guys as Alex said, if you have any questions, email us at admin@galacticconnection.com.

S: There’s a lot of question about how can we have been here for so long, I remember growing up in a Christian family, I remember my mom telling to me that, oh the earth has been only 6000 years. But look at all of this other stuff is older, that’s how the Christian community was presenting everything. And then all of a sudden, now they are saying, wow, the pyramids could be 30,000 years old. They just keep getting older and everything is getting older. They found some city that was under the water and they think it is 120,000 years old, or something like that. But with that said, we don’t know any of this. Because if it’s all just a program, if they put it into a program, they could put us to sleep and then introduce all of this stuff into the program and we go from there. So it was kind of hard for me to get the concept of that. I know this is old. I have rocks and crystals and I know that it took a long time for them to develop and all of that kind of stuff and so, it’s a hard concept to get you to wrap your brain around it.

O: Yes, because it’s restricting your entire belief system. If you’re open to it, it makes it a lot easier on yourself, especially if you – I think it was easier of us as a group because we are seekers and going through this video opened up a lot for us because it aligned a lot with what we thought.

A: Yeah, I agree.

S: The other thing was though the timelines are collapsing and time itself is collapsing. There’s stuff that happened in Alexandra’s and my life that seemed like it just happened yesterday but at the same time it seemed like it happened a long time ago. So, it’s that thing again that we have the ability to not just be happy and sad at the same time. We have the ability to actually look at something that seemed like a long time ago but it also seems just like it happened yesterday at the same time. It’s the same kind of concept.

A: We’re ultimately being kind of nudged to live always at the present moment, you know. We’re getting used to it, so that more that we resist the time flying by and recognize, hey, just try this. We slow down time all the time. If we have to be in an appointment kind of environment and we have a lot of things to be done throughout the day we can slow time down easily. Everyone of you guys can to if you aren’t doing it already. So I wanted to share this with you. One of the big dates was March 4th, 2014. That was when we got slammed by the gamma rays from Father God according to this video. And so, you know, to me that was so similar to the description of the Event. When I saw that that was the first thing that hit me very, very hard. And I sort of started doing a little researching last night, which I’m sure that you’ve found it isn’t as easy as it used to be, because they put all of these restricted parameters on the search engines, by the way, but if you’re tenacious enough you can find this stuff. And one of the things I found was, and I was kind of noticing a pattern was that on that date of March 4th, a news headline came out from the Washington Times saying, ‘The US economy is scheduled to crash on March 4th.’ Now they didn’t say, it’s possibly. They said it’s on schedule. And a lot of the times when we read things we don’t take them literally. But in reality, this is the way the light communicates, and also the dark does too.

S: Well, how can there be a schedule, unless it’s already been planned.

A: You know what I mean? We don’t really truly into the true meaning behind a work. So I just had to share that, that was the first thing. The second thing I found was the next major date which was March 21st. And on March 21st all debt to An was wiped out. Now get this. This was the headline: ‘Asteroid may hit planet earth on March 21st, 2014.’ And it talks about how there were combined earthquake watches and all of this stuff, and I’m sitting there thinking to myself, man, they really are just trying to do damage control. Because they weren’t really clear to how this was going to affect the abyss, so to speak.

And the last one was the March 31st, which to me this was really a find. I found a couple of things. On January 31st, forgive me. January 31st, 2014, that was when God stole the eye from Ra and hid it. And if you don’t understand about the eye, Okalani, make sure you talk it about in a second, I’ll let you do that. January 31st, here’s the headline: ‘Planet’ – get this – ‘Planet shaped object or a gigantic UFO was spotted on NASA’s STEREO B COR1’ on the same day. I thought that was fascinating. It says, ‘the strange object passing close to the Sun looks unnervingly like a planet or a huge mothership.’ ‘The unidentified planet sized object somehow manages to withstand the blazing heat’ – well, we can talk about that – ‘thrown off by the solar flare activity and the incredibly high temperatures emanating from nuclear fusion generated on the surface of the star.’ That was on January 31st, on Before It’s News.com.

Then the other thing don’t forget that January 31st signifies the beginning of ushering in the Year of the Horse, which I thought was no coincidence there and also it talks about how the sun blew out M6.6-class solar flares during the eclipse. How approximately 90% – think about the timing on this – 90% of the sun was covered by the moon during the celestial event which was only visible from space because the moon happens to come in between the satellite and the sun at around 2.5 hours in the Lunar New Year. Hmmm. That was interesting.

