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Alexandra Good afternoon everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com and today is September 3rd, 2013 and I have a very special set of guests today and I say set because I have twins with me that are known as the UFO twins, Shurlene and Earlene.  Shurlene has had several ET encounters and is also author of the book ‘From the Motherland to the Mothership’.  They were apparently born in Kansas and are here to discuss their experiences with being contactees and researching this sort of thing.  It sounds like the two of you Earlene and Shurlene are very active in the disclosure support process.  So, anyway with that I want to say, hello, welcome, thank you to both of you for coming onto my show.  How are you doing today?
Earlene Shurlene Thank you so much for having us.Wonderful! Yes thank you.
Alexandra Yes, thank you.  I think I’d like to start out with, especially the fact that you’re twins.  Everybody is always mesmerized by twins because its’ like wow, did you feel what the other feels?  Do you have telepathy more than most? Especially if you’ve already had some sort of ET contact or UFO encounters.  I would imagine that’s pretty fascinating So, Shurlene I’d love you to express that.  Is there a connection between the two of you there?
Shurlene I would definitely say so.  My sister sometimes she’d call me and I am thinking about her and I’ll say: ‘I was just going to call you’. So I think we do have that twin thing going on.  We’ve had those kinds of things happen time to time like most twins.  As far as the encounters are concerned my sister Earlene has been quite a bit of support for my experiences because when I started having them…. I’ll start by beginning with when I moved from Dallas to Kansas, I was getting a divorce and wanting to be with my sister and to get to know each other again.So I moved to Dallas in 1994.  We just started hanging out and being around each other a lot more.  And I knew she had this passion for anything in the UFO field.  She was just very much into that subject.  So over the years she would send books and information and articles she’d read about and share them with me.  I was raising my family as well and I didn’t really take a lot of interest in it.  I thought UFO abductions, that’s what we called it back then.  I don’t call it that now but I thought UFO abductions are something that happens to someone else that will never happen to me.  It was so far from my reality with having a family, raising a family and so forth.  So after I moved here things changed quite a bit.  (Laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter).  I bet.  Isn’t it funny how that which you never in a million years thought you’d experience ends right up inside your body?  You end up being taken out of your room.
Shurlene Yes sometimes I am still amazed by the experiences.  It’s just been incredible.
Alexandra Well tell us how exactly was your first encounter.  How old were you by the way at the time?
Shurlene At the time I was about 41.
Alexandra So this is later in your life.  That’s pretty cool Shurlene.  It started later in your life and it kind of gave you a whole new twist on how you see things.
Shurlene Oh it certainly did. An entirely different way of looking at life. In my early 40s I moved to Dallas and I was starting life anew.  I was going through a divorce but I wasn’t a typical divorcee. I wasn’t depressed.  I didn’t cry a lot.    I was actually happy.  I had one of those what you call happy divorces.  On my side of the bench I was very happy.I felt free my children were grown they were in college.  First time in my life I’d been free and I was wanting to experience life at its fullest.I started wanting to search for my spirituality.  I felt something void and lacking in my life.  So I decided to start reading several books one of which was Louise E. Hays: ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, which is a profound book and ‘Conversations with God’.  Those are a series of books.  That particular book I think everyone should read in their lifetime.  Its powerful I read all of those.  Classics, those are classics.  You can’t get out of this lifetime without reading those books.  They are so powerful and so incredible.  So the ‘Conversations with God’ helped me expand my awareness and consciousness and opened my mind.  And I went down a spiritual path attending different lectures and classes.  I was enjoying this because this was an aspect of my life that had been totally, totally neglected for all of these years.  Of course my sister and I were raised in the Christian Church.  I think we must have gone to church, morning, noon and night on Sundays.  So we were very steeped in religion, the Christian religion, the Church of Christ.  But it wasn’t the same.  I still felt a lack, a void.  It didn’t answer all the questions I had and I sought deeper knowledge and knowing of my spirituality.  Once I embarked upon that path I was just again, I was just elated, I was happy.  I was going through life floating on a cloud.  I was just at a point in my life where I was just very happy with my new freedom and my new spiritual growth.  So one night I went to bed in I think 1995, December 1995.  And not unlike any other night I was just watching TV, some sitcoms, went to bed, then turned off the TV and went to bed.  Then in about the middle of the night I woke up and found myself on a spaceship and it was quite amazing.
Alexandra Wow!  You actually fully remember the whole thing? Like you remember all of the details!  Awesome!
