August 19, 2015

2015-07-08 11.21.15Some pretty cool intel just came in from Randy Cramer via an inside intelligence source!

I am sure all of you are fully aware of the passengers identified on the doomed flights at the time of the 9/11 fiasco. If not, the list of passengers included military personnel, NASA personnel, intelligence contractors, aeronautics contractors, and other government officials. There were way fewer passengers than expected on those flights, to the point where open seats were expeditiously filled as quickly as possible. In fact here is an excerpt from the website regarding just that:

“Flight 11 and Flight 175, both Boeing 767s with approximately 180 available seats, had 76 and 46 passengers respectively. Flight 77 and Flight 93, both Boeing 757s with approximately 200 available seats, had 50 and 26 passengers respectively.”

Very strange indeed, when you consider the policy of airline companies today demanding full occupation of seats before take-off if possible (considering how popular these flights are and how major the connecting cities are affiliated with these flights).

Unfortunately, those planes took off from their affiliated airports out of New York City, Arlington, and Shanksville with the intention that these passengers would never reach their expected destination. In fact, Lambert Filed in Saint Louis, MO had a bizarre occurrence when the entire airport was shut down that day. Apparently now it is becoming evident through uncovered documentation that a plane flew into this airport and was parked in a NASA hanger. According to Randy, this is an alternate space shuttle landing location as well. Well the passengers were offloaded at this location but here is where it gets weird and new information has come in as to where they REALLY went…
It appears that they were jump gated right to Mars. Being repatriated to Mars is one thing, but Randy and I both discussed that it is a high likelihood that they ended up in the Mars colonies for mining purposes.;-(

There is also evidence that this same thing occurred with Flight 70, a Malaysian airlines redirected to Diego Garcia.

Just an interesting tidbit from all of us here at GalacticConnection


August 17, 2015

sun-on-earth320Hey Hey Everybody!

I am baaaaack! Of course I am playing catch up big time but at least I am out of my leaking roof and sewage fiasco abode for the first time in twelve years! Yeah!!!

Well this message is going to be a quick one but I couldn’t resist. I received a message from my friend Daniel. Remember my interview back a few months ago? He delivered an urgent message regarding August 16th/17th about looking forward to a light show from The Galactics so to speak. Well guess what? He saw something. I saw something….another guy saw something, but we all saw something differently.

On the 16th, I was standing out on my balcony scoping out a few stars and began noticing lots of activity. I received a few flashbacks from my laser and at least 4-5 rapid fly-overs from east to west and west to east over the course of an hour or more. It was quite reassuring, as they were responding to my requests to make themselves “known and present.”

Last night I went to bed early, as I am still recovering from this huge move I just went through. I ended up getting up sometime around 11:00ish on and looked out the window and took a double look. Lo and behold I saw a huge illuminating light, almost like a small sun not too high up in the sky. I blinked and it was gone.

The original message dated June 12th can be heard here: (

Today, I received this message from Daniel as well:

On August 16th 2015 in the early evening hours Daniel was given a tip by his galactic guide to be outside by 11pm. At 11:35pm in central and south Arizona USA. A visual expression was seen by Daniel Teague. Daniel reports seeing a self-illuminated bright blue colored V or U shaped winged craft visible for about 2 seconds traveling at a velocity of a shooting star in the upper atmosphere in a South West direction.

Daniel says this craft should have continued traveling the globe on the same trajectory however it was interrupted and shut down by negative elite forces that would not allow this to continue. It’s unknown how long the craft was visible before it was seen in Daniels line of sight. For more information regarding this sighting please contact Daniel direct at

Now I don’t know how many of you looked out around this time, but it was pretty amazing. However as I was just chatting with Daniel on the phone, I received a message that this was a “test and that they expected interruption.” In fact they told me, “this was significant to determine how the dark responded, from what dimension they reacted, what fire power they displayed, and how many reinforcements showed themselves.” I was told it was successful looking at it from this standpoint.

So let me know what you saw….

Love ya guys

June 5, 2015

I was once again “hailed” to look up at our Galactic Friends the other night and take some photos. Check out what I caught on my Samsung Note II camera.









Sorry – I have been incognito on posting as of late! I can not tell you enough how much things are rolling along and we are getting ready for some big changes! Just know all of us at Galactic Connection are working dedicatedly to help us all transition to a new reality! Lots of information coming soon!

Love you all –


May 13, 2015

Me 2 4.17.15

This is without a doubt one of the most significant sets of messages I have received thus far. Please consider this the call to all…


“We are with you today to give you greetings with great joy as we move through this galactic wonderment, knowing that we are getting closer to the desired outcome. Today all of you are being called to stay alert, to stay awake, to move forth with conviction, for the betterment of The All. This is no longer a game plan as you call it for individual groups. Whatever is done amongst you is a representation of what will influence, effect, and progress all souls in all of your solar system and beyond. We are very pleased with your meeting yesterday. We are pleased with the fact that you are able to move on despite personality differences. This must continue. As we have stated before we are on alert, we are ready. We are ready when you are, better yet.  This is a time of renewed esteem, renewed interest, renewed empowerment of our Galactic Warriors and Ground Crew. This is a time to put the boots on and stop listening to disheartening news, or as we say anything that keeps you from moving down your path. There is no more, as you say, time for stagnation. We are ready when you are.

We are aware that something shifted yesterday – a realization, a thought construct, a belief system, a way of seeing, a way of being that all 6 of you walked away with. Which is you are the change. As Obama has said many times (he was laughing) these words are code – they are encoded. We attempt to activate you in many different ways and this is one of them. So, yes if you are wondering who is going to get the call, it is you. You are the change. Are you any more of the change than someone across the world? No! But you are from the standpoint that you are more awake, less programmed at this stage. You are able to hear our messages. You are able to feel the taste of freedom. You are able to open your heart up to the compassion of The All. You feel the world. You feel Mother Earth’s heartbeat, you feel the animals, trees, and insects. You feel it all. And because of that, because of that unity consciousness, that is what makes your call special! That is what makes your inkling yesterday unique is that nothing has changed other than your awareness. I want to say that again – nothing has changed except for your awareness of what is. So how do we get the movement across the planet that all of you so desire? We can not do it for you. It must take a spark, and pretty heavy duty one at that. A large spark. Who better than The Watchers, who have been trained for this time and time and time again. You could roll over in your sleep and do this. It is that old hat. You just had to remember who you were and are. We are aware that that one statement that was made to you by Jerry really shook you. But what is interesting is that statement has been made to you before. But you weren’t ready to hear it until yesterday. With the energies the way they are and the synchronicities the way they are, and the desires and yearnings, the cosmic energies, it was the perfect cocktail to bring forth that which you need to hear. We believe by George (he was being a smart alec) you got it this time! So we await your call – not the other way around.

We are online and ready and yes, you should tell Beth we said that. Over and Out.” (Ketak – My Sirian Commander Guide)

(The Watchers, The Guardians are the physical manifestation of what manifests for God – for the Divine Plan.)


“Hello yes we are very hot here! Things have heated up tremendously but do not despair! We are making headway. We live according to Divine Decrees so our way of movement, our schedules are not based on time as much as yours. The decrees have been set and because of this quite a bit of momentum has taken place. There is great urgency (he used a different word here but I couldn’t translate it) at hand. An anticipation for all of you returning home. Remember we are just as much wanting to see you as you us. Great progress has been made all across the planet by the Lightworkers. As we have reminded you many times, this would not happen without the Ground Crew. But now it is time for the final act. You are being reminded Alexandra that you are part of this. You took this mission anxiously. We happily agreed to it. We trust in you and know you will get the job done. So with that, we want you to know we are always online, available anytime and you are protected. Don’t worry about that. Too close to the endgame as you call it -many resources have been diverted to prevent any sabotage. We love you and we know all is in Divine Timing. And So It Is.” (Ashtar)


“A lot of the Ground Crew members are feeling they carry a heavy knapsack, like boulders on their back. Most do not remember that at the end of this wave, that this is part of that experience. It is very normal because we are extracting so much darkness from the planet. We are the transmuters. Obviously we are out of kilter. So much darkness, war, bloodshed, oppression, families torn apart. The Lightworkers are trying to pull stuff off of this scale of darkness. They are trying to keep up with the Darkness and it is constant. Because of the increase in Light from all angles. It is not just above and below it is also within ourselves. Because we ultimately are Light Beings. People tend to think outside themselves from above and below but in fact we are shaking off all of this density, all these things we have been carrying for an incredibly long time. These have been carried for A VERY LONG TIME! This is why this such a very important event. It is not about this dimensional level. Many are focusing on 3rd dimension to 5th. There are many anomalies and many issues throughout the dimensional levels. They all have their own anomalies.  They are all doing the same shaking off. It has to go somewhere right? Although it is being transmuted it is about how quickly can it be transmuted – to how much can it be prevented from being created. So this is where you are. It is a catch up game. This is why everyone is so exhausted. Everyone is working overtime to try to get to that point – not a critical mass point. It is literally a point. A measurement, perhaps is a better word. And once we reach that, it will be radically different. So at this particular junction everyone is really working a lot. When you are sleeping, even when you are walking and awake and you are cognitive, there are so many other parts of you. This is the greatest show in town. There is not one aspect of just about anyone on the planet, including who you refer to as The Dark, that is not obsessively aware and consumed with the outcome. Everyone is consumed with what is going to happen, even those observing outside your universe. This is because this is the greatest show on earth. And this is because we are resetting time. This is a reset. What do you think of when you think of a reset? What happens in the language between the communication of the ships and what we hear, there will ultimately be a mistranslation. This is a problem. There are some on your planet that can be a clear channel, but most of you are not. But it truly is a reset.

This reset involves the way in which planets move. It’s the way in which universes move around their core suns. It is a reset on even the atomic level. There is absolutely nothing, nothing that is unscathed or not affected by this reset. What does that mean? It means great change – great change for everyone and everything. For those of you looking forward to that change, even you will not be prepared for this. You will not be able to fully comprehend how that change will manifest. For those that are not aware, I’m afraid to say this is going to be a very challenging time for them. Everything that you know such as what you know to be true, such as the sun rises and then sets, you know that the stars show up in the sky at night and which stars show up, all of that is changing. Every part of your construct will be ripped away. This is literally part of the reset. Don’t you understand that your understanding, your consciousness, your awareness of how life functions, operates, cohabitates – that change alone and the way you see – go back to the fact that as you observe something you change that which you observe. Right? So think about what is going to happen with the reset? How will you observe that? What will you manifest from that observation? (I thought to myself wow – got it!) How will you teach others to observe that as well? Observation will be the new word of the 21st Century. Observation should be in everything that the media shares – that should be your subliminal message. You are going into a completely unknown world and your observation is the key indicator on how it unfolds. As Jerry called them the Watchers, what do Watchers do? In order to observe something, do you have to have a belief in it? No. In fact we would like you to not have any belief at all. But this alone, even with those that are enlightened, will be very challenging because all that you have studied, researched, and thought you had clear and clarified in your mind, even that will have to be thrown away. Start from scratch and be positive. Precisely.

You talk about this as if it is just a ho hum another day, when in reality that realization alone…

He begins to show me an ant farm. You are the kid and watching the ants build their home. How does a child look at that ant farm? They have never seen one before. They didn’t even know ants build a farm. They didn’t know ants built tunnels. This is what Christ meant by being childlike. Go in and be accepting that you don’t know anything. This is your message to the public Alexandra. This is what makes the future clear as a bell. There are those of you such as yourselves who will influence this unfolding. You will mold, manipulate as you observe the awareness of the public, as you observe the response of the public, the emotions of the public, you will mold that into what you want as a future. You will build and construct like clay – (he began to show me that we are up here looking down at the earth, at all of these people who are crying, heartbroken, confused, upset) and you are going to take all of the energy being released from those people and you are now fully aware that is is just energy – just energy – grab it and transmute it – you are going to take it and mold it into strengthening the movement, the message, the people, the strategy, the forefront of humanity. This is where you are. This is what time it is now. You are at that crossroads, but it really isn’t a crossroads if you don’t want to see it that way. (he laughs)

You must write more with the public. You must understand you are a reminder, a teacher, an mentor, a counselor, a friend. And all of those that are Watchers will need this. They will need each other. There is a cohesion that will be moving clockwise and it is a very strong force of energy when everyone is on the same page. If we get a core group on the same page who really understand what they signed up for, as you said before, it is game over. DO you understand now what Jerry meant yesterday when he was speaking with you? Which is that you have the authority and you are the authority in creating this new world. This is the time right before the reset and it is your decision as to how rapidly you want to go, how much you think the public can handle. It is not about governments, disclosure, death and life, and this and that. It is simply a decision you make now. And all of the forces, and all of the planets, all of the stars, all of the Gods, all of the Sources, will rally behind you and put their energies towards this as long as it is decisions made for The All. Empowering, acknowledging, freeing every living being. They will muster, they will send all of their force, all that they have and that is what you call The Event. (I was crying by this point)

It is not just your planet, your solar system or universe. It is every single thing that has a vested interest in this moment. Do you understand? So go and make it happen and understand we are with you always, and Gather The Guardians. So It Is.” (Ketak – My Sirian Commander Guide)


“I will be quick. Just don’t forget the joy. Do this in joy. Everything will be a non-issue. It will just happen. Just trust and be in joy and know you are Divinely Guided and know that you are loved. You are never alone and you can move mountains. And we love you.” Serenity

Since the Guardians are a piece that I am involved with of this grand puzzle, All Guardians – please be on standby…you will be contacted.

My love to all of you


April 15, 2015

me in greensteve_bassett

Have you seen Stephen Basset’s Part One interview with me? Another one of those amazing trail-blazers who has tenaciously pursued a 68 year government Truth Embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence engaging our human race and a formal acknowledgement of their presence by ALL world governments, most especially the US Military Intelligence Complex! His primary tasks are to 1) raise public awareness, 2) convene open Congressional hearings to take government witness testimony, and 3) end the truth embargo. No small task indeed! And in fact, this series of interviews are packed with information I bet you have never heard before! He has also shared some really exciting news regarding the progress of his endeavors in regards to Disclosure and why we should no longer use “UFO Cover-up” terminology.

Here is Part One:

Here is Part Two:

Seriously folks! You want a pick me up? This is truly it! As always, I am HONORED to be able to bring this information forward for all of us to learn!

Have an awesome week my friends…love to you all on this glorious day!



PS Just so you know you NEVER EVER have to provide a passcode or user name to gain access to my site…so if this happens, I just thank “the Dark” for doing something right because it is evident that it is interference as usual…Also if they are tampering with our buttons or pages, just drop us a line please! We will take care of you as best as we can!;-)

March 31, 2015

IfyoudontcreatechangeWelllllll, are you feeling like a pressure cooker as if you are about to implode? There are so many of us feeling the ramifications of the immense Light penetrating our bodies and cells AND AT THE SAME TIME we are receiving copious amounts of intel and data that are insinuating something really big is about to go down! Just check out the last week’s highlights and other pertinent news:

Hellyer makes his latest announcement regarding the plight of the survival of the human species being at stake. He boldly stated last week that “we have been given a few months, not years, to change course before it is too late. The choice is ours. We are the ones who are destined to write our own history.”

Then you have the ground breaking released video entitled “Citizens Hearing on Disclosure UFO Secret Meeting” where disclosure is TRULY underway reviewing The Los Angeles UFO Raid, exposure of advanced alien technology and much much more.

Another “bomb” dropped with intel explaining that America’s Militia is Striking Back, where two high-ranking militia officers reveal, for the first time, planned “push back” actions to commence within days! Supposedly this Jade Helm operation presents an opportunity to show the US Military just exactly WHO the enemy of America really are. This is all about the restitution of the Constitution.

Fulford just released his weekly article about the forming of a world federation of free states and sovereign humans. He also announced “high level insiders have begun claiming that Jesus Christ was a fictitious character and that the Qu’ran was written by Vatican propaganda experts. This is evidence the 2000 year old Roman plan to create a unified, mono-cultural fascist world government is unravelling and that, as a result, ancient secrets are pouring out. or-world-federation-has-now-been-passed-on-to-key-power-centers/

Gordon Duff shared his recent video on the plane flight Lufthansa 9525 that may have been downed to end an investigation of massive banking fraud died to the CIA, Mossad, Crypto AG, Siemans and the Vatican Bank. .

Kevin Annett shot me over this article where Pope Francis is finally being accuse by fellow priests and it making international headlines.

Those citizens that ARE taking PEACEFUL action are truly seeing that they are attaining positive results such as this story.

A Doctor is continuing to boldly express that cancer is curable which in the old days would have brought him to his knees are assassinated.

Our Beloved Galactic Brothers and Sisters continue to make their presence known such as in New York City recently.

Stock experts are getting into the fold of of disclosing truth by admitting that the stock market truly is rigged.

And finally right in my backyard, the City of San Diego launches a suit against Monsanto arguing “that the companies are liable for contamination of the bay by polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, manufactured by Monsanto from the 1930s through the late 1970s.”

My point is when you begin to feel like you are fed up and have had enough of the oppression and resistance from this life we live, regroup and remind yourself that WE ARE FINALLY TAKING ACTION. We have reached an energetic point – the top of the wave – and we have an amazing ride ahead.  It is NOW time to take action, no matter how big or small…do something you never do this week. A comment, an action, an enterprise, or a rally will ALL feed this momentum that this planet is feeling, breathing, and living!