And another thing I found was ‘billions of dollars were withdrawn from the emerging market equity fund’ and this was out at January 31st. It says, ‘The emerging market stocks suffer the worst sell-out since 2011, Fall in real wages is longest for 50 years, Eurozone inflation unexpectedly falls.’ And ‘Japan’s inflation is at it’s 5 year high.’ So you know, there’s something to be said for the dates that are on this NASA footage.

O: I just wanted to let people know about the significance of what Alex was referring to about the Year of the Horse. So the Chinese zodiac – I’ll give you some quick background – I’m Filipino/Hawaiian/Chinese. I’m like everything Asian, and I honor everything Asian, in any way. However, the horse is symbolic of energetic and financial volatility and impulsiveness, including taking on various new projects with variable success and borrowing and spending money. So the fact, where all of these things line up, to me it’s very significant and very important, especially with where we are headed. And this whole thing as far as the video, this information coming through is another reason why we were looking into take the Galactic Connection in a new direction.

So, with that said, Alex, do you want to, my whole thing is I would like, Alexandra,  this is her baby and she is very passionate about what she is and what she represents. And I did want people to understand where she comes from, so I wanted her to take us a look and see what new things that around the horizon for Galactic Connection. And I can elaborate a little more on the details of projects if time permits but I wanted to get it out there because we are looking to be here for you guys.

A: Yeah. Well, as everyone knows the way that this all started was, I was basically guided, very strongly guided to start Galactic Connection.com. And the number one goal was to try to unify the trailblazers of the UFOlogy group, the spiritual group, and the conspiracy group. And so, basically when you go to Galactic Connection.com you are going to get sprinklings of those various fields on the Daily Blog page. With that said, it ended up becoming also a vehicle for me in promoting my own holistic endeavors. Because I make galactic formulas and remedies, I am an alchemist and I use all different kinds of things to create those.

And through that process I stumbled upon the implant removal process. We have now been informed and given the message that we will be releasing very shortly the second and third phase of this. Apparently this is a three-phase process and what is ironic is back in the first article that I wrote regarding the implant removal details. So the second and third process – the second process is called the soul alignment and these are both again completed with Pam and this is all the information is going come shortly but the gist of the whole thing is we want to make sure that these souls are fully functioning as a holistic unit within the body. So that’s the soul alignment part of it.

Then the third one is a DNA activation which is actually not only connecting you to the higher DNA strands in the etheric realm and the physical realm, but it also bring it down to the organ realm. And there’s no question that since Steven and I, as usual, being guinea pigs that we are, there’s no question that we have both noticed a significant difference in being able to access our psychic gifts. So we are really excited about bringing this forward for all of you. With that said I asked Pam why is it necessary to – because there are other DNA activations out there – and she mentioned the fact that it’s really imperative – this is kind of like a package deal, she very much stressed that this is a huge difference between someone who has had this done with their implants in versus than one that has not had their implants out. Did I say that right? Anyway, and I have had my DNA strands activitated guys, I did them years and years ago, you know, when it really wasn’t talked about that much and I can tell you that the difference is like night and day.

So that’s one of the things that’s coming forth. The other thing that is coming forth is we are in the midst of tweaking the website. We are going to be moving a lot of things around. We’re going to expose-ing the certain products of the month so we can help as many people as we can. The other thing that we want to do is we are getting to work on launching a portal for the musicians out there that support – like spiritual music – especially music that has a higher vibration. We are working with something like that. We are also going to be launching the very, very important project regarding the Guardians within the world, not just in the United States. And I do want to clarify to people that you probably wondered why you hadn’t heard from us but it is not from our lack of trying. And I say that from the bottom of my heart that we have experienced one resistance after another in trying to connect with all of you. And we are now discussing alternate ways of which to do that. So the point is, that all of you that came in through the implant removal, you know who you are. You will be contacted and you already are being contacted.

We are upping our telepathic – I love this, our neural network, so to speak. The etheric neural network is up and running. So I want people to make a conscientious effort to pay attention to receiving information from Okalani, Steven or myself, or even from Pam. And be aware that that is coming. Do you want to add something to that Okalani?

