Arcturians, please take all of the reptilians
that are harassing me to the Light. 
Please, Arcturians, follow the energetic thread
or threads of all the reptilians that are harassing me
and take them all to the Light.
And please go as deep as you can into the group
or groups of reptilians that are harassing me
and take as many of them as you can to the Light.
Thank you!

ArcturiansThe Arcturian Prayer of Protection is a short but very powerful and effective request to the Arcturians for assistance in removing reptilians that are bothering, harassing, or attacking you. The Arcturians will not (cannot) intervene unless you ask them to do so. We need to give them our express permission or authority to act on our behalf. Through this Prayer of Protection, you are asking the Arcturians to remove from the “periphery” those reptilians that are directly involved in attacking you.

What do you mean by “periphery”?
The reptilian periphery can extend throughout a single building, to the other side of your city, or all the way to the other side of the planet. There is no limit to its physical location since there are multi-dimensional energies involved.

What do you mean by harassment?
Harassment is a form of reptilian attack. Sometimes reptilian attacks are quite intense. But at other times, they may be bothersome, yet subtle—more of an annoyance than an outright attack. Unless you are tuned into it or are aware, you might think the unpleasant sensations you are experiencing are due to other causes. It may take you a while to begin noticing when you are being harassed by the reptilians.
What is an energetic thread?
An energetic thread is like a multidimensional umbilical cord. The reptilians use them in a negative manner to harm you. The Arcturians are able to “see” these energetic threads, follow them to the reptilians that are harassing you, and take the reptilians to the Light.
Where or what is the Light?
The Light is Source, God, heaven, home. It’s where we come from and where we’ll eventually return. Once an entity is sent to the Light, it, too, is where it belongs and can’t harm you again.
What are the reptilian groups you refer to?
At times you will have small to very large groups of reptilians that are all energetically focused on harassing you. These are usually well off in the periphery and rarely nearby. When the Arcturians follow the threads to these groups they try to take as many as they can to the Light. The larger groups are usually better organized than the smaller groups and may be located within Earth herself or within our galaxy. Due to the immense size and levels of protection of these large groups, the Arcturians are not always able to remove every reptilian that is harassing you from within them every time.
Does this Arcturian Prayer of Protection remove the reptilians that are inside a person, too?
NO! The Prayer of Protection DOES NOT remove reptilians from inside you. That is an entirely different and more involved process. REPTILIANS CAN ONLY BE REMOVED FROM INSIDE A PERSON THROUGH A DIVINE HEALING.
Do I need to play a soundtrack for the Arcturian Prayer of Protection to be effective?
No. This is not a Divine Healing so you do not need a soundtrack to call in the Arcturians and other guides.
Can I change the wording of this prayer?
The wording of the prayer was provided by the Arcturians. It is not necessary to change the words in order to call on the Arcturians in this situation. Write out the prayer exactly as it is written above and keep it with you until you have it memorized.
How often do I need to recite the Prayer of Protection?
Recite the prayer as often as you need to. On some occasions you will benefit from saying the prayer 10-20 times a day. At other times, you may not need to use it at all. Only with time will you learn when it is necessary to ask the Arcturians for help. But remember that the Arcturians can only help you if you ask for their direct intervention. They are karmic beings themselves and will not interfere without your permission.
Do I need to say the prayer out loud?
No, you don’t need to say it out loud. Communication with the Arcturians is mostly telepathic, so just “talking” to them in your mind is sufficient.
How do I know when to ask the Arcturians for help?
Many people, including me, experience physical symptoms such as pinching, pulling, pressure, pain, or discomfort in the head, neck, or shoulders. I usually feel it on the right side of my neck. At first, these sensations may be subtle and easy to ignore or blame on something totally unrelated. But if you do ignore this harassment by the reptilians—no matter how subtle—the physical symptoms are likely to worsen until they become quite intense and chronic.
Why do I need to call on the Arcturians for help in removing reptilians?
The Arcturians have been given dominion over the reptilians and have accepted this task to assist you and planet Earth in removing the reptilians. None of the other powerful guides on the Divine Healing team, such as Archangel Michael or Jesus, have this authority. Only the Arcturians have the ability to permanently clear you and your homes from these multidimensional reptilians.
What are the limitations of the Arcturian Prayer of Protection?  
This prayer is only used to remove the reptilians that are harassing people from the periphery. IT DOES NOT REMOVE REPTILIANS THAT ARE POSSESSING PEOPLE. IT DOES NOT RECONFIGURE YOUR REPTILIAN GENETIC CODE (DNA). AND IT DOES NOT REMOVE ANY EGGS THAT THESE REPTILIANS MAY LEAVE INSIDE YOU. THIS PRAYER OF PROTECTION IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO A DIVINE HEALING. (If you need to have reptilians removed from you then you may order a remote Divine Healing here.)
Do I need to focus, concentrate, and visualize while saying this prayer?
Yes, that helps immensely. Your plea to the Arcturians will be much more powerful if you take an active role in requesting their help. There is little power in simply repeating words by rote, without thought or emotion. But when you do your best to focus and concentrate on the meaning of the words you are reciting, you are creating power. You can bring even more power to the process by trying to visualize or imagine the intended actions happening as you recite the prayer. The Arcturians respond to the energy behind your prayer just as much as they do to the spoken words.
Why am I confused? Why doesn’t this work for me?
If you are confused or the Prayer of Protection doesn’t seem to be working for you, that is often a strong indication that you have reptilians in you. The reptilians are good at creating confusion. They can also create mental blocks by implanting thoughts that are not yours that make it very challenging to understand these concepts. As long as you have reptilians in you they will continue to create as much havoc and confusion as they possibly can to keep you from understanding and using the Prayer of Protection. They do not want you to call on the Arcturians for help.
Can this prayer still help me if I have reptilians in me?
Yes, it can help you even if you have reptilians in you, but it will not be as effective. When you have reptilians inside you, it is much easier for the reptilians on the outside, around the periphery, to harass you. The reptilians on the outside work hand in hand with those inside you to control and disrupt you and your life as best they can.
Will the prayer of protection be more effective if the reptilians are removed from me first?
ABSOLUTELY! You will experience dramatically better results when you are not battling these inner reptilians. This is also true for using all of the free public soundtracks on my website.
How many people on planet Earth have reptilians?
Seventy-five percent of all people on this planet have reptilians. Each person has three reptilians in them. If you have reptilians in you, your DNA has been compromised. You can read more about this in How Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth.
How do I connect with the Arcturians?
Accepting the free Arcturian Download is a perfect way to begin connecting with the Arcturians. The Arcturian Download is a free gift from them to us. (The download DOES NOT remove reptilians that are already in you, either, but it can protect you from ever getting possessed by them IF YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE THEM IN YOU. If you do have them, you will need a Divine Healing to have them removed.)
I think I have reptilians. How can I get them removed from me?
The easiest and fastest way is to order a remote Divine Healing.

When used at the right time and for the correct situation, the Prayer of Protection can be extremely powerful. The Arcturians can remove most of the reptilians that are harassing you from the periphery, but remember, they can’t do anything unless you give them permission by asking for their help. When you ask them, they will come. There is no time lag; they are with you instantly. As soon as you begin even thinking about saying this prayer they are there. That is what they have promised.