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microphone (1)We Are Down to 6% of The Dark Ones Here On Planet Earth

Good afternoon everyone! This is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com and today’s recording is for June 23rd 2015. This is a very, very important week, everyone knows that. This is the summer solstice and there are a lot of things going on behind closed doors. Especially with things having to do with the government. So today we are going to talk a little bit about that with Tory Smith.

Before we dive into that, I would like to remind everyone to check out my blog. It runs 365 days a year. It is gratis, meaning free, free, free. You can access it any time you want around the world. And by the way, all those people around the world who don’t have English as their first language, please know, that we are really trying really hard to transcribe all of my interviews into word documents so you can transcribe them into your own native language. Just so you know. And you can access that up on the top of the web site under the Alexandra’s Interviews tab. I hope that will help.

Anyway we have so many things going on we have just launched the Spiritual Past Life Clearing session that rocks! I just had mine done a couple weeks ago and it was amazing. Jerry gave me feed back on over 50 of my prior lifetimes, by the way Tory, it was very interesting. Not like he is going to do that 50 life times, what I am saying is he got to look at all those lifetimes and really get a feel for the patterns of my life. And that was just so immensely helpful. We also have just a myriad of other things going on behind closed doors. We are working with 2 or 3 new systems between Steve and myself that are rocking. As far assisting people with the healing process all around the world. We will keep you posted on that.

With that said, you know how I am, I don’t like to mess around, so let’s dive into this interview with Tory Smith

And so many people have written into me and asked, Where is he? What’s going on with him? Did he disappear? Did he die? I think some people actually asked me did he die? No, without a doubt he is one of the most resilient people I know. Just is an incredible light warrior. And I’m telling you, one of the most dedicated people I think I’ve ever met that truly just has the biggest and hugest heart. And wanting to make difference in bringing the balance back on this planet between the dark and the light. So you if you would like to check out his web site it is readmydna.com.

And I want to say up front, please respect the fact that he has not been well. And yes he does offer DNA readings as a complimentary service, if he so chooses. But right now he has stopped doing this so he can get well. Please respect that. So with that said, I will bring Tory on and he is going to talk about all kind of cool things. We are going to cover a myriad of topics today and some of them are not typical for Galactic Connection.

But before I go into that, Tory’s always recommending that I clarify that the information we are about to share is not necessarily the views of GalacticConnection.com and now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, the legal eagle stuff not that I am that great at it. Tory, let’s talk first and foremost about what’s been going on with you in the last couple of months, just you personally, so that everybody understands that you really needed a major hiatus.

Tory: Yeah well it wasn’t even my choice. We were moving along and things were moving along well and course there has been a lot of activity and there has been. I became involved with the Illuminati and the whole situation with child trafficking around January of 2012. That’s when they drug me in. That’s when they first, they wanted me to join them or whatever you know. So lately there has been a lot of really big changes. But we were going along, I was probably doing 1 or 2 readings a day. Because that is a really big thing, a big thrill, a fun part of my life…

Alexandra: That takes a really…

Tory: Cause most of it is dealing with people who are not human which is totally annoying. (laughter) Okay so in comes this group from Bellatrix and were just really… they looked beyond just the silhouette of a reptilian. They were between 7 and 9 foot tall. And there was a staff of 13 of them.

Alexandra: Oh my God!

Tory: A lot of the members I knew there were a couple of hundred in this group. It is hard to understand how they are around. I have been really thinking about that a lot, it is almost like a scene in Star Trek where they have the holo-deck a black room with yellow dotted ley lines or reality grid lines on the walls. And then they turn on a reality. That’s like it is here, except there’s a control room. There’s a reality behind the reality and these people that we call the cabal, or the dark side, Illuminati or a different name. They stay in that control room, behind the scenes. There is an extra reality there. Actually there’s 3, physical, astral, and etheric. So then when we have different experiences in each realm, you know what I mean it can easily become confusing to people. So, especially in the etheric and astral realms. You are like thinking was that a dream? Sometimes it takes like a couple months to kick in.

Alexandra: (acknowledges)

Tory: Yeah but, I went through it they were using these weapons on the sides of my legs. They look like long poles. And they would have massive amounts of electricity in the end and they would hit me right on the side at the top of my calf, on the outsides of my legs. And that’s what me to not being able to walk. That and DARPA has been testing weapons on me ever since the seniors wanted to bring me into all of this.

Alexandra: Now wait. Stop stop for one second. Tell everybody who DARPA is.

Tory: DARPA is the continuation of all the horrible Nazi war criminal human experiments. Chemical and biological weapon development. Anything that Nazi Germans was doing in the concentration camps, they are now doing in DARPA and the CIA. Okay. Anything that was going on extra in the wings, was also brought together. And all that is done in DARPA. DARPA is mostly military but they have their biggest “cash cow” – what we call it in America – would be children. And that is the wholesale, rape and murder of these children. Basically they are sold to the highest bidder and sometimes through brokerage houses, banks, I think just under 300 men that work in the Pentagon, have raped and murdered a child in MILABS. MILABS are a part of DARPA that is owned by the Bush family.

Alexandra: Well and just so everybody knows, DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects. If you look into this, they are headquartered out of Arlington Virginia. But the thing that I found very interesting was it was created in 1958. You know that was a really hot time for a lot of these black-op agencies and programs etc. to really kick up, is during the cold war and it says here, it is independent from other military research and development agencies and reports directly to the senior department of Defense Management. How interesting is that?

Tory: I don’t think I would agree with that entirely. They report to a higher person than that. But as far as them being separate from the other military agencies, because if most people knew what was going on there, most people would want them shut down. I would think you know? Because it is just horrific. What they do to people .

Alexandra: Oh my God…

Tory: They might have a small child and say here’s the new round-up let’s inject it into this kid and see what happens to it.

Alexandra: You have seen this, right?

Tory: It’s horrible! Yes, it is just horrible what goes on there and that’s why I try not to put those things on my readmydnawordpress.com web site, I try not to or don’t put any of my experiences there, because I want that to be about DNA information what I learn from reading people’s DNA But DARPA it’s so sinister what they do. Killing people is really the fuel for everything they do. It’s the basis for everything they do. They have got this trans-humanism thing going on…

Alexandra: So what you are saying is they are behind that. And I stumbled upon an article and it said, special-ops want weapons to stop ships and paralyze people…I thought about you and I said I’ve got to tell Tory about this. And they say they have a new bid in for a research proposal . Which folks, he knows all bout these weapons because he has kinda been first hand experiencing the effects of them. And they are talking about how they want to be able to not only, get this, they want to be able to have the effects weapon stun the individual but also potentially kill them. I just think….

Tory: Yes is one of the particular points that I wanted to bring up, while we interview is because I don’t know if this is the exact same weapon or DARPA has been testing weapons on me for a while, they have been doing it a lot. But this one is a very specific weapon and it is to paralyze people in the home. And so this just happened again everything was great. I had some time to spend with my Mom, you know she had a stroke so I didn’t have access to the internet and everything, but when I came home I had a couple of good night sleeps. Then it started happening all over again.

Alexandra: Wow…

Tory: One of the things was Obama and the secret service would come in, and they were showing what they were doing to me, to the other members of the team. What they do is, then they target everybody they know who these people are. So, let me explain what happens. Let’s say you are lying in bed and you are lying on your side. Okay, what happens is this weapon is connects to the intra skeletal-muscular area, the intra muscles and your skeleton all of a sudden you will go like this (Tory arms fly open to his sides, then crossed at the wrists over his head then his legs spread wide open) and you are just there and you can’t move. You can’t move!

Alexandra: Whoa…..

Tory: So they had me in there, I didn’t have any clothes on I was on my stomach. My legs were apart. My head was down in a pillow, can you imagine how cops are going to react when they walk into this? This guy comes in and says this is all great but, I’m not gay. So I don’t think I need walk into a guys house and see his butt in the air. They say you, you don’t understand the implications we paralyze people before we enter the home. We can do anything we want to them. And we know who the pretty women are. He is just a test subject that we… all, you know.

Alexandra: Oh God

Tory: So this is where a lot of the pain, also comes in…

Alexandra: Yes, yes…

Tory: Well just in the last couple days they have flipped it, and turned it on, because it is just like, I think it’s called a Charley Horse. When your muscle just instantly locks up, especially when you are sleeping or something. All of a sudden your leg (ahhhhhh!!!) your just laying there and you are severely in pain…

Alexandra: That’s interesting you should say that That Just happened to Steve and I the last couple of weeks on a regular basis. And I had heard from a really good clairvoyant, she had said to me, it’s really interesting, Alexandra, she says they always attack all of you by the back of the leg, behind the knee, especially on the left side. And I went, that’s weird. How did you come up with this? She said , I don’t even understand what I’m getting. I am just sharing that information with you. Why?

Tory: Well, as soon as you said, you were experiencing the same thing I cleared and looked at your DNA, is this the same weapon and the answer is yes.

Alexandra: So they are doing the same thing to you. A lot of what they do to your husband they have done to me. When I have spoken to him, .. there is a huge gray area, I have this friend instead of talking about your husband. I have this friend in southern Indiana. And she’s so sweet and so innocent and wonderful. And I will just start talking about what’s going on with me and she never… she’s had a lot of experience with the Greys, the Zetas, reptilians and insectia coming into her house, like they come into my house. Every once in a while she’ll say, oh yeah they did that ’cause I remember I felt my heart pounding like crazy and I felt like there was a cord with somebody stealing my energy. Every once in a while she will blurt something out, and then it kinda goes away, you know, cause we all have our own way of dealing with things. So, we have been trying to have a support group, for people like me, that have been abducted…

Alexandra: I think you should. That’s a great idea. In fact, I get emails a lot, lately, the main thing I am getting complaints on, is people feeling like the life force is getting sucked out of them.

Tory: Yeah well, It is real simple for them all they have to do is show up, and there’s different ways they can attach and it takes less than a second. Then you’re the gas pump and they’re the car. Remember the one time you did a healing on me, they’d taken 78% of my life force within a few hours. Then you showed up and did a healing for me.

Alexandra: That’s right I had forgotten about that..

