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microphone (1)Successful Removal of Bush and Cheney Accomplished! with Tory Smith February 24, 2015

Hello everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is Tuesday, the 24th of February, 2015. And wow, I just want to tell everybody, I know I have already done two series with Tory Smith but because he and I connected this weekend I decided to bring him on for kind of a last minute, really urgent, message. I feel like both of us have something serious to bring forth. There’s so many changes going on on the planet right now and I know that also because of not only because of what is going on in my world but also because of the emails that I am receiving from a lot of you out there. So there is serious activity, I’d like to share that with you and just give you a heads up as much as possible. Tory has a lot really pertinent information so we’re all needing to be aware. I really do feel that, I think Tory feels the same, we’re really getting to the final hour here.

And so, I think everyone might remember Tory Smith, but you can reach him at his website, which is Read My DNA.wordpress.com. He is just a master at scanning people’s DNA and providing them with an amazing report. However, that is on hold right now because of the immense amount of lighwork that Tory is doing. He is not only on incredible attack right now at this hour especially, but he just doesn’t have it in him at this time to be doing a lot of these DNA reports. And they are truly a gift from God. They are free, he doesn’t charge you for them and it takes him up to three hours to do each one. So just bear with him and back off for a while and give him the space that he really needs. And for those of you who didn’t hear the other two interviews, please be sure to catch them on the other side because they are important to get the whole story here. Tory is an amazing light warrior and I just know that. I know that I have hung out with him in other lifetimes. We have discussed too many things that are way too synchronistic, huh, Tory?

Tory: Yeah.

Alexandra: Very much so. And his is truly without a doubt one of the most dedicated healers that I’ve ever met in my entire life.

Tory: Thanks.

Alexandra: So much so that his theme that he claims to be a survivor really holds water. He has already apparently almost died three times this week because of the type of the work he is up against. And the intense amount of darkness and dark beings, that are really trying to exit at this final hour. So, let’s go ahead and get started. If you’d like to read more about Tory and his background and all the wonderful, amazing things that he does and brings forth – again reach him at his website, which is Read My DNA.wordpress.com. So hey, Tory, I know it’s been a tough day for you.

Tory: Oh my God. This whole week has just been really awful. And a lot of it’s over. When I call the Dark Side, the child traffickers, the Illuminati, New World Order, whatever you want to call them, Heaven says they are suffocating right now.

Because I did a lot of communication today – I didn’t do much this week. I wasn’t able to read this week. And I’d like to point out that I don’t call the readings ‘free’ because they are not free to me. They take a huge amount of labor time to do them. And I call them ‘gifted’ because they are a gift from God. And that’s one of the things that they don’t want me to do, because originally when the Annunaki stripped our DNA down to two strands from a million-ish, it really blocked our ability to see our past, to see who we are, to remember things, to be able – there are so many things you can do if you are fully conscious. Which means, having all your strands activated. Anyone can talk to Heaven – actually, anyone can talk to Heaven even if you can’t hear them, all you have to do is call, sit down and call. If you want to talk to somebody it’s really easy.

A: Exactly.

T: And one of the biggest things that I want to explain before we get into some of the things that happened this week – I don’t want to terrify anybody and I asked – I know that there are people that want to get involved and they want to help, but they don’t want to have a whole bunch of dark negative Reptilians and Zetas and Amphibians showing up at the house and shooting weapons at you. And I asked them, because I know that when you talk directly to God you get a privacy bubble around you. You don’t need to hold your hands like this together [hands clasped pointing up], it’s okay. God doesn’t need us on our knees. You can sit in a chair and be comfortable, is the best way, I think. Or during meditation, or you can actually going out of your body – bilocate – in meditation and go to the Temples and talk to God yourself one on one in person.

But to ask God, well, there are a couple of ways you can do it. One is to do the Law of Attraction way, and that’s to be grateful for something as if it’s already done. And I have been saying that a lot this week, Thank you for arresting these people, Thank you for removing them from our society, Thank you bring child trafficking to an end, and bringing the child sacrifices to an end. Because they don’t want to give it up. They don’t want to give it up. They don’t realize that they have no support from the non-physical entities the way they used to. They refuse to believe that Lucifer and Satan and Baphomet, Anu, and Set and Il, there were 1738 of these really gnarly Dracos – Draco Reptilians from Alpha Draconis, there are whole bunch of star systems over there. Alpha, Sigma, Gamma, Thuban, I’m kind of out of it right now, I probably can’t pull them out of my head but anyway, a lot of them

Draconis are the two largest star systems that these gnarly dudes came from. Well, me and 14 other people – God gave us the ability to send these entities into the Light.

And basically, what it was is they would come in, well, I know one guy that would go down into the depths in the underground caverns and go and get them and I thought, Oh my God, you’re crazy. I’m not going down there. I’m going to wait for them to come to me. I’m going to do this all at my house. There’s no way, I not going down into a dark cave. I have enough trouble as it is here. But what we do is with Zero Point Energy – first I would transfigure them, transmute their energy and like Satan would come in – this didn’t happen all at once, it’s not like we snapped our fingers and poof it’s done, But day by day as they would come in and we would take more of their energy, well, God would take their energy – it would go right up and they would lose a little bit and finally we’d get to the point, they were so weak that we could freeze them, arrest them, and then give them one super blast, I’ve only talked to one other of the fourteen of us so I don’t really know however everybody else has been doing it – one super blast and God just took them.

And they are gone. And this happened 2012. And in the summer of 2012, and then it followed up at 2013, because Lucifer and Satan were taken in September 2013.

A: I remember that. There were like a million reptilians too that were escorted off- world too at that time, am I right?

T: Well, there were so many – there was one of these entities, I call them Draco reptilians spirits, because they were spirits and I always said, to me they sort of looked like the Flying Witches in Harry Potter. Because when the Witch would land they would ‘poof’ and look like a human but when they were flying around they looked like a black cloud. And they weren’t so tattered. These entities were between 5 to 600 million of them just in the United States alone. And they were the same ones that worked with Adolf Hitler. Hitler would tell his people, you have to accept the demon seed and once somebody said that, these entities would jump into their body. And a lot of the times, like with police officers, there would be more than one. Because some people have a really strong will and it takes a lot to take them down. But they had at least one for every American. I’ve forgot, I think it I sent 17.5 million of them, well I froze them and God took them into the Light. It’s just easier to say that I did it, because you know, it’s a simple way. I don’t mean that egoically.

A: Yeah, no, of course.

T: This is all that we did for months. And they would come in in groups. And sometimes they would jump into you, and it was like ughhh. So they went. And then there were other beings that live here that were not even in the slightest human and really didn’t have much interaction with society because they looked like big ugly reptilians. But the funny thing is when you see a Galactic reptilian, they don’t look the slightest intimidating at all. And it’s funny how you can look at a reptilian – I think it was at Eta Draconis – I was on the ship once and the guy looked like an alligator with a short snout wearing a purple robe and he was like green but glowing white light and he was pretty awesome. And I gave him a big hug and I wasn’t even slightest bit –

Well actually though, there was a Eta orfuscia(?), a star system called Eta orfuscius or Eta orfusci when they came in with their ship and they showed themselves to me and I knew they were Galactic but I did have a reaction. Because that was when I was beaten up and raped a lot and they were putting snakes in my body and all that other stuff. So when I saw one I didn’t see the Galactic aspect of them right away. It took me about five or six minutes to calm down. But when we started talking then it was okay. But last week I was watching a cartoon and in one of the scenes an alligator jumped up on a golf cart and I screamed. I was like Aaaaaa!

A: A little too close to home, huh?

T: These ones that came in this week were really scary because, what happened was, I’ll just give you the short aspect of it, Bush and Cheney hired a mercenary army, an army for the one purpose, they were assassins. And they had these weapons and they were from Bellatrix.

A: Now before you say that when did this go down?

T: I don’t know when they hired them. But I’m pretty sure that Tuesday – I really don’t know because today is the first day that I had my head clear. And yesterday, and Saturday I was able to see what was going on. When the Galactics come down and arrest people and take them up, that’s one of the biggest indicators, because usually when they leave they usually go sideways. Like if they leave alone they leave sideways, or they go down, or a lot of times, after we do energy work on them, I ask Mother God, Mother God has this huge sword of justice, it’s never used for violent purposes, but she will do what is called a ‘sweep.’ And she’ll just wave her sword and it will sweep that house and they’ll go out sideways. But when the Galactics take them away, when they arrest them they are pulled straight up. A: Yes. (nodding)

T: They teleport them up. A: I have seen that too.

T: Because the others ones the 300,000, they went out last year too. But I’m pretty sure that they had physical bodies. And I don’t know how this works, but it’s in a slightly different dimension, because I live in a really small house. I think the upstairs is maybe, let’s say 1000 square feet. (Okay) And the kitchen is small, 16 by 17 feet. Sometimes there’s 75 people here right in front of me, and obviously the walls are only 8 feet away. (Right) And so, since it’s in a different dimension it’s almost like, well, it is like, everything kind disappears – the house, the yard, the retaining wall, the garage – and I go up to a different level. I go up to their level and then I can see them. That’s happened a lot, because the main dudes, this army, 296 of them,

A: Today? this weekend? T: Yes. A: Okay

T: But they were the ones that really came in on Tuesday, because that’s when the really intense pain started. That’s when I started complaining, because I was doubling over.

A: That’s when I talked to you last, right? T: What?

A: Wasn’t that when I talked to you, when you were literally almost groaning you were in so much pain.

T: Oh yeah. Because normally I don’t (?) from pain, but I did this week.

A: Was that Tuesday? Well, don’t you also think they say there is a 3 1/2 dimension?

T: I don’t know.

A: Something between the dimensions, even.

T: Well, I was watching David Icke this weekend, on Sunday, I watched a couple of his videos, the newscast, or what he calls them, and he was explaining just that. And I was in so, sitting there in a daze that a lot of it just went over my head. But he was explaining how they show up and this and that, because he has a really good take on it. Because he deals with them differently than I do. Because when I was exposed to child trafficking and I had made a couple of friends that were killed by the same man who tried to kill me 13 times, well technically, he did kill me 13 times. I mean, I was out, out of my body and Mother God had to put me back into my body and I started breathing again.

A: That’s crazy.

T: John Brennan, the Director of the CIA. But what happened to – because at the beginning I was talking to so many people at Heaven and when one of them would die I would write something really nice to them. Like when Whitney Houston died and almost – as soon as she died everybody was showing these horrible pictures of her, because it wasn’t really her fault that she got onto the drugs. There was a lot of mind control and they did a lot pain, the same kind of thing that they are doing to me, and to Michael Jackson. Well the archons were the ones – Robin Williams never have a suicidal thought of his own, those were programmed into his mind by the archons. They have these suicide – I’ve been through it, I know how it is. It’s horrible. I begged God to kill me one time. A: Yeah.

T: And Mother God said, No, Heaven is not ready for you.