O: Hmm, I want to say the importance of having your implants removed before you become a part of the Guardian community. It’s necessary for that to happen from a security standpoint because once you’ve gone through that process you become an integrated, secure part of the telepathic network, which is very necessary, because at a moment’s notice, this neural network, you’ll be notified of the goings on, where you need to be, and what’s going on. I can give you guys a quick example. We had a friend who was working on a ley line and she told me that she was ready and I said, okay, Steven and I were ready, she was sending us things and I was on the phone with somebody else and I sensed that she needed some help and I looked at Alexandra, I said to Alexandra, she needs help and she went into her little meditation pose she sent the request and I could see two battalions going over to help her out. And just to let you know how telepathically connected we are, at that time at that moment that she needed her project, you know, her mission, she had told me that three women, a little girl, and a bald priest walked in to interrupt her mission. And as soon as the battalions arrived they left. Okay. (A: Amazing)

I want you guys to know we are not on this radio show, not only to give you information, but for you to connect with the vibrations of who we are, so that you know that when we are contacting you and our hearts are connected in that way that it’s time to go. Or it’s time to come in. Because we want you to RSVP to our group – we are looking for you.

A: I love that. It’s time to RSVP. Yes. So Okalani brings up a good point for all of you that think that you don’t have any of these gifts. But you do. It’s just part of being who you are. You just don’t know it. And trust me when I say that a lot of us don’t necessarily know it. Even you’re most psychic people out there, they will agree they wish they knew even more, you know. We all have room to evolve and grow so . . . What were you going to say Steve?

S: We have a lot of people that needed protection and we sent Guardians in when they were really being attacked.

A: And it works.

S: And it works. They just come in. Guardians are just incredible, as far as protection. And a lot of you listeners out there are Guardians. A lot of you just don’t know it yet.

A: Was there something you want to say Okalani?

O: I’m close. Go ahead. I’m close, go ahead. (laughter)

A: Well, somebody else mentioned that this month, this month of May is the month of accountability. (O: Oh yes) And I saw that that was fascinating because it does dovetail into what we were intending to talk about – which is defining polarity. So, again, how does one define accountability. How does one become accountable. And ultimately, that accountibility, is being a total truth and showing up 100% for yourself. That’s where it all begins. We get back to the grey, you know. When you are grey, you know you already know you have in your higher knowingness that you are not in alignment with your tri-fold flame. You know that you’re askew from being whole and in alignment. And so again this is the month of accountability. This is the month to really stand tall.

Does that mean pointing fingers to other people? No! This does not mean going into judgment about those that are grey. What it means is to be more aware of the grey, to be more discerning of the grey. Don’t hate the grey, don’t get angry about the grey, don’t feel misled by the grey. Recognize that there is truth in everything out there. It is truly a gift, and do you know why is it a gift? Because it’s creating the Ground Crew into some of the most badass battalion of light warriors ever! Remember that trillions of souls wanted to be where we are today, trillions. And we were selected. We didn’t just choose to jump in, we were selected. It’s really important of us to remind ourselves of that. Because this isn’t easy. I don’t think there’s hardly anybody on a Galactic realm that would want to really be in our position, because they look at us like we are standing in hell.

O: Yeah. Who was it that said we’re like the clean-up, like the garbage men. We’re in the clean-up corp. We’re the, what do you call, the sanitary engineers for planet earth and our initiative is to help you all to come through. Maybe not in clean, but, you know, whole.

A: Exactly.

S: There something I’d like to throw in here. And it goes back to what you were saying about the DNA and stuff like that and I think it’s really important. And I want to go with the importance of the body, the physical body. We seem to think that it’s not that important. Most people think, oh, I’m not really my body, I’m the spirit. I’m not the mind, I’m the spirit but they all have an important role. And if the body wasn’t important, why would the dark be trying to manipulate our DNA so much?

A: No kidding.

S: Why would they be trying to poison us, all of these different things if the body was not important, you know. It’s all part of us that we are, our bodies are a reflection

A: of the human construct, basically.

S: Right. So, you know, so it is important to have a balance within all of your bodies and your spirit. Your not just here, you know, your spirit is not just in this body to have an experience, it’s integrated.

A: Right. Well now the other thing I wanted to add on to – we have so many of projects I could really go on and on and on. Seriously. Another project that we are working on right now is Steve’s system. And I thought Steve, you might want to tell a little bit about what you are working on. And hopefully, it will be –

S: I don’t want to say too much, because if it gets put on hold because we’re getting a lot of interference and we’re trying to get everything else squared away first before we launch this. So I’m told that I can’t finish this until, you know, everything has to come all at once.

A: Well, you know what? Let’s put a call out from all of the Guardians and all of the Ground Crew, please, whenever you think about it send us some legions of light and support to help clear out all of this interference. If you guys just had an inclination how much interference we have every day, it’s insane. It really is.