Tory: It zapped and got rid of them. That’s what they do to people, especially now where they are starving, because they don’t have the frequencies that they did before. Because we are not living in a state of fear like we were 20 years ago.

Alexandra: So true..

Tory: I just saw the Russians put out details of 9/11 and basically did the itinerary for Israel moving the weapons around. And I thought, you know what, finally! Cause everybody calls me crazy, finally somebody agrees with me. I knew what happened, I said who did it the day it happened. Here we are…

Alexandra: In fact the other thing that was a big ah ha for me the other day was, did you happen to notice that not only did Yemen’s original king pass away, his son is taking over. And guess what his name is? Salman.

Tory: Oh really?

Alexandra: And on top of that, I am sorry that is Saudi Arabia. The Obama friendly presidential cabinet anymore..

Tory: Well Yemen gets bombed so much . The United States military has killed so many people in Yemen. It is just so sad…

Alexandra: So sad… That’s a really important place you know. Because it is by the Gulf of Aden. It is right across from Ethiopia where everything is supposed to happen near Ethiopia. So back to DARPA you have been having tangos with them as of late, just recently again.

Tory: Yeah, like I said I had that quiet spell with Mom’s stroke, But it was after I came home that things started heating up again. Because they are preparing for martial law. That’s one of their biggest things is using this paralyzing weapon during martial law, so they can just run into the house of anybody they want and probably loot it, take your gold or whatever. But I honestly don’t think it’s going to get to that point, but maybe I am a little optimistic, falsely, perhaps naively. I just don’t think we are going to have a big shift into martial law in this country. Although they are going to try, and they are determined as hell to pull it off.

Alexandra: They’re going to try but, they’re going to fail. I don’t know if you are familiar with Keshe Foundation, but he just put out an announcement that said he has access to new technology that basically completely stops the ability to fire any weapon. It just stops it and this was predicted by other people that had incredible insight and intel that this was going to come and they said at this time, when this kind of information came forth, that you were really coming close to the time when the cabal was coming to an end. So we are getting really, really close.

Tory: Yeah, oh definitely, and something happened at the Bildeberg to back that up. One thing I’d like to say is we are talking about all these terrible things that have happened to us and they just connect to our DNA, with these special weapons and whatever, and do all this stuff, but there’s something I’d like to share with people that’s a really good way to get information, because especially if you have some things that are happening and you want to know how to remedy them, you know, ’cause there’s a lot of things you can do. Like for me if I rest and a lot of times I will just go walk around in the woods, or just go outside and get the energy from the trees and the grass and fresh oxygen.

Alexandra: Yes

Tory: That really helps and then I do my healing meditation and I keep saying over and over again thank you universe for healing me daily. Thank you for healing me daily…

Alexandra: Gratitude…

Tory: One thing I’d like to share with people is to go – to either bi-locate, go out of body, or go in meditation, or go however you like to travel, to what’s called The Hall of Research. The Hall of Research, it’s in Heaven about 3 feet up. Heaven is just the next dimension up really. And I probably shouldn’t even use the word Heaven, There is so much dogma attached to it, oh you could be judged at the gate. No you don’t! You can just open the door go through there right now you don’t need to wait for anybody. The Hall of Research is kinda like a college. Well JFK and his wife Jacqueline they did a lot of cancer research after they were killed, after he was killed. But once they were back together, they were doing a lot and I thought that’s funny he was our President and we didn’t even know he was a scientist. They are just amazing people. I just love them. And then that’s a big sliver news. Then they went off to Alcyone that’s where everybody goes in Heaven They all go to Alcyone inside the star on vacation.

Alexandra: (laughter)

Tory: Cause the mountains are just so big they’re just like planet size..

Alexandra: Wow

Tory: And I keep hearing all this stuff and I really don’t want hear any more about this now about how fabulous it is because I am still down here in the sewer. You know how it is just ugh…

Alexandra: (laughter)

Tory: and just by the way I love galactic reptilians…(tongue in cheek). What you can do is any way that you contact them – what I like to do is, I just close my eyes and everything is black, start in meditation then what you do is you see a fake door just open and you don’t really see the door because it’s all black, and all of a sudden you’ve got a rectangle that you can see through. And it’s vivid colors of plants and you know there could be animals jumping around, whatever is connected to you. Wherever you really choose to step into Heaven is what’s going to appear in that doorway. Then all you have to say is want to go to the Hall of Research, because I have a couple of questions. I would suggest keep it short and simple, like maybe one or two questions because can always go back. Especially when you are inter-dimensional it’s hard to sit down and talk about your likes and your dislikes. I say, keep it to the point. Like has this person been arrested or whatever. You see a lot of times we can’t ask about our own charts but we can go to the Hall of Research and ask about the future, ask things like I’ve heard that there are going to be something called mass arrests, is this true? Yes. Okay they are probably not going to tell you when it is going to be, and they are probably not going to tell you how it relates to your chart, at least you got your answer. You know there’s like a back door you can around to get some good answers. Yes the Hall of Research, it’s wonderful, looks like a big Greek or Roman… you know the white pillars and everything…

Alexandra: Nice.. How is that different than the Hall of Records?

Tory: Well, the Hall of Records is where records are kept.

Alexandra: Okay.

Tory: The Hall of Research is on so much of the same information but, the Hall of Research, a lot of times what they do, they call it infusing, they will do something like working on cancer research and come up with something. Then they will infuse it into our heads while we’re sleeping.

Alexandra: Ahhhh

Tory: So one day some guy might wake up and say wow I have a new invention, and it’s like “Well I’ve never invented anything before, nobody cares that this is information came from Heaven. He get’s the credit for it.

Alexandra: That’s true

Tory: That’s not always the case. A lot of times, it’s wonderful it is literally like a college. They do so much there. In the Hall of Records, when you just want to look up statistics. The Hall of Research is more everything. Emotions and all aspects of learning from it.

Alexandra: Nice!

Tory: That’s where we go to get our answers when we want to learn.

Alexandra: Great tip!

Tory: So if you feel like you are being attacked by weapons you can the call the Hall of Research and say, I want to go to the health food store, what should I do? Should I do a Rife Machine treatment or whatever, so can get some good guidance.

Alexandra: Now Tory, if you are doing that, I’m sure you have asked how can I stop this. What has been your answer with that?

Tory: Well, I am very grateful for the end of it. I chose. It was right in the beginning, I chose. And I had 2 friends of mine telling me to run. Run and hide and don’t do anything. They were murdered by the same man that murdered me 13 times. They did everything they could to convince me. I said no. You know why? You know me and my big mouth I just can’t talk about it. I can’t just watch a little child get murdered, and shut up about it.

Alexandra: Yes

Tory: But either way I’m a winner, ’cause if they kill me now and I die and go back to Heaven. If something happens big – a volcano, I die and go back to Heaven. We are already passed the point where they can take over. Because Lucifer and Satan have been gone for years. And you know, all the Dracos are gone. There was this thing about the 300,00 of the controlling Reptilians, I was told. that’s what they called them to me. 300,00 that was a big arrest! They’re all gone you know what I mean? They don’t have any intelligence backing them up anymore. They are just a bunch scrambling around…

Alexandra: They are really hurting and I told you this before off-air but, the piece they told me when I was in South Africa, when shut down the Congo Portal, they said okay, we are down to 12%. I was so bummed out! And said why are you bummed out? It’s the establishment that’s left now. They don’t have reinforcements like they used to. They are going to be scrambling. Just watch. So one after another they are getting to a place where they know they have make a decision. And I think that they are so corrupt and so maniacal are just going to have to face their second death, you know.

Tory: I think they’ll do or say anything to appeal to our sympathy. Oh, that guy made me do it. It’s going to be a mess right? It is just going to be a big mess.

Alexandra: But that’s not going to work. You know this time around. Because the truth will prevail. There’s no way.

Tory: Yeah, it’s already changed too much, which is nice.

Alexandra’s What about the fact, now I really want people to understand that Tory’s Mom had a stroke, suddenly. And he is so, such a dedicated care giver. I mean it is just amazing! He makes everybody in my life, I can’t get over you. So, he dropped everything and moved over there and took care of her. And wasn’t she in a coma state for a while?

Tory: I was really confused about it, she had a stroke last summer but it was called a TIF stroke, and it didn’t really change anything.

Alexandra: Okay

Tory: This time, because you know I had just gone through my ordeal, I was just getting to the point where I could walk without being in a lot of pain. I still had a lot of stuff with my knee from the other dudes. So she was to have surgery on April 7th and she the surgery on 7th and had a stroke on the 8th.

Alexandra: That’s right now I remember.

Tory: I was at the hospital when she had the stroke. It was horrifying. She was froze, paralyzed. It was really scary. I spent a lot of time. She was in the hospital 3 weeks and 2 days. I was going in every day 6 hours 7 hours or just staying the whole day. But one of the things I learned was, touch is one of the best things for stroke.

Alexandra: That’s what I wanted you to tell everybody. I just thought that was a beautiful story. Tell them your story about that.

Tory: Well my Mom’s hands would be really cold, there’s a lot of things that go on in hospitals, I would put my Mom’s hands under the covers. Then a nurse would walk by 5 minutes later and pull them out. They were already blue.

Alexandra: Oh my God

Tory: I didn’t really know this, but all my Mother’s friends are nurses. And she was a nurse. And Lynn was there. She would that every time I picked up Mom’s hand she could notice a big change in her face. I would just use hand lotion and hold her hand for about an hour and once it was really nice and warm I would switch to the other hand and go back and forth.

Alexandra: Nice…

Tory: I would do her feet too. And just talk to her and tell her I love her. But yeah, that makes such a difference. It would make sense, think about it. If you had a stroke, you are already frozen and you can’t talk because people open their eyes, they don’t blink their eyes so they’re like (see Tory staring with mouth stuck open) they just sit there for hours. Not blinking it looks like they are dead.

Alexandra: God!

Tory: And so if they don’t have any contact with anybody, how do they know they are not dead? You know? They need that contact. Then I come home in the last week of May. It was almost 2 months. It’s difficult because I can’t do email on the laptop or the tablet. Or over there she can’t even watch YouTube videos cause the internet is so slow I just couldn’t …

Alexandra: I just wanted everyone to know, I felt this was a god-send for you Tory, you needed the rest, after all the Light Warrior missions you have been doing. It’s been insane, you needed that down-time. It’s good! It’s a good thing that you had a break. I mean, I know you didn’t really have a break, focusing on trying to help to become well, but, you are better for it.