Shurlene Yes, most of the details.  I would say probably 75 to 80% of the details, yes.  I was floating through the Galaxy.  If you can remember the Star Treck show where you are looking at the stars and your ship is just floating along in the stars, they seem like they are coming right across you and you are pulling into them and they are coming across and it was just beautiful.  The Universe was alive.  I felt a vibrancy. I felt, I don’t know, meteorites coming right out of the ship we were in but nothing ever hit us.  It was just such freedom and it was so much activity.  I couldn’t believe the amount of asteroids and comets.  I don’t know exactly what they were but it was just a place that was alive like maybe a 4th of July night you see a lot of activity in the sky. That’s the way the Universe looked.  It was just profound. I was just awe struck.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I was looking out of the ship.  A circular ship that had about I’d say maybe a foot or two windows that circled it.  So I looked out, and saw what I thought what was New York city because of huge tall skyscrapers and buildings.  It looked like and I’ll never forget it, it looked like I was looking at one of those little etch sketch because the windows they were maybe computerized but as I was looking out I could see in outline of buildings and it was, everything was phenomenal about that experience.  I do detail more within our books.  I won’t go into a whole lot of detail on that one experience but after I returned, I was returned to my bed I felt this profound tingling throughout my body and a coldness that I couldn’t explain, I felt inebriated, although I knew I hadn’t been drinking.  I felt disconnected and then reconnected or re-assembled that’s hard to explain but that’s the feeling I had.  The first thought was should I go to a hospital and explain that somebody may have taken me out and drugged me and taken me into space.  And I thought no better not call the hospital they won’t believe that story.  Then I thought I would call my sister.  She knows about all this stuff.  She’s read it all these years, I’ll call her. (Laughter)
Alexandra (Laughter)
Shurlene Then I thought ok.  Then I thought It’s about 2.00 in the morning I thought I probably shouldn’t wake her up because once she hears this she’ll probably not sleep the rest of the night.  So I decided I’ll go back to bed.  I told the ETs I did not wish to return tonight.  I don’t know why I said that, it just came out of me and I they respected my wish, I did not go out to reality that night.  I decided to just go to bed and I called my sister the next morning and if you like she can tell you her reaction because she was very, very surprised. (Laughter).
Alexandra Sure Earlene way to go, to be the anchor huh.  To be the support network.  When something that monumental happens to you.  It happened to me as well.  You really need someone to walk you through that whole process.
Shurlene Exactly.
Alexandra So what was your take?  What did you advise her?
Earlene Well I didn’t necessarily give her advice per se.  I’ll never forget that Sunday morning Alexandra.  Early one Sunday morning, it’s just something that I wasn’t ready for.  She called and she said.  You’re never going to believe what happened to me last night.  So I was all prepared to hear about this great new guy she’d met because she’d been going out meeting people and telling me about different men she had met, you know through going out to different clubs and what not.  That’s what I was prepared for.  Then, when she said she had been taken on board a ship and traversed the galaxy.  She described the ship as a greater than and lesser than sign in mathematics, other ships were coming towards her ship and veering off and how there was a being on the ship who looked like her ex husband.  I said: ‘wait a minute, stop, get over here right now and tell me every single word from the beginning.’
Alexandra (Laughter). Oh my gosh!  Amazing!
Earlene She doesn’t live far away and she winged right over.  At that time my husband was waking up at that time was up so I clued him in.  He listened with total fascination and we just listened to her story about her first encounter with non human beings in a ship somewhere in the Galaxy.  So I’ll never forget that morning.
Alexandra Well fabulous that she had you two be there to support her and Shurlene I’m curious what type of beings did you have the encounter with?
Shurlene Well I knew there were beings around me.  I was not able to actually see them, however, one being that I think that was reproduced was my ex husband because I think he was manufactured, reproduced to calm my reaction. I explain a little bit more in the book but he was there and he wanted to know what’s going on and how do we get back to where we ought to be and that type of situation. And he was quite alarmed. The next morning, the next day I called and asked him: ‘did you have a few strange experiences a few nights ago?  You don’t remember anything out of the usual?’  And he said: ‘no’.  So again I think it was they are able to produce people that are in our lives that can have a solid basis maybe in our lives and a calming effect in this case and so that was my experience.  I did not see any beings on that particular experience but I started having these experiences 2 to 3 times a week.
Alexandra Oh wow!
EarleneShurlene And I’ve had interactive with other races of beings throughout three years and I write about them in my book.
Alexandra You know Shurlene they do say that one of the first things that they will do to calm the contactee down is they will shape shift into someone that you trust.
Shurlene Yes, that’s right.
Alexandra And its probably not that your ex was there, it’s more probably that somebody on board else shape shifted to make you feel comfortable and safe you know.
EarleneShurlene I truly believe that, that’s what happened.
Alexandra Two to three times a week!  Did you start journaling this?  I hope so!
Shurlene Well I did.  After the first experience.  After I don’t know, several, first couple of weeks my sister started saying: ‘you know you need to write these down, you’re going to forget them.  You’re never going to be able to remember them.  They’re very important.  Start keeping a notepad at your bed’ and that’s what I did.  So every time I went on an experience, I call trips, when I returned I wrote every detail about it.  So that’s how we were able to compile a book.
Alexandra It’s so you know I just have to tell you guys right now that I have a very high-pitched sound in my right ear and that is always an indicator that the Galactics are contacting us.
EarleneShurlene Oh wow!  Oh wow!
Alexandra Oh yeah!
Shurlene That’s interesting.
Alexandra Yeah because I’m involved with ET contactors as well.  I just came back from a training and that is one of the ways that they connect with you.  So I just wanted to pass that on yeah.  (Laughter)
EarleneShurlene (Laughter).  That’s so beautiful.
EarleneShurlene I surely believe that they are always there when we are doing an interview.  I think they are around us more than we realize.
Alexandra They are and they are with me as well.
