It is because the Spirit of God is incarnated in us that we have dominion over the world of effects.

As we dive within in divine communion, Truth, Love and Beauty are energized and our Still Small Voice becomes a dynamic force that causes us to be a harbinger of peace, an ambassador of the Eternal.  We become free.  We are not to be mere followers of the Truth but embodiments of it.

The Eternal wants to sing through us, dance through us, unabashedly love through us.  Don’t block or sabotage this beauty!  Look within your own soul and see about your loving quotient and where you might be holding back.  Check within on your truth quotient and see where you are still straddling the fence where your surrender is concerned.  Look at your beauty quotient-can you feel the symmetry of perfection within your consciousness?   Regardless of circumstances, people, places and things there is a dimension within you that contains all that is necessary for the highest expression of your soul to emerge.

Pause now and see yourself in your mind’s eye walking in tandem with all of the Power and Presence and Love of the Infinite.  Feel, know and sense this in every room into which you walk, into every experience that you experience-knowing already that your need is answered, that everything is for you and nothing is against you.  How would your personality shift if you absolutely embodied this truth?  Try it on and you will see that the fit is perfect because it is your own true nature!


It’s the ole what you are seeking is seeking you trick, see?


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