By Diane Tessman

After many years of being involved in UFOlogy, I have concluded that some UFOs are intricately connected to plasma. I would like to share my thoughts on this possibility. In doing so, I keep in mind that although we usually look for life forms similar to ours (corporeal life having formed in an earth-like environment), where life really seems to dwell is in our consciousness. No doubt, in consciousness throughout the universe.

Our consciousness exists in our minds and according to modern science, our minds “run” on electric circuitry. Does life itself dwell in this electric energy rather than in the corporeal body? Is this why we “pass on” to other realms rather than “dying?” Humans tend to not even consider this because we perceive ourselves as corporeal but perhaps we should reassess the nature of our own beinghood while we also consider that electricity might be the source of life, rather than organic matter.

In many sightings, the UFOs have a plasma-like appearance; for example, this description was given by a witness:

Many times, UFOs defy gravity making right turns or small circles at tremendous speeds; science as we know it concludes that occupants inside they would die from the “g forces” involved. This is one argument by skeptics against the reality of UFOs.

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