S: Well, what I will say about this is that Alexandra and myself are merging her alchemy with technology. (A: Right) And we are integrating this together. We will have separate things too, but we’re also integrating it together. And it’s going to be really exciting. I don’t really want to say anymore about it.

A: That’s okay. I’m not pushing you.

S: Not at this point.

A: Okalani and I were just hoping to pull something out of you.

S: It’s coming soon.

A: Yeah, yeah. If you could see Okalani right now, oh my gosh, she’s losing it!

O: I’m not sure what amount of time we have, but I want to say one last thing. The direction that Alexandra and I have been talking about, and after extensive discussions while I was out there, the direction that she is taking is, it is upholding what she always thought, and what she has always wanted Galactic Connection to be. It is not our intent to say who is ready to receive all of this information but to provide all of this information for when you guys are ready. We are not holding anything back because you guys have worked so long and so hard for this information. And to me it would be a great detriment not to put what’s out there for you when you are ready to meet the call. And it might not be in alignment with some of the other people out there and things out there. But that is who we are and that was the message we got from these five days. But this video it was a game changer for us. And I know that a lot of the Guardians that had their implants removed, that I sent it to, they got it. And in that one moment, they felt their humanity because they were spinning, they were sad, they were joyful, and they were motivated in order to get things to the end goal.

A: Wow! Another moment!

O: Oh, my goodness. Two in two hours? I’m going for a record.

A: Oh my god.

S: Well, what did you think about – getting back to the video – that is our main thing. The one thing is the different – it talks about in this video, also in Revelation, about the animals. So one is a bird, there’s the flying eagle, in here it says it has the face of a man. And then there’s the bull, and there’s the lion. So all of these races are the good guys. And from what I can understand, all of these races will be going out, depending on who they choose. Being in these hybrid bodies, we’re able to choose even if we are, let’s say, from the lion race, we are actually able to choose the man and be sealed by that race. Which is very important because people can be wherever they want to be, but they have to make the choice. And I just don’t want to be – I don’t want to go down the dark side.

A: Yeah, no kidding.

S: She’s on the good side of the force.

A: You don’t want to put in the pit, Steve?

O: Let’s be the same, join us with the party at the end. (laughter)

S: I thought that would be really cool. Because at the end they are saying you’re all getting together. It also says that in the Bible, they are all there. So it’s all that – all four animals, including man, is all there together.

O: Yeah. We do also want to, not to interrupt the story about the races, but going back just to help understand it a little bit better – when I say it’s about a tree – the tree groups are helping us, you know. Our Heavenly Father, he and his retinue are taking on the Sun and that whole thing, because is where we are going to be traveling through the black hole. And then there is the Mob, which is basically everybody under the Sun that is under his branch that are his children are coming to our rescue, to bring through – then I want Alexandra to talk about the four, the medicine wheel, the four planets and the importance of it, if that’s okay. You know how you drew the medicine wheel and there was the Earth, and Mercury, and we have to be united to come through.

A: Right, we were talking about how you have the four elements of fire, water, earth and air and how we were interested to look at the core planets: the Earth, Mercury, Mars and Venus and how those needed to be united and we thought it was very interesting that if you look at the old wheels they looks a lot like the Celtic cross or even the Templars’ cross, which if you read in Anna Hayes’ Voyager 1 series book she talks a lot about that cross and it’s where the time and space element no longer – it’s where they are joined and where you basically leave that realm. So there’s a lot, a lot, a lot of overlays with that.

O: Yeah. We’d love to hear people’s feedback, the messages that you guys are getting, because it’s all a part of, you guys remember that Stone Soup? You are bringing your information and put it into the pot, we have this wonderful thing that nurtures us and feeds us. And it’s important because it means we are joining, we are becoming part of the collective consciousness that helps to raise us up.

S: I want to talk about the other thing those planets are, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and Earth, can possibly be the arcs.

A: Right. Right. Before going into that I want to make another annotation which is I also felt that the Mob, and the reference she made to the Mob, that definitely reflected what has been written about the Guardian Alliance, by the way.

O: Right.

A: Okay. Because that is their soul, one of our soul perspective is not only to come in and re-educate and train and direct in this new society but their other goal is to guard and protect and assist those planets that get caught in a situation where they’re hijacked. So I thought that was very fascinating. But go ahead, Steve.

S: Well, I was just – it’s kind of interesting that the four planets that would be left, the planet ships which would be left, and there are four races.

A: Umhmm. Yeah.