Shurlene Definitely, definitely.
Alexandra Getting back to the body.  You said something intriguing about the way your body kind of broke down and then kind of reassembled.
Shurlene Yes.
Alexandra Did you end up having to go through this experience every time you returned back to your apartment or your body?
Shurlene Yeah pretty much.  I always knew I was going to be visited.  The entire    energy of the apartment would shift.  It would change and I knew they were there.  And sometimes I would be awake, half awake, half asleep, fully asleep.  So I could always tell when they were around or to take me on an excursion so to speak.   So in some of the experiences I felt like I was being broke down, my molecules were being broken down and re-assembled sometimes I felt my spirit was being lifted up out of my body and I could actually see my body.  One time I remember actually looking down and seeing myself and I was just blown away, I just float right through the apartment, right through the living room, right through the glass doors out into, over the swimming pool, up above the trees and I was out up in to the Galaxy.  Sometimes we’d go with the ship.  Sometimes we’d astral project.  I think its called astral project?  I would simply astral project out into the Galaxy.  It differed.
Alexandra You know it’s like I dream of the day when all of us are able to remember who we are and be able to experience this because this is truly our gift.
EarleneShurlene Yes.  It is
Alexandra This is our God given right.  To be able to cruise wherever we want which we will.  Well, it’s just such an awesome feeling.  Tell me something.  How did this affect you Earlene especially because you are twins.  Were you even more intrigued about this process and your research into it?
Earlene Well no.  It didn’t get me more intrigued.  I was, I was totally blown away by the fact that it was my twin sister that was having these experiences because they were similar to experiences, well not really similar but I’d read so many stories of contactees. You know like the Betty and Barny Hill story and the Andreasson affair, just so many over the years. I just thought this is so cool.  Not only do I know someone who is having these experiences, it’s my twin sister.  (Laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter)
Earlene So my research really preceded all of her experiences and when she had these experience, encounter, excursion she’ll come back and tell me about them and I could say: ‘yes that was similar to such and such encounter, that was similar to this’.  I could try to provide a foundation to let her know she was not alone that a lot of people were having these kinds of encounters and it’s just, it’s just wonderful.  Some people said were you jealous because you weren’t having them?  Never, there couldn’t be a jealous bone in my body for my twin sister.
Alexandra Good for you.
Earlene I was actually happy it was her rather than me.  I don’t think I was ready for it.  I could read about it all day but when it came to actually having experiences she had I really, truly don’t think I was ready for it and I think we both had our respective roles to play.  She was the experiencer; I was the researcher and supporter.  I think we just fell into those roles just real naturally.
Alexandra You know Earlene I honor you for saying that.  That is beautiful.
Earlene Thank you.
Alexandra Absolutely.  This is where we need to be.  Everybody has got a very special gift to bring forth.  Everybody has their piece to play.
Earlene Exactly.
Alexandra There is no room for jealousy.  So Shurlene my question to you is why do you think that they contacted you.  What was it that you think they were looking for to communicate?
Shurlene I think there are several factors involved.  The first thing is that my sister and I had these roles to play and that we agreed to do this prior to our birth.  Prior to this incarnation.  I think that it’s our job, our mission so to speak.  I mean, I’d got to the point In my life where I was searching for my spirituality and searching for a deeper connection and as a result of all of that reading and classes and a number of things that I was involved in and happiness I was feeling just the joyfulness and I was just ecstatic with life.  I think that, that raised my vibration, which made it easier for them to contact me.  So I think it was a vibrational match which was I believe the point is where I came to so vibrationally I was ready.
Alexandra You know, you also brought up the fact that you were so happy, and so relieved and so free and that’s probably, There’s a couple of things popped into my head, one is that is why you wanted to be free is your time.  Your digital code had come up, hey your mission code came up and said: ‘get ready let’s go’
Shurlene Exactly.  I believe that now but I didn’t know it at the time.  But yes that makes sense.
Alexandra That is so neat.  So now what do you feel came about from having so many freaking visitations?  I mean because two or three times a week is quite a bit.  So what do you feel really changed within you because of this process?
Shurlene Well what I think when these experiences began I decided to see a psychiatrist to be honest with you because this was quite unusual and I thought well maybe I will get some opinions from a professional.  I went to the yellow pages to look for a doctor, made an appointment, went in paid I think $45 per hour for a visit with him.  He was unable to even come close to helping me.  He had never talked to anyone who had, had this type of experiences.  He didn’t know what to say.  He asked me standard type of questions:‘Have you been on drugs?’, ‘No I haven’t.’‘Do you believe in Jesus?’, ‘Yes I do.’‘Were you abused as a child’, ‘No I wasn’t.’

You know these are standard questions.  Then he was trying to peg me into one of these little holes and he just couldn’t find a place to fit me in.  It was so funny, the entire session turned around to me opening his mind helping his to expand, opening his consciousness and his awareness.  It was like an educational process that rolled.  He started to become, he was very much the student.  It was funny because I went in to see if he could assist me and then I turned round and started teaching him.  So I found out after that experience that no one else can help on this sort of thing.  This is something very unique and personal.  I shouldn’t say no one can help you but professional psychiatrists, psychologists they’re not trained to help you.  So I think if you do need help or need to seek help you would probably be better off talking to someone else who has been through it.

