I found this interesting in terms of syncronicities since  I was compelled to ask Cobra yesterday his take on the 3 days of darkness as well…

2012 JULY 2 2:00 AM

Posted by Steve Beckow

On Monday, July 2, 2012, I’ll be asking Archangel Michael to comment on Drunvalo’s notion of a pole shift and three days of darkness. (1) I do so because it has become a topic of discussion lately and some people have made important decisions in light of it.

I have posted on the subject before, (2) and have suggested that there is no support among the Company of Heaven for the idea, even if it does appear in certain native traditions.

But I do intend to question Archangel Michael about it on the radio show because of the renewed interest in the matter.  We did have a discussion of it on August 1, 2011. I post an extract from that discussion below.

Unfortunately we misunderstood each other at one point. I was asking about Third Dimensionality and AAM replied as if I was asking about Fifth Dimensionality. I apologize for that part of the discussion being a little hard to follow.

But you’ll see nonetheless that AAM says that Ascension, when it comes, will be sudden, will see us “leave” here and enter the Fifth Dimension, and will result in no Earth being left behind in Third Dimensionality. He does no describe three days of darkness. He does say that the “click” or shift that Ascension represents will seem to take 24-26 hours.

So I reproduce this extract as an extra discussion of what Drunvalo refers to as the shift and three days of darkness and as a discussion of what occurs at Ascension.

S: You understand that on the basis of disclosure having been postponed so many times, really, that some people are saying that December 21st, 2012 is not a significant date and that what is said to be planned for that date won’t happen until — some say 2013, some are saying 2015, some 2030. Others are saying that disclosure itself won’t happen until 2015, 2030, etc. Is there validity to the date December 21, 2012 … or not?

AAM: Yes, there is. Now, we don’t like to play the date game. But this has been — think of it as a line in the sand. Think of it as the first crust of ice that forms on the water. You have to jump at some point. Everybody who is in this frame of mind is having a great deal of fun with the dates, are they not?

S: I think so, yes. And even an upset can be fun.

AAM: Yes, that is true. You see it all the time, in your sports and political sports. But those who are suggesting that this will not happen, say, ’til 2015 or 2030, they are hedging their bets. So if nothing transpires, they can still go forward. What is essential here — and we do not in any way ever wish to sound, be, and certainly not act, judgemental; but let us speak to this, dear heart, because it is important — it speaks to a lack of faith and trust, not only in us, for that is not the issue. It is speaking to a lack of trust and faith also in their sacred selves, in the unfoldment that they are witnessing every hour within their being, and within the beings of their neighbors, their friends.

Yes, we know, it looks and smells and tastes like chaos, and that is the good news. Because everything is boiling on the surface of the water. It is not buried deep within. So for those who wish or feel that they are guided at a future date, that is all right. Give them the compassion. Reassure them that it is all right, but it is also all right to trust that the Universe may shift in a millisecond.

It does not take forever, although it has seemed as if it has. We are not in the habit or in the business of setting up false expectations. It is contrary to universal law, and it is contrary to love. If anything, my beloved friend — and we keep telling you this — you are ahead of schedule. But do we want you to be wedded to a date? No. Do we say that the dates that have been given are accurate and significant? Yes. If you were paralyzed, and let us suggest that in many ways the collective has been paralyzed, if you were paralyzed, and you were praying and praying and doing your sacred practice, and meditating for healing, and you were given the date of December 2012, would you be upset, dear friend, if it arrived in September? I think not.

So look to your dates, but at the same time we are asking deeply of you, keep an open mind to early arrival.

S: So, so the shift that we’re expecting could happen before December 21, 2012?

AAM: That is correct.

S: And is it going to be a shift that happens in a moment, or is it going to be a gradual shift?

AAM: It is already underway.

S: Yes?

AAM: But as you know it has been for some time.

But there is a moment, there is a moment when the door opens. So it is a — has been and is a gradual awakening. You have seen the changes mentally, physically, emotionally; interconnectedness; the shift in the collective. But there is that moment when it clicks. So it is a moment. Actually, it is a period of about 20 to 24, 26 hours.

S: What are you describing, Lord, a moment? Is it an opening of a portal or a change in vibration, or…? What — is it possible to put into words?

AAM: It is a change in the entire collective vibration within which Earth, Gaia and everything upon it comes together. It comes together — In a different vibration. So it is not like going through a portal.

S: Not. Okay.

AAM: So you have gone through many portals, and that has been part of what you think of as these mini-shifts that you have been undergoing.

S: Right.

AAM: And some people have gone through them very eagerly. Certainly the planet has gone through them. Many of the elemental kingdoms have done their work as well. But there is a moment, what we think of as a moment, which for you feels more like a day or so. There is a moment when it is harmonized all together.

S: And on one side we’re in 3D or 4D, and on the other side we’re in 5D?

Or higher.

S: Or higher. And I’ll be coming back to that later, about Starseeds. But people, I think, are hungering for some description of really what –

AAM: Yes, one of the things that we hear very often is, do I have a body? Is there an experience of physicality? Does the Earth disappear? Do my friends disappear? Does my dog disappear?


It is most likely the dog will remain.


S: The dog will have a good time of it!

And there’s questions like, are there three days of darkness, and…. People are wanting to know what the shift entails. Do I get up physically and move to another location? Do I — does the Earth disappear behind me in 3D and the Earth open up in 5D? They don’t know what to expect.

