by Drake The People need to know how this is possible?
Due to economic problems, America is facing ‘Austerity’ actions that are to be forced on us all.
In light of this, just how is it that ‘revenue sharing’ is made outside our country while its people need the money here?
Could it be that there just might be a planned effort to Bankrupt The United States?
Most know The Federal Reserve/Central Banking system is privately owned and NOT a part of our government.
Even so, the obligations are, and have been, given to We The People to pay for.
Automatic ‘cuts’ have been put in place because none of our so called representatives are willing to take the correct actions
against those who control finances.
Even with these drastic measures, we continue to offer our life’s blood financially to all the rest of the world. It is excused as
upholding less fortunate countries and called Foreign Aid. It should be obvious that many of these countries do NOT qualify for our help.
The Executive branch feels it has a right to circumvent The War Powers Act by involving our military and military assets in
conflicts that have nothing to do with our National Security. Troops, material, and the costs involved have been committed in several places
world wide.
One of the greatest expenses is the ‘drone’ complexes that have sprung up on several continents. As we disengage active combat
areas, the government brings this technology home in order to both spy and engage civilians.
Many law enforcement agencies have also been ‘militarized’ through Federal Government programs at great expense to We The People?Almost without exception, main stream media Never reports on any of these actions…I wonder why? Because they are ALL owned
by those who do not have our best interests in mind? Citing the case above, could it be that our central banks are paying their friends off?
Think in terms of the amount, $237 Billion. This is more than enough to continue ALL of the social programs that are destined to be cut!
What about our military? Think about it, (every two months = 6 times a year) So, 237 X 6 = 1422. You have $1.422 Trillion that our
federal reserve/central bank system can ‘afford’. Icing on this cake is no one is to know, all these dealings are supposed to be private. It is a private
company…  Continuing with the simple math involved… 1422 – 800 = 622. This means that the $800 billion in cuts  to our military does NOT need
to happen…Right?  And we ain’t done yet. This leaves $6.22 Billion for all those -refuse to fund- Social programs on this Imaginary chopping block!

How much is enough?  Does any of this bother anyone else?
If the cuts are not bad enough, the noise from Washington is all about More Taxes!
For what?
There are no hints of any reductions in pay for those who are the greatest expense, the very people who are doing this to us all!
I can find no measures to bring the pay scales into line with any industry average, can you?
Did anyone notice how it felt when that payroll tax went back into effect? Did anyone ‘feel’ anything? According to the news, lots
of people really felt that one. Remember, this just held off the deduction, all that happened was what was ‘normal’ before, nothing new.
When this old tax hit, who got hit hardest? Did you see a lot more brown bags going to work? Can you still buy the same amount
of the same things you could before?

Does anyone remember the saying, ‘throwing good money after bad’?  BUT, ‘they’ Need more revenues…?
There have been several reports of secret accounts (local and state -$1 Trillion), the fact that the ‘fed’ owns some 85%, and that No
revenue goes where it is supposed to.
Some know about Social Security being stolen from and not long after the postal service started getting drained…then the rumor of
the fed coming after ALL retirement accounts.

I suggest that our Federal Government start acting against those who play so freely with all our futures. Yes, I know, that has been tried.
It just might be time that we no longer need those who are dead set against We The People. Maybe We The People could do a better job of running
Drastic? Absolutely.
On several occasions we have seen that those who are supposed to represent us are Deaf. No matter how loud the objections, no matter
how many people, These insulated oligarchs can not hear. More icing is our broken Judiciary. Ruling that companies are people and people are
We say quit it or no, and they ALL do whatever they want? Come on man…
Anarchy – absence of government. Nothing more, nothing less.
When any ruling class, government, individual, tells everyone else how to live, you no longer have a government.
In taking any action of those ideas, it matters how you get there. Revolutions always destroy most everything, AND if the people do not plan
ahead, 99% of the time, you get the same problems as before.
The thing is this time we do have a plan, a better one than the first time around too.

Doing what I do ain’t easy, lots of hours, no pay, and many objections…
I am not asking anyone to take up arms against our country. I am asking everyone to be ready for that IF the need should arise. According to
reliable sources, there should be no need for that. That does not mean everything will be absolutely peaceful as there are those who will violently object to
their removal from office.
I am asking, requesting that everyone who can, Object long and loud about all this.
Thank you,
~  Drake

Drake | February 10, 2013 at 9:34 am