Alexandra Or someone who specializes in UFOs.
EarleneShurlene Yes exactly.Yes that’s exactly right.             21.52 mins
Alexandra You know Shurlene I can relate to this so much.  I was in a very severe car accident in 2001 and I was in bed for almost 3 years and through that process I averaged about 7 doctors visits a week and I remember I would go to these doctors visits you know because I was definitely on a rapid spiritual growth point at that stage and I just remember turning it into something how can I give them something, how can I get them to start seeing these patients in a different way.  What little pearls of wisdom can I drop on their lap before I walk out of the door?  And its so important because isn’t that true that we are all teachers and we are all students no matter what we do, you know.
Shurlene Very true.
Alexandra Anyway, so what do you feel? I should ask Earlene this.  Earlene what do you feel you saw as a change in your sister?  I mean did you notice her to be?  Did she shift in the way that she communicated, and the way she saw things?  Was that kind of an ‘eye opener’ for you?
Earlene Well yes.  I saw huge change in the person I knew that lived in Kansas City and the person that came to Dallas and started having these experiences.  I saw Shurlene grow with wisdom and knowledge and awareness.  I saw her attempting to learn more about expanding her consciousness and lifting her vibration and I just saw her become so much more wise.  She started reading a lot of books, and listening to information by Abraham, with Ester and Abraham and ‘Conversations with God’.  And I just saw her grow and develop spiritually, very much so.  And something told me to tell her to start meditating.  I don’t know why, but I told her start meditating and then she started to get answers.  She could sit still for a few moments and her higher Guides can start talking through her and she can just write out all this information out that she has.  She has the ability to communicate with those that have gone through the transition that we normally call death.  There is no such thing as death.  But she will allow them to communicate through her back to us and other members of our family.  And so I’m in awe of all of these things that she can do.  The channeled information that she’s received has been quite profound.  And I’ve just watched her grow and develop and I’m just so proud of her.
Alexandra Oh my!
Earlene (Laughter) From where she came, because when I talked to her about these things in Kansas City she had no frame of reference for what I was talking about.  Now it’s kind of the butt of her and her husband’s jokes.  He would say: ‘What’s Shurlene talking about now’?
Alexandra (Laughter).
Earlene (Laughter). That’s what her husband would say to her: ‘She’s off the deep end, what’s she talking about now?’ (Laughter).  But you know Shurlene never laughed at me.  But you know I saw her grow and I saw her develop.  She’s always been a beautiful person though inside and out but I just saw a lot of growth on her part.  Then she turned the tables and started teaching me.  And so you know I really think we helped each other in that respect.
Alexandra You know what, you guys are awesome.  I mean you’re so supportive
EarleneShurlene Thank you
Alexandra So supportive of one another, seriously, it’s so refreshing.  I’m enjoying talking to you both.
EarleneShurlene Thank you.
Alexandra Question, what do you consider yourselves to be, have you found out your roots with the Galactics?  Are you Pleiadian?  Are you Siriun?  Have you found out that information?
Shurlene I have not.  I have interacted with the Pleiadians actually they visited me one Sunday morning.  It was just a very, very short visit.  You know what’s really interesting is but I don’t know why because I’ve been asked this question a lot, when I’ve had these experiences: ‘What do you ask them?’.  Are you asking this, are you asking that?  And I cannot say that I do ask a lot of questions I’ll be honest with you because when I’m in that realm I’m usually in awe with what I’m seeing and what I’m experiencing.   Sometimes I’m engaged in conversation but I don’t always ask the questions that some people may think why didn’t you ask this, or why didn’t you ask that but I didn’t think about that.  A lot of the questions to me were not necessary it just felt like I had the knowing of that, especially personal things.  So I didn’t ask a lot of questions about myself.  I remember once being taken to Mars and I talked about this rock that had appeared on earth that scientists believed was discovered on earth, I mean from Mars   hundreds of thousands of years ago and because it was a solid rock they felt that this indicated that life existed on Mars.  So I engaged in a conversation like that for example with the entities.  And they said yes we are well aware of your findings. And basically this particular group is not very conversational.  They would ask or answer anything that you asked but they would cut it short: ‘Yes we are very well aware of your findings’ and it wasn’t a whole lot of conversation.  That particular experience I explain in detail on Mars, I visited with another group up there that I call the Nurses of Mars.  I recognized them and I was like ‘Oh my God!’  from Mars.  So I knew that I knew them from another time and place.  So there wasn’t questions about who are you, who am I.  It was more like a reunion with this particular group of entities that I called the Nurses of Mars.  I call them nurses because that’s how they appeared to look but I know that’s not how they normally look but that’s how they appeared to look and act.  So I didn’t ask them a lot of personal information like where am I from or anything like that.  I was working with the situation at hand pretty much.
Alexandra Well you know they say that.  I have a ton of friends that are Contactees.  They say a lot of times when you arrive on the ship you’re being number one downloaded and number two, everything is telepathic.
EarleneShurlene Right.
Alexandra There’s a period of adjustment and orientation even after a period of time you know.  You’re being pulled out of your physical body and going through that situation.  So did you find any of this an adjustment on your physical body?
