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microphone (1)Good afternoon, everyone. This is Alexandra Meadors at Galactic Connection.com and today is April 29, 2014. I have with me a wonderfully, amazingly refreshing guest, Veronica Keen, who is coming on the line to discuss with us all types of topics, everything from leylines to the current events of what is going on, and her experiences in the relationship with the infamous Montague Keen. If any of you have ever looked into Monty’s Foundation, which now, of course, Veronica is running- correct, Veronica?
Veronica: Yes, yes.
Alexandra: The Foundation was registered in April 2006 (yes) and has offices in London and New York. And for many of you who have become kind of addicted to his messages through Veronica, many of you are not probably very aware of his very thorough background into paranormal investigations. And I’d like to dive a little more thoroughly into that today with Veronica. I’m sure that she has some interesting tidbits. He got involved with the Scole Experiment.
Veronica: Yes, he was the chief investigator there.
A: I’d love to hear about that. It was a ground-breaking event in paranormal research. Why is this important, folks? Because it is really setting the stage to prove that there truly is life after so-called death. And the primary missions of the Montague Keen Foundation are discoveries in alternative medicine and healing, researching eco-friendly, innovative agriculture practices, researching the after-life, of course, pioneering alternative energy sources, and communicating and educating through film, books, internet and seminars. So, with that said, we’ll go ahead and dive in, and I just want to say Welcome, I know you are talking to me kind of late in the evening in London, right?
V: That is correct, yes.
A: Now you said you are currently from Ireland, right?
V: I am Irish, yes, very, very much. I was born in Ireland, I grew up in Ireland, so my whole background is Ireland. It’s very important to me.
A: Very wonderful. In fact, I was so surprised that you had three children and seven grandchildren. Are they residing in Ireland, or with you there?
V: No, no, no. They reside in this country, at different parts of it, yes.
A: Wonderful. A lot of people just know about the woman behind the man, so to speak, and I really want to give you some recognition today on the immense amount of the work that you have been putting out there and assisting this planet to raise its light quotient.
V: Yes.
A: So can you begin for those who were not aware, can you begin with the story-book romance I should say, between yourself and Monty – how did you guys met and what happened when you did meet.
V: Well, I lived in Highgate, which is a very, very beautiful suburb of London and I used to give dinner parties. One week to discuss the paranormal, another week to discuss alternative medicine, my two great interests. And we invited – my neighbors used to came in – you know, we used to have a lovely gathering. I invited Dr Rupert Sheldrake. And Rupert couldn’t make it and he suggested that Montague Keen should come, in his place. So I said, wonderful, yes. I was in the kitchen ready to serve dinner and somebody let him in. So I met him in my living room. And he was sitting next to me during dinner and I kept thinking, my God, this man, his knowledge is absolutely amazing. No matter what subject came up, it just flowed from him. And I found it fascinating. So he asked if he could come again, and we said, yes. And he started coming to the alternative medicine evenings as well. And at the first time, he became very interested in alternative medicine. And the rest is history, as they say, you know. He wasn’t well when I met him. And I have very good friend, Dr Robert Trossel, who’s a wonderful, wonderful doctor, so I took Monty over to Holland to Robert and we sorted out Monty’s health. And he was absolutely delighted. And we lived together for many years. I was terrified of getting married again. And in the end, he did persuade me and I did and I think, my goodness, I should have done it earlier. But I enjoyed every moment.
A: That is a testimony to a marriage, Veronica. What an astounding – . Anybody who can say that about their marriage, no matter what. What a gift.
V: We adored each other. And it was – I didn’t know it was possible to be that happy.
A: Ohhh. How wonderful!
V: He didn’t either, you know.
A: They call that being twin flames.
V: Well, as you said, after he died, he found himself with his soul family and he just fit in perfectly. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.
A: Fantastic. Now how many years were you married?
V: Oh, we were only married for three years. But we had been together, a few years living together. That’s why I don’t like to say how long we were married because it seems like, you know –
A: Well, Veronica, that’s stuff is a very old school ways of thinking.
V: I know. I know. I know. I really believe Alexandra, that the people who know that they are going to die, (hmm) on some level they do, because the last three weeks of Monty’s life he wouldn’t let me out of his sight. Even if I was just popping to the shop he would go with me. He didn’t want to be away from me for a moment. And I found that very interesting.
A: So, obviously, in hindsight, you are able to put the pieces together. (yes) Were there any other – maybe omens – that he was about to pass? I really want you to share with the audience how that occurred, because I think that is fascinating.
V: Oh my god, isn’t it just? When I first met Monty he was living in a huge farmhouse all on his own. And he was telling me, he had one fear in his life, not really a fear, but something that worried him a little bit. And that was of dying on his own. And he died in a room with 250 people listening to him.
A: That’s amazing.
V: Isn’t it?
A: Amazing. And tell everybody, you said basically, there was no heart attack, (Nope) there was no trauma. (Nope)
V: They could not find it. They did a three-hour post mortem and they could not find a cause of death. I have the death certificate. Monty explained that the spirit world decided to take him in a public place so it would be recorded and it would be remembered.
A: Hmmm.
V: Until he took his last breath.
A: Especially because of the kind of work he did. Right?
V: Yes, yes, yes. Now the interesting thing is, I realized that he was dead. Nobody else did.
A: Wow!
V: And I was sitting next to him, you see? I just knew instinctively that he was dead. And I called for doctors, and they put him on the floor, yeah, and they took him to a hospital because you have to if you die in a public place. And the amazing thing was, they put him in a tiny, little room and my doctor, Robert, and his wife, Wendy, who was also a very, famous doctor, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, my grandson, and I were in this little room with him. And I had one arm around him and I was stroking his hand with the other hand. Now Rupert said something to me and I took my hand away to turn to answer to Rupert. Monty lifted his hand, put his thumb – put his fingers around his thumb – and put it firmly on his chest. Now he had been dead for three and a half hours, when he did that.
A: What was your reaction?
V: Well everyone’s reaction. The two doctors had never seen anything like that before. Then one of the doctors realized – because he was moving his head – if I moved, he moved. (Hmm) Then when my son then came, and my son and Robert, my doctor, were forcing me to leave him – we had been with him – oh my god, for hours then, and as we were going out of the door, a line of – now it was definitely diamonds – from over my head at my left side right down to the ground. Sparkling diamonds, and I thought I was having a stroke and I put my hands over my eyes. But you know, they never left me for three weeks. And that was Monty’s way of showing me that I am still beside you. He was so powerful. He came to bed with me every night.
A: I heard that. Now,
V: I know!
A: That must have been quite an adjustment!
V: Oh my god! It was so – I was arranging the funeral and yet he would come and I could feel him, just like we used to, with his arm around me. Then after three weeks he said, you don’t need this anymore, darling, it takes a lot of energy. And then I started to get patting on the back when I went to bed. And you know, . . . he materialized the first time three weeks after he died and spoke in his own voice.
A: Yeah, you know, Veronica, it’s very interesting to me from the standpoint that – he got you through probably the most difficult period just by telling you that. I can speak from experience because when I lost my father in 2005 it shattered my world.
V: I know.
A: I was of course, very much involved and around a lot of other mediums and psychics and things like that. And they had told me, give him about 30 days. And at about 30 days one of the greatest healing gifts you can give yourself is to have a reading with him. (Yes, yes) It changed my life forever. After that, I can really relate to what you said, Death is a gift, and it’s a beautiful experience (yes) and I was able to really communicate with him in a way that I never had when he was in the physical plane, so to speak.
V: That’s right. All the barriers are down.
A: Right.
V: It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful. He was the most amazing person I ever met in my life.
A: People are just – we can feel him through you.
V: I know!
A: It’s so cool! Tell everybody about his tribute. This is four months after he passed?
V: Nearly four months after he died, we organized a day of tribute. And they came from all over the world for it. In fact, it was at the same place where he died.
A: Amazing.
V: I know, I know. I know. It was difficult to go back there again. But I needed to do it. It was his day of tribute. And he decided to make his own speech for that day. (Ohhh) And he made a word perfect speech in his own voice three and a half months after he died.
A: Oh my god!
V: I know! (they laugh)
A: Did he speak himself, or did he speak through someone else?
V: No, oh yes, he was using the energy in the room. (Oh, okay) If there is sufficient energy he uses it. He can materialize, he walks around, shakes hands, chats, oh yes! I have been kissed by him as well. In seances, in a public seance.
