Well, I got up this morning really feeling the exhaustion from a years worth of incessant work, both internally and on my website.  The year 2012 was all about goals, purpose, service, and dedication to inform the world of The Light’s progress, and of course, my most treasured vision of all: The City of Light. I decided without much thought to turn the day around, approach it differently, do something new. As I wondered where the day’s sequence of events would lead, I came across this picture and knew right then and there, I had to drop everything and dig a little deeper into this connection.

Before I get into that, I feel compelled to add that I can not deny my allegiance to the words of several teachers, one of them being Mark Huber. He will always leave an indelible mark upon my psyche and perspectives and I am so grateful for this.  If anyone has participated in his calls of the past, you know what I am talking about.  His information and messages were like that stronghold of love, peace and safety we are so often in search of.  When you hear the truth, your heart “returns home.”  And because it is your truth,  I believe it is divinely delivered from some other space and time, telepathically sent from your multi-dimensional selves through the Language of Light and the frequency of another’s voice.  I am sure you have experienced that moment when your truth sensors get “lit up” and everything becomes crystal clear.

Now, I am well aware of Obama’s positionings within the Cabinet, his associations with some of the darkest political figures out there, his accelerated creation of intrusive executive orders, his involvement with the corrupt banker’s bailout, and his reputation for being intolerant and difficult with fellow Cabinet members.  But as Source is my witness, I still can not shake a knowingness that this man is leading us to a better place, a higher plane, and a brighter horizon.  Why?  Because he has been “selected” at this time to be president.  It is an undeniably pivotal moment in history where planetary cataclysms should have been far more severe and impacting on human lives.  It feels as if someone or some “thing” is watching out for us.

So who selected Obama anyway?  Was it the Jesuits/Illuminati/Cabal faction or was it The Light Forces?  Arguments can be presented to support either view, right?  What if both parties were involved in this selection process so we can tie up this so-called “game” once and for all?  And what if he embodies both perspectives of the light and the dark specifically to reflect The Armageddon within humanity collectively and each one of us individually, assisting us with this ascension purging process we are all undertaking?

armageddonIn the western world, Armageddon is defined as “the scene of a final battle between the forces of good and evil, prophesied to occur at the end of the world.”  So not only are we at the end of the Piscean Age and The Fourth World, but we are seeing through the daily world events a tug-of-war between the old establishment and the struggling new ascendant.  There has been somewhat of an assumption that Armageddon would entail a militaristic world war of sorts, however what if it is about that which The Cabal safeguards the most; their devised monetary system?  Here is an excerpt which solidifies this suggestion:

“It’s much more likely that Armageddon is an element of the larger symbolic superstructure of the book of Revelation, in which Babylon has become a representation of a world-wide market: “For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the passion of her immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed acts of immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth of her sensuality” (Revelation 18:3). In that sense the river Euphrates might be construed as the global monetary systemwhich in our day and age is shedding it’s coins and bills exterior and is becoming a river of numbers. Quite dry, in that sense…..The place where the kings of the earth gather to wage the final war, the War of the Great Day of God, is probably not a physical location, and this Great War is probably not one of soldiers and missiles. I’m guessing that this war will be “waged” between two general reality models, where one model sees the world as a republic and the other sees the world as a kingdom.”

BRITAIN's Invasions_2388153b

21 of the 22 countries that have not been invaded by Britain

OK, so considering all of Planet Earth’s land has been sliced and diced, reclaimed, owned and dominated by the The British Empire or other rulers of The One World Government, this “ending” would logically be related to the monetary system rather than battles based on seizing claim to land and property. Even if a country contains phenomenal deposits of highly desired minerals or abundant water supply, money is all The Cabal needs these days to maintain their power and continue to seize whatever they want (since they have methodically “bought off” every country on the globe through the World Banking System except for North Korea and Iran).  Money or fiat currencies are the tools of operation in today’s 3D matrix.

etymology-dribbble-333x250Just in reading up on the etymology of the word “Armageddon,” I was shocked to read that it appeared only once in The Greek New Testament Bible and most scholars agree that it’s true meaning is still a mystery.  Arma-geddon,  which in Greek is Har–Magedon,  or the Hebrew equivalent Har Meghid·dohn,´ actually means “Mountain of Megiddo,” or “Mountain of Assembly of Troops.” The typical interpretation is that of a geographical location in Israel, over looking the Jezreel Valley, where the world’s rulers  gather together to make war against one other.  The longstanding belief that it signifies an ‘invading mountain’ can be thoroughly debated if you consider the various roots of the word.  I do not believe the translation of such a pivotal word should be construed so literally, let alone without considering its multi-dimensionality.  A more intriguing interpretation, especially considering the dimensional shift,  takes into account a more modernistic view of this word and  is as follows:


  • “reminds us of the name arma-  (Aram), which is generally considered to have come from the common Hebrew verb  (rum) meaning to be high, rise up.”
  • “the verb rum can not be interpreted but it has a derivative that has survived:  (‘armon), which means citadel or palace.”