Shurlene Yes I recall it.  What is it when you travel across the ocean and you get fatigued?  I’d find myself very exhausted the next morning when I’d have to go to work.  Sometimes I’d find myself just needing to sleep a little longer because I knew how active I was during the night.  So that’s the only physical effect that I had.  I had no other negative effect. I had nothing that I can recall that was really openly negative.  I was just tired, jet lagged that was the word I was looking for.  I felt jet lagged.
Alexandra Right, right.  So you mentioned in your Bio that you feel very strongly about the disclosure project.  You feel that you are both a major proponent for that and that this is possibly a piece of why this has happened to you, is for you to come forward and to be vocal and that kind of thing.
EarleneShurlene Yes, yes.
Alexandra So how involved have you been with the Disclosure Process?
Shurlene Earlene do you want to answer that?
Earlene Well we were very supportive of Steven Bassett who as you probably know just recently did the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure and it was a huge success.  As a matter of fact we’re in contact with Dr. Bassett.  I don’t know if he’s actually a Doctor, I’m speaking of Dr. Steven Greer.  We’re in contact with Mr. Bassett.  We just proposed a march on Washington, which we were going to call it, how did we call it Shurlene?  ‘The World March on Washington for UFO Disclosure’ but he’s working on a UN Conference right now.  But we would still like to pull that off.  It’s a huge endeavor but Shurlene is inspired to do that and she said that the inspiration was watching the 50th Anniversary of the Martin Luther King March back in 1963 and we would call ours ‘The New Dream: World March on Washington For UFO Disclosure’.  So that’s something that may come about.  Of course these kind of things take huge amounts of funding so if there’s anyone in your listening audience that would like to help us fund something of this nature we would certainly be interested in doing that.  Another thing we want to do in the future, is take a film crew to Africa because through my research I learned that there are many African tribes that have oral tradition past through generations in which they had encounters with Extra Terrestrials.  They didn’t call them that but that is the terminology that we are most familiar with in the United States.  We would like to go and talk to some of these Elders.  We have learned as a matter of fact.  They know that their ancestors came from the planet Mars.  It’s been passed to them as I mentioned, passed down generation after generation and they still have all sorts dedicated to their ancestors from the planet Mars and in our western society we don’t know this because our religions gave us an origin of man as far as Christianity was concerned and so did Islam.  And much of the major religions of the World have their own origin of man.  We’ve found that certain pockets of Africa that have an oral tradition that proceed the bible by 5,000 years and it does include interactions with non-human beings.  So that would be some of the future work that we would like to go document and bring back to America to show indigenous cultures interactions with non-human beings.  I don’t know how far that would go towards with helping the disclosure but whenever you can gather evidence because one thing we feel very strongly about Alexandra is part of the problem is trying to prove if they’re here.
Alexandra Exactly.
Earlene We need to now accept that as a fact because there’s just too much undisputable verifiable information and evidence that they are indeed here.  So now lets find out why are they here.  How can they help us as a society to eradicate disease, remove pollution from the planet including the Oceans and the air and help us grow and evolve to our next level that we’re trying to evolve to.  We believe that they are here and we know our Government knows they are here.  It’s just a matter of leading our Government.  Another thing that we have to offer as a society.  We as a people lead our government its not the other way round.  Our Government doesn’t lead us.  When we expect that and we make that announcement and we make that declaration and we affirm that the Government will have to follow suit.  We feel that one way to do this would be in a march.  Just lining up the speakers and getting the venue and just pulling it all together will be a huge endeavor but not impossible but that’s something we’re going around.
Alexandra Well Africa as you know its one of the main reasons that they have so severely targeted Africa with all the horrific diseases, and the warfare and the internal civil war and that kind of thing and that’s because Africa is a gigantic wonderland of relics and artifacts from the Star Family.  There is so much evidence. It’s mind blowing.  I just came back from a seminar with Michael Tellinger and he was showing some of the things that he found.  It’s just so rich in history and unfortunately with the Establishment that was I like to say.  Basically they didn’t want that information coming out because Africa is so rich in it.  The other thing I was going to mention is I feel that the Disclosure Process was absolutely phenomenal with the amount of information that came out and I know a great deal of work and expense went into it.  Well it kind of got slammed like and people were like: ‘Was it really successful?  We really didn’t get the kind of response from Government that we should have’ but actually we did.  There are quite a few like Hellyer came out and they are very, very outspoken of the presence of UFOs and since that time look at all of the leaking of documents supporting it.
EarleneShurlene Yes.
Alexandra Everything’s in divine timing
EarleneShurlene Yes.
Alexandra The Galactics as well as prime creator supported this whole process because it couldn’t have happened at a better time.
EarleneShurlene Absolutely.
Alexandra So I commend you.  I think that no matter what we are all doing, so long as we bring some sort of evidence for the masses.  We really are.  It’s the people on this call and the people listening to this information.  We are the ones leading the path.  We are the ones that are blazing the trail.  We’re the ones that are going to determine how quickly we get this job done. (Laughter).
EarleneShurlene (Laughter).
Alexandra So I commend you.  Yeah I commend you both if you are going down that way.  There is so much information that the United States needs to know about.