Take a big deep breath and express GRATITUDE that we have finally made it! The time is near.

Lots of love


March 23, 2015

Hey Everyone!

old soulHave you felt bathed and mellowed by the immense rain of Light this weekend? OMG! It has been so beautiful and uplifting, so much so that it has catalyzed another metamorphosis within that I can’t quite explain. I notice that those I come across at stores who may be short and unkind or in a “lower vibrational mode” seem to effect me more. But the effect causes me a profound sadness as I move closer to a knowingness that we are all one.

I had a profound experience today when working on a personalized set of remedies. I was able to trace back this person’s reve physical “handicap/ailments” to a series of past lives that demonstrated a perpetual cycle from tyrant to victim. All of the essences and homeopathics I work with lead to an inability to not learn the lesson, and because of this an immense sense of grief, lack of self-forgiveness, and then confusion became this person’s reality now. The reason I share this with all of you is much of what we are experiencing now is the purification in many instances of us letting go of past memories buried deep within our core that we have no idea exists! This is a time to be cognizant that our past is us now, as well as our future. We are all in one package, no matter the timeline. I see time and time again that our Higher Self is craving to free Itself from prior decisions we heavily paid for in the past and have carried the emotional burden into this life. There is no blame, just the reality that the decision NOT to hold on is called for immediately. As old souls, we don’t need to relive, re-enact, re-experience any of our past decisions which lead us down some gruesome and painful paths. We just need to give ourselves permission and ALLOW Mother Earth and Our Guidance to help us Release whatever we are holding onto within our soul memory, even if we don’t remember it. This journey is far easier with a lighter backpak so to speak.

I have noticed some experience huge releases after taking the essences, almost as if they have become a new and improved individual ready to take action! I love these energies because they support my work expeditiously!

With the full moon, eclipse, and spring equinox upon us, we are being pushed again by forces beyond our imagination to create anew. Do not forget that we ARE creating a new his/her-story for the new society. We ARE the new society, so if our focus is healing, educating, aligning, freeing, being ALL THAT WE CAN BE, imagine what we will create! This is our time now! We have a ton of support and continue to receive more every time we turn a corner. Things can get easier and life becomes more fulfilling as we release outmoded ways of surviving. It is now time to LIVE!

Have a wonderful week and make it a truly unique breakthrough! You deserve it! We all do!

Much love


March 17, 2015

 shoes-on-the-other-footWell I would start this off with Happy St. Patrick’s Day, however after being informed about who HE really was, I think I will refrain from that! So I hope all of you are having a wonderful Tuesday thus far with or without the St. Patty’s experience but I couldn’t resist this clip below for a chuckle (forgive the profanity)!

So has everyone noticed a beautiful sense of peace encompassing our planet as of late? Another new wave of energies came in sometime around the 11th and I have really been feeling a new level of “being.” So I went and asked myself why this is? Now some have mentioned that some of us (including myself) have jumped another dimensional wave and I agree.  But there is also a general feeling amongst many that something has REALLY shifted on the planet – like an important decision has been made, or an anticipated event we have been hoping for has actually begun. I base this too, on awaking in the middle of a Galactic Council meeting and remembering what was discussed and decided…let’s just put it this way, things really feel close to me.

This month supposedly marks an energetic break from the old ways of life to the new! What are you doing to prompt new beginnings into your life? I have been delving deeply into chronic physical injuries that I have carried since birth and working to release the trauma, pain, and suffering I carry in my soul and cellular memory from prior lifetimes. Episodes where I saw myself freeing prisoners, protecting others, running for my life, fighting battles, being burned at the stake, etc.  I can not help but feel that this is a big part of what we are ALL releasing right now…yes it is cellular, but it is also a “calling card” for The Enlightened Ones. We once again were called to serve a struggling, oppressed, abused planet, and we are receiving the magnificent gift of clearing the effects of perpetual nonstop  incarnations where we sacrificed our life for The Cause.

Another confirmation I received last night was that the real heavy duty weaponry has been shut down on many Light Warriors. Now we just have to get through the constant manipulation of  what we think is reality versus what really is….that is a biggie!

It seems today is significant for a multitude of reasons.  One such reason would be to create this into a day of countering dark tactics and games, as we know The Vatican loves to use holidays associated with the church as a venue for blood bathing (literally).

Do NOT forget that it is an honor to be at a place where we are manifesting the future unfoldings of this planet and its people. We have been elected and selected to choose the righteous path for freedom and justice for all! So many of us have “fought the good fight” or lived an honorable life only to continue to feeling downtrodden, maligned, screwed over, and victimized. What I am saying to you now is our day is coming! The acknowledgements, gratitude, honor, and support are literally right around the corner – so don’t throw the towel in at this final birthing phase of why you went through all of this is the first place.

The time is near – we are unstoppable – the magic is spreading! Every thing is singing a new song, including the dark. Every seed, tree, insect, bird, animal, and human is gravitating towards the light. And with this overwhelming momentum of Light, the dark are now finding every action is being met with resistance. The shoe is on the other foot so to speak.

As always, I send you love and appreciation for all that each of you do! We are victorious!

With love,


March 2, 2015

Hey Everyone!

tidbit2(1)(1)Just a quick note! Has anyone noticed that the “American Navy” has been advertising for recruits, INSTEAD OF The United States Navy? I forgot to point this out as it occurred last summer.  Also, if you have a paypal account, have you noticed that they are using “united states” in LOWER CASE LETTERS when you place an order???

Have you noticed low hanging ships in your town with flashing lights in greens, yellows, pinks, blues, etc?

There are many exciting things going on in the background. My friend Jeff sent this over to me this weekend:

“The shift I brought on today was a biggie.  In my energy journals I have been noting for the past year what my consciousness platform was operating on – dimension wise. 3D, 4D, 5D, etc. When I first noted it, it was 4.3, then 4.7, then 5.4, then this week 5.92. So today I opened up to all 6.0 to unfold. It was a smooth shift…” Jeff

And here is an email from Tina regarding the Tory Smith interview:

“Hi Galactic Connection-

I have some additional news if you do not already know that will back up your recent interview with Tori Smith regarding the demise of the cabal.

David Wilcock was on Coast Wednesday night he mentioned exactly what Tori had mentioned about the dark forces leaving. If you did not catch his show it would be great if you could listen to it as it adds tons of information to this subject of the dark forces leaving planet earth.

Thank You for all you do” Tina

Just thought I’d share…

Love ya’ll as Rev. Pam used to say! 😉


February 27, 2015

Hey Folks!

footprint-greener-feetSorry I haven’t updated sooner but it has been another c-r-a-z-y week! If you haven’t noticed many changes have gone down with our website and we have officially hired our new team member Romeo! There were so many amazing people that applied for the position and it was a tough decision because so many of you had great talents and drive to assist The Light. I just want to say that I will be holding onto your information for when the funds arrive and we expand things further.

The search engine is being worked on since the other one kept crashing on everyone due to the massive library of articles and information stored at We have made the items that are regularly changed or updated located in their own area, above the blog postings. We have tweaked and changed cache settings and more to increase the speed when you land on the daily-blog page. The new logo has been uploaded, as well as most of the pictures have been upgraded. The colors have been tweaked and the black background that some had difficulty reading from has been converted to a blue, which is easier on your eyes. We are finally updating the automatic letters so that when you make a purchase you receive the right and appropriate instructions and information. We are still working on several other details, but I am hoping these upgrades are pleasing to the eye.

I was also asked to clarify some thing about the tubular ships and basketball shaped ships…Tory wanted me to let everyone know that these have been removed and are no longer being used.

Also, MANY had a very difficult weekend last weekend and it is very CLEAR that we are making headway because of the severity of the attacks that people are experiencing. Stay strong and with hope, knowing the progress continues.

This morning we performed a pyramid session in South Africa and somehow we ended up with 3 sets of twin flames. It was VERY powerful, and I kept getting that we were clearing history – like cleaning the slate so we could truly move forward freely.  We actually saw rulers, dictators, chiefs, etc. who had oppressed humanity or had blood on their hands being extracted from the pyramid and pulled into the Light. If you haven’t tried this exercise, please do so! It is truly helping the planet and we now have all of the pyramids “online” in communication with their own grid.

Lastly, what came in was this: “as you walk throughout your day, consciously take each step focusing on Your Light spreading with each imprint, knowing your steps are guiding others to The Light.”

Love you


February 18, 2015

Hi Everyone!

there-is-no-time-there-never-was-and-there-never-will-beCan you feel the acceleration of energy going on? From what I am told, this will continue so now is the time to get prepared for how you want to participate in this transition…we are all being called! Have you heard your clarion call yet?

Some time ago, the dark energy weapons were introduced and are now being used to focus on specific people. I am being told to remind you all to ramp up your Light and send it to these terrible weapons with the intention that they become null and void. Also, continue to COMMAND that ALL NEGATIVE BEINGS/FORCES ARE REMOVED NOW!!!

Here is something Tory wanted me to share with all of you:

“If we had all the protection that we needed, we wouldn’t be driven to take on these huge adversaries. The energy would just be put onto someone else. I think really instead of focusing on ourselves, we should focus on them (the dark beings).  Do Law of Attraction exercises to focus on arrests because this is going to continue until all of The Dark are arrested. This will keep going until they don’t have the power or any access to these machines to come into our homes and attack us. That is where the focus should be….in fact we should focus on REMOVAL, NOT ARRESTS! Remove this oppressive group that is trying to murder us all….I can hear them every once in a while when I send them zeropoint energy….I know it is working. Focus on removal of those we need protection from!!!”

Tory agreed with me as well that a full blown war is STILL going down in our ethers.  He definitely thinks they are freaking out because so much is falling apart for them.  But weapons have been brought in from Beta Cancri, which is part of The Milky Way where there is still a lot of dark energy reptilians. He has also seen a tubular ship that floats about 3 feet above the ground and can fire weapons at you unless you blow it up yourself.  Another type looks like a basketball shaped craft that would float and may be similar weaponry.  You can go into excruciating pain in the torso and headaches and neck pain as well if they fire on you.  There are other Artifical Intelligent units that look like people/mannequins but with no faces. They look kind of like fake robots with a shell and smooth surface. You can give these a huge hug sending them unconditional love and have The Galactics take them away to become a sentient being.They will thank you for this, as they are caught in the web of darkness as well.

“People don’t realize how many bad dudes have been here and have been removed. I really believe all of the insectians are gone,” said Tory confidently.  I agreed with him recounting my own experiences in doing Congo clearings with Pam and Steven before and during my African missions with Sandi and Chris.

If you haven’t seen this video series, please do! It is truly mind blowing since it fills in so many blanks for many of us regarding the chemtrail onslaught.

Now I’m understanding why I was hailed to photograph the light ships last Tuesday night.  And I forgot to mention that I saw at least 3 of them just in that location.  They were definitely hanging out on stand-by. Perhaps they are effecting the chemtrail campaign by just merely being present. I have definitely noticed a clearing of the skies in certain areas. This Monday night, I was in a completely different city and saw another 5 of them.  They literally were everywhere.  Look for them in your hometown.  They are lower on the horizon and you will see a myriad of colors and if you photograph them you can sort of make out “tails” of the ship??? If there is anyone out there that has decent photography equipment, please do me a favor and try and capture some photos and send them my way.  I will post them to share with the world that we are indeed supported by The Light Forces.

I’m also noticing chemtrail planes flying in a northerly direction and their chemical “trails” are disappearing.  This has happened now multiple times right before my eyes and I am not totally sure what is currently going on but I would imagine this could be on the list of tasks of The Allied Forces.

Just wanted to share this with you.  As usual, this information is not to create fear but awareness and THE GROUND CREW TAKING ACTION.  We are very powerful and if ALL of us decide they must be removed we can do this! No matter what state of evolution you are at, just INTEND with a purity of heart, and ALWAYS request this for The ALL IS! These Light Being and Allied Forces will respond.

Love you all and please catch my radio interview here from Tuesday afternoon, for it has a very important message for all of you!


February 14, 2015

Bengal Tiger Happy Valentine’s everyone! I woke up to another beautiful and sunny day today.  Has anyone noticed we are going on about day 7 WITHOUT chemtrails?  At least this is the case in San Diego, CA! With that said, I was lucky enough to be sitting here blogging and as I looked up a chemtrail plane was flying vertically into the ethers.  It was moving very rapidly and it’ sprayed trails were literally being “erased” right before my very eyes! WOW!

Also, as the Dark Beings are being surveillanced, sought out, and extracted many unusual things are happening to some of us.  I realize that there is all sorts of information up there stating that the quarantine has been lifted and all the Dark have left, but my “intel” and messages are not saying this.  Yes, it is in process, but we must NOT let our guard down and become less vigilant.  I received several calls and e-mails from many who are under SEVERE psychic attack at this time and if you are anyone who is actively and boldly providing light warrior work for The Light like me, you can attest to this. In fact, apparently at this final desperate hour, the dark are upping the ante and launching “new weapons” for psychic attack.  So we aren’t out of the “soup” yet folks!

I call on ALL Guardians to HOLD AND ANCHOR your grid locations.

Do you remember when I released this interview?

Hailing All Lyrans, Lions and Felini!

Well there was an extremely important reason for this release of this interview at this time.  This was to put out the call to those who had ears to hear that the heat was about to step up in a big way.  Those individuals who heard this call or knew it to be their mission are protecting the gates from external intruders so The Allied Forces can get the job done. We have all been so focused on not allowing the dark to leave, but there are task forces that are specifically created to keep the dark from reentering and reinforcing those still here.

Therefore, I want to remind everyone that there is a full blown “war” going on at the east gate. Countless dark beings are trying every which way to escape their final days.  Imagine the panic and chaos! I would like to take the time to send appreciation, support, and love to ALL of the Light Warriors and Emissaries of Light that are being so challenged right now because of this.  Let us all COMMAND that ALL dark beings still trying to elude their demise are found and extracted immediately !

We all have specific roles to perform and for those of you not feeling this attack, that is fantastic and you are working in another capacity.  But for all of those doing the heavy duty warrior work at this final hour, I commend you for your fearlessness, tenacity, dedication, and love for humanity and Mother Earth!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love


February 11, 2015

portalThis is an awesome update from my bud Jeff on the portal openings across the planet.

“Once the seven portals were completely opened they became a synchronized, single harmonic.

Starting now, they are individualizing their harmonics and each one will be amplifying it’s own kind of wavelengths for accentuating the Oneness fields going on now throughout our planet.

So instead of being one octave, they will be many octaves.  This will allow the portioned magnetics to go deeper into our fields.  This will envleop our Oneness fields wholly now.  The heightened awareness will extend past our ability to comprehend it’s source stream.  It will continue flowing until Oneness is achieved.

The seven portals relate ot our seven fields of awareness within.  The seven awareness’ are: the awareness of harmonics, frequential reception, Love senses, ideation, quntifiable mass, sequential awareness, and variant forms of Oneness. The seven postals will have the effect of optimizing these qualities of awareness.”

Nice! I have what I think are some very interesting and intriguing pictures that I took last night.  I was hailed to stop and photograph a low lying “star” which I really believe was a ship…stay tuned. They will be up shortly.

Lots of love


February 6, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I had one of the most restless night’s sleep last night and I kept getting messages, conversations, and Light Beings talking to me.  They were so tenacious that I was prompted to get up and write down the following message to share with The Ground Crew at 4:44 a.m. and this was after pumping a tank of gas that evening which totaled $44.44:

altcumulous clouds1They began the transmission with a vision of an enormous portal opening up above me which appeared as a clear opening within a cloud layer like the altocumulus clouds we have seen. I was told The Light will pour through this portal onto the planet. Here is what was said:

Me: “That portal looks an awful lot like the one I saw in Botswana.”

God: “This portal opening is similar to the work you did in Africa (in Botswana when we closed down the Congo portal) where we extracted all of the dark ones.”

Me: “Since the angels have descended in mass numbers into our realm, why not have them transmute the rest of the dark ones to The Light?”

God: “We have no more patience for their “game.” They are ingenious at hopping dimensions, making additional copies of themselves, etc. that it is difficult to track them down.This is quicker. There will be a peace like never before blanketing the planet once this is done.”

Me: “What about all of the “cling-ons” on all the people?”

God: “We help those who help themselves. Sorry but you all know what you signed up for when you took on this mission. This is all about learning and evolving from prior decisions that weren’t necessarily the best choice for you.”

Me: “Is this the same as what many refer to as The Event?”

Portal of god to planetGod: ” This is just the next step of this mission. There will be others. People will become clearer about what part they have played in their own misery. This portal opening will magnify their realizations – push them to self-improvement – influence them to seek out help.  Beware that the Sleeping Giant is stirring from his slumber! Now is the time for all those in the healing arts to get prepared! You will be needed.  Essentially you have been prepared for this event as an on-going exercise for this moment in time.  You will receive plenty of Guidance when you ask for assistance in clarifying your next step of the journey.

This is truly the open door you’ve been waiting for. A time of Jubilee! An era of celebration! Wars will begin to cease.  The only wars will be those that are within the individual now.  We can help but we can not do this for you.  This is the beginning stages of The Clean Up Operation.  You are at the front of the line of those to follow your footsteps.

Make choices wisely, with caution, with discernment, with concern for your fellow citizens of Planet Earth.  The time is now to step up to the microphone and proclaim your desires and get going! TAKE ACTION!”

I was also told some major things were going on last night in the skies and heavens.  It appears it was officially a full moon on February 3rd at 6:09 p.m. and for those who are motivated to get out of bed in the middle of the night, there may be possibly visuals.

