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Posted by Drekx Omega on January 21, 2014 at 7:07pm in Spiritual Science and Technology
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Selamat balik,

Mars (3)A few days ago, NASA reported a mystery event, from their perspective, of a Martian rock or stone, suddenly appearing by the Mars explorer; “Opportunity,” and unaccountably becoming present before the rover’s camera.

NASA scientists have described this event as one in which the rock seemingly and unexplainably; “materialised out of thin air,” on the ground…And as scientists from around the world have maintained a vigil, internationally interested parties witnessed this “shocking” event…and have been completely unable to explain it, in conventional terms…The rover itself was motionless at the time of the incident, so could not have displaced, or kicked up the stone, itself….So in essence, this mystery has bewildered the experts, who are still unable to explain what they witnessed…

The Sirians of planet Samanet (Muktarin) are aware of this event and can reveal that it was a deliberately contrived manifestation, conducted by the Martian Spiritual Hierarchy, who intended to mirror the same miracles conducted on Earth, by the Ascended Masters here, in view to raising consciousness among Earth people…

Earth’s Ascended Masters have focussed their miraculous efforts towards aetheric manifestation, using such imaginitive vehicles as milk “consumed” by stone statues, crosses of light on windows, sacred words written in fruit, healing wells and many more miracle signs, to a variety of religious people and other interested individuals and groups, worldwide….

So in parallel to these efforts and to truly capture the interest of scientists, as opposed to those of religious faith alone, the denizens of inner Mars devised a simple aetheric manifestation to interest the curious and open minded among scientific explorers…This technique is the same as that used on Earth and is based on the esoteric sciences, unknown to conventional methods..and will thus prove to be a useful vehicle to stimulate a raising of consciousness in human observers…akin to a media event in which all eyes are focussed upon a particular location, during an event in which a vimana craft might appear, such as was the case with the Mexico wave of 1991, during the solar eclipse, while all astronomical eyes were focussed skyward, a fleet of Plejaren beamships appeared..

So along similar lines, the GFL have rendered yet another arena in which the minds of men and women, may be illuminated to horizons beyond what was previously known..It is worth noting that inner Mars are fully conscious members of the GFL and have been resident here in this solar system, even before the initial Lemurian colony was settled, some 900,000 years ago…They are humanoid ancestors of Lyran/Vegan extract, as were the Lemurians of Earth…So indeed, intrinsically the same cosmic space-faring people…

Of course, you may ask why the Martians manifested a simple rock before the rover camera…Why not a Martian person…?? The answer is that NASA would instantly cover up such a more spectacular event, but are less able to cover up a simple stone, which can offer science some manifested curiosity, all on it’s own…without requiring to be airbrushed. So a subtle intermediate was employed by those Masters of Wisdom counterparts from Mars and fits the law of energies, in which an object of focus is manifested, upon demand…so humans look at rocks to find signs of life and instead the rock finds them, on behalf of the life they seek…

In supplement, it is worth mentioning that when the Lyrans first arrived in this system, the three waterworlds of Venus, Mars and Tiamat, were settled before Earth, which required additional terraforming before it’s surface could be suitable for human physical life, as initially demonstrated when finally the third root race was established…those we call Lemurians, with both a surface and inner aspect to their occupation and planetary stewardship…(Earth Guardianship.)

The Martians are therefore benign relatives from cosmos, in much the same way as the Venusians, Sirians and Pleiadians….Albeit to date, little mentioned in esoteric and new age literature…That previous shortcoming is about to change…

I will also add that the GFL have numerous bases on Mars, mainly upon the inner continent…and that Mars (along with Venus,) is often used to launch beamships and motherships, which maintain the second security ring for the solar system. The first security ring being located at the orbit of the gas giants, the third around Earth itself..

I thank you for your interest and we’re sending multiple blessings of love and light, on behalf of our space brothers and sisters from Mars…….Zazuma..! (Sirian for thank you.!)  🙂

Selamat kasi da! Selamat gajun! (Sirian for “In loving service~Be one..!”)

Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)


P.S. Here is a link to one of several maintream media reports that describe this “mystery.”…

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