A: You know what Tory, I want to interject there. As everyone knows the Galactic Connection is very renowned for our implant removal process. And one of the things that I’ve learned over the course of the last couple of years is these implants – these bio-etheric ones – the really heavy, duty ones, that are wrapped around all of the organs and we’ve had them for a l-o-n-g time, a long time. And they literally transmit and receive data from the Mother Matrix, which they basically told me was Medusa, okay. And what happens is, first of all, if they are not actually removed, then the individual is off-line. But all it takes is just getting them you online and you will begin to transmit and receive that data from that – whatever you want to call it – the Black Box, Medusa, the Matrix, whatever you want to refer to it as.

And what I’ve found is that for those that have removed them, what ends up happening is, the people that are still implanted, they will receive data to influence or impede the ones that are either about to get their implants out or once they’ve had them out, then those that don’t have them out really can feel the vibrational difference and they can’t communicate. They can’t influence you the way that they used to, and so it irritates them. And you just made a really good point which is, you were talking about the implanting of the chips, and this is why a lot of people are writing in to me now and saying, God, I just had a couple more Darpa chips removed, I had that chip removed, and they are so desperate to try to control us that they’re bombarding us with this technology right now. I mean it is ridiculous. You have noticed that too, right?

T: Oh yeah. You see I went through a period where there wasn’t – I told you in person – that I was being raped a lot and then suddenly it came to an end, although I can’t remember when. And then months went by, let’s say 9 or 10 months went by and then all of a sudden at the end of last year it started happening again. And I don’t know, I heard that something that could re-calibrate or whatever. But they had this technology where they could basically do it to anybody. And that’s the same way that they use these weapons. They come in and they hold a gun to your head – you see my head is still hot because they had one on me – and I was losing blood out of my nose for around an hour. And I lost a lot of blood and that was about the fourth time, fifth time, this week. I had to have lost a quart of blood this week, easy. And that was from that thing. And they used another weapon on my knee and the other weapons, the groin ones – I mean, we were blowing them out but they were just bringing them in, over and over again. They were just bringing them in. I just kept saying, Thank you God for destroying their weapons.

A: I was blown away when you said that because I’ve been around a couple of friends that said, My God, Alexandra, your whole face is turning red. And I broke into a sweat and I wasn’t having any kind of – the first thing that people think of is hot flashes and that wasn’t it at all. You can tell the difference between a hot flash and this. There was so much heat coming out of my head, I thought my head was going to burst. And this has been going on now, very heavily, for the last six months. I didn’t really put the two together that that had anything to do with what you were talking about. Now I realize it does.

T: Yeah, that was the same with me too at the beginning because I never – when this whole thing started I didn’t even believe that Satan existed. So I was one of those people, like what Sylvia Browne used to say, Oh the devil is just imaginary, there isn’t any such thing as hell. This is hell, there is heaven and hell and we are in hell. And I went along very la de da. Nothing can really hurt me attitude for a very long time so it took me an extra time to awake of what was going on. A: Right.

T: But I went through after experiencing it first and then, because I kept asking the universe for information, a lot of times I was just jumping around on the internet and all of a sudden I would read something and say, Oh my God, that’s it. That’s what they are doing to me. Because this has been happening to everybody. Not everybody, but a lot of people. But they’re just absolutely desperate I think to hold onto control. They know it’s just not going to happen. That’s why they are pulling out all the stops and doing everything that they can.

A: Well, the other thing that you just said was, why wouldn’t you believe there is a Satan when we are Creator Gods. So if they just created up a story that there was a Satan or a Lucifer or whatever at the very beginning they would know that we would create that which they described, do you know what I mean? That’s the way the Matrix works. They give us colors, they give us shapes, and they give us vibrations. So they give us that influence so that we create that which they want us to create.

T: Yeah, and then our fear has given us so much power.

A: Exactly!

T: They were nowhere as powerful like ten, twenty, thirty thousand years ago. Because I think, I was reading the DNA, I think Satan was about 46 million years old. A: Woh!

T: And there were a lot of them. And the Draco that was attached to Bush Senior was 38.7 million years old. And Elizabeth Windsor and her husband, from the royal family in England. Boy, she was pissed off when we got rid of her Draco.

A: I had no idea that they were that old. And the other reason that I want everyone to know that I called this interview is, I have some amazing news that is lined up with Tory. Now Tory told me, now this was how many episodes you’ve had this week of having radical nosebleeds?

T: Probably four or five.

A: Okay. Four or five times this week and I want you to understand that I haven’t told you this. I have a very dear friend Pablo who also works on our website as well. And Pablo called me on Thursday. He was freaked out because he had to call the fire station to come out because there was this very weird wispy, black, soot kind of smoke that was in his apartment. And he woke up the next morning in a pool of blood, severe nosebleed, and it was really weird. He said, I haven’t had that happen in a really long time. And he said the pressure was back here (back of the top of the head) and he kept rubbing it and rubbing it because it was so uncomfortable. And I said, omg, they’ve implanted you. Either they have implanted you or there is some sort of weapon that they are using on you.

Okay, the next day after that happened to him we were working on an algorithmic code with Steve to assist him and it turns out that that triggered – this is so amazing – that triggered the intense reaction of his body to propel a specific type of implant. I have been working with my doc friend who is a quantum homeopath and we have been playing around with some stuff and the long and the short of it is, he nailed it. He got just the algorithmic code and it was basically based on our desire to, Tory, to be possessed. Our desire, okay. So there is a frequency attached to our desire to be possessed.

So when he started working with Steve on this Steve went into, he didn’t really feel well, he went to sleep, he got up the next morning and he was throwing up blood. And he was having horrible nosebleeds like you are discussing. I’ve got to share this because I’m really wondering if this has ever happened to you before. He ran to the bathroom, he didn’t make it to the toilet – I’m getting a little graphic here – but there is a purpose here, guys. And he ended up throwing up a rectangular box – about this big – (indicating about five inches square) it was jello-kind of mold and there were three what he would describe as bottle caps on top. T: Wow.

A: Now it wasn’t physical as in likel a piece of furniture but what I ended up being told by Father God was that when they shoot you with these frequencies the body responds by materializing it in the body. It’s like another piece of it. And in his particular case he materialized it right around his thymus. And then he threw up – he’s been throwing up blood a lot and he’s getting a lot better now. But it was so intense and he was throwing up fibers and all kinds of stuff, that is not normal.

T: He’s on the same team. The same team. I just about freaked and he is doing a lot better now, but he literally passed this really terrible implant that has been with him for a very long time. And it was because of this specific frequency. Because we have been messing around with stuff like that now. I don’t know, did anything like that ever happen to you? Because apparently, our bodies, the way we react to certain frequencies or even programs that they create is, we manifest them physically in our bodies.

T: Yes. Yeah, it doesn’t take long. But you see for me, because I have such a huge current of Zero Point Energy flowing through me, they can’t hold. The first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is, I connect to all the reptilians that had attached to me while I was sleeping and stealing energy from me and I ask God to take that energy from them and send it into the Light. (Cool) Because I don’t want that back that’s been from them. And then we give them a blast of Sacred Fire, and then I go and have my Angel Cards and I – because it is the solar plexus chakra, the belly, and I do my cards and my crystals and I hold that stuff in my orgone generator and I hold my cloud buster and I have it touch the top crystal to my head and just basically hug the cloud buster. In fact, I do that more than once a day. But yeah, there’s so much that can happen to people, that aren’t aware of what is going on.

A: Well, you also mentioned something about the reptilians and I wanted to share this with you as well. This came into today from my friend Ruth. She lives on the other side of the world, I think that she lives in Greece. Anyway, she wanted me to share this. She was at work and she was walking down the hallway and she ran into six reptilians and they were gigantic. They were just massive. And she knew right away that they were not here to fight here. They were not here to attack her, they were actually here to assist her. And when she asked them why are you here and they said that they are here to help you take down the technology. And this went down at the same time that you gave me your message and she said that it was very successful. There were six of them, that this was planned, that apparently the benevolent reptilians are now returning to get this operation done to bring all the technology down.

T: It’s quite possible. I know that the members of the Procyon team were the ones that arrested the ones here. Because of my reactions that I’ve had and I don’t think the Galactic reptilians are going to come around until after disclosure, for me. Because I need to have serious healing done but they have come in in my past. It’s too much. Especially right during the attacks. It’s too much for me. But the ones that came in, there was a team of thirteen and they were the leaders of these almost 300, and they were like 7 to 8 tall. And they are just really, it’s like you have to watch a horror movie. It’s like you’re looking at evil. It was ugghh. And they stink, you can smell them twenty feet away, easy.

A: That’s a trip.

T: You can tell them by the smell, I told the reptilians at least 20,000 times, they need to take a bath. Especially if they are going to sneak up on you.

A: You’d better take a bath. T: Oh my God.

A: Well, don’t you think they smell because all they eat is flesh, right?

T: Yeah. And they like to live in – well, that’s why I call the bad ones, ‘sewer lizards.’ Not the Galactic reptilians. Because they smell like rotting corpses and sewage. And that’s exactly what they smell like. And it’s even worse when they have just eaten a human. It’s because then they have the blood of the human flowing through them, they’ve got the sweat and human blood in their pores.

A: Well, don’t you agree that things have really stepped up? I got another phone call this weekend from a guy who is basically, he knows that he is here as what he calls an ‘anchon buster’, okay. And he also was visited and he said it was one of the nastiest, darkest beings that he’s ever had to come in contact with to convert – just doing what you do – what I do – (motioning moving something up into the Light). And he said that it was very successful. He removed him from the planet. And he was told that this was someone who was a very major player politically. And that he was taken out. So just in that small amount of time look how many of us are experiencing some very heavy duty experiences, I guess, with dark beings right now. It’s an all time high. Can you tell everybody what you told me as far as what you are now seeing and why you’re feeling that that represents how desperate they are getting?

T: How do you mean?

A: Well, you were mentioning about who’s actually coming in now.

T: Okay, I see what you mean. Yeah, because it has been team after team after team and there were some things I’ve never seen before. I mean sometimes, well, usually it takes place – because I go out in the day and then I come back usually at 4, 5, or 6 o’clock. And they are always waiting for me at home and they are there with the weapons, so it’s always the same thing. I bind all of you in the name of Father God and then BOOM they are frozen. Or you can say Mother God. I wouldn’t say Jesus Christ’s name anymore because I think they picked up on frequencies and Jesus doesn’t really have dominion over the reptilians. I would just go straight to Father and Mother God. And the Ascended Masters, I love them dearly, but the energy of Father God works the best if you want to freeze them.

A: Go to the top.

