Outburst of high intensity Plasma Light; MASSIVE FLUX of energy wave, in early morning/night hours during 6 March (depends on ‘time zone’ you are in).
Intensity of energetic background for today is HUGE; and, there can use even word ‘vast’ in amplitude. 6/7 March is the next Turning POINT with Big SHIFT. It is not one day’s occurance. Because of intense changes in energy itself, there can be a “little” differences during next three days 6 – 8 March.
We already faced cellular upgrades – heat – fire/Light within, and in this NOW, we are moving forward with Shift/Plasma Fire we need in order to take Quantum Leap. All is in perfect Divine way and Moment.

Perception/Response (pauses, slow reaction, temporary distartions in memory, cognitive shutdown(!)); dizziness – vertigo. New crystalline Light programm for Mind/Mental; upgrades in brain; energetic patterns in head (or/and physical body). Emotional plane/emotions; observe emotional spectrum, and let go.
Vital to take Self-care, to rest, to give time for integration and upgrades, activations; physical vessel needs rest, it requires sleep or calm state. It is truly important, to take care of your own template, to take care of your own energy. Love yourSELF. Love WHOLENESS.
This Shift is directed to our entire Being, because of it, it feels truly massive, and it is so.
I LOVE you Brothers and Sisters 💛
Be blessed New Earth 🌎
~Kwana Mikaela

*I wrote this report 11 – 12 hours ago; didn’t had a chance to see Shumann Resonance or any other source of information; I have access to Internet just now when I post this. Will add new data till it will be possible.