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By Andromeda Melch… – Posted on 17 January 2013

   ~ by Sandra Walter on JANUARY 15, 2013

“Guidance and Inspiration for the Shift in Consciousness:  Tuesday January 15 marks another acceleration in the Shift. Light-ground and anchor solid intentions for your process today, right now. These triggers are very powerful now that we are in Zero Point; you get even more of what you command from the Universe. If you are unaware of your lifestream’s flow, use the So it is after every thought or statement to show you what you are creating every moment.With instant manifestation comes responsibility

There is no judgment on what you create or un-create; the neutral electro-magnetic Universe gives you whatever you demand.  There is wisdom in commanding I AM light, I AM love, I AM harmony, I AM a pure conduit of service to Gaia and HUmanity. Please detach from nonsensical commands such as Nothing is happening, I AM blocked, They are trying to kill us, or Beam me up Scotty. Change these thoughts and statements instantly and effortlessly right here, right now. It is that simple. Collectively, we could all benefit from less searching and more action. The Shift is not a spectator sport, nor is your lifestream. So it is.

Shifting to higher vibrational mission work  I wrote about mission changes last year, which seems like a bazillion years ago. Zero Point dynamics tend to do that. For me, it’s not about being in the Now or in the Present, it’s about being Presence. Those of us who Ascended in December get to express our Ascended Self in bold creative ways as the merge occurs. This is a BIG opportunity during the squeeze of the gateway through the March Equinox to wayshow stronger than ever.

Gatekeepers are a bit exhausted at the moment, but that changes in February. Use your energy wisely, beloveds. Don’t waste your energetic hours. Forget about dragging people through their own evolution. You cannot assist a resistant population focused on fears or constructs which don’t even exist anymore.

If your work is showing you the true role of HUmanity in the Multiverse, there is no sense in stepping back or dimming down for those obsessed with what used to be. The Galactic Battle, the dark, the cabal issues are done and done. In my opinion, anyone who continues to peddle fear for profit or an audience is foolish. The veils are down, what the heck are you thinking? These last-grab-before-they-catch-on efforts are not in the highest good of all concerned. And many folks know this.

Have a gorgeous amplification today. Breathe through the heart center flutters, don’t eat too much, drink intention-charged water and light-ground brilliant creations for all concerned.”