Part 2: Anchor Point Down, Now What?
July 15-16, 2013
The trip east from Ash Fork, AZ brought about one rainstorm after another, and I mean thunder and lightning type storms. San Diego typically does not present many rainstorms, and if so, they are usually an intermittent drizzling experience for the most part. Since I had literally upgraded my text phone to a smart phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is great for bloggers) days before I left, I was able to snap photos of breath-taking cloud formations with ease. I figured I should be somewhat prepared for any magic to unfold on this trip, even if I was going to be in the car a great deal.

Our first night was spent in Flagstaff at the Motel 6. I can not tell you how relieved we were to find out that not only did their pet friendly policy stipulate no charges per pet as long as they remained quiet and contained, but we also found out that 5 pets was the maximum number tolerated. It was clearly another sign that all was well and we were being looked after, all of us.
The next day we were called to pull off at the Meteor Crater exit, otherwise known as Canyon Diablo Crater. After driving several miles through the barren desert, we received a "hit" on a designation that ironically displayed a sign stating that we needed to have a permit to walk on this land. Yeah, right. This ended up being one of the first clues that we would be working on clearings associated with ancestral anguish and bloodshed in relation to land rights and sovereignty... in the meantime we strolled past the sign as if in a trance. The land was calling us and we could see we had entered a vortex, for the moss growing on top of the boulders, branches, and along the rocks was a beautiful blue hue.
It was very peaceful there, as you could feel the effects of the crater just up the road. When we looked up in the sky, we saw the perfect face of a Galactic friend watching over us! (review the next photo)

For those of you who don't know much about the Barringer Crater, they estimate it was formed about 50,000 years ago. "A large nickel-iron meteorite "just" 150 ft across, weighing several hundred thousand tons (~300,000) and traveling at a speed of 40,000 miles per hour, hit Earth" according to Wikipedia.
Supposedly it is one of the best preserved craters out there, created by an impact equivalent to the explosion of 20 million tons of TNT. Whoaaaa! The key was that there was a long history between the meteorites and pre-historic Native Americans, a topic which would reveal itself time and time again throughout our journey.
Sure enough, as we traveled further east on the I-40, the rainstorms became fiercer, with limited visibility and large wind gusts slamming up against our car. Steve was challenged to hold the vehicle within our designated lane. Even Harleigh (our Border Collie Poodle mix) wasn't use to such things, curling his tail between his legs and nestling in under my arm for an added sense of protection.
Because of what we were intending to do, we knew nothing would get in our way, and it didn't. This was our mission and we both knew we would not return home until it was completed. So despite the horrendous rains, we still managed to make it to Santa Rosa, NM unscathed in the early evening hours. Did we plan to land at Santa Rosa? Nope. It just fell into place, but we did find it interesting that this town was the home of the geological phenomenon The Blue Hole. This natural, bell-shaped pool is 80 feet deep with incredible clarity and a constant water temperature of 64 degrees. The town received its upgraded name after the year 1890, when Don Celso Baco built a chapel for his wife. He came up with the name Santa Rosa in honor of Saint Rose of Lima, the first canonized Saint of the "New World". Again, this was another indication that we were energetically working on America and our ancestors... as well as getting a few clues from our friends The Pleiadians. Blue was a previously discussed indicator of their presence...
The next day was even more rain as we plowed through the rest of New Mexico, Texas, and much of Oklahoma. Something was driving us to get to Arkansas as soon as we could, so we took very few breaks. This wasn't really that difficult considering the rain was pummeling our windshield with minimal visibility for much of the day. I took an array of photos of the intriguing cloud formations as we headed east.
We could not get over the amount of rain we were encountering, but it did bring some benefits of cooling down the temperature for the sake of our dogs.

Last year I had blogged an article about the unique weather changes that we are experiencing on Planet Earth. A variety of clouds had perplexed meteorologists worldwide, such as the morning glory, the barrel, and the roll cloud formations. Well, I was astonished that we saw such a cloud ourselves on this trip.
In fact, we drove right smack dab into a roll cloud formation, which stretched for miles and miles across the horizon. The closer we got to it, the longer it appeared and the more ominous it became. We kept thinking that if we could just get past this one, we might have a break from the rain. It was wishful thinking. When we asked the locals in each of the towns we visited if this was normal summer weather, they told us no way, and that they had been in a drought for years until recently.
Now you are probably thinking (as we did) which is that Mother Earth has been purging and clearing the upheaval of released miscreations for the last year or more in a big way, right? But what we didn't realize until later was that the rain ALWAYS followed us, and regularly showed itself after each of our activations. We were told later that the rain was the actual physical manifestation of our clearings, while we continued to work on the etheric realms.

We arrived in Oklahoma City around 10:30 that night with the rain pouring and a run down room as well. One of the beds was broken, the toilet ran all night, and the carpet was filthy. Honestly though, we had driven almost twelve hours and were so exhausted we literally fell asleep sitting up... even the dogs were quiet and nestled in for the night with no commotion. It was a long day but we were now within hours of reaching our major destination, or so it felt... little did we know that the next day would change our lives FOREVER!
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