Posted by Kereru Pounamu/Kirar Taraishia on June 9, 2013 at 11:04am in Daily Messages of Light through Kereru
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Toroidal RingsMatariki New Moon Gift from ‘Arlia-Pleiadian Emissary’
at Our ‘Stargate Portal’ last nite …
Even tho, the Moon wasn’t visible …
the whole of the Portal was amazingly lit up,
thus Our ‘Circle of Love’ again stepped into the timeless zone
that has become an all embracing energy here each time We gather
to Anchor the Knowledge Encoded Lunar Rays!
Thus, as always, Our Manu sent their calls out over Our Portal
signalling the opening of Our Portal and when Our Karakia/Prayers
were offered … all was still and silent when Arlia came through
to bless Us with a message from Our ‘Pleiades Council of Light’
She as always, thanked Us, especially those gathered Who had
gone through sacrifice, just to be here!
She said that around Us, Our Circle were beautiful Golden Beings
of Pleiades, Who were here to assist Us in this special time!
She reminded Us of the Cycle the Earth is going through and
then presented Us with a Gift, that She said had been given
many Moons ago in one of Our Circles … and that what is needed
in the World today is Peace and Harmony and that
the ‘Golden Rings of Harmony’ … is a spiritual tool that We can
call down and ‘activate’, whenever We need!
The ‘Rings of Harmony’ can be placed around Us, Our home, car,
and many challenging situations that come up in Our lives!
She said that We are like the Lighthouses that many of Our Worldwide
family are searching for in the storm …
and that by using the ‘Rings of Harmony’ …we would hold steady!
She lastly blessed Us to Be at Peace, Be in Harmony and Prevail in Love.

(New Moon over Our ‘Stargate Portal’ Dec 2012 )

After Arlia left Us … We stood for a while in reverence and awe in Our ‘Circle of Love’, and as We shared the joy and the experiences that We felt … twice We saw a flash of blue white light, each time We spoke of the ‘Unity Consciousness’ that has become stronger among All over the World!