Could aliens be trying to warn us of earthquakes in Cumbria?

UFOPic3EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS may have been warning Cumbrians of a pending earthquake in the Irish Sea, according to a study team.

The North West UFO Research group says sightings in the county soared in the run up to last month’s quake, leading to claims the mysterious lights are predictions of upcoming tremors.

Pat Regan, founder of NWUR, says numerous strange goings on were reported across Barrow and Maryport in the weeks prior to the August 25 quake.

Two tremors measuring 3.3 and 2.4 on the Richter scale hit the Irish Sea, with tremors felt in Barrow, Blackpool and Fleetwood.

Mr Regan, Southport-based author of UFO: Search for Truth, said: “We experienced a big increase in reported sightings before the earthquake. People were telling us they saw flying objects in the sky in the months before.

“It seems clusters of UFO sightings happen just before earthquake activity.

“I have said all along there must be more to it than just coincidence. There does seem to be a pattern.

“It happens all over the world. A few days before the Boxing Day tsunami people witnessed weird UFOs in India and Indonesia.”

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