T: Yeah. And then what I do is, I say, I place a band around you to pull you in. And if there is a group of 50 of them, it’s like it’s a rubber band sort of, but I like to use a golden light band and it pulls them in – like when you’re buying the herbs and vegetables, like when you have a band of parsley there can be a hundred stalks of parsley but it has a rubber band around it and it’s super tight and it holds it tight. That’s what that does. And then, what I do is, I hold my hands up and Father God sends the energy through me and it blows up the weapons. And then we wait a second or two and then we go back to Zero Point and it powers the Sacred Fire. Then we do this thing and Father God controls my hands and I throw a big ball of Sacred Fire on him and it goes right threw him and sets him on fire. And then I’ll do that as many times as God wants me to. Sometimes it’s only three times, other times it’s seven or eight, depending on who is here. Like Bush and Cheney were here on Sunday morning.

But the one thing that was really different this time is – it’s never happened before – is the frequency that they came in on and the people that are coming in. Because it’s not just the dark entity reptilians that are coming in. It’s also the members of the military. And there was a group of military, they were like boys. They were nineteen, twenty years old boys. This was the first trip they ever made. A: Wow.

T: And so, but as soon as one would leave – and the biggest thing that was different is – when we would blow up the weapons they would all drop. That’s the first time I’ve had this happen and that’s this weekend. All the reptilians were lying on the floor like they were stunned and they all passed out. And when we blasted them with Sacred Fire their bodies started vibrating on the floor. A: Wow.

T: And then, usually I’m burnt out, so I just left them. Because now I’m at the point that I almost don’t care because I have done this thousands and thousands of times. In March, it will be the 39th month for me – the 39th month every single day dealing with these child trafficking dark entity reptilians. 39 months. But that was really different. And that gave me a glimmer of hope. And then, the funny thing that happened was, well, I guess they can’t do it, because Heaven says they can’t do it, so I lied to them, but not really, because I told the young boys, you know, they use that technology so you can go have sex with super models, that’s all they basically do with that technology. You see how they brought you to my home to use these weapons against me. Normally they just use them for sex. They spend most of their time going around having sex with – you should have heard them, they were like, Oh my God, Oh my God! and they started chattering with each other and they were going nuts. Heaven told me later that they haven’t shut up about it since. But I understand that since the vibration has gone up and they can’t rape anybody any more so that’s why they can’t rape me and other people anymore.

A: (applauds) T: Then, it was Sunday morning, because Sunday morning I got up at about 4, 4:30 and it was a lot. And the assassin team came in – and what really freaked me out about them was brought some Zeta Reticuli with them and I thought they were all gone. So to me that is really confusing because almost all of them have been removed from our Solar System and there was a tall one, maybe 8 feet tall, very skinny, not a Tall White, he was grey. But you know, they’re just super horrible. I just hate them so much. And he was doing some other things about me all weekend and I kept popping up and thinking, This can’t be, how can I say it can’t be, with all of this stuff that I’ve been through, with hundreds and thousands of people that are not human and I’m telling myself for 38 months, and oh, it can’t be –

A: Tory, tell the audience about the Zeta Reticuli because from what I’ve read they are just some of the cruelest, darkest, nastiest –

T: Well, if I understand right, I can’t remember all the statistics of the top of my head, but there’s about 50, it’s either 53 or 56 different types of Insectians in our Solar System. Not the universe, our Solar System. A: RIght.

T: And a lot of them, there’s two planets of Zeta Reticuli and Zeta 2 Reticuli. And they are beings, very advanced beings, and you can just ‘google image’ for Archons or Zetas and see what they look like. It’s the most common – the black eyes, the grey skin, and some of them are short and some are tall, some of them are orange, white, light grey. They range from 3 feet tall to up to 9 feet tall.

A: Yeah, they can be taller, definitely.

T: The really tall and skinny ones. They are the worst ones.

A: With long gangling arms.

T: Yeah. Like the two who created HIV, they were just really, really mean. But you see, their whole gig was that, I don’t mean to say that they are stupid or that I’m smarter than them but were working for tens of thousands of years harvesting humans to create a human-Zeta hybrid. Because they were – I don’t really know all the details but it doesn’t seem like they die like we do because I know some of them that are 10 to 12 thousand years old as they are. Okay. So they are afraid that if they die they won’t re-incarnate and they will cease to exist. And I kept telling them over and over again that if you just move into the Light Father and Mother God will give you new bodies and you won’t even have to wait 10,000 years in a stupid laboratory trying to get this stuff done. He could get it done, like next week. A: Yeah.

T: They were like, no, we don’t do that. And then there’s the mantids. I thought they were nice because a lot times when this all happened they would come in and be all polite and everything, then they try to kill you. And it’s really weird. Because the mantids, they look like praying mantises sometimes, there’s a variety in there and I haven’t had time to research it. But they also like to have sex with humans. And that’s really a mind trip, Alexandra, it’s a real mind trip.

A: I can’t even imagine.

T: Having a praying mantis inside of you and it’s not like, oh baby, oh honey let’s do it all night, it’s just too much. This isn’t happening. Is it happening or not? You just go into shock. (laughter)

A: Having sex with a Praying Mantis.

T: Why the hell would an insect want to have sex with a human. Especially a male. I can’t see that they might want to have sex with a human female, even though we aren’t compatible, they can’t get a human pregnant.

A: You are the first one that has ever told me that they want to actually have relations with a human.

T: Oh yeah.

A: I thought that the Mantises were very evolved and wise and I’ve heard they can be very extremely loving, very educational, master teachers.

T: Well, I believe there are some Galactic Insectians, I just don’t know that yet. 38:10 I would almost assume that there have to be. But I just don’t know.

A: That is just so wild.

T: So much is going on. My life is literally like a Men in Black movie, except there are no men in black to come to the rescue.

A: Well, you have seen men in black.

T: Well, the ones that were around me though, were about a foot tall. Because I have had friends, they’re like, Who are all these guys, the men in black suits running around you, and I’m not seeing them. When you get hit with a weapon and it’s not like you are looking around for a new type of alien that day. Many times, a lot of times they show up and I don’t see them. It’s when they start using the weapons on you and stuff. Well, before they would come in and put me to asleep. I mean I would be watching the dishes like at 2:30 in the afternoon and I would get really tired and the next thing that I know I open my eyes and it would be 5:30 in the afternoon and I was standing naked in my bedroom.

A: That’s crazy.

T: Very, very physical obvious that I’ve been sodomized. Because men and women both can tell when you’ve been heavily sodomized by a group.

A: Absolutely. Now Tory, when you say weapons. Are these like physical kind of gun looking things? What do they look like?

T: Well, I was trying to give you a list before that you posted online. Because there’s a whole multitude of weapons. Most of the ones they hold are literally like handguns. And then, there’s also other ones that operate independently with no person necessary. And they like those the best because they don’t have to send somebody in. You know what I mean, like here, after a bunch of them have come in and I filled them with light or whatever and they got their power taken away, they don’t want to send somebody else in, they would send in one of these – they’re like basketball floating two or three above the ground and they just fire at you. (Right)

T: Then they have these other ones that were like tubes and they were about three feet high and about a foot and a half wide like a tube. And they would do the same. They would fire weapons. And those were really, really hard to destroy. I mean it took a lot and then it was back to the thing of where pressure would build up so much into me that my nose would burst. Luckily I have a new bamboo floor which is easy to clean, but the pressure was amazing. [Tory now said these basketball-type and tubular-type weapons are no longer in use.]

A: So is that why you think that you’re having those nosebleeds and Steve and Pablo and all these other people, is it the pressure in the head or what else do you think it’s from?

T: The huge difference is, like when I was sending a Draco into the Light a burst of blood would come out and that would be it. And I would go to the bathroom and I would get a paper towel and I would just hold it and clean myself up and that would be it. But the ones that they use against me, I think last week was probably, I don’t even know, because I know that it has happened before. We have this thing where we have to turn on the water for a trickle so the pipes won’t freeze and what that means is, you’re turning on the faucet on just past the point where there’s a drop, there’s a minute point where the water starts dripping and it forms a straight line. That’s what happens with the blood. First you start dripping and then it starts flowing like a solid line and then it just starts pouring and pouring. Well, the last time it was an hour. The guy was standing there with a gun and you can’t do anything about it when you’re standing at the sink and I don’t want to get blood over everywhere. Well, luckily, more people came in to help. They have been helping a lot. Because at a lot of times there hasn’t been in the past. But the people from Procyon have been around lately.

A: So do you feel that you’re having more support from the Galactics to fight these guys off?

T: There’s always been supportive, there’s a set of rules that they have. They can’t just come in – like they couldn’t just come in and arrest people who did 9/11. That’s like a major violation of their ideals or laws or whatever. You know, like the Laws of Karma. It’s a Law of Interference if you take away somebody’s right to learn things on their own. A: Okay.

T: And there all these laws, I don’t understand. It’s like the mass arrests, if you’re going to arrest them anyway why not do it now? You know what you mean? Why have all this pain and suffering continue

A: Exactly.

T: but there’s a thing to it. That was one of the things that I was getting really upset about. One of the time that Jesus was in the house, it started in the etheric – they were trying to turn me into a female Draco and I had a tail. So I could see myself, because you were asking about how they you would do stuff to you etherically and then it would manifest physically, that these things he threw up or whatever. (Right)

T: Well, what happened was I woke up and there was a reptilian attached to me and half of me was dissolved into his body. So he was basically going to suck up my physical body, my soul, and everything. And I woke up to this and I’ve got this huge monster like half way up my body. And it’s just like and its face was right and I’m aaagh. So I called Zero Point and it took me a while and that’s when I panicked. Sometimes you think that God has given up on us when we are going through this stuff. Then I connected with Zero Point and with a few seconds it blew him up. So I came upstairs and I was doing a lot because I used to have this thing called ‘attachments’ and there were all kinds of things going on with these lower astral entities that could jump on us and Jesus Christ and Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael would come in if you called them and pulled them off. And then when I got going they would get upset and they would come in and get a thousand of them.

And there was a guy online, I can’t remember his name now, but he was doing that a lot to help people to remove these. He was a healer, an online healer who was doing that. But the healing for me was great. But it only lasted 45 minutes then it started all over again. So anyway, I got upstairs and I felt my butt was really hard and I could feel my butt touching the floor and I woke up and Jesus was standing right here and Jesus and I have done a lot of work together, a lot of healing and when I was met him 25 years old and I am 51 years old now, I have known him and Mary for years. I’m very comfortable and Raphael and Michael were there too and there was a group of angels and this one angel was like, Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear, he kept saying that over –

A: Wha-a-at?

T: And the angel says, you have a tail. And this stuff just doesn’t register to me. You have a snake in your body, who’s going to tell you that? Oh, I have a snake in my body. Like that’s going to register, you know, it takes a while to pull this stuff in. So the angels and everybody did a healing on me and removed that astral or etheric overlay that was going to turn me into a physical reptilian. And it happened two nights in a row. A: Wow.

