November 7, 2012

Yesterday brought about many ah-hahs for me.  I was reeling from a mistake I made regarding writing some code in my wordpress editor which ultimately caused the whole website to lose its original theme.  Many of you may have noticed this when you landed on the site and found that it was radically changed.  Well I gotta tell you, it was not a fun experience, and it brought about a deluge of old programming.  This massive wave of panic, overwhelm, doubt, and frustration washed over me like a proverbial tsunami.  Dialogue occurred within my mind as to what, when, and why it had happened.  There was a real fear of hundreds and hundreds of hours of work “not being put to good use” for the planet.  It was amazing what I heard come up and how much I was irritated with myself.

So, as I sat there chatting with a good friend over my green tea latte, our digests for the week revealed a string of triggers causing great panic.  As the conversation continued, we both realized that this type of experience is happening everywhere … as if we are all being challenged with some sort of news or event that triggers our fight and flight response systems.  We were amazed that between the two of us, there must of been a dozen people who had relayed similar circumstances to us.  Let me give you some examples and then maybe you will see where I am going with this:

  • someone facing court proceedings to disprove the legitimacy of the credit card system
  • someone experiencing not one but two potentially near miss death car accidents
  • someone who strangely had their dogs reported to the county for no rabies vaccinations
  • someone who received a diagnosis requiring a biopsy
  • someone being threatened of eviction
  • someone whose child was wrongly accused of a major offense

The list goes on, but you get the point.  The realization is that many of us, especially the Light Workers, are facing these challenges more so lately, and usually they come from out of left field.  One of the most horrific circumstances for me is when our 5 puppies came down with parvo, yet were exceptionally healthy and never left our yard.  Each of these encounters is abruptly sudden, and immediately causes your sympathetic nervous system to kick in.  As one article states “the “fight or flight response” is our body’s primitive, automatic, inborn response that prepares the body to “fight” or “flee” from perceived attack, harm or threat to our survival.”  These widespread incidences are definitely provoking some innate responses of  fear and panic within us.

Wow!  It was like a light bulb went off as we were talking.  I wish we had recorded the exchange, as it was one of the “in the flow” moments where Spirit widened our eyes further.  Firstly, I immediately thought about Cobra’s most recent posting named the Master Plan, and in it he states that “the Archons and their reptilian minions would exert pressure on the psychological weak spots of humanity.”  OK, so reviewing the list above, I noticed that whatever we really felt passionately about at that time or whatever we were pursuing, was being targeted, especially if we were doing it with the intention to benefit ALL of humanity.  

We also realized that there has been a major push by The Resistance to eradicate the Archons from the non-physical planes, especially after May 20th of this year.  So the Archons have definitely been feeling the “heat” and this sense of panic is globally demonstrating itself through a myriad of news reports announcing secrets exposed, resignations, arrests, and lawsuits.   The Cabal and its Archons are being hit at every angle, but in order for us to be victorious sooner rather than later, we must remain vigilant in these final stages of this purging.   I am keen on looking at the true definition of words, so when I pulled up the word “final,” I found the following definition:

  • not to be altered or undone
  • of or relating to the ultimate purpose or result of a process

So what is so final about now?  As one author stated, the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012 is “quite possibly the upcoming singularity of the TimeWave, is the pivot by which the entire Earth reaches a Zero-Point, a fundamental singularity of its own kind, and thereafter re-expands into a whole new, almost unimaginable direction! ”  We are about to be free, to create a heaven on earth, and with this change comes the declination of “the guard.”  This panic we are experiencing individually is a mere reflection of what the Cabal and Archons are coping with right now.  We are clearly standing at the precipice of radical change as we enter the Solstice of 2012.  As Cobra shared earlier, this “is the turning point when many things about the Archons and the planetary situation will be decided.”

Because of the extraordinary infiltrations of Light we are receiving these days, where we find ourselves “stepping into” a higher dimension with ease and bliss,  it is important to remind ourselves that we are still in the closing phase of this “game” with the dark.  This IS the final hour!  We have only 62 days before December 21st! It is so exciting to partake in the “end times” of the Piscean energies, however compare where we are to the guy running a complete  marathon (26.2 miles).  He has achieved 26 strenuous miles with a pain in his lower back, a pulled calf muscle and massive fatigue.  He is having to fight with his mind that is going on about how tired he is, how much pain he has, or questioning whether he can really win this race, let alone finish it.  He has only .02 miles left to be victorious.  This is where we are folks!  In order to assist in this victory, at this final hour we must resist our old programming, conquer any doubts we may have, know that we are loved and protected, and push through this final episode as if we trained for it a million times.  Because, you know what?  We have!

I am convinced that those residing on planet Earth right now are the rough and tumble sort.  We either chose or were selected to complete our mission here, and this certainly is not for the cowards of the galaxies.  We departed from all that we knew, the warmth, the love and the beauty of other worlds in other galaxies, only to arrive here in a dense amnesiac state, committed to making a difference, assisting the masses, accomplishing it heroically, and succeeding in pushing through the interference.  

Now is the time to OBSERVE any incidents like those I have listed and see them for what they really are! This isn’t about karma, unless of course you are married to that belief system. This is about our own personal armageddons and how we will remedy our operating systems.  What are we doing proactively to avoid getting bogged down by applications that impede our ability to work or play?  How are we repairing our “error messages” and “glitches” throughout the day?  What can we do differently to optimize our systems so as to live a seamless and unimpeded life?  Seriously, our programming is getting rocked like never before at this final hour.  

One of Abraham’s reminders is that  “when one doesn’t like the end results of their actions, then they can do a “pivot” and head off in the opposite direction, and thereby change one’s life for the better.”   Just don’t forget how far we have come, and how one small change in our mode of operation can make a huge difference.  There is very little time left in the game, and we are on our way to seize the  final victory!

The networks of Light are reaching a critical mass, conveying that all of us are doing our bit to bring this victory about.  I congratulate all of the whistleblowers who are so bravely sharing what they know with the rest of the world.  I am grateful for the up and coming lawyers who are working so hard to bring freedom and  justice forward within our corrupt banking, government and medical systems.  I thank all of the Wayshowers who reveal what is really going on, as this allows us to see more light than before and generate new perspectives of our future.  I thank you for caring enough to read this article to its end.  I send you love and ask you to pass this onto someone else that you think needs some encouragement today!  

Have a brilliantly enlightened day!



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