Ammach or ‘a mash’, is the brain child of researcher, project planner and therapist Joanne Summerscales. The concept is basically to allow Abductees, Contactees and Mind Control victims to get help, and we encourage them to speak out in Witness Statements.
These are circulated in the public domain via Facebook and YouTube, so that other victims can be helped. We salute those that have had the courage to appear on camera, and respect the wishes of those that just wish to stay in the sidelines, away from public glare. Therapists who wish to contact AMMACH are welcome. With thanks to BUFOG, and Exopolitics UK.
All video material is available for broadcasters by arrangement. Much has been used in various shows, such as “Bring Back Radio NOVA” aired by Irish national broadcaster TV3, and in the award winning film by Norwegian a producer Terje Toftenes, “The Day Before Disclosure”.

A.M.M.A.C.H Started life on the 23rd January 2011, by Joanne Summerscales who has had a long term interest in, and being a researcher of the many fields, subjects and layers thereof, seen and treated by society at large as being on the outer edges of social awareness Read More

AMMACH is a new vital service in British and world ufology, offering a safe zone for Mind Control victims, Abductees and Contactees to receive help, just have a sympathetic ear, and if required we have an increasing number of therapists Read More
First Meeting
AMMACH held its first meeting with people who have responded via the excellent Birmingham UFO Group, run by the brilliant David Hodrien, and other sources and responders to our new website Read More

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