Second Transit of Venus 6:03pm June 5th-12:51am June 6th EDT(Eastern Day-Light Time in the USA) See link below for your time zone!
COMING FULL CIRCLE Closing of the Doorway of Venus June 8th, 2004 through June 6th, 2012
By Deborah Knighton Tallarico
aka: El’elia Jahmika Christos

COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESSThe Transits of Venus occur every 121 years or so in pairs 8 years apart. The first Transit of Venus in our life-time was on June 8th, 2004 exactly 7 months after the powerful Harmonic Concordance and grand sextile that occurred on November 8th, 2003. Now, eight years later, on June 5th/6th, 2012, the day after the Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse, this “passage” comes full circle and the “Doorway of Venus ”closes. As Venus passes across the Sun during this last Transit of Venus in our life-time, a powerful and loving blueprint will be anchored within our hearts and within our beloved Mother Gaia.
The first passage of Venus, on June 8th, 2004, was an awakening, an “initiation”, an opening of the doorway into an 8 year period of heart cleansing, purification, reconciliation, healing, transformation and awakening into Oneness and Unity Consciousness. Now, that the hearts of humanity have begun to awaken and this transit is coming full circle, it is important that we anchor and ground Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love deep within our beings, deep within our pillars of light, deep within our heart temples, deep into the crystalline heart of Mother Gaia, and deep into the crystalline grids of the New Earth.
Between now and June 5th, as we sit between two powerful eclipses, with Venus retrograde, all that is still lurking in the shadows of our psyches and hearts needing healing will be brought to the surface to cleanse and heal, especially those old patterns having to do with how we are in relationship with ourselves, each other and ALL-
That-Is! Watch for powerful dreams and encounters that will bring to “light” and mirror back to you all that is still needing to come full circle within you and back into Love. Before this last transit of Venus, do all you can to clear and cleanse any last vestiges of your old relationship patterns and heart wounds, so your heart will be open to receive this most holy transmission and sacred initiation.
Venus, the Goddess of Love, holds sacred relationship with All-That-Is. She embodies the energies of Peace, Love, Beauty, Harmony, Passion and Grace. She seeks to be in holy communion, in sacred relationship, in “right relation” with all things of life, and she lives in and from the Heart! She is the embodiment of LOVE!!
Venus, our sister planet, is a spiritual doorway through which many of us come to the Earth, as she is the gateway and initiator into the School of Love on Earth, with Sanat and Venus Kumara as her sacred guardians.
At the Venus Transit, as Venus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun, the Sun will again blaze a powerful imprint of these Venusian energies of Love, Beauty, and Peace upon Humanities awakening Soul, melting down any remaining walls of separation that keep us from the full experience of our inherent Oneness with each other and ALL-THAT-IS.
This 6 hour and 40 minute transmission from the Creative, Radiating Heart Rays of our Golden Sun through the Receptive, Magnetic Heart Energy of Venus and then to us on beloved Mother Gaia is sure to penetrate and transform us forever.
As the “Doorway of Venus” closes, it is important that we anchor all that has been awakened in our hearts over the past 8 years, to ground all the healing we have experienced within our beings and in our relationships, and to more fully ground the Oneness and Unity Consciousness that has come forth from this sacred initiation.
This sacred meeting of the Sun and Venus once more also carries the blueprint of the Ecstatic Dance and Sacred Marriage of the Divine Masculine and Feminine who give birth to the Divine Child within us all, and through this also the birthing of Christ Consciousness on Earth.
According to the Maya, the Transit of Venus also signifies the return of Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent, who winds up the Mystical Tree of Life, awakening the kundalini of the Earth, the sacred serpents lines of the Earth, as well as the sacred serpents of our spine. This has the potential to transform and awaken the very Seat of our Soul and bring us closer and closer to the experience of enlightenment and ascension on Earth.