S: So why would they spare those four planets, if they were hijacked it makes a lot of sense because we were hijacked too.

A: Umhmm.

S: You know, so it was all what you could call the inner planets, the rocky planets, the female energy, that’s the other thing, we have to have that female, the goddess energy that’s left over, you know. Because this has been male dominated for so long. You look at the outer planets, what we thought were the outer planets, they were the gaseous giant planets, plus the Sun too. They would all be male energy. Isn’t that funny. Gas, male.

A: God! (laughter)

S: No it’s funny, actually. When you think about it.

O: The gaseous males are funny, okay Steven.

A: It depends on who was perceiving that.

S: Maybe not to the feminine, but –

A: Oh man.

O: You know, you guys this was pretty much my whole stay. This was the types of conversation. And we would get really serious and then working and out of our bodies and huge waves of energy, councils coming over and sitting squat over the house and I’m freaking out because I’m so super sensitive. And I’m like my god Alex and all of a sudden Steve goes, it’s a good thing that we’re off the pole. And then Alex does the eye roll and she goes to him, I love you. But that was in essence, our five days. It was insane. We literally had every council and every ship come in and validate everything that we were doing. And I am so grateful and I can’t tell you guys we are so anxious,

because Alex and I look at each other and the magnitude of which, we see a lot of the people that we are connected to, but to know that you guys are out there in weight and be joining us it’s just incredible.

A: Yeah, yeah. It’s heartwarming. And there is definitely many times that our eyes were welling up just knowing – to see that video where it says, ‘oh we’re at the time of the gathering’ – and I’m sure that many of you heard me say, I’m supposed to gather the Guardians and little did I know what that was entailing. Now I want to bring up another topic really quickly before we tie this us. And that is, what is your guys perspective on the Isis reference in this video and also the Ashtar Command. Because I’m sure that there’s some confusion for people out there regarding that.

O: Okay, Steve, do want to go? Because I know that you have a deep reference to symbology.

S: Well, I think that the symbols and stuff were hijacked. Of course, anything that’s good they’re going to piggyback off of to put a negative spin on it. So I’m not saying – I know that there are some nasty beings out there pretending to be something that they are not. So I think that Ashtar and the Ashtar Command is one of the biggest things that was hijacked. So it’s just important whenever you tap into any kind of being – what I’ve found that’s really helpful is, if you send them love right from your heart and wait for a response back, a negative being can’t send that love back to you. And you can have a good feeling or like that, but that’s different. You can actually feel, you can send them the love and it will come back to you if they are truly who they say that they are. If not, they’re just going to disappear or they’ll try to send something and it’s not going feel right. I think that’s the best way to do it.

A: Let me throw something else in here. It’s also very important, and we talked about this before to stand in your authority, okay. We are no longer slaves. We have to stand in our authority, recognizing who we are. We are ascending gods, we are ascending masters. Okay. So we have to be standing in that role. So when you are authorative, you know, not a jerk, and you’re commanding a presence of that of the purest, lightest light, that’s one very important thing. The other thing that is, how do you open up your crown. So Okalani, do you want talk about that a little bit?

O: With the slate wiped clean, I need you guys, I guess I need you guys to be careful, because on the etherics it is secured and clear however, you know, with the technology they are able to infiltrate the etheric realm with thoughts, right? So you guys have to start tempering yourself like a samurai sword, fine tune the steel within to recognize the strong and pure connection. So as Steve said, it’s definitely a tool to recognize first and then when you get to open up that’s another part you have to have protection, right? Anyone who that comes through your field that messes with your crown chakra area, tell them to bugger off, basically. Because they have no – that’s a no-fly zone, all right. Yeah. And if anybody wants to touch your head and bless you (oh my god) okay, do not allow them to touch your crown area, all right. And if it does happen, say in a family gathering and you bless the food, and they touch you, that’s fine, however, you are here to make a choice and if it’s not comfortable, and that is not a part of your belief system, don’t buy into it. Because that affects your crown chakra connection, right. This video explains it and I will go into it, but that’s a general rule of thumb. I notice now when I go up in mediation it’s a lot faster for me to reach up high, right. And to bring them down here and the way to help anchor it within myself is a good way to make sure that they are the correct people. And it’s then uninterrupted. Last night, I tried to – I wanted to know what was going on because Alex has been inundated with a lot of you out there being attacked psychically, attacked emotionally, because they are reaching through people who hadn’t had their antennas removed.

A: Right.

O: So I just spent a little time, I took my time ascending when I was meditating and just hanging out in the low frequency etherics and catching that signal and it’s nasty out there. So you guys have to rise above, we’re like a plane you have to reach an altitude where there’s a cruising altitude where it doesn’t hinder you and get in your way and it’s safe.

A: Good point.

O: That’s the best that I can offer you for right now, other than getting the implant removal. For some people it is not possible. But like you said, for Alex and me, and Ken and Steve, we’re here to help in any way that we can and email us.

A: Yes, well, definitely we put a lot of ideas out on the table for people. I’ve heard from a friend of mine yesterday, people want to be participating. They want to give, they want to be part of this transition that we are going through. And I think it is very important that we don’t lock ourselves into labels or into particular groups, because oh, that’s that group. I think it is really important for us to just realize that participation right now is key. Not only individually, because a lot of us have that down, because we’re so used to being alone. But I think that participation as a network, is the most crucial. That’s why we’re putting out the call for all of you today, to please feel free to contact myself at admin@galacticconnection.com. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email. If you want to be one of those that provide some of the intelligence of the intelligence briefing because there is so many of you out there that are dialed in and have better intel than any of that is out there in the internet. Okay? Honest to God. We all know that. So it’s time for us to step into our power and recognize that WE ARE THE LEADERS, okay? And We Will Get This Job Done. And we have been Victorious, we are just at the final gate. So please, please, please, put fingers to keyboards and send us any other ideas that you have. Bear with us because this a work in progress and let us know what we can do to help you. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions about the implant removal process, the top button on the left column at Galactic Connection.com, you can read all about that. It’s got a slew of information, you’ve got four videos as well as a full-blown article on the whole process.

S: And the Protection.

A: The Protection Proclamation even if you aren’t not getting the implants removed please, please, please pull that up and print that out. That will help. I have heard it over and over. It is without a doubt the most powerful proclamation ever created out there. I’m telling you right now.

O: And you guys have to be in the habit of doing it, if you are under attack constantly. You have to make it a habit, so it re-programs you on a cellular level within yourself to do it.

A: And other thing I just wanted to let everybody know, this is kind of exciting news. I have an individual right now who is working on putting together a group of people that all they do is to provide psychic protection for those that are being severely targeted by the government or psychically attacked. So stay tuned for that, because I think that is really needed right now. So with that said, thank you so much Okalani and Steve for your time today.

S: You’re welcome.

A: As always I thank my Galactic Connection audience. I love you guys so much. God, –

O: We love you too Alexandra. You guys, this woman – I’ve never seen a someone work so hard. I’ve come across in the five years that I’ve been in the trenches, I have to tell you guys, I’ve come across many a light warrior, light server and all of those things – this woman walks her talk. She makes sure that anybody that is related or associated  with her does the same, because she doesn’t want to leave you behind at all. And if you guys understand that and feel what she is about, and what is out there, there is no doubt as to her agenda, because she has none. Except to have you join us in the end.

S: I see it too. I see it because I live with her and I see how she works. And sometimes I’m just trying to get her to get away from the computer or her desk and she says, no, I just have to do my emails, (O: Oh my god, you guys) she still responds to her emails personally.

O: We are out in the yard waiting, are you coming? Yes, yes, yes, I just have to do this one thing. And then twenty minutes later, are you coming?

S: Sometimes it’s at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and she’s saying I just have to do an email, I just have to send this one more message. I just have to do one more thing. And you know, she’s always giving the personal touch and believe it or not, she is still replying personally to these emails. If people don’t get a response right away, you know that she’s by herself doing this. So –

O: And that’s another thing I thought you guys ought to know. Alexandra brought me on to help alleviate a lot of that, but because we are both in alignment with our purposes, I, Steve and Alex, it just blew up and exploded. So we are asking you guys to be patient with us. Dealing with interference has made it difficult for very rapid forward progress. But thankfully, another project for me is the volunteers, thank you guys so much for responding. We are working on it and we will break up all of these things that we’ll definitely need your help with. And you’ll get an email from us soon.

A: Yeah. Thank you so much. And with that said we wish you a magical week and please stay in touch with us because we can’t do this without you. So I wish you blessings upon blessings and just keep the faith. And keep the fortitude. And know that you are not alone and the troops are coming, okay. I loved it when Pam said, ‘the saints are marching home.’ And I’ll leave you with that. We love you, take care and have an awesome rest of the week. Thanks Steve and thank you Okalani.

O: Thank you Alexandra.

S: Goodbye.

A: Goodbye.


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