Hope this makes your day like it did mine!



Just Another Point To Make….I never want to give out timing but I about leapt out of my seat when someone sent me this message today….I too, was told something significant was happening within 7 days….read on and see what it feels like to you!  As always, KEEP THE VIBRATION HIGH because we are in an unpredictable “time” right now.




Ally: “Man it was cool to wake up to an email from our girl sayin about the ships and all. Noticed she wrote it at 11:37 last night. So I’m just going about my mornin, drinkin coffee, checkin emails and all, lettin my brain wake up.

Well my partner just woke up about 1/2 an hour ago and asked me what I said last night. I just gave her a funny look and told her I don’t remember sayin anything. What did I say?

Fortunately she wrote it down. It happened around 10:30 last night.

Here’s my latest sleep talk:

Ready the ships and let’s start the final tow. Will take 7 days. GO… end transmission

“I’m so EEKed out right now!!! So I got that message before Rose did or maybe at the same time…WOWZERS!!! So of course I had to write ya.
Rose responded: “Well, that’s very cool confirmation. Ty Much appreciated.

Now for Rose’s update:

“So the ships are in motion. Over central North America now, stretching in a line to China. We think they’re tying off the cords to them, for those pulled to ships. We speculate the ships are part of the big show. More appropriately, they are the GIR. Global Instant Rendezvous. That’s when we get the air.

“The 7 days, seems to be the time of end. When all is done. So we get the air, then leave, & the pay back takes up days remaining. Upstairs, it’s just hours.

“I think we leave before 7 days. It seems part of those days are the pour and clean up before the vah is pulled in. 7 days here is something like 14 hours upstairs.

“We think the GIR is imminent. We leave, & we take what is going, (matt/netted) with us. That takes only minutes in our real time. Then the pay back happens…then the pour/pit…then the clean out. Then the vah is towed off the rail and through the eye.

“The biggest thing is ma net appears to be going off.

She’s posting errors.

The ef can see us in the event window.

They’re screaming “it’s the hour”.

They tried to make the window, but all of them are sticking.

They’re stuck to the negative mast.

“The papal coven oaks are dying.

Rome sticks.

So does NASA & the Nordics.

That’s it for tonight.

Except for one last thing…Our veil is being pulled off.

February 4, 2015

i-am-completeI just had to share this beautiful message from Lindi!

Just seen your latest post Ground Crew Take Heed. Last night was woken up to sense what was overwhelmingly Completion. It came with an experiential realisation that it all just IS and that IS perfection no matter what it looks like. In that state EVERYTHING I allowed myself to entertain felt like LOVE and beyond bliss even the stuff that normally makes me shudder. Words don’t cut it but just wanted to acknowledge your post. AND say Yayyyyyyyy. We are ON it (inlove) – Lindi

It feels oh so good with these new energies doesn’t it?

Have a wonderful day!



February 3, 2015

sherlock holmesOK…I asked The Company of Heaven to send me some signs confirming yesterday’s message. Many have written in indicating that they are feeling something expansive going down.  It is truly as if we are all on deck waiting for the call…however I have been reminded by one such friend that we are being “trained” and “tested” at this time.  It is important that we take an active role in controlling discordant energies away from our field and our lives.  This is all part of the readiness for the transition….

Now check out two messages from today!  All I can say is WOW!!!


From YellowRoseForTexas today:

“The ships have lined up, side by side.

Going in an east west equator line. Facing north.

We think its for the big show & pick ups.

We heard the ef screaming last night, that it was “fee day”.

Well, fee day for them occurs at our exit day.

That’s when all their debt to mankind is paid and it voids them.”



From American Kabuki’s site today:

A Short Story by Sharon Teresa

This last Friday, Angels of this Universe were given freewill by Prime Creator. They’ve never quite had freewill, you know, and the moment they were gifted this wondrous thing, they rushed to Gaia by the many, many thousands…maybe even millions. They stood ready to serve – as they always have – but this time was so special (because it was what they wanted to do), that their power multiplied exponentially, and with that knowledge pure joy was born into them! And the Angels of this Universe will never be the same.
     Well, powerful Beings of Light, who’ve never incarnated into physicality, watched with wonder, and said, “Hey! You know all this crap of non-interference? To heck with it!” And Prime Creator said, “Go for it!” So they, too, arrived on Earth, to place their steady Light where it felt right. And when asked how it was that they could be here, in this density, because it was our understanding that it was too uncomfortable for them, they said, “Bullshit! We’ve always been able to go where we wanted…except we were told to not interfere! But considering who it was that told us that, and what’s been going on, well…. Never mind. We’re here now!” And they beamed their Light with all their Might, and all was Right.      And Angels the size of the Empire State Building came in and stood guard. (Did you know there are Angels so huge? LOL!) When they showed up they were asked, by the dark ones, who are you?! Their answer is, with a smile, “Your greatest nightmare.”      And the Gatekeeper, who sits at the hand of Prime Creator, came to guard our lovely planet, setting our brothers and sisters in their ships free to fly on down, and walk among us with their technologies, ready to engage if necessary.      And all the Love in this Universe chatted, smiled, and came together to help our little realm. And they will continue to do so. Best of friends with All who are here.

     And All is well…and will never be the same.

     We’ve done our service, magnificent dear Ones. By our Loving example of freewill…we’ve set this Universe free.


February 2, 2015

Credit for this image

I have just received “word” that I am to alert The Ground Crew with the following notice immediately.

“Please inform The Ground Crew that we are in an “all hands on deck” status.  Each of you is being called to hold your position and be ready. We are asking each of The Crew Members to remain calm and balanced, be consistent in this composure, and be vigilant of any triggers that attempt to derail you.  You are being called to hold the space of Truth and Light, as these are YOUR encodements, and your time is NOW to show up with on-going stable resonance.  This is one of The most important missions thus far, and because of it, things may not be as they appear.  Many who we thought we knew will become exposed for what they truly are.  Remember that The Light is gloriously abundant and the Truth Always Prevails.”

OK – so even if you are not consciously aware of your participation in this Ground Crew Operation, you are being requested to REMAIN CALM, STAY BALANCED, AND KNOW THAT THE LIGHT IS PROCEEDING AHEAD. Many times, people have written in thinking that they are failing themselves and humanity because they don’t know their own mission or purpose, but the fact of the matter is most do not know all the details due to the technologies such as mind swiping, remote viewing, and deadly vibratory rays that are consistently used by The Dark to extract crucial information.  Most will not be given too many details to keep themselves safe and the mission protected.  Please know this.

ALL OF US must band together at this time.  There is no more time for dissension, accusations, and maligning because those that are not who they present themselves to be, will soon be decloaked and exposed.

I was shocked that this message came in with such urgency.  Something is truly in progress and it feels major….all psychics and intuitives are welcome to add your messages to this.  I will share them with the world…

Honored to serve you all – and love you,


January 30, 2015

Hello! Hello!

megaphone-guyMajor changes are afoot at the Galactic Connection “HQ.”  There is so much swimming in our heads and we both woke up excited this morning after attending a High Council meeting last night….we have finally gotten the go ahead to move forward with many anticipated plans and frankly can thank “unexpected occurrences” for this progress. 

Galactic Connection has big plans for 2015!!! We are now putting out the request for a few special individuals to step forward and contact us.  We were told just this morning that there are divinely guided SPIRITUALLY ENLIGHTENED individuals that will see/hear this clarion call, and will respond accordingly because they have already worked with us in a similar capacity in prior lifetimes/world ages. They KNOW our mission because it is theirs as well!  It is now time to take things to the next level!  Yeah!!!

We are looking for the following:


Skill set to include:

> Enthusiastic to participate in the exceptional growth of Galactic Connection

> Comfortable with working in an environment OUT OF THE 3D THINKING

> Is spiritually minded, stable, dependable, and wants to have fun

> Is a self-starter and able to work on their own OUT OF THEIR HOME without supervision or distraction

> Resourceful and organized

> Computer literate

> Must have a reliable, functioning, up to date computer

> Knowledge in blogging preferred but will train

> Enjoys reading daily news and sharing it with the world

> Proficient in WordPress but will train

> Experience with MS Office preferred


> Superb communication skills

> Desires a LONG TERM position, recognizing the bigger picture and our up and coming missions with the Galactic Connection Team

> Team oriented


> Must be able to multi-task

> Creative and willing to bring ideas forward

Will interface with the GC team, GC clients and appointments, various healers, radio show guests, transcriptionists, bloggers, volunteers, WordPress, healing products and services, hosting company, newsletter, and more.

Must have already had their implants out OR to be willing and interested to have their implants out!

blogger iconBLOGGERS (voluntary positions)

> Dependable and committed

> Enjoys reading daily news and sharing it with the world

> Proficient in wordpress but will train

> Creative and willing to bring ideas forward

> Team oriented


Must have already had their implants out OR to be willing and interested to have their implants out!

This has revealed to us that things are changing behind the scenes and getting us prepared for some major shifts as we ready ourselves for the BIG PROJECTS coming forth! Yeah!

Please send the following if you are interested:

> A current picture of yourself

> Your work history

> What you consider to be your greatest assets for the Galactic Connection Team

> Where you live

> A vision of what you see yourself bringing to Galactic Connection and Mother Earth

> Your salary requirements

If you are interested, please drop an e-mail to

We are looking forward to reconnecting with our comrades…lots of love!

Alexandra and the GC Team

January 26, 2015

Over the last several weeks I have been receiving a larger than normal amount of emails depicting challenges with health and “sudden” illnesses, headaches, aches and pains out of nowhere. I have chalked this up to the infusion of Light at this time with the opening of many portals beginning last year up to this current time.  Because these emails seemed to arrive at the same time, I asked Father God what was causing this.  Here is the message I received:

20150126_193055[1]Apparently a new and accelerated psychic attack campaign was launched last summer where the “puppet masters” are using/issuing very high and ultra high frequencies due to the continual progress of The Light.  If  you or your mission involves stabilizing earth grids and Guardian grids, then you are definitely targeted.  If you are a whistleblower, or are working to bring about major changes with The Vatican or federal and state governments, you are definitely being targeted. This is apparently associated with a military agenda.  They are using individual cell phones which run at a gigahertz range, to transmit these dissonant and destructive frequencies. 

Please take heed that we should all turn off our cell phones while sleeping.  Using ear buds or ear phones when speaking on the phone will lessen the frequency attacks.  If you have seen those welded copper or brass pyramids, they will nullify these signals and frequencies. You just need to get into the habit of placing your phones inside these pyramids throughout the day.  If you have a family you can even purchase a larger pyramid to accommodate all of those who have cell phones in your household. I’m also being told that if you “store” your cell phones within these pyramids for a certain period of time, then these emitting frequencies will be nullified for a period of time.  For example, if you store them in the pyramid for 24 hours, then when they are out of the pyramid, it can cancel out the frequencies for up to 12 hours.

Also, place a piece of paper with the written words “ALL MALEVOLENT AND NONBENEFICIAL FREQUENCIES OF THIS CELL PHONE ARE PERMANENTLY TRANSMUTED TO LIGHT NOW” under your cell phone within the pyramid. Intend for this to be so.

We purchased our pyramids at, especially since they are properly welded and constructed compared to other cheaper versions we have checked out.

Once again – thanks so much to Father God and our Galactic Brothers and Sisters for this message…just passing on some more helpful information. I am not an expert on this topic, so if you have any other information to support this message please drop me an email.

Lots of love,


PS: All Implant Removal, SA/DNA orders have been filled and shipped through the 22nd.  All Essence orders should be completed by Wednesday. Yeah!

January 23, 2015

First off I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eric.  Eric has been assisting me off and on since I launched, providing the invaluable service of cleaning up my computer’s operating system, accessing files, repairing audio files, editing video files and much much more. He refuses to accept payment, representing such a commitment to provide his talents for The Light. Thank you Eric. We are blessed you entered this realm!

2015-01-21 08.21.10 2015-01-21 08.21.20 With that out of the way, I have just got to share something REALLY major with you all! Or should I say ya’ll? Yesterday morning when Steven and I awakened, he was looking outside the window watching the sun and sky.  We were both talking about the increase in chemtrails in the last week and wondering what “they” were actually hiding.  We bantered back and forth about was it all about biogerm spraying or masking our view of galactic events. As we were chatting, all of sudden he asked me to come look at something but by the time I got there I had missed it.These pictures show how strange the sky looked at 8 am, but unfortunately I missed the 15 second viewing.

What he saw was this:

“While looking at the sun, it began flashing back and forth between light and dark. It only lasted about 15 seconds, but the sun literally separated from the light and the dark.  I actually saw the black sun behind the lighter sun and then separate itself on an angle, with the black sun below the lighter sun. OK….wow, another strange anomaly?

2015-01-21 08.21.51Well Steven happens to be pretty well versed in biblical scriptures (due to a non denominational baptist church upbringing where he was forced to go four days each week). He remembered this from Acts 2:20 – New International Version :

“The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.” But Steven remembers stumbling upon a scripture after watching The Lie Nasa Told which rocked his world and ties into yesterday’s experience…he’s got some cool information coming soon.

Just couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you…

Have an awesome weekend!

Love ya’


January 11, 2015

So focused and holding back deep felt emotions here...

So focused and holding back deep felt emotions here…

Wow! More realizations continue to bathe me with an awestruck awareness of what was actually manifested in Africa!!! I have so much information coming in, it is difficult to get it all down to share with you.  With the risk of sounding redundant, this is some really significant messaging coming through and it is my oath to get it out to all of you.

Before I begin, I really need to share more details. Firstly, when Steve and I did our mission across the United States, in particular Arkansas and Oklahoma, we received “our clarion call” on Independence Day, July 4th, 2012! As many of you around the world may know, this day commemorates our supposed freedom from The Crown.  The bottom line is when one thinks July 4th, one thinks FREEDOM.  If you haven’t read about our journey, click here to read about this amazing adventure.

Now I really would like to clarify a few specifics about the missions and ceremonies performed in South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. The ENTIRE time I was walking on the rich fertile soil of this magnificent continent, I knew that what I was about to do was HUGE and rarely did my mind migrate away from that knowingness.  An immense amount of preparation went into each mission, which may sound contradictory to those of you who do a lot of planetary and mission work (one typically goes with chance or arbitrariness) BUT there was something about this trip that was “exceptionally different.” After all, my life had been threatened just in the decision to take a much needed “vacation,” so I really knew something was up. Just so you all know, I should be releasing a video shortly on the entire experience.

My conscious being was alert to how much was riding on our undertakings, and a portion of me was never quite there.  Sandi and Chris constantly told me I was asking the same questions again and again, not remembering the questions I had already asked them, and seeming to not be present.  I had to really contemplate as to where was I? With concern for appearing like a proverbial dingbat and airy fairy new-ager, I made the excuse that I had been losing my memory as of late, or so I thought.

Now that I am on the other side of the world, arriving home safe and sound and having some down time through this latest “purification process” this last week, I have become keenly aware of one thing: my intense desire and yearning for ALL living beings and things to become completely free of intrusion on their freewill.  This wasn’t just a desire however, this is who I am.  Does that make sense? If not, let me explain.

I arrived into this realm with my feet backwards.  My mother did not want another child and attempted to privately “abort” me by mixing two pharmaceutical drugs in her second trimester, which had successfully gotten the job done in past situations.  With me, through regression and healing work, I literally “fought” with every fiber of my being to stay alive.  I had a purpose to perform and I was committed to fulfill it.  I uncovered that the last trimester was absolute hell for both mother and fetus, as she was furious I clung onto life, and I was anxious to be born.  I was induced a day before my father’s birthday, and within 6 weeks of my first breath here, I was already in a cast and donned with corrective shoes and a brace for the next 2 1/2 years. From my oldest sister, I have been told that I spent my days in a crib crying with pain from regular weekly or bimonthly visits to the doctor, where a mere slight turn of a screw on the braces triggered another tsunami of agony.

I had maybe 3 major disagreements with my father throughout my life, who many of you who have read my blog know to be one of my core mentors growing up.  He was a Guardian of a Guardian, and without him I truly don’t know if I would have made it (and in fact it was my father who noticed my backwards feet, not my mother).  But with that said, the most impressive argument he ever had with me was demanding why I was so g******* tenacious? Well now I really know.

The authentic desire for ALL to have their freewill to be, choose, and live as they want has been my driving force.  I can remember countless experiences from youth on where I was triggered when I saw an animal abused by a person, a girl picked on because she wasn’t pretty to them, a friend stalked because they just didn’t like the way she was, a male comrade not pursuing his art because his family was making fun of him, a slew of girlfriends being knocked up and beaten up because they didn’t know how to escape safely, and the list goes on and on.  At that time, I thought my threats and protection were the answer.  The point is, a replaying thought almost haunted me of “why can’t we just leave people alone? why can’t we let everyone and everything be?”

A release of relief, joy, and intention all in one!

A release of relief, joy, and intention all in one!

