Ancient War in Heaven (Pt. 1 of 3: The Annihilation of Mother Tiamat) – Joseph Farrell

Jun 27, 2018

The professor returns & takes us back to distant times of yore, accounting for the Cosmic War theory. In part 1 we discuss the Titius-Bode Law, codes in ancient myths, Dr. Campbells influence on the Star Wars movies, Dr. Brandenburg, Dr. Van Flandern, Dr. Velikovsky, Graham Hancock, Alan Alford, Christopher Knight, & ask such questions as: What’s the exploded planet hypothesis? What people would live on original Ceres? Did Tesla try to monetize ZP energy? What’s the anomalies of Mars, Luna & other solar system bodies? Is our Solar System a ruin? What tech can bust a planet? + we muse on the recent release of classified files on JFK & Hess. :: :: :: :: All programs are gratis & listener funded. Please consider supporting our work and help cover costs by subscribing to our 2 channels, liking & sharing our posts, & disabling ad-block at our vids. Subscribe to our website ( and get direct access to all shows before YouTube release + various bonus & backstage clips. Forum Borealis is a paradigm expanding podcast exploring controversial, marginalized, innovative, obscure, anomalous, & system critical topics within history, culture, philosophy, science, & politics, through in depth conversations with the most interesting authors, scholars, researchers, & freethinkers of today. Our programs are chronologically arranged in different series collected in separate playlists (see :: :: :: :: Ancient War in Heaven (Part 1 of 3: The Annihilation of Mother Tiamat) – A conversation with Joseph Farrell (02P07A) © Forum Borealis. May not be reproduced in any commercial way. Guest: Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell ( Bumper music used with cordial permission from © ( This Program is part of our second series called EVIDENCE OF ANTEDILUVIAN CIVILIZATIONS (Playlist: