A Perfectly Timed Ecstatic Moment of Unbelievable Joy which is otherwise known as The Event is the Tsunami of Love recently discussed on Golden Age of Gaia

I consider this article to be one of the most important articles that I have ever written regarding the coming Event. We know that each day we are growing closer to this day of the Shift of the Ages to this Mass Ascension experience we speak of as The Event. There are as you all know many facts to be considered when one discusses the many Events of this day and the following weeks and months. Besides this being the day that we are finally liberated from 25000 years of imprisonment, the day that the unfair financial system in this matrix is finally closed down, and we begin a time of true Renaissance here in every sense of the word, this day, will be forever remembered by the many, as the day of the Huge Wave of Ascension en masse, the day of the Tsunami of Love.

I am writing this for all of you who do not yet understand that this day of The Event {and the following weeks} will not in any way be an ordinary day. For most of you reading this now will on the day of The Event be experiencing the most amazing experience that you have ever had in your body. I was given a gift of a two weeks ‘tasting’ period of this in 1989 so I do know, I do understand what I am talking about here to a great extent.

From here on the letters AAM refer to the words of Archangel Michael spoken in a recent channelling on In-Light radios ‘An Hour with an Angel’.

AAM: “Very soon in a timely, very timely manner you will be swept away in the Tsunami of the Mothers Love in the Tsunami of Awakening”.

In all of the discussions found about this time of change here on Gaia the greatest focus has been placed on the actual physical changes like the New Financial System, New Worldwide Governments, Free energy etc. Today I want to bring the focus to the most important aspect of this Shift namely our transition – our crossing over to the 5th Dimension as individuals. How will this feel? We have spoken before both Cobra and I about how this experience at the time of the Event Flash will be ‘felt’ by everyone and this is exactly what AAM discussed now in greater detail than ever before, with Steve Beckow early last Friday morning, which is why I feel that we cannot be too far away from this Event now.

Firstly let us keep in mind that for at least two years now we have been showered with waves of pure Love from Divine Mother – from Goddess. We were recently bombarded by the Light of clarity and purity. I am sure that all of you have noticed changes in your relationships and in your abilities to communicate more lovingly to one another. This is Mothers way of preparing us carefully for the day when the energy will be so strong so intense that had she not been ‘washing’ us in Her Light, many of us would most likely leave our bodies in the ensuing hours after the Event Flash. AAM reminded us that this is a first time in this Universe that an entire planet ascends to a higher dimension while the inhabitants remain in physical bodies. Michael has told us earlier that this was a decision taken by the heart of humanity less than 18 months ago, the decision that we would wait until we could do this together and not leave people behind.

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