“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise
as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16
Dr. Joseph L. Allen says that if were we to be alive at the time of Christ we may have said: “As Christ descended, His coming was like the beautiful quetzal bird. And after having taught us, He, again like the quetzal, ascended to heaven. And like the coatl (serpent), He came to earth and crawled through the dust of life and suffered death for us to gain eternal life. He was QUETZALCOATL.” -Dr. Joseph L. Allen
As we prepare ourselves for this powerful transit, as I said above, it is most important that we nurture and heal any lingering wounds of our hearts and take time to cleanse and purify our heart-temples. Working with the powerful Violet Flame of Transmutation and asking it to blaze through your heart chakra to transmute all wounds, and fill
your heart-temple and your entire being with the Violet Flame can help you with this process.
I also share the following meditation to help you prepare for the Transit of Venus:
Take a moment to scan your heart, getting in touch with any wounds, grief, sadness, anger still lingering there. Then say a sacred intention out loud of what you intend to release from your heart chakra in this meditation. When you are ready, close your eyes and follow your breath until you feel calm and relaxed inside. Call forth any Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels & Archangels, Ancestors and loved ones to assist you and be with you. Invoke the directions if this is your tradition. Say any prayers that resonate with you. You can even play peaceful or heart-centered music in the background to bring you more deeply into your heart-temple.
Once you’ve done this imagine yourself standing under a beautiful, healing and magical waterfall in a very safe & sacred place in nature. Feel your spirit guides around you and your arms outstretched so that your heart receives the cleansing energies of the sacred waters. Feel the waters washing over your heart chakra. Imagine the crystalline water sparkling different colors of the rainbow, or the colors that you most need for healing right now. These colors will come to you naturally. Imagine this vibrant and high frequency water washing away any darkness, old feelings and wounds, whatever it is that you intend to release in this moment. Imagine the water clearing away any left-over emotional residue and old feelings that may create separation or duality. Feel any scars healing and any walls of separation slowly melting away and dissolving. Allow yourself to release any sounds or cries, to express your feelings that you are releasing. Stay here as long as you need until you feel your heart is completely cleansed and purified. Feel your heart tingle as it is purified and cleansed. Feel your heart cells awaken. Feel your heart open more than it has in a long time.
When you are ready and complete, thank the sacred healing waters and turn yourself towards the radiating Golden Sun before you. Open your arms and your heart wide open to receive the warmth and blessings of the Sun and Universal Source as you are surrounded and bathed in magnificent Golden Light. Feel the Golden Rays entering your heart and illuminating your heart-temple until this temple space is filled with Golden Light. Feel the brilliant Sun in your own heart. Take a few moments to experience this radiating light that comes from deep within your sacred heart-space now. Just be with this for a while. Feel your heart space clear and radiant. You may even feel a diamond or crystal deep within your heart illuminating, glowing and radiating an amazing and loving vibration. With your heart wide open, take a moment to see if your spirit guides have any messages or guidance for you in this moment. When you are complete thank the Golden Sun and your guides for any messages you have received.
When you are ready gently bring yourself back from this meditation at your
own pace. When you return touch your hands to the earth to ground yourself, take a moment to send loving energy from your heart all the way down into the Crystalline Heart of Mother Gaia and into the Crystalline Christ Grid of the Earth. Then imagine healing, nurturing emerald green earth energy coming up from the depths of the earth into your heart and filling it with this emerald green energy. Then imagine a ruby red energy from Mother Gaia’s healing heart flowing up into your heart temple and filling it with ruby red light. Feel yourself grounded in the loving energies of Mother Earth Gaia. Give thanks to her for all the blessings you receive from Her every day and send her your love and gratitude once more. Sound or Sing into Her from your sacred heart.
When this is all complete…..Allow yourself to be moved through dance, drawing, sound, chant, drumming, singing or journaling, expressing in any way you feel moved. Smudge yourself. Take a bath, or light a candle symbolic for the light of your heart. You may want to place a healing stone over your heart like: rose quartz, green aventurine, kunzite, pink tourmaline, rhodonite, pink calcite, danburite, dioptase, emerald or ruby. You can also make gem infused healing water by putting a cleansed stone in a pitcher of water, with a clear intention, in the Sun or Moon light and then drinking this over a period of time leading up to the Venus Transit and afterwards too. There are also gem essences of the stones named above or flower essences that you can purchase to help your heart chakra during this time such as: bleeding heart, yerba santa, holly, borage, mariposa lily, forget-me-not, gentian and others depending on your specific needs. Seek counsel to find what is best for you at this sacred time.
