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Posted: 15 Sep 2013 12:07 PM PDT

Last month we reported “Human Life Came From Mars

Now in another “continuous disclosure” update, British scientists believe they have found evidence alien life after sending a balloon to the edge of space.

The team of scientists sent a balloon 27km into the stratosphere and captured small biological organisms they say can only have come from space.

Their findings were published in a paper during the Instruments, Methods, and Missions for Astrobiology conference in San Diego, USA, last month.

Prof Wickramasinghe said: ‘Biological entities of this nature have not previously been reported occurring in the stratosphere.

‘The entities varied from a presumptive colony of ultra-small bacteria to two unusual individual organisms – part of a diatom frustule and a 200 micron-sized particle mass interlaced with biofilm and biological filaments.’

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