Fast forward to today…I received another amazing message from my dear friend Jeff, as we worked together on these portal openings – he from a perspective of above and me from a perspective of below (you” get what I mean if you look a zero point diagram). It brought tears flowing down my face because I had never shared any of these details with him – what my core preparations were, what my commands to The Universe were…which was FOR ALL LIVING THINGS TO LIVE WITHOUT ENCUMBRANCES AND THAT NO INTRUSIVE FORCES BE ALLOWED TO PREVENT THE FREEWILL OF THE ALL – ANYONE OF US. I COMMANDED THAT ALL PSYCHIC ATTACKS BE ELIMINATED FROM OUR REALITY AND ALL FREEDOMS BE RESTORED, AS LONG AS WE WERE NOT TO INJURE ANOTHER LIVING THING. This was solely well let’s just say, an obsession of mine. I have had the honor to receive countless emails from so many of you who have not been able to do their work without constant impediments, agony, or psychic attack. As you all know, because we are renown for our 3 step process beginning with the Implant Removal Series, any parasitic relationship trips my trigger to take action.

Well, here is the message that came in from Jeff this morning…

Since I have a quiet spell here I thought I would look into the portal status. For me personally it’s been mind bending since Friday with expanding headaches and shifts- but good ones when I finally surrendered, my awareness bumped up an octave and my oneness fields synchronized with my being. Many more details that I forget now.


When I tune in and listen, this is what I am hearing about the portals today:

“The portals are octavized now and translating the spaces of our fields into harmonic resonance light coves.”

“>To me it looks like most people, but not all, are having their awareness fields flushed and washed with a harmonizing resonance of light.

“This is disallowing the invasive aspects of consciousness to exist in the fields of those beings who are not accepting of it.”

So all the negative entities that create the negative influences coming into our fields will no longer be allowed.

“This will have the effect of clearing all consciousness grids throughout the heliosphere”

I am getting it will take four more days or somewhere around January 15. This will usher in more openings and change. ( I received a message that it would be after the 18th.)

“Next it will have effective clearing all consciousness layers of our awareness for transcending the sectioned harmonics placed here by others upon this heliosphere.”

So removing the limiting ability of the structured frequencies placed on the planet designed to keep us separate.

“Also, it will disallow the resistant entities aggression for limiting our abilities and expansion protocols.”

So it looks like more opportunities for expansion are at our doorstep now. There are more steps up the road for the eventual complete freedom on this reality plane, but these portals represent a flinging the gates open for sudden shifts to occur now. No wonder the psychic projection emanating from the chemtrail dump yesterday said, “A sudden shift of awareness would be detrimental to you”.

Yes, they are getting nervous!

Back to your question about the portals and your relationship there. So from my perspective the portals are basically a frequency bandwidth that is being brought into this time/space that was previously not manifested. And within this bandwidth, receptivity to higher dimensional inputs can now occur and be brought into this dimension that could not before.

It looks like you Alexandra, in your fourth dimensional expression, along with other 4th and 7th dimensional entities (8 total) have co-created the intention and expression for the portal opening to occur. So your harmonic signature is a component within the dynamic structure that created them. You wanted this for all.

Your higher expression is saying “I want all beings to be free and live in their oneness state free from control and separation.”

Your wish is your command!

Abundant blessings,

Jeff G.

What I have converted to red I explicitly expressed at the times of the ceremonies and portal openings.  I am crying with tears of joy because you see, when you want something so badly, so selflessly, so much for the common good of ALL people, does come true.  And it now unfolds…

Jeff and I both agree that all 6 portals are now fully operational and a 7th is on its way but we can not discuss any details on that at this time.  All I can say folks is this – MAINTAIN JUBILATION RIGHT NOW because it lightens the load for all of those who work behind the scenes to assist in this transformation and new world. Ignore the drama and dissension on the web and do everything in your existence to MAINTAIN YOUR BALANCE OF YOUR BEING.  This is a most glorious month and just doing that alone will prompt things along expeditiously.

As always, in your service



January 9, 2015

importantmessageThis has been quite the week!  With the full opening of the these portals around the world, many of us have fallen ill to a really nasty virus which effects the throat first, then the head and the lungs.  Just when you think you are getting better, you wake up feeling miserable the next day.  I rarely get ill and I keep receiving emails and text messages from others saying the same.  Please do yourself a favor.  Go purchase some Oscillococcinum at any local health food store and begin taking small doses immediately.  And I find I don’t need the entire container…you can take a little bit at a time and feel the results of homeopathy at its best.  Also, doTerra has an excellent essential oil called Breathe which really helps you do just that.  Eucalyptus and OnGuard are also great for expanding your ability to get a full breath and up your immunity. (If you so choose to peruse doTerra’s products, please go here and support our free blog and radio programming.

Also, I keep receiving amazing reports on the pyramidal tower work flying across the world.  YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!! Also please read this post from someone who REALLY had an amazing ah-hah with these new portal openings….you have just gotta love the confirmations!

OK – now with that said many are feeling a bit irritated with the latest onslaught of chemtrails.  I have a friend sending me photos later to share with you as to the methodical agenda of masking our skies with biogerm garbage.  And yes, we ALL KNOW this is going on.  HOWEVER, this has been going on for a very long time.  Steven and I saw an old movie several months ago dated 1971, and we were blown away that there was a chemtrail in the sky.  But at that time we did not have the awareness to “see” the chemtrail.

What makes this information even worse is I have a close personal friend who is an exceptional doctor and let’s just say he has access to what is falling down from the skies.  Guess what he picked up on? YELLOW FEVER!!!  OK, I’m sorry folks but isn’t that from mosquitoes?  Check out what I found in wikipedia:

“The disease is caused by the yellow fever virus and is spread by the bite of the female mosquito.[2] It only infects humans, other primates, and several species of mosquitoes.[2] In cities, it is primarily spread by mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti species.[2] The virus is an RNA virus of the genus Flavivirus.[3]”

Now I don’t know about you but here is Southern California where temperatures have reached some of their lowest to cause SNOW about 30 minutes north from here, I find it hard that a mosquito can even survive in such cold temps.  I know elsewhere throughout the US, people are experiencing exceptionally cold weather. SO for me this is an absolutely clear NEON sign that the government has been involved.  All of us are aware but will the mainstreamers wake up to the realization that their government is not here to support them but to kill everyone off through a variety of agendas?

But despite my illness this week, I have received messages to the contrary.

These aren’t just any portals that blew open folks! The one at Enki’s Temple and the one at Adam’s Calendar in Zimbabwe and South Africa were exceptional and part of the opening of The Halls of Amenti.  They contributed in the triggering of the other 4 and now they are ALL opened.  What does this mean for us? It is VERY important that you understand the blessings and fine energies that have been released onto our planet.  According to my messages, these were like a “release gasket” where I actually saw the earth rise again, meaning I saw this the first time in Maun, Botswana when The Congo Portal was closed and the Atlantean wormhole was taken offline. Here is what I received this morning:

“These energies have moved us up a “notch” so that people will begin noticing that the densities and plaguing darkness, as well as psychic attacks will fall away.  This is a time of jubilation really, despite what your bodies are revealing with this rise in frequency.  The physical body is always the last to align to these new sets of frequencies and this is no different.  Actually you may remember that you knew this was part of the plan and a price to pay for raising your frequencies.  Feel the blessing even when you’re “ill” knowing that this is Creator’s efforts to clear mass accumulation of misused thoughts and feelings in one fell swoop.  Everyone will get through this and we prompt you all to reflect on what is leaving your body.  What emotions are being let go, what old thought forms are being released, what alternate timelines are being unwound? What I say to you is to look at your “illness” through a different lens. It is like the mother at the end of her term, readying herself for the delivery of her new infant.

We say that you all need to rest and all you must do is ask for your obligations to be taken care of temporarily and they will. Take a few days of total rest but instead of saying inside your mind “I can’t believe how lousy I feel,” say what you want to release and let go of all of it once and for all.  This is a time of rejoicing as Creator Source has blessed us with a radical new beginning, a reboot, a time to change our focus from what external forces have done to us and this planet to what we want to become and are evolving into.  How majestic is your task to honor Mother Earth with this journey! Think how many other beings around the galaxies would want to be where you are just now to experience this new beginning.”

When I asked about the financial system and the frustration many of us were feeling about not seeing things manifest in the physical reality of their own lives, I was told that the new financial grid is “intelligent” and can read those individual’s imprints as they access the network. This is one of the reasons why the dark cannot work with it. It was referred to as a major software upgrade, having a different interface and an intuitive intelligence to read people.  Apparently something like this is common off planet.  Another thing is that this new financial system is wholistic (use that spelling deliberately btw), since it is “programmed” to be good for all. It is created around a give AND take flow, what comes out must go back in.  I actually saw a snowy blanket of light cover the top of the existing physical financial structure.

I was also told that the beings I saw “descend” onto the planet are anchoring and holding this new interface in place and that new funding for scientists, developers, etc. will be coming – especially if they have the capacity to bring forth any technologies for free energy and freeing up Mother Earth. She is getting a bit anxious to shake off the old contraptions that had been implemented by the dark long ago. I was actually shown a dog shaking off the heavy chained collar around its neck and tons of fleas flying off its body and falling to the ground. Yes, there were “complications” in December but we are all being prepped for this insurgence of Light into every aspect of our existence.  We have NEVER experienced such a thing before according to my messages.  It is quite an honor to be on the ground floor seeing it in person.

I know it doesn’t feel that way most of the time but this is what I am to relay to all of The Enlightened Ones.  It is time for us to choose our new golden path…we have received assistance and now it is up to us to make things happen.  It is time to work together and be a cohesive group, individual but thoughtful to all repercussions of each of our daily actions. When we are deciphering information, it is not to become us.  It is just external data we consider and reflect on, and then store for when we receive more data.  We are not here to contribute to THEIR CAUSE of dissension and drama.  We are The Masters who know better what our cause is. There are too many souls on the line to focus on that which creates sorrow, anger, disgust.  Honestly, I have done a ton of personal work on the disgust thing myself.  I found myself disgusted with these beings running the planet, disgusted with the chemtrails, disgusted with the hurtful things being said on the internet about many of us,  disgusted with all of the dark beings preying on humanity. I ask you, when is enough enough? When will we all rally together and stand united for one common CAUSE? Are the masses going to do this right now? IF it isn’t us, then who will???  Yes, our causes are many – but what is OUR ONE ULTIMATE CAUSE?

Is our ultimate cause to expose the dark?

Is our ultimate cause to expose agendas?

Is our ultimate cause to inform others?

Is our ultimate cause to meditate?

Is our ultimate cause to be in joy?

Is out ultimate cause to restore our gifts?

Is our ultimate cause to astral travel?

or is our ultimate cause to recognize and BE IN THE ONENESS???

When we get there, we will think thrice about disgust, hatred, suspicion, and dreading life. When we see how what we do and what we say and think truly affects THE ALL we will have reached euphoria. When we really get the boomerang effect, we will be more conscientious of others.

You all are without a doubt THE most awesome audience I could ever have.  Without talking to me, many of you send me just the right email to lighten my “load” for the day.  It gets pretty thick where I am sitting and I so appreciate all of you and what you do to assist.  Please know this…it is coming from the core of my Being….I truly am honored to walk this path alongside each of you.  We are doing this TOGETHER this time and no one will be left behind.



January 5, 2015

pillar-of-light1Something HUGE just happened to our planet on Friday.  It began with a cryptic text message received from a friend of mine which then lead to a phone call with James G followed by several incoming phone calls and emails that all lead to confirming what I “saw” Friday around 11:15 am PST (probably 11:11)! This is BIG folks and I want everyone to understand the magnitude of what is going down right now.

I saw many massive “Pillars of Light” descending onto Planet Earth at this time (Friday morning) and as they landed, a big “thump” was felt etherically. I heard it was “Guardians/Ancient Light Beings” who had arrived and caused a bursting of Light from Mother Earth’s Crystal Core, looking a bit like cogs of Light pressing outwards. The impact of their arrival was the catalyst for this explosion of light from within.  I then asked about funding for major projects – was it true that this was coming shortly and I was told yes.  When I asked if the rumors of the dark interfering as before had any accuracy, I was told “they had no means to do so anymore.” I was shown that the presence of These Guardians would “nullify the technological abilities” of the dark’s efforts. I kept hearing “game over” and a reminder of God’s Decree which is “enough is enough.”

Now, I just want you all to know that various calls and emails ended up providing bits and pieces of additional support to this vision today. Apparently news is travelling everywhere that the agenda has been sped up. I just don’t know a date. But check out what one of my dear friends Jeff shared with me as to what he saw with these “Pillars of Light!”  Whoaaaaa!

“There are three portals currently in the process of activating with a fourth one about to open its crescendo. 

When the fourth one octavizes the effects will begin. Perhaps 6 to 7 days. – January 8–9. 

Then there is a last one that will have the ability to activate numerous vibrational octave points for higher dimensional realization. It is opening soon. When this one opens it will cement the process.

These five portals would not be able to open if the context for activation were not begun with all of the concretions Alexandra created by opening those two portals in Africa.  The two portals there had the effect of allowing time-space to open within the Heart space of Oneness. This activated the intention of Beingness within the higher octaves of Grace.

The portals will have a dramatic impact on the dynamics occurring in this heliosphere.

The portals are receivers of light and Beingness for transposing the occupation of Heart space. 

They will create change.

They have harmonics that can realize the changes necessary.

They are one octave higher than we are used to.

They will create dynamics to incur upon heart space.

They exist with no separation between us and their fullness.

They will harmonize that which is resistant to change.

They are about changing the octaves here. 

They are vibrationally inert. 

They subsume the supra causal.

Know that they harmonize with you and your being for realization of the absolute harmonic heart. 

They are about to optimize awareness for all beings to receive their potential heart space.

They have dynamics of Will involved.

They cannot create this without your willingness to receive what is done.

They love your being with all their might.

They want to access the heart space here so they can love you throughout.

Harmonize this.

Since the portals (and the beings that will be harmonized within them) will be changing the octaves here, vibrational interference will not be allowed. The harmonic based technology that is being used to subsume us will elevate its tonal quotient and then not be able to expand its tonal impairments/impediments.”

The point is go into the Silence and feel THIS.  These pristine energies just kicked things up ANOTHER notch, not just assisting us but causing it to be  virtually impossible for energy alignment to occur for The Dark.  They are running out of time folks! God has decreed it so.

Just wanted to share this….

Love to you


January 2,2015

Clarion-CallI have several messages that I felt compelled to share today. They are clearly urgent and need our attention.

URGENT MESSAGE: Please heed the message below from my beloved friend and comrade Laura Walker of The Oracle Report. It is NOW time for ALL OF THE GROUND CREW to take any time to intend, focus, meditate, send energy and light, command, create, envision, and protect ALL THAT WE WANT NOW!!!! Step into your mastery now and let’s get this game over with so we can truly move onto fully developing, creating, and living The New Earth we have been dreaming of.

“There is potential for high drama in the mass dream for the remainder of this month, with highlights at the Full Moon this weekend.  The rest of this month is the last prime opportunity for the collapsing of the power structure  – it will have to stem its fall.  After this, there will be no more chances to become the rulers of the world.  Saturday is the key day. We continue to hold the line.”

This is another message that came in today from Tory, who does a great deal of Light Work for the planet and attempted to flood human child sacrifice locations around the planet on the New Years Eve with LIGHT…
“With all the Light God and I flooded into this latest Human child sacrifice, I failed to stop it. It was delayed, though, but all the children were killed on the 1st. I spent hours filling all the MILAB locations and homes on the eve of the 31st, but it only delayed things.
Cheney and Bush have another one planned for Saturday night the 3rd of Jan.  I wish I knew of what more I could do to bring these horrible events to an end. There are 39 locations of MILABS in the US and 2 in England. There were 1012 children killed yesterday and about another 1000 planned for tomorrow.”
This is your CLARION CALL! Please take action now…we can do this folks.  It is all about INTENTION…I have some amazing information coming forth shortly as well.
With love,

January 1, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR according to the Gregorian Calendar and celebrations all around the world, which we all know is not the REAL new year.  However, why not CREATE our NEW SOCIETY NOW, right? I saw this little message and was drawn to share it with all of you.

Happy New Year


  H appiness depends upon your outlook on life. – Find the good in all situationsA ttitude is just as important as ability.- Keep your attitude positiveP assion find yours this year! – Do what you love and you will never workP ositive thoughts make everything easier.- Stay focused and stay positiveY ou are unique, with special gifts, use them. – Never forget you have talent

N ew beginnings with a new year.
E nthusiasm a true secret of success.
W ishes may they turn into goals.
Y ears go by to quickly, enjoy them.- Wisdom from your elders, listen
E nergy may you have lots of it. – Take care of yourself
A ppreciation of life, don’t take it for granted. – Live each day
R elax take the time to relax in this coming year.- Keep a balance in your life

I wish you all a warm and uplifting day of realizations that we have gotten through some of the toughest years of purging, releasing, and acknowledging what we have co-created and what we TRULY WANT for our future. Now is OUR MOMENT to be the wayshowers for the entire planet.  What an honor this is!  Remember that those of us with the wisdom, knowledge, awareness, and dedication to birth this NEW WORLD are and will continue to be BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE! Let us keep our eye on the dreams and desires of a peaceful and loving planet where no one feels compelled to hurt, abuse, malign, or not accept one another.  Let us be the Divinely Guided Wayshowers that the world marvels at because of our dedication to this CAUSE.
Sending you love and encouragement as always!

December 23, 2014

African_mission_talk_12.21.14[1]WOW! Sunday was a mind bender for me.  I gave a 4+ hour talk on our missions throughout Africa and what was truly accomplished. I have been “urged” by Spirit to get this information out now! We shared so many details and insights into why this entire 60 day journey was a GAME CHANGER for the planet.  Stay tuned for a possible video coming soon.