T: And the first time, because once in a while in all this drama I had a moment of clarity and that was it, and I asked Jesus Christ, and I said, are mass arrests real? Is what Sheldon Nidle is saying on the Galactic site, I just want to know is the mass arrests and prosperity and new governance and he said, Yes. And that was all. Now that was two years ago. I don’t remember when that actually happened. It was either 2012 or 2013. But Jesus said it was going to happen, we just don’t know when.

A: So you’ve mentioned before that the traffic of dark beings coming into your home and just to clarify, if everyone remembers this, Tory really is drawing them to the flame, so to speak, so he can transmute as many dark beings as he possibly can and get that vibrational load, basically right? it’s a load, off of the planet.

T: I don’t think it is intentional though, because what I’m doing, in fact this was day 30, and when a gateway opened on the 21st or 22nd of January we were able to send energy, because I really believe their grid is down. They call it the grid but I have been calling it the energy matrix because it does so many things, like the weapons, it transmutes our thoughts, there’s so many things that it was doing and I really believe it’s gone. At least, most of it is gone.

A: Now tell everybody why you believe that.

T: Well, because you have sent me the Galactic Essences. And it was almost at the exact same time, I think I was doing – I call them energy blasts for three days. And what I’m doing is, because you see all of their energy to me, I swear, is gone. So I’m going in and I knew that and I said, okay, I’m going to get serious about this. My goal is do ten a day. And God guides me, sometimes I’m pointed toward Texas, to the Bush/Cheney clan down there and we do this really heavy-duty thing of Zero Point Energy and while I am doing it, I’m saying, Thanking you for closing Milabs, Thank you for arresting these criminal involved in child trafficking and human trafficking and child sacrifices. I just keep saying whatever comes to my head. But I’m always grateful that it came to an end. And the people involved were removed. Because I don’t know technically if they were. I mean go into the details, are they going to be arrested, are they going to be removed, you know what I mean, I don’t care how it ends. So I am just programming that. Well, two days before that they really figured out what was going on and that’s when I started doing your Galactic Essences.

A: That’s interesting.

T: And one of them, the Light Warrior, which I really loved and the one that had the label that I don’t remember –

A: The Untouchables?

T: The Untouchables. A: Yeah.

T: I think it might have been the first night that I had taken that, The Untouchables, I grew my astral body and I went up to about 100 feet tall. And I was sending this energy out and it must have been super magnified. A: Ahhh.

T: And I was in a place that I had never been before and I just blurted out, Oh my God, I’m in clarity. And oh, I forgot that word – the Singularity. I said, oh my God, I’m in Clarity, I’m in the Singularity. And I could see forever. (Wow) And it was no clouds, stars, and I looked down and I could see the rooftops, (Wow) and it felt like it did when I was out of my physical body. There was no pain whatsoever. Everything was wonderful. And I’ve kept this up and my quota was ten times a day, so as this becomes more and more and more, they are freaking out. And then because I am DNA activated, when I’m connecting to people I can hear what they say sometimes if it pertains to me. Well, I can read their DNA and I could be nosy but that I’m not going to sit around listening to somebody who murders children and what they talk about all day.

And I think that God just sends me things. Because this one guy, because all of the surveillance that is going on – sometimes we have surveillance of 4, 5, 6 thousand people listening in of what’s going on in this house. Google said I’m one of the most interesting people in America and I’m not interesting, you all are the ones who are doing all this stuff. I mind my own business, you’re the one coming in over and over by the thousands. The NSA, they’re here, the CIA, and the FDA, the TSA, the Secret Service, and there’s just been going on constantly in and out, in and out. And like I said, this weekend was the really big dramatic shift. But they have been really coming in full force.

Oh, this one guy that I don’t like, he’s here in Indiana and he’s murdered five children and has sex with 47, including the Bilderberg, I can hear him and I got the message that he had made 18 phone calls freaking out on the phone to the point that his secretary was listening in and people are overhearing this stuff, because they are freaking out. I can hear him say, ‘you said I’d have protection. You said Lucifer will protect me and if I killed these kids for you and nothing would happen to me.’ He was screaming at the top of his lungs. You know what I mean? Like some office walls aren’t very thick. So there’s been a lot of that going on. And I’ve heard a lot of things I’ve never heard before. Because everybody always thought, I’m always called the sex offender, I’m called the prostitute. Especially when Obama and the Secret Service were coming in every twenty minutes, you know, all four of them once or twice a day.

A: Crazy. So crazy.

T: They were like, Where’s the prostitute? Where’s the faggot? Oh, he’s still in the White House. I like to get a good one in. They absolutely hate me.

A: So you basically are saying that you really feel confident that their grid went down because you’ve been hearing, you’ve been privy to overhearing the conversations on the inner plane?

T: That was the later aspects. I would say there is a list of things that are different now than they were before January 21st. And that didn’t happen just like somebody turned on a light switch, it’s been happening. Because I don’t think that that the grid went down – I think it took a week for it all to come down, or seven days. But first it was a witness, but like I said before when I witness something, I kind of just wait, rather than run out and say, Oh, this is what happened, and this is what I saw. Because sometimes it wasn’t reality. Like with especially with they use holograms on people. And the shape-shifters from Bellatrix. For some reason when people go to Bellatrix and they live there they become shape-shifting abilities and so one person can come in and if they want to have sex with you, well, rape, but they can change into ten different people. You know what I mean? So they can keep coming back over and over and you’re none the wiser because you’re thinking it’s somebody else. A: Right, right.

T: So, that’s why it was really – you know at first, I kept saying, and people would tell me who they are, and I would say, I don’t know who you are, and that would really upset people. Especially with the Hollywood celebrities because they all have these machines. And their egos are huge. And some of them really latched onto me and it was going on for several hundred times. I won’t go into the names here. I want to stay focused on the people who were running the Milabs. But the truth will come out. Whether I’m here or not, it will all come out.

A: So you definitely feel that not only has the grid gone down, not only are you seeing more numbers, but you made a comment on the phone to me, you said, I know that they’re getting to the end because they are starting to send in beings and troops that are much younger and less experienced. Right?

T: Yes.

A: It’s like they are running out of reinforcements, so to speak.

T: Yes, so they are having to get more people that have never done this before, this was their first time to do it. Especially when they would come and Heaven would drop them and they were shaking on the floor. Eventually they would get back home, – I’m not sure if their soul comes and their bodies were back in DC, but once they get back home they can’t come back for a while because they are just wiped out. Because George Bush, well it appears, but I’m really sure that Bush Senior and Cheney both had a heart attack this past weekend.

A: Really?

T: And also John Brennan of the CIA also he had two heart attacks here twice. Mother God gave him a blast, it was right over there. Mother God gave him a blast of Sacred Fire. Well John Brennan has murdered over 600 people. His nickname is The Assassin. He’s the one who killed all these Hollywood Celebrities that all these people think were suicides, like Paul Walker, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Michael Hastings – he was doing all of this research work. He was going to expose the Illuminati and stuff. It was on Rolling Stone Magazine. A: Yes

T: And he is doing really well. I know hopefully someday, if I make it, I’m going to be able to reach his wife, he wanted me tell his wife some things. But the funny thing is, but they all have gone back to Agartha because the Agartha people are born fully conscious. So they have all the memories and they know who they are from the past and almost everybody that has been murdered has already been reborn. It was September 5th that Whitney and Michael were reborn.

A: Interesting.

T: Sylvia Browne came in on October 27th. Robin Williams wanted to come right back. Well they feel like they were cheated, because they didn’t chart to die. All of these children that were murdered in the Milabs in the child trafficking, they didn’t choose to do that.

A: Interesting.

T: The reptilians violate our contracts, most of the time.

A: Why do you think they are coming back in through Agartha? What is your feeling about that?

T: Well, because they grow up much faster down there. Because the time is different. Agartha is in the 5th dimension, it’s really almost parallel to heaven and so I don’t believe at all that the baby would stay in the mother’s womb for nine months. Because it was – I can’t remember exactly – I have to go back and check – but my spirit guide Peter said, Michael’s walking around the house humming. Because Michael and I went through a lot because of John Brennan, we would talk, – with the celebrities – because I have a reputation now because I have talked to so many people that were murdered in heaven so a lot of people come in and they say, okay, that’s what’s going on. Now I don’t report it that way, I look at the people’s DNA who were murdered. I can go back and God let’s me go back to see the DNA, like let’s say, Robin Williams and I can read what is happening to him at the moment of his death.

A: Fascinating.

T: And so, that’s how I know. So I report what I see and then it just so happens that people come in and tell me this is what happened. And I’m like, Really? Because that is just what I saw. Like with Osama bin Laden too. He died a just couple of months right after 9/11. And he really didn’t have much to do with 9/11.

A: Exactly.

T: He died in a hospital room with some kind a kidney dialysis machine. And I was in the room, I went back, that was still when I was out of my body and I went to the room and I trying to look out the window to see, and I later found out that it was Dubai, all of these magnificent high rises. Well, I didn’t know that at the time. I didn’t know where Dubai was.

A: Very interesting. Well, they say that Osama bin Laden was a CIA operative. And they basically –

T: Well, almost everybody is. I can read his message. If I can see it. A lot CIA agents got arrested yesterday.

A: Okay, wow, that rumor is true according to you?

T: Yeah. Well, if I were to say 100% this is what I see, this is what I know to be true, so unless it turns out to be something like a big hoax, but I don’t think so. Because just of the way it happened. But things like this have happened so many times. And

then the Galactics always come in and talk to me because I contact them and they can contact me as well, but they never do, because that makes me a target. So all of these little things. When I go on YouTube and say well that person was killed by so and so, this person was killed by so and so, and this is what happened. The CIA has ISIS on the payroll. Or the CIA creates all these armies. Hamas is owned by Israel and the whole thing of Hamas attacking Israel is all being paid for by Benjamin Netayandu and his friends. A: Exactly.

T: And this woman today in the hospital today said, ‘well why would that be true?’ and I said, they want ever ending war. They make so much money off of war. (Right) They want the war to be perpetual and never-ending and when they run out of enemies they just create new enemies.

A: Well, Tory, it’s not even just making so much money off of it, they gain the life force energy from all the bodies that die on the field.

T: Yes, that’s the number one reason.

A: You know what I mean? They are able to extract the life force energy as they are dying, and of course, all the bloodshed. Apparently all the bloodshed spilling on Mother Earth is another whole thing. It’s so SICK. It’s over the top SICK! What of the things that I want to remind the audience, please I put a post up there. It was initiated by Tory which was that we COMMAND that all dark beings be removed from this planet. I am agreement with him. Who cares about arrests? I’d rather just take them off-world. And the other thing that I want to remind everybody is that we COMMAND that all of this dark technology that is being used against our will is removed PERMANENTLY. Okay. So we’ve got to focus on the technology, guys, because it is still being used against a lot of us.

T: Well, one thing that I’d like to do is, because before all of this happened to me, I was really good at manifesting at Law of Attraction and one of my favorite ways is to be grateful for the outcome as though it has already happened.

A: Yes.

