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By B.N. Frank

California utility company, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) declared bankruptcy earlier this year and much of this had to do with downed power lines causing massive and deadly wildfires.  Last Tuesday, another fallen PG&E powerline sparked a new wildfirethat burned over 2500 acres in Monterey County.

So what do powerline fires have to do with their Smart Meters or any other utility company’s Smart Meters?  In 2015 hundreds of PG&E Smart Meters simultaneously exploded after a truck ran into a utility pole in Stockton, CA.

Not only that, customers and insurance companies had filed lawsuits against PG&E because their Smart Meters had caught fire even though no truck hit a utility pole.

Smart Meter fires and explosions have been happening everywhere and due to different circumstances.  In fact, hundreds of thousands of them have been recalled or replaced throughout North America due to fires and explosions (see 12, 3).

Fires and explosions aren’t the only way Smart Meters are NOT beneficial to customers or the environment.

They even cause problems for utility companies because of cyberattacks.

So why don’t utility companies just replace all Smart Meters with analog meters?  Unfortunately, utility companies love Smart Meters because they can collect customer data and sell it to 3rdparties (a la “Surveillance Capitalism”).

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