Shurlene Absolutely.  It’s exciting to be a part of it.  Because we are seeing it unfold, day by day, little by little we are seeing disclosure unfold.  It’s exciting times.  We all agreed to be here in this place and at this time for this event.  We believe it’s inevitable; it has to come about, and is coming about.
Alexandra Well, and its time.  I so agree with you.  It’s not about do we have to prove do they exist or not.  My gosh I mean, I think the last statistic that they took something like 78% of the entire world population believes in UFOs.  If you don’t, then you’re just not reading anything, you’re not looking at anything, you’re not even looking at the stars.  If you grab a pair of night vision goggles you will find a UFO.
EarleneShurlene Yes, that’s right.
Alexandra Period, I don’t care who you are.  I don’t care if you have special gifts, or psychic abilities or whatever.  You’re going to see that they exist
Shurlene  Yes.  As a matter of fact, night vision goggles, excuse me for cutting you off, actually came from back engineering UFOs
Alexandra Yes.
Shurlene Along with a lot of our engineering back then we have today.
Alexandra Very true.
Shurlene What happened was it was given to the Government, then the military and then they finally give it to companies like General Motors to put in our automobiles and so forth.  Many of the people don’t realize how much of the technology that we enjoy today actually came from the back engineering of crashed UFOs
Alexandra Well and what I think we also need to confer to the masses also this is why they aren’t manifesting here: number one because we’re not ready because they are so vibrationally high we can’t just cruise off the spaceship and not impact our body substantially, that’s number one, and number two it’s really important for us to remember, they are a little bit on the shy side coming to a place like this where all we’ve done is shoot them down and mistreat the ones we have caught.  And do horrific things to the ETs that have been captured.
Earlene Exactly. Yes right.
Shurlene Yes. Since you mentioned that, you know I’ve read in conversations with God, I think it was book three it discusses evolved beings throughout the Galaxy and they view us as rather primitive because we have not learned how to solve our issues and our disputes without violence.  So you are right, they have it confirmed about as you would with children with matches.  You have to be careful with them because you’re not sure what they are going to do and you have to watch them.  So I think we have, we’re viewed as very primitive in our evolution and its not that we have to stay there and a lot of us are not there.  I wouldn’t say that would be true of everyone but I think primarily our Governments are viewed as very primitive race overall because we just have so much violence going on. And I know we can do better, I know we can stop the violence.  We don’t have to continue this more for profit mentality.
Alexandra You know I think that one of the most fascinating things for me is just the thought that there are millions if not billions of beings watching us every day and watching us unfold because they are so fascinated by the story of the earth.
Shurlene Yes.
Alexandra And the fact that we’ve been completely dominated by the dark.  We’ve been completely dominated by the Orion Matrix and that is completely crumbling in front of our eyes if we just choose to follow those dots.   That’s kind of where my blog comes in as I am always trying to connect the dots where the matrix is finally crumbling.
EarleneShurlene Yes.
Alexandra And it is, it’s happening man.  We are really in exciting times because the light is penetrating the planet significantly.  There are more and more people going out doing their thing and there are more and more people fired up like you to get the word out.  Hey we are not alone; it’s ridiculous for us to think we are alone.
Earlene Absolutely.  We have a responsibility, in my opinion, to ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, to our future generations to change this picture and we can do it.
Alexandra Yes, yes.  My question to you Shurlene is how are we going to change people’s perspective of the Galactics?  What is your best-case scenario?
EarleneShurlene One thing is, I would like to see movies such as: ‘Men in Black’ stop being produced because they show the violent side of extra terrestrials. What we call extra terrestrials, I now call them Galactics.  But they show the violence and there’s always a war with them.  I think we’ve done a lot.   They’re writing, they’re producing making movies about ET so people won’t be in fear.  A lot of people are afraid because of what they’ve seen on TV or what they’ve seen in the movies.  So I think that would be very important to help change that mindset and to discuss as we are doing now, make web sites, videos and Eurlene and I wrote a song actually as a result of my experiences I had with the Galactics one night.  So we just do all that we can to let people know that they are benevolent beings they want to help us.  They have been where we are.  They’ve gone through what we are going through and evolved beyond that.  So they are here to assist us and help us.  They are loving.  They care more about us than we have any idea.  They are family.  They want to reconnect with us.  They want to celebrate the day we get to connect.  Imagine having long lost family, you know you have them and you just can’t reach them. You can’t talk to them because they are afraid of you.  If you could drop the fear factor that’s how do you interact with these beings, how you allow them to take you out of the Galaxy and so forth.  So the first thing I say is drop the fear factor.
Alexandra Right.
EarleneShurlene There’s nothing to be afraid of.  Just recognize that you are going to be ok and know that you’re going to be ok.  You attract through your vibration the entities that are going to be benevolent.  So I think it’s very important to keep spreading the word that they’re loving, they’re kind, they want to help us.  That’s their mission.  They have a mission.  They have a goal.  They have things to do to so that they can further evolve to higher levels of existence and one of those is to help mankind.  There’s so many around us.  It’s so exciting when you think about it, there’s all this help around us.  As you said we are not alone.  We can have help in an instant if we only just knew it.