T: That’s one of my favorite ways because I was manifesting stuff all the time, especially when I wanted to be able to do something for somebody else and I didn’t have the means for it. Things would come up all the time. Like, I had a friend who was in a wheel-chair and I would want to buy dinner for her and I wouldn’t have the money because I live on a couple hundred dollars a month. And I would say, I was so nice, I thank you the universe, I would really like to buy her dinner, and then somebody would come up to me, sometimes half an hour later and say hey, we are going to be away next week, would you please mow our yard on Tuesday, here’s $25 bucks. And then I would use the $25 to buy my other friend a meal. A: Right on.

T: Little things like that would happen all the time. It would happen really fast. When you’re asking for material things for yourself it takes slow time. But that won’t always be the case. Because we will be able to manifest whatever we want very soon.

A: I can’t wait!

T: For other people it happens really quickly. So people, if everybody does what they want, I want this to end, I desire this to end, I command this to end, I am so grateful that all the child trafficking came to an end. If more people pray to God the faster it will come to an end. And I know that we are close to mass arrests. If people are out there, all you have to do – sometimes just when you’re driving in your car – Hello, how are you today? Well, I’m so happy that mass arrests have happend. Thank you God. Thank you, God, Thank you for taking care of mass arrests. You can say that 100 times a day. A: Yes.

T: But you have to do it your own way. Because a lot of people don’t feel comfortable. Because a lot of people are very forceful and would COMMAND this to end, it’s our planet too and how dare you do this! But other people don’t feel comfortable doing that.

A: That’s such a good point, Tory, because I think a lot of people, they get hung up on the fact that I don’t know how to do it that way. Or that I don’t have those gifts. And the fact of the matter is it’s all based on Intention. (T: Yes.) When you come with Intention and with a Pure Heart and you ask that this be done you are going to join that vibrational wave amongst the rest of us that are already doing it. And it helps. Every single person helps. Now I am a big proponent that you VOICE it, it does carry an immense amount of power. Because SOUND is one of the most powerful vibrations. Especially your own voice. Your own voice is a very special signature. It’s tied in with your DNA.

T: Yeah. That’s why it’s the best for you. Because I learned to work with Zero Point Energy due to Intent. It was my Intent and I didn’t really know – I wanted a super powerful energy to heal because I didn’t want to be a Reiki Master and work on somebody on a bed. I just didn’t want to do it. And most everything that I do is remote. I did remote healing for ten years before I really knew that it worked, daily. And Heaven told me, I think it was sometime last year, they said you’ve had enough Zero Point Energy flow through your head, heart, and hands to power the Earth for 3 1/4 years. Everything, the factories, everything, schools, colleges, everything.

A: That’s so cool.

T: No wonder I am so tired. (A lot of laughter) A: Oh, Tory.

T: But my spirits are kind of lifting up. But this week, Oh my God.

A: I just want to let everyone know also I so hooked in with Tory’s frequency for some reason that I called him the other day and I said, hey, somebody woke me up at, I guess it was at 4:30 in the morning, right? and said, you need to do a healing on Tory. So I did my healing and I called him the next day and I said, I was called to do this and something about ‘life force energy,’ and you were hittin’ the basement. And Tory goes, Yup, it was at 78%, so it had risen up. So don’t underestimate these messages that you are getting right now. We all need support and we are needing to make sure that we are unified. Because this is the most intense time. The most intense time. For sure.

T: And that one of the main reasons why I do DNA readings for people, because some people have been just been beaten up and been abused for so long and have kind of lost touch with everything. And have been told so many lies. And somebody telling them that, Okay, I see that you have lived in 30 star systems and they’re like, Wait a minute, if that is true, I should be able to see that. And they wake up and say, Wow, I’m not the person that I thought I was. A lot of people think that we are born in whatever years ago 30, 50, years ago, and that’s it. And they get re-activated into these things and they realize how special they are. Even a simple little prayer helps.

A: I agree. And the fact that they realize how OLD they really are. Because you tap into that too.

T: And other thing too is, our souls are not the same age as our DNA. And because most humans are between I’d say 4.5 to 6.1 or 6.2 million years old, unless they have carried their DNA from another galaxy, which I’ve only seen – I don’t even know the percentage, less than 1%. I’ve only see that in 2 or 3 people.

A: Now wait a minute. Now wait a minute. If humans are between 4.5 to 6.2 million years old what is the average lifespan of say, a Pleiadian?

T: Well, mostly what I see is, almost virtually everybody started in the Lyran system. And if I can generalize everybody, it goes Lyra, Vega, Sirius B, OR Lyra, Sirius B. And only rarely does someone have a lifetime in Sirius A. That comes out very rarely. And then, we go to the Pleiades, and then it’s a whole list of stars, Asterope, Merope, Alneb(?), Alcyone, which is a great star because you can live on the planet, outside of Alcyone or you can have a lifetime inside Alcyone. Sometimes people will do both. Like a lot of times people live inside of Venus and on the surface before it got all gnarly and nasty. Because Venus used to look like Earth, really similar oceans and forests and all of that stuff –

A: But now it’s messed up?

T: Mars too. Mars was a beautiful planet before it was stripped.

A: Wow. How sad!

T: And Tiamat, and then you look at our system and Tiamat was the first planet, almost everybody, when we came from another star system to this star system, almost everybody lived on Tiamat first. Which, I don’t know, but I keep saying that I really believe that it looked like the movie ‘Avatar.’ They call Avatar a moon. But I honestly believe that Tiamat looked very very very similar to the moon in Avatar. Tiamat was HUGE. Not as big as Saturn or Jupiter, but it was far, far bigger than Earth. Because a lot of our planets generate heat from the inside. People say, how do you live on a planet like Pluto. It’s heat is generated from the inside, it’s inner star planets, moons, generate the heat. So people go inside and they live on the inside. And then they have an ecosystem. They have trees, grass, whatever, producing oxygen.

A: So it is like Agartha.

T: Yeah. Yeah. So –

A: Have you been inside each of the star systems, like Saturn, and Uranus and Neptune –

T: Well, that was right when I first started. I was having a lot of trips and I did go to Saturn because I was fascinated by that hexagon hole. And I knew that had to be created. That didn’t just happen that way. Some scientist say, Oh, it just happens. No it doesn’t. And I was going in, I was flying in through the top – or was it the bottom – through the hexagon hole and it was like, Oh my God, Oh my God. STOP. STOP. I’ve got to pull out.

A: Really?

T: And everytime I would do a reading, ‘All beings from Saturn are very benevolent,’ which was an archon because it was filled with millions of non-physical archons and Zeta Reticulians who were doing this massive control thing to the Earth.

A: W-o-o-o-w.

T: For a long time and it took me awhile because they were screwing with my head.

A: W-o-o-w. You saw, you saw them in Saturn.

T: Well I would say that I ‘sensed’ them before – it was like a Hollywood horror movie and the person’s going outside, ‘Hello, murderers, I’m coming out of the woods by myself, and they are going to kill me.

A: So you could sense that they were there.

T: And I didn’t keep going for the Hollywood horror movie, I stopped because I could sense what was going on and I left. And so, I couldn’t go on in. It was too much for me. It was too windy.

A: What about Neptune?

T: Neptune? No, I haven’t been out. And another thing I already told you about, when I went into the military bases on the Moon, and that was really a big mistake on my part.

A: Oh my God, you did that too?

T: Two times I got busted, and the third time I went in but nobody saw me, but this really big Dinosaurian dude and he was friendly and everything. And I made myself invisible because I couldn’t see me and I was walking around looking at things. This is like the NASA, it had huge windows and it looked like the NASA thing. They had a computer TV and they were all kind of sitting there, smoking a cigarette or whatever, reptilians, and I kind of turned like this, and there was this really big Dinosaurian dude standing right in front of me going, HooHooHoo and I was like, Hi, and I was totally (?) (Laughter) So I just freaked and I left.

But another thing that got me in a lot of trouble was, I looked at this ship and I thought it was Pleiadian, because I had been on a couple of Pleiadian ships and they were the most beautiful things, amazing. And I jumped on one of these ships and it turned out to be a Zeta Reticulian and there were three of them on board. And what I say to these beings that I could never repeat in G-rated, what came out of my mouth, I don’t know where these words come from. Especially when I’m talking about Bush or something and stuff, because they are so horrible. And the guy was like, Well, we can’t control you, and I was, ‘Yeah, you can’t control me. You can’t control me,’ and I laughed. And that was the stupidest thing I ever could have done. Because they literally came after me. (A: I bet) I was trying to having an out of the body experience and they would basically grab me.

A: So the moral of the story is you really have to be careful when you are doing all of these OBE work and time travel work and remote viewing work. It’s like you have to be careful where you end up.

T: Yeah, because I didn’t know that they can see you. Like the Pleiadians, it was really cool. Everything was gold, the inside of the ship was shimmering in gold. It didn’t even feel like you could touch the walls, it was just glowing. And everybody was so beautiful. And me, I looked so beat up. And they said, Where do you live? And there was this big oval, like an HD TV right in the center of the ship and I just looked over at that and it instantly the lake appeared and I said, Right there, and I pointed to the house. But all that I had to do was to think – I didn’t even notice that I had thought about it – it just happened so fast.

A: That is so cool.

T: But the ship was a sentient being so it picked up where I lived and just put it out on the screen for everybody to see.

A: That reminds me of that show, FarScape. ave you ever seen that show?

T: I haven’t seen that yet.

A: That reminds me of that show. What about Arcturus? It’s like one of my favorite – I do a lot of work with the Arcturians. Have you been on one of their ships?

T: The Arcturians are really fabulous. What I know now, or at least what I have seen from my research is, there is the 5th planet and the 7th planet. And on the the 5th planet there are equestrian humans and the 7th planet is a type of feline human. And the type of feline humans have furred skin. You could even see a lot. There’s one very divine – I don’t know if she is a goddess or a lady, her name is Sekhmet. A: Oh yeah!

T: She’s very beautiful, she looks like a lioness woman. And people who want to activate memories of that you can just call her, they can give you a dose of energy and just start waking up. And in the same system of Arcturus is Bootes system. Sometimes I call it Booties. But the 5th planet and it’s a different type of feline human, I believe the Felini. And their skin is like the Broadway show Cats, where they have skin, but it was skin in bright colors. Like they have orange skin with brown stripes or violet skin with orange or yellow stripes and then cat ears and everything, cat tails.

A: I just had a lady come on, a couple of months ago, from there. And her whole goal was to get out the APB for her team to get ready because the portals were about to blow open. And she needed to have a team that was ready to be able to handle the influx. What I’m seeing in my Essence work right now is a lot of Eagles are coming in and these are the beings that are making sure that they are protecting us from the outside. Right where the heat is, like where the Galactic Wars are, right where the Gate is, and all of that. They are coming in a lot right now.

T: Yeah, that’s really cool.

A: ? their brilliance.

T: So on Saturday there was a falcon sitting on the tree and looked at me and I was looking out my window.

