Anna Naturalista’s Path of the Prophecies with Nassim Haramein – Week 2/13

Mar 26, 2018

Welcome to Path of the Prophecies! This is my 13 week edutainment series, now in it’s 3rd year of production with more special guests, ancient wisdom and TRUTH than ever before! Thank You Nassim for helping to teach this class on Universal Time and creating Your own reality. It may seem like chaos, but it’s times like these that we need to look through the delusions and find the brilliance in unified solutions. As more shocking events play out, it’s increasingly important to stay centered in Harmony, Brilliance and Peace. The current social, financial, corporate and government events in our World are causing many people to feel confused, anxious and fear . . but You don’t have to because there’s a much better, brighter way to look at all of this! Path Class III, Week Two with Special Guest: Nassim Haramein, Physicist What is the real definition of TIME? ​ The common denominator = It’s all about how YOU are responding to the constant of NOW! What stories are you creating and holding onto that define your reality? ​ We chose to be here at this crucial time to complete a mission guided and “timed” by the stars. Discover how the Universe has been guiding evolution through the cosmos from the past, through now and into the future.