Alexandra Yeah and accept the fact that first of all they are walking amongst us.  They’re already here.  I certainly feel that they are already here.  Secondly, recognizing the fact that one of the reasons that so many of us have this hollow, kind of lonely feeling, this void within is because we haven’t reconnected with our family.  And this is like the ultimate.  In fact we made a decision, last weekend, or the one before that we were no longer going to call them Extra Terrestrials because we just felt that that was so cold and so mechanical and we decided to call them ‘Off Worlders’.
EarleneShurlene Ok.Ok.
Alexandra I kind of like that.
Shurlene I like that. (Laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter).  I think they like it too.
Earlene (Laughter).  Yes I’m sure and we’ve made that kind of decision too.  We call them our Galactic Family now.  Every time we use the term Extra Terrestrial we will sometimes refer back to it because it’s a word most commonly used and understood by most people.  But we certainly don’t like that word.  We’ve evolved from that word too.  The Galactic family really feels good
Alexandra I know, I know.  Same for me.  Well, tell me Shurlene what type of ‘juicy’ messages have you received about the unfolding of the earth right now in to the ‘Golden Age’.
Shurlene On one experience I was taken on I was told that they were re-engineering our genetic structure and I thought oh wow that sounds very deep, very profound and having to think about that but I do believe they are fitting us with their genetics the expansion of our consciousness of our mind so that we can be prepared for when we meet them, for when that grand day occurs that we do get to meet them and I do believe that they you mentioned the flood that’s going on with planet Earth, there’s so much technology now that my sister I believe mentioned earlier that they can assist us with and they want to.  The idea that anyone would want to hold that back cleaning up our air and our water and pollution and for health, disease and illness and all of those things is unimaginable to me.  Any group that would want to withhold that type of thing from the people of planet Earth.  And so I think they are just waiting for us to collectively get to that place where we are ready to meet them.  I don’t think we are all going to be on the same page anyway.  They understand that we are different, at various levels of growing and growth and so I don’t think they have to wait on the whole population to get on the same page.  I don’t think that is possible, but enough of us, just enough of us get on the same page I think they will be ready to help us in our endeavors.
Alexandra Aka the Ground Crew.  And that’s why there is so much, I hate to use the word responsibility but there is an onus on our backs because I mean we really all of us the ground crew have a responsibility to continue every day to be searching and seeking out what can we do to raise our vibration whatever that is.  And what can we do to strip any darkness out of our sphere because whatever we do we are affecting up to millions of people with just that single move, just that single move.
EarleneShurlene Yes.  That is so accurate, because remember we are all one.  I remember when I use to drive in traffic and man honking at people, may be a few choice words and I had to stop that because I had to say we’re one, I’m one with that person.  So now I say a blessing to him and if he cuts in front of me or honks his horn or something and hope he has a wonderful day because he is part of who I am.  We are all one.  We are all connected.  So if we treat each other with consideration and kindness and respect that we want to be treated like.  These ideals are so easy.  Just treat everyone like you want to be treated and we are our brother’s keeper.  These types of things if we just put them into action and that will raise our vibration.  Loving everyone and not judging, not trying to manipulate and control and manage everything and just let them go in love.
Alexandra Yeah and I think making sure not to confuse being one with being passive about who you are.  You, yourself are unique and you are a gift to the world because there is no one like you.  You bring something special to the table.  I think this is something that’s really been lost in the whole oneness unity and consciousness thing and I’m always trying to remind people, hey you’re really special and whatever you bring to the table, master it, be good at it, stand up, and stand in your authority about it.  This is what makes the difference.  This is how quickly, the more of us do this we will be that much quicker through the ascension process.  We will be the first wavers however you want to describe it.
Shurlene Yes, we can be an individual and yet be one.
Alexandra Right.
Shurlene It sounds like a paradox but yet it’s still true.
Alexandra Right.  So how do you feel that the Galactics are perceiving us right at this moment with those changes going on in our genetic make up?
Shurlene I think they are witnessing change, because we’re witnessing it ourselves.  It’s amicable.  Change is occurring as you mentioned earlier.  We are seeing so much now going on.  Our heads are spinning with all the changes that are going on with our planet, our environment our Earth.  I think they are seeing that, they are percieving that, they are understanding that we are readying ourselves.  I think they want to help us as much as they can without of course, too much interference in our free will, our free choice.  They know that we have that free choice and we can go any direction that we choose to but they want to assist yet not interfere or overlap our will.  So I think we are just headed in a wonderful direction.  I am just so encouraged almost every day.  As my sister said it’s just such exciting times to be alive.  It’s a wonderful time and they are ready to meet us, they’re ready to celebrate, they’re ready to help us evolve and help us in ??ending? (51.11 mins)   and we get to go along with that ascension too we do if we do work on raising our vibration.  And so, they want to help us, I think, in every step of the way.
Alexandra Yeah, I think so too and I think one of the things that we need to just be cautious about is are the higher our vibration is and the more that we come from our hearts when we are reaching out to the Galactics, the purer and the more pristine the connections we make with the higher Light Beings.
Shurlene Yes
Alexandra And that’s the key.  Working with heart contact and making sure that it’s being done properly not through paranoia.  If you come from that perspective you may draw in not such nice beings.
