Written by Gaia Beth

Galactic Connection (GC) and Royal Alliance (RA) are preparing the way for worldly peace and harmony. One-step on the path includes organizing world involvement in simultaneous decrees, setting the stage for ascension. We hope to create a path for those in search of a solid way to contribute. 

We will designate a topic of the month and you will choose intentions that best resonate with where your heart beats. For success, it is essential to find a decree that you whole-heartedly believe. Our goal is to have communities simultaneously decreeingto increase the power of the declaration. We ask that you make your decrees at the appointed time and also please decree freely as you are self-guided.  Feel free to write decrees and submit them to us for official posting on the Galactic Connection website.

Additionally, we are looking for country coordinators.  The country coordinator will coordinate and choose specific decrees for your country and circulate to your connections.

First, Choosing the decree that best reverberates within you:

Decrees must befoundationally believed – in order to manifest. Repetition of a decree, that one resonates with, but that is not subconsciously true for the decree-er, does not manifest; it is just a wish at that point. Because of this fact, we have created “levels” of the same decree; like stepping-stones to the revelation. By rewriting our subconscious minds we can rewrite our world.

Background on Manifesting through Decrees:

1a.   We function out of our subconscious-unconscious minds 90% or more of the time. One’s subconscious mind believes 1. what her conscious mind tells her and 2. what she has learned before age 7 from her family, community, etc …. (Children learn things easily because their brain is primarily functioning in the “theta” state. This is called imprinting and is not conscious learning). Part of working from the Theta state is being in the present moment and this amplifies our abilities of picking up behaviors, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

b.   The subconscious believes engrained, yet sometimes faulty values and unknowingly perpetuates attitudes that may not resonate true with the individual. Many of our beliefs and attitudes are fundamental “downloads” that may not be useful as an adult … it’s the habitual default program that may be blocking us from achieving our aspirations.

c.   We function out of our conscious mind approximately 5-10% of the time. It is the ego; the kernel of who one thinks he is.  It has our desires and aspirations.  The conscious mind is creating one’s right-now, and one’s future, through the filter of what the subconscious believes.  Ninety to 95% of the time our conscious mind is not involved in what we are “being”. The goal is to keep the conscious mind present more of the time.  This IS WHERE WE CREATE our life.

2a.   As an adult, our unconscious-subconscious mind easily learns principally through “hypnosis”… in other words: in the theta state.… theta is the “recording on” mode. We naturally enter theta 2x day; (upon awakening and upon drifting off to sleep). One is able to rewrite his/her core beliefs through decreeing while in theta. For the process to go quickly, one must be decreeing at a level the subconscious is able to accept. This is why we have our system set up in levels.

b.   Our subconscious-unconscious mind may also learn through habit and repetition. Practice-Practice…. rewrites our core beliefs.

3.    Brain hemisphericity balancing is another way into the mind. It is finding the harmony of emotion and logic; balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This creates coherence between beliefs and reality.  This is sometimes referred to as “Energy psychology” and is a way to “super learning”.

Brain Waves:

Delta     – sleeping state

Theta     – beginning to awaken- “twilight revelry” – leaving dream state

Alpha    – calm aware state

Beta      – focus- work state

Alpha    – relaxing state

Theta    – hypnotic state – before asleep/ falling asleep (below consciousness)- good time to reprogram

Second: Follow your thread! Instructions for people wanting to decree: 

  1. Commit to stating your chosen Decree at the specifically designated time. OUR VISION IS TO HAVE THE WORLD DECREEING WITH LOVE AND FEELING- IN UNISON –AND IN A WAVE.  When you follow the designated time, you will be a united soul within your community and you will be part of a great WAVE of energy that flows through all things as 3D time moves over the surface of Gaia.We hope to add free podcasts and conference calls including decreeing for manifestation, soon. Keep an eye out!
  2. Use all of your senses as you decree (visualize, feel the vibration of the words, create an associated taste or smell…).  Initially say the affirmation slowly aloud then repeat the decree faster and to yourself. Feel the light and love in your heart-center, imagine the light around you and your words and sense or see the waves you are creating –like the rings of a drop of water into the whole substance of energy.  Continue your decreeing session until you feel complete. This could be seconds to minutes.   When choosing your level of decree, observe how each level blends into the next. Notice that the first level is easier to believe than the last.  Building a scaffold, allowing you to tap in and see where your core beliefs are positioned, and begin there.  Feel free to personalize the decree.
  3. Please repeat your decrees upon awakening and before falling asleep.  Stick with your chosen level of decree until you absolutely accept the words as true AND until you believe the universe hears you. This may take days or months. Repeat until your entire consciousness (subconscious level) resonates, then move on to the next level of the same decree or on to another category of decree. The decrees are organized in categories and steps. There are three steps in most categories. 

Designated Time:  1PM(Also upon awakening and before going to sleep because these are times you are closest to Theta state).  Start your intentions/decrees as soon as possible!

Topic – Removing Limitations and Recognizing My Power

Level 1 decree:  I am opening to higher insights and new potential in my life.

Level 2 decree:  I am opening to higher insights and new potential in my life for my community and myself.

Level 3 decree:  I am part of the Light Community and being so, I am always surrounded by love and joy

Level 4 decree:  I am learning to be all that I am able to be and in so I am learning to stand up and be counted.

Level 5 decree:  I am on the path of aligning myself with supreme grace and the good of all.

Level 6 decree:  I intend to no longer give away my power to anything or anyone and through this self mastery am able to choose to be present and powerful in each moment.

Level 7 decree:  I am truly liberated, living my life confidently in the flow of Unified Consciousness.

Level 8 decree:  I harmonize my intention in all things to serve humanity through the actions of strength, courage, and empowerment.

Level 9 decree:  I am powerful and able to participate in the co-creation of world unity.

Level 10 decree:  I celebrate my freedom from restrictions, remembering I am a master of magic, alchemy, and sound.