Menon stated:

Energy-forms and thought-forms in your world that are still based in the older binary code will increasingly lose power. Anything of significance in your world which is 

based in the older binary code, which is still a great deal, will begin to undergo an even more rapid transformation as your planetary energy rushes more quickly towards its further liberation and eschaton. 

Things based in “the older binary code” would be anything that operates from a platform of duality. Duality simply put is polarities that are not in balance, often in dissonance and at odds with each other rather than operating in a harmonious state of balance as the two parts of a whole that they are.

We have seen these polarized states going through their balancing act for some time, so that is nothing new. However, since the Sha’alura Cosmic Wave penetrated our planetary core on July 23rd, 2012, this process has been in a highly accelerated and intensified mode.

Since that time, much of what we have been doing just trying to keep up with the intensity of life unfolding has been directly related to this trinary code re-orientation taking place. Everything in manifestation upon our planet is seeking to re-align to our new Planetary Logica.