• Pentagon scientists researching gene manipulation to build the soldiers of tomorrow
  • They hope to be able to trigger the cells of injured soldiers’ bodies to rebuild lost limbs


PUBLISHED: 06:01 EST, 12 August 2012 | UPDATED: 01:56 EST, 13 August 2012

Tomorrow’s soldiers could be able to run at Olympic speeds and will be able to go for days without food or sleep, if new research into gene manipulation is successful.

According to the U.S. Army’s plans for the future, their soldiers will be able to carry huge weights, live off their fat stores for extended periods and even regrow limbs blown apart by bombs.

The plans were revealed by novelist Simon Conway, who was granted behind-the-scenes access to the Pentagon’s high-tech Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

GM troops on the horizon? Pentagon scientists are working on genetic manipulation that would give their soldiers superhuman qualities. File picture

With a budget of almost $2billion a year DARPA, established in 1958 after the USSR’s first successful space mission shocked America, has a goal of maintaining U.S. technological dominance on the battlefield.

Among it’s many ambitious projects, the agency is working on an exoskeleton that will allow soldiers to run faster and lift prodigious weights. But its most controversial work involves genetic modification.

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