Tory: A break from the Reptilian drama.

Alexandra: So, next you returned back here so tell them the latest on what you think is going on the planet now. I mean what are they doing now that weren’t doing before?

Tory: Like you said about the 12%, I have been trying to do some research. I’ve been really trying to get back in the swing of things. But, they were saying it was 94%

Alexandra: WOOO!

Tory: 6% This was my question, We were talking about the solar system being cleared. My question was, right now the solar system as it is, how much has been cleared? 94% was the answer (shows notes) 94% of the solar system is clear. The next question was, remove earth from the statistic? 100% is clear. I had done some readings about Mars, I can’t remember when it was a couple months ago, and there were 78,000 people there. Most of them were Reptilians. And they are all gone. (giggles) All gone! Do you want to go through all that – the solar system?

Alexandra: I totally think that people would be interested, I would be interested, in that. And I also want everyone to understand how much activity is truly going on in our sky. We are not seeing it, but it is super super heavy duty.

Tory: And that’s the really good thing. The whole process was, cause I was involved with that ,when they were working on the sun. Okay so the deal was, so you either move over into the light or you have to leave. The population stayed the same it is still 37 million.

Alexandra: 37 million!

Tory: Most of them left. Of what percentage left, 80% of the population, there were human giants, I am trying to remember their name, Nephilim..

Alexandra: Nephilim

Tory: The Nephilim. Sometimes I have trouble pronouncing the names. But yeah and then the other ones went out and there was some astronomical number like 300 trillion light years away. But your question was you want know what is going on right now, to us basically, right?

Alexandra: Right

Tory: And what I would say, is there is a short answer to that is, there are hundreds of weapons now that most people don’t know about or people that do know about them have done research and found out about them online. There’s like GWEN, there’s ELF, there’s pulsing, there’s pressure pulses. They do this thing where they can make you swell up. You almost feel like you are going to blow up. They can pin you down, they can come in and rape you. Which is really weird because you can’t see them. You know they where there, and you are sure sore the next day. Wow.

Alexandra: Terrible

Tory: There’s a whole myriad of weapon that are going on. Because I used to think that they were so desperate they were trying to hold on to control, but now I think it’s really more about their arrogance. Because they truly believe the earth belongs to them. Instead of just being. I don’t know, they are either, what’s the expression, they’re going to have to be hit with a hammer or drug out the door. You know they are not going to go down without a fight. Hopefully whoever is going to arrest them, if that’s the case , but …

Alexandra: I wanted to bring something up with you because I know you have been out of the loop, you may not be aware of this. But it resonated with a story you told me once when we were on the phone. I don’t know if you had heard about David Wilcock and there is another guy named Corey they have come forward talking about the sphere beings. Have you heard anything about this?

Tory: No I haven’t.

Alexandra: Okay, I really wanted to pass this on to you, I think you might have had a similar situation as far as meeting these beings. And it says that they are Blue Avians. They are basically part bird, part human. That they showed up en masse. Like they are in the colors of blue, indigo and violet. They are actually in the shape of an orb. However if you look at them, and you look a little more deeply you’ll find that even though they’re sphere beings they have a feather kind of structure. They sound beautiful. I could have sworn you had said to me, you were running into these beautiful violet beings and orbs, and I thought that you said that ‘I don’t want to bring them up because they wanted to stay incognito’. But now they have made themselves known. And it says here, the sphere beings have refused to speak at all to any of the dark, the cabal. They have absolutely nothing to do with them, that they have arrived here en masse and that they are not leaving anytime soon. So I thought I would…

Tory: There are 2 different groups, I just want to let you know there are 2 different groups.

Alexandra: I would like to know what you think.

Tory: And it’s funny that you brought that up, because they want to come out of the closet, so to speak, too.

Alexandra: Cool

Tory: They are Human and they have such incredibly beautiful like a lavender skin.

Alexandra: Nice my favorite color.

Tory: A friend of mine calls them the purple people. But really, their skin is lighter, it’s not like real purple. It’s like a lavender, like flowers.

Alexandra: Nice

Tory: And then there’s a little sparkle in it.. Their name is the Nezabaruli

Alexandra: Nezabaruli…?

Tory: And they live in the outer solar system. And they have been there for a very long time. And they wanted to remain in private for a very, very, long time. They didn’t want anybody on earth to know about them except for their friends, who are mostly indigenous Indian people, natives, native Americans. They would speak a lot to Indians here, and give them guidance and they’d share spiritual lessons and teachings together. But yeah, and I have a message from them. So we talked about the sun, now we are going to go all the way out… They said. “ We can say hello at this time “ My question was Do you still live in the same way? What I mean by that is high security, protected, force fields, no contact and all that. That’s what I meant. The answer was, “ It’s not necessary anymore, Earth is the only place that has the Dark Ones” Which was really good news to me. I keep getting the message that the solar system is clear.

Alexandra: Awesome.

Tory: It’s been a while. The other one was the MILABS, cause I haven’t been able to get a solid confirmation yet, because I really believe MILABS was closed down 2 months ago.

Alexandra: Fantastic…

Tory: Which is an update about child trafficking,

Alexandra: We will get to that in a minute. So what do you think of these guys, as far as, their purpose. It says here, now this was a cool story, and I have to share this with you, it says, they have not shut down or used any offensive technology against our military. They have used only defensive technology, such as energy dampening fields around the planet which disable craft, and temporal and dimensional cloaking shielding technology, so the spheres that are light years beyond any technology that the so-called “custodian ET’s” already have access to. And it says here, basically what happened, was the cabal, the military shot at them. They saw all these orb beings coming en masse into the solar system. So they shot their weapons at them and all they did was deflect them back. I guess it caused a lot of damage to that particular location. So now, it’s on. And I just want to say, we heard Camp Pendleton, which is maybe 20 minutes to 40 minutes depending on which way you go, from where we are. They are bombing a lot today and haven’t bombed, they’re like tactical exercises that they do with the guys and girls that enlist, they haven’t done that in a long time.

Tory: Wow.

Alexandra: In a long time. We haven’t had hardly any bombing in a long time. It used to go over and over again. So, getting anything?

Tory: That would get on my nerves. Let’s get back to your new friends, I looked at myself and I’ve had no contact with them. What do you call them Avians?

Alexandra: Avians, yeah.

Tory: Okay. What I am getting is they are not members of the Galactic Federation but they are working in conjunction with the Federation. And they have their own things going on. Then my question was, who arrested the ones from here? And that was Procyon and a few other groups.

Alexandra: Ah

Tory: I remember Procyon

Alexandra: Procyons, they are bad ass?

Tory: Yeah they are. Real bad ass.

Alexandra: I mean they seem to do all the heavy work.

Tory: It’s like, the American military would portray them to be in the same moral character as them. And of course we know that’s so far off. When they spend $500 million in a marketing campaign in the army to try and convince them that they are not murders.

Alexandra: (laughter)

Tory: Well

Alexandra: Tory you just crack me up. Oh my god you are too funny..

Tory: I am so bitter now, (laughter)

Alexandra: Forgive us, everybody.

Tory: I really am, I’ve gotten bitter in my old age.

Alexandra: Well so, the beings you ran into are similar to this, but they’re not the same group?

Tory: No, I would say, almost all the contact that I’ve had with other people is mostly Reptilian, Amphibian, Dinosaurian , Insectian, and Human.

Alexandra: Wow!

Tory; And then there are some other ones in there that I never really did figure out what they were.

Alexandra: Wait a minute. Tell me about the Amphibian beings.

Tory: Well, they have… there’s a lot of galactic Amphibians. You know, they are remarkable beings. They come in every size, shape, color in the rainbow. They are kinda like the animals they can breath air and adapt. They can breath water…

Alexandra: That’s cool

Tory: You know, so there’s different ones. Like there’s one, 2 dudes .What’s that little Giko, um Gekko the car insurance.

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory: Well two of them, they were yellow though, and they were about 6 foot tall. They were around here for a while. That’s when this all first started happening. That’s when I met most people who… Because there were so many extras around. Over the long term my experience has mostly been with military, politicians, and corporate executives.

Alexandra: Hmmm

Tory: Almost all my experience is with the Illuminati group.

Alexandra: Right.

Tory: And …

Alexandra: Gee no question as to why you are targeted Tory. (laughter)

Tory: Well, you know why? Because I piss them off, that’s why. And JFK told me, you know what, no one, I mean no one has spoken to these people the way you have. And he was talking about the Bushes, because he used to come in from Heaven, ’cause you know Bush senior is one JFK’s tutors. The other guy’s name is Brzezinski. So whenever Bush or Brzezinski was in the house JFK would come in from Heaven. So it was kinda really freaky. A lot of times I would be doing stuff with the dark side, I would transfiguring their energy, filling them with light, doing all this stuff. And I would turn around there would be all these people from Heaven. The wall would be gone I see a lot of friends and family standing around. They would be standing there (Tory is waving) like hey!

Alexandra: Tory, a lot of people would be asking me, why are you doing this alone? Like why don’t you have a team of light beings that are helping you take these guys down?

Tory: I am in Indiana I am surrounded by religious people, who think that they are better than everybody else.

Alexandra: (laughter)

Tory: Who like to wag their finger at you. Indiana is a tough… meaning it’s not a good singles community. It’s not a good place to you know.. It’s 100% Illuminati owned and controlled. Until that changes Indiana is going to not be very friendly. It’s a beautiful place.

Alexandra: You know what I’ve heard? I heard that, that and Michigan are central locations for child trafficking.

Tory: You mentioned that to me before, which prompted me to take a look. And there is a lot of stuff going on in Michigan that I didn’t know about. When we are going around… and lot’s of times I wouldn’t know what to do. And I would say, okay Father God, and I would go to the room where I usually send energy, cause it basically kinda shoots right through me …

Alexandra: Cool

Tory: Well let’s talk about the Bildeberg this weekend, I consciously connect to the Bildeberg. Pow! I get my connection and then Father God would send this energy, and what would happen is it would grab all the negative energy they acquired raping and murdering children, or doing whatever else, and all that energy was basically sucked out of them and sent up to God, who did whatever with it.

