Written by Alexandra Meadors

While meditating and enjoying the day at a nearby park, my friend and I began to discuss the role of the Lightworker, specifically in this year of 2012.  It was apparent to both of us that all of Earth’s inhabitants are being momentously influenced by the sun’s solar flare activity, since this topic seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue….that is, “what am I doing here” and for those in the spiritual community, “what is my role with humanity?”

Gradually and unquestionably, we both agreed that our typical idiom of “raising consciousness” just doesn’t hold its grip any longer.  Most of us cannot deny the immense assistance permeating this planet, even with those family members that have typically been closed and critical of our “out there way of living.”  For years, we have found our “high” from work in healing, clearing, understanding, teaching, challenging, raising awareness, learning, and lending a healing hand to anyone that is drawn to our particular gifts.  However, this year in particular, has brought about a completely different unfolding for us.  We are finding ourselves with the need for a new identity.  It is as if we have come to the end of an old contract, awaiting another assignment without the notification that this contractual change even took place at all.  It’s as if there has been an assumption that a new identity is in order without our prior knowledge.

Actually, our reality has morphed a great deal because of who we are.  Our mere presence is permeating others far more exceptionally these days.  We are noticing that when we speak, others are really hearing us.  We are truly effecting people’s way of perceiving just by being who we are!  No longer are the days of trying, working, focusing on what we need to heal applicable.  We “are” the healing.  We “are” the allowance and we “are” the surrender, without doing anything for anyone other than to be, appear, and thus, catalyze what is around us.

We thought we had achieved this before, but now we are finding that nothing compares to the illuminated path we are on now.  The outpouring of Light has graced us with an intoxicating ease, a smoother and lighter journey, a release of responsibility and duty to heal and anchor the planet, but to be even more present with ourselves.

The augmentation of Mother Earth’s heart beat and the fascination of the up and coming Golden Age have accelerated our intolerance with anything slow moving.  We are learning to manipulate time to our liking.  The speeding up of time has compelled us to readdress the way we heal and assist others.  We are becoming more selective in what we do with our time and who we spend it with, even if it is a profitable undertaking.

This has transformed us into no longer concerning ourselves with how many people we can touch or impact.  We are just doing it without realizing it!  Isn’t this beautiful?  Give thanks to the whole critical mass phase we are transitioning through.  Once the momentum of light consciousness climaxes to a certain ratio, it begins to carry itself.  Building upon itself, this movement doesn’t necessarily need the incessant bolstering it once did.  This succinctly conveys how much we have stepped into our Light Bodies, administrating from a different operating system.  We no longer have to do anymore to attain our desires because we are really “feeling” the support from our Spiritual Hierarchy.  We just need to be it, intuit it, and it will come to life.  We may not have the operation manual for this magnificent new mode of moving through life, but we are travelling along just fine.

So it seems as if our “contract” has shifted to acknowledging “the non Lightworkers ” in a different light.  We are seeing things less black and white with the haves and have-nots, and with the abundant support of The Light, we are noticing changes that at one time, didn’t appear to be possible and now truly are.  Because of this, we can’t stifle the questioning and confusion with what do we do now?  How do we bring healing to the planet, or do we need to do anything since The Light is performing miracles at a record rate?

If we are in sync with our core philosophies and ethics and our work encapsulates them, then we are gracefully shifting gears in how we think we need to contribute to the welfare of others and this planet.  If we are not in sync with our core philosophies and ethics, or find ourselves working in environments that totally contrast what we believe in, we are being rocked to our very core, questioning how far we will allow our enslavement to go just to bring home a paycheck.  After all, we are getting a taste of celestial support and it feels good, so why not try something new?

With the immense wallop of change occurring in us and around us, it is no wonder that we are encountering more and more doubts.  Our confusion is causing us to recalibrate our actions, reactions, thoughts, beliefs, visions, goals, dreams, and finally our purpose.  Nothing has remained the same when it comes to who we thought we were and what we thought our responsibility was.  Now we are getting a clear signal from Source that we are that which we so committedly desired, and it is time to rest, relax and have some fun!  Our foothold has been established at last!  Our prior perception of purpose in fervently clearing, redefining, fine-tuning, and unselfishly assisting others, has now been upgraded!  We just didn’t know the upgrade had been released!  Now we are receiving an E-ticket to enjoy the rest of the ride.

With the advent of new realizations, especially in regards to how being of service-to-others is redefined, we find ourselves expanding more through solitude, bunkering down with our new selves.  It feels like we are nearing a honeymoon of sorts, and the anticipation of meeting an old lost love prevents too much focus outside ourselves.  We know this day is coming soon and we want to prepare for it!  We have anticipated The Big Event for multiple lifetimes/epochs, and now it’s upon us!  So let go of the expectations of yourself fellow Lightworker!  Remember what it was like to be a child and interact with life accordingly.

Our ticket is up and we are in for the ride of all rides!

Alexandra Meadors

ciHOM, FE Specialist, Alchemist, Intuitive

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