A: Wow, a falcon!

T: And I went and looked it up on Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews, and the message was, ‘Act quickly.’ And right after that, probably half an hour later, because I was thinking, okay, we’re going to have a quiet weekend, I was going to lie here and try to rest and recoup, and No, and that was just over and over and over and they just kept coming in and kept coming in. But you see, with me, and people say, ‘what is so special that they try to kill you,’ it’s just because not only have they been doing this for months, like trying to kill me and the more that they try to kill me and can’t, the more they try, and it’s just – I make them so angry in so many different ways and that’s basically why, because I go out and say who has committed a crime –

And then that thing at Paris happened. I identified everybody that was responsible and they just get really, really angry. And people say, well, how can you do this, and it’s because I have done the work necessary to be able to. And I’m a human just like the millions and millions of others – billions of us here on this planet. And I took the time to take some classes and do some things, and activate my chakras, had my DNA activated and I put my ego to sleep and I put my soul in charge. I super-connected to Heaven over the years and I’ve done a huge amount of healing work for others, which has brought back in return to me in the highest and best good in ways that I never thought imaginable.

A: I agree, Tory, but I also think that you obviously specifically came here to do this task.

T: See, I don’t think I did.

A: Oh come on! Are you serious? Come on!

T: I don’t know that I did. Because I was charted to die when I was 31.

A: I know but obviously you changed your mind and obviously someone must have convinced to change your mind, you know, that we needed those skills that you carry. I’m constantly saying this on my radio shows – Listen! it’s really important that we all find our own unique individualistic gift. I don’t have to be Tory, and Tory doesn’t have to be me. Every single one of us brings something amazing to the table.

T: Yes. And that’s what’s great. Celebrate each other for what we can do, instead of condemning each other for what we can’t.

A: We are all in this together and we are at the final hour. And the only reason that we are in the final hour is because we did this t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r. And we did it with all the assistance – we are one big unified field of beings and light that is working very hard to bring this about. Everyone of us, even the ones that don’t think that they are doing anything – they are doing something.

T: Well, it’s even people that have the desire to see the New World Order not take over the planet are putting their energy in the pot.

A: Absolutely.

T: So every little bit helps. It’s the people who are just completely out of contact with reality – well, sometimes it’s not their fault – but a lot of times they’ve charted to do that.

A: Right. Or they’re programmed. They’re programmed and they’re implanted so heavily that they don’t even know any better. T: Yeah.

A: Well, anyway, tell me one more thing which is, because I know that you are really tired tonight and I know that you aren’t feeling that great. Tell me what you think regarding all the rumors lately about the financial system. Have you heard anything from Mother or Father God about that?

T: No.

A: No.

T: You know what, I did the future for that one woman and she was a really nice young lady and I went to the Hall of Charts and I got a message for her because she was really depressed and has a hard life. But I don’t do future, because the future is so malleable and it changes so often. I think it’s an absolute waste of time. The only thing that I am focusing on is how fast are these people going to be removed from our reality. Because I don’t want to see children murdered. A: Yeah.

T: It’s such a horrible, horrible thing. And that’s when I became who I am today was, years ago, because I stayed for my mom and my dad. My mom didn’t want her other child to die, because my sister died when she was 31. So I stayed for mom. And then, I started to develop, I thought, well, I’m not going to be sick for the rest of my life. So I might as – well, my spirit guide said that my themes are Healer and Survivor, I might as well get off my butt and start doing it. But it wasn’t until I was actually exposed to what they were doing. And that’s when either stupidly, or bravely, I don’t know which, I decided that I was going to do something about it. Now after 38 months I’m at the point where if I died tomorrow I wouldn’t care. Because I’m so tired and so beat up and it’s just too much for one person to go through.

And sometimes I feel like I’m the only one doing this. But it’s not. That’s not the case. You can just turn on the YouTube and see other people telling their stories of what this group has done to them.

A: You truly, I get a lot of emails, there are so many incredible people out there doing their bit. And really doing – I don’t want to use the word ‘sacrifice’ because it’s not really true, because that’s why we came here. We came here to do this work, but I don’t want you to feel like you’re alone because we are all IN IT TOGETHER. For anybody that’s feeling a ping in your heart, please do me the favor, if not for Tory, to send him some healing energy, just mainly life force energy.

T: Anybody can be a healer, you just have to have a desire. Say, dear angels, dear God, please go and do a healing for this person. Your parents, your friends, your family, whoever. I kind of wanted to give you this message. Are we about done?

A: Well, I also wanted to say, to send thanks and gratitude to the Allied Forces because they are, boy, we think we’ve got tough down here, man, they are right in the thick of it right now. It’s very intense right now.

T: Yeah. They have done so much for us. I’m really grateful.

A: Seriously.

T: But this is what I got today. ‘The mercenary army hired by Bush and Cheney has been arrested.’ A: Right on!

T: ‘Their weapons destroyed. The 296 dark entities, mostly reptilian males, were from Bellatrix. There were a few Zeta Reticuli amongst them and a few Amphibians.’ And I asked the question, I don’t remember what it was and they said, ‘And yes, the group of 13,’ Oh, it was because I kept seeing the group of 13 and I asked about them and they said, ‘Yes, the group of 13 were the leaders. They were 7 to 8 feet tall, ruthless killers. They were not able to touch you since they were in a slightly different dimension so they had to use the weapons. Members of the Procyon teams say Hello, and we are glad to assist. It is not necessary to leave the Earth right now and return to heaven at this time.’ Because I was ready to go. I was almost killed three times. I am like, I’m done. But then I kind of snapped out of it. A lot of that was the Insectians, because they put the most intense suicide desire in you. You go from happy to the next moment, Oh, I want to die. I want to die. It was horrible. ‘And at this time it has become very difficult for the dark ones here. They are suffocating in the Light.’ A: Wow.

T: And they are all freaking out. Absolutely all freaking out. ‘Bush Sr and Cheney both suffered heart attacks Sunday morning when Mother God blasted them with the Sacred Fire.’ A: Right on!

T: ‘Through you, in your kitchen.’ So they were just confirming. Because I said, what happened? What happened to them? Because it was just me in the kitchen and Bush and Cheney came in and then I did the usual and then they fell flat. They were like just lying on the floor. They’re legs were like (indicates buzzing or jiggling). You know what I mean? I think they electrocuted me with a stun gun probably maybe 80,000 times. (?) what they had done to me.

A: Do you agree that there are probably two of THE darkest fiends on the planet?

T: I would say so, yes. And Elizabeth Windsor and her husband.

A: So she is next. She is next, right?

T: I don’t know. I would think that it has to go with the darkest and the most evil. But I keep hearing that Cheney has done more damage to the planet than all the wars combined.

A: And Bush. T: And the Bush family have murdered 75 million people.

A: Oh my God! Where did you get that from?

T: I don’t keep track. Well, we are almost at three million in Iraq, and almost three million in Afghanistan, and I don’t remember what it was in Yemen. The military-industrial complex has murdered in 57 countries.

A: Well, and plus, when you think of the whole family all the way back – his generations – back to the time of World War II, they’ve got all of that blood on their hands.

T: Yup. And then, this does seem too good to be true, because a huge group of 158 of them. And many CIA agents were also arrested on Sunday, 458 of them, and they will not return. A: Wow.

T: And they had physical bodies and they were not surface dwellers and it is my understanding that they were not residents of Earth. So they were just here as hired killers, for the Dark Side. So because when something happens it seems too good to be true. But it happened several times. So like I said before, sometimes they would go off at the side, and that means they would just go back to their bodies, but there were a few select times when everybody just went up. Straight up. That the way they used to leave when we were doing all these arrests – when we arrested those 300,000 reptilians last year – they were all going up. And they were put on ships for a little while and then, I don’t really understand how it all works, but they were the ones – a lot of them were inside of people but I don’t know – it’s almost like they had a physical body somewhere, because one of them was inside of Obama. And my spirit guide was like, this is going to be the happiest day of your life so far. He’s not coming back. Oh, thank God! You know what I mean? These people just don’t quit!

That’s another way that I know that they are gone for good, because they don’t quit. They cannot stop. It’s like they have this thing in their head where they keep – like if they want to kill somebody and they can’t it makes the desire stronger – and stronger. And they just keep going – and going – and going – and going. Coming in over and over again. At every chance that they can.

A: And doesn’t this just show you that they really are non-rehabilitative. They just have to be sent up to the Light.

T: I don’t know what’s going to happen to them. A lot of them have. They went into the uncreated mass and they are not going to be reconstituted as people.

A: Oh, I wanted to tell you another thing. This is so cool. I was listening to a radio link that somebody sent over to me and the gentleman was talking about Creator. And he was saying that basically he has been told that Creator stopped thinking about specific people and just by stopping that thought it has stopped their life force. And they became nothing. It was very interesting.

T: I don’t know. One thing that I do know is that God does not kill anybody. The one thing I know for sure is that God doesn’t kill anybody. And if somebody wants to try a meditation and you want to be with the Creator or the universe, or Father God, you can go into meditation and put your Intent of, I want to go to the Temple of Father God. And what you do is, in the meditation – what I like to do is the black wall. You close your eyes and you see black. And then you see a door open, but you don’t see the door, because it’s black, but you see a rectangle and when you look through it, it’s the most brilliant colors that you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s like it’s a park. And you go through the door and you’re in heaven.

Then you just project yourself into this Temple and you go in and there’s an altar there. And you say, dear Father God, I would like to speak to you. And he will come in, he cannot hold a human shape for very long, so you’re only going to get a couple of minutes. It’s not like he’s going to sit with you at Starbucks and have a two-hour conversation. So it’s going to be like, you’ve got a couple of minutes, Say what you want. Of course, you can talk to Father God constantly at home. It’s really nice and he will give you a hug.

But he will either come in as maybe a 25 year old with this incredible golden blond hair, or he comes in as an old man with white hair like a lot people like to see God as an old man depicted with the white robe or whatever. But you can get a hug from God and you can talk to God. And you can say, I really wanted this, or I want that, or whatever. But you can also do the same thing with Mother God. Because you see, Father God does not like to interfere with our charts. Because there is a lot going on with the Galactics. Because they don’t like to interfere either. They can only do things under the guide of heaven.

But you see, Mother God is totally different. You can go to Mom and get what you want. Well, she’s not going to snap her fingers and give you a Ferrari. But I mean, if you go to Mother God and you say, Look, my friend is really sick, can you either teach me how to heal her or help her how to heal herself, you know what I mean? There are a lot things you can ask for that you can get almost instantly. And it’s the same thing too, you can give Mother God a big hug. And it’s amazing. And also, with her sword, if you have a lot of crap in your system, a lot of negativity or whatever, you can ask her to use the sword to cleanse you and she will touch you on both shoulders with the sword and it’s just like whoosh. It takes out all the crap and it’s amazing.

A: That’s awesome.