A: I think people always wondered because you have these regular channelings or messages from him and they’re always curious – does he physically appear when he gives you these messages?
V: No, he dictates. And sometimes when he is excited, you know, he talks very fast and I don’t have shorthand and I’m trying to keep up with him. (they laugh)
A: You made a very interesting comment about how he uses the energy of the room and he doesn’t need ectoplasm. Can you comment a little more about that?
V: Well, he will use ectoplasm if it’s there, yes. But if the energy is sufficient he uses the voice box of the medium.
A: Very cool. What do you think was really the clincher of his tribute that day. I have a copy of it in front of me, and by the way, I’m going to have the audience have access to this on the website so they can read it.
V: Wonderful. Wonderful. He just wanted people to know how wonderful it is on the other side. He said many times, if people had any idea just how wonderful it is, they’d be queueing up to go over. (laughter) He said that and made us laugh so many times. He’s never lost his sense of humor. I just would say that religion was invented to create fear.
A: Definitely.                  
V: You know, Alexandra, when he first died, he was bombarding me with information that I couldn’t handle because I was dealing with the loss of the person that I adored, my physical loss.
A: I bet.
V: You know, he was explaining so much to me. He said we will close the doors of all religions. They are all wrong.
A: Fantastic.
V: And I thought, don’t be ridiculous, Monty, I can’t do that. (laughter) He said I needed a foundation. And I thought, – I’ve got thousands of recordings here and you’ll hear me saying, I can’t do that Monty. Yes dear, you can, and you will. And you know, he’s got me doing things that I never dreamed that I would ever do.
A: Fantastic!
V: I know.
A: So have you put this together in a book or a manual?
V: No. I haven’t had time. Because I work every day. I have different projects that I have to work on.
A: Boy, I really can relate with that.
V: Now the leyline project – he started to explain the leylines to me years ago but I didn’t fully appreciate how they were being used against us.
A: Please talk a little more about that. I think that is the most ground-breaking project that has come forth.
V: I know it is. Yes.
A: And I admire you for that.
V: Oh my god. He explained, you see the timing has to be right when we do things. So he was just preparing the way for the leylines, by every now and then telling me about them so that when the time was right and I could just go for it. (Hmm) He explained the reason that they have put abattoirs, airports, all sorts of horrendous things on top of where the leylines cross, where the energy should be released to the world. The earth’s energies have been deliberately blocked from us.
A: Yes.
V: The incredible thing was, on Saturday he was explaining – I had a friend here and we were getting so much information. He was explaining that all of the stargates and all of the most important nodes where the energy should be pouring forth to us are controlled by reptilians, very evil reptilians. They are guarding them. They can’t go into the stargates but they are preventing us from accessing them.
A: Yes.
V: And interestingly, we talked about this here in my home last Saturday. Then on Sunday, I got confirmation of this from somebody else in Holland. (Yes) And I thought she’s got this information as well, this is wonderful. And the leylines and the obelisks – you see, Rome controls everything. And this is something we are only just beginning to understand.
A: Yes, totally beginning to start unraveling, finally.
V: Oh my god! (Yes) Yes.That is the importance of the obelisks in Rome. We’ve got to work on them. Tomorrow is such an importance day, it’s Beltane. Tomorrow the negative people, the Cabal, will be working against us. So tomorrow we must spend as much time as possible meditating, and sending love, and light, to release the energies from the stargates, the obelisks, and the leylines. You see, we don’t need guns or bombs or anything. (No) We just need our minds. We can do it. And Monty says we will do it.
A: You know, Veronica, I did a little digging. I found something that’s so fascinating. There was a gentleman that did all of this research, he compiled all of this data through years and years of studying leylines. (Yeah) And he found that 95%, now get this, 95% of all the sitings and activities all take place on a leyline. (Yup) Okay, that’s numer one. And number two, he found a parallel between – if you found dark leylines versus light leylines – when he looked at the dark leylines there was a parallel between the abductions and the leylines. 
V: Yes, yes, yes.
A: Can you talk a little bit about that?
V: We are only just beginning to understand the world that we are living in. What they have done to it. You see, what we don’t understand is, almost 2000 years ago our history was completely changed. What we were taught as history in schools, the last 2000 years is totally, 100% wrong. (Yeah) It is the opposite of what is true. (Yeah) We were taught that everything got started in the East and went West. It did not. It started in the West and went East.
A: Yeah, isn’t there a famous statement by one of the people in the space program that said, ‘they didn’t just tell us a little bit of lies, every single thing is lies.’
V: Everything. Everything. That’s right.
A: I find that today, Veronica and I were talking before about this. We both are feeling that people are spinning out right now because every single one of us is being shaken, as to what we thought was true, (Yes) And every single one of us, there’s not a person on the planet right now that isn’t being challenged by what they thought was their core belief systems, or core feelings. They depended on their heart and their feelings, ‘okay, that feels right to me and I followed that because that feels right.’ So what do you think about that? About the leylines fitting in with that.
V: Oh my god! As Monty said, this is our way of out of this situation. The work that we put into the leylines and the obelisks will free us. You know, it doesn’t even cost us any money, it isn’t costing anything, but a little bit of energy.
A: Good point.
V: We have the tools. We have been given the tools to release ourselves from prison.
A: Very good point.
V: And we need to do it.
A: Right. And in fact, if it wasn’t so important that it wouldn’t be in every single one of these cultures – if we can believe that too, right? (Right) Because it’s in the books and mythology and etcetera, etcetera. But the Indians called them ‘spirit lines,’ (Right) shamans called them ‘electro-magnetic energy lines.’ (Yeah) And then you had – I really wanted to know what you thought about this – the Druids called them ‘mystical lines.’
V: Oh my dear.
A: I really wanted to know that –
V: Oh dear girl, yes.
A: The ‘dragon lines.’ So can you talk a little bit about that?
V: Yes, yes. Right. The Druids were – I’m talking about the ancient Druids, (Okay) I’m not talking about the people that call themselves Druids today. The ancient Druids knew and understood how the whole planet worked, and our connection with all the other planets. (Hmmm) That was changed 2000 years ago. Our connection was cut. We are not all from the planet earth. We’ve lived in other planets. But 2000 years ago we were closed down so we’re not able to go to other planets and they are not allowed to come to us. And that is going to change.
A: I wanted to throw something in here. Now of course, this is a channeling, so take what feels good and throw the rest out, right? The message came in yesterday from a close friend of mine that they are now receiving the message that the quarantine has been lifted. And there has been such phenomenal work on the part of the Ground Crew and the Lightworkers, that I commend them with my whole heart and soul. We have all done so much work (Right) to try to bring this to fruition and it’s paying off.
V: Oh my god, Monty said, if you could only see from the other side, the progress that we are making. We really are. He said some of us might now realize that the importance of what we are doing. But we are making inroads into the darkness. And they can’t control it because we are creating light. And light always extinguishes the dark.
A: Very good. Very good.
V: Their time is up. So what they are doing now, Alexandra, is to try and destroy everything before they go. Now I am trying to prevent this.
A: Yes, as are many of us.
V: Yes.
A: We are working behind the scenes for sure.
V: We must prevent this from happening. And we can. We have the ability.
A: We don’t even have the ability, Veronica, we have the POWER.
A: We ARE the power.
V: We Are. We’ve got to remember that we are powerful. That’s why the religions for 2000 years have been telling us that we are nobodies. And there’s a reason behind it, believe me. And have you ever come across ‘The Irish Origins of Civilization?’
A: I have.
V: There you are.
A: I am very, very, very drawn, very drawn to – 
V: Michael Tsarion. I think I knew him 2000 years ago.
A: Oh I love Michael.
V: Isn’t he the most adorable man? He is so knowledgeable, he’s like Monty. I could listen to him forever, you know.
A: He’s one of my faves, that’s for sure.
V: Mine too.
A: How do you feel that ties in within this?
V: Oh yes, very much. Actually, in one of my seances I had access to an amazing ancient portal. And one of my seances there, the ancient Irish Druids came through and they told me about my connection with Michael Tsarion years ago. And they said we will meet in this life and we will work together at some stage. Because when he finds out what I am doing in my next project he will want to be involved.
A: Really cool.
V: But it’s as Monty says, it’s the most sinned against people, the Irish people. Their whole history was stolen. They tried to destroy everything. Ireland is actually the Holy Land, if you would believe. (Yeah) And it wasn’t until after Monty died that he gave me all of this information. And I thought, no Monty, I’m Irish, you know. (Yes) But he started to give me the details.