Shurlene I did that, I talk about that in the book because on a couple of occasions based on my vibrations for that particular day what I was experiencing I drew in negative entities.  I had two or three bad experiences with negative entities so I had my rounds with them and it was quite an experience as well but I’ve learned now how to differentiate a day if I’m frustrated, yes I will draw in something negative, I will go to bed and draw in the negative entities.  But, if I had a wonderful uplifting day positive and kept my vibrations up the higher entities the benevolent entities are whom I would attract.
Alexandra Thank you for that because I didn’t even know that.  You know I haven’t even had the chance to read your book, which I’m very interested in it.  Do me a favor we are getting towards the top of the hour, but tell everybody about the lyrics that you wrote for the Galactics for the Earths emergence Worlds anthem.  I really found the lyrics to just be so oh gosh, they were so special.
  Well thank you.  I was experiencing the Galaxy one night and I was taken in a box like structure and I was floating, free floating throughout the Galaxy.  And I was hearing these words I’m sorry tune to a song that we recognized as ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’.  It felt like I was in an elevator type box, the old fashioned elevator with music.  So once I was brought back to my body, to my bed I should say, I continued to hear the song come back in small decibels, small really quiet in the background and eventually it got louder and louder.  I was fully awake now and I looked at my radio and I though aha I just left my radio on all night and that must be it but I didn’t my radio was not on.  I thought why were they exposing me to the song which I had no reference for ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’, no interest in the song.  I couldn’t understand that so my sister and I started having numerous coincidences around that song.  We’d go to an exhibit and someone would be performing that song or I should say a function.  Then we went to an exhibit and there was a version of the song.  So the song was always popping up.  I won’t go into quite a lot of detail because as you said you’ve only got a few minutes.  But what happened was, my sister and I one day were talking about the song and she said I believe what we need to do is write our own version of the song with all of your experiences to that tune, that was ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic.  And I thought oh, that’s crazy we’re no songwriters we couldn’t possibly write a song.  I thought maybe we could hire a special songwriter.  Nope she said this is our job nobody else can do this.  We have to do it.  She was just so confident that we could write this song.  So she grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and started writing.  And I thought, well I guess I could do the same I don’t know how so she gave me a piece of paper and pen.  We were so when the song came out, she wrote three verses and I wrote three verses and it amazed us because we’d never done anything like that but we believed the Galactics were channeling these words to us and they know the history of that song.  That song represents a revolutionary time in our history for example civil war, slaves march off to battle singing that song, another version of that song.  It has a rich history.  I think …(voices muddled)… about the abolition.
Alexandra You know I’m getting goose bumps because….
EarleneShurlene (Laughter).
Alexandra I just, I just completed a three week mission where I was called ‘BAM’ clarion call, you got to get on the road and do this and one of the things I realized after it was completed was it was all about the civil war, the revolution.  It was all about sovereignty.  It was all about taking back the land.  It was about the American Indians, the roots and how that relates to the Lemurians and so you’re right on the money because I really think they’re trying to send us constant messages about: ‘hey, remember what it’s like to be free’, because we haven’t been free for so long.  I think we’ve all forgot.  Even our sense of freedom now is nothing compared to what it was then.
EarleneShurlene Yes.
Alexandra So anyway well listen I really appreciate you two coming on line with me and please folks do me a favor and check out their book.  It’s called ‘From the Motherland to the Mother Ship’ and you can also drop onto their website at ufotwins.com and they will be more than happy to assist you.  It looks like Shurlene you mention that you even assist in traumatic abduction experiences.
Shurlene Yes.  I have counseled before and I enjoy that.  I also want to mention that if anyone likes to hear the song it’s five minutes YouTube song.  Please go to YouTube and put in the title ‘Galactic Hymn of Earths Emergence’ or they can put in ‘The Disclosure Song’.  Our twin picture will pop up and we’d appreciate if anyone would like to hear it.  We are very proud of it.  And I’d love to talk to people about any of their experiences.  They can write us through the ufotwins.com website.  There is an area where they can send their information or their own experiences they can share that with others.  So we are trying to do our part in this whole wonderful phenomenon.
Alexandra And clearly you are and I just want to let you know we are going to probably post your YouTube video on our BBS landings page.  Hopefully my girlfriend can handle that because she handles all the techy stuff for me.
EarleneShurlene Thank you
Alexandra Yeah so we’ll put it up there.
EarleneShurlene And thank you for the work you’re doing.  It’s phenomenal.  We are so glad to have met you and your work as a Light Worker.
Alexandra Thank you
EarleneShurlene Thank you.
Alexandra Thank you I appreciate that because that keeps us all going.  (Laughter).
Shurlene Yes I agree.
Alexandra It’s the acknowledgement, the thanks, the occasional donation and seriously really doing it for Mother, Father, God, Creator and the like.
EarleneShurlene Exactly
Alexandra With that said, I want to thank you.  Please do your part   ufotwins.com.  We will see you next week, same time, same place Tuesday at 4.00 PM.  Thank you Shurlene and Earlene.
EarleneShurlene Thank you.We’ve enjoyed it.
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