I really want to thank all of you who came to participate and contribute to the experience of the day.  I had so much fun and felt the love and warmth from all of you.  THANK YOU! Let’s toast to Our Renaissance truly launching in 2015!!!

Also, I am already getting feedback on the pyramidal tower grid work.  PLEASE send these details and instructions out to everyone.  This is so huge and is another GAME CHANGER for humanity.  It will quicken the dismantling so let’s jump on this.  We can ALL do this and INTENTION is KEY.

Don’t forget to check out the Renaissance Holiday Special!  It is specifically created to support us all through the designing, fearlessly stepping out, and being our own RENAISSANCE! It is time for REBIRTH!

Also, for all of you who have an affinity to The Lyrans, Lion Beings, and any species of cats here on Planet Earth, don’t miss my interview today at on Station Two from 3:00 to 4:55 pm PST TODAY. It is timely and significant for all Lightworkers, Gridworkers, Guardians, and Enlightened Ones….

Lastly, we will begin a face lift on the website little by little.  Things will begin to change a bit so don’t be too surprised.

Happy Holidays to all of you around the world that give ME a gift each day just by Your Presence in my life. I appreciate you and what YOU are!

Love to you all!


December 18, 2014

ADDENDUM: Make sure that when you build the pyramidal tower, that it has a base of 3, NOT 4!!! This is another reason why you need 3 people and with 3 sides that equals 9 which is the number of Source – it is all about completion and perfection!!!!!!!! The 4 based pyramid is a distortion.


vibrational grid around bodyI was doing some grid work with our friend Dan in Sweden this morning. He has been under tremendous psychic attack for at least 25 years. Dan has tried everything he can think of to lower the density within his place but unfortunately no matter how many healers have assisted him with building grids and upping personal protection,  and no matter how much technology he has used to assist the problem, nothing really stopped it or “held.”  After countless e-mails from so many of you stating that the psychic attacks have actually increased recently, I kept asking what we could do to bring this nonsense down.  I KNOW that the minions and archontic population has tremendously declined, so I was scratching my head as to the explanation from Above as to what this was all about.  Here is what I got and what I would like each of The Guardians and anyone who does grid word to heed.

we-need-your-help1The surface population who serve The Dark have increased their activity to debilitate all of us.  And the technology they have access to has been steadily ramped up to increase chaotic, confusing, malevolent, and dissonant frequencies specifically from major military bases., research and development facilities, universities, any larger churches, hospitals, or ANYWHERE where people congregate.  This is being focused upon in a big way, as they have lost thier “batallions of reinforcements” due to planetary work completed by many other Lightworkers, including myself with the missions performed throughout Africa.

So here is the request for anyone who feels compelled to dive in to bring forth The New Golden Age more quickly –

sweden with bases notatedFirstly, determine what area you would like to work on.  The Legions of Light are asking that everyone work their own neighborhoods, as well as the prominent structures used by The Dark.  Go up on google and pull up a map.  Research and find out where all of the larger churches, universities, schools, R & D locations, corporate facilities (especially monsanto type companies, pharmaceutical companies, military contract companies for example), active and inactive military bases, etc. are in your vicinity.  Mark them on your map so you can envision their locations.  You don’t have to get super detailed, but just enough to support your intentions.

Gather 3 of you together on skype, the phone, in person, or even etherically (IF you are comfortable with that – if you haven’t done a lot of this type of work before, it is better for you to see, hear, and feel the other people helping you with this work.  This helps the mind align with the reality that you are truly effecting the grid.)  Then it is important to clear yourself and your space, using the burning of palo santo, sage, and proclamations and intentions.  Then once you have prepped yourself and have determined that you are a clear vessel for The Light to work with, call in your Guidance, but also call in The Ancient Ones to place a pillar of protection around each of the people you are working with, including yourself.  Command that a heironic beam of Light shines down upon all of you and the location you are working on.

pyramid_-22m_bjNow it is time to build grids.  The grid that has been requested is a pyramidal tower  – I have added a basic picture so you have a general idea of its proper shape.  You will be building a pyramidal tower of Light on top of the structure or location that you feel is effecting the planet negatively.  Obviously the base of the tower should be even larger than the outline of the land around the structure, so you are covering all of its perimeters.  If it is a military base, then the base of the pyramidal tower will be a bit bigger than the entire size of the base’s property itself. Use your imagination and build your pyramid with the assistance of the GA and Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood.  This tower must be built as a mirro image below the structure as well.  DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS!!!

If you have been under severe psychic attack, there is a great likelihood that you are living or working on a negative portal.  Instead of closing them down, The Light would like these devices etherically built on each of these areas where a lot of paranormal activity is or where you or anyone else has experienced psychic targeting.  Once the grid is in place, it will act as a transmitter of a very elevated Light Frequency that immediately dissipates negative and low frequency waves that are being deliberately sent over the planet surface.  HAARP, distorted scalar waves, cell tower frequencies, smart meter frequencies, and more will be immediately destroyed and transmuted to Light.  Also, if there are any dark beings or nasty etheric beings hovering in that location, they will be removed and from what I hear experience second death (apparently they have been given many chances to shift away from their way of being).

GuardiansCall in The Guardians commanding that they come forth to hold the pyramidal tower in place permanently.  You may see a pillar of Light arrive at each of the corners of the pyramid’s base, and there may be even more that show up depending on how heavy the portal is.  It is also very important to command a counter-clockwise spiral of Light within the pyramidal tower that is extracting all densities, darkness, and dark beings from this location and portal.  You may “see” them shooting through the tip of the pyramidal tower and either dissipating if experiencing a second death or returning to Divine Creator to be used for a more postive productive energy.

spiral sounter clockwiseAsk your Guidance to alert you at what level of density the area registers.  Usually it is a negative number and you will “see” a counter clockwise spiral until all is cleared.  Once again, command that you will know when the clearing is completed, the grid is built, and the transmitter sequence is fully operational.  Once all is in order and “on line” these pyramidal towers will be beaming this frequency for up to several hundred miles, looking like that of the rings you see around a pebble when dropped into a pond of water.  Once enough of us do this all over the globe, these towers will be linking up with one another and the frequencies will blanket the planet completely.

ALWAYS make sure you ask that you and your field is cleansed if for any reason something has “clung onto” you.  ALWAYS “see” yourself standing or hanging OUTSIDE the pyramidal tower.

Please do NOT discount your abilities to do this.  We need everyone to try and do this.  As you all know my workload is pretty immense, but if you need our help we will see what we can do.

OK – I am honored to bring forth this message…it is utterly exciting that we are getting to a place where we are this close to getting from under the grasp of these malevolent frequencies.

Let me know how you all do!  I would LOVE to hear from you!

Lots of love


Good Morning Everyone!

financial timesIt is another intense day today and we as Masters are finding ourselves being called to hold the space for the rest who may not be able to.  We are “contending with the alignment with the Galactic Center today and tomorrow, the impending conjunction of Venus and Pluto with the New Moon this coming weekend, and the Uranus-Pluto square that came in with full force last weekend” (thank you Oracle Report).  So these powerful energies are unfortunately being used nonsensically by The Dark as a last ditch effort to grapple with the little bit of stronghold they have left. I am hearing that most major cities have been blanketed with chemtrails. So what is it we are not seeing? This is a time to exude our own Light since the sun’s is being severely blocked throughout the world.


Also, the financial system is beginning to respond accordingly to the new system changes.  Stock markets are erratic and the Ruble is no longer being traded with the USD…more huge news! 

STAY STRONG my friends…these final days can take a toll but ONLY if you allow them to!  We are all in this together…



Hello Enlightened Ones!

20141214_114033[1] 20141214_114044[1] The energies are enormously heavy today!!!  I am writing this because I am seeing how many of us feel like we are about to “blow” with the energetic pressure going down right now.  This is just a reminder to be careful about any polarized ways of seeing our world around us and within us.  When it begins to feel like things are becoming too intense, stop yourself, your mind, your thoughts, your reactions from overdoing it and over thinking things!

20141214_115022[1]20141214_115045[1]I knew something was afoot when I watched chemtrail planes systematically cover the entire sky all day yesterday when I was out.  As the chemtrail planes traveled the skies, we watched with intrigue the patterns and movement of the trails themselves.  I was so shocked when I saw and captured these photos at the beginning stages of the chemtrail campaign.  We both had to wonder who this being is? Do you see what we see?  And in fact, the chemtrail was shooting out from the eye of this being?????(first photos – feel free to enlarge it to see it more clearly)  Even the fifth photo has a creepy looking face in it and we began to see them everywhere…it was a first for me!

20141214_115416[1]When I awoke this morning, I thought I was back in the days of the Bush Administration  – the sky is completely white, like a sheet of crisp linen.  I had to ask myself what is The Dark working on behind the scenes this time?  I remembered that someone sent me some information that the 14th of December was being marked as a day to target whistle blowers! This has definitely gone down.  There are also several other dates that The Dark will focus on throughout this month and Laura of The Oracle Report said that one of their final episodes would go down at the early part of January.

So let’s all try to keep a level head and remind ourselves not to be triggered or used to create havoc amongst ourselves.  If we are feeling a trigger, go inside and see if it is some worn out belief system holding you captive.  Or does it feel like a planetary frequency to promote dissension throughout the world?

With freedom, comes the right to speak whatever your truth is, but what comes with that is the courtesy and acceptance for others to do the same.  Not everyone will agree….many of us see this within The Galactic High Councils don’t we?

Sending you all lots of love and light.


November 19, 2014

Hey! Hey! Hey!

michael-tellinger-with-rock IMG_4923Oh my!  I am home at last from the beautiful continent of Africa.  The gorgeous topography, expansive sense of freedom, and surrounding wild animal essence has permanently changed me and my life forever.  I received a warm welcome with what I found to be the typical South African kindness from Sandi and Chris and many others.  We traveled over 4000 miles over a matter of 2 months through South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, visiting sacred sites, ancient locations, and performing multiple spiritual ceremonies and missions where we were called to do so. 

In fact, if you haven’t perused pictures of this incredible country, stay tuned.  I will be posting some photos as soon as I can catch a breath!

And don’t ya just love this time of year?  So many beautiful memories come through of sipping warm cider, warming your hands by the fireplace, staying up to the wee hours of the morning chatting with friends about heartfelt stories, and giving big bear hugs to those you love and haven’t seen in a long while.  I just love the feeling in the air, and this year is exceptional as I can see in my mind’s eye how we are truly breaking free and dismantling this matrix we yearn so much to disentangle from!

Well, I have quite a treat for you today!  It has taken some time to ink the date and coordinate but we finally did it!  Here is Part One of our ON LOCATION amazing video in South Africa with Michael Tellinger, Louise Clarke and myself covering South Africa’s ancient ruins, the dolerite Stone Circles, gold’s involvement in humanity’s history, and breaking free through Ubuntu fever spreading around the world!!!

Stay tuned for Part Two next Tuesday November 25th at our BBS radio show (station two) from 3 pm to 4:55 pm on everything to do with our origins, God and the gold. This interview covers such topics as the Sumerian Tablets, Enki and Enlil, the Primitive Worker (the LULU), mythology, the ABZU, Great Zimbabwe, star systems, Adam’s Calendar, the Arc of the Covenant, the Ubuntu Movement, and much more!

Also, if you missed our last interview with Helena Fitchat on November 4th please check it out!  We had another snafu with BBS so it wasn’t loaded in a timely fashion and many of you may have missed this interview.  Here is a bio on Helena and a general idea of what was discussed:

Helena Fitchat is originally from Prague in the Czech Republic, arriving in South Africa at age 17 with virtually the clothes on her back and little money to her name, as a political refugee.

You will not find anyone more knowledgeable than Helena who has spent over 30 years on and off in the wilderness. She is an expert tracker, has crossed the Kalahari Desert on her own and lived with the Bushmen for a year.  She is also a pilot, a biologist specialising in Animal Behaviour (for which she obtained her PhD), and she single-handedly navigated her way through the vast Okavango Delta in a leaking boat and survived!  For 10 years she was the Operations Director of The Centre for Rehabilitation Of Wildlife (CROW) in Durban, South Africa, during which time an estimated 40,000 animals were admitted.  With the question of what was the best way to assist wildlife churning in her mind constantly, Helena and her friend and colleague Judi Gounaris cashed in their pensions, bought some land in the Tuli Block in Botswana and started up their own private game reserve called Wild At Tuli.

Helena is a mine of information and will enthral you with her fascinating stories about life, adventure and the world of wildlife.

Sending you all lots of love and fun throughout this season!!



November 4, 2014 – Election Day in The States


Chris, Me and RupertWell things are beginning to wind down here in South Africa.  We have completed a ton of work here for the good of the planet and SUCCESS was attained.  The timing was a bit odd and difficult when I left for South Africa, as I ended up facing the physical loss of my partner Rev. Pam Plauché upon my arrival to this amazing continent.  But she has been in constant communication with me here and I now see clearly what has been going on behind the veil.  We all are reaping many benefits from the timing!

Things have been crazy but I did want everyone to know that the spiritual mission in Maun (Botswana) was a HUGE success.  We truly can celebrate and take a sigh of relief for a few on Planet Earth.  I do know however that this catalyzed a chain reaction far and wide per the Galactic Brothers and Sisters!  Thanks to all of you who have supported me every which way through this process!

My Michael Tellinger interviews are scheduled and will be coming soon, where I am actually visiting his Ubuntu location and reviewing a myriad of cool subjects near and dear to hearts.

I also just put up today a message from St Germain regarding psychic protection that is simple and pertinent for us all.

Look for another interview with James Gilliland, where he interviews me this time to review 2 of my most major missions accomplished here in South Africa.  They are so important and I feel we have played our part to bring relief to ALL of humanity from this point forward.  It was a mind-blowing experience and due to its significance, I am still pondering the implications and results…you seriously won’t want to miss what was done!!!

When I get home, we will finally be giving the website a facelift so stay tuned for that as well.  If you are interested in volunteering some time to assist our team, please drop an email to!
Love to all of you – I am honored to serve all of you and humanity as a whole!  We are very close!!!

October 16, 2014

Hey folks!

Me at the etched stonesThis is a picture of me at an ancient site (we are thinking 3 million years old) reviewing the Mahlapitse stone etchings. I was blown away when I felt the stone’s etchings.  It was some sort of tracking of their lives and astronomical changes. I “saw” this huge congregation of people with large foreheads, dark straight hair and light brown skin. They were very peaceful and lived harmoniously.

I know it has been a while so I apologize for not providing more updates.  My trip to South Africa has provided various benefits for me.  One being a time to chill, reflect, and rest after an insane around the clock schedule. But the more important purposes have begun to reveal themselves in a very BIG way and more missions have yet to unfold.  I just want to CALL ON ALL GUARDIANS NOW to be cognizant and alert in sending your Light to the Guardian Grid Please!  The time is NOW! Blast it with all you have!

All Stocked Essences, Personalized Essences, IRP’s, SA/DNA orders through October 8th have been completed and boxed but some will be shipped today.  Most were shipped yesterday and the day before that. We will be getting most of the rest created tonight.

Do yourself a favor and stay tuned for the next three radio shows!  I completed a recent two part series with Rupert Harris on the wildlife here in South Africa and his amazing safari tours! Now you may not be interested in spiders, insects, and the Cape buffalo but his knowledge is quite astounding in revealing the Divine Creations we know so little about.  Part 2 will be up next week reviewing all of the Big 5 wild beasts we grew up hearing about and dreaming of seeing in the physical!  You can listen to these interviews here:

James Gilliland and I had an amazing chat regarding our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and that will be up on October 28th.  Don’t miss it! I believe my live interview with Michael Tellinger will be coming sometime after that date.

Now I will be going on a very important mission with Chris and Sandi Wilkins for about a week and when I return I expect us all to CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! DANCE TO THE MUSIC!

Love love love you all sooooooooo much!


October 1, 2014

Mission Accomplished at Enki’s Temple!!!
Listen to a recap of our “mission” at the  Zimbabwe’s Ruins, otherwise known as Enki’s Temple in Zimbabwe, Africa.  We have included photos as well for your enjoyment!
Otherwise known as The Great Zimbabwe, this interview includes an interpretation through the eyes of the Sabian symbols and astral chart, thanks to Laura Walker of The Oracle Report.


Photos of The Ruins are now uploaded….check out the 32 meter high walls!

September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014 Alexandra Chats Intimately About Rev Pam, Jerry Yusko and the Implant Removal Process from Galactic Connection on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 13th

In Memorial of Rev. Pamela Plauché…

rev pamWe have just found out that Rev. Pamela Plauché has passed away…after on-going back and neck pain as well as a fall with two broken ribs, Pam ended up in the hospital for about 3 weeks ago.  We had difficulty getting a hold of her for the first 8 days to our dismay.  The entire three weeks has been very painful for us as we came to find out how her pain had escalated beyond her ability to cope with it.  Last Friday I was instructed to speak with a clairvoyant who announced Pam’s “arrival” and delivered me a message that Pam was ready to go and asked me to release her.  The week had been an emotional one already as I was coping with the loss, but once I realized the finality of her decision, I spent the rest of the week in preparation and contemplation.  I am sure so many of you know how amazing a healer she was and how we will always remember her for her commitment to the Implant Removal Process and the well-being of many of her clients.

Pam, your sons and daughter promise to continue in your desire and passion to free anyone who wants to be unplugged from the matrix…. Jerry, Steven, Marie and myself are sending you unending love throughout all dimensions…. we appreciate all you have done for us and for humanity. Your presence has totally changed our lives forever.