Alexandra: Oh my God That’s the same thing…

Tory: And we did that over and over. That’s why they came and kicked my ass after this weekend because I was doing that to the Bildeberg guys several times a day. We just kept stealing their energy away from them and send it off to God. And by the end of the thing it was like ‘Oh, that’s it?’ You know when you first start you are going and going like ..(Tory jerks around) and then at the end of it it’s just like ‘uhh, too bad, nothing left.’

Alexandra: That’s what they live off of, so they were probably totally disgusted that they couldn’t have that.

Tory: They hate being filled up with light. The Gold Ray of Christ, they hate that. I like to put the Gold Ray of Christ in all the rivers. So they would all light up, get pissed off, and leave. But the biggest thing was, I know this sounds strange, but they murdered me 57 times. And I know that sounds strange to people, so I say whatever, if you don’t believe it, I don’t care. It is not going to change my experience. If you don’t believe it. Who cares what people believe. And that really developed an intense behavior that I had never seen before. They all wanted to kill me. They were placing bets. They had these things called pools. And they trying to bet who would to kill Tory, with what weapon, what time. All on this big chart – Who Would Get to Kill Tory

Alexandra: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t laugh, but, .he’s…

Tory: I know it’s like, oh my God this is going to make a funny story some day. I not going to be the one to tell it. I’ll let someone from Heaven do that.

Alexandra: Not only that, but haven’t you been told that you are the survivor, and this is basically your life path?

Tory: Well you see what happened was, because we have our charts, those of us that come from Heaven have our charts, those of us that are recycled because we were dark don’t have a chart. Okay and so my chart was to do more things, I was not charted to die right now. It is just that simple. You ever hear of a train crash, 500 people die and one of them walks away, Why? It wasn’t his time to go. It wasn’t his time to die. It is just that simple, but they don’t understand that. We used to fight about that, we’d scream can’t. It’s can’t, it’s not shouldn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t. It’s can’t! You can’t do it. And when tell a sewer lizard they can’t do something, that’s all they want to do is that. So if you say you can’t kill this man, that just drove in such an intense desire. Because simply it was not my time to go I had other things to do to complete my chart, and Mother God kept saying Heaven is not ready for me.

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory: Because I would be out of my body floating around and another guide would show up and she’d put me back inside my body. Like Heavens not ready for yet, dear, back you go.

Alexandra: You’re like (snaps her fingers)

Tory: I do really want to stay here with my Mom. We really don’t have a big family. That was just over and over. But this guy named…. uh …John, I always forget his name, but anyway, he had killed me 13 times, that’s how I became friends with… that’s how I became friends with everybody he killed, even one of the Beatles, how long ago was that? John Lennon not Paul McCartney

Alexandra: John Lennon

Tory: So I am talking to Heaven one day, he goes I know you don’t really appreciate our music, you really don’t know much about it, I’m like oh no, dude, I love the Beatles music. Then I called him Mr McCartney and it was John Lennon, I’m like how embarrassing is that? Air head.

Alexandra: (mucho laughter)

Tory: But he forgave me. He’s a great guy. And the director of the CIA is a serial killer

Alexandra: You said the other day, it just heated up recently since you’ve returned and they have some new weapons, right?

Tory: This weapon the paralyzing weapon they have had for a long time, it just didn’t work, so what happened was when Obama and the Secret Service came back, I was horrified. You see what they do is when Obama would come in and rape me, he would always have to have Secret Service or some soldiers, or somebody else with him especially people that didn’t kill anybody, because if a man who had murdered some one especially a child was inside of me it had a very adverse reaction. Some people would say oh Tory, you probably enjoyed this stuff. But trust me, you don’t! Especially if you can see what they are doing, if you can witness a man murdering a 3 year old child while he is raping you it is not a pleasant experience at all.

Alexandra: Well rape is not pleasant I don’t care who you are, or what you are. It’s not good period. It’s against someone’s free will. Period!

Tory: Especially when it happen over and over again. So they came in and they say We’re Back! He says, and you know we’ve done a lot of work on this. And it’s all changed now, because before things would happen and your arm might start flopping, then you would go into pain and you couldn’t move it. You would be screaming and crying so it wouldn’t work. Well this time, when they came in, it was just flop flop bam bam I’m down. I mean it took less than 2 seconds for them to take me from my life to bam, paralyzed on the bed. They were planning on using it because of their martial law experiment this summer. Starting next month. It will be interesting to see what happens with that won’t it?

Alexandra: This is going to be a very interesting next couple of months. I just delivered a message last week, it is absolutely imperative for the spiritual community to stay stabilized and to stay on track with their intention, to keep the vibration up! It’s our responsibility not to bring it down and get into all the fear, and all the ‘Oh this is what they are going to do, and they are going to hurt these people and they are going to come into our homes’. We are so much more powerful than that if we unify and we keep our intentions high. So just an FYI for everybody.

Tory: And another thing too, I have faced this a lot, I get angry a lot around here. You don’t want to lose all your good karma, you don’t want to freak out and do something negative and then end up going of with them when the time comes.

Alexandra: Oh my God, no

Tory: You know, it’s just better to stay in a higher vibration.

Alexandra: Yeah. And our neutrality is actually very powerful. Our observing and remaining neutral and not getting triggered by it. It’s very, very essential for this whole transitional process. So Tory, tell us about, you have some really interesting news, now I normally don’t dive into this, but I just couldn’t resist, about Bruce Jenner. And if anybody hasn’t noticed they are just slaughtering the guy in the media, about he wants to become feminine, I saw one article that said that he had a botched face lift. And they botched it, he wasn’t happy with it, so then he went back for a second one and he felt so much better. And he’s now gone to his daughters and all the people of his family and he’s asked them to accept his choices. Now you’re saying you know what the real scoop is, because you have been on the other side of the curtain so to speak.

Tory: Yeah. It was just so obvious to me, I could see what they were doing I could see the same, I call them “running programs”, is when they show up and there’s groups, different military groups , different names but they’re all doing the same thing, and “running programs” is programming you. They’ve been doing same thing to me and various things. Now they are trying to program me to have sex with cops and soldiers. And they want me to be able to have sex with 10 to 50 men a day.

Alexandra: Oh my God

Tory: Why I don’t know. What are you trying to kill me or are you madly in love with me? Which is it? Make up your mind.

Alexandra: So done with it!

Tory: I am sorry I forgot what we were talking about.

Alexandra: We were talking about Bruce Jenner.

Tory: Oh yeah, Bruce Jenner! Let me say that I know the Kardashians and I have done readings for some of their family members, there have been things in the past that have come up. I am kinda walking on egg shells here, because I don’t like to violate people’s privacy. But, a very similar thing happened too, what they’re doing to Bruce, they did to their daughter. And when Kim had called me – see I don’t want to talk about what happened , you can look it up, … so anyway Kim called me and said we’ve got to get through this, and when you look at her DNA Khloe is her name. To make a long story short I ended up calling Heaven, Mr. Kardashian, and we spoke for a while and then I gave that message to Khloe. What’s funny is Mr. Kardashian says, I can see my wife is just as devious as ever. But I still love her. That was one part of the message that I really liked, that was really funny. But one of the biggest things to the Illuminati, the number one thing is to destroy and kill anything that is divine and sacred. That’s their number one thing. Especially killing children, the most innocent and the pure is what they want to kill at birth. Another one of their favourite pastimes is to take somebody like Bruce Jenner who – if you look at his past remember he used to be on every Wheaties box, kids were looking at him all the time. He used to go around saying, hey dude I worked my ass off, I became an Olympic athlete, you can too. He was really good role model and everything.

Alexandra: Yes he was.

Tory: That was like an archetype of a sacred male. What they love to do is, take that away. So the plan was for ratings, I’m sure it was ratings, because I’ve looked over and over again. But this was basically all done for ratings and glamour. They say ok well we don’t have anything to do now, let’s turn Bruce into a women and see what happens.

Alexandra: Oh God…

Tory: And that’s basically what it is..It is the CIA that’s really involved in it and some other Illuminati people. It’s just another type of experiment they’re running, is ‘can we take somebody who’s very proud of who they are and convert them into somebody that we are all going to laugh at and make fun of’. There’s been some times Bruce Jenner’s been out and he looks kinda ridiculous. What I see is, ‘I’m a man, I don’t understand what the hell is happening to me’, and then right there on the exterior of that is, ‘Oh I’m a woman now, love me’. It’s just like there are too many conflicts in there. You know what I mean? But it’s very typical. There was another guy they were doing this to another man Bradley Manning. He was a soldier known for reporting war crimes.

Alexandra: That’s right.

Tory: And they started doing the same thing to him. Then it comes out in the news ‘Oh I’ve decided I want to be a woman now’. Well you’re going to be a woman because they’ve done all this hypno-therapy, they’re using mind-control weapons, they’re coming in with this heating kind of weapon thing they hold to your head. It kind of re-scrambles your brain along with giving me hour long nose bleeds. You know what I mean, all this stuff. People that don’t know, really don’t have a fighting chance.

Alexandra: Yes

Tory: Because you don’t see it coming… I’ve been looking at stuff like this my whole life. I did a super strong intent to connect to the truth, and I’ve done that over and over, all I want to know is the truth. I only want to connect to the truth, I want to know the truth and that’s it. Anything else I don’t care. And that’s really been a big thing in my life too.

Alexandra: So, basically it’s just a program. And I just know from the years and years I have suffered from migraines, but they were very bizarre because they started behind the eye. Like there was all this pressure, and I could literally draw an outline of where it was. And then when I met you, and you started telling me all this stuff I’m like, oh my god that’s the exact same location as where I’m always feeling the pain. So I am just putting it out there to all of you that don’t just assume that your migraines are because of a poor diet, because of toxification, a lot of us that have had migraines, we never seem to be able to find a solution. Why is that?