AAM: No, you don’t. Think of it as blinking. Have you ever blinked and the room seems brighter all of a sudden? This happens all the time in your meditation.  It is like a blink. The Earth has already done most of her transition.

And a great deal of the Earth changes that you witness are actually helping the collective souls, the humans, to adjust as well. So it is more like a blink. You may have the experience of physicality — for that is part of the joy of being on this Earth — if you want to. It is a shift in potential of how you operate and how everything…. So it is as if all at once there is a cleanup crew. And what is swept away, what is swept away, my beloved one, is the remnants of the fear, of the hatred, of the darkness.

In that moment, what we are calling a moment, there is a choice. Do you want — and it can happen instantaneously, because so many of you have laid the foundation — do you want to be in the heart of one of love? Do you wish to be in the higher frequency? In the very last second, all they need to say is yes, and allow themselves to be flooded by what you can think of as a tidal wave of energy that will sweep the planet. That is why we say all are invited.

Now, if they choose not, that is all right. It is sad. But they do not need, there is no requirement for them to continue to exist in a different frequency of the planet. But let us be clear, and this is where fear arises amongst people, they cannot stay. So there will be those who choose to leave.

S: What will happen to this Earth, 3D Earth, that they cannot stay? Is that what you meant, Lord?

AAM: Yes, that is what I mean. Understand, 3D Earth, it is not existing.

S: Any longer, after that moment?

AAM: [Describing 5D:] You can have the experience of being in 3D. Of — think of it as living somewhere and projecting and having an on-stage experience. So you can have the 3D experience, but the 3D experience is not including all the old paradigms, the duality.

S: What is it including?

AAM: It is including a physical reality of love, the physical embodiment of joy, of the incredible experience of diversity, of interconnectedness, of love, of community. It is the restoration of what was always intended.

S: Now, it sounds like you’re talking about the 5D Earth.

AAM: That is correct.

S: What about — for the people who say “no”? Will they remain on this 3D Earth, or will they find themselves somewhere else?

AAM: They will find themselves elsewhere.

S: And will they find themselves elsewhere as babies, or as they are now?

AAM: They will return home. They will return out of body.

S: To the astral planes?

AAM: Yes. And they will be counseled and then reassigned as they choose.

S: And there will be no one on this Earth? Or will this Earth exist?

AAM: Oh, no, it will exist [in 5D]. It will exist. Because it is still the possibility of having the experience of demonstrating in physicality.

S: All right. Will it exist as it exists now, or will it be a burned-out shell?

AAM: No, it will exist as it exists now [but in 5D] in her divine perfection. Just as you will exist as you do, if you wish to have this form, although you may do some alterations on it.


S: I can think of a few!

AAM: Many will do alterations, my friend.

S: I’ll be happy to do alterations.

AAM: And that is the difference. It is the ability to create and co-create with love. It is actively using the creation energy to bring forward what you are wishing to experience.

S: All right. Let me just see if I understand things now. The people who say “yes” will go to 5D, the people who say “no” will go to the astral plane. Will there be any life left on Earth [meaning in 3D]?

AAM: Yes [meaning in 5D].

S: And who would that be or what would that be?

AAM: It would be those who are in the fifth dimension, wishing to have that awareness, but also inhabit and have a physical experience.

S: Oh, maybe I don’t understand you. Are we not having a physical experience in 5D?

AAM: Yes. And that is on Earth.

S: Oh, now I’m a little confused. I’m talking about two different things. One is 3D Earth, one is 5D Earth. The 5D –

AAM: The 3D Earth has done her cosmetic change. It is not there.

S: It is not there.

AAM: The same way you, dear heart — as the embodiment of a singularly third-dimensional being — are no longer present. [Because I’ll be in 5D and not in 3D.]  At that moment, you both, and all jumped.

S: All right. So is there anything left in 3D?

AAM: No, it is all transmuted, transformed, elevated.

S: Ahhh. Okay.

AAM: I’m sorry. I have not been clear with you.

S: So there is no 3D Earth after that date?

AAM: That is correct.

S: Oh, I didn’t understand that.

AAM: She does not want to duplicate herself and to continue to be the carrier of that energy.

S: Uh-huh. Unlike, say, Venus? (2)

AAM: Yes, there has been a division there [i.e., on Venus], but that is not how Earth is choosing to do this.

S: I’ll be darned. I haven’t heard that before, and I’m just trying to digest it.  There won’t be a 3D Earth. The people who say “no” will go to the astral planes, the people who say “yes” will continue on with Earth.

AAM: That is correct.

S:  That is very much an eye opener for me. Thank you.

AAM: You are all going together. It is a package deal, my friend.

S: Yes, indeed. [Laughs] I see that now. Will there be three days of darkness, or is that just completely mistaken?

AAM: There will be a period of darkness. It is very unlikely that it would be what you think of as three days. It is more likely to be a period of about, oh, 20 hours, a cycle of what you would think of as a day.

S: And what will we be doing in that 20 hours?

AAM: Well, some of it you will be sleeping. Some of it you will simply be — and we guide you strongly — still. Be in your heart. Be in peace. Be with us. Be with those you love and cherish. But do not panic.

S: Right. Okay. Well, that is very helpful. I think for the first time I begin to appreciate what’s going to be happening at that time.

(To continue the reading, go to:  http://the2012scenario.com/2011/08/reading-with-archangel-michael-august-2-2011-part-1/)


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