Alleged ‘Men In Black’ Encounter Caught On Tape – Who Are These “People?”


  • The Facts:A woman named ‘Nicole’ describes her alleged Men In Black encounter that was also caught on video. She explains why it happened, how she felt and the process that took place.
  • Reflect On:Regardless of whether or not we know that this encounter is genuine, it is certainly worth considering given how much it aligns with other well documented MIB encournters. Exploring things like this helps to expand our conscious awareness.

Who are the mysterious Men In Black (MIB)? Well, nobody seems to know, but there are multiple accounts from some very credible people, a few photos, and a few scenes of what appear to be real genuine encounters. These mysterious people have also been referenced by politicians, like Vladimir Putin along with Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev of Russia, who have both made some comments about men in dark suits.

Medvedev referenced them when asked a question about intelligent extraterrestrials currently visiting our planet, and Putin referenced ‘men in dark suits’ that confront the president shortly after he or she has been elected, telling them how the presidency is going to go and what they can and can’t do.

One common theme associated with the MIB is that they seem to appear shortly after somebody has experienced some type of paranormal event. Their presence is constantly associated with ‘weirdness.’ One of the most interesting stories I’ve come across is from Ingo Swann, who was a major player in the  US government’s Stargate Program, which lasted more than two decades. The program studied various topics within the dimensions of parapsychology, such as telepathy, psychokinesis, remote viewing and more.

Stargate Program Incident

One day, an ‘MIB’ entered into the secured facility at Stanford (where the Stargate program took place), which was not an easy thing to do. He found Swann and persuaded him to leave with him. Axelrod (the name given to the MIB by Swann) was accompanied by two twins, they were very tall and mysterious. They dressed in the typical ‘cloak and dagger’ intelligence agency outfit. Swann described them as “two blond-haired, blue-eyed, military-looking assistants.”  The four of them flew to the west coast which Swann believed to be the Alaskan wilderness, although he wasn’t certain and was told that it’s best he did not know. They were flying in a Lear jet and found an area deep in the forest which seemed to be for their own use. They trekked a very long time.

You can read more about the rest of that encounter and what happened here. It was associated with what appears to be a strange extraterrestrial object, and was detailed in his book “Penetration: The Question of Human & Extraterrestrial Telepathy.” The appearance described by Swann is classic, especially the twins part. A lot of encounters involve what appear to be twins.

The Latest Alleged Encounter

This is a decide for yourself moment and we want to be clear about that. This recent alleged encounter I’ve come across is quite interesting. It shows a video of a woman who was completely subjected to what appears to be some type of hypnosis or mind control. This type of thing would fall under the realm of parapsychology (mentioned above), but unfortunately, it appears to be weaponized. New discoveries and concepts of reality have long been explored within Black Budget programs, and unfortunately, the technology and knowledge gained are rarely used for the purposes of advancing humanity.

It appears this alleged MIB knows how to use these techniques.

Below is a video that was sent to Apex TV by a man who allegedly works as a security guard for a law office in Alaska. Everyone has declined to name which office it is for privacy reasons. Although we don’t know if everything we are seeing here is real, what you see in the video does fit the profile of a classic MIB encounter.

So What Happened?

The name of the woman in the video above is Nicole, and the team at Apex was able to get in contact with her, or at least someone who is claiming to be the woman from the video. The video below explains everything that happened. The reason for the encounter, as stated by Nicole, was simply to inquire about her pictures and her experience she had with some friends. While she and her friends were hiking, she came across a cave and decided to check it out on her own in the morning. The cave, as she describes, was lined with crystals, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. The MIBs in her story, (there are two in the story, one in the video), seemed to be very curious if she saw anything while she was in the cave. After the encounter, she said she was given a vaccine. She wasn’t supposed to remember anything when she woke up as she was told, but she does. There also seems to have been telepathic communication.

This is her alleged interview.

Another Incident

It doesn’t surprise me that she would have had such an experience, given the fact that National Parks are full of paranormal stories. I recently wrote about one regarding one person’s experience at Brown Mountain, North Carolina. You can read that here. 

The picture below is from a book authored by Nick Redfern titled, The Real Men In Black, a book I highly recommend if you’re interested in this type of phenomena. Apparently, this is a genuine ‘MIB’ back in the day. Again, Redfern’s book is THE SOURCE you want to begin with when researching this topic in a credible way. This article can’t do any justice to his work on the topic, so if you’re interested be sure to check it out.

The Takeaway

Despite what we might think about the particular encounter and whether or not it’s genuine, it’s important to take away the fact that Men In Black encounters do happen, are well documented and to many are very real. For more on this topic, do check out The Real Men In Black book.

Strange things in our world happen, strange things that are simply unexplainable by our modern beliefs, despite the fact that they are currently observable. Why, after decades and decades of such experiences, do we continue to deny that they’re actually real? Why are figures like the MIB subjected to conspiracy theories when so many people, credible people, have detailed encounters of their existence?

Why is it that paranormal findings seem to be super secret, and super sensitive, and super classified? Even more so than the most classified subject on Earth, nuclear weaponry.

As we expand our mind with these possibilities, we expand our view of our world and what we know. This expands our consciousness and thus wakes us up to who we truly are and what life truly is more easily.