T: It’s so beautiful. It’s incredibly beautiful.

A: Thank you for that. I think people will really appreciate that. Tory can you just clarify with people, a lot of people are always wondering what do you see as the difference between Mother God and Mother Earth.

T: Well, in my research I’ve seen that we’ve had many different entities in this planet. But the Earth is a living, breathing sentient being. There’s been Tara, and Eartha, Mother Earth, and she left and now we have Gaia.

A: And where does Sophia fit in?

T: Well, she might either be another one of them or that might be another name of one of those that I just mentioned. I don’t know. Because there is so much that I’d like to research, but I don’t have time. A lot say Goddess Sophia, she’s probably her own being. But Mother Earth went to another Galaxy and it’s quite a ways away. And she is inhabiting a different planet. But I don’t really understand if they are goddesses or if they are – well, their physical bodies are the planet itself. And the shell with an inner star, but then they can leave and go to another planet. And one thing that really surprised me is that Earth is a rogue planet. And it’s from near Alcyone in the Pleiades. And Father God brought the Earth here on his Zero Point Energy – knowing that the Earth is like 700 billion years old. And it did not always have water. A lot of the developmental things happened here after it was here. Like it didn’t come here with water on it, or whatever. A lot of things happened here.

But as far as I know, from what I know now, the Solar System is 27 trillion years old and things are just – the dark entities just hate it when I read people’s DNA. Because I’m like, well 60 million years ago you lived in this star system. You know what I mean? And that was just since you came to this Solar System in the Milky Way. We are old, we are like eternal beings. I can’t imagine reading for everyone for everybody, that would take me like a million years. Well, this galaxy, that galaxy, these 76 planets that you lived on and then you went there and you changed your DNA, and you went there. Because they really want us to believe that we were from cave men or apes and that’s the programmed belief set in by the Annunaki.

And I really think that a lot of these beings were genetically created by non-humans. The Annunaki and the Insectians, it’s hard to imagine that an insect could be smart. But they were brilliant when it comes to DNA. They are so far ahead of us here on this planet. But it’s amazing to me how smart they really are. Now reptilians aren’t that smart. They are not that really smart, that’s why they can easily be outwitted. They can’t create. That’s why we have the advantage, especially if we keep our the Sacred Light is over 51%. Because you can create with dark energy, but now, in this planet it’s really, really hard to create and then when you do something negative you almost get busted right away. Because a lot of karma has really sped up.

A: Finally.

T: If your Sacred Light is higher it’s a miracle what you can get done. Even in the 60s or 70s. And then I was told that you have to have 80% Sacred Light to work with Zero Point. Which I don’t know how to prove that or I don’t understand that.

A: Well, it does make sense Tory because right now they are trying – all I ever hear is that they are trying so much to assist us in bringing the Light Quotient, the ratio, that’s really a key thing that I hear all the time is to hold that vibration high, and it’s a very fine line when you’re reading stuff about the history. Okay. And you are reading all the lies, and the deception and the atrocities and the things that are happening to our animals and our children – all this stuff. And so of course, on an emotional level, because that is what really caused the human to be so unique with all of the other star systems is our range of emotions. It’s very difficult not to get caught up in those stories. That’s why I am always saying, just be the observer. Take in the information and just be the observer about it. And see what feels right and throw the rest away, but focus on what do we want. What have we done right. What are we still doing right. We are an amazing race. We can do some amazing things.

T: Oh yeah. Staying open is great, because you might have a really strong belief today and it might be completely different tomorrow. Or something might come along and shatter all that.

A: And you have to accept that. That your foundational belief system is going to change all the time when you get into the journey of truth. That’s part of it, isn’t it? Seriously. But anyway,

T: I think it was in 2008 I got really pissed off and I was screaming to God in the sky and I said, ‘I want to know the truth. I’m sick of being lied to in this damn planet with all these news people that constantly lie about everything. I want to know the truth. I want to know who lives in the Solar System, and I want to know who lives in the Galaxy, and I want to know what’s going on. A: Yeah.

T: And when I finally got it out I felt kind of great. Well, I let out some steam. Well, then a month later I thought I was signing up for a healing class to learn how to balance people’s chakras and when I went to the class there was a room of about 11 Alpha Centaurians in the room. And I could see them and I could talk to them and I was freaking out. I was saying, Oh my God, Oh my God, can they see me? And it kind of took off from there. I thought it was funny that they looked so human, they looked just like us. They looked literally exactly like us. It was amazing.

A: But they have this horse – isn’t the lower part of their body horse-like?

T: No, that are the equestrian humans. And they are from Arcturus. As far as I know so far. They are probably more. But yeah, but most of the Centaurians are very, very similar to human. I don’t think there is a huge difference – because there is a whole bunch of Centaurian stars – Menkent, Rigel Kent, Muhlifain, Alpha, Beta, Gamma Centauri, Hadar – there’s a whole bunch and the funny thing is usually after we went to the Pleiades we usually went to Alpha Centauri next. Because a lot of their star systems are 4 [unclear] years old.

A: What an amazing world that you live in Tory. I mean people just want to hear what you have seen.

T: If I weren’t coughing up blood in the sink for an hour at a time. And in pain. They did something to my knee and I’m just starting to really feel it. The stuff on my knee has worn off. I could hardly walk all weekend. They just have so many weapons and it’s just like, you know, and when you get depressed it makes the weapons work more. I mean, because being beaten up and stuff, after awhile it really takes a toll on you. The pain is unbearable. But today I really kind of lifted back up again and I switched on again, ‘I want to live.’ A: Good!

T: Because Mother God, when I told her that I was ready to go because it was just too much and I said I was ready to go, that was before everybody was arrested and she said, Well, I wanted you to live so you could reap the fruits of your labor. So that’s why God wants me to be here and see what has manifested out of what I’ve done.

A: Well Tory, we don’t want you to go either. We’d like to have a party with you and celebrate and be able to give you a big hug and thank you physically for all that you do.

T: It’s been 30 degrees below zero, that makes it hard to (?)

A: 30 degrees below zero?

T: It’s been right at zero but at night it goes below zero. Today was to be a high of 7 and then it went up to 10 and I’m like wooo it’s 10 degrees.

A: That’s crazy. It was raining buckets yesterday here. We haven’t had rain storms like that for a long time. And I woke up today Tory and it was gorgeous. It was like 65 degrees. It was piercing, piercing blue skies with big billowing, fluffy, real clouds.

T: Ah, good for you.

A: So something major shifted. I mean I can feel it. And that’s one of the main reasons that had Tory on today, everybody, because really I wanted all of you to know, I know it’s been super intense for all of you guys out there under psychic attack as well as Tory, and myself, and all those that near and dear to my heart. So hang in there, because we are really at the finishing line.

T: The finishing line, yeah.

T: In my history, when things get really, really bad it’s always right at the end of a cycle. So it might not be over over, but we are definitely in the end of a cycle.

A: I really feel that too.

T: I think that there are so many people that – because I would assume like the troops – because a lot of the troops that came in, me and my mouth, I’m like ‘Okay, let’s kill these filthy low-life criminals,’ and they are ‘what? I’m a hero, dude. I’m a hero, I work in the United States Army and I’m a hero.’ I’m like, ‘Really? Then why are you committing war crimes for men that kill children. Why?’ And they don’t like to hear that. The Army doesn’t like to hear that they are no more than war criminals. But that’s what they have become. So a lot of people go into shock but I don’t know if they will be re-educated or whatever but there’s a lot of the people in the military that are good people. They just don’t realize it. And this one guy, really cocky, said, You know, Lucifer isn’t going to kill me, he’ll kill you. And so I say, Okay, here we go. Lucifer was arrested in 2013 in September. I can hear him talk, for Satan, would you come to me. ‘But he is gone and he ain’t coming back.’

A: Well, hey, listen. I just have to put this out there because I’m a military brat. There are a lot of people that signed up to the military really believing that they are doing the right thing to ‘protect and serve the fellow citizens. They really earnestly believe that. And they buy the whole thing. They buy the whole thing about, you know, Russia is coming to bomb us and China is going to take over all of our nation’s governments. They get freaked, they go into scare and fear mode.

T: I’ve heard the 30% of the military are good people. But I do know that when somebody signs up usually the Sacred Light content immediately drops to 37%.

A: Wow!

T: We have a local man here that was in (garbled) he wanted to go and fight in Afghanistan for some reason, but he had like 76 or 78% Sacred Light and when he went over, it immediately went down to 37%. Because that is the magic number for people that join the Dark Side that have yet to rape or murder.

A: Ahh, that’s what it is.

T: Why it is 37%, I have no idea. It’s like why is everybody 30 years old in heaven, that’s just the way it is.

A: That’s really interesting. Well, that too is because they are buying into this whole paradigm of fear, they strip them down, you know boot camp, right? they are all about dissociating with your own ego and your own identity. And then molding you into something where you can take orders.

T: A killing machine that they will use you for fodder. A: Right.

T: A killing machine that will eventually get killed, because that’s the plan.

A: Exactly.

T: They use the soldier to murder as much as possible and then they kill them off, so you don’t have to bring them home.

A: And to convince the soldier that it’s worth it because they are protecting the women and children and families and people at home.

T: Oh yeah, they put so much crap into us.

A: All over the world. It’s not just the United States, it’s all over the world. It’s very sad.

T: You know that the numbers are very very high around the world, people are praying like crazy that the Nazi-controlled United States will come to an end. There’s a huge amount of people on this planet praying that our government, the dark entities that have taken over our government, will be removed. To arrest them, remove, people are calling for that all over. But I don’t know how it’s going to turn out. I know that we – because all this stuff – I mean if the New World Order were to take over they would still be here. These spirits, the Dracos, this group, they wouldn’t just have been taken away. I’d be dead. I would have been dead years ago and that shows to me that we literally have gone into the Golden Age of Gaia. I have seen it over and over again. I get frustrated but I see it a lot.

A: I really do see the progress, I just feel that for all of us it’s been a long road and we are just getting tired of – let’s just have it done. This whole – oh, we have to have progress and it’s just a matter of our awareness level or that sort of thing. It’s people like yourself that have seen it day in and day out. You are totally committed to it, you know what is going on. You’re fully aware that’s there’s this battle going on and you just want it done.

T: Well, yeah, nobody wants mass arrests more than me. I can guarantee you that!

A: Well, they are talking about how the first week of March supposedly there’s a rumor that the Federal Reserve and the SEC have written up a whole, I don’t know, several pages worth of new regulations and policies about this new monetary system.

T: Well, it’s got to go. Because like you said, they can’t be rehabilitated, you know. You can’t take somebody that rapes and murders children and tell them, okay, this is what you need to do to be a nice guy. I’ve said for years, it takes a special type of person, male and female to be involved in these human sacrifices. They are not going to change. They have to be removed. Period.

A: Totally. And I don’t even think – that’s a good question to ask you before you go. These beings that participate in these child sacrifices, what percentage of human are they? Are they percentage human?