A: Well, how far back is this going, according to Monty.
V: This is going back to the catastrophe. When the Irish and the Egyptians are the two most ancient races on earth. And they worked together. And when the catastrophe happened, and he showed me – you see, sometimes he shows me and it’s like watching television. And I saw myself as I was then because he told me who I was in that life. And I took the artifacts from Ireland and I took the artifacts with me to Egypt. We all went. We are the ones who wandered in Egypt, not the Jews. The Jews never went anywhere. There’s not a shred of evidence of it. And on our return to Ireland when things were back to normal again, I brought all of the artifacts back. And then, Rome decided that – no, it wasn’t the Vatican then, it was Rome decided they had to destroy Ireland and Egypt in order to take over the world. So they sent the person we know call St Patrick to Ireland. Now I was alive then as well. I went back, you know, with a friend of mine who regressed me, and I was back there and I saw how they converted people. He used to get the children to stand in circles and set fire to them. (Ohh!) Or set their parents, to make them become Catholics. They had no choice. And they thought, okay, we’re going along with it, but we can go back to what we are after, after he is gone. But you see, the Vatican took over after that, they controlled Ireland totally.
A: Totally.
V: And they destroyed Egypt as well. Now I said a few months ago, well Monty said in one of his writings, that our return to Ireland after the catastrophe, some of us stopped off in what was Persia, that’s now Iran, and we stopped off in various countries along the way back and we decided to live there. (Right) And the Iranian government became interested. They checked the DNA and they discovered that there’s a whole area in Iran that has Irish DNA.
A: Wow!
V: Yes! The thing is we can prove everything. There are now six top scientists from Iran in Ireland studying ancient Irish history.
A: Fantastic. I always heard that Ireland was the seed of humanity.
V: It is! Yes. That’s why it had to be kept down. That’s why in 1152 Pope Adrian gave Ireland and its people as slaves to the British Crown. Now listen to this: on condition, that the Irish never find out who they are.
A: Woah!
V: Yes.        
A: Very, very fascinating.
V: Isn’t it just?
A: And it’s no surprise that you were selected as the one to bring forth the information, with Monty, as the one whose from Ireland.
V: Yes. Yes. I’ve learned more about Ireland since my husband died than I ever did all of my lives. You know, it’s really been an eye-opener. And I have, I look at the Irish people, and I realize what’s been done to them.
A: Oh man.
V: I mean, when I was young I think you would find it difficult to find many people my age who haven’t been raped or buggered.
A: Good god!
V: You will not find them. And if you got pregnant you were put away. You were hidden. That’s the way it was when I was growing up.
A: Wow. (Yes) I know a lot of us are familiar with the potato famine.
V: There was never a potato famine. (Interesting) There never was a potato famine. Our history lied about that. I have all the evidence. The thing is I can prove everything that I say. It was a holocaust organized by the Jesuits and overseen by the Jesuits. (Wow) Yes. They’ve done so much over the years to destroy the Irish people. Oh yes.
A: So how do you feel that the Irish have learned from this experience? What do you feel that they are coming away from this with?
V: Unfortunately, the mind control involved with the way the religion was forced on the Irish, very few of them are really, really waking up and realizing what the Church taught us was absolute rubbish. Unfortunately.
A: How are you received over there?
V: Oh, they love it! (she laughs)
A: Good. So there’s a glimpse of –
V: There’s a lot of them waking up but believe me, it is wonderful to see. I did a talk at the Hill of Tara, about 18 months ago. And the day before, I did a regression with this friend. And we realized that the Vatican still had a hold over me. And we worked out that when you are baptized you hand the child over to the church. You no longer have that child. It’s not yours anymore. And until you break those vows and take your sovereignty back, you belong to the Vatican. And I did it. And when I was giving the talk, Monty kept saying in my ear, ‘tell them about the baptism, tell them.’ So I did. And I said, do you want to renounce those baptismal vows now? And everybody said ‘yes.’ (Oh) Please can we do it now? Here on Tara! Where else? And Tom went through it and everybody repeated his words, it was – you know what? I have never seen tears like it. Everybody was – the relief. They were releasing themselves.
A: That’s fantastic.
V: It’s up on my website.
A: I was going to say we need to get that out because there are a lot of recovering Catholics, such as myself, (Yeah) who would love to see that proclamation.
V: Yes. Well, you know, after I left Ireland they were going in busloads every weekend to all the sacred sites and taking back their sovereignty. It was wonderful.
A: That’s fantastic.
V: Absolutely wonderful. So a lot of people have woken up there. It’s great to see because they really have been sinned against.
A: Do you feel that the energetic, the actual energies within Ireland have lightened up? Is there a really heavy-duty core group of Lightworkers in Ireland that are doing that kind of work doing say – I know there’s a ton of us here in the United States who are doing a lot of this stuff?
V: There are a lot. Yes. But the energy in Ireland could not be destroyed. It was, it is, you get off the plane in Ireland and it is the most wonderful experience. I love that country so much. But I have to live here because the work that I am doing, it has to be done from here.
A: Yes, yes. In fact, it’s funny that you brought this up because that is one of my plans. I’m going to Ireland this year, come hell or high water.
V: Are you really?
A: I’m going!
V: To which part are you going to?
A: I’m not really sure. I just want to experience it like I did when I went to England. I went to twelve countries when I was 21, and I just backpacked. (Yes) And it was the coolest experience. I just used the Euro-pass and I really got to know the people. (Yes) That’s the best way to travel to really, you know, unite with different cultures.
V: Wonderful! You will love Ireland.
A: I can’t wait.
V: You really will love it. It’s just wonderful. Monty adored Ireland. People thought he was Irish, he wasn’t. He was born in London, he was English. But he loved Ireland very much. He loved the energy there.
A: Well tell us a little bit about what you are knee-deep into, other than the leyline project? What other types of projects do you working on right now?
V: Oh my god. There is the most important project for our world but I can’t talk about it because they have tried to kill me. They have tried, well they’ve hurt me many times. They have caused me to have strokes, they have done all sorts to me. I get more and more protection as the time goes on. But you know, let’s put it this way, please pray for my next project, which is going to have to be soon because every country in this world will benefit. (You got it) It will release the energy. And you know, they made me penniless. They thought that would stop me. But it doesn’t. I manage. My daughter gives me money every month. And the person who’s supposed to work with me on this, they’ve done the same thing to him. (Hmmm) He’s losing his business, he’s losing everything. You see, if they can’t get us through money, they get us by smashing my car. You know, I go into a shop and come out and a bus has totally wrecked my car, you know, things like that. They give you problems.
A: I totally understand. As you and I discussed.
V: They cannot break my spirit.
A: No, they can not break our spirits, with what we want to do and what we want to achieve. And you will. I just want to reassure you, I really firmly feel within my heart and soul right now, we have taken a turn in the right direction, finally.
V: Oh my god, you are so right! You are so right. These next two or three months are crucial.
A: Very.
V: Absolutely crucial.
A: I want everyone that is listening to this interview to understand – this is, my interviews are always divinely guided. And this interview with Veronica today was basically, I received a message that this was who I was to interview.
V: Really!
A: Oh yeah. And one of the things that is very, very crucial, and I heard this, if we do another couple of rounds, it wasn’t even that many, if we do a couple of united rounds, (yes) just with the leylines (yes) then we are home free. Because Kevin Annett has done –
V: Isn’t he just wonderful?!
A: Yes, he has done a phenomenal amount of work on the other side of the fence.
V: That’s right. You see, we each have our own section.
A: Yes. (yes) So everybody take heart that the timing could not be more crucial right now for us to not let up, even if we are feeling freer. There’s definitely a feeling in the air, you can feel the difference. (That’s right) You can feel that the dominions are being removed. You can feel it.
V: I know. I know.
A: So going back to Ireland. Tell us some more juicy stuff that Monty told you about Ireland, I’m curious.
V: Well, he told me about the places in Ireland that I had never heard of. And the reason that I had never heard of them was because the Vatican didn’t want you to know. (My god) Oh yes. Oh my god, yes. And you know, what you call the famine. It wasn’t, it was a holocaust. (Ohh) I know. Actually, a medium in America contacted me a couple of years ago. And she said she doesn’t go public, she doesn’t want it to be known that she is a medium. But she said, a Jesuit priest kept coming and asking her to please apologize for him to the Irish people, because he oversaw the holocaust in Ireland. And he can’t live with himself, on the other side, it is still bothering him very much. And he wanted the Irish people to know that he was sorry.
