Thank you Raiden for this one! Right on Arizona and thank you for stepping up and taking back your power!!!  Let’s watch this spread throughout the USA!-A.M.

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arizona sheriffs

As the saying goes, “along with tremendous power comes tremendous responsibility.”  I cannot think of any person in public service who fits that saying more than a county sheriff.  However, the major networks have spent many years brainwashing the populace into thinking that Federal Agents are the top cops.

How many times have you seen a cop show on TV where the Feds show up, flash their badge and relieve the local sheriff? Then, local sheriff storms off in frustration because the Feds took over the case.  That, good people, is brainwashing.

What many people are unaware of is that your sheriff is the top law enforcement official in your county.  He or She has jurisdiction, even over the Feds.  There are many people, with whom I have spoken, who believe that the only chance that this country has is for good, honest sheriffs to stand up and assert their power.  Perhaps not a silver bullet, but if every sheriff of every county found their constitutional spine, it would set the Feds plan of dominating the population back 25 years. 

The first thing that we could do is kick the Feds off of our lands.  But, I digress.

In Arizona, the Arizona Sheriffs Association is asserting their power over the Feds… or at least their power not to comply.  When the Feds “ruled by decree” that any trailers left in the National Forest in AZ would be towed if left more than 72 hours, the ASA shot back.  Click here to read ASA resolution.

The document bears the signature of ASA President Joseph Dedman, Jr. and it concludes with the following resolve:

That the Arizona Sheriffs are opposed to the policies of the Coconino, Kaibab, and Prescott National Forests limiting the parking of trailers on National Forests limiting the parking of trailers on National Forests to a 72 hours period during hunting season and will not enforce any federal government regulation imposed on our citizens depriving them of their right to utilize their public lands.

Take note of this resolution and hold your own county sheriff to the same Constitutional standards that the ASA have adopted for themselves.