T: Well, it really varies. It varies a huge amount. I’ve seen, like 97% reptilian, 3% human. A common number is 58% reptilian and 42% human. There were around here this weekend that I think were 68% – oh the CIA agents were 68%, most of them were from the 400 plus CIA agents. But they were just hired, they were not living in their suburbs with their wife or whatever.

A: So it’s the same kind Tory, if they had over 50% of that reptilian energy or whatever going on they may not typically have the capacity to be rehabilitated.

T: Well, see, I don’t know how –

A: You should go and ask them. Go ask them and let me know.

T: I’ll have to work on that. But I’ve heard like things it’s going to take 1000 years for some people to work their karma off. And for a while I got the message that God was just basically split the Earth and everybody that has 51% or more Sacred Light goes to the New Earth – the Christians call that the Rapture. And then the dark entities would go off to – but when you think of it – somebody, one of my Hollywood girlfriends, she came to me, I haven’t really been in contact with a lot of people lately because things got really tough. And I can’t mention her name, but she was asking me if she can take her money with her. And I said, Yes. But she didn’t ask where she’d be going. And she came back later after she heard what was going to happen and she said to me, Well you said I can take my money with me. And I said, Well, yes, if you are going to the Dark Earth. Is that what you want to do? You see, a lot of these people in Hollywood are Illuminati. Like that movie that Tom Cruise did, Eyes Wide Shut.

A: That is such a creepy movie.

T: That’s literally the truth.

A: That was such a creepy movie.

T: I could sit down here and give you a list of a hundred actors that have killed a child.

A: Oh my God. T: But my focus is on the politicians.

A: Right. T: But I would say our little friend is growing up because she changed a lot and she turned around and gave $2 million dollars to the St Jude Hospital as she did some research and she decided that she wanted to be a better person. And that $2 million would be like me donating $200, if I live on a couple hundred a month and I would give $200 to a charity – that’s what $2 million to her was like. Well, I don’t know how much she –

A: Tory, I’m not saying that I’m not grateful but come on already – Most of us are sitting here scratching our heads wondering, with $2 million dollars, if you gave that, to an alternative, free-energy entrepreneur or an –

T: Well, you see, most of them can’t. And she did this after Lucifer and Satan were gone and she really took a big risk doing it because so many people in Hollywood get killed. That’s what’s happened to Paul Walker. Paul Walker didn’t really understand what the Illuminati was and joined and then he found out what it was and he was like – well I don’t want this in my life so they killed him. And Michael Hastings from the Rolling Stones Magazine. When he was exposing all that. Most of them get killed because they haven’t set up their contract. It’s just a instant decision, and they say, Wait a minute, I don’t like these people. I don’t want to be involved wit a club that rapes and murders children. I quit. And they are like, no you don’t, you die. So almost everybody, almost every police officer that is starting to investigate the Illuminati is killed. Almost every police officer that wants to do something about child trafficking is killed. Because the Illuminati owns all the police. All of them. And they are not allowed to speak out, that’s why I don’t blame people.

Like I said to another friend of mine – and she was really small in this lifetime but in certain body parts and she is what you would call a petite woman and she and her family are on TV everyday – but when I did a reading for her and we were sitting at the table and everything, and I was like Oh my God, is that you? And I could see her. She was a queen, running a space ship – she had like thousands and thousands of people and she was in control. And she had this big headdress with either aquamarine crystals or blue sapphires and I just went into shock because she had been 3 feet taller at least in that lifetime and I was like, Oh my God, you are so big! It pissed her off because I said that. But she turned out to be one of the few people in my life that has come in to stand up for me. She came to see me one time when a lot of bad stuff was going on. And she stood up to the bad guys and she said, Leave him alone. You’d better leave him alone right now. And I was so flabbergasted. (Wow) I like to be around Hollywood celebrities. There’s so much drama going on out there that I can talk for days about my girlfriends out in Hollywood.

A: Oh Tory, you are a hoot.

T: Oh thank you.

A: I’m sure that everybody is going to enjoy this interview. There’s a lot of little morsels of information. And please take care of yourself. I hope you get a really nice rest tonight. You look exhausted, by the way.

T: I am. I am absolutely exhausted. I think my nose is going to start again. I hope it’s not.

A: No, no, no. Well, I’m happy to hear that the weapons are going to be a little bit easier for you, right?

T: Well, they still have them. The CIA still has them and also NorthCom, that secret military Northern Command, or whatever they’re called. See, I don’t remember them as – well, some of the higher ups, the leader that they call him, the five star general – they all those macho titles I think are ridiculous. But they have come in from NorthCom. But this weekend they sent soldiers, like the bottom rung from NorthCom. They haven’t been in here before. So a lot things have happened that’s never happened before.

A: What a trip.

T: The lowest level, these people that have never traveled before this way and so it’s just been – there’s just been so much that’s happened this week that never happened before.

A: Good.

T: But they still have weapons – like the CIA still has them and the FBI – and not all the FBI is bad. When I checked only 15% of FBI agents are involved with child trafficking and human sacrificing.

A: What about the CIA? A big article came out the other day that the CIA is now officially of ‘the Light.’ And I kind of –

T: Well, I can tell you one thing, there’s not a single human that works for the CIA. Not a single one of us. (Wow!) I mean, that is 100% human. Not one. (Wow)

T: I can just scan – I can clear myself out.

I’d like to have the number of CIA employees that have Sacred Light that is over 50%. Zero. That have over 37%. Zero. Which percentage are 0% and what percentage are 37%? 97% of CIA DNA is 0% Zero Sacred Light. There you go.

A: Wow.

T: Well, of course, when I do something like that I don’t normally do things live because there might be somebody here. No. So nobody is in the house. Because see my hands, when I check to see if people are in the house, my hands bounce if nobody’s here. And they stay the same if they are, because then immediately I know that. It works really well. If you see a demon or a ghost or whatever, that freaks you out,

I Bind In The Name Of Father God,

or I Bind You In The Name Of Heaven,

I Bind You In The Name Of Mother God.

Go right to the top and it freezes them.

A: Excellent.

T: This is something anybody can do.

A: Excellent. A good tip.

T: CIA is bad. I heard that thing that Ben Fulford put out. He said that it was in lockdown. And there’s so many people – I’m wondering if I can pull up ‘How many people are aware of Milabs child trafficking today – what percentage increase vs. one year ago?’

A: Good question.

T: 62% Yes, 6 and 2. Because sometimes sixes look like eights, so I always like to go back and check. And if it is important I go back and check and check again. Like when I reported all that stuff in Paris, when it turned out to be MI6. That was kind of funny – that’s another time when I pissed them off because that guy David Cameron was the one to set that whole thing up. And I put it up online, and oh, he came in, traveling the way that they usually do and he was just SO angry. And then this other MI6 agent, well, there’s MI6 or MI5, he said, ‘It took him weeks to set that up.’ And I’m like, Why do I care? You know what I mean? If he just wants to rape and murder and create all this nonsense. Oh they were so upset. Because there was not a single – I think they call it a Muslim, there wasn’t a single Muslim involved and then there were a lot of guys that I call very unkempt, because they were gnarly hair dudes and funky beards and whatever and they’re dirty and they don’t look like they bathed for very long time and wearing diapers on their heads.

And all of them involved in that were trained at the Milab at Essex. I call it the South Essex Milab in London. But it turned out to be Essex Road. The Milab is three stories down Essex Road on the South hand side and that’s where they put these dark-skinned guys, who people assume are Muslims and they took them in there and they did this whole brain control thing on them. And the thing that is really dangerous about that, because people are angry, and a lot of people out there are pissed off and angry because they have been violated so many times. But people that don’t have a strong connection to God are easily manipulated. They are the ones that are used for terrorists, because a lot of them didn’t have any Sacred Light in them anyway and they can just be molded. You know, the archons and everybody else doing the gnarly mind tricks on them. It’s just very easy for them. But a lot of that is coming to an end. A: Good point.

T: I feel sorry for people, yet people make the choice to be devoid of the divine. You know what I mean? It’s like, I was an agnostic person for years but I also was being manipulated by the archons. They started working on me when I was five years old.

A: Right. Well, you know what? Here’s the thing. We have to stay on track and remember to keep saying,

I Command that all beings of darkness that are oppressing, raping, killing, anything or anyone are Removed from the planet at this time.

And also –

I Command that all Dark Technology and all Weaponry that’s being used against all of us be Removed immediately.

Come on folks, we can do this. I’m serious. Like I call on everybody out there. I hope anybody who hears this interview, Please, even if you just do it once, it’s going to make a difference.

T: Oh yeah. And when you want to say that, you declare your Intention you can really shorten it up. Like one of my favorite ones is

Thank you Universe for removing child trafficking and eliminating the people involved.

Thank you for ending these human sacrifices and eliminating the people involved.

Thank you for ending the War Crimes.

You know what I mean? If you want to say it more time than once – that was very beautiful and elegant but it’s going to be difficult to say it a hundred times a day. But you can just be thankful for the Universe and the more that you generate that thanks that this is over that faster it will come to be.

A: Okay, so you heard it from the guy who does it all the time. And actually, the bottom line is if you are thinking about it, just do it. Make it simple, short and sweet, in the words that work for you. That’s all that it counts.

T: That’s the best way. Do it your way.

A: Yeah, do it your way. Thank you, I love you.

T: Thank you, I love you too. You know, it was funny, when we were talking I could see us in Atlantis – they had these huge crystals. Well, a lot of people lived inside the crystals in Atlantis, but there was this really big park and some of the crystals were like 20, 30 feet across, and they were just growing out of the ground and we used to do healing ceremonies, like people would be go out and be about and whatever, and be all beaten up and gnarly, like I am now. But we used to work together in Atlantis (A: I saw that) doing healing work. People would come in and it would be like an open park in modern times. And we would do healing work with them and they’d feel a lot better and then it was just like, oh, good for you. Have a nice day. A: Nice.

T: That was one of our lifetimes together. And we had another one in France but I just know that’s it. Because I lived 41 years in Paris, like, wish that were now, not that I don’t love Indiana, but –

A: I’ve just got to tell everybody before you go, I am convinced that Tory is Tristam of Knight’s Templars. Convinced. Go check it out. Go read it. Go read up on him and you tell me what you think.

Well, thank you so much. And once again, please send him some support and love and light. He really needs it now. And stay tuned for next week. I’ve got some really cool guests coming up. I’ve got Jay Essex coming next week if you haven’t already heard about him. And I think I’m interviewing Barbara Lamb the week after that. So take care. Lots of love. Stay tuned because a lot of cool things are happening. AND WE ARE WINNING! WOOO!

T: Thank you so much, dear.

A: Okay everybody. Take care. And always please visit my website at Galactic Connection.com Daily Blog page, every day, lots of changes going on and as usual check out my essences and the implant removal series.

Lots of love and you guys have a great week! Take care. Bye.

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