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The month of April is the first time in the year of 2014 that we can make a plan, and have a reasonable expectation that it will come to fruition. There is a greater frequency of steadiness at this time, before things begin to shift again in the month of May.

Many people feel as if they have been through a year’s worth of change, emotional processing, dealing with other people’s junk; and only 1/4 of the year has passed.

As I have mentioned before, this is the year to pace yourself, as the twists and turns on the roller-coaster of Aquarian Age transition just doesn’t let up for very long.

It has felt like a karmic marathon for many, and the trick is to allow yourself to stop, no matter what the outside environments are telling or cueing you to do.

This is the month to ask yourself the question, “Who, or what, is pushing me over the edge?” There will be an immediate response to this question, no need to ponder or contemplate, and from that response you need to make a shift in that relationship.

This shift, which needs to be completed by the end of the month, may (Hah, likely!) require speaking to someone you know. It is essential to be firm, concise and clear, while leaving plenty of room to run, if necessary. It may sound like I’m joking about the last little part of that sentence, however I am quite serious.

The number 11 appears in the Base calculation for April, and this will stir up issues of codependent scripts that go back to ancestral “Karmic interlocks.” Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? (That was a joke!) This translates into a spouse, or anyone in your life who is used to you carrying them, freaking out when you say, “Honey, I just can’t do it like this anymore.”  Now, in a perfect world (which it’s not), you would hear as a response, “Gee Sweetie, you’re so right about that, I’ll change right away.”

Let’s touch back on the number 11, because that’s where the transformation can begin. Yogi Bhajan has defined the number 11 as “parallel unisoness,” where the God in you and the human in you are in a parallel aligned frequency. No relationship that does not have at least an element of this parallel unisoness will last the year, if some effort is not made to recalibrate into a higher alignment.

Discussion and dialogue only go so far, and the real and sustainable relationships of the Aquarian Age will be based upon resonance frequency—people who are vibrating the same higher intentions for peace and well-being on the planet.

Another aspect of April is that we will have the opportunity to see, or have revealed, some of the reasons why we keep attracting the same types of relationships that don’t work. It is not always easy to look at the tar at the bottom of the barrel and realize, “God, is that really me, do I really do that?” Well, nobody’s perfect, and yes, everyone has at least one behavior they could change or let go of. Now is an excellent time to take inventory of what is and isn’t working in your life, in direct relation to what you have control over. You may not like the view looking out one of the windows in your home, but you can easily get new curtains.

The number 4 of April represents the issues of work or service, and asks the question, “Is my heart really into this anymore?” Many people will be transiting out of their present situation (work, relationship, location. etc.), if their Heart Chakra is out of alignment with it. A great quote of Yogi Bhajan is, “When the environments let you know that you are no longer sacred there, it is time to go.” He said this at the K.W.T.C. event, so it is especially significant for women.

Since we are solution oriented people, and Yogic Numerology is of the same vein, let’s see how we can create a new, Spring spirit for our Soul’s journey this year.


!.   Drink lot’s of water, this year overall is a 7, which is the Water Element. Water with

lemon helps cleanse the liver, which relieves anger.


  1. Sweat! Sweating cleanses the lymphatic system, which helps clear resentment.


  1. 26 rounds of Sitali Pranayam morning and evening for vitality and good fortune. Yogi Bhajan says of this kriya “People who practice this kriya have all things come to them by the planetary ether. In mystical terms, they are served by the Heavens.” This is an abundant Universe kids, start with your own breath rhythm and see what happens!


  1.   Eat foods that grow on, or below the Earth. This includes: onion, garlic, ginger,

sweet potatoes, beets, squash, etc. We need to feel grounded as we transit through

the energy shifts on the planet. Food is good medicine.


  1.   Exercise, exercise, exercise. Go outside, and if you can’t/don’t want to go outside

there are 100’s of free exercise routines on youtube.com. Find someone who

inspires you and keep pace with their spirit. You can do it, you are worth it.


  1.   Create or join a meditation/prayer circle, gathering with others at least once a week

to chant, meditate and pray for well-being. The lone wolf archetype is dying of

emotional starvation, so be sure to invite along that person who is hiding in

their own shadow.


7.   Relax. Know when to stop, be aware of when you are losing energy or your

equilibrium. Don’t push yourself beyond your own balance point. Tomorrow is

another day. Bottom Line mantra, “I have everything I need.”


Take these lines to heart and make a shift towards self-awareness, knowing that the Universal guidance system has an answer for you, if you are only calm enough to hear it. You are never alone, the very creative power of the Universe is held in your breath, and Heavens can work through you when you allow this divine partnership to breathe.


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