by GaiaBeth

 Many people are spiritually content where they are. Then there are those with a burning desire for progress. If you are reading this, it is likely you want to evolve and are a searcher; a pupil of the divine, like me.

The physical, mental and emotional processes necessary to spiritually bloom can sometimes seem a bit sticky, like cold honey. Have you ever felt spiritually stifled by the emotional, mental or physical components of life tricking you into concentrating on the future or the past instead of living in the  present? Or, tricking you into NOT taking responsibility for the creations and mis-creations of your own life? The desire to emerge and burst forth from ones’ “dark- age” being-ness is in the heart of many people and there are several paths toward enlightenment.  Yet, no matter how much you work on the task of becoming enlightened, at times the tracks can be obscured. One such path is aiming to stay within the NOW-moment as much as possible and taking responsibility for your thoughts which create your life and your portion of the responsibility of the creation of the world in which we all live.

At the age of six I had my First Holy Communion which genuinely piqued my curiosity about the sacred. So, I have spent the 45 years since, absorbing all I could in an attempt to know the mysterious, divine alchemy of God. What do I know, you may ask? The answer is: I know what you know. It is what we all know deep in our heart.  When we place all of our joyful memories, disappointments and future desires to the side, we are left in the wonder of it all. I have been on many a path that leads to knowing the divine wholeheartedly, and just yesterday I think I discovered an ancient shortcut.

Serendipity brought me to my childhood home and the school yard where I spent many cheerful recesses with my best friends, in second grade. Under the blue cloudless sky I smelled the sweet scent of the soil and listened to the cheery chirping birds, and I recalled my friends and me joyfully playing and talking about “when I grow up I  …dot, dot, dot “. …

I stood there and gazed up at the gigantic old eucalyptus and oak trees in the school yard that silently heard and held all of my childhood hopes and dreams safe for me, so long ago. I envisioned the young me twirling in the breeze under these wise long-standing trees and an immense sadness welled up from deep within and burst forth. I recognized the grace and beauty within life, but felt a severe grief for not living up to my youthful aspirations. I was profoundly sad for letting those trees, myself, my family, the earth, humanity and God down.  I acknowledged that I am not who I planned to be. I had the thought that those trees knew a better me, an untainted me; a pure me.

Initially feeling silly for the uncontrollable burst of emotion and hot tears stinging my eyes, I then decided to embrace that moment. I permitted myself to fully feel the joys and the regrets and failures of my life.  In that moment, I sensed the trees greeting me with the elation of seeing a long lost friend. When I acknowledged them they seemed to sing to me and thanked me for being. They sang of their love for me.  I earnestly thanked them and expressed my apologies for letting us down, and told them “I love you”.  Under the blue sky, in absolute bliss, nature sang a requiem for me.  The deep earthy smell enfolded me as the giant old trees sang my funeral song. They guided me through a ceremonial ”ho’pono pono”* for the life I lived, the life I hesitate to live and the life I do live. 

With a giant leap I surefootedly sprang to a new understanding of spiritual emergence. All this happened in a twinkling.  … Receiving a gift in the form of a key to spiritual emergence became evident. The key is to feel disappointment with unfaltering love while taking responsibility

Without question, I can now more often be passionately in the present, in the proverbial and elusive now, because I had a funeral for my past hurts and injuries, past offenses, regrets, mis-creations and unmanifest dreams. It feels like a short-cut to a new level of BE-ing. I emerged with a more solid understanding of myself, others and The God Head.

Below are the steps to releasing attachments and taking responsibility for the portion you have played in all creation; and specifically, taking responsibility for the creation of your life by performing your own requiem Ho’O PonoPono :

 *Ho’O PonoPono is an ancient type of prayer allowing you to release and create openings to evolve. It forgives, cleanses and reconciles you. It is said to “put things right”. The basics of a Ho’pono-pono are: expressing: I’m sorry, please give me, I love you, thank you. I’m sorry, please give me, I love you, thank you. I’m sorry, please give me, I love you, thank you.

Prayer Directions:

  1. Your emotions are your guideposts. Think about two or three current situations that are challenges or anxiety evoking, or make you sad or regretful. Alternately, remember something from the past that upsets you or imagine what you worry about for your future. (IE: worries, frustrations, regrets, sadness, anxiety…etc). If possible, remember a specific instance and the attached feelings of the situation.  Recall what happened, who was involved, and how it made you feel.
  2. After you remember a specific instance, recall a time in which you personally may have made someone else feel a similar anxiety, frustration, regret or sadness.  It could have been a thought, words or a deed that affected you or someone else. In my story above, it was me, myself, who I needed to accept, release, take responsibility for and express love. 

Every conscious and subconscious thought you have creates the reality within your world. Our thoughts reflect and resonate through our world and are picked up by anyone who oscillates with it. This in turn amplifies the thought, creating a bigger, denser waveform of the thought. Multiple similar thought forms interact and entrain, magnifying the vibrations, eventually transforming the thought into physical form with its associated emotions. Someone who has not made clear intentions for himself will subconsciously pick up the thought-form reflecting a part of you. Have you ever wondered why things like the Colorado shootings occur? –you need look no farther.

The Prayer Text:

(With empathy toward yourself, say to your self the following paragraph). (You are actually speaking to your self, (to your lower four chakras) and maybe to someone in particular, and to everyone in general).):

 “I am sorry. I am truly sorry. Things occurred in my life, eliciting coping mechanisms that affected me. I am so sorry that these coping mechanisms have affected you. I am sorry these things happened to you.  Please forgive me. Forgive me, for those I have hurt through thoughts, emotions, words or actions; including myself.  Please forgive me for forgetting that the divine loves me no matter what. Forgive me for forgetting that I am innocent and you are innocent.  Forgive me for forgetting that the divine loves you and loves me. Forgive me for forgetting that the divine loves us regardless, no matter what. And, I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you! Thank you for the people around me. Thank you for knowing I am powerful. I love you for all you have taught me and for all we have learned. Thank you for allowing me to release all regrets.  Thank you for my life. Thank you for understanding that I am worthy of what I desire. I am sorry for the things I have done. Please forgive me. I love you, I love you, I love you. Thank you for allowing me to create my universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” (Remain in gratitude and love and repeat these types of statements for as long as you desire).

Good Luck with this. It may change your life! Sat Nam. Love & Light,


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