Tory: Another thing they are doing is when they are conditioning somebody, whether in pain or in sex. They can follow someone around like Bruce Jenner. Let’s say they’re following him around and he would lock eyes on a young male fitness model, okay, and he hasn’t been gay or homosexual most of his life. Now what they do to condition a person is, they have these things that they connect to your anus and your penis. The first thing that they will do is they will start giving you an erection when you are looking at somebody you wouldn’t normally be looking at. You know what I mean, and then they do something to sexually excite your anus and then you have the overwhelming desire to be sodomized by the person they are focusing you on. That’s how they slowly go, and have these things that make you orgasm in just a few seconds. For men they can take you from soft to a full blown erection in just a matter of seconds. So they can manipulate your hormones and manipulate you so much that’s a slow process. So that one day Bruce Jenner is in love with a beautiful woman, okay, and a year and a half later all he wants to do is date college boys.

Tory: And part of that too, don’t you think they targeted Bruce also because the Kardashians got so popular from that TV show and they got so much attention that I know they look at how many eyeballs are watching them, how many people are being influenced by them. So therefore they are going to target them. It’s like those of us…

Tory: When you say that though but ‘they’, there’s Bruce Jenner, and then there’s Kris Jenner and the Kardashians.

Alexandra: Ah

Tory: They, are “they” the family. It not some Illuminati from faraway land, it’s Illuminati in the house.

Alexandra: I didn’t mean that. I meant the programs themselves being sent and directed. Now are you saying, that this is the same person or is it like a clone of Bruce Jenner?

Tory: Bruce?

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory: I don’t know if Bruce has been cloned. I am getting no. I am getting Bruce Jenner’s DNA how many copies? Zero. Yeah I don’t think he’s a clone.

Alexandra: That’s a trip.

Tory: Okay I’ll look at Bruce Jenner’s DNA. My question universe is, who initiated desire for feminine lifestyle? Kris Jenner. I knew that though.

Tory: There’s a lot of Illuminati people like Beyonce, She had her mother parading around in all this money and glitz and I’m thinking, all that’s blood money. I forget what her name is something Knowles? Beyonce’s mother, she’s beautiful, but honey, you’ve got blood money all over your neck. It’s like, because Beyonce and her husband are full blown Illuminati. Most of Hollywood is.

Alexandra: Right well you also said you also had some information on Michael Jackson.

Tory: Well I got a message from him. I love Michael, we go way back. It’s funny how we met was, we met a friend of mine in Miami when he came down to the clubs. But I didn’t physically meet him until after he was killed. And that’s how we became friends. First thing I talked to him right after he died. I sent him this really nice…which I like to do, and I do the same thing for a lot of other people, is uh you write something about how I feel about them, what they’ve done, and send it to Heaven.

Alexandra: So sweet.

Tory: But a lot of people don’t do that. A lot of people don’t know that you can communicate someone after they are gone. What Michael did what so many are doing. Those who are murdered are being reborn because they want to rejoin their family. Because growing up in Agartha in the 5th dimension you grow up a lot faster there. Michael was born on September 5th in Agartha. And I think it was around Thanksgiving or Christmas, I think it was one of my spirit guides said, he was already running around the house humming songs

Alexandra: Wow

Tory: So from just fall to winter, I don’t think we were allowed to talk a lot, because I think he really wanted to tell me what was going on. But it was an overwhelming message of : Hi I love you, I am doing great, see you soon! Time just goes by really, really fast. It is weird to have friend because you were murdered by the same man.

Alexandra: Hmmm

Tory: It’s like a strange way to .. of course that didn’t happened until later. I didn’t figure it out – well like Whitney Houston, I didn’t know who killed her, because when I was asking her, it was the same way with her, I sent her messages, I met her in the Hall Of Records. And she had come up and my family was there, it got a little bit overwhelming. But she just want to say thank you for what ever I told her. But she wouldn’t tell me what happened to her. It wasn’t until I did my own research that I saw John Brennan kill her. He hit Michael Jackson 46 times with that stun gun in the heart. 46 times Brennan hit Jackson to take him down. And that finally killed him. And look how weak Michael was – I don;t know if you saw that..

Alexandra: He was already very weak. Wasn’t that when he did the Coca-Cola commercial and his whole head head got on fire? Remember that?

Tory: No I don’t remember

Alexandra: It was terrible! His head actually caught fire, supposedly. It wasn’t supposed to it “malfunctioned.” is what they said. Tell everybody your perception of Michael. You’ve actually tapped in, you don’t actually believe that he did the things he was accused of doing.

Tory: Well when he died, I was telling my friend, ’cause everyone was wanting my opinion, you know what I think his music is genius, but I really don’t care for him that much as a person. Because there were some incidents that I saw him. And one of them was dangling the baby over the balcony.

Alexandra: Yeah, that was disturbing.

Tory: It really pissed me off.

Alexandra: I didn’t get that at all.

Tory: And so, after a while I had heard some where that he had gone to Heaven, it wasn’t even that long, so I go and do my own research and he had 72% or78% sacred light when he died. I thought, if he’s in Heaven that means he is not raping kids. That’s what I wrote in the letter, what I figured out. Where he was and that he was a good person. That’s when my communication with Heaven was really, really good. It was like clicking on the TV or Skype and talking to people. It was amazing back then but now that have hit me with the weapons. I can barely do a reading. It takes me a week to do a DNA reading.

Alexandra: Crazy

Tory: Back when everything was really good. But then I figured out who killed everybody, and his name is John Brennan. What I did was I went to Mother God with a petition. And I petitioned for justice for all the children that have been raped and murdered by the Illuminati and for justice in the murders of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and myself. .

Alexandra: Hmmmm

Tory: Because we had been killed by the same person. After that it became a slew a tidal wave of people that have been killed by this guy.

Alexandra: Oh my God..

Tory: You know they go after people that bring joy to others. That’s why they target Michael Jackson because he was singing about love and Whitney Houston too. She was so beautiful and when she sang about love, people would be all, oh my God this is so fabulous. They had to go in and stop that. It’s the same reason they murdered Marilyn Monroe. Because she was a threat to national security they had to murder her.

Alexandra: Tory, I have a question for you. There is a very famous website called wellaware1.com. I know that people that listen to my radio show have heard me mention it a million times. This guy comes from the Hollywood, so-called, industry. He is very very, skilled in doing graphics online, with computers. I believe he was involved with Hollywood productions and things like that, and because of it he stumbled upon the fact that he started noticing when he would look at pictures of an individual, let’s just pick someone, like Betty White. He would find a picture of her here and because he used a particular type of software, it marks and matches all the specific points on your face. Then he also looks at the ears. And no two ears are ever the same. Because the ear is like the shape of the baby in the womb. Every ear is very unique it is like your finger print. So he studied all this and he starting looking ravenously at pictures, and he started noticing that the same actor was like 3 different people. Sometimes that actor would appear as a politician. He literally scientifically proves this. So much so that they brought his whole website down. He was death threatened, for quite a while and he finally has come back up. So I was wondering what you think about that. He is pretty much saying that the majority of Hollywood are like what do you call them? Artists that, they can put on noses, make-up and change their hair, and the way they wear their clothes, and they can just be a different person.

Tory: Yeah That’s the surface level. And then there is a lot of cloning going on. Or at least there was. I don’t think the cloning’s continuing. That’s another thing they did in MILABS too. Like Britney Spears, they would clone Britney Spears and then sell her off to some rich dude, because he wants to keep her in the basement have have sex with her.

Alexandra: I heard a lot of the Hollywood … the people like Brittany Spears had to sign some sort of contract that allowed them to clone them.

Tory: Well I think a lot of that is in.. I think that too. Because the Illuminati have their rules, about agreements and signing contracts or whatever. When they can’t trick the person into it, they will just use your words to agree, like for example, do you give us permission to come in tonight with 100 men? I might be talking to my spirit guide and I don’t even hear that, I might be talking to my spirit guide and he will say are you Okay, and I’ll say, yes. Well they just take that yes as an agreement to do whatever they just asked you to. So there is all kinds of the shady stuff going around in the background. There was a lot of that going on. I was shocked. I didn’t know there was cloning. I just thought well, I’d heard of it but I didn’t think that it was so main stream

Alexandra: Well he even talks about a lot of these people have never really died.

Tory: See, there’s the thing about the Archons, because the Archons could do something with certain people’s souls. Like they could take a member of an elite family when they died and put them into a grandchild or a great great grandchild. But I don’t know really they can do that. But now we only have the Lords of Karma that can do that, ’cause you see the dark side is gone for that area, so we just have the Lords of Karma directing, for Divine director

Alexandra: That’s crazy. So tell us a little bit more about the solar system. Give us an update on that.

Tory; I’ve got some really good news! The good news is, and I’ve have been looking on and off ever since I could read people’s DNA I’ve been looking at the solar system. That was one of my big things when I went to God in 2008, I said I want to know the truth and I want to know who is living in the solar system. Because every time I turn on the TV there is some idiot lying about something or other. I couldn’t stand to watch any TV I couldn’t even have a few seconds of it on the news or whatever. So what’s exciting is a lot of things that are changing. So I thought it would be kinda cute to throw together a little update. Because before I had stated that there were 66 planets with sentient life. You know, people that could read and write, have a colony. Get up make dinner, I don’t consider dogs or cats sentient in the same way that a person is. A dog is not going to get up and make you pizza for dinner.

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory: You know what I mean there’s a level that I go by. What I can say about the sun they’re all happy to stay. Venus really hasn’t changed that much now there is still 2 billion people that live inside Venus. They are beautiful people that live in prosperity, love and abundance.

Alexandra: Nice

Tory: It’s almost a Galactic society. Very similar to inner earth, but it won’t be a Galactic Star Nation until the surface is fixed. The surface has to be fixed and the Solar Elohim are in charge of that. Cause Venus used to have oceans. Well it looked just like earth or similar to earth with oceans, forests and all that stuff. There was great cataclysm, I think there were actually a couple of them. I kinda know just out of my personal memory but haven’t taken the time to look.

Alexandra: Right

Tory: But I think when Maldek exploded that really totally screwed up Mars. Because that planet Uranus it was supposed to have knock that on its side. And then some of the inner moons got thrown out. Like Pluto was an inner moon, or one of the moons from the planets.