Just so all of you know, Steven and Ari actually saw Pam’s Spirit leave as she passed,  which appeared as a bright light and shot directly straight up into the ethers… thank you Pam for the message.

We love you so much Pam!

Steven, Alexandra, Jerry, Marie and the rest of the Galactic Connection Team

Hey There Everyone!

progressWhat a great day it has been!  I got so much done, including the creation and completion of Galactic Essences for all orders through August 20th!!  But what is also cool is I have my search engine back up and running for the daily blog.  Please notice that there is now a search field for you to do a bit of digging in our 16,000+ posts in the online library of information, education, history, and headlines.  Check it out.  I just tried it and not only did it work, but it was so much faster!  We now have the server successfully upgraded so we are FINALLY making some progress around here!;-)

Hope you all are enjoying the clear skies after some heavy chemtrail days over the weekend!  I will have some really cool pictures from Jerry Yusko’s birthday party over the weekend that I think you all will enjoy!

Love to you –


August 23, 2014

Hey! Hey! Hey!

We_Are_Back1We are back up and running folks!  The migration has been completed and with the exception of some posts getting “lost in the translation” we are good to go!  Marie is also back from her vacation so we are full steam ahead as my parents use to say! All personalized

orders have been completed and will be shipped Monday of next week.  We will be completing most orders processed from the 10th through the 16th. Thank you for your patience!

We have new and improved reports for the Implant Removal Process with Jerry on board…he not only gives a great deal of detail on implant location but also on the types of “cling-ons” that came with you to the IRP session – such as archontic, draconian, reptilian, etc.  So that is a nice addition to the service!  There are so many new improvements going down behind the scenes to streamline our business process which will help everyone I think!;-)

Anyway, thanks again for being there to support us through this crazy transition!  We are so grateful for your support and holding the space for us!

Lots of love

Alexandra and The Galactic Connection Team

August 21, 2014

Data-Loss-ProtectionOK We have completed and shipped out all IRP, SA, and DNA orders through the 9th of August. All personalized essences for last week’s orders will be created today and throughout the weekend.

Also, you may notice that some posts may have disappeared from the website on 19th and the 20th.  Since we have been in the middle of propagation to the new server I am going to hold off blogging today….YOU MAY GET A MESSAGE THAT YOU CAN NOT REACH YESTERDAY’S POSTINGS (OR THE 19th’s) SO JUST KNOW THIS IS DUE TO SOME LOSS OF DATA FROM THE SERVER MIGRATION. We will resume postings tomorrow.

THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE, SUPPORT, AND UNDERSTANDING through so many transitions. We are dedicated to provide you a daily melange of galactic and spiritual news and information!

We love you muchissimo!

Alexandra and The Galactic Connection Team

August 14, 2014….The Tuesday interview is FINALLY rectified for all of you who were asking…please go here for the Interview with Louise Schoeman on The Freemasons!

Good Morning All of You Awesome Volunteers!

run-aloneWhoa! Has this been a ride or what? These last few weeks have been ridiculously busy so I apologize greatly for the lack of updating.  Frankly, we needed to get settled a bit on this end so we could update you!  There is so much going on all at once that I find myself trying to decide WHEN I AM rather than where I am….ya’ know what I mean?

Anyway, so here is a synopsis of what’s going on and things you may want to be privy to:

1) We have our new Administrative Assistant Marie trained and fully on board so you will notice correspondence coming from her e-mail at either OR Please give her a warm welcome as she is “experiencing” the crazy workload that Steven and I have.  When she started, it was at a running pace, as there is so much to do and so many to assist!  As we continue to grow, we will probably be hiring another Adminsitrative Assistant just in case you are wondering.

2) As many of you know, Rev. Pam has been ill, in a great deal of pain, and ended up falling and breaking a couple of ribs.  So she is taking a sabbatical to get well and provide herself some much needed downtime.  In the meantime, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and concern.  She is apparently home from the hospital and is now beginning the journey of recuperation.

3) We have brought Jerry Yusko forward to begin where Pam left off…he will now be performing the Implant Removals, Soul Alignments, and DNA Activations.  We really know and feel that Pam, Jerry, Steve and myself are all of the same lineage, so he was a perfect fit for coming in at this time!  We will also be incorporating Jerry’s creation “The Temple” as another service, in the near future.  We are tweaking and adding a few things to this service and will be announcing that in the up and coming future.

4) We are upgrading our scheduling procedures for all of the processes so there are less questions and more ease in setting dates and times (especially with all of the various world time zones).  You will be notified where to go once you receive your package.  I think you will like it!

5) You should already notice the new Galactic Symmetry Aggregate service which has just been launched.  If you have any question on this drop Steven an email at

6) Steve is also working a great deal on some new financial products that he thinks will ease the financial burden off of everyone….stay tuned.

7) For those who have already had their implants removed, we have sent you an additional evite notification of the private Guardian teleconference so be looking for that in your email inbox if you were unable to attend on August 9th, 2014.

8) We have filled all orders up through July 30th.  For all of those who placed orders after this date, we held back in filling them until we gaged what was occurring with Rev. Pam’s health.  So now that Jerry is on board, we will resume the creation of essences and oils. Appointments are now beginning to be scheduled.

Ok I think that is it for now….we send you love from our team and THANK YOU for BEING YOU!!!!

We love you


June 18, 2014

cherokee indian11I have finally completed the entire story of our original mission across the USA and in particular Arkansas and Oklahoma.  It was a huge undertaking and it feels so good to have it all written down now!  I hope that each of you will consider reading through our experience and the significance it offers, as it relates to all of the changes we are participating in now! It is truly my gift to all of you!  I will be writing up a few other reviews of other missions that involved this one soon! Click the link below for the index and stories throughout our 3 week jaunt!

Sending all of you love and a good night!


June 13, 2014

Good morning everyone!

x2-2-solar-flare-june-10-2014First things first – all orders through June 7th have been completed and most have shipped out as of yesterday and today so keep your eye out for your packages!

I just finished reading Laura’s Oracle Report today and what stuck with me was the following combination of statements such as “a battle between swords and torches…see that the field of possibilities is rearranging, reorienting, and resetting.  Opportunities are opening…Blow out your own mind space by opening up room for new ideas so something doesn’t have to do it for you.”  Wow!  This REALLY lines up with my messages as well, as our small team here at Galactic Connection are working to “re” tweak all of our processes, paperwork, ideas, visions, priorities, etc.  The more we have buckled down to complete this “regrooming,” the more opportunities are coming our way.

So I ask all of you did you see the significance of not one, not two, but THREE X-Flares that occurred this week (where X-class flares are the most powerfully recorded) with a 30 percent chance of another X-class flare arriving today on this auspicious day, Friday the 13th WITH a full moon? Check out this excerpt on the sun’s activity:

“A temper tantrum that the sun unleashed this week has led to a series of powerful flares and solar storms—including one that will reach Earth on Friday the 13th.

Three X-class flares, the most powerful of solar blasts, have erupted off the sun’s fiery surface in the past three days.
Such solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation generated on the sun’s surface, each one many times wider than our planet. They can cause disturbances in Earth’s atmosphere, disrupting GPS and radio signals. The disruptions can last for as long as the flares, anywhere from minutes to hours.
That is exactly what happened on Tuesday, June 10, resulting in short blackout periods in high-frequency communications that lasted for a few hours. Polar-route airline flights are typically lengthened by these disruptions.
The two back-to-back giant flares on Tuesday emerged from the southeastern region of the sun. Each one produced a billion-ton cloud of charged particles directed toward Earth. The flares were classified as X2, according to NASA. An X-class storm denotes the most intense flares, and an X2 is twice as intense as an X1.
However, the sun wasn’t done yet, as a third powerful flare erupted from the same location on Wednesday, June 11.” 
Here is another article discussing their possible impact on Mother Earth TODAY!;_ylt=A86.J3QTNptTkV8A_eYPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByb3B2a242BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw–
So what does this mean to us?  Remember that it has been predicted through a variety of ancient texts and messages that the MAJOR SHIFT would be brought about by external influences such as weather phenomena and celestial disturbances. But that is only part of the consideration.  It is how these solar flares (which can also be interpreted as a battle within the sun) impact each of us that truly brings the desired outcome from God or Source Itself.  These “flares” are actual magnetic storms that release huge amounts of high-energy particles and gases, triggering our central nervous system and brain activity. They also deliver a big wallop to our equilibrium, awakening and clearing our cellular memories.  Receiving 3 X-Flares in a decreasing intensity which all included a time stamp with the number “5” really got me thinking.  I just knew this had a much deeper message than it appeared.
The number “5” correlates with MAKING POSITIVE LIFE CHOICES AND DECISIONS as well as experentially learning our lessons from life!  Number “5” is also greatly influenced by personal freedom, individualism, courage, adaptability, and release. We are truly in the beginning stages of our New Renaissance where personal creativity and tenacious adaptability are essential!  And as we continue to move through this shift, the sun’s flares provide us with a powerful reminder that our masculine and feminine aspects of freedom and individuality must come into alignment.  We must accept our days of polarity as being short in order to gain the heaven on earth we so dearly long for!  These 3 X-flares have perpetuated a triad of possibilities – such as 1) awakenings, 2) releasing, and 3) new beginnings.  This could be an intense day for all of us, as we are prompted to abandon all old structures that no longer serve The All Is.  And this will continue to be taken to a physical 3D level through the incessant dismantling of this contaminated and dysfunctional matrix.
Have a wonderful weekend and look to the release as a bath of light raining down upon you, freeing you from all oppression once and for all!

June 4, 2014


summer-solstice-1And just a couple quick updates…

Firstly, all orders made through May 25th have been shipped as of today, so keep an eye open for your magical package’s arrival!

Here’s another reminder about my Galactic Sister Laura Walker from Oracle Report.  Please try and catch this uniquely mystical interview  with Laura from last week here:  OR here:

And now for the most recent interview, Steven D. Kelley and I had a “chat” about everything from Knights Templars to laser devices, to the CIA, to healing techniques.  He is quite the combo, having been with this ABC agency and yet turned to the Light and the healing arts.  Listen for yourself and remember to always remain as an observer in all that you listen to.  You can listen here:

I also really want to share some information on the internet these days.  Many of us who are bloggers have discussed the workings of the internet as of lately.  There is no question that since the infamous day of April 16th (when many sites of The Light were unplugged), many of us have experienced challenging operations with the net, our hosting companies, and any companies providing services oriented to these hosting companies.  I am amazed how many restrictions have been imposed even in the last 45-60 days.  Just prove it to yourself by doing some extensive research on any controversial subject and you will see it with your own eyes that the “powers that are fading” have placed obnoxious impediments forth to stop the flow of information.  My question is what do we all do to stop this?  Can someone begin a petition and I will support you all the way.  We need FREE exchange of information across the world and we have noticed much of this has been reigned in or shackled.  Let’s take action!

Also we will be having a round table on The Lie NASA Told next week so if you have anything you would like to present or review, let us know.  Just drop an email at  We have been planning this for over a month and are just now getting to this very interesting topic.

Stay tuned for further new developments with The Galactic Connection Team!

Love you all,


May 31, 2014

Hiya  Galactic Brothers and Sisters!

Beautiful SunsetHow do the skies look in your neck of the woods?  So curious to hear because the skies here in Southern California are beautiful and crystal blue, actually for a couple of days now….it “feels” like things are being “removed” if you know what I mean.  The peace continues to blanket spaceship earth….ahhhhh!

Well it has been quite a week folks!  Had to go buy a new laptop and am still attempting to transfer files and programs and emails over…not much fun but hey!  the laptop screams with an I-7 processor, Generation 4, a separate graphics card,  REALLY high resolution screen, 2 GB video RAM, a terabyte hard drive and two hard drive bays….I am hoping to be fully up and running by Monday.  I figured as much time as I spend blogging and on my computer, I needed to step up in performance and speed…

So THANK YOU all for your patience and support.  I have been going pretty much ceaselessly for 2 years and 3 months ((especially in the last 10 months) so it was recommended I take some time to unplug.  After a good cry when finding out my drive crashed and I did the typical, “oh sh**, when is the last time I backed things up” routine, I very much needed a break to disconnect for a while…guess The Universe was sending me the same message huh?

Oh, and for all orders up through May 17th, your shipments have gone out.  All orders that have been placed between the 18th and 24th of May will be shipped the early part of this up and coming week. All custom created stock essences orders will be shipped out as soon as we possibly can.  I am super excited about my newly created “Untouchables” essences, as I have seen too many of you come across my screen with complaints of being targeted, psychically attacked, and needing great courage and support.  Check it at  I have also added descriptions for two additional essences, one is “Light Warrior Mission Support” and the other is “Coping with Limitations.”

I am working on creating and loading more essences blends as the time allows.  I have so many creations that I would love to share with you all!

I almost forgot to give everyone the heads up about my Galactic Sister Laura Walker from Oracle Report.  ONCE AGAIN, we experienced interference in the airing of my show with her on GalacticConnection so please, please, please, support her by listening to our interview from last week here:  OR here:

As always, thanks for your support and patience with the interference and any inconvenience it has caused you.  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


Alexandra and the Galactic Connection team 🙂

April 29, 2014

joy-with-whiteWow! Has April been a metamorphosis or what?  Are you noticing that as your consciousness soars you are beginning to make clear choices on who you are willing to share your time with?  Are you noticing that the line is drawn in many areas of your life – especially the unwillingness to keep on keepin’ on just for the sake of paying the rent?  Everyone of us is questioning the core of our being as to why we are here, what we are doing to really contribute to the greater good, and how we got in this mess to begin with.  Truly, it is an imperative time for introspection and assimilation, assimilation, assimilation!

We are now truly “getting” that NOTHING is as it appears to be!  And our moral foundations and “belief systems” that once worked for us, are being shaken continuously, and no longer work for us now.  If you are anything like me, I am pulling away even more so, anything appearing very polar – extreme – absolute, as I wade through the waters of this murky month of change in perception.  So just KNOW we are all transforming through this TOGETHER.  It isn’t like in the 60’s where they had no internet to exchange feelings and ideas.  We at least have that opportunity to be in the comfort of our homes, interacting with others of like-minds.  This is SUCH a blessing.

Many of you have watched the ground breaking video “The Lie NASA Told…” and as you continue to watch more of the SOHO footage, whether this is true or not, it stirs new realizations of awareness.  The timing could not have been more perfect for this information to be delivered to us, and yet I hesitate because we are finding ourselves standing in the midst of rubble all around us.  We are seeking answers like never before as we watch our construct, our stories dilapidate before our eyes.  How do we cope with such rapid immediate change?  How do we make sense out of all of this mayhem?

Honestly, the trees, birds, insects, animals, and soil are my ticket to solitude.  Just reconnecting with the earth’s soil brings a semblance of relief where I can live in that standstill timelessness that is so important for processing all of the incoming “data.”  Be kind to yourselves through this historical time period.  Know that everything is being thrown our way, but we do have the tools, skillsets, and DNA to withstand this upheaval.  We will prevail.  We are victorious.

All orders through April 19th have been completed and successfully shipped out.  Just so you know all orders from the 20th through the 26th will be filled this week and shipped out.  This is the sequence.

There are big changes afoot and it is all we can do to keep up with the astrological impressions upon our psyche, but remember that with the intensity comes incredible opportunity.  This is a time when leaping into the void will bring amazing results!  When you are ready, all the signs within the Universe appear to support you when you make a choice…now is the time to do so.

This is a very special day for me as I am picking up Okalani at the airport, who recently came on board as our new Project Manager.  Another moment of coming home type feelings, like I know I have done this before….I am so excited about what this week brings and the ideas and plans we will be solidifying for the greater good of ALL.

Thanks for being the most awesome audience one could ever have!  You all motivate, encourage, respect, and challenge me on all levels and I have grown exponentially from this experience.  I feel we are all truly learning from one another, and if necessary, agreeing to disagree.

Love you all with an open heart!


April 22, 2014

the-thinkerHow’s everyone doing with these intense waves of pre-grand cross vibrations?  I was amazed how this last Sunday and Monday brought about a new definition of feeling out-of-body!  Whoaaaa!  It was all I could do dosing myself with essences and grounding to try to stay in my body.  Wondering how all of you fared…

I also wanted everyone to know we have shipped out all orders through April 12th, including personalized remedies.  PLEASE make a note that there is a very specific process and order in which we operate with the implant removal process and this is for your benefit for sure!  ALL those that have ordered the implant removal will receive 1) a welcome letter with an introduction, 2) the package with the essences and oils and 3) then the actual extraction process.  We will NOT do the removals without you receiving the oils and essences support and encodements first.  Please respect that Pam will not accept any appointments unless your oils and essences are received.

Also, I want to thank all of you for never assuming the worst if you do not receive an introduction letter.  As I now have Okalani assisting me with an overwhelming admin “load,” things are getting completed even more quickly so if you don’t receive your letter within 48 hours, ALWAYS contact us to let us know.  You know how sleep is a natural part of daily life?  Well interference is a natural state of our lives.  Remember this and let us know when you need something if you didn’t hear back from one of us.

Lastly, I wanted to give everyone an example of how “they” are controlling the web now!  I was attempting to post an article today and the wordpress page just went dead.  I forwarded it over to Okalani who confirmed that “they” have tagged certain words within this article and are no longer allowing it to be freely shared across the net.  For those who think the net is “about to” be controlled, think no more.  It is ALREADY in the works, and wordpress is part of it…I never had this go down prior to these last couple of months.

