When I read this I just wanted to run out into a rainstorm and dance…but there’s no rain here in SO. Cal…guess I will have to do a sun dance instead! -A.M.

Channeler: Gulcin Onel (Mavinin Sesi)

This week you will virtually dance under the Rain of Light.
Every time you see the sun, spend a little time under the shine of it.

Let it pass through your mind to every single cell of yours.
If you don’t know how to act about the priorities you wrote and the previous messages you got, just ask help from us.

“Archangel Uriel, would you lighten my way?”
Light a candle on a night you choose.
When the candle burns, our light will appear on your way.

You’re passing through the patterns, and you realise how you do not care about the past anymore.
You have peels that drop and wounds that heal before you alter to the new. Your sensitivity which became a part of this process is active as it had ever been.

When it rains, get wet. Don’t be afraid, open your windows, go outside. Let it purify you with the recycling power of nature as it flows. How you are enlightened as the sunlight radiates into every single cell of yours.
Let it enter the skin of yours which had been purified by the rain. Let it flow into you.
It’s time for the enlightened decisions. I am with you.
We are with you. Take what you’ve been given with love.
Archangel Uriel

Love and Light