Alexandra: Even the asteroid belt, Tory, is supposedly Maldek. But I thought it was really cool, and Sheldon shared this in my last interview with him that, all those pieces in the asteroid belt will be unified to recreate Maldek.

Tory: That’s pretty interesting to learn because the Solar Elohim are incredible. I don’t know if we are going to be able to watch that, I would assume that we probably would be able to, at least maybe on video if we can, if it’s cloudy or whatever, cause that’s going to be a really big thing. Well we’re going to skip…Yes the asteroid belt is a planet that was exploded. Oh no, I think we are gonna lose power again. Oh my God it’s been raining every day here. One city near here got 8 inches in one day the local weather man said, that’s as much as we get in 3 months in one day. The HAARP has just been going crazy over here. It just rains and rains and rains.

Alexandra: Wow

Tory: Let’s get back okay Earth is 46 billion people live in Agartha and 7.8 billion live on the surface.

Alexandra: Interesting

Tory: From everything that I see from Heaven and everything that I’ve seen from the Galactics, states that also the Earth is going to through a massive transformation of her surface. That’s to clean it up. Because Mother Gaia wants her surface pristine and clear. So no more power plants, no more industrial waste yards. None of that.

Alexandra: Right

Tory: Now, on our moon there have been a lot of changes too and it’s down to 47 permanent staff. And a resident staff of about 3,000, which can change. But I don’t really know what going on with the moon because it is mostly a big military base. There is stuff on the back side but most of the military stuff is on the inside. I was in there 3 times, in 3 different locations. There are huge rooms. You know it’s like when you see NASA in a movie and there’s like a row of 20 guys and they all have their own little TV set and they pretend to type and do stuff

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory: That’s basically what it was.

Alexandra: What a trip..

Tory: Two of the rooms were like that then the other room that I went in they had this big ray gun. And this big Dinosaur dude, with a patch over his eye and he was shooting in at the Earth.

Alexandra; Oh god (laughter)

Tory: It was so freaky and I am like, Oh my God what the heck…

Alexandra: So what is that, used and directed toward the Earth, do you think?

Tory: It was, because that was my question, What percentage of people on moon have greater than 51% percent sacred light? Now it’s 100%. It used to be all dark entities, the dark cabal was in there. You know the moon was from Maldek…

Alexandra; Yes

Tory: ‘Cause they built the moon. When the moon was built in Alnilam… what’s the name of that star, well it was manufactured in the Orion Belt. One of the 2 stars I think it’s Alnilam. Alnitak is the other one.

[later clarified by Tory: the Moon was built in Alnitak, then towed here to Tiamat, which later became Maldec – ed]

Alexandra: Interesting

Tory: But Mintaka is the also there in the Orion belt. But Mintaka is amphibian. Amphibians kinda keep off and Reptilians kinda have been from those couple stars. Okay up to Mars, Mars is loaded with military bases, and I was kinda disturbed because when I initially did a reading, 78%, 78,000, all military that lived in Mars. Then in one of Sheldan Nidle’s classes, I was talking to someone, and I didn’t really go back and check out to see who I was talking to, but they were saying, oh no, you were wrong. You were reading from the moon. There’s nobody in Mars. I was thinking, that’s funny. If there is nobody there, why could I connect to them?

Alexandra: Isn’t Mars supposed to be, other than the Earth, the other very difficult place to live? Right?

Tory: Well, I don’t know. Because it does have some atmosphere, most of it’s atmosphere has been stripped. Mars too, used to have oceans, you can almost see where the water was, you don’t much imagination. Those are our 4 planets Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pax, or what they’re going to call Maldek, when it is put back together.

Alexandra: Right

Tory: But yeah, and I was really happy, right away what came up was, that the last Mars residents were a group of CIA agents got arrested here.

Alexandra: Whoa…

Tory: There were 458 of them, and they got arrested at the end of February. But according to Heaven, they were the last residents was that team. So I went to look at them. Because the Bellatrix team that Bush and Cheney hired to kill me, had 294 in them. There were 13 main ones and the rest were soldiers. But the CIA had 458. But luckily they are all gone. So I looked at them and 12 of the 458 have some human in their DNA.

Alexandra: Whew

Tory: So out of 458 men that worked for the CIA, this specific group, 12 of them had partial human DNA.

Alexandra: Wow

Tory: And the highest percentage was 15%

Alexandra: Unbelievable

Tory: In that group, isn’t that funny? ‘Cause I was always saying there’s no humans that work for the CIA. Then it came out that the highest percent of humanism they had was 15%.

Alexandra: Which is nothing.

Tory: And then Heaven said the Galactics are house sitting Mars now. That the planet is being reconstituted and all military bases being removed. Occupancy fall 2017 no surface dwellings. Then my question was, I want to verify who is doing that? The answer was the Solar Elohim. But they’ve never said anything like that! Occupancy fall 2017! They are telling me that Mars is going to be reconstituted, and we can move there, permanently if we want, in the fall of 2017. If that’s what we choose to do.

Alexandra: Which, it actually makes sense, because a lot of the messages I get and from other people that communicate with me, everybody has been told that the timetable has moved up. That things…

Tory: Closer?

Alexandra: Yes.

Tory: I don’t know. I just know what I see…

Alexandra: That’s what everybody is saying…

Tory: I hope that’s true.

Alexandra: Things have actually moved further along than they expected. You know, if plan A didn’t work they are going to have plan B, C, D, E, F like, they are going to have fail-safes all over the place. So that makes a lot of sense.

Tory: The bottom line is, Heaven wants the solar system to be lifted up into a Galactic frequency. A higher dimension whatever it is you want to call it .A higher ascension. That’s what Heaven wants, you’re not gonna… this Heaven’s universe. That’s what I used to tell the reptilians all the time, you’re just some stupid lizard, you know. You think you’re gonna take over the universe and change all this stuff?

Alexandra: You’re just a stupid lizard (she is cracking up)

Tory: These people come from the sewer, and they belong in the sewer! All they do is rape and murder children. I hate them! And they are proud of it too. People like the Bushes and the Cheneys and all these people, they love to kill a human. One of the first times I met Barbara Bush, I said, you know your favorite pastime is to spray children with depleted uranium and laugh when their faces fall off! I would call that being a horrible monster! I would call that insane, that you’re one of the most disgusting and vile criminals in the universe! Of course JFK was standing behind me and he was like “I love you”. It’s just so much fun to hang out with him. Sometimes my Dad would come in with him.

Alexandra: Well you know what Tory…

Tory: Don’t call Barbara a stupid lizard to her face.

Alexandra: Well, think about it, they aren’t human.

Tory: No they are not.

Alexandra: They are not human! And just because they appear in a human form, does not mean that they are actually human. They don’t have human DNA. They are vile! They are cannibalistic. They want to eat the flesh and blood and they love, in particular, the flesh and blood of children, young children.

Tory: Yes

Alexandra: That’s their menu. This is real, I know it sounds crazy but it is real.

Tory: It’s their currency. Buy and sell children. Or if you want to rape a child, just pay $42,000 and go down to DARPA

Alexandra: Oh God

Tory: Anyway, let go back to some good news.

Alexandra: Well that’s awesome. What about did you get anything on Neptune and Pluto?

Tory: Can we just work out this time?

Alexandra: Sure go for it.

Tory: Next up is Mars moon Phobos. Now Mars moon now has a staff of 17 people, they are Galactic, and they all have 100% sacred light. Which I don’t think is possible in our reality, I really don’t. And I have never seen anybody higher than 92%. Those people are like the angels..

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory: But so when they’re 100% that means they are Galactic, so that makes me really happy. Now we go back to, ’cause we were talking about, the body in the asteroid belt, okay, what I got was, Ceres some people call it a planet, a dwarf planet, a moon or whatever. I don’t care what people call it, and it’s in the asteroid belt. If I understand correctly, because it got a little technical, Ceres was an under ground city, like Shambala, we have these magical cities in the shell of the Earth. It was in the shell when it exploded. But they had technology and force fields and kept it intact.

Alexandra: Whoa

Tory: And now, 131,000 people live there.

Alexandra: Whoa

Tory: And it’s a mixed colony and all of a sudden 17% amphibian came up. So of the 131,000 people that are living in this body in the asteroid belt, 17% of them are amphibian. Why didn’t I look? I don’t know.

Alexandra: (laughter)

Tory: Next we go to Jupiter, Io is next and Io is the best one. But Jupiter, you know what? Jupiter is very scary to me. When I used to do out-of-body the wind out there on those big planets, they blow like 1,000 miles per hour. And it’s really scary. I mean when you get up there, even if you’re in your astral body, it’s just a lot. Then I go, Who lives here? Jupiter only has one resident. And she is the female embodiment of the soul of the planet. But she cares for the entire system. So she goes out, and I think there is like 66 moons around Jupiter now.

Alexandra: Wow!

Tory: She looks out for all of them and takes care of them. She is like Mother Earth or Mother Gaia. A female embodiment that’s the soul of Jupiter.

Alexandra: So cool…

Tory: And then like a big blast! Io! Io says hello Galactic Connection!

Alexandra; That’s so cool!

Tory: Io, you know is orbiting Jupiter. And says hello. And they are very happy out there. They have a population of 300,000 people. I just think that that was really cool that they said hello.

Alexandra; That is so neat. And now 300,000 people that doesn’t seem like a lot. Are they humanoid?

Tory: No it’s not. It’s like a suburban town right here in Indiana. Some of these planets only have a couple people on them. Look at Phobos what was it 17

Alexandra: So part of that is because the allied forces have been cleaning house, right?

Tory: Yes, What I am told now is there are 32 planets with sentient life. Not 66

Alexandra: Interesting

Tory: That’s he thing you have to move into the light or leave. Heaven has told me over and over , you have to have 51% sacred light in your DNA to get to New Earth.

Alexandra: Hmmm

Tory: If you don’t have that, I don’t know exactly what is is going to happen, it just sounds like there is going to be a split I know Dolores Cannon used to talk about that all the time.