OK – think that is it for now.  Remember to STAND TALL IN WHO YOU ARE!!! We ARE Gathering!  If you are feeling all alone and having no one to relate to, the time is coming soon for you to reconnect with our Soul Family….It is getting closer…we have been called…

Love ya’ guys


April17, 2014


I received a very clear message yesterday regarding the  malevolent attack on select websites of The Light.  My website alone was down for over 12 hours with no recourse at hand, as over 200,000 Hostgator clients experienced the same.  But what I wanted all of you to know is we have The Light to thank for this shut down as well believe it or not!  A malicious worm was “released” with the intention to bring down key sites who will be bringing forth important up and coming alternative news.

As always I want to thank you all for your patience, support, and ongoing patronage to  Whenever you have a chance, send “her” a big hug with love!

Have a wonderful day!  BIG changes are afoot….



April 14, 2014

CyberattackPLEASE TAKE NOTE that as usual, we are being messed with in the cyber world.  If you have received a prompting that is asking you for a user name and password, this is
some sort of glitch and does not reveal any new forum we have created, at least as of yet.  So please, please, please remember this is the daily life with due to the sort of information we send out and the people we support.
With that said, we are doing energy work and contacting our hosting company and we will be continuing to “repair” the glitch.  In the meantime, I HIGHLY recommend you try to access our paypal buttons, the postings, and the Cobra transcript, the Kevin Annett transcript,  through another web browser than what you typically use. 
These pages are in the process of being updated so they are current…. 
My Interviews are here:
The Transcripts are here:
I also would like to point out that Chrome/Google have blacklisted me so most have difficulty accessing through this browser.
We have completed all Implant Removal Packages through the 5th of April!
We will be launching the new services as “requested by The Light” the end of the week.  We have soooooooo many exciting things to announce shortly.
Lastly, All Guardians, please stand by for contact.
Love to you all,

April 7, 2014

knights templar 3Hi everyone!  Welllllllllll, things are very interesting to say the least.  MANY of you received a prompting that you needed a name and password to gain access to my site.  Now that is a new one!  As USUAL this is I-N-T-E-R-F-E-R-E-N-C-E so please never assume that we are ignoring you or didn’t contact you or are requiring you to have passwords to access Galactic Connection.  Just remember we have daily ‘irritations’ with the ankle-biters so always drop us an email if you didn’t hear back or something.  We are here to assist!. (I keep reminding myself what Michael Ellegion said which is to thank the A’s for showing me that what I do is so important to them to get so much attention from them!)

I have also been hearing that some of you can not access so if that happens, please try to log on from another browser.  I know google/chrome has apparently black listed me so go figure.

On the Implant Removal Process front, we have completed all packages through last month so IF you haven’t received an introductory email after placing your order within 48 orders, let us know.  After multiple times contacting our webmaster and finding everything is in order, we just have to surrender and throw our hands up in the air.  We do have a lot of meddling with our e-mails, both sending and receiving.  I can not thank ALL OF YOU ENOUGH for your support, patience, love, suggestions, and kindness.  It really makes the difference when you work as many hours as I do…I love and honor you all.  Victory is Ours!!! Keep beaming your Lights consistently, boldly, fearlessly, and magnificently!

We Are the Guardians!!!! We are gathering….


April 2, 2014

Transmutation Is The Guardian Way….


To All Light Warriors of Prime Creation & Special Forces of Christ Consciousness

Integrity, Honestly, Loyalty, and Humility is The Guardian Way…

As we continue to slough off old thoughts, memories, emotions, feelings, perspectives, and illusions that no longer serve us, we are beginning to feel the increased pressure on our physical bodies.  I for one have had a multitude of challenges with many of my old injuries cropping back up, not only from birth but from the terrible car accident I withstood back in 2001.  I have read article after article defining why this is occurring and how to cope with the pain, but what I would like to do is present a simple suggestion as to how to stop the struggle and pain.

Chiropractic_spinal_adjustmentAbout 3-4 months ago, I finally spent the money to have regular visits with my chiropractor.  She and I would joke about which part of my body she should work on that day, due to a multitude of injuries causing so much going on with my physical being.  As many of you know, the head on I experienced 13 years ago should have brought me death and instead brought about a plethora of injuries in almost every joint and every place in my body (check out The Death of The Old Me). I asked her poignantly, “could I possibly be holding onto the pain? I am not a victim and truly want to release this “stuff!”  She would reiterate that my emotional, mental,  and spiritual bodies were moving at warp drive but my physical body was having a heck of time catching up with them.  This got me thinking about this ascension shift we are all experiencing right now.

Then about a week ago I reached my wit’s end with a severe migraine and physical pain and stiffness everywhere (especially my neck, back, shoulder, and hips).  Honestly, the endless hours of work and brainstorming played into this event and as it unraveled, I was fully aware that my Higher Self was going to get my attention somehow someway.  I worked on myself through a variety of modalities, everything from homeopathy, essences, minerals, healings, reiki, and our new scalar wave laser.  It diminished the pain, but I noticed I was never becoming free of it completely.  I began to realize that as the solar flares have intensified along with the increase in Earth’s Light Penetration, I have noticed an accumulation of pain and discomfort has been surfacing. What would normally be something where I could dump it and release it, was becoming lodged in my body.  At first I thought it was just me, but when I began to see this was happening with many other clients and friends, I realized that there was something far bigger going on.

human_transmutation_circleSince I typically attract fellow Guardians into my life these days, I sensed right away that this was “karmic” in some way.  Although we keep hearing that we no longer have to live out karma and have outlived that paradigm, our thoughts and our cellular memory haven’t quite processed that shift completely.  Don’t forget that Guardians are naturally born Transmuters.  We are “designed” to shift the Dark to the Light wherever we go, or break up the density into transparency.  But we are also in many instances Surrogates.  We deliberately take on hellacious accidents, illnesses, controversial “causes,” and emotional turmoil because our compassionate Higher Selves are willing to stand in to serve, to give, to assist, and to free Mother Earth and humanity from pain and suffering.  So without our conscious knowing, we tend to take on major cataclysms because we think and know that we can blow through the pain and sickness with our own transmutation skills.  After all, we have taken on some of the most difficult and painful incarnations to serve The Light, so why not now, right?  We naturally clear karma globally this way, especially because we hold higher than average levels of consciousness.

Here is the dilemma though.  We still live in human 3D physical bodies and we have been overcome with intense disruptive energies from these “acts of kindness” to the point where we are living imprisoned lives of immobility, pain, and despair.  Many of us have become stuck  holding the space, processing, and transmuting the painful woes of this matrix.  So I got to thinking about it again, and went directly into a council meeting all fired up and commanding answers!  This is what I came away with.

knights templar 3I was in so much pain one evening that I stayed up all night communicating with The Council and performed The Violet Flame many times (my rendition is below).  But most significantly, I want to point out that I did something I would have never done before: I released my contracts for carrying all of the pain for the planet and my cause.  I did a massive sweep of transmuting all of it for my sake and the sake of all others I was carrying it for, whether from a past timeline or present one. I realized I had not done this yet because I carried a thought pattern that the planet “had to work through people like me” to get through this massive purification process we are living through.  Realizations came like a series of movie clips.  Our overzealous tendency to stand committed to the bitter end, to never retreat no matter what, had been misconstrued for living the pain to the final conclusion.  But what I say to all of you now is as long as we release it properly and return it back to The Central Sun to be used for a more positive productive energy, we have completed one of our major tasks.

So honor your physical body and release this contract so we can move onto our next grand phase of our mission!   We need each of you to be in your best shape possible for the next impending mission.  Those of you who have eyes to see and ears to hear, will know exactly what I am referring to. And So It Is.

I love you always


The Violet Flame Decree:

“Might I Am Presence, I call on The Beloved Violet Flame now to engulf all of my bodies, in all dimensions, all timelines, both known and unknown, to consume all density and darkness from me now and transmute and return this back to Father Mother God to be used as a more positive productive energy!” (3x)

To All of the Light Warriors of Prime Creation and Special Forces for The Christ Consciousness

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March 30, 2014

Paradise_River_Surrounded_by_Spring_Flowers_Mt__Rainier_National_Park_Washington150x150Sorry for the delayed update but it has been very hectic behind the scenes as we work on the transition to a more automated system.  Steven and I have officially brought Okalani Jacob on board as our “business manager,” where she will be helping me with the massive amount of admin work that is required in maintaining the GalacticConnection site, as well as all of our other projects.    She is a true Emissary of Light and we are honored to be working alongside her.
Also, we have completed all orders up through the 23rd of March.  We will be creating and mailing out the next batch of orders this week.
Please stay tuned for an excellent interview with Lee Harris entitled the “Clarion Call: the New Golden Age”  this coming Tuesday at 3-4:55 p.m. PST at this link:
I ended up doing a replay last Tuesday, as I was “down for the count” due to a severe migraine and frankly exhaustion.  I am feeling much more refreshed and rejuvenated now!  THANK YOU for all of your support and love!  I appreciate it and keep it coming! I have such an awesome audience!
Love to you and yours-

March 18, 2014
Changes next exitIf you missed my interview with Kevin Annett today entitled “How Do WE Unravel The Corrupt Matrix?” don’t forget you can access it at the following link:
There will be a series of interviews to cover the very important subject of how we are dismantling this rotten matrix from within!  Don’t hesitate to send in any specific questions you have for the next time Kevin and I chat!
We are working really hard to get current on all orders (personal and implant removals) but as of now we have completed making all orders through March 10, 2014.  These should all go out tomorrow.  One thing we are noticing is glitches in paypals postage, as well as the availability of stamps, forms, etc. through the post office.  It feels like something is afoot with the Federal Reserve’s Post Office, the Authority of This Matrix….we go there so often and we are hearing from the attendants behind the counter that supplies and stamps aren’t available?
Our goal is to be up to date soon…if for some reason you have already received your package but have not made an appt. with Pam yet, please make the time to do so.  Drop me an email if you have any questions. 
I will also have a bunch of announcements soon.  I am working on an excellent galactic formulas for protection and psychic protection as well as several others.  If there are any other general essences you would like to have available, drop me an email and I will make them for the world and can personalize them for you individually!
Lots of love Alexandra

March 12, 2014
jumpAll orders and packages have been created, boxed up, and mailed out through March 1st and we are  already working on the next 11 days of orders.  We are determined to get caught up!  Yeah!!!  THANK YOU  awesome Galacterians for your love, support, understanding, and trust in The Galactic Connection Team.  I would also like to announce our new right hand woman, Okalani Jacob!  She has come aboard and is assisting Steven and I to finally get automated and organized…we are so excited so please continue to have patience with us.  It is all worth it!  We will be posting her background and contributions to our team soon!
Love you all muchissimo!

.March 2, 2014
Update for week of March 3rd:
We have successfully completed all packages through February 22nd…we still have to contend with shipping but it will be out shortly.We are now about a week out for order fulfillment, meaning you will receive packages first,  then schedule an appointment for the extraction.
Also, the Cobra interview is coming up Tuesday and should be filled with some interesting updates on the world events.  I will be interviewing Kevin Annett on March 18th…stay tuned for that exciting interview.
OK – sending you encouraging love and light for this exciting month that we are all waiting for!

February 24, 2014
heads-upI wanted to give everyone the heads up on my up and coming interview with whistleblower Karen Hudes of The World Bank tomorrow!  Please note that the show will air live and begin at 3:00 P.M. PST Tuesday February 25th, instead of the regularly scheduled 4:00 hour.  It will run two hours and is filled with a lot of good information.  The show is entitled “Let’s Get the Gold Into The Hands of The People!”
Also, we have just successfully shipped out all orders through the 15th of February!  There are a few who have not provided us with full names, and because of this, your orders are at a standstill until we are appropriately notified of the needed information!
I have been feeling a bit under the weather today so it is an early night for me…will be blogging tomorrow as usual.
Lots of love

February 18, 2014
updateIf you haven’t already figured this out, we are really striving to lessen our backlog of orders.  We have now completed essences and oils for all implant removal orders up to the date of February 5th.  Thank you so much for supporting us, being patient with us, and entrusting in us by referring your friends and loved ones to us!  Remember that each one of us who truly “unplugs from the matrix”  is assisting in becoming a larger conduit of Light to bring heaven on earth now!  The Light is building, spreading, and multiplying monumentally and you all are helping big time!  Steve, Pam, and myself so appreciate YOU!
Talk with you all soon!
February 15, 2014
We have finally gotten caught up through all orders placed up to the date of February 1st!!!  The shipping of the packages will go out the earlier part of the up and coming week…also Pam, Steve, and I have an announcement coming soon! 
Stay tuned…lots of love for this Valentine’s weekend.

February 10, 2014
the-fruits-of-victoryWell we have had another productive week and have completed all essences and oils ordered through January 26, 2014.  Please realize that we still have to contend with the shipping process, which is multi-stepped and quite time consuming, so packages will be mailed out throughout the beginning of the week for those order dates up through the above date.  As stated before, once you receive your package, your instructions will include Pam’s email to set up your extraction session and it is always best to be resting or sleeping during this experience.
Here is a bizarre request: we are also trying to connect with someone named ‘Jesus’ who ordered on the 14th of December and we can not reach him!  If anyone knows of this person out of Southern California, can you please tell him to contact us!!!
Pam and I are excited to announce that we are in the final stages of creating the next phase of unplugging from the matrix!  This involves DNA upgrading so that all of us can reach full consciousness and communicate with our Guidance fully!  Stay tuned!
Have a wonderful week!
No fear and Victory for The Light!

February 2, 2014
YEAH-HEART-1_649Just a quick update that we have successfully completed all  customized Implant Removal Essences and oils through January 16th.  We are running behind on shipping so these orders may be out within a few days of this notice. Once you receive your package please drop Pam an email for the extraction session.  All Personalized essences not specific to implant removals will be going out the early part of this week.  Thank you all for your patience, but we are making progress!!!
Lots of love

January 30, 2014
victory to the light yeah!Guess What?  We have completed all packages for orders through January 10th.  We will be working on shipping them out throughout the next couple of days.  When you receive your package, drop Pam an email for your extraction and healing session.  An important update will be coming shortly for all IRPer’s!  I once again want to congratulate you and honor all of you who are blazing the trail, moving closer to your missions, and preparing for The Event!  We THANK YOU ALL! Right on!!!!
Also, just a heads up that Cobra and I will be doing our monthly update next Tuesday at 4:00 P.M. on BBS radio Station 2.
Love Alexandra

January28, 2014
plants thinkingJust a quick heads up on the implant removal process.  From now on, we will be mailing all packages out before the extraction process.  The feedback has been overwhelming that having the essences and oils available at the time of the session and immediately afterwards is the best way to support the extraction and unplugging from the matrix.  So once again we are working very hard to get all packages out and get caught up!
We will have all packages mailed out through January 6th by tomorrow….Please allow time for the arrival of your package and when you receive it, drop Pam an email to set up your session.
Ok – gotta go and create some more alchemy!  Love you all!

