Hello! My Dear, Treasured, E-Mail O-Gram Friends,
paula-andrea-pyleI trust this month’s edition finds you well, happy and busily engaged in whatever activities bring you the most fulfilling joyous celebration of your evolving self. To move along unconsciously, denying the continual alerting of the ‘soul’s expression’ would certainly be the most detrimental act of the day and weeks that follow sequentially. It is easy to ignore its silent and subtle stirrings but to do so cause all sorts of havoc and unexpected disarray. So much so, you would need the “march of Jericho” to set things right, again. (IF, in fact, you could recognize what was RIGHT, to begin with)
I would bring your immediate attention to the color orange and the esoteric significance, thereof. If it be in the present mind set of circumstances, would you alert your conscious self of where the color orange would be found in your upcoming steps not visible from where you sit. I would signal your unconscious self to respond to the letters C and H and any combination thereof “ch”. Amber be the stone, with an emphasis upon the vehicle of transport (whether that be in specific journeys or elevated mind journeys of special probing discovery)
I would also ‘peel back the layer of significance’ of the number eight and the sign Cancer for further edification. In essence, if you are of a mind to listen, look and learn, you can receive special informed messages from on high where your present prevailing situation is concerned. Oh. YES! I jumped headlong in to MODE of Cosmic Therapy’s teaching this month without a lot of ‘hoop lah’ attached for the hour is pertinent and the dispatching of information is relevant and expedient for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Signs and symbols are especially applicable for those who are attuned to the ingesting and digesting properties of the Water Snake Year.
Who be it among thee, that wouldn’t want expedited explorative guidance at this particular frozen moment in time in the year of 2013? So many changes; too many tentacles and far too complicated in extended sheets of involvement (varied and complex) to unravel in one sitting. But, in the coming months (most especially before summer has reached its highest pinnacle) IF thou art alert, attentive; enough to connect the dots, so to speak, with the emphasis placed on Cancer, orange and the number 8. The key message of the month is to cease gossiping and interpreting. Thou art in no place of discernment to speak of other’s activities with brazen and assured speech for thou art off balanced in thy present footing and emotional tirades. Curb thy appetite to be so outspoken in an attempt to manipulate, influence and control events.
An added emphasis will be placed on the ‘home’ at this time. A needful cleansing is called for and necessary. If thou art moving, then move speedily without a lot of deliberation and consult. Thou art wandering in self-gratifying indulgence, seeking for more security and verification of choices; none to be had. What thou hast not worn or used in the last 6 months, get rid of; for it only becomes a beast of
turbulent burden in and to thy present walk. The subconscious inference will be especially noted during this time of imploding repressed desire, and the act to subvert the blatant direction will result in more upheaval and chaos.
Thy emotional barometer will reach levels unsuspected and expected by thee, but be not alarmed for the signaling apparatus merely indicates ‘now’ is the time to move forward without delay or dismay. Thou doest not need a guarantee of secured outcome before making the leap. Simply jump. It is of no use to try to wall thyself in for protection from the onslaught of choppy waters, but merely watch the winds and thou wilt learn much as to how to steer courageously through the uncertain, uncharted waters.
The conquering of your emotional moods and emotions is paramount at this time. How is that achieved? By, not habitually reacting and allowing thy mind to run away with you in paranoia and fear. You will experience a daunting sensation in the shoulders when you have allowed or allowing your emotions to run away with you. What happens is that when the influence from your higher self is making its formidable abode with thee, (to move thee from thy current rigidly fixed position) an unmistakable shoulder sensation of tension (sometimes pain) will rest in and across the shoulder blades. This is not to be thought of as “bad” for nothing is “good” or “bad” within and of itself but is worked in solidarity for the purpose of exalted sacred energies which we are not privy to.
When one Enlightened Master uttered the scared words, “The father in me doeth the work”, He KNEW he was only performing what was inevitably going to be, anyway. And, so too are we to know that everything: both seemingly beneficial and detrimental are the perfect workings of the father who doeth work in me. I would dare go further to elaborate the point being made: consider the magical Unicorn whose depiction is represented as nonexistent but if all things be connected and none be exempt than the image of his/her energy fits very well during this time of transformative change.
We can no longer {we were never really able to} fight the forces of our own evolution than we can stop going to the bathroom without getting deathly ill. Think of the tranfigurative power flowing through us at this time as “Scripted Solar Energy”. The script is duly sanctified and registered deep within the nucleus of our cells. From the moment we first entered the earth plane [and on that precise encrypted moment in time] our part in the grand scheme was formulated and defined. We can no more denigrate the effectiveness and sublime sacredness of its perfecting power than to be able to dematerialize this second. In other words, get with the program of surrender or continue to be unduly miserable complaining and blaming others for your discordant life.
Remorse, anger, self-pity, regret, blame and guilt are the deviant culprits which continually cripple and deform our actions. Living in the past with either rage or exaltation is a fool’s pit of venomous snakes. Just as much as dwelling in the illusionary ideas of how wonderful and better the future is going to be complete with fantasized scenes of romantic bliss or hungered achievement. The idealized coveted thought that you can meld into another is simply stupid and morbidly self-denigrating and mindfully corroding. No one adds to your present happiness and wellbeing nor does the other take away from it.
You have built these superficially self-vested non-plausible ways and means of interacting as a method of self-preservation.
Now, is the time to give the other breathing room and take back you! Always remember and never forget a relationship is built upon the premise of two people sharing a journey: never is it meant for one to bleed into the other so as not be recognized as a self-sustaining entity. There are no duplicates in life, not even with snowflakes.
Until next month, I remain, cosmically yours,
Paula Andrea Pyle, M.A.
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