A: Tell us a little bit about the Holocaust. Was it to the magnitude of a lot of the stuff that we’ve read about World War II, which by the way that is being challenged right now.
V: Oh, that’s all lies as well. Did you know that everything that we read in our newpapers is decided by the Cabal. They decide what we’re told, how we’re told it. I don’t read a newpaper. I don’t listen to the news because it’s just rubbish. (Yes) And everybody is telling you the same thing. Don’t you find that’s interesting?
A: Well, there was a clip probably about three months ago, brilliantly done by a blogger, where he took a news headline and he went to about fifteen different new stations and they had the exact same verbiage on one sentence. (Right) That was an eye-opener right there, because we knew they were controlled. But to be controlled to the point that there’s literally a script that’s being read off by the journalists, or whomever. Very sad.
V: Monty just reminded me to tell you something.
A: Oh please. Tell him – Hi Monty!
V: He controls me. Have you ever read ‘The Wandering Who?’ by Gilad Atzmon?
A: ‘The Wandering Who?’ Okay.
V: ‘The Wandering Who?’ by Gilad Atzmon. Now he’s an Israeli Jew, who at the age of 18 he had to put on a uniform and was expected to kill people. And as he said, he looked in their eyes and he couldn’t do it. And he said, ‘I researched it and I realized that we were on their land. We had taken everything from them.’ (Hmmm) And he is one of the most brilliant people. I did an interview with him and oh my god, he is everything you would wish a man to be. Totally honest. (Awesome) He is such a beautiful, beautiful soul. And he is telling the truth.
A: And this is about World War II, right?
V: No, no, no. It’s about Israel. It’s about what they have done and how they have taken Palestine from the Palestinians, and killing them and all the rest of it. And he researched the so-called wandering in the desert, and how they were kicked out of -and he realized it wasn’t true. (Hmm) And I said, no, Gilad, it wasn’t true because, they never did, it was the Irish that did. And he said, they have no history. They stole their history, I said yes, they stole it from Ireland. Did you know that the Hebrew language is the ancient Irish language of Iburu? They just changed the letter. And they still use the same 22 letters and they call it Hebrew. (Hmm)
A: Nothing surprises me anymore.
V: Oh my god. But it is all coming out. Shlomo Sand has just coming out with a new book, his latest book, oh my god, I can’t remember the name, it’s in the other room. His latest book is exposing the whole lie of – the whole thing is lies. That’s it. And he’s one of their top professors. [The Invention of the Jewish People]
A: You know, I think this is a time that we were striving to be here now that we are at this crossroads, we’re literally at the grand cross, and we’re being prompted by the Universe to make choices. (Oh yes) And what I am seeing from people who are writing in to me, and that kind of thing, is if you get off-centered even in the choices that you make (Yes) you are going to become very polarized. And this is a challenge, this is really almost like another initiation for humanity. It’s another experience of being in boot camp to get through probably one of the most challenging times of our life, even for those who really thought they got their own spirituality, their own connection to Source, God, whatever you call it. There are so many land-breaking pieces of information, videos, audios, etc. that are being dropped into our laps, we’re being forced to process all of this massive amount of data and try to piece it together and make some sense to say, do I just throw it all out? or how do I incorporate it into my new foundational ideals? What do you think about that? What does Monty say about that?
V: Well, everyone of us, all of us who are doing this work here at the moment, chose to be here. We came, we are the architects of the future. And the future depends on us. And we are obligated to do what we came on earth to do. Because, actually, one of the funniest things ever, I was at a public seance with my doctor, because I wasn’t well at the time, so he took me. And I was sitting there and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came through to speak to me, in his own voice, I have the recordings. (Very cool) And he talks to me about my work and he was saying, when you come to join us Veronica – and I said, can I come now? Because I really felt badly ill. And, oh my god, did I get told off publically. (laughter) You must complete your work. You will not be allowed to come until you complete your work. And then, have you ever heard of Black Elk?
A: Yes.
V: He came through again telling me about the work that I have to complete before I’ll be allowed to die. And I thought –
A: Veronica, it’s no surprise because of the communications that you’ve had with Monty. It’s almost like he prepared you so much so that, ‘I really want to be sure that if one of us passes before the other, that we make sure that we get it out to the world that there is life after death.’ (Yes) It’s no accident here. I just think it is fabulous what you’ve brought forward to have the science behind it.
V: We were in Ireland and we were walking on the most beautiful beach on God’s earth. It’s just the most spiritual place, oh, it takes you to another level. That’s where my sister used to live. And Monty and I were walking along barefoot on the beach and Monty started talking about what we were going to do when one of us died. Now he always assumed that I’d die first because I was the one who was sick. (umhmm) and we made a pact as we walked along that beach that whichever one of us went first, we would not rest until we brought forth evidence. And as Monty would say, Real Evidence. Not sending love and all of that usual – he said, Solid Evidence. (Right) And we did. We made a pact. And so I wasn’t surprised when he started to communicating to me immediately because that’s what we decided we would do.
A: That fabulous. Are you in constant communication with him or is it on a regular basis daily?
V: It’s non-stop.
A: He’s kind of sitting on your shoulder, so to speak.
V: Yes. Yes.
A: Because I noticed one of the things that I feel that many, many Lightworkers respect about the messages that you bring forth, is he reviews so many of the hot topics, like Project Bluebeam and ? energy and the cabal and the Vatican and flouride, and microwave energies, you know?
V: Monty is always factual. He is always wanting to be factual, you know.
A: Very, very. And I think that’s where people really enjoy reading that. It’s not all the ‘oh dear ones,’
V: No, no, no, no, no. That’s not my husband. That wouldn’t be Monty, if it sounds like that.
A: So tell us what are some of the new little tidbits if you’re willing to share –
V: I have something important to share.
A: Yes, do share.
V: He asked me to research on Andromeda. And I said, why? And he said, just do it dear. You’ll understand in time. That’s always his answer. Do it and then you’ll understand. Then a couple of weeks later he asked me to communicate, to allow communication with the Andromedans. So I said, okay. So the next seance we had, the Andromedans came. Oh my god.
A: Very cool!
V: They are practical. Not a sense of humor at all. They come with facts and as they said, we have come with information from Andromeda, and we thank you. It’s all on the tapes. And they were giving us some information that we didn’t understand at the time, but we do now.
A: Good!
V: They were preparing us for it. And the Andromedans were telling us that when they did the Scole Experiment they tried to come through to earth. And I said yes, I remember. The film, the Scole people aimed a camera at a mirror and it showed lots of spirits’ faces but it showed you the Andromedans as well. And the mediums didn’t sit again, they were scared. Monty did everything he could to get them to sit again but they wouldn’t. That was it. They panicked. And the Andromedans said, ‘all this could have been changed way back then, in the 1990s. Instead you’ve had to go through all of this ever since. But now, we are working through you.’ and I said, that’s wonderful, that’s fine. I am here, I will do whatever is asked. Now they told me about Project Bluebeam. And they said, that the American government planned it. But that if the American government went ahead with it, then they would come and they would expose what the governments were doing. (Umhmm) And they actual planned to do last Sunday, 
A: They did didn’t they? The Vatican.
V: And they couldn’t do it because we had put out the information about it. The same as it was with the Olympics in London. They were going to bomb the Olympics, that was all planned. But we put out the information so they couldn’t do it.
A: That fantastic.
V: Isn’t it? (laughter)
A: Don’t you just love it? Tell everybody, a lot of people are not aware of the Scole Experiment. Can you tell a little bit more about that?
V: Well Monty said, it was of it’s time. There were four mediums that used to sit together and they began to get some very, very interesting information and photographs and so much evidence. Amazing, I have it all here. Absolutely amazing stuff. And then, Monty and I got interested into another group in London, and they were producing the same things.
A: Oh good.
V: It was, but the lady died. (Ohh) I know, she went off to Australia on holiday and she died, so that was the end of that. (Ohh) They were absolutely doing the most amazing things. I have it all here as well. But Monty says, all of that was of it’s time. Now what the world needs is information. (Hmm) Guidance and information. He said, all the tricks and producing things and films and everything, it’s all been done. Why keep doing it over and over again? Because he said, we first started having seances this is information based, my dear. Don’t expect anything else. It’s too important. Strictly information and guidance. And I was happy with that.
A: Right.  Does anybody ever question you about the fact that you receive these messages, how do you know it is really Monty? Where is he coming from? And that sort of thing?