  • “reminds us of the name  (Gad) meaning Harrowing Fortune.  It seems that the verb indicates a cutting with the distinct purpose of laying a treasure bare. The ritualistic cutting results in the exposure of precious blood, and a raid produces loot.  The name Gad indicates a fortune for which a troublesome, invasive effort is made.”
  • “the name  (Gideon) means Down Cutter, mostly employed in scenes where rivaling religions destroy each other’s shrines.”
  • the name Gideon comes from the Hebrew verb  (gada’), meaning to hew down or cut off. This verb usually shows up when conflicting convictions slug it out, and one party destroys the regalia of the other (Ezekiel 6:6). Or when a person, or a body gets expelled from the mother group (Judges 21:6) or gets cut down a size (Isaiah 10:33). Or even when an entity separates from a quality (Lamentations 2:3).
  • Gideon is also “connected with his occupation as a Hacker or One Who Hewed Down the enemy.”

If you are anything like me, you are being flooded with some stark revelations!  As I researched the possible roots associated with the word ‘Armageddon,’ an inner awareness began to assert itself.  I just sat there in utter amazement for a moment, revisiting all of the thousands of blog postings I have “published” over the last year, and suddenly saw the tapestry of this old world’s end through a completely different lens.  While fitting the pieces together, I now could see a distinct interpretation of these final days of ‘Armageddon’ through this etymological persuasion.  Firstly, I broke down the root word meanings (provided above) even further.  For example:

1) Citadel=a commanding force, stronghold, fortress

2) Gad=a pointed tool, such as a spike or chisel, used for breaking rock or ore, can also refer to God

3) Hacker=Gideon’s occupation

4) Gada=destroys the regalia of the other, stone head bound to a handle

5) Regalia=emblems of royalty, as the crown or scepter, or royal rights or privileges

6) To Cut Down to Size=to penetrate or divide something

7) Shrine=a place or site venerated for its association with a famous person or event, a place of worship hallowed by association with a sacred person or object

8) Rival=a person or thing that is in a position to dispute another’s preeminence or superiority

9) Treasure=wealth or riches stored or accumulated, especially in the form of precious metals, money, jewels

10) Quality=of or occupying high social status

Through this research, I was able to extract some very interesting associations with our current events.  Instead of viewing Armageddon as a doomsday, war marked event, I came up with the following interpretation:

A New Perspective on The Armageddon

critical-thinkingA “citadel” or commanding force (The Cabal) rises up against “a troublesome and invasive force” who raids (through lawsuits, protests, disappearing money, and 180+ nations who have joined together to bring forth a new financial system) or hacks (Anonymous, Wikileaks, etc.), to destroy the rights and privileges of royalty (Queen of England, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Hapsburgs, etc.) by “cutting them down to size” (exposing their dastardly deeds and decreasing, if not cutting off their bank accounts and monetary loans).  “The rivals who destroy each other’s shrines” (the various countries of The New World Order as well as the primary power holders such as The Vatican and Mormon Church) are encountered everywhere in the headlines, exposed for corruption, collusion, fraud, and murder which has caused the most solid of allies amongst the Dark Forces to crack and break.  The monetary noose is getting so tight for The Cabal, that many are breaking under pressure, tattling on their fellow conspirators.  The” treasure laid bare” represents the immense amount of wealth hoarded by these maniacal “masters” for centuries, if not a millennium   A wealth accumulated through the blood of its citizens, is now openly disclosed to the public and will soon be available to We the People.