Remember the most important thing you can do to prepare yourself for this initiation is to cleanse and purify your heart so that it can be an open, yet strong, sacred vessel, like the chalice of the Holy Grail, to receive the Divine imprinting of this Venus Transit.
June 5th/6th
6 hours and 40 minutes
Now that you have prepared your sacred Heart Temple, here are
some further suggestions for the day and time of the Transit…..
Breathe through your heart as you speak, chant or sing this invocation:
We call to the Spirit Keepers & Guardians of the Four Sacred Directions
East, South, West and North…
And to the Spirits of the Sacred Elements
Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether…
We call to the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth Gaia…
and to the Crystalline Christ Grid of the Earth…
To the Nature Spirits, Elementals and Devas of all the Nature Kingdoms….
To the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of this Sacred Land….
To the Ancestors…to the Wise and Ancient Ones…To the Earth Guardians and Temple Keepers of the Inner Earth….We call to you now…
To the Wisdom Keepers and Earth Keepers, to the Star keepers and Day Keepers…
We call to you now to be with us…..
We call to the Heart of the Universe…to Great Spirit- Father Sky…
We call to our Divine Mother and Father….to God/Goddess All-That-Is….
We call to the Great White Lodge of the Ascended Masters and Enlightened Ones….
To the Angelic and Archangelic Realms…To the Elohim…To our Family of Light…
To our Universal Source of All Creation….
To our Star brothers and sisters from all the star systems we are connected to…..
We call to Venus as the Morning Star…..and to Venus as the Evening Star…
We call to Sanat and Venus Kumara…
We call to Venus the Goddess of Love herself to be with us and bless us with her Presence……We open our hearts to receive Her Love, Beauty, Peace, Abundance and Magnetic Radiance…
Cleanse, Purify and Open our hearts to receive the imprinting of this Sacred transmission….
We call to the Unified Field of Oneness and Love that permeates EVERYTHING in our Universe……and we align ourselves with this unified field…..
We call to the Power of the Great Central Sun and to the Violet Flame of Transmutation…
To burn away and transform everything that creates separation in our hearts once and for all that we may fully receive the Blessings of Love and Oneness of this sacred initiation….
We call to the Voidal Mothers, to the Ancient Primordial Mothers from whose womb we have been born into this life…that our bodies and souls may surrender and trust with full abandon all that is being transmitted…
We call to Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent, and to Christ to be with us this sacred day….We welcome them home to the deepest Recesses of our Hearts that we may experience our connection with the Mystic Tree of Life, with the One Heart and One Love of the Universe, God/Goddess All-That-Is.
At this sacred time, We call for the Awakening of our Sacred Hearts to the Divine Energy of Compassion and Unconditional Love for all beings…
To Help us embody this Divine Compassion & Unconditional Love in every cell of our being in each and every moment of our lives…
May we have the courage and strength to carry this compassion forth to all our relations, to the earth and the whole of Humanity today and every day.
Help us balance yin and yang, masculine and feminine, light and dark within….and Help us to move beyond all duality to the Oneness that permeates ALL-of life and All-That-Is.
Help us balance the polarities within so that all separation, within and without,
is dissolved and brought into Wholeness and back into Love.
Come to us now…beloved ones…..
Open all Doorways and Gateways of our Sacred Hearts that we may receive the purest blessings and Divine transmissions of this Sacred Passage of Venus into the Chalice of our Hearts….
May our Hearts over-flow over with Divine Love and Compassion for ALL.
May we join together as One Heart and One Love now and forever more.