V: I think I knew him inside and out. (She laughs) Nobody could pretend to be Monty. That’s why when people are pretending at the moment to be channeling Monty, and you see, what he’s supposed to have said, and anyone who would ever have known Monty they know very, very well that Monty didn’t speak like that.
A: Yeah.
V: Yeah. It’s so obvious. You know, it’s sad really, that people do things like that. But you see, Monty explained, there’s an awful lot of misinformation being put forward. To lull us into a false sense of security, so we don’t do anything. It’s just like the bus is going to come to the end of the road and to take you all to ascension, just like that. Well, it isn’t.
A: That’s such a good point. And getting back to what you said, there are a lot of different channelers out there, (Yeah) who receive guidance and honest to god, I would say most of them, don’t have any bad intentions.
V: They don’t.
A: But they are being used, unfortunately.
V: Exactly, exactly.
A: Through the Cabals and the Illuminati and the Vatican, oh god, they just go up the ladders for god’s sake. To be able to proliferate and infiltrate the information that’s out there to create (yes) a sense of false security. I really do object to that. On the other hand, Veronica, my husband and I were just talking about this yesterday, I remember the days when I really needed to read a channeling.
V: Yeah.
A: I really needed to have some warm and fuzzy like, wrap your arms around me kind of stuff. I’m not there now, but I just feel like it’s where that person’s spiritual walk is. I thought this was really good when your husband said, ‘I remind you that nothing is as it seems.’
V: Oh, he has drummed that into me over and over and over again. As long as you always remember, nothing is as it seems.
A: Exactly. It says here, ‘keep this is mind, and it will help you to see you through the propaganda that is designed and used to entrap you.’ We are like little mini-computers and all of the information that is around us, we can choose to see what we want, hear what we want, digest what we want, absorb what we want, (Yes) you know, that’s our calling now, it is discernment, and it’s not so much, – we were talking about it in great depth yesterday, because of that video that came out, that is really rocking a lot of people’s worlds. I will send it over to you, by the way.
V: What is it?
A: It’s called ‘The Lies NASA Told.’
V: Oh my god, yes, please.
A: The thing about it is, there’s stirring a lot of controversy right now because a lot of us are processing it, including myself. (Yeah) Number one, the way which it is presented is very non-ego based. She doesn’t really care who she is, or anything like that. She’s presenting it in such a way you are really questioning even some of the core stories even the conspiracy theory that you boned up on, so to speak.(Yes) But the main tell-tale thing was, she got her hands on a clip from SOHO, and it is a five-minute clip and it goes through different parts, going back to 2007, and it actually shows, she is showing and demonstrating that the Allied Forces are actually coming in and are destroying – get this – they’re destroying the matrix, the planets themselves, the moons themselves, because they are all part of the matrix. How far, I’m just talking about within the matrix. I’m not talking about Andromeda and the rest.
And anyway, just watch it. I don’t want to say much more. I highly recommend that everybody take the time to watch that, because it will truly get you to question even that which you thought you understood.
V: Yes. (laughter)
A: But we need to because this is what this is all about, being dismantled, right now. (Yes) So we get a fresh slate.
V: That’s right. I know we have to face the fact that what we have believed up to until now, is not correct.
A: Yes.
V: We have to start again.
A: Not easy.
V: Not easy at my age, I can tell you.
A: Oh, you’re amazing. You’re amazing.
V: I was 77 last week. On the 21st of April.
A: Congratulations!
V: Yes. 77 going on 40.
A: 77 going on 20, the spitfire that you are, my gosh.
V: Oh my god. No, it is important.
A: Now I also wanted to talk to you a little bit. This is a hot topic for me, because
we’ve basically stumbled upon an implant removal process.
V: Oh my god. The implants, yes. I would be very, very interested if you send me that, please. Because I know somebody, who was implanted and it has caused big problems.
A: Yes. And you know, it’s just kind of like with you and Monty, I didn’t expect this to happen to me.
V: Exactly. None of us do.
A: But it was dropped into my lap and Pam’s. Wham bang! We’re watching a lot of lives to change dramatically including our own. And one of the reasons that I bring that up is, because people have just been at an all-time high under such severe psychic attacks and –
 V: Oh my god. I’ll tell you about this after, yes.
A: And I noticed, I just wanted to read this for people who didn’t remember this from one of Monty’s messages. He says, ‘I know that a lot of you have been bombarded by negativity, but this is because the Cabal is in fear OF YOU. (Yes!) Being there with each other, listen and support one another to help to understand what is being done and why it’s being done. Know that sometimes the words coming out of their mouths are not their own. They will have no memory of what they have said, they are being used to hurt and upset you so you must step back from it and try to ignore it.’ Can you tell us a little more anything he has told you regarding that, how they operate behind the scenes?  
V: Yes. Well he told me in one of our seances, that I had been implanted by the Greys. And they have removed them.
A: Very cool.
V: I know. And there was somebody working very closely with me on a project, on an incredibly important project, and suddenly I got a text message – ‘had accident and in hospital.’ So I rang the office and I said, What hospital? But you know what? My instincts told me immediately that this was no accident.
A: Yes.
V: So I got to the hospital and when he came out of the operating theatre and he was just coming around and he was fine to start with, fine. Now he used to feed cats, stray cats outside of his office. He used to take food out for them, you know. (Yes) One day this cat latched onto his hand and made six deep holes right through his hand. (Woh) Now no cat can do that. (yes) They would have to be claw marks, there would be scratch marks. There was nothing, just deep holes right the way through. And these holes from the elbow down, oh my god, what a mess. And I realized that this wasn’t an accident. (Hmm) And within twelve hours I should say, this person started behaving in a strange way. Being nasty and mean. As I said, I could open the front door and I knew which one walked in.
A: My god.
V: Yeah, that obvious. So yes, I am very interested in anything like that because I have seen how it works and I’ve seen it work.
A: I have as well. Within all of the projects that we are working on we have a policy of, if you don’t have your implants removed, we are not going to work with you.
V: Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.
A: They use the implants, people don’t get this,
V: Right, they control you.
A: Yes, without you wanting it.
V: No.
A: This is what I’m trying to express to people, we are not here to go after or attack a person that wants to provide a message or what-have-you. More after to just go beyond that whose controlling the words, (yes) the actions of these people that really involuntarily are supporting their work and they don’t know it.
V: Now you see, I can say to this person, the last time you were here you did this or said that and he would look at me and say, I would never do that. And no, the real person would never do it, (umhmm, correct) but the control, yes. Now that particular person is in great problems because they are trying to control him and I am trying to rescue him from that. Because he has a mission and it is important.
A: You know, Veronica, it just makes it clear that again, there’s a line being drawn between those of certain bloodlines –
V: Oh my god. Yes. Have you heard Andrew Bartzis going on about my blood, my DNA?
A: No, what –
V: The interview is on my website.
A: Okay.
V: Yeah, he said I am doing this work because of my DNA. I have to do this work because of it.
A: I very much agree with that. I think we all carry (That’s right) some encodements to do some very specific work. 
V: Absolutely.
A: Yeah. I’m very fired up, because I really have this thing about supporting the Ground Crew and getting us through this very difficult period. (Yes) And to remind the people how powerful we are (yes) and getting everybody to keep going, you know, including myself.
V: Right, I know. 
A: A lot of people are feeling burned out, out there.
V: I do know that. I do know. I mean, they were causing me to have strokes. Really serious strokes. But you see, I carry a card. If I have a stroke, do not take me to a hospital. (Yes) Take me home. I know what to do at home.
A: Well, and you know what they might do to you at the hospital.
V: Exactly.
A: You know. A few years ago, about three years or so, someone was telling me about this brilliant scientist in Dublin, Tony Kyuse[?], oh my god, he was lovely, a truly beautiful soul, and he was doing a lot of work. He could take a piece of hair, now it’s not hair analysis, I can’t remember the correct name for it. And I sent him a piece of my hair, and I said please forgive me, I don’t want to tell you who I am, I just gave him a phone number, I really need you to look at this piece of hair and call me and tell me about it. So about two weeks later I got a phone call from Tony, he didn’t know he was talking to an elderly woman. He said, ‘Have you just returned from a war zone?’ (Wooh) and I said ‘no.’ And he said, ‘but you have recently been in a war zone.’ And I said ‘Tony, I’m in my 70s.’ And he said, ‘but, but, the damage done to your brain cells’ and I said ‘microwave damage,’ and he said ‘yes.’ So I have scientific evidence of what they were doing to me.