Alexandra: She did

Tory: She would say that people were going to go to a dark planet with no soul to work out their karma but it didn’t look good for them because it would probably take them years to even want to develop, you know their karma. I guess I don’t have to go through the rest of it. Europa has 4,217 people and they are mostly a scientific staff. Ganymede has 476 and it’s a mixed crowd. So I think what’s going on is a lot of science experiments… but a lot of this is new, because they just kicked out the dark and now it’s the new people setting up camp, or whatever cleaning house. And they probably don’t know what they are doing. .

Alexandra: What was the name of the last planet, you said Europa? And what was after Europa?

Tory: Ganymede. It’s with Jupiter.

Alexandra: Ganymede. Okay I know what you are talking about.

Tory: It’s spelled G-a-n-y-m-e-d-e

Alexandra: That’s what I thought

Tory: I kinda skipped out… ’cause Pluto caught my attention. Because for some reason Pluto has a zero population. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was all dark I’m not really sure. But they are going to do something before people move in. So I don’t know if they are going to fumigate or put up some tents or whatever they’re gonna do.

Alexandra: (in stitches with laughter)

Tory: ‘Cause people aren’t moving into Pluto ’til they do something. There is also Eris out there, Eris has a lot bigger population of 17,000, and it is also a mixed community. I would say about Saturn because Saturn is where is where all the non-physical archons lived . And the non-physical insectians They are gone … pull up Saturn … population zero….

Alexandra: Whewwwww! Now that is a huge thing to celebrate!

Tory: Yes, they were the most horrible.

Alexandra: Besides all the other planets and moons that they cleared of the dark, that was probably one of their biggest.

Tory: I wonder what quantity of DNA, because they had millions…They had 57 million that were there, so..

Alexandra: 57 million?

Tory: As soon as I found this out I start bouncing off the walls and I said now wait a minute. If the solar system is clear and stable that means, the millions and millions of ships that have been out here doing all this work, getting all that stuff done, now only have one focus and that one focus is Earth. And we are down to 94%. So we have 6% of dark entities to clear and we’ll be done.

Alexandra: Ok. You know, I just have to say this that all of us really, really should take the time to send thanks and gratitude. I mean seriously. We are all struggling, we’re down here on the ground, we’re dealing with the BS you know, of being either psychically attacked or what I’m noticing now… oh I want to make an announcement, this is fascinating, by the way, because of the 3 systems that we now have, it’s like an intuitive technology, and it’s based on quantum physics, what it does is, it allows us to collapse the wave of whatever is dissonant frequency. Okay. It is very effective, and what we’re doing is we’re finding they unleashed and they let go, and it was about 10 days ago, the demons. And they let them all go on the planet. This is even prophecy by the way, I don’t really follow that. But I was told that. And I thought to myself, I want to go see, right, so I went in and started scanning people, and sure enough there wasn’t one person, and we had scanned people before this time, and it didn’t show up. And we scanned them after that time, and everybody had demonic spirits attached, not to themselves, but to their organs.

Tory: Wow

Alexandra: So I wanted everyone to know, if you’re suddenly having bouts of, I am going to get clinical here, like diarrhea, or you’re starting to have really severe stabbing pains, or you’ve got old stuff coming back up like digestive issues, heart conditions, asthma, all that stuff and it seems be having to be accelerated or whatever, it’s, in my opinion, temporary. It’s a demonic influence. I just wanted everybody to have a heads up on that. Don’t get freaked out. This is all they have left folks. This is it. They seriously are that desperate.

Tory: You see that’s where they attach. That’s when it comes in to do the stuff I have been enjoying for years. I invoke the Golden Ray of Christ to illuminate my mind, body, and soul. And immediately you’re going to get dis-attachment. And I invoke the Sacred Fire and set the intruders ablaze, and as soon as you do that, Heaven is going to set them all on fire, and they’re going to freak out and leave.

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory: Our level of helplessness is down to 1 or 2% compared to what it was before.

Alexandra: Thank you for saying that.

Tory: It’s just almost over.

Alexandra: It’s so important, ’cause you know where we’re at right now is, where we are right now, is we have to start remembering just how powerful we really are. And when we do step into our power, we need to do it with responsible action, like when are taking action we have to really recognize how powerful we are, because we don’t have all these impediments and we are not used to that. We are used to it.

Tory: Yeah I wish I could show you the sunset. So pretty..

Alexandra: Oh my gosh!

Tory: I don’t think you can see… There’s a big glare… (turning the laptop)

Alexandra; Look at the lake you guys. That is so beautiful.

Tory: It doesn’t look so dark now, right?

Alexandra: No it doesn’t.

Tory: I mean it’s bright.

Alexandra: It’s pretty, Gee I think everybody that’s looking at this is going I wouldn’t ‘Man I’d like to live in a place like that.

Tory: Well Indiana has a place called the Lakes Region and I don’t know there must be 1,000 lakes. That’s why I wanted to sit here and get some good energy in. When we started it was so bright. The funny thing is, the sun has hardly shone for days. The other day I woke up and it looked like January. The lake was white, the air was white, the sky was white. Everything was white.

Alexandra: It’s been that way here too. I just started having blue skies in the last 2 days. It’s been very, very overcast. Now I do want to bring up something near and dear to your heart, which is the child sacrificing. And I wanted to ask you about this. Did you hear about Archbishop John Nienstedt. I think this is a big deal, because it’s kind of in your area. It’s in Minnesota, it’s not that far from you. And it says that he has finally been nailed. Now what happened was they kept getting all these complaints about sexual abuse from the priests in this area. And this Archbishop kept saying, you know, it will take care of itself. The typical thing where they have the power to ignore it, what did Kevin Annett say, I forgot what he called it? Solicitanis? I can’t think of the name. It is an automatic assumption that you never admit to it. And the Church automatically is responsible for covering it up. That’s just part of their policy and doctrine. I guess he did this for a long time. And it said “a task force was finally appointed to investigate the confirmed negligence on the part of the Archdiocese for ignoring all of these complaints”. And it says around the same time he faced allegations of his own inappropriate sexual contact. And get this Tory, this is big, he rejected calls for his resignation. And less than 2 weeks later, because of charges he finally stepped down. This just went down yesterday everybody.

Tory: What’s his name?

Alexandra: Archbishop John Nienstedt. That’s N-i-e-n-s-t-e-d-t

Tory: The first things that just came up for me was 126 kids.

Alexandra: Oh my God, what Kevin has told me about Minnesota is one of the worst areas and they’re very protected by the Church. So this, is my opinion is a big deal because of the location.

Tory: I think it’s everywhere. In fact I am so jaded and bitter I really started to believe that virtually everybody is raping kids. And I know that’s not true. ‘Cause we’re not. It just seems like, the more it goes on it seems like people don’t care or whatever. But Cargill is in Minnesota, and when the insectians left, because the insectians would handle processing of the bodies of the children, well when they left then they were shipping.. they were still processing the bodies of the children the same way. They turn them into this like chemical mix and then they were sending them to a Cargill plant in Minnesota where they were putting it into food, in the hamburgers. Well one – there were 68 children, I forget what that was, how many there were in the other. A couple of times there was only one or two children. That’s in Minnesota…

Alexandra: Not to interrupt but I just throw this out there because you brought it up. Do you know yesterday an article came out, there are a slew of McDonald’s restaurants shutting down.

Tory: Yeah They are losing a lot of money. They’re losing a lot of money. Did you see where – I think it was in Sweden – where they took a picture of the last meal served by McDonald’s and put it in a museum and took a picture of it and the picture and the food have not changed . It’s been sitting there for 10 or 15 years…

Alexandra: (laughter)

Tory: And the little McDonalds Happy Meal still looks exactly the same as the picture from 15 years ago…

Alexandra: What is it?

Tory: Just a pile of chemicals, I guess.

Alexandra: Well I think that is really big news. Another thing I wanted to share was, it says former Papal Nuncio, get this guy’s name, Joesph W-e-s-o-l-o-w-s-k-i . It says he will be tried by the Vatican’s criminal court for sexual abuse of minors and possession of child pornography. The red flag is, being tried by the Vatican court. Which means he won’t get tried, really. It will just be a stage performance. But the Vatican says Pope Francis wishes to address justly and rigorously, but it says, “Federico Lombardi, who is the Director of the Holy See Press Office, said last year that from the very first moments that this case was made known to them, they moved without delay and correctly in light of the fact that the former Nuncio Wesolowski held the position of a diplomatic representative of the Holy See”. They are getting nervous, Tory, ’cause there’s just too much of this going on, and there are more and more people stepping up. There’s more and more websites popping up. There’s more and more pressure being put on the churches, to not accept “oh, you know, we’re just going to brush it under the rug. Or we’ll just move this priest from this diocese over to this one”. People just aren’t willing to accept it any more. It just feels to me like things are really starting to increase in activity to bring them down.

Tory: Yes I think so. And I think it has a lot to do with the vibration. I mean, you know, you can’t lie in the Light. You can’t be fake in the Light. And I think a lot of people are finding that out. You know, the vibrations have changed so much.

Alexandra: And well I also heard from Kevin there have been some very rigorous task forces, who have been assigned just to do this. And within the government and they’re doing really well. They are making a lot of busts. A lot of this is not making media, unfortunately, because everyone is so tied in with the Vatican. But I just wanted share that. Here’s another one, in New Zealand and it says, “a group of Australian Bishops have emphasized Cardinal George Pell’s record of leadership against clergy sexual abuse following critical news broadcast and comments, he’s a man of integrity”, this is what they are saying. They said the cardinal was one of the first Bishops to implement a comprehensive response to investigate alleged sex abuse by Catholic clergy and to help abused victims. Well, my point to reading this is, they are finally starting to respond, they aren’t so arrogant to just say, I don’t have to respond like they have done all the time they have been in existence. They are rally starting to take some action, you know…and respond to these things. I wanted to share that with you.

Tory: It definitely sounds promising.

Alexandra: And the other thing I wanted go over with you is the Presidential candidates.

Tory: Okay, but I don’t know how much time we have?

Alexandra: We have about 15 minutes. I wanted to ask you and I made a list of all the people that are claiming that they’re going to run for President, and I thought the ones in particular that really stood out were first of all Hillary Clinton. I know you just think she is disgusting. You’ve said she has killed a whole bunch of kids. Right?