January 24, 2014
please_noteJust a quick request that when you write in regarding questions or follow-up, please provide me your order date and if it is regarding express shipping, I will also need your phone number.  We are working on all packages from January first to the present at this time.  Again, we highly recommend you wait for your package before you receive your extraction healing.
Lots of love

January 20, 2014
MeHello everyone!  Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and now we are apparently going to get a bit of a respite energetically this up and coming week…
so take a deep breath and enjoy the rest because it won’t last for long.
Also – we made a great deal of progress last week and are now up to mailing out all packages through December 31st, 2013!!!  Since today is a holiday in the USA
the packages will begin to be mailed out tomorrow, just so you know.  It feels so good!!!!!!!!!!
So if your order date falls within those dates up through the end of last year, drop Pam an email and remind her to set up your extraction session.  If you are
overseas, I HIGHLY recommend you wait for the arrival of your package first, for it definitely assists in the transition from being plugged to unplugged…this is
what we are receiving from an overwhelming number of people so we are listening to the bold who stepped up first and advising that you get your package
first before you jump into your session.  Again though, it is YOUR choice.
Sending you lots of love and PLEASE do NOT forget to listen to the interview on protection tools!  When your implants are extracted, your light is BRIGHT so
diligence and preparation are crucial at this “final” hour with the archontic order that was….
Love you all from the depths of my soul –

 January 12, 2013
good_afternoon_002Good afternoon everyone!  Just a quick update on packages.  We will be complete with sending out all packages up and through December 18th!  These were some heavy order dates so if you placed an order around this time, be on the look out for your package.  Also, when you order express shipping, it does speed up the delivery for overseas shipments tremendously, HOWEVER, the package still has to go through the customs of the country it is shipped to, so keep that in mind.  When they quote 3-5 business days, they typically mean once it is processed through customs.  With that said, the express shipments have still sped up the delivery time by around 2 weeks!
Also when prepping for your implant removal, try not to have expectations.  Don’t spend time comparing yourself to others.  Your journeys through this are as different as our individual fingerprints and because of that we must honor ALL of our experiences, even if we were “expecting” something else other than what we experienced.  Why restrict the unfolding of this process through what others have experienced?  Pay attention to your own shifts, changes, unfoldings, and JOURNAL these daily, no matter how minute they may appear.  This will assist you when you review your experience later….and you may notice later that others see changes in you before you do.
Take time and look in the mirror, really seeing your reflection in the mirror.  This can be extremely profound.
Also, we are here for you to uncover and remove other remaining blockages such as heart walls, ancient oaths and contracts, extra souls, chronic illnesses, etc.
Sending you all lots of love,

January 6, 2014
notes-pinkgreenpin128Just a quick update on where we are at.  We have successfully mailed out ALL packages up through December 14th!  Just an FYI for those with order dates through the 14th of last month.
PLEASE make sure that your mailing addresses are correct within PayPal when paying for the process.  Thanks and have a good night – Love Alexandra

January 3, 2014
Good News Arrives in Open Envelope and LetterOK good news folks!  By the week’s end, all packages with oils and essences will be completed and shipped out for those orders placed through December 15th!!!  This does NOT mean that the actual healing and extractions performed by Pam are caught up as of yet to this date.  Please be patient with Pam as she is working to get all of November’s extractions completed.  But she and I both felt strongly to attempt to get out your packages so that you have them when your time comes up!  They help immensely with the unplugging from the matrix.  And, yes Pam provides me with a scan of your body ahead of time.
OK, secondly, I REALLY want to share a note from one of the IRPers.  This will be self-explanatory, however I just want to point out that after you sign up, these implants have a consciousness and do not want to lose their meal ticket that they have had for soooooooo long (meaning you).  Be aware of this!  Pay attention to any unnecessary fears or doubts that come up and recognize if they are truly yours or not…it is a real high likelihood that they aren’t yours.
Here is a quote from a couple who just signed up a few weeks ago:
“Just a moment ago this creepy interference came through our speakers and jolted us and was warping the words real bad. We were listening to Ari on shattering the matrix… 2 days ago I saw my my body and an implant inside repeating over and over you’re a coward. There was a real creepy feeling over us both. We know it’s not from us.”
Have a great day!!!
Love you all –

January 2, 2014
happy new yearsHappy New Year Everyone!
I made an attempt to take the full day off yesterday  and didn’t succeed very well.  I am slowly getting back into the swing of things today, but I do want to let everyone know who has signed up for the implant removal process to please let me know if you did not receive the introductory letter.  I have been individually emailing them so no spam blockers can prevent them from being delivered (as well as no time so far to automate) and guess what?  They are still occasionally being blocked by the ‘you know whos’….so if you have not received an introductory letter within 2 days of your purchase (give me a full 48 hours though), please let me know so you can get your introduction and preparation letter!!!
We are really trying to get through the rest of the orders before and up to the 8th of December.  If you have placed your order on or by that date and have not made your appt with Pam please request your time slot for next week.  Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your holiday!
Also if you have not listened to the interview on 12.31.12 regarding protection and shutting down psychic attacks, go here:
The List for protection tools:
  1. Violet Flame
  2. Proclamations
  3. New Operating System/Reboot (letting go of old beliefs, habits, people, things)
  4. Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth ( Koh-Doh-ish, Koh-Doh-ish, Koh-Doh-ish, Ah-Doh-Nah-ee, Tseh-bah-yoth) 3X and better 12X
  5. Tube of Light
  6. Electronic Circle of The Mighty I AM Presence
  7. Mirrors
  8. Cloak of Invisibility
This was specifically put together for those of you experiencing increased attacks….’tis the time as we near The Event folks!  Stay strong!
Also – Here is the proclamation I suggested…it is outstanding for empowerment, and closing malevolent doorways!!!

It is suggested that you repeat this proclamation every day for 30-45 days and as often thereafter as you are intuitively drawn to do so. The intent is to transmute the many layers of programming and be balanced so triggers no longer affect you. I (state your name) proclaim my life is my own. I close all windows, portals and doorways allowing another to observe or manipulate my energies as far as they extend, and transmute all energies connected to this experience into the divine expression of Creative Love.I choose to be well, whole and perfect of mind, body and soul. I call forth all controlling energies experienced throughout the journey of my soul and all those connected to these energies. I call forth all aspects of their Being, all aspects of my Being and the nucleus of the Soul on all levels of consciousness to be present and accept this healing.I call forth all soul expressions, elementals, thought forms, patterns and programs to stand before me, as I stand before you, in love. I ask you to forgive and honor me. I forgive and honor you. I embrace you in love. I thank you for the lessons we have shared. I embrace all bonds between us in Unconditional Love and transmute all interfering energies into the divine expression of Creative Love.I call forth all laws I own, all beliefs I have, all vows I hold, all invocations I have made and received, all contracts and agreements which exist creating distortions, illusions, images, holograms, symbols and psychic messages, causing unrest within my Being, I transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love.I call forth all invasive energies, including thought forms, programs or substances administered to me, or created by me, forming separation, distortion, illness or illusion within my Being. I transmute you into the divine expression of Creative Love and return you to your creator source to be used only as a positive, productive energy.I call forth all cells, creative energies, all personalities and aspects of my Being to integrate into my wholeness and align in Divine Perfection.I call forth all energy forms, creating a response in my Being out of alignment with the essence of my soul and divine truth, and transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love and return you to your creator source to be used as a positive, productive energy.Whatever thought forms or energies I own, encouraging or causing harm to my Being, I return to their creator source. All residues I hold within my Being I transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love to become a powerful, positive, productive energy.I command any energy or programming administered to me with or without my permission altering or limiting my ability to freely connect my mind, body and soul and experience my wholeness be reversed in divine perfection.I proclaim sovereignty. I proclaim dominion over my skills. I claim dominion over my mind, body and soul. I have grown. I am empowered. I stand in my truth. I call forth and integrate my true identity expressing itself as (state your name).I acknowledge all those who share this experience, I offer you this healing. I embrace you in Unconditional Love and transmute all interfering energies into the divine expression of Creative Love. I proclaim my peace of mind, and the peace of mind for all humanity. And so it is.Symmetry Ministry International
With love,

December 31, 2013
Well, Steve and I have taken a little bit of time off to rejuvenate from a non-stop “task”load, but with that said, we were able to mail out almost 50 orders last week!!!  The messages just keep coming through as to how this process is sooooooooo much more than removing your implants.  I am so honored to be here to assist you, and from every molecule of my being I intend and envision ALL of us regaining our sovereignty, our fully empowered creativity, and our power to step into our mastery next year….
2014 is going to be a very exciting year – a true deal breaker.  It is a time for us to clean the slate and start anew, and I mean literally.  Everything we do should be revisited, and realigned with our new selves, especially when you consider you are no longer operating with the same master “program” any longer once your implants have been removed.
Let yourself soar tonight – live it up – activate your inner child – and remember we are the waking giant.  We are gathering.  We are irrepressible…..we are finally up to bat for our part of this game!!! Yahoo!!!
Lots of love to you and your other two-leggeds and four leggeds,
Steven and Alexandra

December 27, 2013

updateHey folks!

I want you all to know we are REALLY making some serious progress with the order dates through December 8th.  If you have an order date within that time frame, please make your appt. with Pam now. Don’t forget that packages are beginning to go out BEFORE the extraction process so PLEASE make sure your shipping address is correct!!!

Please take the time to listen to my latest interview with Steven regarding the implants, 144,000, and The Guardians.  Click the link below.

Lots of love,


December 23, 2013

Just a quick update that we are finishing up November orders and moving into the first days of December!  If you have not set-up an appt with Pam IF YOUR ORDER was placed between November 20th and 30th, please drop her an e-mail.

Also, do not forget to let me know if there are any changes in your mailing addresses….

So stay tuned…LOVE to you all!


December 20, 2013

home for the holidays without implantsI was asked to put an update up so here is a reminder of  some things to pay attention to: 
I want to let everyone know that the computers and the internet are acting exceptionally strange…so what one of sees if not the same for everyone else.  As we get further into the pole shit, I think these sorts of odd ball issues are going to crop up with the internet, so just be aware of this if you run into this with the GC site….
  • 1)      A few of you have mentioned that you are receiving “undeliverable” or blocked messages when you e-mailed me.  PLEASE keep trying because most of the time I do receive them but there has been apparent interference.  Just keep that in mind when corresponding with me.  I have contacted my hosting company and we have “fixed” the problem hopefully.  Also, Pam and I getting “undeliverables” on our end as well, so IF you do not hear from us within a day of ordering, please drop us a line to let us know you have not received your introductory letter. 
  • 2)      Just a reminder to please clarify who will be receiving the implant removal process.  If you are purchasing this for a loved one, I will need their name, e-mail, and street address.
  • 3)      If you receive your notification of shipment or the shipment itself before you have had an appointment with Pam, do not be alarmed.  She and I are just trying to streamline this process the best way we can.  If time permits, I will have her scan you beforehand, so I can ship out the essences and oils ahead of time.
  • 4)      If you are traveling or moving and need to change your shipping address, please let me know as soon as possible.  You cannot always assume that your shipment goes out after your appointment with Pam.  It may go out before. 
  • 5)     5)  If you place an order, there may be a delay in receiving a welcome introductory letter because at this stage I have been doing it manually.  I am working on configuring this to work through paypal, but it is not completed yet.  Please pass this onto your friends and referrals.
6)      We have now progressed through all orders placed on November 20th on…if you placed your order between the 20th and the 30th of November, you are next on the list!
7)      As you are waiting for your destined time for extraction and encoding, please be aware that this truly is your time to release the old you, your old life, etc.  This is a very profound process and because you are literally being unplugged from the matrix internally, you may have some negative mind chatter messing with you.  Just be aware of it and it will subside.
Once you have your implants removed, claim your sovereignty aloud to fortify yourself.
OK…we shall talk soon my friends…
lots of love,

December 17, 2013

progressHello and Happy Happy Holidays!  I just wanted to give you all an update on the progress with the IRP as of today.  We are now beginning on people who ordered from November 20th on.  If your order was placed by the 20th of November, please drop me an email to make sure we schedule your extraction appointment if it has not been accomplished already.  I had a little time to put 3 of the most recent testimonials that came in this weekend.  Check them out!

Also, Ari has had us again on her show to review additional questions and ideas regarding the implant removal process.  Please take some time to listen to it or all three for more details on becoming sovereign once again!!!

Click here for the Interviews

Click here for the Testimonials

Click here for the Sovereignty Proclamation

Click here for the December 1st Message

Hope you are all having an incredible holiday season!  Sending you lots of love and blessings!

Alexandra and Steven

December 10, 2013

Hey Everyone!

notes-pinkgreenpin128Just a quick note to let you all know we are making significant progress through all orders placed on November 18th through the 20th. If you fall into this category, meaning if your order was originally placed on one of these dates, your time is up to get ‘er done! Yeah!!! Say good bye to internal archontic guidance systems!!!

For the rest of you waiting for your turn so to speak, we honor you and thank you for holding the space for all of those in the midst of receiving the extraction process. Remember when we all made an agreement to do this TOGETHER, and to now step up, unify, and turn our Lights On so brightly that The Universes from afar can see us now!!!

Again, until I can get fully automated, much of this is being done manually so please be patient. We are really working diligently and committedly to assist each of you through this process as it unfolds.

Lastly, Steven and I will be doing another radio interview with Ari Kopel of Shattering The Matrix this Saturday night at 6 p.m. CST. As soon as I get the link, I will be posting it here for your review. We have an immense amount to cover.

We are looking forward to it. And a CONGRATULATIONS IS IN ORDER FOR ALL OF YOU who are stepping into your mastery NOW!!!

Love ya’ guys,


December 7, 2013

please_noteHey Everyone!

Just a quick update that my laptop is going in for some “surgical upgrades” today…well what you might call a “detoxification” of a slow moving thoughts (a new faster processing hard drive with a clean OS install) so my posts might be a bit sparse over the weekend.  I also wanted everyone to know that we will be setting up a new interview with Ari to review the progress on people who have had the implant removal process done.  We will also answer some questions that have come in as well as share some insights that we have recently had on what this process is really about.  Steven will be joining me to dive a bit deeper into his transition so if you have any questions for him that you would like answered, please drop us an e-mail.  The e-mail is

PLEASE realize that I will not be able to access e-mail through most of today.

As always, please know that we are making really good headway on the waiting list and will be updating you soon on what order date we are up to.  I will have that information out to you by Monday.  We are burning the hours as best we can to bring your dates forward if at all possible.  I so appreciate your support and patience and if you haven’t heard back from me please just be patient.  I am attempting to read all of your correspondence fully and respond personally to each of you.

For those who have stepped up earlier in the game, please don’t forget to drop me an e-mail to let me know how you are doing and provide a testimonial.  We are all in this together and will truly be an integral part in creating Heaven on Earth.

Lots of love,


December 3, 2013

Hey Folks!

I just wanted to give you a quick FYI that we are now up to all orders placed on November 18th.  We are plugging along and making good headway so again i thank you all for your patience.  I just sent out an amazing update for those who have ordered the IRP, so if you placed an order and did not get an email from me yesterday, please let me know.  We are still having amazing reports back and as the time allows,I will add some more of the testimonials up on the site…

Also, the Cobra interview is going live tomorrow and I feel it is really thorough in covering a variety of topics that we are all interested in. Some really good news as well!

There are more exciting announcements forthcoming so until that time, stay tuned.  I am truly honored to share my Light with yours…it fills my heart with such joy!

We love you all!  You ROCK!!!


November 21, 2013

Hey Folks!

MeJust a quick note that we are busily handling all of the orders, requests, correspondence etc. Despite my injury last Saturday (it is apparent that The Dark aren’t happy about what we are bringing forward to The New Up and Coming Ascended Masters), Steve has jumped in to assist with the process as well.

Everything is running smoothly and if you get your package before your session with Pam, just a reminder to hold onto your oils and essences until your extraction process has been scheduled.  Once you have received your session with Pam, then begin the oils and essences as instructed.

So please be patient and hold this gift in Divine Space and Timing!  All is good and awesome!!!

I am so impressed with all of you who have contacted me!  Your passion to break free and your desire to step into your mission is overwhelmingly impacting!  It motivates me that much more!

I love you all- Alexandra

PS  Please if you have forgotten, please drop me a line with your experience, shifts, realizations, etc.  Thanks!


November 18, 2013

My heart swells with excitement in the knowing that Pam and I are assisting all of you who have stepped forward for the implant removal process!  Imagine what each of us is contributing to the light quotient on this planet by fully removing these controlling mechanisms and etheric technologies.  The testimonials just keep coming in expressing deep gratitude, profound realizations, and a new inner peace and sovereignty.

I want to personally thank Ari and Serena for “kicking me in the butt” to get this information out there through their radio program.  I am also grateful for Ari’s honesty and transparency about her life and shifts experienced thus far.  We all honor you Ari for doing something that takes a lot of courage!

Please be patient with the order process.  We will be following up with each and every one of you as soon as we can!

Also, I fell on Saturday and really injured my wrist and forearm (looks like it was cracked and torn ligaments).  I received 4 separate messages from others that the dark was behind it (which I have to say was a confirmation for me when it happened – it was like I felt pushed).  I am certainly not paranoid, but now I REALLY realize how influential this process is for The New Masters who are stepping forward in a big way, no matter what that looks like.  We are upping the anti and pressing forward courageously and powerfully!!!

Although this has occurred, this is not keeping me down.  I am proceeding with the incoming flow of orders as usual!

YOU ALL ROCK BIG TIME! I am so honored to walk alongside you, bringing the New Golden Age forward sooner rather than later!

November 15, 2013


So you have probably heard about our implant removal process launched at the end of September.  Pam and I have been “gifted” with this DIVINE opportunity to make one of the most transformational experiences available to you!  Many know that each of us is implanted at birth when we “reenter” this matrix, and most of us have carried implants from other incarnations into this one (I think to get cleared).  So you can imagine how shocked I was when Pam and I received not only the grace and gift of truly knowing how to remove these implants, but being selected to assist all of you to a more enlightening, empowering, awakening, and peaceful journey into The Golden Age, away from the broken and collapsing 3D matrix.

Here are just some of the things people are commenting on after going through the process, which continues to unfold for each of us:

>increased inner peace
>removed obstacles
>increased synchronicities
>life becomes effortless
>heightened vibration
>new software being installed
>sleeping peacefully
>more inter-dimensional awareness
>more aware of Light Beings
>feel like everything is in perfect order
>less judgmental
>less polarized
>receiving more guidance
>gain rapid insight
>increased knowingness
>deeper level of awakening
>rapid ego die-off process
>enhanced personal realizations
>feel more centered
>feel more protected
>clearer visions in meditation
Please do yourself, your loved ones and this planet a favor and do this!  We were told that those of you who come forward will be blazing the trail for some future blissful endeavors that will be assisting humanity in a big way!  We want everyone to step into their mastery…now!
Go to this page for more information and where to purchase your implant removal process:
Also, Ari Kopel of Shattering The Matrix has done a radio show on her amazing experience with this process:
Ari and Serena are interviewing me this Saturday on their radio show that you can listen to here:
If you have any questions, drop me an e-mail at
We are truly excited to see the MAGICAL changes in everyone!!!  We are finally experiencing a new sense of sovereignty!
PS: Just a heads up!  If you are having technical difficulties with the paypal button, please consider all of the “energies” we are being bombarded with:
2 X class solar flares, the sun getting ready to flip, the 4th Uranus Pluto square, mercury retrograde, and possibly a bit of the dark’s resistance to this
very effective life changing process for humanity….I don’t think they are happy about it!  We are increasing the Light Quotient big time!!!!  If you can’t
get the paypal to work, try the donation button on the upper right hand column.

Love you all,