A: Geez Louise!
V: Exactly. Exactly.
A: Well you know, I learned this from someone else. I get up everyday and I say, ‘Thank you so much for showing me how important my work is to you.’
V: Exactly! (laughter) That’s what David Icke said to me, they wouldn’t bother with you if they were not worried about what you are doing.
A: Exactly. So I tell myself that every single day. They took down my website last week, by the way, for twelve hours. (Really?) Yes. So, let’s go back to Beltane. It’s May first. I want to go over that because I really feel like that’s is a deal-breaker. That’s going to be on Thursday.
V: Oh my god. This is so important.
A: Please go over what you would like to see. What is Monty wanting us to do?
V: He wants us to concentrate with all of our heart and soul on the leylines, the obelisks, and the stargates. Releasing the energy to us. Now tomorrow is Beltane, and the Cabal will be working and doing their utmost to send dark to us. So we just say
‘thank you very much, but you have it back.’ (Yes) ‘We don’t want it.’ So we send it back to them – no bad feelings, we just don’t want it, you take it back. But we are releasing tomorrow – I am not going outside the door tomorrow. I haven’t been outside for many days – you know, I can’t get away from the computer. But tomorrow we must concentrate on this. Tomorrow is so important.
A: Tomorrow is the solar eclipse, is it not? V: Yeah. A: Okay.
V: They use all these dates that are important energy dates, they use them against us. And we are only waking up to this now. So we just send it, and send love. You see, Monty used to tell me, even when he was alive, he used to say, ‘they don’t do love darling, they only do money.’ And I didn’t understand what he was telling me. And it’s afterwards that you put two and two together, and you think, okay, that’s what he was telling me. But they cannot cope with love. (No, they can’t) Real love they cannot. They like the Hollywood make-believe thing that they can make a lot of money out of it.
A: I’m really glad you brought this up, because it reminds me of an e-mail that I
received a couple of days ago. And it’s very important, I feel. A lot of people out there are just starting to get involved in this. They’re starting to wake up, they’re starting to dig, and research and trying to understand the truth of what is really going on. And a lot of people say, ‘My gosh, I don’t know how to communicate with a stargate, I don’t know how to – how do I send love? Is it some sort of special . . . ‘
V: No.
A: That’s what I wanted to tell people.
V: Love, I mean, you look at a rose, the beauty of a rose, what do you feel? You connect with it. You can connect, we connect with things that are beautiful and that touch our souls, that is love. (Yes) And you know, this is our planet. We have connections with our families, we want to protect them, that’s love. So we want to protect everything that is important to them. And so, the leylines, it would be like cutting the veins in your body. Your body doesn’t exist unless the blood is flowing through the veins. Our planet is dying because the energy, the blood, has been cut away from us. (hmm) And we need to restore that. My god, you know Monty says, if we could see the earth as he sees it from the other side, you’d have no idea how beautiful it is. He said, when you see it for the first time, when all of this darkness is released, he said you will sit back in wonder, how could I have lived all these years not realizing, not seeing it. (yeah) It is the most beautiful planet in the Universe. And I am going to tell you something else. When we release Planet Earth, we are releasing all the other planets and we become one again. We will be able to visit them, they will be able to visit us. That’s the way that it used to be. (yeah) Now you go down to Egypt or go to parts of Ireland, or any of these places, and you will see these ancient drawings on stone and everything else, you will see space ships. (umhmm) Because, yes, that was what was normal then.
A: Yes, it’s all over the place. It’s everywhere.
V: Exactly. And you know, there are parts of Egypt and you will find so much ancient Irish writings and drawings. And you go to Ireland – I grew up and three miles from where I lived, was the grave of Queen Scotia, the Egyptian queen. (Wow!) And you will find pharoahs living in Ireland. You will find ancient – the connection between those two countries is amazing. The evidence is there. The evidence is there.
A: Now you were just talking about a wonderful beach, what town were you in?
V: It is Country Kerry, and it’s on the way to Dingle, it’s a little place called ‘Inch.’ I-N-C-H. But oh my god, look it up.
A: I will!
V: You walk on that beach and you are on a different level altogether. It just lifts you.
A: I will definitely do that.
A: And I want you to tell everybody a little bit about how one projects your intention into a leyline. You see, I feel that this is just all about our imagination.
V: It is!
A: And we’ve been so schooled for so long that our imagination doesn’t exist, ‘Oh, that’s silly, that’s just your imagination.’
V: Oh no, no. Yes. Where would all of the great poets be if it wasn’t for imagination?
A: Exactly. So all of you out there that are feeling – because I get emails from people that say, ‘I feel that I want to do something, but I’m not psychic and I’m not this, and I’m not that.’ So what?
V: Exactly! Exactly.
A: We need your light and your love. You have a heart and you have love, and with all of us together, if we do this, it’s a game-changer, I really feel.
V: Oh my god. And we are on a timeline. We have to do it soon. We have to.
A: And I also feel that you had a good point about the Cabal having something up their sleeve, you know, for really taking one – I just feel like they are on their last legs.
V: They have accepted, I know for a positive fact, that have accepted that they cannot stay. But, many of them are now trying to persuade everyone to destroy everything before they go. Now this is why we have to stop that.
A: Right. And it is up to us. The 99%! Think about it, people. We are the 99%. They are not even 1% of us. And we are allowing them to control us? Come on! Where are you? You’ve got to stand up to this! No! You cannot do this. This is ours! This is our planet. We have a right to be here, you do not! You see, Monty has always explained, we look at people and because they look like us we automatically assume that they are like us. But they do not have souls. They do not have empathy. They can kill and smile at you at the same time. They can stick a knife and twist it in your heart and keep smiling at you. They do not understand love or compassion.
A: Did Monty talk about what percentage of the population he felt was soulless?
V: Oh god, there are quite a few now. And they have brought in a whole lot more.
A: And how long ago was that?  Do you feel that that was in the 90s? The late 90s?
V: Yeah, 90s and and the last few years – they thought that they had won. They really did that they had succeeded. But you see, once you start bringing out the truth it spreads.
A: Yes.
V: And it’s like, it’s wonderful. It really is wonderful. And you know, some people can start by attacking you. And you answer their questions. And then a week later they come back to you and they say, ‘you know what, you were right about that.’ And they can’t believe it. Because they were firmly stuck with what they had been taught. But the scientists said this, and the scientists say that. The scientists are paid to say that.     
A: And the ones that decide to break the rules and speak out, they get taken out.
V: That’s right.
A: That should be a sign to everybody that we can’t just assume that even the science that is coming forth is a hundred percent. We have to really – everything that we read we need to go within to see if it resonates.
V: Check with your heart. Not the mind.
A: Right. It doesn’t mean that we have to stop researching, it doesn’t mean we have to throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak. We are really being challenged right now. This is a major super boot camp for discernment.
V: Oh my god. And they are trying to – on the 7th of 7th last year, I was talking to three people in Ireland, in different parts, you know?  Two women and one man. And we were talking on Skype. And a voice came over the top of what they were saying and told us that the person that was working with me on this and I were under attack. And that they were trying to kill us. And two of these people had to go to the Hill of Uisneach, I have all of this on tape.
A: My god.
V: Oh, my dear. You wouldn’t like my life.  
A: I thought mine was bad. (laughter) Oh my god.
V: But, I mean, and I thought, oh my god, this is why I’m having terrible chest pains. Because I do have heart failure and lung failure – that in the bargain. But two of these people had to just jump in their cars, leave their husbands and their families and rush to the Hill of Uisneach and they got there and the ancients – it’s the most amazing – they did try to get me – you see, they use these dates like the 7th of the 7th. Isn’t that interesting?
A: Wow. Yes. They are really into numerology, that’s for sure.
V: Oh my god, aren’t they just? Yeah. And I couldn’t get in touch with the man who was supposed to be killed with me. He was away and he had broken his phone. So it was about three days before he contacted me and I thought oh my god, I’m so relieved, ‘are you okay?’ He said, ‘yes, why?’ So I told him and I played the tape to him. (Wow) Yeah. Yeah. So you see spirit will find a way of telling you.
A: That is amazing.
V: That voice going over the three voices and it was not any voice that any of us recogized. Of course, it wasn’t. So that will tell you, how evil they are.
A: That’s incredible. Yeah, in fact, the information that is coming out through even Kevin is showing really, not just saying, okay, here are the atrocities. (yeah) It is completely revealing the absolute lack of any kind of heart or soul.