Tory: Right, Well everybody has, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, they have all murdered children in the MILAB’s child trafficking operation. And the reason that they do that is because they were rewarded for that by the dark side. The Dracos, Lucifer, Satan, Baphomet, Anu. There was Maldek, Marduk. There were a whole bunch of Dracos that were here 1,738 of them. Lucifer and Satan were this type of being. They are from Alpha Draconis and they were basically Draco-Reptilians. What they would do is, they would kill the child either by choking the child to death while during rape or they would drive a knife through the heart. That’s they way Hillary Clinton has killed all her children, was a knife through the heart. Michelle Obama too. Each of them have now murdered 4. What they would do is, they would – like in that movie Eyes Wide Shut, kill the child specifically for Lucifer or Satan or just the dark group in general. Either for protection from karma, or for money or for acting jobs, or whatever. And everybody is doing it. I mean everybody is doing it. In the Pentagon, the military, banks, bankers they are one of the worst groups, corporate executives. You know because corporate executives make 100 million dollars a year. And they’ve got everybody in their life kissing their butt. So what happens is these people develop this God complex in their head. And when they get to the point that they addicted to killing the children, because it’s a power trip that they think that they will never be punished for. And look how it’s going, like George Bush senior, who has raped and murdered over 500 children. Jeb Bush just raped and murdered a child last week in Dallas. She was a 5 year old girl named Rosa. There ICE is who b rought her to Dallas, they used to be called something else but now ICE is the immigration something, I forget what it stands for. But they all do it.

And the fact is, and most of them know that Satan and Lucifer are gone. Because all 1,738 of those Dracos were arrested and sent into the light. They are all gone. And after, there was a group of 300,000 reptilians, I don’t know exactly all the details but they were the ones that were attached full time to the elite like the Obamas, the Clintons, they all had these entities attached to them too.

Because they’re basically all soulless monsters, they couldn’t care less. I mean Hillary Clinton murdered a 2-year-old child – wanted to get her hamburger faster. They kill for the stupidest reasons. It’s like breathing to them. Killing human children is like breathing to them. They just love it, they’re addicted to it. They would all do this, so he’s (Jeb) running for President so he had to murder another child. That was his 113th child that he raped and murdered. And he raped 87 more. I know this and I’ve a strong connection to Jeb Bush, because he has raped me several times. So did W, so did his father.

Anyway, let’s look at some good stuff! You know what? There are 3 humans …I don’t even know how many people are running for president…

Alexandra: A lot I’ve got quite a few here…

Tory: I found 3 humans running for President. I have a list that looks like I have 3, 6, 9, looks like I have about 10 or 12 on each page. But Skip Andrews has 64% Sacred Light.

Alexandra: Wow

Tory: And everybody else is down like 32% Kerry Bowers 42% …

Alexandra: What about Donald Trump?

Tory: Donald Trump, what percentage… he is 37% reptilian. I call him a blow-hard, he’s really along for the ride. He doesn’t…I don’t think he’s murdered a child… one, ok, what I am getting now that he has only murdered one child. Some of them are nicer than others.

Alexandra: What about Rand Paul?

Tory: Rand Paul is one that I like somewhat.

Alexandra: Okay.

Tory: He has 144 strands activated and 58% Sacred Light and only 12% reptilian. But at 58% Sacred Light he is better than most of them. Most of them like Rick Perry from Texas has 0%, he is involved in some kind of murder. He’s 12% reptilian. Marco Rubio from Florida, he’s also involved in child trafficking, he’s also a war criminal, 0% Sacred Light, Rick Santorum, he’s a pedophile from Pennsylvania, 0% Sacred Light. He’s heavily involved in child rape and child trafficking. He’s killed 7 children and raped 17.

Alexandra: What about Mike Huckabee?

Tory: Huckabee, yeah, he’s at 37% Sacred Light, because of war crimes…wait where did he go? Negative intent in his support of war crimes 37%, he’s a Luciferian. There is some other guy Chris Hill 0%, he’s involved in war crimes. And he’s involved in the killing of several innocent people. He is 32% reptilian. Lindsey Graham 0%, 38% reptilian, heavy war criminal. That’s why he has no Sacred Light. Here’s a couple more Luciferians, Mark Everson, Carly Fiorina…

Alexandra: Yeah, Carla Fiorina, she was the Hewitt-Packard CEO, I think right?

Tory: I don’t know what I got is she’s 56% reptilian, has 156 strains activated and 37% Sacred Light so she’s got the Satanist or Luciferian level of light in her system.

Alexandra: What about Ben Carson? He was a neurosurgeon, never run for President before. Did you see him?

Tory: I might not have him…

Alexandra: I thought he might be potential candidate.

Tory: Well here I can probably…What’s his name?

Alexandra: His name is Ben Carson. He’s never run. And he’s a neurosurgeon.

Tory: What I’m getting is, he has 12 strains activated, 58% Sacred Light.

Alexandra: Ah, there you go! So we have a couple people. Interesting. Did you see Ted Cruz? I’m like, he’s out of Texas so he’s probably scary.

Tory: Who?

Alexandra: Ted Cruz

Tory: Cause we have somebody from Indiana named Cruz. Wait Ted Cruz, I just mentioned him…

Alexandra: Ted Cruz has dual-citizenship with Canada. Isn’t that interesting?

Tory: Just a second, here’s another page

Alexandra: What about Bernie Sanders?

Tory: Yeah, Ted Cruz 156, 0%, he’s raped kids in MILABS, raped and murdered kids in MILABS. Here’s what Chris Christie, he’s involved not with child trafficking or human sacrifice but, he’s also involved with killing a bunch of people. He has 0% Sacred Light because it’s some kind of like mob type of killings, that he’s involved in and ordered the hits of these 3 people. I don’t know the details.

Alexandra: Bernie Sanders, you got to tell me about Bernie Sanders, because he gets a lot of publicity with the alternative media.

Tory: Wasn’t he the one that went independent?

Alexandra: Yes

Tory: He was a Democrat and he lost the primary and went independent and won?

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory: Bernie Sanders…

Alexandra: And he seems to have done some decent things, but that remains to be seen.

Tory: He’s hard to lock on to…

Alexandra: And then Martin O’Malley he’s a former North Dakota Governor I thought that would be interesting. But you’ve covered just about everybody else I had written down.

Tory: I got 156 and 37% for him.

Alexandra: Martin O’Malley

Tory: Yes, which is a Luciferian

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory; Also when people join the military now, their Sacred Light will drop dramatically, and go right to 37%, because the military is Luciferian now. The US military at some point decided they wanted to get rid of all that In God We Trust stuff. Almost anybody who joins the military now immediately loses all their Sacred Light. They don’t do any good , all they do is commit war crimes.

Alexandra; It’s a shame

Tory: So true… Okay on Bernie Sanders, I’m getting 156, 37% too.

Alexandra: Okay

Tory: It’s just – they’re all there, because you know what the only people… there was a woman named Cynthia McKinney and she spoke out the Bush Iraq war crime, and the Afghanistani war crime. Immediately she was out of the system. I think she was from Georgia, a Congresswoman from Georgia, I’m not sure, I think from Georgia. But she called what he did a war crime, you know that all the voting in this country is rigged. So they already choose people.

Alexandra: Right

Tory: They have already admitted it. Dick Cheney said we’ve already chosen a winner in the primary so…

Alexandra: Yeah, their pomposity never ceases to amaze me. So basically with what you’ve scanned, the best ones so far are Ben Carson and Rand Paul.

Tory: Well there’s Skip Andrews

Alexandra: Skip Andrews

Tory: And John Dummett and Ben Carson is also over 50%.

Alexandra: Right

Tory: Rand Paul is over 50% There’s a guy named Brian Russell at 52%.

Alexandra: These must be freshman kind of people, Right?

Tory: Yeah, ’cause a lot of these people I’ve never heard of.

Alexandra; Never heard of some of these people.

Tory: Yeah, I’ve got 3 pages of them… Did you say Michael? Michael Kinkade?

Alexandra: I was talking about Martin O’Malley. I don’t have a Michael Kinkade here.

Tory: I see right here Bobby Jindal he’s back at 0% … war crimes….

Alexandra: Tory, would you be willing to send me over that and I will post it on my web site?

Tory: The candidates?

Alexandra: Yeah

Tory: Okay, I have to clean it up little bit,

Alexandra: I think everybody would appreciate that. I mean you’ve already done the work on it, why not help everybody at least have a heads up.

Tory: Okay. I’m going to take a good look at it too. Before I accuse somebody of raping and murdering a child I want to make sure it is true.

Alexandra: I want to thank everybody for hanging in there with Tory and I. He has become a very dear friend of mine and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m so happy to see you healthy again! Seriously I was very worried about him guys. But I was told not to say anything. I was a good girl, I didn’t put it out there. I wanted to blast it to the world! But he’s like “No don’t tell anybody”. But anyway, I know the world is just so happy to see that you’ve kinda resurfaced. I think people will be pleased to be able to listen to this interview and hear that you’re back in the mend.

Tory: Thanks I am trying to get back into the swing of DNA readings, it’s been very very difficult to read, I sit down and I immediately go blank.

Alexandra: You need some TLC and some R&R, seriously! After all that you’ve gone through. So please once again, be patient with Tory. Right now he is not doing readings. He needs to take care of himself, and just give him some space guys. Whoever is calling him emailing him, whatever, just chill out for a little while and let him be, ’cause he needs it. So anyway I want to thank everybody. I want to thank Tory, for coming on today. It was great to see you and sending everybody lots of love. Hang in there and stand strong and know that you have been participating in this incredible victory that is coming forth. Just know that every day of your life, don’t listen to anything else. Yes there are some serious things that we need to address. But you know what? We’re united and we will be victorious. We are victorious! Don’t forget to check out our website, our world renown Implant Removal Service, and all the other cool Galactic Essences that I have up there. I am about to release a whole new Galactic Essence line, especially for the healers, I think you’ll love it. I have been working so hard lately. So, lots of love, blessings to everyone, and you guys hang in there! We will talk to you next week. Take care Tory! Bye everyone.

Tory: Bye everybody!

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