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“Dear Alexandra, Your guest appearance on Veterans Today is literally the best interview I have heard. I have gotten a bit overwhelmed lately with information and I am focusing on practices that enhance unity and raise my vibration. Our focus MUST include thankfulness and what is essential to our ascension! How eloquently your responses flip the general focus from discussing issues to the constructive metamorphosis of demonstrating thinking which strengthens the spirit for our conscious evolution. In this interview you are planting quantum seeds of enlightenment. I am so honored to know you and witness the divine energy you are transmitting.

Thank You!!!”  Tracey


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microphone (1)Welcome to the Galactic Connection Radio Show with host Alexandra Meadors. We’re committed to expanding perspectives and bringing forth truths that are at the core of coming events associated with stepping out of this 3D matrix. We intend to connect minds and hearts in order to obtain global unity and galactic acceptance. Every Tuesday from 3:00 – 4:55 PM Pacific Standard Time we will bring you the most current topics in the news as well as education, research, healing information, and out of this world perspectives in a variety of topics.  Our guests are experts in these fields and our GalacticConnection.com show promises to be very thought provoking!

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