V: Exactly. Exactly.
A:This is not a human being.
V: No, they are not.
A: This is where we get stuck because we don’t think anybody would be like that because we are not like that.
V: Exactly. We judge people by our own standards. And Monty said you must stop doing that. You know. We can’t assume that everyone is like us just because they dress like us. (Yes) And because they look like us on the surface.
A: Well, it’s such a stage performance anyway. I mean, the amount of – here’s the thing. If there’s technology to cloak a multi-miled space ship, (Yeah) then why wouldn’t there be technology to clone beings that are amongst, (oh, they do) okay. And wouldn’t there be technology to provide holograms of individuals that are like, heads of state or heads of governments. Okay, this goes on daily. I just posted something that’s pretty controversial. It was basically showing that one of the people that – they were not who they are, (that’s right) and if you go to wellaware1.com he goes into the scientific means to explain how through biometrics, which is very, very accurate, and if you look at their eye, their ear, their face, and their hands, you can pretty much go to the bank knowing that that person is not who they say they are. And we are being run (yes) this whole – at least in the United States, I’m sure it’s all over the world, but the United States, I think he has already determined – I don’t think he has had the time, or the money, or the capital to really research all of them, but he’s come up with a immense number of congressmen and women who are actors. (That’s right) They are all the same person, you know. The same with the President and the heads of state, and all of that stuff. So nothing surprises us, when it comes to technology, does it?
V: Nope. The technology is there and they have technology way beyond anything we could imagine because we have been kept in the dark.
A: You know what else Veronica? They must, because the chemtrails still keep coming. And from all of the digging that I’ve done, and other people that I’ve talked to, supposedly some of these chemtrail planes are from off-world, or the whole process or project or whatever is off-world. Nobody seems to be able to really knuckle it down. I don’t know that to be true, but that’s what’s been discussed out on the internet.
V: Yeah. I have seen photographs of the insides of these planes with all of their tanks of chemicals that they are spraying on us.
A: I know.
V: Now think about this for one moment. These people that we’re supposed to revere are killing us! (Exactly) Slowly. With all of these illnesses. (Yes) When Monty told me about, oh, about eight years all, he’s been dead ten years now, he said, ‘they are trying to cut off your oxygen supply, my dear.’ And I said, ‘Oh Monty, don’t be silly. They can’t do that.’ So what happens, I develop lung problems. (Hmm) I never smoked a cigarette in my life, I never drank a glass of wine in my life. And suddenly I have lungs like a smoker? (Wow) And he said, ‘I told you they were trying – ‘  I have about a third of one lung working and the top of another working. And I had pneumonia. You know, I climbed to the top of the Tor to release the energies from the leylines there. They are the most important leylines in England. And at half past 3 in the morning, I climbed up there with two people. And I’m 77, with heart failure and lung problems and it was easier to say I was dragged up. (laughter) Because every few steps I had to stop and try to get my breath. So what happens a week later, when I came down and everything, I got pneumonia. So, you know, I paid for it. But I did it!
A: Yeah.
V: And the person who dragged me up there said, I didn’t really think you would ever do it, you know. I said I was determined. And he said, as long as you were determined I was determined to help you.
A: Now explain to me Veronica, why are those the most important leylines?
V: Because they are the ones that are used against us.
A: Okay. Okay.
V: Yeah, yeah.
A: And the same thing goes for all the obelisks in Rome?
V: Yes. Yes.
A: I was very surprised – in fact, I just want the audience to know I have provided a link for the map of all of the obelisks that you put together. (Yes) I was shocked at how many were in such a small, close proximity.
V: Exactly. Exactly. Yes.
A: So what you are saying is you are really wanting people to target the leylines that are dark, that have not yet been –        
V: Yes, well, target all of them because they connect, you see. They all connect.
A: Yeah, I see.
V: And the interesting thing is, this releases the energies from the water, the rivers as well. When you release the energies from the leylines you are releasing the wonderful energy of the water and our rivers. You are changing so much by doing this.
A: Very good point.
 V: You really are changing so much by doing this work.
A: And it’s so simple and it’s so amazingly, it’s so momentous for nature.
V: Exactly. For us, for humanity.
A: Yes. You know, we hear so much about humanity, but my god, the trees, the bees, and the insects, and everything is under attack and how much more do we need to do or hear or read to know, that this is a manaical force that has to be brought down.
V: You are so right. My god, you have put it beautifully there. Absolutely right. Yes.
A: So it’s us, they basically created this. It’s kind of like us against the 1%. And we have the numbers, we have the power, we have the potential, we have Divinity standing by, we have the Allied Forces standing by, we have so much support. And I really do believe that we would have been gone a long time ago if we hadn’t had a lot of intervention from the Company of Heaven, so to speak.
V: Oh my god. Monty says, you have no idea what they go through supporting us, and helping us to wake up. But you see, the thing is, what people need to understand, they cannot interfere. We have to ask, (yes) if we need help we’ve got to ask for it. They can’t come and give help if you don’t ask. It’s our free will, you see.
A: And there’s another program that must be broken that we have been conditioned to feel, that we will appear weak if we ask for help.
V: No. It takes strength. It takes strength to say ‘I need your help.’
A: I totally agree.
V: I need your guidance. I need your help. God, I do it all of the time.
A: Yes.
V: And I get into my car and I say, ‘Monty, please get me there safely. And bring me back again, you drive, darling.’ (she laughs) (Aww)
A: So is there anything else you can tell us about what’s going on with the project in Rome? The leyline project in Rome?
V: Well you know, many years ago, he told me I would close the doors of the Vatican.
A: Whaat?
V: Oh yes! I have it on tape. And this was when he first died. And I laughed at him and said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, Monty.’ Me? All 5 feet of me? You know. (laughter) The idea was just, oh Monty, don’t be ridiculous. My god, I see it happening now! And it will happen. Because one of my friends has to go to Switzerland soon to be near Rome when it falls. (Mmm, mmm) Oh they’ve planned it all, they’ve planned it all so carefully. It’sall out there and it’s all planned, we just have to carry out those plans.
A: What do you feel as far as the timing that you’ve heard from Monty. Is he basically saying it between the month of May, do you agree that Window of Opportunity?
V: We are in a Window of Opportunity. The next two months, maybe two and a half months, it might go into three. But definitely the next few weeks are crucial for us.
A: That’s good to know.
V: We can’t afford to sit back and do nothing and wait to see what happens. That is not on.
A: Wow. Now do you have something coordinated going on at the leyline meditations?
V: I have sent a lot out. Actually, I sent something to Jean on ‘The Real Truth’ this evening and she is putting that out. Now you see, I can’t pay for a webmaster. I don’t have any money. He does it for free. So I can’t push him to do things, you know, if somebody is doing it for free, there’s a lot more I’d love to put on my website, but I can’t. Because he does what he can, and that’s it.
A: Veronica, you can always drop me an email, seriously. I’m here to assist.
V: Yes, for putting information out. It’s so important. We need help. I need people to pray and to send energy to my next project because every, every country in this world will benefit. I can’t tell you what it is, if you knew, you would understand totally, what I am talking about.
A: I understand because we are doing similar things, believe me. I am so on the same page with you. That’s probably the reason that we were put together today.
V: Well, when I was told that this is what I am here to do and all the rest of it and he explained who I was. And you know, sometimes you are looking at something on the internet and you find something you are meant to find (umhmm) and you think you have found it by accident, but you haven’t. There are no accidents. (Yes) Oh my god, what I am doing was forecast by Nostradamus and one or two others.
A: Really?
V: Exactly what I am doing. Yes.
A: Wow!
V: Oh Jesus, and the timing is perfect as well.
A: That is so cool.
V: Tell me about it. It freaked me out, I can tell you. And then somebody who is close to me said, have you looked at what so and so is writing – he was an historian. And I went back and looked at it and I knew, I know who I was in many of my lives, and I was that person. And I am supposed to do that this year.
A: Are you willing to share with us?
V: I can’t. Yes, after I do it, definitely.
A: Okay.
V: I can’t risk it. I can’t risk it.
A: No problem. I’m not going to push it. That’s the last thing I want to do.