May Peace, Divine Love, Light, Harmony, Compassion, Higher Truth, Oneness and Unity Prevail On Earth For the Highest Good Of ALL.
So Be it and So it Is!!! Blessed Be! Blessed Be!! Blessed Be!!!
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin… To All our relations.
Breathe deeply and allow the energies of this invocation to fill and surround your entire being. When you are ready lay down with your arms outstretched so your body forms a sacred cross, with your heart as the center. With your heart wide open surrender, let go, trust and RECEIVE this Divine Transmission!!!!
In Lak’ech Ala Kin: I am You and You are Me…We are One!!!
June 5th/6th
Please use the above invocation and/or meditation in your sacred ceremonies.
Either alone, with your partner/beloved, your family, your friends or your community in sacred circle, set a sacred space and go into a meditative state to attune your energies to all the other beings all over the world who are also gathering and tuning into this sacred Initiation. Once you have invoked the spiritual energies and opened your heart……Then allow yourself to be moved by the energies to chant, drum, dance, pray and sing, whatever moves you to celebrate this sacred moment and the Oneness of ALL.
During your meditation and ceremony take time to focus on the integration of polarities, actually imagine and visualize them coming into balance within you. Visualize the Sun and Venus, the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies merging and coming together within you in Divine Marriage, in Ecstatic Union. Then Imagine this Union within our human family, men and women coming together, East and West, as well as Divine and Human, Light and Dark, left brain, rational, logical mind with right brain, creative and intuitive mind. Pray, Imagine, and Visualize UNITY and ONENESS within, with Great Spirit, with God/dess All-That- Is and with ALL our brothers and sisters on the earth, no exceptions. Imagine and visualize the walls that separate us from each other dismantled and dissolving, and the armor coming off so that we can co-create together a New Earth of Balance, Harmony, Peace, Unity and Divine Oneness. Put all the energy, love, devotion and power you feel into these intentions and new visions.
Remember this second Transit of Venus is a coming full circle and a deep anchoring of our sacred crystalline hearts with Mother Gaia and with the Heart of the Universe. This sacred initiation on June 5th/6th, 2012 on the heals of the powerful Eclipses, will prepare our hearts and souls for what is ahead as we move through 2012 and into the Golden Age. In this Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, the Consciousness of Unity and Oneness will permeate the Hearts of all Beings on Earth. From the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine, will be born the Divine Child, the Christ Consciousness on Earth, where LOVE will be the guiding Light.
This is the Higher Vision that is to be anchored and grounded within our hearts and upon beloved Gaia as the Portal of Venus closes.
May this powerful passage bring to your heart the Loving Energies of the Goddess of Love Herself. May it awaken the “blueprint” of this larger vision and Divine Plan for the healing of Humanity, the crystalline grids of the Earth and the Hearts of all who are ready to carry these blueprints forth. May it empower and awaken your Love, Compassion, Passion and Devotion to move forth in your life as a Spiritual Warrior; as a True Agent of Change in this World, carrying the Sword of Compassionate Truth and the Chalice of Divine Love in your heart. Please join us in Remembrance and Celebration of our ONENESS.
I give deep thanks to Divine Mother & Father, and to the Ancient Ones, the Sacred Time Keepers, who encoded this sacred knowledge for us to activate, and to all sisters and brothers throughout the world working for and embodying Oneness, Unity, Compassion and Unconditional Love.
In Lak’ech Ala Kin: I am You and You are Me…We are One!!!
In deep Love and devotion to the One Heart of All-That-Is……
From my heart to your…..I send you much love….Deborah El’elia
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Deborah Knighton Tallarico, aka: El’elia Jahmika Christos, is a spiritual psychotherapist, counselor & guide, divine channel, ceremonialist & planetary priestesss devoted to the return of the Sacred Feminine and to helping Souls heal, transform and awaken through this powerful shift into the Golden Age and New Earth. She is the Co-Director of the Spiritual Renaissance Center in S. Portland, Maine, USA, and founder of Temple of the Heart. She can be reached at: (207) 653-7823, or or
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