The “treasure laid bare” could also be conceived as the the stockpile of monies put away and guarded by Saint Germain as well.  This could also represent the 70+ prosperity programs as well as The People’s Trust.  When the one party “destroys the regalia of the other,” it could also mean that We the People step into our mastery, recognize our royalty, and step away from enslavement and the need to be dictated to by this afflicted group of world leaders and bankers.  Through our very choices to unplug from the matrix and thus, not support their infrastructure, We the People will destroy the current “regalia.”  As the whole of humanity, as we continue to unite and demand our sovereignty  “we separate from the quality,” or rather  disassociate from those of a higher social position who claim to have superiority over us.

obama-pyramid-2Now, consider the rumors that have spread across the internet regarding Barack Obama’s reincarnation as that of Kar, an Egyptian dignitary. Alive 4600 years ago, Kar was a Khemitian who served one of the pharaohs at that time.  A noble priest, Kar of Khemit was also a scholar, lawyer and advocate,  later becoming a great judge.  As one article stated, he had the same background as Obama does today, and eerily mirrors Obama’s facial features.  Here is a quote from a news article released in 2009, after Obama visited the shrine of his forefathers in Egypt:

“Upon getting into one of the tombs, one could not help but notice the very striking resemblance between President Obama and the portrait of the Egyptian dignitary buried in the tomb….According to reports and video footages coming out of this visit, the portrait of Kar looked eerily similar to President Barack Obama. The resemblance was so much that he, Obama was the first one to point this out in complete astonishment. Others visiting with him were called over to view the portrait of Kar and without doubt all confirmed the close similarity between this ancient judge and the modern President, including the famous big ears.”

To top it all off, if you spell Barack backwards, you would get “Karab” (phonetically omitting the “ck”  and replacing it with “k”). Look at the breakdown of “Karab”:

  • “Kar” –  a title used in Orissa, India for some highly reputed Brahmins, counted as vedic Brahmins of top order
  • “-ab” – in ancient Khemit it designates the heart.
  • Brahmins – engage in attaining the highest spiritual knowledge (brahmavidya) and adhered to different branches (shakhas) of Vedas
  • “Kar-ab”  – could mean “the heart of engaging in attaining the highest spiritual knowledge”

barackandakhenatenAkhenaten_with_blue_crownThe other widely known proposition is Obama’s connection with King Akhenaton, the Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, most notably known for attempting to compel the Egyptian population into the monotheistic worship of Aten.  This king’s name means “living spirit of Aten,” likening Aten to the sun and later giving this solar deity a status above mere gods.  He is known for trying to pull his people away from traditional religion but was apparently unsuccessful.  Later rulers discredited King Akhenaton, referring to him as the enemy, and following his death, even went so far as to deface or destroy much of the art and building infrastructure created during his reign.  This fact alone gives rise to a search for reasons why that which was created during his reign would be so abhorrent as to justify destruction of art and buildings related to Akhenaton.  Frankly, since there is a great deal of proof that history has been rewritten by those in control and the truth is often the opposite of what is relayed, one might wonder how bad of a guy Akhenaton really was.

nefirtitiMichelle-NefirtitiAnd then there is Michelle Obama, who shares an amazing likeness with Queen Nefertiti  who supposedly held a position as a priest and was a devout worshipper of Aten.  It has been stated that she had almost as much importance and influence as her husband, which was supposedly unprecedented at that time.

The whole point is to remind us that we are in the Armageddon at this moment in time, but we ARE the Armageddon as well.  As I walk my spiritual path, I realize that life is how I see it and what I make of it.  How I choose to view the world, its leaders and its politics definitely effects my internal flow.  Considering everyone of us who observes an event changes its outcome, we really must own how powerful we really are!  So aren’t the sinister forces of the global elite effected by our position in exactly how we see them? When will we fully absorb the fact that we have entered the zero point field where all other energies are removed from the field and at the same time all things come together? When all Lightworkers realize we have succeeded in one of our main missions, expeditiously anchoring The Light on Planet Earth, we will “know” that whoever is participating in our government right now, will be directly effected by our thoughts, our decisions, and our expectations.

When we, the Lightworkers really FEEL in  our hearts that we have tipped the scales, dislodged and continually extricated the darkness, then we can determine just how this presidential couple will unveil themselves.  We have the power through awareness, intention, and dedication to servicing The All to create this series of events into whatever we choose.  We are breaking free from enslavement and through our thoughts and strength, we will create Heaven on Earth, both within and without.  The questions is how soon do we want it to unfold?  And how determined are we to stop seeing the dark forces as insurmountable when we see their demise everywhere we look?  I truly feel the tide has turned.  The time is now to breathe, relax, and dream beyond our wildest imagination.  It is time for all of us to become fully empowered creators, not just doers, proclaiming our majesty and “actualizing” a new society and government into our specifications.

We’ve got the power! It is done!  It is done!  It is done!

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