V: It’s incredibly important. You know, when I was married to Monty, you know, when you are cuddled up at night and you are talking to each other and I used to say, who are you? Who are you really?’ And he’d say with a big smile, I’m your husband. I know that darling, but who are you? And he said after he died, I’m the only person in this incarnation who he recognized that was not just Montague Keen. (Wow) And there was a medium, an American medium that visited London and I every time I asked the mediums, ask who he was. And they’d say, you’re not ready to know yet. And in 2008 this medium came and I took him to lunch and brought him back here and I sat him in Monty’s study on Monty’s chair and I said, please do a reading for me. And he said, yes. What do you want to know? And I ask him who he was. And that’s when he told me. I was before the earth was created. I was before man walked. And he went right down through everything.
A: That’s very cool.
V: And I thought, I knew it! I just knew he wasn’t an ordinary human man.
A: Well, think about what you are saying. This one of the reasons why you have such a following amongst the Light community, they really enjoy your messages because they ring so much truth. And it goes all the way back to the point of Creation.
V: That’s right. It goes back. And I was there, I was with him. And this other person that is supposed to work with me on this project, the three of us were together before the earth was created. And that’s why I was told when I went to Ireland, oh, nearly two years ago that I would meet the person who would do this with me days. And I spent five days in Dublin. And I met loads of people and I thought, when I got to the airport on the last flight that night, I thought, no, I didn’t meet that person. And I was flying Ryanair, a cheap airline, and the baggage lady decided to have a row with me. She said my bag was a quarter of an inch too fat and I should take everything out and I wouldn’t do it. I was just tired. And she turned to be very nasty. So when I got on the flight, a young man called the air hostess and said he was appalled about what he had just witnessed, and he was going to give me his business details if I wanted to take it further. And he came and sat with me and he got me a glass of water, because I was very upset, because she wouldn’t let me on the flight. (Oh my gosh) Oh it was really bad. And as we started to talking I realized he was the one I was to meet.
A: Ahhh.
V: And Monty had to apologize. He said, we had do something drastic so we could bring you together (Wow) so they organized a fight. (she laughs)
A: That is so true! It is exactly – (I know) I’ve said so many times. The Light will use lemons to create whatever
V: Whatever is at their disposal. Monty explained afterwards. There was no way in God’s earth your paths would have crossed. No way. We had to do something dramatic.
A: Oh my gosh. I just have to tell you this. I’ll try to make it really short. But when I met my husband, who is my twin flame, and being a twin flame incarnated in 3D is not any easy experience. And you’re very targeted and probably everybody out there knows that. So when we were brought together, the way in which we were brought together, is insanely – you just couldn’t believe how they did it. (Yup, I know) It’s the exact same kind of concept that you are presenting.
V: I know. I know. I know.
A: And it’s like the split second.
V: Hah. It’s the penny dropping and I looked at him, a young man, and I couldn’t say it to him, how am I going to handle this? And I asked him his advice about a few things and he said, you need help. And I said, yes. So he said I’ve got meetings all day tomorrow, can I take you out to lunch on Friday? And I thought, Great. Wonderful.
A: That’s so funny.
V: Isn’t it?
A: Well, I am so appreciative of all that you do Veronica. And before we tie this up I really wanted you to just talk a little bit about, he makes reference to the Army of Light.
V: Yes.
A: I thought maybe you can talk a little bit more about what do you feel that Monty is seeing unfolding on the planet right now because of the Army of Light that we have gotten together? To rally together?
V: Yeah. They see us, and you know, every week he says to me, oh my goodness, it’s wonderful. The Light is increasing, more are people are getting involved, it’s like a great army taking over. The Army of Light. People are just waking up and some people are having a hard time waking up because they feel comfortable where they are and they don’t want to change that. But by our example they are coming forward. And he says, don’t be annoyed with them because we are not on the same, all of us, on the same level. (Umhmm) Some of them are new spirits and they are not at the same level that you and I are, so they don’t understand and they find it hard. (Yes) So we have to be understanding with them and understand it’s not that they won’t see, it’s they can’t, they have difficulty. And when things happen we have to be prepared to bring them along with us.
A: What does he say about that? I’m curious.
V: We’ve got to support them. We’ve to help them. Because they will come running to us when all hell breaks out. They’ll come running to us.
A: Oh my gosh. I just got a great visual when you said that! (laughter)
V: My dear, I have three children. My son and his wife and three granddaughters, not awake at all. My youngest daughter, oh my god, not awake at all, nor her daughter either. The middle one, Maize she’s a bit awake, yes. But her son, oh my god! He is going to work with me. He is teaching at Cambridge University.
A: Wow!
V: Oh he’s brilliant, oh my god, he is brilliant. Oxford University and Cambridge University fought over him, they both wanted him. (Very cool) And he will work with me.
A: What is he teaching? What is he teaching?
V: Ancient languages. Oh absolutely perfect. And even when he was eleven or twelve he was reading books in Latin and in Greek. It just came naturally to him. Monty says Alexander is the only person that can step into his shoes. He will be the new Monty.
A: Fabulous.
V: And he was with me, sitting next to me, at fifteen years old, when Monty died. And he was sitting next to me when Monty died. He had to be there for the link to be made.
A: No accident there, huh? It’s almost like Monty was in the background making all of the arrangements.
V: That’s right. And Dr Mack. Do you know Dr John Mack?
A: I’ve heard of him.
V: Oh my god. John came to work with me on the information from Monty. John was a friend of ours. You know, he was a professor at Harvard, (yeah) a very famous man. And he came to work with me and he was killed crossing the road when he returned to my house one evening.
A: Was that a deliberate target?
V: Yes. Yes. Yes. But John is working with me. The interesting thing that is, the last day that John was alive, I took John over to Dr Rupert Sheldrake’s house for lunch and my grandson was friends with Rupert’s two sons. And I said to Alexander, after school I want you to come down to Rupert’s house, I want you to meet John Mack, and he did. So he made the link with John Mack as well, the day that he died.
A: Wow.
V: Isn’t that interesting?
A: That’s extremely synchronistic.
V: Isn’t it just? 
A: And I just wish that the whole world could see the goings on of daily life the way that we do, because when we see it that way, life is magical.
V: Hah. I know.  Actually the sun is reacting with me and I have taken some photographs as well. It dances with me. It follows me. I know, it is crazy.
A: No, no, no, it’s not crazy because you have this real major project and you need the protection of the sun.
V: I know. I know.
A: And so therefore there’s some big guns upstairs that are really doing some protection work for you.
V: Yeah. But it’s lovely. I greet the sun. And when I go to bed at night, I go up to the floor that my bed is on and I look out the window at the landing and I see the space ships and they greet me.
A: That’s cool.
V: Isn’t it lovely. And I greet them every night. And I thank them for being there because they are going to help us. And we have to ask for help. We have to ask.
A: And so, we have to wrap this up and I want everyone to hear what she is saying. May 29th, a big day for us to really rally our forces and be a strong united front, also May 1st, which is to make sure that we send back Love and Light through the grid. All you have to do is imagine it. For all of you folks who don’t feel you know how to do grid work, just imagine. Just choose a really cool place even if it is on your couch, for god’s sake.
V: Exactly. It doesn’t matter what. Just think love. God, we’ve all loved something or someone in our lives. Get into that feeling of love. And it will improve our lives as well.
A: You are so beautiful. You are just so radiant.
V: I wear around my neck a glass little pendant with Monty’s hair in it, so you can see the hair. And I had a diamond made out of 8 ounces of his ashes and that never leaves me. That never leaves me. It’s with me all of the time. So I have a little bit of him.
A: Yeah.
V: On me.
A: Well, I think we are all so stoked to get to know the lady behind the man. And I just really thank you and I commend you for all the work and the dedication and for anyone that would like to support Veronica on this work and Monty’s, and keep it going, please visit her site at http://www.montaguekeen.com/. And Veronica, I’m sure there’s many people out there including myself that are going to step forward and help you right now.
V: I need your good wishes. You see, we don’t realize how important it is to send good wishes to someone. Souls have energy.
A: Yes, they do.
V: Words have energy.
A: You are going to get your wish. (laughs)
V: You know, I’ve really enjoyed talking with you.
A: Oh, I have too. Again I thank you so much. I am going to tie this up. Hang tight, I’m not through with you yet, okay.
V: I won’t hang up on you.
A: I want to wish everybody a great rest of the week. This is such a cutting edge week everyone. So just stay centered. Don’t get too polarized on truth. This is an inside job, that we’re doing a lot of processing right now. Just try to be within. I love you all. And I love you Veronica. And we’ll talk to everyone soon.
V: Yes.
A: Take care. Have a good evening.
V: God bless. Good-bye. 
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